Wednesday, 13 November 2013

Mallorca 2013 – Part 8

During breakfast, Mike pointed out a more interesting use for the salami. A couple of people were sent out to purchase a new salami and on returning with it, we were told to put it to good use. They had bought a reasonably large one and I certainly felt filled when it came to my turn – fortunately by this point the previous people had warmed it up a little (Susan had been first and said it felt a little cold). As it was still sealed in its plastic, it was very smooth and while it felt nice, there wasn’t enough friction or sensation to do much so I had to resort to using a vibe on my clit (as had Susan and Mary). Once I’d cum, I upped the game a little by suggesting that people share it and everyone thought this was a good idea so the next to use it were Jen and Julia. Jen is still a little tighter than the rest of us (probably excluding Lis and Lucy), but with a little additional lube, we got it in to her and watched as she and Jules humped against each other. It was a much sexier sight than just watching one girl use it. We still had to help them out with vibes, but left them to take care of each other to actually finish things off.

Neither Peter nor Richard had been given a morning fuck and we felt this was unfair of Mel and Abigail so as compensation, Susan and I took care of Peter and Julia and Abrahii did Richard. Susan and I let Peter tit fuck us (mostly rubbing against our nipples which we were holding together for him) and we sucked him – together and individually. Julia and Abrahii let Richard fuck them in turn while the other licked them and James got involved too. Richard seemed to like this (but then James probably has more experience of licking/sucking Richard than anyone else as they’ve been dating for a while now). Susan and I decided to offer Peter the same treatment and he certainly enjoyed it. We decided to just do things and see who he ended up cumming in – as we changed around every couple of minutes, the interruptions meant it took him longer to cum than usual and I think I was fairly close to winning, but had to switch with Susan. I could have tried to delay his orgasm until it was my turn again, but I wasn’t that mean and I made sure that Peter’s cock got a fair amount of attention from my tongue without hindering his movements in Susan. As expected, he came in her and as a reward for satisfying him, it was decided that he should 69 with her to let her clean off his cock (gently) and let him repay her by eating her to orgasm. Like most guys I know (even bi ones), Peter doesn’t like eating his own cum much, but he fulfilled his duty and lapped away at Susan until she came. (I actually find it a little odd how more girls seem willing – or even happy – to eat or taste their own juices. Admittedly pussy juice tastes quite a bit nicer than boy-cum in my opinion, but I would have thought that gay/bi guys wouldn’t have minded boy-cum too much).

Mel suggested that as Susan had already been stretched a little by the salami, that Jen could use this to try fisting her again. I wasn’t quite sure why Mel liked seeing this so much, but Jen was game for it and Abigail didn’t mind what we did to Susan (with the usual provision that we couldn’t do anything actually mean or harmful to her). Jen said that Susan felt a little looser than earlier in the week (not by much, but it did appear that Susan wasn’t quite as uncomfortable while Jen was getting her hand in and out of Susan’s cunt).

By the time we headed out it was fairly warm and the challenge for the day was to wear a small double ended beaded dildo, bent round to fill pussy and ass. We only had two of them so Susan and I were the first to take the challenge so bent over to let them be inserted. They bent around fairly tightly between our orifices, but not enough that our bikini bottoms could hide them (there was a very obvious bump in the crotch) so we had to wear something to disguise this (I used my sarong and Susan wore a short skirt). Once we were on the beach and sitting down, we removed our protective clothing and enjoyed the way the dildo was pushed in to us. I let Jen apply some sun cream to my legs and she took the opportunity to wiggle the dildo around inside me. It felt rather nice (as usual helped along by being outside in public) and I told her that she could try to make me cum, but she couldn’t move it enough to get me off.

I wasn’t deterred though and issued a challenge to Susan to try and cum, but to make it a little easier we headed down and in to the sea. We took a couple of towels with us (Susan and I wrapped them around our waists to hide our crotch bulges) and dumped them on the sand just before running in to the sea. Once we were deep enough, we knelt down so the water was up to our chests and Abigail and Jen were responsible for getting Susan and I off (respectively). It was soon suggested that we remove our panties to make it easier for them to play with us and we agreed, but I made sure that mine were securely tucked in to the crotch of Jen’s suit (I lost a pair playing in the sea in a previous holiday and had to wait while Jen returned to our villa to get me a new pair). A couple of minutes later we were dared to remove our tops as well so we were naked – this didn’t seem like such a bit deal to me as we’d been topless on the beach a few times already (and being fully naked felt much more fun anyway). I knelt up and chatted to Jen as she twisted the dildo back and forth between my pussy and ass. It felt nice but Susan and I agreed to use fingers as well to help ourselves along and we came (me first) while other people splashed and swam not too far from us.

I dared Jen to take the dildo challenge and she accepted so I slipped it out of me and fumbled with the crotch of her suit to get it in to her. I had to remove my bikini from her suit and slip the bottoms back on, but then got the dildo in to her and told Abigail that she should do the same. She was a little more reticent, but peer pressure is a wonderful thing and she soon had Susan’s dildo in her. We got them to repeat the challenge properly and convinced Abi to remove her top as well. It was a bit more difficult for Jen as she had a one-piece suit on, but after pulling the top down, she wiggled out of it and allowed me to continue to play with her pussy under the waterline. We got an orgasm out of both Jen and Abigail and handed them their suits back. Jen had a bit of trouble getting in to hers but Abi, Susan and I all decided to return to shore topless and remain that way for the rest of the morning session. It’s amusing watching people (mostly guys) trying to look at exposed breasts while pretending they are looking at other things and makes it very easy to adjust bikini bottoms and give them a flash of pussy while acting innocently.

After we’d had lunch (we stayed out for lunch, but ate in the shade as it was again quite hot), a few of us wandered off for a walk around town. We were fairly well behaved, but on returning to the apartment we found out that Susan had experienced a more interesting afternoon (which wasn’t surprising given the group she’d been with). They had gone to a wooded area we’ve been to before and had made Susan perform her act of fucking a branch (with protection so she didn’t get splinters and once she had cum, they tied her to a tree to play with her some more. She was fingered and licked and Ashraf had just started to fuck her when they were discovered by a couple of local lads. They had to explain that they weren’t forcing Susan to do things and Mel suggested that the best way to do this would be for Susan to offer herself to them. The lads were a little reticent at first, but after watching the others finger Susan and then joining in, they decided to go all the way and took turns fucking her. Susan leant forwards against a tree and they took her from behind while Julia knelt and played with Susan’s clit and breasts.

Both of the guys fucked Susan until they came in her (in condoms) and Susan was then turned around and offered to the guys a final time to allow them to caress her and play with her breasts. As a final display for the guys, Julia was going to eat Susan but decided that she would rather get to enjoy herself, so she leant against the tree, pulled her dress off and got Susan to kneel and lick her. Susan apparently put on a good show and toyed with her breasts and nipples as Susan ate her and once she had cum, she pulled Susan up and gave her a long kiss while caressing Susan’s ass and dipping her fingers between the cheeks. Jules gave Susan’s pussy a couple of licks before they got dressed and bade their new acquaintances goodbye – Susan and Julia each gave one of them a hug and pulled the guys hands under their skirts to let them have a final fondle before they departed.

I had enjoyed my afternoon out with Lis, Lucy and Abrahii but I liked the idea of having a couple of random locals inside me and we made plans to try and meet some more. We didn’t expect this to be too difficult as there are always locals hanging around looking to pick off some tourist pussy, but we already had plans for that evening so we decided to start hunting the next day.

A few of us went out for an early dinner and then went along to the place where Eduardo, Maria and Eloisa were staying. We asked if the girls could come out to dinner with us and assured Eduardo that we would take care of them, we weren’t going far (just a short way down the promenade) and we’d have them home early. The girls liked the idea of going out with a group of people (even if we were a little older than them) and Eduardo agreed. Just before we left, Abrahii quietly told him that he should stay in the villa as we might come back to visit while the girls were eating. He knew what we were implying and wished his daughters a happy evening. He offered us some money for the meal (our meal as well as his daughters) but we said it was our treat and we set off.

The girls settled in well and while Maria did most of the talking, Eloisa still looked like she was having fun. A lot of the guys were still fawning over Maria but a couple paid attention to Eloisa (not in *that* way, just to make sure she didn’t feel left out) and once the food started to arrive, Susan, Abrahii, Julia and I gave an excuse and slipped away (with so much male attention the girls didn’t seem to miss us). We quickly made it back to Eduardo’s place and he seemed quite surprised to see four of us but I said that as he seemed to enjoy seeing us play with each other, we thought we would give him more of a show and more options as to who he fucked.

We told him that we could openly play as our group would call us before they finished dinner and showed him from the bedroom window where they were all sitting (so he could relax and not worry that we were doing anything to his darling daughters – the idea was to reward him, so we wanted him to be able to enjoy himself). While he was on the balcony with Abrahii, Julia, Susan and I quickly stripped off and when Abrahii returned, we all helped pull her dress off and started to caress each other. He said he would like to watch us first so we fell onto his bed and paired off. I took Susan and we kissed and fondled each other while Julia and Abrahii 69ed. I didn’t want him to watch for too long so I whispered to Susan and we both climbed off the bed and crawled over to him on the floor, then reached up into his lap and freed his cock from his trousers. Unsurprisingly, he was hard and I quickly rolled a condom on to his cock and called Julia over.

We thought it was only fair that as he’d already had Abrahii and me, Susan and Julia should get first go with him and I returned to the bed with Abrahii and we messily kissed and played with each other while the others sucked and played with his cock. They soon joined us on the bed and we tried a few different positions. Susan rode him with Abrahii behind her, reaching around and caressing Susan’s breasts. Julia rode him but facing away from him so she could lean back and we could lick her clit and his cock. Abrahii let him take her missionary style and I let him have me doggy style, during while he reached around and played with my breasts. As he approached his orgasm, we asked who he wanted to cum in and he opted for Julia so once again Abrahii knelt behind her and played with her breasts and clit as Jules rode him, while Susan and I lay on either side of his body and caressed his chest while letting him suck on our nipples. Abrahii made sure that Julia came before Eduardo did and as we knew we weren’t likely to be discovered, Jules put on a good audible show during her orgasm. She continued to hump up and down on Eduardo’s cock, trying to keep time with his thrusts until he grabbed her hips and pulled her down hard onto his cock. He moved in her a few more times and thanked her before releasing her and letting her dismount.

We used Abrahii’s panties to wipe ourselves clean and then removed the condom, wiped Eduardo’s cock clean and finally poured the contents of the condom on to the panties. We offered him another (longer) show to keep him amused while he prepared for the next round (there was no way we intended to just let him cum once) and he moved back to the chair he’d been in before so we could play with each other. Susan and I had been partially grinding against his body and coupled with the nipple play, were nice and wet, so we just went straight in to a 69, licking and fingering each other. As Jules had just cum, she wasn’t quite as desperate, but she still has a much larger sexual appetite than Abrahii so she didn’t have any problems keeping up with her and they lay beside us kissing and fingering, then humping against each other. Susan, Abrahii and I came first and we then all ganged up on Jules to make her cum again.

When we finished, Eduardo was sitting with his cock in his hand and we told him that he wasn’t meant to do anything to himself and to just let us take care of him. Jules knelt and took him in her mouth and then told Susan to sit on his cock (which she did). Julia started to lick them both (he seemed to like this, but then I’m not surprised as I’ve found that most men like it) and Abrahii and I stood either side of him and offered him our breasts – but this time he also reached down to our pussies and played with us. After a few minutes, we switched places and I rode him on the bed. He didn’t seem to have any issue with kissing us after we’d licked each other so we asked him if he wanted to lick us and he said he would. Around this time, Abrahii appeared with a pair of panties on and I was confused as they weren’t the ones she had been wearing (and we’d been using to clean Eduardo’s cum up with), but it became clear later on where they had come from.


  1. When you think about it, it really isn't that odd at all. Women are often held up as sex symbols while men are not. With that in mind is it really all that surprising that lesbianism is more socially acceptable than gay men? Is it all that surprising that women are more eager to taste other women then men are to taste cum? It is not men that are held up as sex symbols, as the thing to be desired, or as the thing to be pursued. When you keep those things in mind that society as indoctrinated us into believing I don't find it odd at all.

  2. I'm not entirely sure I agree - yes women are generally held up as sex symbols more than men, but from what I can see, during the 80s & 90s when it was still becoming more acceptable to admit you were gay, there were a lot more men coming out than women. Now I know that there are meant to be more gay men than gay women (depending on the study you read) but it still seems that there was a disproportionate number of men coming out so if anything, it seemed that it was more acceptable to be a gay man than a gay woman (or 'celebrities' at least seemed to think it was).

    I know plenty of girls who I can't imagine ever doing things with another woman (well, a number of them I *have* technically imagined doing things with me, but you know what I mean) and the same goes for a number of the guys I know. I (hopefully obviously) don't care what sexuality someone is but I do think it is a bit of a shame that people aren't a bit more open to at least trying things once (or twice). Fair enough if you really only like doing things with one gender (be that the same as your own or the opposite) but I'm fairly sure that a good number of people would open the door to new pleasures if they tried and kept an open mind.

  3. Perhaps, but you have to remember the media reports what is shocking or what draws in viewers/subscribers and what causes controversy. If it is more controversial and less acceptable to be a gay man, then that is what the media will report on, and the stories you will see will be overwhelmingly of gay men coming out vs. women.

    Remember, we are talking about what is more shocking (or acceptable) in the media (which controls public opinion), not what ACTUALLY IS more shocking/acceptable. If it wasn't shocking or controversial...then why would the media feel the need to put it on a front page splash cover? The media is not in the business of reporting on the hum-drum stuff of life.

    That is how I reached my conclusion anyway. And we must also remember it does little good to discuss what should be, rather than what actually is.