Friday, 15 November 2013

Mallorca 2013 – Part 9

He was fine with using protection and while he hadn’t used a dental dam before, he knew about them and didn’t have any trouble using one. As he’d only been in me for a short time, I wanted to have his tongue first and he gave me a good licking (not as good as it would have felt without the protection, but still good). He had a turn licking each of us and we thought we should let him cum again so made use of the size of his bed with Susan lying in the middle with Julia over her face holding her legs up and Abrahii and I on either side of Susan, playing with ourselves and letting Eduardo finger us whenever he wanted. We tried to give him the best show we could so Abrahii and I both reached over to fondle Susan’s breasts from time to time and we encouraged Eduardo to pound into Susan as hard as he could and to make her cum before he emptied himself inside her.

Susan certainly came before he did – and she seemed to cum pretty hard. Eduardo carried on fucking her (which we continued to encourage him to do) and even though Julia’s pussy was muffling Susan, we could hear her moaning and panting. When Eduardo pulled out, I quickly sat up, wrapped my hand around the base of the condom (to ensure there was no leakage) and took him in my mouth to gently suck him. I then briefly buried my face in Susan’s pussy and told her to finish off Jules while I clambered over to Abrahii and suggested we see if we could encourage our Italian stallion to go for a third round. To be fair, it may have been more for us than for him as I know that I certainly wanted to finish what he’d started during the last round. I messily ate Abrahii, pulling my face away from her pussy from time to time to finger her (partly for her enjoyment and partly for show). She was doing something similar to me, but had a bit of an easier time of it as I also had to keep pulling the crotch of her panties away from her pussy to give me access. As my orgasm built I once again felt the desire to pee over her face as I came. It would have been a bit mean to make a mess of his bed (and also to do that to Abrahii) so I restrained myself but decided to give Jen a treat the next time I saw her (well maybe not quite the *next* time as I knew that would probably be back at the restaurant).

Once we’d cum (and Susan had finished making Jules cum), we cleaned up Eduardo’s cock with Abrahii’s panties again and I watched as she rubbed herself through the panties she was wearing. I had a suspicion and quietly asked her where she had gotten them and she confirmed that she had quickly snuck in to the girls’ room and pulled a pair of Maria’s panties out of her drawer. I told her that she was a naughty little slut, but I liked it and I then gently bit her neck as I kissed her. The panties were already fairly damp from my eating and fingering Abrahii but I helped to soak them a bit more by pushing the crotch between her lips and rubbing her with them.

Meanwhile, Eduardo had been thanking Susan and Julia and we asked him if he would help make Susan cum a few more times and pointed out that if he could get it up again, we’d be happy to let him fuck another one of us. He seemed fairly surprised at our willingness to cum, but we explained to him that we generally used Susan as our plaything and how she loved being made to cum over and over (not always true, but close enough). Susan assured him that he could do whatever he wanted to her (knowing that we would stop him if he tried to do anything bad) and with our encouragement, he set about fingering her and caressing her breasts. Julia pointed out that Susan was only a few years older than his daughter Maria and went on to ask if he wanted Susan to put on one of her dresses. He wasn’t too keen on this idea (which I think is a good thing as I don’t really think he should be thinking of his daughters when fucking or cumming). He continued to finger Susan though so Abrahii and I sat either side of her and allowed him to have brief turns fingering us (unaware that he was fingering Abrahii through Maria’s panties).

Susan came and we encouraged him to have another go at licking us. As an added incentive, we said that we would do things with each other at the same time so he could watch and I called rank and said I wanted to be first (one of the few times when being the oldest in the group helps). I lay on the bed and spread my legs, letting Abrahii provide him with a dental dam. Jules climbed over my face, but this time she faced away from Eduardo and leant forwards so he would get the best view up my body of my tongue working over and in Julia’s pussy. I felt his tongue press against my cunt and wished again that I could feel it directly. (We discussed this afterwards and agreed that it would have been wonderful to fuck him natively and feel his tongue, cock and cum on and in us, but we sensibly stuck to our rules.) I wasn’t really trying to make Jules cum as I assumed she would want to sample Eduardo’s tongue action (which was pretty good). A couple of times I pushed Jules’ body up slightly so I could comment on how well he was doing or how I was getting close to cumming and he carried on until I came again. It wasn’t a very strong orgasm but I’d cum a fair few times already so I wasn’t too surprised (and it still felt nice – it wasn’t too sharp or piercing).

Julia asked him if he would finish her off (I may not have been trying to get her to cum, but I had been licking her the way I know she likes so I’d done a fairly decent job of getting her turned on again). It took hardly any time for him to get her to orgasm and it just left Abrahii as needing to cum for him to finish off the set. He went back to using his fingers on her and it was obvious that his cock was beginning to show some life again so I suggested that Jules get Abrahii nicely juiced up while Susan and I got his cock back in full working order. We made him return to his chair and I knelt and rubbed his cock between my breasts for a while and then got Susan involved. We both kissed and licked his cock and I pulled Susan’s head towards mine so our mouths locked around his cock and we kissed around it, lapping away at the head that was buried between our lips. By this point he was definitely ready and Julia held Abrahii’s pussy spread to let him easily slide in to her. As he fucked her, I told Julia that it was Maria’s panties that Abrahii was wearing and she told me that she knew already (apart from the fact they were different from the ones she’d been wearing when we arrived, Jules had seen Abrahii disappear off into the girls’ room and return wearing them).

As Abrahii was the least capable of the four of us at enduring extended stimulation (especially after what we’d done already), it would have been rather cruel for us to gang up on her – but we did so anyway! Between the three of us we played with Abrahii’s clit, caressed and kissed her nipples, stroked her thighs and kissed her (and that was all in addition to Eduardo’s cock fucking her). Even though I’m sure it would have been a bit too intense, I felt a little jealous of her and wished I was in her position (but I know that I can’t be the centre of attention all the time). Abrahii came and writhed around as we continued to (over)stimulate her. Eduardo asked her if she wanted him to stop but she said he could continue and Jules reached between his legs and caressed his balls, telling him to empty another load into Abrahii’s cunt. He looked like he wasn’t too far from cumming so it didn’t take much to push him over the edge and after a bit more pumping into Abrahii, he pushed into her and stayed still.

We congratulated him on having made her cum again and as he pulled out I once again bemoaned the fact that I hadn’t gotten the opportunity to have him fuck me (properly) this time. Eduardo looked fairly tired and I assumed there wasn’t much chance of him doing anything more that night (and to be fair, I had cum a decent amount during the session). We once again used Abrahii’s panties to wipe his cock clean (not that he had produced much cum) and we distracted him while she slipped back into Maria’s room and returned the loaned panties. Abrahii said that she considered leaving her own pussy and cum soaked panties in the girls’ room to give them a clue as to what their father had been up to, but as we were meant to be there to give him a reward for raising them well, she just told him that he could keep them as a memento if he wanted.

We were a little surprised that the group hadn’t finished up at the restaurant – and now that he was completely satisfied and no longer distracted by multiple naked girls, Eduardo wanted to know where his daughters were. We called and found out that they had actually finished eating a while ago, but had gone for an ice cream and were now sitting on the beach chatting just in front of the villa. We got them to take the girls for a quick walk so we could sneak out and then met up with them and returned the girls to their father. They seemed to have enjoyed their evening and Maria especially seemed to have enjoyed having a number of older guys paying so much attention to her (they were all well behaved – she didn’t get any of the kind of attention we’d been giving their father).

Unfortunately they were heading home the next day but we promised to try and see them one last time before they left (and I’m not sure Eduardo would have coped with many more sessions like the one we’d just given him – at the very least we’d interrupted his work!). The girls had been telling everyone about a walk they had done earlier in their holiday up one of the hills and everyone had agreed that it would be good to get some exercise and planned to do the walk the next day. We sat and discussed this in the evening and decided it would be sensible to get up early so we could be back before the day got too hot. This conflicted with something I had in mind (a midnight swim), but people thought they were sufficiently rested that we could at least go for a late swim and get back in time enough that we’d be able to get up early.

Having been to Pollensa a number of times before, we already knew which part of the beach was most suited to our (my) plan and later in the evening we wandered down to the other end of the town where the beach was much wider (so the sea was further away from the lights and there were fewer shops/restaurants and people). Everyone already knew I wanted a group skinny dip and nobody had argued against it (even Lis and Lucy joined in). We had a good frolic in the water and there was a fair amount of caressing. Some of us swam out a little way but Mike remained in the shallower water and at an opportune moment, he got Lis so sit on his lap and slide back and forth against him. She took hold of his cock and pushed it into her cunt, then pressed down against him until he was completely inside her – he asked if this meant he was now allowed to fuck her and she said that it would probably be safe, but she wanted to wait another day or so (which frustrated him quite a bit). He did get to play with her clit, but not for long enough to make her cum as other people weren’t too far from them.

I took Jen back on to the beach and told her I wanted to cum in the open. She was up for this (but I had been teasing her in the sea with this in mind) and we lay on a towel and started to 69. As the two of us having sex wasn’t really anything new to the group, nobody else bothered us and even though they weren’t too far away, it was sufficiently dark that I doubted they could see any details of what we were doing so I pulled away from Jen and told her that if she wanted to indulge her fetish, this was her chance. Jen is pretty much always up for this and I told her to just go for it and resumed licking and fingering her while she did the same to me. As I felt my orgasm building, I tried to hold back, but at the same time I wanted to get Jen to cum. Given what I had in mind, I ideally wanted us to cum together, but as it was a surprise (and I didn’t want anyone else to know exactly what we were doing) I couldn’t time my orgasm to hers that well. Having said that, I’ve done things with Jen enough to be able to read her quite well so I had a fair idea when she was getting close to cumming (and as she started to pee when she came, this was a fairly big tell).

The first squirt of Jen’s pee hit me in the neck and splashed over my face as I pulled away from her. I carried on fingering her and frigging her clit and even though I’d pulled back a bit, my face was still getting sprayed every now and then. I told Jen to lick me faster and make me cum, but she had pretty much finished before I got there. This was the surprise I had for Jen and as I started to cum, I humped my pussy back and forth over her face and peed as hard as I could. As far as either of us can remember, this was probably the most directly I’ve peed over her face and mouth, but Jen didn’t miss a beat (well, she actually did when I first started, but quickly resumed her licking) and as I came I continued to empty my bladder over her face and into her mouth. She lapped away at my pussy and didn’t stop until I lifted myself up off of her and told her I’d finished cumming. I turned around and lay on her so we could kiss and I asked if she had enjoyed it (she had). As we kissed, I was well aware that her face was covered with my pee (as was mine with hers), but she was so obviously happy that I just went with it and kissed her deeply as we slid our bodies together.

After a quick dip in the sea to clean off (and a quick fondle with some of the others) we headed back to the apartment and set about deciding who would sleep with who that night. As the evening had been fairly eventful, I fancied having a gentler night (and also wanted some time with our newest participants) so asked to be with Angela and Mary. I knew that this left the male-female ratio slightly skewed again but was sure they would work it out so we headed off to bed and left the rest of them. Jen decided to take Susan for the night (as none of the guys had cum in Susan for a while, it was Jen’s best chance to get her in an ‘unpolluted’ state. Not that Jen minds a little boy-cum in girls, but she tries to limit her consumption to be mostly Mike’s cum. To even up the ratio a little, Simon offered to take care of Richard (they had been playing together a bit in the sea and I think Simon wanted to finish things off) and the others then paired off: Peter with Abrahii, Mel with James, Mike and Ashraf with Abigail and Ethan with Jules.

Before we went to bed, I once again went to say goodnight to Lis and Lucy and I knelt in front of Lucy and kissed her through her panties, then pulled them down and buried my tongue in her pussy. I wasn’t going to leave without doing the same to Lis and as neither of them objected, I gave them both a decent licking before releasing them and heading back to Angela and Mary. Jen enjoyed her night with Susan and was given the full details of our time with Eduardo. Jen especially liked the part with Abrahii wearing Maria’s panties. Susan told Jen that she should have come along with us and that she could have at least let us play with her as an additional show for Eduardo but Jen said she had enjoyed Maria’s company. The next morning, Jen had her session with Susan and then went to wake up Lis and Lucy (under the excuse of making sure everyone was ready to set off at an early enough time). After ensuring the door was shut, Lucy allowed Jen to briefly go down on her – not enough to make her cum though as she really needed to pee (and I can’t imagine Lucy peeing directly over Jen’s face). While she was gone, Jen briefly played with Lis’ breasts, but then had to head back to her room to get ready.

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