Friday, 6 December 2013

Chris’ Cum – Part 1

The weekend after we returned from holiday we headed down to see Jen’s family. I was looking forward to this as I had been in touch with Chris (Jen’s brother) since our last visit and promised him that if he were to get tested (and be clean) then I would let him fuck me without a condom. I knew that he would probably be the last guy to fuck me before I went off the pill – and liked the fact that it would also be the first time we’d done things properly.

As always, we had to be careful as Jen’s parents had no idea that I was doing things with Chris and as far as he was concerned, neither did Mike or Jen. I had hoped to sneak in to his room on the Friday night and ride him, but Jen thought it was too risky (and it would have been difficult to explain to him why Jen and Mike weren’t wondering where I’d got to). I did pay him a quick visit after a trip to the toilet and we had a quick fondle of each other – I almost mounted him, but decided to save that for when we could do things properly, but I did take his cock in to my mouth and briefly suck him, then stood and pulled his head to my pussy so he could lick me in return.

On the Saturday morning, Jen’s parents went out (as they usually do) and Mike and Jen went for a run together (their usual excuse for leaving me alone with Chris). As soon as they were out the door, we headed upstairs and I slipped off my dressing gown (technically it was Jen’s) and Chris rapidly removed his clothes. His cock was already standing to attention and I pushed him on to the bed and took it in my mouth. I gave it a good sucking, leaving it coated with my saliva and asked him if he wanted to fuck me or eat me first. I assured him that he could make me cum as many times as he wanted (or had time to) and I would still fuck him but we settled on just 69ing for a few minutes (during which I humped back and forth against his face) before we rearranged ourselves to fuck.

I let him choose the position and he asked for me to ride him so once he was on his back, I clambered over him, pulled his cock to my cunt and pushed down on to it. We were both wet from the 69 so he slipped in to me easily and I asked him if it felt better fucking me bareback (he said it did). As I rode him, I told him that we could do things as many times as he wanted during the weekend as long as we didn’t get caught. Even though the ‘getting caught’ was an artificial thing for me, it still made the sex feel a bit more exciting and as I rode him I told him how good his cock felt inside me and how I was looking forward to having him fill my cunt with his cum. We switched positions a few times and I rode him facing away from him for a little while so he could get a better view of his cock sliding in and out of my pussy, but to finish off I faced him again and lay down against him so he could pump in to me faster. I did ensure that me made me cum before he did, but as he was on the final set of thrusts in to me I whispered to him that if he gave me enough of his cum, that there would probably be enough left in me later when I fucked Jen and she would end up eating it out of me.

Chris and Jen have never done anything together (if you ignore the time I helped him cum over Jen while she was ‘sleeping’) and Jen has no desire to do anything with him, but I know that he thinks she is hot (as do I), so my description of Jen’s tongue probing my pussy and eating his cum out of me probably helped push him that bit faster towards his orgasm. He told me he was about to cum and I squeezed myself around his cock as hard as I could and encouraged him to fill my cunt with as much jizz as he could. He pushed in to me harder a few times and then moved much more gently while gasping – I squeezed myself around him again a few times which he liked and I then said that I wanted to see how much he had emptied in to me. I pulled myself off of his cock and stood up while covering my pussy with a hand. Once upright I removed my hand and his cum started to drip out, some running down my legs and some falling straight on to Chris’ crotch. It felt like he’d emptied a fairly decent load in to me and he told me that he had been saving it in anticipation of my visit (he hadn’t cum for a few days). I wiped some of the cum from my thighs and rubbed it over my breasts, then reached down to his cock and smeared the drops that had fallen over my hand so I could rub it over my neck and face.

I thanked him for his cum and said it felt good having it both inside me and on my body and I slowly played with my pussy, gently fingering myself. As he was still lying on his back underneath me he probably had a good view of this so I spread my lips and told him to have a good look at my pussy. To make it easier, I knelt over his face and pulled my lips as far apart as I comfortably could and told him to examine me. It seemed unfair for this to be one sided so I turned around so we were once again in a 69 position and I caressed his cock and covered it with kisses as he probed my pussy with his fingers. His cock was still semi-hard and it felt nice being able to play with it without him having a full erection – admittedly when I took him in my mouth and sucked him he did get considerably harder again but I got to have my fun for a while before this happened.

Chris probed my pussy with his fingers and then (at my request) with his tongue as well. I told him that he could always get a change to top up the amount of his cum there was in me later on, but said that I wanted him to make me cum again before Mike and Jen got back from their run. As he wasn’t ready to cum again yet I lay on my back on the bed so he could kneel on the floor between my legs, but before he could start I told him to wait and I dashed (naked) in to Jen’s room and returned with one of our vibes. He used this, his fingers and his tongue on me as I lay on the bed, moaning (a little theatrically) and playing with my breasts. By the time I came, I saw that his cock looked considerably harder again and I casually mentioned that now the vibe had been inside me, it would be coated in his cum as well as my juices, so if I were to use it on Jen then he would get his cum inside her. I asked him if he liked the sound of that and he said that he did (it’s not as if it’s a secret between us that he has fantasised about fucking her) so I told him that if he was good for the rest of the day, I would slide the vibe back in to my pussy later on and then work as much of his cum in to Jen’s pussy as I could.

I caressed his cock as I described this to him, then turned around and knelt on the edge of the bed, presenting myself to him. I asked if he wanted to top me up, just in case we didn’t get a chance to play again later on and I wiggled my ass in his direction. He stood up, positioned his cock and pushed in to my pussy so I pushed back against him. As he fucked me he told me that I was a naughty little whore (I actually prefer ‘slut’ as I’ve never been paid for sex). I told him to get as deep inside me as he could and rocked back and forth against him in time with his thrusts. Chris’ hands kneaded my ass and I told him to spread my cheeks she could get a little deeper in to me. He pushed in as far as I could and I squeezed myself around him and told him when he came that I wanted him buried in me the whole way. He was happy to oblige and after we’d fucked a little longer he said he was going to cum so we pushed against each other again and I squeezed myself around him as he moved back and forth just a little inside me. I told him not to hurry and just to make sure he got his cum as deep in to my cunt as he could and just before he came he told me that he loved how dirty I talked. I was in the middle of telling him that if it helped encourage him to shoot more cum in to my cunt that I would talk as dirty as he wanted, but he got there before I’d even finished the sentence.

He stayed still inside me for a moment and when he pulled out I crawled around and took him in my mouth. I suggested that we wait downstairs for Mike and Jen to return and I wandered down naked (but carrying the dressing gown) and Chris appeared a few minutes later, fully dressed. We sat and chatted and I kept my legs spread, gently playing with my pussy and breasts. A few times Chris asked if I was going to cover up but I said it was more fun being naked and convinced him to come and have a play with my breasts. We remained like this until we heard the key in the door, at which point Chris jumped up and sat at the other end of the sofa, trying to cover his erection. I told him I would delay them a little as I pulled my dressing gown on and I pretended to do it up just before I went in to the hallway, but as soon as I was out of Chris’ sight, I let the front fall open so Mike and Jen could see me. I made small talk with them about their run, while signalling with my hands that we had fucked twice.

I told Jen that she looked very sweaty and asked if she wanted me to help clean her off. The two of us went up to shower together and Mike showered after us. While Jen was doing her hair I quietly told Chris that I had wiped his cum all over Jen’s body as we’d showered (which I hadn’t – Jen had wiped his cum off me in the shower, but that was about it). We’d already made plans to head out to the lake with some of Chris’ friends and Jen wore her one-piece swimsuit under her dress so she didn’t have to change in front of the guys. I took my suit in my bag specifically so I would have to change and once everyone was ready we headed out.

We met up with Chris’ friends there and selected a spot over on the quiet side of the lake, away from where most of the families went. I changed with a towel around my lower half, but didn’t bother hiding my breasts as I took my top and bra off and put the bikini top on. A few of us went for a quick swim and when we got back applied some sun cream. I let a couple of the guys apply cream to my body – starting with my back and then the back of my legs. I didn’t make any comments other than ‘that feels nice’ as their hands roamed over my body and I spread my legs to let them have access to my inner thighs. They both went quite high up, but neither of them made proper contact with my crotch. A little later on I asked if anyone would mind if I went topless and as nobody did, I removed my top. I got Jen to help apply sun-cream to my breasts and this went down very well so I suggested I do the same to her. She acted a little reticent about this as she knew most of her brother’s friends, but she ‘let’ me convince her to pull her swimsuit down to her waist and then rub cream over her front. This went down even better so we played up to it and I pushed a hand under her suit, down towards her pussy and made jerking motions as if I was masturbating her (although it was clear that my hand wasn’t really anywhere near her crotch). Jen made fake moaning sounds and said that it felt so good and we then asked the guys if they had liked our show. The consensus was that it would have been better if we were both naked and doing things properly, but that comment just got them the finger from Jen.

We swam a little more and I asked Chris to show me the place on the island he had mentioned. The two of us swam out to the middle of the lake and on to a little island – I located a suitable spot (where I know Jen used to pee and masturbate) and I slipped my bottoms down, then stood leaning against a tree and offered myself to Chris. He said that it was a bit risky but I pointed out that we could just about see in the direction of our group through the trees so we would know if anyone was coming and then added that I wanted to feel his hard cock inside me. He seemed to overcome his fear of being caught and pushed in to me – reaching around to play with my breasts and then also with my clit. I said that we should hurry and got him to frig my clit as fast as he could and then to help him along I got him to imagine Jen’s mouth on my pussy later on, sucking his cum out of me. He came in me pretty quickly once I started talking like that and once we were dressed (or as dressed as you can be in swimwear) we ran to a rope swing and took turns swinging out in to the lake before swimming back to the others.

A little later on one of the guys asked if I wanted any more cream applied – I would have loved to tell him that I wanted his ‘special’ cream and get them all to jerk off over my front, but as we were meant to be continuing the outward appearance of being nice, the most I could do was allow him to apply (sun) cream to my breasts. We headed back home mid-afternoon and I filled Mike and Jen in on what Chris and I had done on the island – Mike said that he wanted to take me there as well so we arranged to head back to the lake the following day, but this time I convinced Chris that it should be just the four of us and that this would give him a better chance of getting to play with me.

That evening we discussed our plans to get pregnant with Jen’s parents. We managed this the whole time without actually saying that it would entail Mike fucking their darling lesbian daughter – although to be fair the conversation wasn’t really about the mechanics of it but more about whether we had considered all the implications - childcare, costs, impact on social life… (and ironically they had no idea just how big an impact on our social life it would have). I sometimes get the impression that Jen’s parents still think that Jen is just an extended experiment for me and that as I’m married to Mike, the two of us are going to leave her someday. In a way it is sweet as they obviously care about her and want her to be safe and happy, but I really wish they would understand that I love her just as much and if I’d met her first (after somehow being convinced to experiment), and then met Mike, I would have probably ended up in a civil partnership with her and Mike would be my ‘additional significant other’.


  1. Poor Chris. Gets off thinking his sister will be eating his cum out of you only to end being the who who eats his own cum out of you.

  2. I don't feel that sorry for him - all in all I don't think he did too badly from the weekend :)