Monday, 11 November 2013

Mallorca 2013 – Part 7

The guys (or at least the bi ones) were jealous of our morning from the description we gave of our Italian stallion. Mike and Peter were jealous of the girls that got to splash around with Maria from the way we described her (but were once again warned that they weren’t allowed to do anything to her). Even Lucy seemed to think what we had done was a good thing and that Eduardo deserved it. We told them that we’d arranged to visit again the following afternoon and realised that we could have a better session if we offered to take the girls out for dinner so we could be sure we weren’t interrupted for a period of time (although we weren’t sure Eduardo would agree to let them go as he was so protective).

After lunch, we set the guys a challenge – those that had them had to wear linen trousers or shorts and weren’t allowed to wear anything underneath. We then went out and sat in a café, sitting in ways that allowed them to glimpse up our skirts, or leaning over to subtly caress them or whisper to them how we wanted them to fuck us, how we would suck them or how we would let them cum over us. They had to ensure this without getting an erection as the linen trousers wouldn’t really hide very much. Once we thought we had outstayed our time at the café, we split up and went for a wander in a few smaller groups and took whatever opportunities we could to tease the guys some more – much more directly in some cases as we slipped hands into their trousers or up their shorts and fondled them directly. It’s fair to say that most of the guys lost the ‘no erection’ challenge, but they generally didn’t seem to mind as they were generally amused (and in some cases fully compensated) in other ways.

Mike managed to find a suitable place to actually fuck Julia and I sucked Richard off and let him cum over my chest. Some of the others needed to be taken care of when they returned to the apartment and I took the opportunity to quickly make out with Lis. She let me go down on her and I enjoyed making her cum while she remained quiet – we didn’t have time for her to repay me but I didn’t mind as Lis is one of the people who I care about enough that making her cum is just as fulfilling as her making me cum (or at least nearly so anyway). A few headed back out to the beach to enjoy the sun and those of us that were more at risk of burning stayed in and rested for a while before heading out to the (slightly) less intense sun later on in the afternoon. We had another little play in the sea and stole a few caresses on the beach, but mostly just enjoyed a lazy afternoon in the heat. A number of the girls went topless and Mike got to rub cream in to Lis’ back (as we were with the rest of the group they had to pretend that he wasn’t allowed to play with her breasts). We let a couple of random guys chat to us and ignored the fact that they stared at our breasts – I didn’t feel like teasing them too much but Susan was instructed to slip a finger into her panties and gently stroke herself as she chatted to them (nothing too obvious as there were plenty of people around).

We returned to the apartment to freshen up and have dinner and then had one of the more drunken nights of the holiday. We sat around in the largest living room and spilled out onto the balcony. Abigail challenged Mel and Jen to see which one of Susan, Julia or me could cum the most and they accepted (on our behalf). Abrahii was roped in as well by Mel and the others were offered the chance to compete but there were no further takers (and the men wouldn’t have stood a chance anyway). It was decided that we would let the various toys that people had brought along be used on us and the aim wasn’t to make any one of us cum more times than the others, but to see who had enough first and wanted people to stop. I was feeling a little tired and wasn’t entirely sure I was up to it, but agreed anyway and let Jen start to play with me using one of our vibes (our nice silicone coated one) and I lay back and just let Jen make me feel good. Once we’d all cum, the next round involved us eating each other – I took Julia and Abrahii had Susan. We 69ed beside each other and got stuck in to each other’s pussies – mostly with tongues, but there was also a bit of fingering. As it was only round two, it didn’t take too much time for us all to cum and we were allowed a minutes rest and time to have a drink before round 3 was started,

As the people watching were fairly aroused, it was decided that we should take care of some of them and the guys were our first assignment. Abrahii took Richard, Ashraf had Susan, Peter was going to have Julia, but as Mike wanted to join in, people thought he might show favouritism if he fucked me, so he had Julia and I fucked Peter. The guys lay on their backs and we had to ride them – ensuring that they got to cum, but also making sure we came ourselves. Abrahii got James to help out and play with her clit as she rode up and down on Richard’s cock (they use this position a fair bit apparently) but I took care of myself and gently massaged my clit as I rode Peter. After Julia had ridden Mike for a while, he gave her a hard fast pounding to finish things off (she came first, then he did). Unsurprisingly, round 4 involved us 69ing again so we could eat the cum out of each other – I took Abrahii and fortunately Richard hadn’t cum too much in her so by the time we finished she tasted of her own cum and not his.

Our partners were responsible for making us cum next – as Abrahii is single, Angela volunteered to take care of her and the four of us sat up on chairs while we had various toys used on and in us. Jen wasn’t too forceful and I was actually the last to cum, which turned out to be a bad thing as we immediately launched into the next round without me having any time to recover. If it hadn’t been a contest, I would have probably stopped, but I wasn’t going to let Jen down and took my position so I could scissor with Susan. She isn’t as experienced at this as the rest of us, but we humped against each other and at least it didn’t feel too intense. We were allowed to use fingers to help ourselves along and with a little frigging we both came. Julia and Abrahii were still rubbing together but it didn’t look like they were getting anywhere fast and they eventually admitted defeat and said they were withdrawing. I wasn’t so surprised about Abrahii dropping out but told Julia that I was disappointed in her and that a year ago she would have given us a much better run for our money.

As payment for beating the two of them, Susan and I were allowed an extended break (which was appreciated) and we sat round chatting some more. We started a game of truth or dare, but as we all knew there was very little that people would be too embarrassed to do, the game switched to just having to tell the truth (and pretty much everyone was sufficiently drunk that they probably didn’t care). It started off fairly lightly (when did we lose our virginity sort of stuff – which we all roughly knew about each other anyway). When we moved on to the more interesting question of our deepest sex secret, Mary claimed that she had done all of her most adventurous things with us (so we promised her that we would make sure she had a few more experiences to add to her list before the end of the holiday).

Richard told us that he once fucked a pie and had then let people eat it and James admitted that he used to steal his older brother fleshlight and use it – and not always clean it up afterwards. Jen let out the fact that Sue and I had masturbated each other the previous weekend and I was going to protest and explain that it had technically been Mike and Jen masturbating us, just using Sue and my fingers to do the job, but I decided to go for the nuclear option and tell them that Sue enjoys watersports, both peeing as she came and being peed on (which of course also let out the fact that I join in). This revelation sparked a fair number of comments and even though she was embarrassed, Jen handled it fairly well. Mike then told everyone that he had eaten and fucked Lis and he went in to great detail in describing how he would pound his cock repeatedly into her tight little cunt and fill her with cum. I think a few people believed him, but he lost them when he claimed that after he had fucked Lis, he would go down on Lucy, eat her until she came and then fuck her while Jen and I ate Lis clean. Lucy seemed quite relieved when he claimed this and people told him he was lying (but she acted indignant and said that he was never likely to get into her panties, let alone her pussy).

Susan and I were told to continue our competition and had to take turns with one of us standing looking out over the balcony while the other one knelt behind and ate us. With this done, we challenged the rest of the group and said that it was time for everyone else to cum and that we should make a cum-ring. We all sat in a circle and the aim was simply for everyone to cum. Hardly surprisingly, Lucy wasn’t going to participate, but Lis talked her in to at least kissing a little and caressing each other so they weren’t completely left out and as the session became more heated, people noticed that Lis had her hand under Lucy’s skirt and was fairly obviously playing with her. As Lucy rarely participates with the group (in this way) a few people commented on it but Lis told them to leave her alone and just enjoy themselves. Lucy mostly just kissed Lis (and fondled her) so didn’t really look directly at anyone (at least not at any of the times I glanced over to them), but both she and Lis got off (as did everyone else) so it was far more successful than I had expected it to be.

Lucy was teased about having lost her chastity and no longer be able to become a nun (in reply to which, she used some very un-nun like language) and said that she enjoyed cumming just as much as anyone else, she just usually did it in private and only with Lis. She was nonetheless congratulated for joining in and enjoying herself and was invited to continue the competition with Susan and I (helping us cum, not competing). I really liked the idea of having Lis and Lucy playing with us with everyone watching (and they both helped make me cum during my birthday so I thought there was a chance they would) but Lucy said she had done enough for one night. That didn’t stop Susan and I having to cum again and we were given a bottle challenge – having to ride one and make ourselves cum without any direct clitoral stimulation.

I went for a bottle with a thin neck so I could pound against the bottle while Julia went for one with a tapered neck to stretch her pussy and feel more that way. People held the bottles in place for us as we rode them and it felt nice, but I didn’t have the strength left to ride it energetically enough to make me cum. Fortunately neither did Julia and after a while we declared it a draw. We would have both been happy to leave it at that, but were told to use the bottles on each other in a sideways 69 to see who would cum first (and we were then promised that the competition would be declared a draw). I had the advantage (in cumming) at this point as the bottle I’d chosen was much better suited for masturbating with (but I do have more experience than Susan – in years at least if not in intensity of being played with by a group). (Actually, I’ve just realised that we’ve probably got about the same number of years of experience in cumming as she started playing with herself at a reasonably young age and I didn’t cum until I was 19 – so I can’t even beat her on that!) Anyway - she rapidly pumped the bottle in to me, mashing it against my clit each time she pushed it in to me and as I’d expected I came first.

I briefly caught my breath and then continued to use the bottle on Susan. People loved the way her pussy stretched around it when I pushed it in deep but I was careful not to go too deep and hurt her. As it was to be the last cum of our game, I let the others join in and Susan was caressed by a number of hands and had a cock (Ethan’s I think) was pushed into her mouth to suck. A couple of people took turns frigging her clit and she came in a panting orgasm. We were both drenched in sweat and once I’d withdrawn the bottle, I lay on top of her and gave her a long kiss, letting our bodies slide back and forth against each other.

We stayed up chatting a while longer, although I dozed off and Susan and I decided to head off to bed (we were both tired and it was a way of ensuring that we could get some sleep without being expected to perform for whoever else we ended up spending the night with). The others eventually paired off (or tripled off in some cases) to go to bed. Jen was going to go with Angela and Mary, but as Susan and I had already disappeared, there was a bit of a gender imbalance so Jen just went with Angela. Mike and Ashraf took Abrahii, Simon and Ethan got Mary, Richard took Mel, James went with Julia and Peter was left with Abigail. I was a little surprised to find that Mike had opted for a ‘bad kind’ of threesome (as he calls it – I quite enjoy having two cocks to fill me) and almost equally surprised that Mel had gone with a guy (I know she is bi, but she prefers women).

Before he joined Abrahii and Ashraf, Mike went to see Lis and Lucy and he explained to Lucy that when he had told everyone about him sleeping with Lis, he had been trying to rescue Jen from the questions and that he thinks the best way to lie is to tell the truth, but when he realised that people might be thinking he was actually telling the truth he made up the stuff about sleeping with Lucy so they would realise he was lying. She told him that she knew and he didn’t have to explain so he offered to make what he said into the truth if she wanted (which she obviously didn’t). He went on to tell her that watching her cum with the group had been incredibly hot and he was glad that she joined in, to which Lucy replied that she had only done it as Lis had really encouraged her. Mike thanked Lis and asked if he could repay her properly and then dropped to his knees and tongued her pussy through her panties. He pulled the crotch to the side and licked her directly, but left her hanging for Lucy to take care of (and later told Lis that this had given her an excuse to get Lucy to do things with her).

Once he returned to Abrahii and Ashraf, they set about teasing her for a while, let her lick them both (separately and together) and then went for it and DPed her. Mike took her cunt (although he likes the way anal feels, he prefers cumming in a pussy). Abrahii nestled a vibe between her pussy and Mike’s body so it stimulated her clit. This turned out to be a mistake as she came fairly quickly, but Ashraf held on to her arms so she couldn’t remove the vibe straight away and they continued to fuck her. Mike said that he could feel Ashraf’s cock rubbing against his through Abrahii’s insides, but this was offset by the feeling of Abrahii’s breasts sliding back and forth against his chest (and of course the feeling of her cunt around his cock) and he managed to cum in her even though he hadn’t expected to). Once they had released her, Abrahii sucked them both again briefly and literally passed out (remember that she had participated in the first half of the orgasm game, so she had done fairly well).

Jen didn’t do too much with Angela that night – they just kissed, gently caressed each other and spooned until they fell asleep. The next morning however, she woke Angela up in our customary way (eating her awake) and they then spent a while exploring each other. Jen got Angela to suck on her nipples for a while and they then semi-69ed (so they could suck on each other’s nips) before moving down into a proper 69 to lick and finger each other. Afterwards, Angela said that she loved being woken up that way and Jen told her that as long as she (or Mary) weren’t sleeping with guys (at least while we were trying to get pregnant), they would be welcome to come and visit us anytime and we would wake them like that each morning.

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