Tuesday, 5 November 2013

Mallorca 2013 – Part 4

We sat in the shade for a while and chatted, then asked the guys if they preferred being able to fuck us or watch us play with each other. I know outside of our little group (and the parties in York) it’s not that common for guys to get to see girls together so wasn’t too surprised when they said they wanted to see us play (as long as they could also fuck us again). Abrahii was the only one of that they hadn’t seen be licked (and she has a beautiful pussy) so we decided to start off the demonstration with her. She sat on the sofa with Susan on one side and me on the other and we held her legs wide apart and then reached down to spread her pussy lips. As Abigail hadn’t licked anyone (or at least any of the girls) she went first and let the guys watch as she lapped away at Abrahii’s pussy and Susan and I kissed Abrahii.

I wanted a turn next and said I didn’t mind who I ate. Julia was volunteered to be the next cum-puppet and once she was in position I got stuck in to her. I knelt in front of her with a hand buried between by legs and I eagerly ate her – pushing my tongue in to her pussy, flicking it over her clit and ass, sucking her lips into my mouth and pushing my whole mouth against her cunt. I love being able to be able to enjoy myself so openly (and help others do the same) so I speared Julia’s ass and then returned to her cunt to finish making her cum. I’m quite familiar with her pussy so got her off and continued to gently lick her, drawing a few whimpers out of her before finally pulling away and letting her sit back. It was clear that the guys were now more than ready to start a second round of fucking but I thought it would be more fun to mix things up a bit and I asked that as one of them had got to fuck Abrahii while she was eating Susan, if the others would like a chance in a similar position.

This suggestion went down well and I asked to be eaten next. This time one of the guys sat beside me and played with my breasts while Susan went down on me and another one of the guys fucked her. We encouraged the guy to reach around and play with her breasts, but more importantly to stroke her clit (just as a service to womankind – the more guys we can teach that most women need some clitoral stimulation the better). Once our threesome finished, we repeated with Julia eating Susan (and being fucked) and Abrahii eating Abigail (and being fucked). This left one of the guys out but this wasn’t a problem as I offered myself to be fucked and gave them a choice as to who I should eat. They opted for Susan (the youngest looking one in our group) and I said if I was going to eat her that I wanted to do it properly so had a quick look around for additional props. I couldn’t find anything suitable to use so I had to settle for the small tube of factor 50 sun cream and I used this to fuck Susan while eating her (and letting the final guy in the group have his second fuck). He wasn’t too bad and pumped into me quite hard while frigging me. I got him to make me cum before he did and then told him to go wild and fuck me as hard as he wanted. He did this and I had my face repeatedly squashed against Susan’s pussy until he came and he then pushed deep into me and held on tight to my ass.

I hadn’t made Susan cum yet so continued to eat her, but replaced the tube of sun cream with a couple of fingers as I was worried about squeezing it and filling her pussy with the cream (which really isn’t for internal use). I pushed the thumb from my other hand against her ass and slipped it in to her. Between licks I told her that we all wanted to see her cum, but with her cunt and ass being fingered and my tongue on her clit, she didn’t have much choice and we were soon rewarded with the sight of her cumming. I held on tight to her thighs and gave her pussy a few more long hard licks before moving away from her. We told the guys that if any of them wanted, they could use her again and fuck her mouth, cunt or ass and she wouldn’t mind, but they weren’t ready for any more action and we thought we’d been away for long enough so decided to call an end to the session.

The guys asked if we wanted to go out with them that night but we said we wanted to spend time with our friends so asked for their number and said we would call. Unfortunately they were going home the next day (which kind of destroyed our plans for using them as fuck buddies for the week) so we promised we’d call them that night and help make sure they had fun on their last night. On the way out we told them that if they managed to hook up with any other girls, that we’d still be happy to join them (but as we had more girls than guys in our own group and most of the guys were bi, I was kind of hoping to find more cock on the holiday than pussy).

We wandered back to the beach and couldn’t find people so went back to the apartments – most of the group were there as they had found it too warm to stay on the beach so we had lunch and lazed around indoors until mid-afternoon. The rest of the group had been fairly well behaved while we’d been gone with a few exceptions – Jen had convinced Mary to lick her and as punishment for having done this, Angela told the guys that one of them could use Mary if they wanted. As she is still fairly new to the group (and even newer to joining in), this was a good offer and Simon ended up taking her. I was surprised that Mike hadn’t jumped at the chance to fuck Mary, but it turned out that he had been otherwise engaged. He had gone out for a wander with Lis and Lucy and they had snuck back in to one of the smaller apartments. Lucy had kept a lookout while Lis sat on one of the beds and Mike knelt and ate her. He didn’t take as long as usual as Lucy was worried that someone would catch them (although even if someone had come in to the apartment, they wouldn’t have known Mike was in the bedroom with Lis).

Lis came fairly quietly so Mike was able to continue to kitty kiss her for a few minutes without Lucy knowing that Lis had cum and he rubbed his cock against Lis’ pussy and they debated whether they could get away with fucking ‘just a little bit’. It wasn’t quite Lis’ safe period yet so they both knew that Mike couldn’t cum in her and while I know he can fuck for quite a while and hold back, he doesn’t have the best track record when inside Lis (he once nearly came in her when he shouldn’t have – although to be fair, it was Lis’ fault to a large extent). He got the head of his cock into her but they decided it would be safest to wait a couple of days. Lis offered to suck Mike off but he declined and said that she was worth waiting for and that he wished he was able to save up all of his cum from the fucking he would be doing, he would love to empty it all into her in one go (although he if *could* save his cum from multiple fucks like that, I would be the one to have first dibs on it!).

When we went back to the beach, I decided it was time to give my tiny bikini an outing and it felt as exciting to wear it out as I’d hoped it would. I was technically covered – or at least my pussy was, although it was fairly easy to stretch and let my lips show and a fair portion of my areole were visible. We found another spot near a group of guys and I let them get a good look at me and then went swimming in the sea for a bit. On returning to the beach, I sat just up from an older guy and made sure he could see as much as he wanted (I moved the crotch of the bikini to the side a few times and gently scratched at my pussy, then sucked my finger). I got Jen to apply some cream to my legs and lay with my legs spread so when she got to my pussy, she could slip a couple of fingers in to me. She had to be discreet as we were surrounded by people (the beach wasn’t packed, but was reasonably busy) so she couldn’t make me cum, but we’re fairly sure the guy got a few glimpses of her fingering me.

I didn’t want to be the only one who got to play, so we moved on to the next stage of our plan for the day and Jen pushed a remote controlled egg into the crotch of her swimsuit. The advantage of her wearing a one-piece was that it pulled the egg nicely against her pussy so when I turned it on she said that she could feel the vibrations fairly strongly. She spread her legs briefly and pulled on the skin of her thighs to help spread her lips and get even better contact between the egg and her clit and once this was done, she put her legs back together (mostly) and leant back to enjoy the sensation. I turned the egg off a couple of times when people from our group were talking to her – not because we cared if they knew she was trying to cum, but because of what Jen wanted to do when she came. As she got closer to cumming, I turned the egg up to a higher setting and watched Jen’s crotch closely – she did a fairly good job of keeping her body still (but later said that she had really wanted to hump against the egg) and when she came I saw the crotch of her suit get wet and quickly start to leak out liquid as she peed herself. She pushed out as much pee as she could and when she lay back I turned the egg off and crawled up beside her to ask how it had been.

Jen was taking deep breaths and said that it had felt really good – she has peed while cumming outdoors many times before, but she thinks this was one of the most public places and I told her that she should have imagined everyone on the beach had been watching her as she did it (she had actually been thinking that one of the girls we’d seen had been watching her, but Jen is usually satisfied with smaller scale fantasies than I have anyway). I tried to fish the egg out of her suit but we didn’t think I’d be able to do it without being seen so we headed back in to the sea. Jen and I knelt down so the water was up to our chests and I was about to fish the egg out when Lucy splashed over to join us. She could see that I had a hand between Jen’s legs and asked what we were doing so we told her that Jen had just cum on the beach and I was removing the egg. We dared Lucy to take it out of Jen’s suit and Jen was delighted when Lucy grabbed on to the crotch and pushed her fingers in to remove the egg. It slipped out of Lucy’s hand but Jen dived underwater and retrieved it and on the way back up she swam through Lucy’s legs and gave her crotch a decent rub. Jen surfaced behind Lucy and whispered in her ear saying that as Mike had got to play with Lis, she wanted a chance to eat Lucy. Jen pushed her fingers down into Lucy’s panties and gently played with her pussy until Lucy told her to stop and that they would find a safe place to play later on.

We swam and played a little more – and a little more intensely with some of the other members of the group. It isn’t that easy to get a cock in to you while in the sea as the salt water seems to act an anti-lubricant, but a couple of the guys managed to get in to a couple of the girls. Susan was told to try and suck someone off underwater and she got his cock in her mouth, but couldn’t stay down for more than 30 seconds (and said it was too salty, which given the aim was to get a mouthful of cum I thought was slightly ironic).

After returning home, freshening up and having dinner, we sat around and chatted for a bit. We had a few drinks and I wanted to head back and ensure we gave the guys from earlier a good send off, but Mel had already planned something and produced a pile of lollies, with the challenge for the girls to use them to masturbate with. This seemed like a fun idea (and we’ve done something similar before so I knew it could work). Abigail immediately pushed one into Susan and I told Jen if we were going to do it then we would 69 so we could take care of each other. Naturally, Mel used one on Julia, but in a surprising show of fairness, she let Jules do the same to her and said that once we’d cum, the final part of the challenge was to eat (or at least suck) the lollies. A couple of people thought this was gross, but as we eat each other properly anyway I didn’t see the difference.

Angela pushed a lolly down in to Mary’s panties and rubbed it up and down her pussy, then pulled Mary’s panties off and fucked her properly with it. Lis and Lucy were handed lollies and while they didn’t join in fully, Lis did at least slide the lolly down into her panties, rub herself with it and then suck it clean. She was told that Lucy was meant to suck it clean so she pushed it back down to her pussy, twirled it around in her cunt and then offered it to Lucy. At first Lucy refused to lick it, but after a bit of teasing she took it in her mouth and gave it a good suck. Lucy was a bit more reticent when Lis tried to push the lolly into her panties, but she relented and let Lis rub the lolly over her pussy (but she made sure her crotch was still covered). Lis eagerly licked the lolly clean and they were given points for at least participating a little.

The rest of us participated fully though and were fucked and frigged with the lollies until we all came. As there had been a fair amount of licking during the lolly play, people seemed to have come to the conclusion that I’d reached straight away and nobody complained about having to suck the lollies clean. As it isn’t a good idea to have sugary things inside a pussy for too long, we then swapped partners and allowed ourselves to be licked (partially clean). Some of the guys participated in this so not all of the girls had to eat someone (obviously Lis and Lucy didn’t let anyone lick them) and once the licking had finished, we rinsed ourselves out with some clean water. This wasn’t quite the end of the games though as Mel produced a bottle of oil and told Jen to have a further play with Susan. I told Jen not to take too long (which was possibly a little unkind as I knew what was about to happen) and we all watched as Jen covered her hand with the oil, poured some over Susan’s pussy and started to work her fingers into her.

Susan pushed back against Jen’s hand and we watched as Jen fairly easily worked her fourth finger in to Susan and then added the thumb. With a bit of pushing (and some obvious discomfort), Jen got her whole hand in to Susan and we let out a cheer. Just as when does this to me (which isn’t too often), Susan enjoyed it a lot more once Jen’s hand was in her and Jen pumped back and forth while others teased Susan’s clit. Mel tried to get Jen to fist Susan ‘properly’, by which she meant ball her hand up inside Susan so it was larger and then move more vigorously, but Jen is a nice girl (depending on your definition of nice!) and didn’t want to hurt Susan so she just continued doing what she was doing until Susan let out a little yelp and started to buck against Jen’s hand. Susan winced a little again as Jen withdrew her hand but said that the orgasm had felt good and set about cleaning herself up.


  1. What no pictures of that swim suit!! What a disappointment. Otherwise another hot story.

  2. I remember the first time it did a fisting. It was a little strange. We hosted a house party with four other couples. (all ways arrange swing parties with odd number couples; we made the fifth couple. Anyways on the second afternoon people began to pair off with couples and threesomes. One girl had been doing something in her room at the time and when she returned it was just the two of us. We had played before so we found an empty room and settled down in the bed. Once we were naked we began the usual stroking,, kissing and letting fingers find their way to pleasant places. After a moment she said that feels soooogoood on my pussy why don't you add a finger. After a few moments she said I think a third finger is needed. Slowly I added fingers four and then my whole hand. She then asked me to make fist and pump her as II would with my cock. She had a deep, intense organism that shook her whole body. The one sensation I remember was the flesh on the inside of her pussy seemed loose. Afterward,I noticed that at other parties she would ask to be fisted. Once most of us knew what she liked she would not go of alone with someone but take the fist in a public room withall of us watching and giving verbal encouragement. Although we played many times afterward, I never fisted her again.

  3. Andi,
    Do you have a link to the bikini that you were wearing that day? I have seen some pretty small ones and then there are the ones that are just crazy small as if they're not even there so I am curious.

  4. I'll post a link to the suit I bought (or a similar one as they don't seem to do the exact same one any more).

    SS - That sounds really hot - I don't like being fisted too much as I don't want to be stretched and not be able to feel things when we do 'normal' things (normal for us anyway!). I would have loved to be at your parties - why should you always have an odd number of couples though?