Monday, 30 December 2013

Mike and Jen’s First Fuck

On the Monday morning following our reunion trip to York, Mike and Jen both went down on me before work, but refrained from cumming themselves. They went and showered together and Mike shaved Jen, then gave her the lick test for smoothness (but didn’t eat her properly). Once I had showered, we had breakfast and they announced that that night was to be the night that Mike would take Jen’s hetero cherry. We had discussed before exactly what might be involved in the evening, but hadn’t decided on whether they wanted to be left alone. I really wanted to be there to watch, but Mike and I had been alone when we first did things (and even the suggestion of someone watching at that point would have shocked me) and Mike left Jen and I alone when we first started dating. We decided that as I had got to watch them have their first proper play with each other, that I would give them the place to themselves that evening (but would join them in bed afterwards).

It was a little strange as they had obviously done so much together, but they decided to have a nice romantic evening together before moving in to the bedroom. Jen went home from Uni a little early and freshened up. She wore a cute powder blue dress that she know Mike (and many other guys) like, with matching underwear and over the knee socks and even had a matching ribbon to tie her hair back (Mike dressed nicely too with some dark trousers and a fresh shirt). He brought her flowers and they sat in the living room chatting and holding hands. There was a bit of kissing, but nothing too heavy and they said that there was an air of expectant nervousness.

Before things went any further, they had a nice candlelit dinner (but nothing heavy) and then returned to the living room with some wine where they kissed some more and gently caressed each other. Mike asked Jen if she thought it was time and she gave him a little nod so he led her in to the bedroom and they kissed standing beside the bed while Mike unbuttoned the back of Jen’s dress and let it slide down her body to the floor. Jen removed Mike’s shirt and Mike countered by unsnapping her bra and sliding it down her arms. They kissed some more and Jen undid Mike’s trousers, which he them removed (along with his socks). Jen took the initiative next and slipped her hands in to his shorts and pushed them down, freeing his cock. She then knelt and used her hand and mouth to caress him. Mike pulled Jen back up and lowered her backwards on to the bed, then half lay on her so he could kiss around her nipples while caressing her through her panties. He then kissed down to her crotch and nuzzled her pussy briefly before pulling her panties off and kissing around and then directly on her pussy.

I was surprised to find out that Mike didn’t eat Jen to an orgasm first before they moved on to actually having sex, but he said that she was already very wet and he wanted to be able to enjoy her as many times as possible so after a couple of minutes of gently lapping away at her pussy, he joined her on the bed and they moved in to the middle. They kissed a while longer, their bodies rubbing together and Jen ended up on top of Mike. She rubbed against his cock but said that she wanted him to take her for their first time so they rolled over and Mike continued rubbing his cock against the length of Jen’s pussy. They kissed deeply and Mike told her that he wanted her to know that he really loved her (no jokes this time about this being just because she was gay). Jen whispered back that she loved him too and spread her legs. Mike slowly pushed his cock in to her pussy and when he was all the way in Jen wrapped her legs around him and told him to stay still for a moment. They kissed a lot more and slowly began to rock back and forth against each other. Mike told Jen that she felt incredibly warm, wet and soft and that it felt wonderful inside her and Jen told him that she could feel him moving and loved the sensation.

Mike really wanted Jen to cum in their first session, but Jen had wanted it to be fairly gentle with lots of body to body contact, so neither of them could get to her clit to play with it. Mike wasn’t planning on giving up too easily though and despite really wanting to empty his cum deep in to Jen’s pussy, he held back and pumped in to her over and over. As Jen got more aroused, he pumped in to her harder, still lying on top of her and kissing her, but with their lower bodies now slapping together as they moved. Mike whispered to her that he wanted to see and feel her cum around him and Jen told him to just keep doing what he was doing, so he did. She mewed in to his mouth as they kissed and Mike occasionally put his head beside hers so she could mew more clearly (he thinks the sounds she makes are as cute and sexy as I do). Jen pulled him harder against her as she got close and told him to kiss her, then came with his cock pumping in to her pussy and his tongue entwined with hers.

Even through their kiss, Mike could tell from Jen’s mews that she was actually cumming and he pushed in to her with long strokes. He probably didn’t cum while she was still cumming, but he was fairly close behind her and after the first jet of cum squirted from his cock he stayed most of the way inside her and just pushed in a little more with each wave of his orgasm. Jen held him inside her with her legs and they panted in to each other’s mouths. Mike stayed inside Jen for quite a while, during which time they kissed a little, had tiny conversations and (apparently) looked lovingly in to each other’s eyes. They tried to describe their orgasms to each other and Jen said that it had felt slightly different than she had expected (in a good way). Mike told her that her pussy felt wonderful, but that she might now be significantly wetter than when they had started.

Mike was mostly soft by this point so he pulled out and they watched as his cum began to ooze out of Jen’s pussy. She used her panties to catch it as it dripped out of her while Mike caressed her legs. Jen asked why he had left her socks on and he just told her that he thought they looked cute, and to prove the point he started to kiss and caress her legs and thighs above her socks. He briefly kitty kissed her, but there was a bit too much of his cum present for his liking so he rolled Jen over on to her stomach and kissed around her ass cheeks and then up her back. As he kissed her shoulders, she rubbed her ass against his cock and then turned her head so they could kiss properly. Mike’s cock began to come back to life and once it was hard enough, he pushed it down between Jen’s legs and humped against the entrance to her pussy.

His cock slipped inside her quite easily due to their combined juices and with a few strokes he was buried all the way in. They fucked like this for a little while, finding out how each other moved and then they rolled over on to their side so Mike had an arm under Jen, which he used to reach up to caress her breasts. He reached around her with his other hand to get to her clit and he told her to use him to enjoy herself. As he kneaded her nipples and frigged her clit, Jen humped back and forth on his cock and he asked her if she wanted him to cum in her again (she did). He pushed back against her thrusts and she told him that it felt like he was really deep inside her. It was harder for them to kiss in this position, but neither of them wanted to stop or change position. Jen came first by quite a long way but she insisted that he keep moving in her until he came again and Mike didn’t object to this idea so he continued to pump in to her. As he didn’t have to reach around to play with her clit, he could lie closer to her and kiss her shoulders and neck again and as he came, he cupped both of her breasts and pulled himself against her.

They were still in bed when I arrived home and even though I assumed they had finished as I couldn’t hear any moans of passion, I waited until they invited me in before I ventured in to the bedroom. It was clear from the way that they were snuggled up together that things had gone well so I undressed and slipped in to bed with them to get the full description. Observant readers will have noticed that the comments between Mike and Jen during their session were much milder than usual and this was echoed in the language they used to describe things to me (the word ‘cunt’ wasn’t used once). They gave a very arousing description (which I hope we passed on well in to this entry) and even though we had agreed the previous day that I wouldn’t join in, they didn’t object to me playing with myself and my fingers were soon busy between my legs.

At this point, Mike and Jen told me that they had been waiting for my return to allow me to watch their final session of the evening (only watch though) so I moved to the side and resumed gently stroking myself while they kissed and rubbed against each other. Mike knelt between Jen’s legs and positioned his cock against her pussy. Jen held her lips apart and Mike slowly slid in to her, the head first and then a little further with each stroke. I really wanted to reach over and either play with their combined genitals or Jen’s breasts, but I stayed out of it and just watched as Mike lifted Jen’s legs up so her feet were either side of her head and started to move in and out of her with long strokes. This position always feels quite deep when we do it and I couldn’t resist dashing to the cupboard to retrieve a dildo, which I used in my pussy in time with Mike’s strokes in Jen. Mike used a thumb on Jen’s clit and she gently toyed with her breasts (gently for her anyway, there was definite pinching and rolling). Mike pumped in to Jen faster as she started to mew and I watched closely as his cock slid in and out of her (admittedly it wasn’t the best position for me to see what was happening). Unsurprisingly, Jen came first and Mike pushed in and out of her for a minute or so longer before he came (but it was his third cum of the evening so he was forgiven for taking a bit longer). I didn’t cum until after Mike, but I had been concentrating on watching more than doing things to myself.

We watched (Jen used a mirror) to see if any of Mike’s cum would ooze out of Jen’s pussy, but weren’t too surprised when nothing appeared. Jen’s pussy did look quite damp though and I was offered a sample to confirm that there was a definite new, salty component to the flavour. Once we were curled up beside each other again I admitted that there was another reason that I had taken a while to cum…

Although I hadn’t known exactly when they would be doing things, I had a rough idea and while sitting in the lab working, I had been imagining Mike and Jen fucking and eating each other (and me being involved of course). Before I left, there was only me and one other person in the lab (a PhD student called Andy). His desk was down the other end and even though he could see my top half (slightly shielded by some shelves), my bottom half was completely hidden from him. I had been sitting with a leg folded under me for a while and as I imagined what Mike and Jen were doing, I let a hand slide between my legs and gently play with myself. I hadn’t been intending on making myself cum, but I have very little willpower in this department and it wasn’t long before my ‘gentle playing’ turned in to two handed masturbation. I looked up a few times to check that Andy was still working at his desk and went for it. I pulled my skirt up, scooted forwards on my chair, spread my legs and doubled my efforts. I came with a couple of fingers buried in my pussy, one pressing against my ass and my other hand working on my clit. I had my pussy aimed straight at Andy and imagined he was watching me as I came, but I made it through my orgasm without him looking up.

I was going to just straighten myself up and continue working, but felt like being naughty for a while longer so I pulled out my pair of emergency panties from my bag and slipped them on. I wandered over to Andy’s desk and pulled up a chair to sit and chat with him – I once again sat with a leg folded under me (it’s quite comfortable) and discussed work while giving him a clear view up my skirt to my panties. It would have been more fun if I could have let him look at my naked pussy, but I don’t want people at work to know that I usually leave myself exposed, and this still felt quite nice. I did wish that I had adjusted my panties to at least let a little more of my pussy show, but I made do with things the way they were. By the time I returned to my desk I felt quite moist and I was very tempted to slip off my panties and give Andy a proper flash, but stuck to my decision to not mix work and pleasure (at least not too often).

(Back to me being at home with Mike and Jen). Over the next few days, Mike and Jen tried various other positions and I was finally allowed to join in, although only partially (they were still responsible for making each other cum, but they would also make me cum). They stuck to ‘standard’ sex (just fucking and eating, no watersports or bondage – those were reserved for later on). Even though Jen and I were both still on the pill, we practiced our cum-sharing – or at least Jen practiced emptying Mike’s cum from her pussy in to mine as he was still only fucking her. We had decided that the first people we wanted to allow to witness Mike and Jen fucking would be Lis and Lucy, but Abigail and Susan were coming to visit us that weekend so we agreed that we would pretend that Mike and Jen still weren’t doing anything yet. I was happy about this as it meant I was more likely to get his cock in me (although I knew that he would probably be fucking Abigail and Susan) – he did promise me that once they left, we would switch to ‘proper’ threesomes and start to enjoy ourselves properly though.

Friday, 27 December 2013

Reunion – Part 2

After we’d had dinner, we went out and had drinks and then on to a club (although I think I’m getting a bit past wanting to dance all night). Mike flirted with Anna (as he always used to – she is an adorable, bubbly, energetic, cute & tiny girl) but I think he pushed things a bit too far as at one point in the evening, she found me and said that he had made a pass at her and told her how sexy he thought she was. I didn’t entirely help the situation as I told her that she could do things with him if she wanted. She didn’t believe that I actually meant this and I ended up daring her to try and then added that the only stipulation was that I would want to join them or have her afterwards. Anna told me that she couldn’t believe I had said that and that was the end of our conversation, but then didn’t speak to Mike or me for a fair amount of time. It was only on the Sunday that I realised I had offended her so much as I was distracted by Jo – my first female crush (it was mostly Jo that Mike used in our fantasies when he was ‘training’ me to like the idea of being with another girl, so I have a fairly strong association between her and cumming). I told Jo quite a while ago that I used to fancy her and she took it quite well, although I hadn’t gone as far in what I’d told her as I had with Anna that evening. I sat chatting with Jo for quite a while and as time drew on I cuddled up against her and semi-dozed. She used to wear fuzzy jumpers a lot and I wished that she had one of them on (just because that’s what she was always wearing at the beginning of the fantasies) but as it was warm she just had a summer dress on, which was also nice as it meant I got to feel her skin on my face and shoulders.

Mike and Jen managed to get a little time alone with Vicky and Mike demonstrated sliding a hand up under Jen’s skirt to her pussy and fingering her. They explained in more detail what they had done and not done together so far and Vicky wanted to see Jen suck Mike, but there wasn’t anywhere private enough to demonstrate that. Jen really wanted access to Vicky’s breasts and Mike wanted access to her pussy (but she had panties on so he couldn’t even get a glimpse). As Oscar didn’t yet know about Vicky and us (let alone approve of sharing her), they had to behave themselves, but both think that if the opportunity had arisen that Vicky would have been game to play). The no touching rule didn’t quite extend to verbal flirting though and Mike and Jen took turns describing to Vicky how they would finger her together and then how Mike would fuck her while Jen kissed and sucked on her breasts and then how Jen would eat Mike’s cum out of Vicky until she came again. Vicky complained that they were just teasing her (which they clearly were) and they promised to think about her while fucking later on and she said that when she was alone with Oscar, she might imagine them helping out with things too.

I had all of this relayed to me on the way back to Emily’s place and once inside we quickly stripped off (just by the front door) and it took a while for us to get upstairs as whoever was the highest up was eaten or fondled by the others. We sometimes had a chain with me at the top, Jen eating me and Mike eating Jen, or Jen at the top, me eating her and Mike inside or eating me, or Mike at the top with me on his cock and Jen licking us both. When we made it to bed, we combined the various fantasies of the evening and had an imaginary orgy with my friends (I did particularly well as I had three imaginary guys as well as Mike fucking me, and of course I got to do things with Jo, Anna, Rosie, Cindy and Vicky). In reality, Mike ate both Jen and I, Jen and I 69ed and Jen sucked Mike off and swallowed his load. Mike spent a while kitty kissing Jen to get her nice and wet, but didn’t make her cum again – the idea was to encourage her to have interesting dreams and it seemed to work as she woke up in the middle of the night and started to play with me.

As it was still fairly dark, she suggested making use of the garden. Emily’s (now ex) garden wasn’t that sheltered, but we felt that we could probably get away with doing things so headed out. The air felt a little chilly and there was dew on the grass, but once we got started we didn’t notice the cold. Mike fucked me roughly from behind while I ate Jen and pushed his thumb in to my ass, so I did the same to her. He said that he actually got quite close to cumming so slowed his movements for a little while to allow him to regain his composure before pumping in to me again and making me cum. As I’d got Jen quite close to cumming, when they 69ed it didn’t take too long and Jen once again swallowed his cum (although she said he didn’t produce as much that time as he had in the bedroom).

We returned to bed and I was woken the next morning by Mike going down on me, but as my orgasm approached he switched to eating Jen and I had to wait until she had cum. He did at least make up for it by fucking me with Jen holding my legs in the air so he could get deep inside me. Jen helped to make me cum by frigging me and I was then treated to Mike laying his cock along the length of my pussy so the head was near my clit while Jen licked us both. Fortunately his cock shielded my clit as I’d just cum so it didn’t get too much stimulation, but it was more than enough to feel good. Mike came and due to the position we were in (I still had my ass raised with my legs either side of Jen), his cum squirted a fair way up my body.

After showering we headed out to meet people for brunch. Anna seemed to have gotten over us effectively asking to fuck her but we made sure we didn’t push things any more. We spent a fair amount of time just sitting in Museum Gardens chatting – I angled myself to let Vicky see up my skirt (although I imagine she would have easily guessed I didn’t have panties on) and after a little while she came over to chat to me and knelt down in such a way that I could see up her skirt. She then spread her legs just enough for me to see that unlike the previous day, she was now au-natural and I whispered to her that she should let Mike and Jen see (which she did). Later on I did something a little naughty and sat so that Oscar got a view up my skirt (pretending that I didn’t know he was looking of course). I made sure to sit in multiple positions as I chatted with people so he got a good look from multiple angles and was enjoying having his eyes on me.

In hindsight, it was obvious that it might be slightly suspicious that on a day his girlfriend goes commando another girl was doing the same thing, but I hadn’t thought that far ahead. Vicky had hinted to him that she had done things with girls in the past, but he didn’t know how much (and at that point he didn’t even know about Lis). Following the weekend he asked her specifically about what she had done and she told him (almost) everything (omitting the sex parties and a few other choice details, but he found out about Lis, Mike, Jen and me). When she told him that she had dated a girl, he initially thought that it had been Jen or me (which is why a conversation that she had intended being about Lis ended up including us). Later in the week, just after they’d had sex and were lying together in bed, he mentioned that if she ‘ever wanted to do things with a woman again…’ he might not mind too much if he could watch or join her. Jen explained to him that we were planning on getting pregnant so I wasn’t really available, but that she might be able to ‘convince’ us to let him watch her go down on me or Jen. She also added that Mike might want to do things with her if she was doing things with us (and Oscar wasn’t as keen on that idea), but they did fuck again while Vicky described in a lot more detail the things she had done with Lis while dating her.

People started leaving York mid-afternoon but our train wasn’t until after 7 (as it was cheaper). We headed back to Emily’s to get our things and decided to splurge on some pizza before we left. Admittedly, getting food wasn’t the only justification as I’d decided to take the ‘I don’t live here so can be more adventurous’ line a bit further and I put on a sheer baby doll nightdress to answer the door in (even though we hadn’t anticipated being able to have fun with my friends, I’d brought it along just in case Jo had wanted to sleep over). Jen joined me and just wore some very skimpy white underwear that showed her nipples fairly well and didn’t hide too much of her pussy. Mike and Jen had both said that even though I wasn’t meant to be doing things with other guys, I could have a special dispensation and (if the guy wanted), I could fuck him. As much as I liked the idea of a new cock inside me, I decided to stand firm to my original declaration of Mike’s cock being the only one allowed inside me. When we answered the door and invited the guy in he certainly seemed to like what he saw and I did my usual trick of bending over to get money out of my bag, which caused the back of the nightdress to ride up and expose my ass and pussy properly to him (not that they were well hidden when under the nightdress).

As we didn’t have too much time, Jen helped hurry things along and pointed out to me that I was exposing myself to the ‘poor guy’. He said that he didn’t mind so Jen ran her hand over my ass and dipped her fingers lower so they ran over my pussy. I pretended to swat her hand away, but only half-heartedly and said that he probably didn’t want to see her do that to me (but he said that he did). I stood and asked if he really wanted to watch and when he said again that he did I pulled off my nightdress, climbed on to the table and told Jen to play with me. She briefly fingered me and then went down on me – I may have hammed it up a little but I was genuinely enjoying what she was doing to me and I got her to pull her panties down and finger herself while she ate me so he could see us both being stimulated. I told him that he could get his cock out if he wanted and either play with himself or that I would take care of him once I’d cum – he opted for both and I watched as he stroked himself lazily. I didn’t have to wait too long for Jen to make me cum (as I’ve said, we knew that we didn’t have too much time so couldn’t delay things too much) and as soon as my orgasm ended I got Jen to sit up on the table and pulled her panties off so I could put them on (just as extra protection from accidental cum splashes on to my pussy). I applied a condom to his cock and took him in my mouth while Jen played with herself (she also removed her bra so she could be completely naked). I slurped and sucked his cock while fondling his balls and got him to tell me when he was getting close. When he said he was nearly there I said I wanted his cum on my tits, pulled off the condom and pressed my breasts around his cock. He quickly started pumping back and forth and in no time I felt the warm, damp feeling of his cum as it squirted up over my chest and neck and then ran back down between my breasts. (I find it ironic that cum acts quite well as a lubricant, just at the point most guys don’t want any more stimulation.)

I rubbed his cum in to my breasts and then stroked his softening cock with my hands while we watched Jen finish playing with herself (after she came I gave her pussy a few long licks, keeping my hands well away from her) and we then paid him and showed him to the door still naked (us, not him). As soon as the guy was out the door, Mike came down and once I had cleaned myself up, Jen and I described what had happened while we ate the pizza. Mike was surprised that I hadn’t let the guy fuck me and I told them that I had been really tempted to just eat Jen on the table and let the guy fuck me while I did this, but I had made up my mind and I had stuck to it (just).

Despite the extra-curricular activity we still made it to the station in plenty of time and the added bonus of getting the last train was that it was fairly quiet. This meant that we could have some fun on the journey and I convinced Jen to join me in displaying ourselves to a guy who was sitting reading. We did this in what has become our usual way – we pretended we’d just gotten on the train at a stop and sat opposite him, then adjusted our position so we were sitting with our legs crossed with our feet on the chair so he could see up our skirts. Jen and I pretended to read and occasionally chatted to each other, which gave me the perfect opportunity to shift my position slightly from time to time, allowing my skirt to ride higher up my thighs each time I did so. I then started gently stroking my leg and worked my fingers up towards my pussy until I was stroking up and down the lips. I could see that the guy was hiding a bulge in his trousers and after I’d fingered myself for a couple of minutes (not very deeply, but enough for it to be clear that I wasn’t just stroking my skin) I apologised to the guy and asked him if he wanted me to stop.

He pretended he didn’t know what I was talking about at first, but I nodded down towards my pussy and pushed my fingers in to myself a little deeper. I told him that if he was offended I would stop, but that I was feeling horny and didn’t mind if he saw me cum. Jen slid a hand along my thigh and pushed my skirt up, then proceeded to play with my clit – I hadn’t been expecting her to act so quickly, but as the guy still hadn’t asked us to stop I guessed he was okay with watching and I unfolded my legs so I could spread them wider. Jen didn’t mess around and played with my clit quite intensely so I reached a hand under and around to push a couple of fingers in to my pussy without blocking the guy’s view. If my dress had been suitably compliant I would have probably got my breasts out as well (although it’s harder for me to cover up quickly if I do that), but I had to be content with him just watching my cunt as I fingered it and Jen frigged it. It was probably better this way (in addition to being less risky) as most guys seem to pay more attention to my breasts when they are exposed and I prefer people watching my pussy, especially as I cum. And I did cum for him – I felt my pussy spasm and I looked straight at him as it happened, then licked my lips and asked if he wanted me to repay him for watching me.

He asked me what I wanted to do and I got him to switch places with Jen so that she could look out behind me while I kept lookout in the other direction. I reached over and caressed his crotch, feeling the outline of his cock through his trousers and then quickly unzipped them and slipped my hand inside. Jen decided that she didn’t want to be left out so she lifted one leg up on to the seat and started to play with herself. I pulled the guy’s cock free and continued to stroke him, having just a little break to kneel and lick Jen. It only took a couple of minutes before the guy said that he was going to cum and I was a little mean as I just continued to stroke him until he came, squirting his cum up and over the front of his top. My hand was covered with his cum and I carried on gently stroking him, covering his cock with his own lube. I wiped my hand on the seat and told him that we had to go but thanked him again for the fun. He realised how much of a mess I’d made, but couldn’t really complain about it and Jen and I wandered back to find Mike.

I went to wash my hands and returned to find Jen sitting beside Mike with one of his hands between her legs. I told them that the next carriage along was almost empty and we waited until after the next stop to go and find somewhere suitable for Mike and Jen to enjoy themselves. A few more people had disembarked and we got a place just a couple of seats from the door. Mike knelt and pushed Jen’s skirt up and quickly started to eat her, but to be fair he did turn around and push his face between my legs so that he could give me a few licks as well. It was Jen that he was concentrating on though and he lapped away at her pussy until she came (quietly) and then kitty kissed her briefly. Mike sat on the chair opposite her (beside me) and told her to come and sit on his lap. She did this and between them they undid his jeans and pulled is cock free. Jen stroked him and rubbed her pussy against him and I suggested that she face away from him so I could lick them both. As nice as it would have been to make them both cum like this, the position we were in meant that there was nobody looking in one direction so I only had a few laps before I moved up on to the chair opposite them to keep a lookout. Mike rubbed his cock back and forth against Jen’s pussy and told her that he could just slide in to her and they could have their first fuck on the train, but Jen knew that he was very unlikely to do this.

Jen helped to stroke him and when it was time for Mike to cum, Jen knelt on the floor in front of him and pulled her dress up to her neck. Mike stroked his cock and aimed at her breasts – he only gave her a few small squirts, but she sucked his cock clean anyway and then rubbed his cum over her front before letting her dress fall down to cover (and partially stick to) her body.

I got to spoon with Mike that night and Jen licked us both – I was the only one who came as they were saving themselves for the following day. While cumming feels nice, it isn’t as much fun when you’re the only one and can’t reciprocate and I told them that they had better hurry up and get used to fucking each other so that we could get on with doing things together properly. Jen teased me and asked if I just wanted to see her virgin pussy be spoiled by a dirty man and as she kissed me she said that I would probably never look at her the same way again. I curled a finger into her pussy and assured her that even though I would be sharing it with Mike, her pussy would always belong to me.

Tuesday, 24 December 2013

Reunion – Part 1

We're having a bit of a different Christmas this year as Mum is going away with her boyfriend. We could have spent the time at Jen's parents' place but then Sue would have had nowhere to go so she is visiting us and we're heading down to Jen's parents for New Year. We have some festive outfits so our time can be appropriately themed, but if I'm still writing you'll find out about that in due course. I hope you all have a good Christmas and if anyone has any requests, I'm prepared to write a story based around you and your fetish (if any), including any of my friends or family. I'm not promising anything too amazing as the last time I tried to write a fantasy (not based on a dream) it sort of went a bit wonky, but I'm prepared to try as a Christmas present...


In the middle of July we headed down to York for a reunion with my Uni friends. Most of us have gone elsewhere so it is rare that we get to see each other and I’d really been looking forward to it. We had hoped to also meet up with some of the people from the sex parties, but the undergrads had already left for the summer and most of the postgrads are guys so were now out of bounds to me. On the positive side, we did get to stay at Emily’s place as her lease lasted until the end of August – but on the negative side, neither Emily nor Sara were present as they were off on holiday.

We didn’t arrive until late on the Friday so didn’t get to see anyone that evening, but once we had dumped our things off, we went for a wander around York and for a drink. It brought back a lot of memories (not that we don’t visit York, but this was a rare time when we had nowhere to be and could enjoy it properly). We stopped off at a few places that we had used for our enjoyment in the past and recalled some of the things we’d gotten up to. We ended up at a little pub beside the river which I always loved for two reasons – one, the beer is really cheap (but good) and two, I can sit on the edge of the river exposing my pussy to the other bank, which is close enough to see people looking in my direction, but not so close that they will obviously realise how much I’m showing them. It had been a really warm day and Jen and I still had our light summer dresses on (in Jen’s case the only other item of clothing she had on was her shoes, whereas I also had a bra on). I sat with my legs spread fairly wide, resting my drink on one knee and decided that as I no longer lived there, I was prepared to be a bit bolder and when the people on the bench behind us left I sat up on the bench so I could display myself a bit more openly.

Of course I didn’t want to get arrested so I positioned myself in such a way that I was exposing my pussy to the other people sitting on the ground at the edge of the river, but could pretend that I didn’t know they could see up my skirt. I saw that one guy had noticed the view and he was discreetly trying to get a better look so between chatting to Mike and Jen I adjusted my position and sat with a leg folded under the other one, so they were spread almost in his direction. Seeing as he seemed to be enjoying the view (and so wasn’t likely to report me for indecency) I gave in to temptation and let a hand fall to my lap, then gently stroked my thigh. I let my fingers wander under my skirt and slowly moved them towards my pussy and when they finally got there I gently stroked up and down one side of the lips and then pulled my lips apart. I glanced in the direction of the guy who was watching me and gave him a wink but mouthed to him to be quiet and not say anything. For the duration of the time I sat there, I gradually adjusted my position so my skirt rode higher (to the point that I thought I might have gone a little too far as my pussy was only just covered when looking down from above), but this made it easier to touch myself and I even managed to get a finger slightly inside without it being too obvious to anyone else (I think).

The guy tried to talk to me when Mike and Jen went to the bathroom but I told him that Jen was my girlfriend and she didn’t appreciate me flirting with guys. It was reasonably dark by this point (at least where we were) so I reached over to the guy’s crotch and said that it was a pity as it felt he had a nice cock (which was obviously hard). To be fair, I pulled his hand between my legs and let him have a quick fondle of my pussy – I think that a few people might have seen us touch each other, but I didn’t care and I pulled his hand closer so he could get a couple of fingers right inside me. When Jen came back I told him to sit back down by the river again. His friends weren’t as discreet as he was and I had to explain to Jen that she needed to pretend to be jealous so we ended up leaving.

I really wanted to cum by this point and we debated using one of our old haunts, but there were too many people around in town. We had almost given up and were wandering back to Emily’s place when we decided to use the place by the Foss (where Sue and I had been made to play with each other). It was off a quiet courtyard and not well lit so we felt that it was ideal. As soon as we arrived I pulled my dress off and tossed it aside, then thought I may as well go the whole way and removed my bra too. I didn’t intend to let Jen off lightly so pulled her dress off and pushed her up against the wall. She loves me being this forceful with her and I kissed her, bit her nipples and rubbed her pussy hard. Mike reminded me that I wasn’t meant to make her cum and I assured him I was just getting her warmed up for him. It was soon my turn to have things done to me and I took Jen’s place against the wall. Mike went down on me first and then Jen had a go.

As we were all a little tipsy (not actually drunk) and horny, they decided to give me a treat and Mike moved around between me and the wall and pushed in to my pussy from behind. I had to lean forwards a little so he could get a decent way inside me, which made it a bit more difficult for Jen to lick my clit, but we worked out a compromise position (that fortunately didn’t feel like much of a compromise). Jen pulled away for a minute to tie her hair back and when she returned to my pussy she pointed out that I hadn’t been to the bathroom and asked if I needed to pee. I said that I was okay but she said that it would probably be a good idea, just so I didn’t get caught short on the way back to Emily’s place and I realised that I was just being stupid and hadn’t realised what she was asking me to do. Although I was getting close, I wasn’t so far gone to not care and I asked if she was sure as we had to walk the rest of the way back, but Jen said that it was fine so I told her if it was what she wanted, I would oblige. Mike removed his trousers and I kicked my shoes off (as I quite liked them and didn’t want to get them wet) and once we were back in position, I let Mike and Jen push me right to the edge before I gave Jen a final warning and said I was going to cum. Mike pumped in to me hard and reached around to apply pressure to my bladder – I held on until the first wave of my orgasm pulsed through my pussy and then pushed, feeling my pee flood out, over Jen’s face and down my legs. With each wave of my orgasm I pushed again and as it trailed off I emptied the rest of my bladder. Jen didn’t stop licking me and when I finally stood up, her face and body were soaked and she was sitting in a puddle of my making.

Mike’s balls and legs were also a bit wet but almost as soon as I pulled myself off of Mike’s cock, Jen took him in her mouth and sucked him clean. He wanted to make her cum first, but she insisted and I suggested that as she was rather wet already, Mike should just cum over her. He was quite happy to do this so Jen sucked him until he was about to cum and then sat back a little so he could finish himself off and cum over her face and chest (and a bit in her hair). It was now definitely time for Jen to cum and I got to have the first lick of her and then deferred to Mike. Jen pulled on her nips as he ate her and rubbed his cum over them but I dared her to leave the bits on her face alone. She muffled her mews as she got closer to cumming, but it was fairly obvious to see that she was nearly there and Mike asked her if she thought she had anything left in her. Jen said that she could probably manage a little bit and Mike told her to feel free, so when she came she let out a few small squirts of pee. This was the first time Mike had had this happen while he’d been eating someone, but he didn’t break contact and hungrily ate Jen until she said she couldn’t take any more.

We were now all naked and various parts of our bodies were damp, but this was easily taken care of by Mike and I using Jen’s dress to dry off our legs (and face in his case). As the dress was going back on to Jen’s body, there didn’t seem much point in drying her off so we helped to pull it over her head without disturbing the bits of Mike’s cum on her face (too much). Her body had dried a little, but was still wet in places and dark patches showed up where her dress stuck to her skin quite nicely. Mike had an idea an used a finger to run Jen through her dress, pushing the material in to her pussy. I got him to do the same to be, but her dress was lighter than mine and her dress stuck in her pussy a little more. Once we started walking, it fell out again, but there was now another damp patch on the front. On the way back to Emily’s place, Jen said that she felt very dirty being outside covered in secretions, and that she loved it. Mike convinced her (it didn’t take much) to squeeze out a little more pee as we walked and he rubbed the front of her skirt against her crotch as she did this so the damp patch from her pussy juice became much larger and darker. Jen loved feeling the liquid run down her legs (I guess in the same way I love feeling cum drip out of me and down my legs as I walk).

We had a quick shower when we got in before going to bed (it would have been rather unkind to use Emily’s bed in the state we were in). Once in bed, Mike went down on Jen’s freshly washed pussy and Jen did the same to me. Once us girls had cum, Mike spooned with Jen – not inside her, just with his cock between her legs, trying to rub against her pussy. I didn’t want to waste the opportunity so I got Jen to lift her upper leg and licked them both for a while – not enough to make them cum, but enough that I felt I’d given them some pleasure.

On the Saturday morning we repeated what we’d done the previous evening (Mike eating Jen, her eating me) and then went for breakfast. As all of Emily’s housemates had left at the end of term we just went out for breakfast and ate it in a park before heading off to meet up with some of the people who had arrived the previous evening. Not everyone had been able to make it, but we had a decent number of people and a few more arrived as the day progressed. Vicky was present and brought along her new boyfriend Oscar who she’d been with for a few months. It was the first time we’d met him and he seemed quite nice but as Jen reminded me, he was the reason that we hadn’t been able to have any fun with Vicky since they met (and anything that keeps Jen from large breasts is bad in her book). Unfortunately Lis (and Lucy) wasn’t there as she had a conference to attend, but it was nice to see the others again and we spent the day chatting and wandering around. Vicky was informed of the progression of Jen and Mike’s relationship and even though she couldn’t participate, she asked if she would be allowed to see (providing they got a chance).

Saturday, 21 December 2013

Mike and Jen’s First Time(s) – Part 3

For this we went out into the garden and I was told to lie on my back so Jen could 69 with me. I was told that I wasn’t allowed to make Jen cum, but could help out at least for a while. For his part, Mike knelt behind Jen and rimmed her ass (as well as spearing her a number of times). From what I could feel Jen doing to my pussy I assumed that she was enjoying herself quite a lot but I made sure to tell Mike when I felt her starting to mew in to my cunt. Jen was told to lift her ass up slightly and Mike carried on lapping away at her ass. I spread her lips and watched as her pussy contracted and her juices gathered. It’s not like she produced torrents of pussy juice, but from time to time enough milky substance gathered and dripped out on to my face or neck. I cheated a bit and blew a stream of air at her clit, but didn’t keep this up for long as I was distracted by an approaching orgasm. I came and Jen switched to kitty kissing me, which allowed me an easy way to tell how effective Mike’s ass-work was. Jen’s kisses became more insistent and I could feel her body shaking slightly (as well as feel her mewing on my pussy). Mike speared her ass a few times and swirled his tongue around it until she finally came and I watched her pussy closely enough to see her contracting (and I felt a few more drops of her juices fall on my face). Jen rolled off of me on to her back and Mike buried his face in her pussy to eat out her accumulated moisture and then got Jen to describe how the orgasm had felt.

I watched as Mike rubbed his cock against Jen’s thigh and she asked if he was ready to cum yet. She reached a hand down to caress him and I watched as she stroked him and then asked him to rub his cock against her breasts. As Jen’s breasts are fairly small (but perfect), she doesn’t have the bulk to actually tit-fuck, but she enjoyed it before when Mike has rubbed his cock against her nipples. This time though she could actually take more control as now she was now ‘allowed’ to touch his cock. Mike rubbed back and forth between her breasts and then Jen took hold of his cock and rubbed it back and forth over her nips. She got Mike to move up a little so she could suck him, but soon found out that this isn’t a good position. Mike moved back down Jen’s body and used his cock to slap her nipples (she enjoyed this) and I suggested that as he and I had worked together on Jen, that maybe Jen and I could work on him. Mike liked this idea and after a short break for a drink (non-alcoholic, we just needed some liquid as it was still quite warm) we returned to the bedroom.

We decided between the possible positions and settled on Jen and I both sucking Mike off (we knew that we’d work our way through the other positions in due course anyway so it didn’t matter too much which position we used first). We started off with Mike sitting on the bed and Jen and I kneeling on the floor. It was nice being able to kiss her around Mike’s cock and we each used a hand to caress the other person’s breasts as we licked and sucked him. Mike certainly enjoyed what we were doing but said that he could think of a way to make it even better… For this, he lay on the bed and Jen and I lay beside him, but the other way around so we could get to his cock while he played with our pussies. He fingered us both as we sucked him, but it wasn’t quite as good a position for us to suck him – in a way this didn’t matter too much as I was fairly sure we’d be able to make him cum and the awkward position meant that we drooled a bit more saliva on to his cock and balls as we kissed him, but after he’d had a play with us, we went back to the original position to finish things off. I helped out until he was quite close and then I moved around behind Jen so I could caress her breasts and reach down to play with her clit.

She said that she wanted him to cum in her mouth, but this time she wouldn’t swallow so his cum would drip out of her mouth and down her body (for effect). Mike was fine with this as he didn’t mind if his cum was in or on her and as Jen sucked him I whispered some tips in her ear. I got her to stroke the shaft of his cock while holding the glans in her mouth and swirling her tongue around it (I learned this from Sue). I know that Mike really enjoys this and Jen’s slightly longer tongue seemed to work just as well on him. He warned her that he was about to cum and she gave him a nod to go ahead, which he did. Jen carried on sucking him (but I told her to be gentle) and I felt Mike’s cum start to drip on to my hands as it oozed out of her mouth around his cock. I moved round to watch properly and as Mike pulled out of Jen’s mouth, she opened her mouth and let the rest of his cum run out over her chin and on to her body.

Jen got me to join her on the floor again and we both licked up and down the length of Mike’s cock. We experimented to see how close we could get to the head before he said it felt too intense and we managed to keep him hard for quite a while (by which point all traces of his cum had been licked clean from his cock and Jen’s face – although her body still had some on it). When we broke for air I asked her what had made her think of doing that to Mike and she said that it was something she had secretly discussed with Sue a good few months ago. She explained that it seemed like the closest thing that we could do to kitty kissing him and when she came up with the idea she had really hoped that it wasn’t something I would think of first (or Mike would ask for). I think that Mike was quite surprised that Jen had been thinking of things that he might enjoy so far back and acted as proof that she did actually want to do things with him. I was quite surprised that she had come up with a new way (for us anyway) to give pleasure to Mike on her second day of doing things with him. Okay, so Sue helped out a little, but I’ve been making him cum for years and hadn’t thought of that, (although in my defence, he has always told me that his cock is usually too sensitive to do anything with just after he’s cum).

When it was time for bed, Jen and I lay beside each other so we could kiss (slightly awkwardly, but nonetheless kiss) while Mike moved between our cunts. As he was switching between us, we would get close to cumming and then have to wait for more while the other person was licked, so we both ended up pretty turned on. We spent a good while doing this and neither of us were allowed to cum – Mike also sat between our legs and fingered us both simultaneously with two fingers in our pussies and a thumb on our clit while describing how we felt different (Jen felt much wetter, but tighter than me). I wasn’t too surprised when Mike said that I would get to cum first and he continued switching between us a couple more times, but spent longer eating me until I told him I was almost there, at which point he pushed a couple of fingers in to me and lapped at my clit until I came. I was given a brief kitty kiss before me moved back to Jen’s pussy and I rolled over on to my side so I could kiss her properly and caress her breasts.

Mike continued to gently lick Jen, but still didn’t let her cum. She was mewing away, her body was covered in a light sheen of sweat and the look of desire on her face was incredibly sexy. I whispered to her that I loved her, but that she now belonged to both of us (Mike and me) and that we would continue to make her cum forever. At that point though, Jen just wanted to cum once – she is quite used to me teasing her, but this was the first time that Mike had spent so long on her without her cumming. He told me that it felt like Jen was getting even wetter and she said that she didn’t care how wet she was, she just wanted to cum. Mike told her to hang on and he gripped her thighs before fastening his face to her cunt. I told Jen that it looked like it was time and used a hand to tease her nipples as we kissed. I could feel her mewing in to my mouth and didn’t want to stifle the sounds so I kissed down to her neck and licked around the area. Jen had a hand on the breast I wasn’t fondling and her other hand was gripping the bedcovers so I told Mike to finish her off. He lapped away at her lips and clit and pushed his tongue inside her until she let out a series of ‘fucks’. Mike carried on eating her until she was gasping and then slowly migrated from eating her to kitty kissing her (gradually easing off the pressure and concentrating less on her clit). He kept his mouth attached to her pussy for probably another five minutes, during which Jen let out a few more moans and pants but by the time he finished, she was breathing normally and was no longer flushed.

Jen’s orgasm had apparently been as strong as it had looked and Mike told her that he would eat her like that whenever she wanted (so I piped up that I expected to be able to get the same treatment). As a reply, I was flipped over on to my stomach and Mike pushed in to me from behind and started to fuck me. He certainly felt quite hard and I had expected him to want to cum again after what he’d done to us, but he slowed his movements and we rolled over on to our sides so we could just spoon. Mike promised me that he would eat, finger and fuck me just as much as I wanted (or as much as he could manage), but said that between Jen and him, they should be able to manage to keep me satisfied (and if not we always had people from York or Jen’s Uni to call on). Jen asked who I wanted to have on call to make me cum when she and Mike ran out of energy and I started with the obvious (Lis and Lucy) and then added in other names from the two groups of people. Jen described how they could all take turns fucking or eating me, filling me with their cum and covering me with their juices and as she described all this she reached down to play with my clit. Mike told her that he hadn’t been intending on making me cum again, but Jen convinced him that they should continue so he fucked me and she frigged me until I came again while thinking about a whole group of people. I would have preferred it if Mike had actually fucked me properly (and cum in me) but I had assumed he would save his cum for Jen and it didn’t make any difference to my actual orgasm so it didn’t bother me too much.

The good thing about him not having cum (and him still being turned on) was that he could spoon and gently move in me for quite a while as I went to sleep (I’m pretty sure I was asleep before he went soft) and I knew that once he and Jen actually had sex that he would be spooning her to sleep for a little while so I enjoyed it while I could.

On Friday morning we decided that we would have a group play before work and Mike lay on the bed and let me use his cock to fuck myself while he ate Jen. Jen leant forwards (away from me) quite a bit so I could see his tongue working on her pussy and I played with my clit to help things along, then used a vibe on it to help finish myself off (we didn’t have a huge amount of time to play). I showered with Jen and we shaved each other as we were heading down to York that evening for a reunion with my Uni friends. We weren’t expecting that any of them were likely to get to appreciate how we had prepared, but at least we would know (and it felt nicer to be smooth). Just before we went out, Mike got to 69 with Jen and after he made her cum, he got her to sit on the edge of the bed with her dress pulled up so he could cum over her pussy and thighs. She rubbed his cum in and she and I then set off to Uni while Mike left for work.

As it was a nice day, we decided to walk and this gave us the opportunity to talk more openly than we could on the bus. I checked that Jen was indeed enjoying herself as much as it appeared and that she was still fine with doing things with Mike, but I didn’t have anything to worry about as she said she was glad that they were finally doing things and even though he was a guy, it didn’t bother her. We discussed what we could get up to with my friends if they weren’t such prudes (we discounted Lis and Vicky from the ‘prudes’ group) and by the time we arrived, we had worked each other up in to a nice state. Jen had a seminar that morning and at lunch I found out that she had sat with one leg folded under her so she could rest a hand between her legs and gently play with herself. As the group was small, she didn’t think she could safely make herself cum without someone noticing, but she had certainly gotten herself quite wet (as I found out when I slipped a hand under her skirt). We briefly considered me playing with her outside, but once again we didn’t think we could do this safely so we just flirted with each other between chatting to the rest of the group.

Wednesday, 18 December 2013

Mike and Jen’s First Time(s) – Part 2

I'm working from home today (and I have actually been working), but Jen pleaded with me to take a break and pay her some attention so we thought we'd post the next chapter while we remember. I'm lying on the bed with Jen's head under my pussy eating me as I type this (and then paste the entry) and as soon as I press publish, I'm going to eat Jen until she cums at least twice. I can feel her tongue snaking in to my pussy and swirling around inside me so that's the end of the intro, back to the good stuff...
Jen’s orgasm had been fairly strong but Mike kitty kissed her until she caught her breath and he then crawled back up on top of her and let her taste her juices from his mouth. Jen could feel Mike’s cock pressing against her pussy and said that it felt like he wanted inside her straight away (which he did), but he said that he would wait so they could do things as they had discussed (taking things slowly and enjoying learning about each other). They called me over to join them on the bed and I got Jen to describe what it had felt like. She started off by saying that it had felt ‘fine’ and ‘okay’ but was just teasing and told Mike that he was actually quite good at cunnilingus and she would probably let him do it to her again. Mike’s reply to that was that her was going to eat her pussy so much over the coming days that she would feel like she was constantly cumming. Usually someone would think this was exaggeration, but Jen knows just how much Mike likes eating pussy and just how many times he’s made me cum in a row so she said she would do her best to take what he gave her, but might need an occasional break.

Mike complimented Jen on her hand-job technique and then on her blow-job. Jen had enjoyed the sensation of him cumming directly in her mouth but said that he tasted a bit saltier without my juices mixed in to his cum (she’s tasted him before, but probably not in quite such a quantity). I really wanted to play with one (or both) of them, but we had agreed that until they had finished exploring and gone all the way, that I wouldn’t make either of them cum. That didn’t mean that they weren’t allowed to make me cum though and I pointed out how frustrating it was watching them caress each other. Mike suggested they take a break to satisfy me and I lay back with my legs spread to let them do whatever they wanted. They each took a turn eating me while the other played with my breasts and Jen then sat over my face while Mike fucked me. I watched as Jen sucked his cock clean of my juices and they then double teamed me to lick both of my holes until I came.

I had a pretty good orgasm so thought I should give them some privacy to play and left them while I went and prepared for work. All they did was 69 (Jen on top) but Mike told her that he didn’t want to cum again so that he would be able to give her a bigger load in the morning before she went to Uni. That night, Mike spooned me while I fell asleep but as he wasn’t intending to cum, I wasn’t allowed to cum again either. This was a little frustrating, but he wasn’t really teasing me, just resting with his cock inside me. The following morning, Mike ate Jen awake and I got up to shower while they played. Due to time constraints in the morning, we usually only have one session, so someone is always left out – up until this point it had always been Mike or Jen though as I would get to play with one of them – I remember really hoping that once they were used to doing things with each other that our morning sessions could become threesomes (which would have the added benefit that nobody would be left out).

I may have made use of the pulse setting on the shower as I washed myself but even with the additional time I spent, Mike was still lapping away at Jen’s pussy (for her second orgasm) when I returned to the bedroom. While I got dressed I watched her cum and they then showered together – Mike was still hard when they returned, but that was by design (as opposed to him just showering with Jen) as Jen then sat on the bed and sucked Mike off. This time, she didn’t want him to cum in her mouth though and when he said he was getting close, she got him to stand back a little and she stroked his cock. He got her to adjust her grip a couple of times, but what she was doing obviously worked as Mike came over the front of her body (a little on her face, but mostly on her breasts, stomach and legs). Jen rubbed his cum over her body, paying special attention to her breasts and pussy and then slipped on one of her summer dresses with nothing else underneath. Mike loved the idea of her just wearing his cum as her underwear (but he likes it when I do this too) and it didn’t help matters that Jen and I teased him quite a bit as we ate breakfast – so he was still at least partially hard when we left the house.

I didn’t tease Jen as much on the way to work as I’d done the previous day, but I did get her to bend over to give a few guys a flash of her ass and pussy and we then sat in a coffee shop chatting for a little while and made sure that we ‘let’ some of the other patrons look up our skirts (I wasn’t skiving, I had a meeting to attend at 9.30 so there wasn’t any point in going in to the lab first). We ate lunch together with some of Jen’s fellow students and I made sure to give Darren a proper look up my skirt. (Darren is the one who joined Jen, Mike and I with his girlfriend as he wanted to see her with another girl). The more I let him look up my skirt, the hornier I felt and I ended up asking Jen if she thought it would be acceptable to ask him to play with me (privately of course, although the idea of having him make me cum on the grassy bank with the whole Uni watching was also very appealing).

Technically we had decided that we (or I) wouldn’t play with any other guys now that we were in the run up to trying to get pregnant, but as I was still on the pill and Mike would be playing with Jen for a while, she agreed that as far as that went, it should be fine (and I would have got him to use a condom anyway). The only issue was his girlfriend Joni – now as I’ve fucked Darren before and Jen, Mike and I have all made Joni cum you could argue that she probably wouldn’t mind her boyfriend doing things to me again (and I did try to argue that to myself) but we do try to not do things with people that we know are in relationships unless their other half knows (and approves). It was probably due in part to the fact that I was outside with a group of people and letting someone see me that was getting me so horny, but I ended up whispering to Darren that if he checked with Joni first, (and if he wanted to), we could find somewhere suitable and he could fuck me. Unfortunately he said that while Joni had quite enjoyed the session we’d had, she had felt pretty jealous about him fucking me (and a little ashamed about Mike, Jen and I fucking her), so there wasn’t any chance of either a repeat session or him being allowed to play with me by himself.

I managed to sit so I was facing him with my legs spread and ankles crossed in front of me and I carefully slid a hand down my thigh to my pussy and let him see as I toyed with myself. As the rest of Jen’s friends were just behind me I couldn’t actually play with myself, but it still felt really nice (and caused Darren to have to shift his position to hide his erection). I had to make use of my usual spot in the cupboard when I returned to work (unfortunately Jen had something scheduled so I couldn’t enlist her to help quench my libido, but it’s not as if I’m unfamiliar with taking care of myself. My display outside had made me feel particularly horny and my pussy certainly felt quite wet – I was very tempted to strip off at least partially, but while ‘my spot’ is shielded from direct view of the door, I wouldn’t have had time to get dressed if someone else had come in. I ended up standing against the wall with my skirt pulled up as I played with myself and by the time I came, my nips were easily visible through my bra and top so I had to wait a little while I calmed down.

Jen finished before me that day and went home early. When I arrived home, she was sitting on the sofa with Mike’s face buried between her legs, slowly eating towards her second orgasm of the session. I once again felt a little jealous, but checked it by reminding myself that this was what I had wanted (and it really is what I want). I pulled up a chair and watched as Jen toyed with her nipples (Mike didn’t ask her to leave them alone this time) and Mike busied his tongue around and in her pussy. She told him she was getting close and I saw Mike nod, but he didn’t take his mouth from her pussy. I couldn’t stand just watching any longer and grabbed my emergency vibe from my bag, then slid it in to my pussy. Jen had her head back on the sofa, looking up at the ceiling and was obviously enjoying herself – I wanted to ask her if she still thought it had been a good idea to wait so long to let Mike do things with her, but decided not to interrupt them and just gently fucked myself with the vibe. It was actually quite nice to be able to watch Jen cum like this as I could study her movements and reactions as her orgasm grew closer. I saw her pawing at her breasts with more force (enough to leave red finger marks) and could see Mike gripping her thighs tightly so that his mouth didn’t lose purchase on her cunt. Jen came fairly quietly but the look of ecstasy on her face was unmistakable and I sped up the motions I was making with the vibe.

Mike briefly pulled away from Jen to tell me not to make myself cum and then kitty kissed her for a little while until her breathing was back to normal. Mike sat on the sofa and Jen climbed on to his lap so her pussy was pressed against his cock and they kissed then called me over to join them. I quickly slipped out of my clothes and gave them both a kiss before sitting down, but almost as soon as I’d sat down, Jen climbed off of Mike and told me to sit there. I went to mount him in the same position Jen had been in but was told to sit facing away from him – I had a good idea of what was about to happen (or at least what I hoped was about to happen) and once I had impaled myself on Mike’s cock my hopes were confirmed as Jen pushed her tongue against my pussy and started to lick us both. I told them that I wasn’t complaining, but I thought we had agreed that they would concentrate on each other and was told that they would, this was just a little break to ensure I didn’t feel left out (this is why I love them both so much). Mike helped to guide me up and down on his cock while Jen licked us both and sucked on my clit – she commented that Mike’s cock tasted nicer when it was covered in my juices and he retorted by saying that I would probably say the same thing when it was coated in Jen’s juices. Mike reached around me to caress my breasts and he kissed my back as we fucked. We kept the movements quite slow and steady, but there was no danger of me not cumming due to the multiple methods of stimulation my body was receiving. I had what felt like quite a deep orgasm and Mike continued to slowly fuck me while Jen kitty kissed me – this felt much better than I had expected and almost felt like a continuous (very) low level orgasm until they stopped.

When I dismounted, Jen sucked Mike’s cock and he then got her to stand while he knelt and lapped at her briefly before we went to get some dinner. Mike and Jen carried on flirting while we ate so I offered to clear up to give them a chance to play some more. Mike got Jen to climb up onto the table and he ate her again (not to orgasm). Jen asked how many times he was going to go down on her and he reminded her that he had warned her that he would be spending most of the time between her legs. I helped out a bit by playing with and kissing her nipples, but we didn’t let her cum as Mike had another idea he wanted to try.

Monday, 16 December 2013

Mike and Jen’s First Time(s) – Part 1

This may never be published as Mike and Jen still aren’t sure how much of their first time(s) they want documented – they have steadily been accepting the idea of putting more detail online so I expect by the time we finish writing it there will be explicit details of everything (and yes, they are watching me as I write this sentence).

On the Wednesday morning, Mike woke me up by going down on me and once I’d cum, he fucked me until I came again, but he held back from cumming. While he showered I went down on Jen and got her close to cumming, but (with her consent) we stopped before she actually came. Jen and I showered separately and we all got ready for work – just before we left, I pulled her on to the sofa and we had a quick 69 – again not enough for her to cum, but enough to get her nice and wet (and our juices over each other’s faces). We often do things like this just before heading out and while it can mess up our clothes and hair a little, it’s worth it to get the scent of Jen on me.

I didn’t leave her alone on the way in to Uni either and took the opportunity to caress her on the bus. I waited until it was packed and I was pressed right up against her back, then slipped a hand under her skirt and fondled her. For a couple of minutes I just played with her pussy, slipping the tips of a couple of fingers in to her and rubbing her juices around her lips. She felt nice and wet and pushed back against me a few times but at that point I couldn’t tell if she was asking me to do more or to stop teasing her. At the next stop, she pulled away from me when people pushed past and turned to face me when more people crowded on – she whispered to me that her pussy was tingling and couldn’t take much more, so when the bus started to move again, I pushed against her and slipped my hand under the front of her skirt. My fingers pushed between her pussy lips and sought out her clit and I started to rub her in the way I know she loves. Jen whispered to me that I was mean so I rubbed her some more. I’m pretty sure I could have made her cum –and had it been any other day I probably would have, but she told me that she was getting close to cumming so I stopped rubbing her (although left my fingers on her pussy). This was a fairly remarkable display of self-control from Jen as it is usually only Mike who can easily hold back, but I guess her upcoming ‘nuptuals’ with Mike had been anticipated for so long that she wanted to do things right.

I continued to make things slightly difficult for her at lunchtime – after we’d eaten, I dragged her back to my lab and took her in to the storage cupboard. I really wanted to eat her, but had promised Mike that nothing other than my fingers would touch her pussy from the time we left the house that morning so all I could do was finger and frig her. I once again got her quite close to cumming (not too close though as we didn’t want any accidental orgasms). So it wasn’t entirely one-sided, I let Jen finger me until I was close to cumming and got her to stop, which meant we both left the cupboard in a horny state. I didn’t do anything to Jen on the way home other than have a whispered conversation with her about what she and Mike were about to get up to.

We had a quick dinner and headed off in to the bedroom. I was only going to be watching them so I pulled a chair up beside the bed and fished out a dildo to play with. Mike stripped off and then slowly helped Jen out of her clothes. The plan was to let them slowly explore each other’s bodies and gradually work up to having sex over a few days. As Mike had participated in the watersports in the garden earlier in the week, Jen had agreed to go along with one of Mike’s fetishes and she pulled on a pair of seamless opaque tights (without panties) so he could kiss and caress her legs. Mike had done this to her (and me) many times before, but this time he was finally allowed to touch all of her and as he lay beside Jen kissing her, his hand stroked up the inside of her thigh and around her pussy. He broke the kiss and said that he wanted the first proper touch (I’m not quite sure how the times Jen had humped against his cock didn’t count as a ‘proper’ touch) he wanted to use his mouth, so he kissed his way down her body (with a brief detour to each of her nipples) until he was kissing her mons through the tights. Even though Mike has been desperate to fuck Jen ever since I first met her, he asked if she was sure it was time and she nodded. He lowered his mouth back to her mons and kissed down to her pussy, placing gentle kisses up and down each side of her pussy and then started kissing her square on the lips. Between kisses, Mike told us that he could smell and taste Jen through the tights (but she usually gets quite wet so this wasn’t really surprising). He pushed her legs slightly further apart and started to lick her more forcefully – it took a little longer as the tights protected her from the full force of his tongue, but after a while Jen started mewing and Mike just held on to her legs and carried on eating. He noticed that she was playing with one of her breasts and asked her to stop so that he could make her cum by himself. Jen pulled her hand away and told him that she wanted to cum – if it had been me he was eating, this would have usually meant he would back off and just tease me until I was desperate to cum, but he didn’t want to do that for their first time and he resumed licking her. Jen mewed her way to her orgasm and Mike lapped away at her crotch and then kitty kissed her (this wasn’t as effective through the tights, but it allowed him to sample a little more of her juices).

He crawled back up so he was lying over her and they kissed deeply. Jen wrapped her arms around him and as he pressed his cock against her crotch he told her that things felt very damp down there (which she blamed him for). They kissed a little more and Jen said that it was now her turn to experiment. Mike sat up and pulled Jen’s tights off – I thought he was going to at least caress her bare pussy but he just admired it and told Jen that he would taste her again in a little while. Jen sat up in front of Mike and reach out slowly for his cock. This was the first time she had actually touched it with her hand (other than occasional accidental brushes) and she gently wrapped her fingers around it and commented on how it felt hard and soft at the same time in a similar way to our favourite silicone coated vibes (which is why I like them as they feel like a real cock – just with the added ability to vibrate!)

Jen started to stroke up and down and Mike gave her a few tips about how much pressure to use and not rubbing too much on the glans (he is very sensitive there). Jen was obviously still learning but she seemed to get the hang of it from the expression on Mike’s face. She experimented a little and Mike told her that it probably wouldn’t take too long to make him cum if she continued like that (which is better than I managed the first time I stroked him, but Jen did have the advantage of having seen me play with Mike many times). Jen got Mike to lie down and she lowered her mouth to his cock. She took the head in to her mouth and bobbed her head up and down. She gradually took more of his cock into her mouth and started to lick him with her tongue as well (she *has* read all of the entries on here so she knows what he likes). Mike said that he was getting very close and Jen briefly broke contact to say that she wanted him to cum and then resumed sucking him. Less than a minute later, he told her he was just about to cum and she hummed encouragement just before Mike let out a ‘aahh’ and pushed in to Jen’s mouth. I saw her head jerk up a little, but she didn’t break contact and continued to suck and stroke him. Mike emptied his cum in to her mouth and then told her to slow down - which she did – but she didn’t pull her mouth off of his cock until she had swallowed all of his cum.

Even though Mike knew that Jen didn’t mind the taste of his cum, she usually eats it out of me so he was a little surprised that she had swallowed the whole load on her first time making him cum (but he enjoyed it). Jen climbed over him and pressed her pussy against his cock, then leant down on him so they could kiss. Mike said he could taste himself a little (which he doesn’t like, but he couldn’t really complain) and his hands went to Jen’s ass to pull her against him. She pointed out that he usually didn’t go soft when she was rubbing against him but he retorted with the fact that she usually hasn’t just sucked him off. Mike told her that as she had now tasted him properly, he wanted to do the same and after another brief kiss he rolled Jen on to the bed and mounted her. He kissed her nipples for a few minutes, gave her a final kiss on the lips and then moved down between her legs. Now that she had removed her tights he could see her pussy properly (not that he hasn’t seen it before) and he started to kiss around her thighs and over her mons. He didn’t tease her for long before he moved his kisses on to her pussy and then started to lick her.

He gave her a similar treatment to the first time he ate me and although he mostly concentrated on her pussy, he also swirled his tongue over her ass a few times. Mike took a little longer this time and gently lapped at Jen’s pussy and clit for a good 10 minutes. It didn’t look as if he was trying to tease her and backing off, he was just taking his time and exploring her pussy thoroughly. Once again, Jen started to play with her breasts as she got close to cumming but Mike asked her to stop and she did. I could see that he was grinding his cock against the bed (and I correctly assumed he was hard again by this point). As Jen’s mews became more insistent, Mike held on to her and swirled his tongue around and inside her pussy and over her clit. She told him she was close and I watched as he kept his face glued to her pussy and ate her. Jen held on to the back of his head (as if he was likely to pull away now that he finally had his tongue in the pussy he’s wanted for so long) and she let out a series of interesting (and sexy) sounds as she came.

My fingers had been busy in my pussy a few times during their extended display but I’d decided that I would cum while watching him eat Jen properly for the first time. I had also decided to forgo the vibrator as I didn’t want to make any noise that would interrupt them. I had my legs over the arms of the chair to give myself easy access to my cunt so I could concentrate on the view. Seeing the two people I love the most finally doing things together was as exciting and arousing as I had expected it to be, but I’m ashamed to admit that I felt a little bit jealous as it meant that they were no longer just mine (we were now all each other’s) but I had sort of expected that so ignored it (or to be more precise I just continued to distract myself with two fingers in my pussy and two on my clit). I didn’t manage to cum before Jen did (which was probably a good thing), but Mike was still kitty kissing her and lapping up all of her juices when I did cum and a few whimpers escaped me. Jen looked over towards me and Mike lifted his head from Jen’s pussy to ask if I had enjoyed watching them. I could still feel my pussy pulsing so I just nodded and let out a few pants and told Mike to finish bringing Jen down slowly.

Thursday, 12 December 2013

Indulging Jen Some More

Another watersports centred post so skip if you don't share Jen's fetish.

As the weather was still quite nice, we made use of the garden a couple of times in the week. In a way this was used to delay Mike and Jen actually doing things together. It wasn’t that they didn’t want to, but they both knew that things would be different once Jen no longer just teased him and occasionally rubbed herself against him. Jen was adamant that even though she had no interest in fucking men, Mike wasn’t just a man, he was someone she loved and so it would be fine. Even so, I think they were both at least a little bit nervous that things might not go quite the way they expected and that Jen might really not enjoy having Mike inside her, which would lead to a whole new set of problems around her being a part of us trying for a baby.

As long as they got round to trying things eventually I was quite happy for them to delay a little while though and we made use of the time to further indulge Jen’s watersports fetish. Throughout Monday afternoon, the three of us would drink as much water as we could so by the time we got home we were all very well hydrated. We would then have further water with dinner until at least one of us couldn’t hold it anymore and needed to pee. On the Monday night, I lay on the grass and Jen crouched over my neck. She humped back and forth which felt just right as he soft pussy lips caressed my neck – I would have loved for her to keep going like this until I came, but we knew that it would take a considerable time (it takes even longer than having someone stroke my neck as it is harder to control the contact when she is humping against me with her pussy).

Mike knelt between my legs and briefly ate me, then started to fuck me. I told them that I really needed to pee and couldn’t hold back much longer so Jen told Mike to make me cum so I could relieve myself. He carried on fucking me and played with my clit and I warned him that I was getting close. Jen continued to rub against my neck and when I said I was cumming, I felt her pee a little, but nothing in comparison to what I unleashed on Mike. Jen has taught me well how to maximise the sensation and how to push in time with the waves of my orgasm. Mike continued to pump in to me and play with my clit and I squirted as hard as I could. I could feel it splashing off of him and back on to my body and knew that Jen was probably getting covered too, but this was what she wanted so I didn’t care. Mike carried on fucking me until my orgasm had completely finished and Jen sat up and carried on sliding back and forth against my neck as she played with herself.

I told her that if we were going to do things, we may as well do them properly and she may as well turn around so she turned to face me and resumed humping against my neck and upper body. Mike said he was getting close and while I much prefer having him cum in me than anywhere else, I don’t mind (too much) if it is Jen who gets his cum and I at least had a good view as he stood almost over my face as he jerked himself off and splattered his cum over Jen’s face and chest. Some of his cum splashed and dripped down on to me and Jen’s movements helped smear it over my body. Jen said she was getting close and I could see her pulling at one of her nipples (her pussy was a bit too close for me to see what she was doing, but I could occasionally feel her hand as she frigged herself. Mike didn’t want to be left out and he moved back around between my legs and buried his tongue in my pussy. I was a little surprised that he was so eager to eat me after I’d just peed everywhere but I remember thinking that this was also probably more preparation for doing things with Jen.

Jen told me she was just about to cum and I encouraged her to give me everything she had. I watched as she arched her back and pulled even harder at her breasts and heard her let out a series of ‘mew’s followed by a few ‘aahhhh’s as her orgasm built to climax and then erupted through her (her description). I didn’t really need the audible cue though as the torrent of liquid that Jen sprayed over me kind of gave things away. I had my head tilted backwards to make it easier for her to hump my neck so it mostly avoided my face, but my neck, chin and chest were drenched (multiple times over). When Jen started to cum, Mike jumped up from between my legs, aimed his cock at her and emptied himself over her. Mike is more than willing to indulge Jen’s fetish and sprayed her crotch, stomach, breasts and face with his pee. As he’d started after her, he was still going when her orgasm started to fade. Despite the splashback I looked up and watched as Jen rubbed his offering over her body with an obvious look of joy on her face. As much as I love cumming myself (and you obviously know I love cumming) I get a real buzz from seeing Mike and Jen enjoying themselves – as Mike is the same way, he usually makes me cum a lot more than I make him cum so Jen is the one that I get to *give* the most pleasure to.

Once his bladder was empty, Mike returned to between my legs and resumed eating me. It felt obvious that he intended to make me cum again and I was feeling generous so I told Jen to turn around and let me kitty kiss her. She and Mike took turns eating me and for a few of Jen’s turns Mike moved round to crouch above my head and run the head of his cock up and down the length of Jen’s pussy. I spread her lips for him in the hope he would push in to her and I would witness the first penetration up close but he only rubbed around and then returned to between my legs to take over eating me. I was granted another orgasm in this style and we then lay naked on the grass together enjoying the sun. Mike was properly hard again by the time I’d cum and I did offer to help him out but he said he would wait until we were in bed that night before he came again.

On the Tuesday, we charged ourselves up with water in the same fashion but this time Jen wanted to try something a little more extreme to combine her watersports and bondage fetishes (my perversions are nothing compared to her). We once again stripped off and headed out to the garden (which is why having a secluded garden had been such an important part of our criteria when looking for a place to rent) and Mike and I both gave Jen a gentle spanking (mostly ass and breasts, but I also spanked her mons and pussy a little). When she was nicely juiced up, we attached her nipple and clit vibes and left them loosely tightened while Mike helped me into the strap-on harness (with internal vibe attached of course). We tightened the clamps and Jen knelt on all fours while I pushed into her from behind and started to fuck her. She had her hair tied in a ponytail and I wrapped this around my hand and pulled on it while Mike stood over her and lifted her up by her arms (pulling them back). As always, I’m worried that we’ll hurt Jen (in a bad way), but she said that it didn’t hurt much and it felt delicious (again, her word).

Mike said that he was having trouble keeping his cock down, so to allow him to play his part later on, he lowered Jen to the ground and turned to face me. I helped him out by sucking him a little, but he did most of the work and jerked himself off until he came over my face and chest – I had suggested he should cum over Jen’s ass so I could fuck his cum in to her cunt as it dripped down on to the strap-on, but he said that he wanted her to be unpolluted for their first time.

With a now limp cock, he was ready to help hold Jen up again, but said he had another idea and disappeared indoors. He returned with a couple of old catalogues and got Jen to hold herself up with her arms while he pushed them underneath her, placing them above the chain that connected her nipple and vibe clamps. This meant that when he stood over her and pulled her up by her arms again, the chain pulled tight and she said it felt much better. We made her promise to tell us if things hurt her too much (but from experience we didn’t expect her to say anything) and I started to fuck her as hard as I could. I asked Jen to describe what she could feel as I still don’t quite understand the bondage thing (while I quite enjoy a light spanking I don’t find pain to be enjoyable). Jen did her best and told us how she could feel her body tingling where she was being pulled and even how the pressure in her shoulders seemed to add to her pleasure. I slapped her ass a few times for good measure and when she started mewing (which I guess I should explain for new readers is the sound she makes when she is in the build-up to cumming) I reached around her body and pressed my hands against her lower stomach to increase the pressure on her bladder.

Mike pulled her up a little more so the chain between her nipple and clit clamps was pulled tighter and she told us (slightly too loudly as we were outside) that she was about to cum. I pushed on her bladder a bit harder and humped in to her as best I could given the position we were in. Jen kept saying she was about to cum and then gave me the usual sign (during a watersports session anyway) and I felt warm liquid flooding down my legs. I carried on fucking her, with each thrust in to her causing her pee to spray over us both even more. Jen had really wanted me to cum at the same time as her so we would both be peeing together, but even though I had the internal vibe buzzing away on me (which felt good), Jen was getting much more stimulation so was a fair way ahead of me. Mike was also helping her out and was peeing directly on to her back and the back of her head (this is why he needed to cum earlier or he probably would have been too hard). Just as with the bondage thing, I don’t quite get why she enjoys this so much (I’m on board with it feeling good when I pee as I cum, just not being peed over) but I know Jen loves it and Mike did a pretty good job of soaking her head and back.

When Jen finished cumming Mike lowered her to the ground but I still had to cum (and by this point I did *have* to cum) so I continued to pump in to Jen while the internal vibe pushed me closer to the edge. Mike suggested a change of position and Jen agreed so just before I came I pulled out of Jen and she rolled over on to her back and lifted up her legs. Mike helped push her up so her pussy was in the air and I guided the vibe back in to her and carried on fucking. This position pushed the vibe in the wrong direction so the internal vibe wasn’t pushing against me quite as firmly, but I was close and didn’t want to disappoint Jen so I stuck with it as my orgasm slowly crept towards fruition. My orgasm started off slowly but after a couple of pulses it felt pretty good so I pushed and began to empty my bladder. My pee was partially contained in the strap-on harness, but only briefly, after which it flooded out down my legs and dripped over Jen’s body and face. I tried to picture what we were doing from a third person’s viewpoint and I’ll admit that I loved how dirty and slutty it seemed. I pounded in to Jen with long hard strokes as if I was actually cumming in her and only stopped when my orgasm had ended and I needed to take the harness off.

Mike and I showered off quickly with the hose and then went indoors to re-join Jen who had decided to just sunbathe (naked of course). We ate dinner outside that evening and Mike and Jen decided that they probably couldn’t sensibly delay things any longer and that they would have their first session the next day. As Jen knew that once she and Mike started playing, it would take up a fair amount of her free time she wanted to have a final solo watersports session. Jen drank a fair amount of water with dinner and then asked me to fetch her some toys and a pair of opaque tights (mostly as they are more robust, but also as she knows Mike loves the way they look). Once she had the tights on, Jen lay back on the grass and played with herself through them. As she got closer to cumming, she inserted a vibe in to her pussy but then pulled the tights back up and carried on frigging her clit through the tights. When she got close to cumming, she stood up and leant back against the fence, then held a second vibe against her clit (still through the tights).

It was incredibly arousing watching her orgasm slowly approaching and I would have happily played with myself (or with Mike), but Jen wanted us to watch and I think that anything I can do to encourage her exhibitionist side is a good thing so we just sat and watched (possibly with a little self-fondling, but nothing too serious). As Jen was taking her time, we got to enjoy the full gamut of her ‘mews’ (which morphed in to gasps as she got really close). We all knew what to expect and as jen came, we watched the crotch of the tights rapidly darken and then saw liquid running through the material and down her legs. Her body jerked a number of times and the hand at her breasts pulled on a nipple. She finished cumming before she finished peeing, but said that it still felt really nice as she continued to empty her bladder (Mike agreed with this and said that when he had peed on her just after he came it had felt like a pleasurable mix between tingling and tickling).

Monday, 9 December 2013

Chris’ Cum – Part 2

We sat up in Chris’ room later on and chatted for a while. I teased him a fair bit as we talked by sitting in such a way that allowed him to see up my skirt. A few times I reached down and discreetly fondled myself (in such a way that he could see what I was doing, but so Mike or Jen could pretend they didn’t notice). Mike, Jen and I had been trying to figure out how I could get to play with Chris again without it looking suspicious and the best we could come up with was Mike having to go in to Jen’s room to get some work done and Jen saying she was tired and was heading off to bed while I stayed to watch a film with Chris. So that I wouldn’t disturb Mike and Jen too much when I finally went to bed, I went with them and changed into my nightdress before returning to Chris. It was a short, sheer, white nightdress that technically covered me, but didn’t do too good a job of it. Of course I also had Jen’s dressing gown so that it was believable that they wouldn’t have thought it strange I was wearing something so sexy – but this obviously got ditched as soon as I was in Chris’ room.

I lay on the bed beside him and pulled on various parts of the nightdress to reveal bits of my body to him. He was fairly hesitant and was worried that Mike might come in and discover us but I assured him that once Mike started working on something, he would continue for hours without stopping, which was technically true – although it wasn’t really work that Mike was doing as he and Jen were having one of their final so-sex sex session before taking things further. As nervous as he may have been, he didn’t stop me as I fished his cock out from his trousers and took it in my mouth. I once again told him how if he could give me a decent load of his cum, Jen would end up unwittingly eating it out of me and I would work bits of it in to her pussy. He wanted details of what I’d done with her in the shower earlier in the day so I made up a story of rubbing myself up against her, fingering myself and then her and then getting her to eat me as I stood under the shower. I’m pretty sure that I could have easily got him to cum in my mouth but I told him that I really wanted him to eat me to orgasm first and I would then let him fuck me as long as we were quiet. Fortunately Chris liked the idea of cumming in my pussy again enough to hold back and we used the same position as earlier (me lying at the edge of the bed with him kneeling on the floor) as he ate me.

We decided that it would probably make too much noise if we fucking in the bedroom so I suggested we head downstairs with the cover story that we were getting a drink of water. I left my nightdress in his room, but wore the dressing gown in case we were interrupted, but this came off as soon as we reached the kitchen. I sat up on the counter and spread my legs to play with myself – I told Chris that he could fuck me as many times as he wanted (or could manage) and that I would take as much cum as he could produce. I wasn’t really expecting him to manage more than one session as he’d already performed a couple of times, but he seems to like dirty talk so I gave it to him.

Before we started, I masturbated myself with the handle of a spatula (which I sucked clean afterwards). I then jumped down and asked him what position he wanted to use and he took me from behind as I leant against the sink looking out the window. As we fucked I considered telling that that Mike also loved taking me from behind, but decided not to emphasise the fact that I was (as far as Chris was concerned) cheating on Mike. He reached around to play with my breasts and clit and I gave him the option of just fucking me while I frigged myself but he said that he wanted to be responsible for making me cum so I just let him continue. We fucked quietly and I did my best to squeeze myself around his cock. Only when we got close to cumming did I start talking about the more cum he gave me, the more I would be able to rub over or in to Jen. This time he came before I did but I got him to stay inside me while he finished frigging me. I tried moving back and forth against him but he said it felt too intense so I just let him finish me of with his fingers.

As a final present for him (for the day anyway), I knelt and took his cock between my breasts while describing how much Jen loved sucking on my nipples. I wiped our combined juices from his cock over my breasts and then slipped the gown on to head back up to his room. I then quickly slipped my nightdress back on and told him we would have more fun the next day before returning to Mike and Jen. I had to clean my breasts off before Jen would kiss them, but she did let me rub some of Chris’ cum over her breasts before I started to kiss them. I was also allowed to rub his cum over her mons (but not her pussy) before I kitty kissed her – during which time Mike quietly took me from behind. He said that my pussy felt quite wet from Chris’ cum (although I assumed it was mostly me) and once he had cum in me, I sucked his cock clean of his, Chris’s and my juices as Jen watched. Only after I’d done this did Jen allow him to rub up against her pussy with his cock.

The next morning I ate Jen awake and Mike sucked on her nipples. We got her sufficiently aroused that she was begging us to make her cum and I told her that she could only cum if she agreed to go through with what we’d discussed. She told me I was a bitch, but I reminded her of the things she has made me do with Sue and she agreed to go through with it. We waited until her parents went out and Mike bid us goodbye as he headed out for a solo run. Jen and I started fooling around on her bed with the door slightly ajar and once I’d gotten Jen sufficiently worked up again I tied a blindfold around her eyes and got her to sit on the bed facing the door while she masturbated. I quickly went to Chris’ room and told him to stay silent while he followed me. We both stood watching Jen masturbate and I fished his cock out from his shorts and started to stroke him. I gave Jen instructions to do various things and she posed for me in various positions as she fingered herself. I helped her out a little, but for the main show I got her to lie on her back so I could kneel on the bed and eat her while indicating to Chris that he should be inside me.

He couldn’t move too quickly or forcefully in me as we had to make him believe that Jen didn’t know he was there. I squeezed myself around him and pushed back against his thrusts while lapping away at Jen. From our earlier session and her masturbation she was already quite close to cumming so I didn’t lick her too intensely – it was mostly kitty kissing, but was still more than enough to keep her aroused. Jen was a fairly good sport and she moaned a fair amount as my tongue worked its way over and through her pussy. I could certainly see why Mike and Jen (and others) love being able to play with Sue and me at the same time as it felt wonderful having Jen’s pussy in my mouth and Chris’ cock in my cunt. I broke contact with Jen a few times so I could turn my head and mouth the question to Chris as to whether he was close and when he finally nodded yes, I got stuck in to Jen properly and flicked my tongue over her clit until she came. As Jen started to cum, her moans changed to her usual mews (which is how I knew she was no longer faking it) and I indicated to Chris to hurry up. I ate Jen more vigorously and this in turn allow Chris and I to hump together more forcefully until he came in me.

I let him move in me a little longer (much more gently) until he pulled out, at which point I stopped eating Jen and asked her how her orgasm had felt. I told her to keep her blindfold on and I climbed over her chest, facing away from her and towards Chris and let him watch as his cum dripped out of me on to Jen’s chest, which I then rubbed over her body. I spread her pussy and let Chris have a look in to her from the end of the bed and then waved my hand at him to usher him out of the room and close the door. Once he’d gone I whispered to Jen to pull her blindfold off and then moved as if I was going to crouch over her face and let Chris’ cum drip out on to her, but I didn’t subject her to this. I did massage his cum in to her breasts a bit more and then kissed her nipples as I humped against her thigh. We carried on in this position until I came and I made sure I was loud enough that Chris would be likely to hear.

Jen went to shower first and I wandered naked over to Chris’ room and told him that Jen had eaten me. I sat up on his windowsill, spread my legs and gently played with myself until we heard the shower stop, at which point I snuck back in to Jen’s room and waited for her to return before I went off to shower. When Mike returned I let him slide in to me, but he didn’t fuck me so he could save his cum for later in the day. We then all had breakfast and prepared for our second trip out to the lake.

Things weren’t that different this time apart from the fact that I let Chris apply the suncream to my breasts (and rest of body). Jen went topless too and Mike was allowed to cream her up and after a short swim, we returned to our blanket and I told Chris that we had found a secluded beach on holiday and had sunbathed naked. He took the bait and suggested that we do the same and I said that as long as none of the families were too close then I would accept his dare. I slipped off my bikini bottoms and let Mike apply some cream to my ass. I dared the others to join me naked but none of them would so I had to be content with just being naked in the sun.

Whenever Mike and Jen looked away from us I would play with myself so Chris could see – Jen ‘caught’ me one, but I pretended I was just adding some more cream to my crotch. When Mike and Jen went in for a swim I pulled Chris’ hand to my pussy and got him to gently play with my clit – it felt really naughty, even though the people we were hiding from knew exactly what we were doing. With a bit of instruction I got Chris to rub me in just the right way and I moaned loud enough for him to hear as I got closer to cumming. He managed to get me off before Mike and Jen returned and he then had to lie on his front to hide his erection.

I took him out to the island again and we used the same spot to fuck. This time we spent a little longer and as well as being fucked up against the tree, sat over his face, knelt and sucked him and then rode him until we came. I made sure that we’d been gone for a while so that Mike and Jen also had time to play – Mike had sat with his back to the lake and played with himself while Jen had pulled the crotch of her swimsuit aside and fingered herself. Mike also loves the way Jen looks in her swimsuit so he didn’t have any trouble getting close to cumming (and not having had his morning fuck helped out). He didn’t cum straight away though and waited until Jen was close before he emptied his load over her front. He had hoped to aim most of it as her pussy, but most of it had splattered up much higher – Jen played along though and rubbed his cum over her fingers before continuing to masturbate and as she was outside she decided that she may as well let go and pee as she came (a fair amount of which sprayed over Mike’s legs, stomach and crotch).

Mike picked Jen up and threw her in the lake and they swam around for a while. I took this as a sign they had finished (we could sort of see them from the island) so allowed my session with Chris to come to a climax (or two as there were two of us). We swam back to Mike and Jen and fooled around for a bit – mostly just splashing each other. I returned to the island with Mike a little later on and we used the same spot to fuck that Chris and I had used. While we fucked, we imagined a much younger Jen sitting there with her legs spread, hands busy between her legs and on her nipples and spraying her pee everywhere as she came. In honour of the memory I peed as I came, which made quite a mess as Mike was still inside me at the time, but we had to swim back anyway so neither of us cared (and Mike knew that he would most likely be getting the same treatment from Jen once they started to fuck).

We returned to Jen’s house and had a late lunch with them before we started to pack up and get ready to head home. I managed to get one more brief time alone with Chris during which I took him in my mouth, rubbed him between my breasts, leant against the wall and let him slide in to me from behind and then for completeness offered him my ass. He asked if I was sure, but when I told him to go ahead, he eagerly pushed in to me and pumped back and forth. I reminded him that this would probably be the last time he would get to do things with me (at least as far as cumming inside me went anyway) so he should make the most of it and fill my ass with the largest load of cum he could manage. (I really with that this was something that guys could actually control or there was something that could be done to encourage them to produce massive loads of cum – preferably repeatedly). He did his best and certainly came in me, but not enough for there to be any leakage.

As payment for being a good sport, Mike and I worked on Jen on the flight home. It was mostly just gentle teasing, talking (or whispering) dirty to her, kissing her and stealing the occasional fondle. I managed to get a hand properly between her legs for a few minutes when the people sitting across the aisle from us went to the bathroom, but it wasn’t long enough to make her cum, just get her nicely worked up. I made sure that Jen wasn’t the only one who would be horny when we arrived home and I used my jacket to shield my lap so I could gently frig my clit. I imagined the mix of Mike and Chris’ cum inside me as I did this and knew that it would be the last cum (other than Mike’s) that would be in me for however long it took us to get pregnant and have the child. I was sad that I wouldn’t get to enjoy other cocks anymore, but also excited that we would be starting a family (even if it wasn’t going to be a conventional one).

As expected, even though she wanted to cum, Jen made sure that I hosed myself out before she would play with me. We both knew that there would still be traces of Chris inside me, but Jen didn’t mind this so much and as soon as I returned from the bathroom, she pulled me down on to the bed and told me to take her one last time before the nasty boy (Mike) had his way with her. It wasn’t actually the last time I got to play with her before she and Mike had sex, but we got stuck in to each other as if it was. We had a messy 69 (humping against each other so our juices were speared over each other’s faces) and then shared a dildo while Mike held our mains powered vibe against our clits (technically he held the vibe and we pressed against it). Once we’d cum, Mike made a request and we decided to grant it – he wanted to watch us sit facing each other with the dildo still buried between our pussies and for us to kiss as sloppily as we could. We held each other tightly and swirled our tongues together, not making any attempt to contain our saliva. It dripped out of our mouths, over our chins and on to our breasts, which we rubbed against each other. Our upper bodies ended up covered in a mixture of our saliva and Mike used this as lube to rub his cock against us (in turn). He came over Jen and I rubbed myself against her to smear his cum over us both and we then set about unpacking our stuff and preparing for the standard week at work.