Saturday, 9 November 2013

Mallorca 2013 – Part 6

Once the girl had joined her sister in the sea, the father thanked Mel and said that Maria (the elder daughter) was now at the age where she was very conscious of her body and didn’t want her father to touch her (in an innocent way – I assume all daughters don’t want their fathers to touch them in a non-innocent way). Mel and Jen chatted to the father for a while and found out that he was a widow, the girls’ mother had died of cancer a number of years ago and he had raised them by himself. Mel described the man as the very handsome Italian elder man and Jen backed her up on this (just because Jen is gay it doesn’t mean she can’t recognise and appreciate handsome men). When the daughters returned from swimming, Jen and Mel chatted to them for a while (although their English wasn’t as good as their father’s). Maria was 17 and Eloisa (which I think I’m spelling correctly) was 12. The father’s name was Eduardo and the girls seemed to adore him. He worked in finance and had been balancing his job and raising his daughters since his wife died.

The father had to return to the villa to work but said that as long as the girls stayed where he could see them, they could stay on the beach and play with Mel and Jen. Maria liked having a couple of older girls to talk to and Eloisa tagged along with her older sister. They swam and chatted together for a while but Jen and Mel had to return to the apartment for some breakfast, at which point the girls had to go back to the villa as their father was quite protective of them (both Jen and Mel agreed that they were attractive girls – and in Maria’s case quite sexy) so they understood that if left alone, she would probably be hit on by the guys in no time. Jen promised to return a little later in the morning and Eloise pointed out which villa they were staying in. It looked really nice (and was way out of our price range) and on the way back Jen told Mel how sad she thought their family situation was.

Mel and Jen described their encounter over breakfast to the rest of the group (although half of them had already eaten and gone out for a wander). We decided that it would be nice to give the girls an opportunity to spend some time having fun (not that kind of fun) but Jen warned the guys that if any of them even thought of doing anything to Maria (or indeed Eloise), then she would rip their cocks off and make them eat them. Naturally she also warned the girls not to try anything either, although she had a harder time coming up with threats for the girls. We agreed to be well behaved and around mid-morning a few of us (girls only) set off to the land of expensive Italian villas.

We knocked and literally asked if the girls could come out to play – Eduardo came with us for a short time and we chatted with him until he returned to do a bit more work (he couldn’t completely get time off work, but his daughters had wanted to come on holiday so he had taken them on the agreement that he would work half-days while there). Jen had been right – he was pretty good looking and the girls were incredibly cute (Eloisa was adorable and would obviously rival her sister for looks when she grew up). It would have been very easy to let our hands slip and cop a feel of Maria when playing in the sea, but we were all well behaved and we even went and bought the girls some ice cream.

I wasn’t the only one who was interested in Eduardo and Abrahii and I decided it would be worth taking a chance and seeing if we could have any fun and reward him for looking after his daughters. We left the group on the beach and headed up to the villa, knocked and when Eduardo answered we asked if we could use the bathroom. He let us in and we took turns peeing (I was a little surprised that Abrahii didn’t say anything about peeing in front of each other – it seems natural to me as I live with Jen and Mike) and once we’d finished, we asked him if he minded if we took a quick shower to get rid of the salt so we could sunbathe. It was probably just our imagination, but we think he seemed a little interested when he told us to go ahead and we returned to the bathroom and showered together. We didn’t close the bathroom door completely (in case he wanted to look) and had a gentle play together under the water, rubbing each other down, gentle fondling of breasts and pussies and a bit of kissing (basically replicating a standard porn lesbian shower scene).

Once clean, we wandered back into the room where Eduardo was working with towels wrapped around us. We were technically much more covered than when we’d been wearing our bikinis, but it felt much naughtier to be wearing the towels and we thanked him for the use of the shower. Abrahii and I wandered out onto the main balcony which overlooked the beach and we could see our friends and the daughters on the beach. We commented on how nice the balcony was and how it would be wonderful for sunbathing and Eduardo said that his daughters liked it out there. Abrahii asked him if there was any sun cream we could borrow and if he minded if we used the balcony. As he handed her the cream, I removed my towel, lay it on one of the loungers and then lay down naked. She squirted some cream onto my body and worked it in to my skin, rubbing my breasts and then working up the inside of my thighs. She didn’t exactly finger me, but did more than just brush her hands against my pussy and I gently arched my back and moaned a little as she did this. I turned over and she took care of her back, paying a little more attention to my ass and dipping her fingers between my cheeks a few times.

I felt really wet and when she finished, I turned over onto my back again and lay with my legs slightly parted. I was going to offer to apply the cream to Abrahii but as I was done she asked Eduardo if he would mind helping her out. She removed her towel and lay down on a lounger opposite me and handed him the cream. He asked if she was sure and she nodded so he knelt beside her and started to rub the cream into her stomach. As he moved his hands up, he lifted her arms above her head and I watched as he rubbed his hands over her breasts. He did her shoulders and arms and then moved on to her legs. Abrahii spread her legs to allow him access and from what I could see he briefly caressed her pussy but didn’t do any more than she had done to me. I could see that he had a bulge in his trousers and when Abrahii turned over onto her front I pulled one of my legs up and dropped a hand to my pussy. Eduardo took care of her back and legs and when he got to her ass I told him to make sure he rubbed cream in to her properly so she didn’t burn (although with her darker skin she was far less likely to burn that I was).

He looked over to me when I spoke and immediately saw my fingers gently moving between my legs. It didn’t look like he was doing much to Abrahii, but she later said that his fingers were right up against her pussy and he rubbed up and down the length of her slit. I cupped one of my breasts and lifted the nipple to my mouth to lick it and asked him if he could take a bit of a longer break from work and join us to sunbathe for a while. He glanced over the balcony (and presumably saw his daughters still on the beach) and I told Abrahii that we should help him out.

We stayed low so that we weren’t visible from the beach and got him to sit on the lounger. As we removed his shirt, we told him that Jen had been really moved by the way he had raised his daughters alone and how much they seemed to love him. Abrahii pushed a hand into his trousers and took hold of his cock, causing him to gasp and I then undid his trousers and removed them (along with his underwear). We both rubbed sun cream into his body – he obviously wasn’t a young man, but was still in pretty good shape (he apparently works out and jogs with Maria, which would also explain her figure). As Abrahii stroked his cock, I moved around behind her and pressed myself up against her body, reaching around to play with her breasts. I dipped a hand down to her pussy and played with her clit, then pushed a couple of fingers in to her before moving my hand to her mouth for her to suck clean. She turned her head so I could kiss her and I then returned to the other side of the lounger and pushed my breasts against Eduardo’s cock. Abrahii moved up towards his head and let him kiss her, then offer her breasts to his mouth. He sucked on them and gently massaged them and I felt it was time to move on a little so quickly retrieved a condom from our bag and rolled it on to his cock (he looked down to see what I was doing, but then returned to Abrahii’s breasts).

I wrapped my mouth around the head of his cock and felt him push into me so I wrapped my hand around the shaft to stop him getting too deep. He had a hand between Abrahii’s legs by this point and I desperately wanted to feel something in me so I stood up and knelt over his waist, positioned his cock and lowered myself on to it. We humped against each other and at his request, Abrahii peeked her head over the balcony to check his daughters weren’t about to catch us, but once he was reassured that we were safe we started to fuck more vigorously. Abrahii knelt beside me and sucked on one of my nipples while playing with my clit and I told her that she would get to have a go on him in just a moment. He liked it when I leant forwards and he could play with my nipples and as we were meant to be rewarding him (and not just enjoying ourselves) I regretfully pulled myself off of his cock and leant over him so he could suck on my nips. Abrahii quickly took my place on his cock and I reached down to play with her clit and then told Eduardo that I would be back.

I knelt behind Abrahii and cupped Eduardo’s balls in my hands, gently squeezing and caressing them (this is still relatively new to me as one of Mike’s balls is very sensitive, but having met a number of guys who really like this I thought I would give it a try). I also spread Abrahii’s ass cheeks and leant forwards to lick from her pussy to her ass (and grazing Eduardo’s cock) before telling her to turn around so I could help out properly. Eduardo was a bit confused at first, but once I started to lick Abrahii’s clit and his cock he got Abrahii to lean back against him so he could cup her breasts and fondle them while they fucked. Abrahii was obviously enjoying herself but she asked if I wanted another go and I was more than happy to swap places so was soon in the position she had been in with her mouth on my clit. Eduardo pushed in to me a bit more forcefully and he eagerly took my breasts in his hands. He was quite good at nipple play and he gently but firmly caressed and tweaked my nips and he pumped into me. He told me to cum (at least that’s what we think he said as it was in Italian) and I asked Abrahii if she minded if I went first. She just glanced up at me and continued to suck on my clit so I took that as a ‘no’ and I pushed back against Eduardo’s cock and squeezed myself around him. He squeezed by breasts a bit harder and I moaned (not too loudly) and told them I was cumming. Abrahii continued to lick us and Eduardo pumped into me a bit longer before whispering something and pushing into me harder a few times.

Abrahii continued to gently lick us for a minute or so and I then lifted myself off of Eduardo’s cock and we assessed the damage. The condom had a decent amount of cum in it and I thought that we may as well do things properly so I pulled it off carefully and handed it to Abrahii to hold on to while I used my bikini top to wipe his cock clean. I then got Abrahii to pour the contents of the condom into one of the cups of my bikini and I rubbed them together to smear his cum over both cups. We then both gently stroked his cock and kissed each other as he watched and I thanked them both for giving me such an enjoyable orgasm. Eduardo thanked us and said that he was still rather surprised that two young and beautiful girls had wanted to do that with him (flattery works quite well) and we repeated that we both thought he had deserved a treat for raising his daughters alone. He quickly looked over the balcony again to check they were still safe on the beach and Abrahii and I went to wash our hands. He had pulled his trousers back on while we’d been done and we asked if he thought he could do any more or if he’d had enough.

We didn’t really wait for his reply and both started to play with each other. We kissed, sucked on each other’s breasts, fingered and then took turns licking each other. Eduardo said if we kept it up then he would be ready again much quicker so we continued and even 69ed for a while. We weren’t seriously trying to make each other cum so we would be ready to play properly as soon as Eduardo was (it would have been a pity if one or both of us had just cum and needed a rest when he said he was ready to go) and we may have played to the stereotypes a bit with over the top fingering and moaning. We asked if we could use his bed (for comfort) and after a final check on his daughters he put the chain on the front door and we moved in to his bedroom. Abrahii and I resumed our 69 position and hungrily ate each other until Eduardo asked us if he could join us again. Abrahii and I took turns on our backs with the other one sitting over our faces and Eduardo fucking us. He played with our clits and breasts unprompted (the benefits of experience that comes with age I guess) and it was a very enjoyable session. We got him to tell us when he was getting close to cumming and we switched positions so I was on my back, Abrahii knelt between my legs and ate me and Eduardo took her doggy style. I watched as he leant forwards over her back and played with her breasts and clit and would have felt a little jealous of her if he hadn’t fucked me already (and Abrahii’s tongue wasn’t driving me to my own orgasm). She came before I did but I came almost at the same time Eduardo did and he stayed still in Abrahii gently moving in her for a short time before pulling out.

Once again we retrieved the condom and this time cleaned him with and then applied his cum (of which there was a bit less) to Abrahii’s top before we put our tops on and massaged his cum in to each other’s’ breasts. We thanked him again and suggested we go and see how his girls were doing and once he had straightened himself up we all headed back to the beach. Lis quietly commented to me as to what we had been up to and I told her that we would fill her in later, but added that Eduardo had already filled Abrahii and me. The Italian girls seemed to have really enjoyed spending time with our girls and we promised them that we would see them again the following day. They headed off to lunch and we went back to our apartment and then off to the shops to restock for our own lunch.


  1. I've been following your blog for the past 5 years now, and it's the first time I've commented. Thank you for sharing these stories, it is always great reading.
    Gets me going everytime!
    Greetings from South Africa

  2. I'm glad you enjoy it - hearing that from my readers makes it all the more worthwhile (and imagining you jacking or jilling to the blog makes it even more fun!)

  3. I know that this is probably a dumb question, but do you have a gallery of pics? Or a secondary web page? I'm sure that most of the people, if not all prefer the privacy of the reader's imagination - but would be interesting to put faces (or bodies) to the names...and yes, I do jack off to your stories ;) thanks for the previous reply.

  4. We decided not to post (any more) pictures a while ago due to it increasing the chances of someone realising who we are, but I'm aware that once something is on the internet it can't be removed. If you want to email me I might be convinced to send you a couple of the old pics we posted a few years ago (but nothing of Jen as she is adamant about that)