Thursday, 7 November 2013

Mallorca 2013 – Part 5

I now really wanted to go and meet up with the guys – Abigail said that she didn’t have the energy to cum any more times but she didn’t have any issues with me taking Susan (providing we looked after her). Abrahii was fairly spent but said she would come along anyway and Julia wasn’t too difficult to convince. We didn’t really look our best, but guessed that as the guys knew what we were meeting them for that they probably wouldn’t mind too much so Abrahii called them and we arranged to meet for a drink. After a quick freshen up and change of outfits, we headed off and told the group to behave while we were gone.

Once we met them, we had a drink and flirted with them, allowing them to see that we had all somehow forgotten to wear any underwear. It was quite easy to get them hard, even sitting in a fairly public place and I whispered to the guy I was with that if he got his cock out I could sit on his lap and he could slide into my wet cunt (I’m not quite sure what I would have done if he had actually got his cock out as while the idea was nice, he would have had to discreetly apply a condom before I would have actually let him fuck me). Fortunately none of the guys were as adventurous as we were (although they were fairly horny) and the furthest things went was them getting hands between our legs and (in Abrahii’s case) a fairly decent fingering. As it was their last night, they wanted to drink a bit more than we did but we made sure they weren’t so drunk that they wouldn’t be able to perform and we managed to steer them back towards their place so we could have our final bit of fun.

Once indoors (and with suitable protection applied), we started to play around. Abrahii still didn’t really want to fuck but we assured the guys that she would lend a hand (literally) and possibly a mouth. We started off with Susan and I on our backs with one guy in each of us (they were standing at the end of the bed) and Julia sitting over my face. Jules and Susan each took one of the guys in their mouths (the one Julia was sucking had to stand on the bed and wasn’t too steady) and we let them fuck us. We switched round and the guys who had been in our cunts moved up to our mouths – Jules moved over to sit over Susan and sucked the guy who had been in me and I had the one who had been fucking Susan. The guys really seemed to enjoy having us suck each other’s juices off their cocks and liked it even more when Abrahii climbed between Susan and me to play with our clits.

I wanted to do something a bit more interesting and at the next switchover, we moved out to the balcony and Susan, Julia, Abrahii and I all stood looking out, holding on to the railing and the guys took us from behind. I leant forwards to let my breasts dangle and pushed back against the guy inside me each time he pumped into me. Abrahii and Julia sat down on the floor and crawled beneath my and Susan’s legs respectively and began to lick and finger our clits. They promised their guys that we would let them finish up in us so they sat back to watch as the first pair continued to pump into us and our friends beneath us made sure that we enjoyed ourselves. Susan came first and Julia then just let the guy continue to fuck her – I didn’t’ cum until after my guy had cum (but when he pulled out, Abrahii planted her face on my pussy and sucked on my clit until I cried out that I was cumming). We were then immediately offered to the second pair of guys who were just as horny as the first pair had been, so started to fuck us vigorously.

Julia challenged us to both cum again and I felt Abrahii’s fingers return to my clit. I wasn’t quite ready and it felt fairly intense (a little too intense), but I had a reputation to uphold and wasn’t going to let Susan beat me. I reached down and pushed Abrahii’s hand away so I could play with my clit myself and I told the guy to fuck me as hard as he could, but not to cum in me yet. As he was a young(er), reasonably drunk guy though he didn’t have much staying power and although I had started to enjoy myself when he came, I wasn’t really that close. I squeezed myself around him anyway and told him to empty as much of his cum into me as he could and I briefly wondered what he would have done if I had squirted over him (I’ve spent too much time around Jen).

When he pulled out I sat down and told Abrahii to eat me – she knelt down to do this but said the floor was uncomfortable so I stood up again and pushed my ass out so she could eat me from behind. Jen is really much better at this than Abrahii as Jen’s tongue is longer (or at least seems to reach further) but Abrahii did a good enough job and lapped around my cunt and over my clit. Despite it feeling good, I didn’t actually beat Susan to our second orgasm (but Julia has more experience making Susan cum than Abrahii does making me cum). Neither of our guys had outlasted us, but we had serviced the four of them as promised and each cum twice so I was fairly pleased that we’d taken care of them.

The guys weren’t really in any state to do much more, but were quite keen on seeing us play a little longer so we decided to let Susan be the centre of attention. She was put on her back on one of the beds and Abrahii knelt on the floor to eat and finger her. I sat over her face and humped against her while asking the guys if they enjoyed watching me rub my cunt over her and smear my juices over her face. Julia told the guys to feel free to fondle Susan’s breasts (which they did) and as they still seemed keen to join, Abrahii moved back and also let them finger Susan (although they didn’t do this for long as they wanted to watch Abrahii eating Susan). My breasts weren’t safe from their hands either and this was followed by tongues. Just as during our earlier session, I considered really letting go and squirting all over Susan’s face when I came, but as I know I wouldn’t enjoy that (at least not without warning) I didn’t subject her to it (but knew I would be doing it with Jen in the not too distant future).

Susan came with Abrahii licking her and the guys were once again allowed to finger her as she continued to eat me. I humped back and forth on Susan’s face and left nobody in doubt that I was going to cum fairly soon. I leant forwards over Susan’s body so people could watch her tongue working on me from behind and Julia spread my ass cheeks to give them a better view. I was now very close and went for it, telling them that I wanted them to watch my cunt closely as I came and I pictured them all staring directly at me. I gave Susan explicit instructions on what to do to me (not that she needs them) and my orgasm hit me but wasn’t as strong as I’d expected it to be. (It had felt really good during the final build up, but it almost felt as if it misfired.) The one benefit of this was that Susan could keep licking me without it feeling too strong – I sort of faked it and exaggerated my moaning and panting as I came (and for a little while afterwards) before finally pulling myself off of Susan, turning around and lying on top of her and kissing her deeply while humping against her leg.

After getting up, I gave Susan a ‘thank you’ lick and asked the guys if they wanted any more action. A couple of them were looking a little interested but we didn’t have any takers so we started to get dressed and told the guys we hoped they had a good journey home. We let them have a final grope before we left and told them if they had the time, energy and inclination for a final fuck in the morning then to call us (but they were leaving fairly early so we didn’t expect to hear from them). It was now fairly late and we wandered back to the apartment. As we were the main culprits for putting on displays, the group had found other ways to amuse themselves while we’d been gone.

Richard and James had been allowed to play with Mary and had spit-roasted her and Mike and Peter had been challenged as the only straight guys in the group to make each other cum but Peter had refused this. Mike had been a bit more adventurous and had jacked off Ashraf (not for the first time) and they had got Peter to at least partially join in (just for a few strokes). His reward for doing this was to be allowed to sleep with Mary and Mike set his reward as being allowed to eat Mel in front of everyone. As she had been the one who set the initial challenge she couldn’t really refuse this and she was drunk enough that she didn’t mind people watching her cum (again, not for the first time). Once he had eaten her, Mike started to fuck her and he stayed inside her for a reasonable period of time before he came. Mel was offered to the girls to eat but it was Ashraf who ate Mike’s cum out of her and he then offered to suck Mike’s cock clean of Mel’s ‘nasty juices’. I assume he meant ‘nasty’ due to Mel being a girl (although Ashraf is bi so not adverse to a bit of pussy eating) but he might well have meant the way Mel often tastes. Mike refused at first but Mel chided him and said that he’s taken a bigger reward for his earlier dare than she had agreed (she hadn’t agreed that he could fuck her – although she also hadn’t said anything while he’d been doing it) so Mike went with it and let Ashraf take his cock and suck it clean.

Mel wanted to see some more cock action and got Simon and Ethan to sit and play with each other – Abigail seemed to enjoy watching this quite a bit and it was suggested that she could help them out but she wanted to just watch as they came. I still prefer people to cum inside me, or at least over me, but I appreciate that there is a certain allure to watching a guy being jacked off and squirting his cum up in the air, watching it splatter over himself and seeing it being rubbed over his cock. I still think it is a pity that guys can’t cum more (or more often) as I’d love to be able to lie down and be filled and covered in cum on a frequent basis.

Things had pretty much finished by the time we all returned to the group and we filled each other in on what we’d gotten up to. People started to head off to bed fairly soon afterwards and I was a little worried that Lucy had disapproved of our games and I once again worried (as I often do) that she might not want to do things with Mike, Jen and me anymore, but she has seen me (and more recently Jen) do things many (many) times over the years I’ve known her so I decided to try not to worry about it and just enjoy my holiday.

Abrahii and Julia weren’t bothered about whom they slept with and paired off with each other as they wanted to sleep. Mike wanted Susan (technically he wanted Lis – or even more technically he wanted Lucy, but neither of them were options). Peter got Mary and Angela decided to go with them. I got Simon and Ethan (although they warned me they probably weren’t up for much as they’d cum already). Jen decided to sleep with Mel, James and Ashraf took Julia and this left Richard with Abigail. As they had said, neither Simon nor Ethan were really up for much in bed, but I was determined to make the most of the holiday and they agreed to humour me and used a vibe in me while playing with my clit. I had hoped to at least spoon with one of them while falling asleep but it wasn’t to be. I did at least get a better session in the morning and got to spend a while sucking them (both individually and both at the same time) and then had a DP session with them (Ethan in my ass). We spent a while in this position so they could experiment with moving in different ways and exploring how much of each other they could feel as they fucked me. I didn’t care as it felt pretty good and they had promised me a load of cumin each hole (and they delivered on this). I actually came before them as we nestled a vibrator between Simon and me and I pressed my clit against it. I would have loved to keep it in place while they had continued fucking me but it got too intense so we had to remove it.

Jen had wanted Mel due to the mood that Mel had been in. Jen had assumed that with just a little nudge, Mel would be willing to punish her. Mel had spanked Jen until her ass was red and Jen had then been sent back to her room (naked) to fetch her nipple and clit clamps. She was told to apply these and return with them in place and Mel then led her around the apartment by the chain and pulled Jen out onto the balcony to cum. Mel gets much more into the domination role than I do and got Jen to call her mistress and kneel to lick her (with Mel still pulling on the chains)..

Mike continued Susan’s training (although I think she is long past the training stage) and as he ate and then fucked her, he got her to describe how she wished the four guys could all have cum in her and how she would have loved to service them repeatedly (along with Julia, Abrahii and me) until her whole body ached. In the morning he gave her a more gentle session and ate her awake (which she likes) and made her cum. He then kitty kissed her for quite a while and finally spooned with her. Susan was quite keen for Mike to fuck her and cum in her (which wasn’t what he intended) and as they gently fucked they discussed whether she wanted to be fucked because she really enjoyed it, because she wanted to repay him for making her cum (and wanted to) or because she thought it was her ‘duty’ (either due to him having made her cum or just because she was a general plaything). Susan told him that she genuinely enjoyed everything (or at least the majority of things) that she did (or had done to her) by the group, and repeated what she had told me about loving being able to experiment and enjoy herself so much while not taking any responsibility (because she was being told or made to do things). Mike told her (in a sweet way) that she was just as much of a little slut as I am and he ended up taking her ass and using a dildo and a vibe in her pussy. Fortunately the dildo had a soft coating so the vibe didn’t make too much noise when vibrating against it, but it worked to push the vibe firmly against the back of Susan’s cunt so Mike could feel it quite well. Mike gently fucked Susan’s ass as she moved the dildo and vibe in herself and once she had cum Mike positioned his cock to get the best sensation from the vibe and he managed to cum in her from just this. He says that it felt like he emptied a lot of cum into her, but she seemed to hold on to it so he doesn’t know if it was just the unusual method of cumming that made it feel this way.

Mel and Jen had got up a little earlier than the rest of us – partly to enjoy the beach before it got too crowded or hot and partly as Mel wanted a chance to make Jen perform outside. They had wandered down to the section of the beach by the more expensive villas and had sunbathed for a while as well as enjoyed a brief swim in the sea (during which Jen had been made to remove her bikini bottoms and play with herself). When they returned to the beach, there was a family beside them (father and two daughters) and the father was applying sun cream to the back of the younger daughter. The little girl ran off into the sea and Jen and Mel watched as they elder daughter tried to put cream on her own back. They think the father offered to help but she didn’t want his help (they spoke Italian so Jen and Mel had to infer what was being said). Mel ended up offering to help out and the girl accepted and lay down so Mel could apply the cream.

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