Monday, 9 December 2013

Chris’ Cum – Part 2

We sat up in Chris’ room later on and chatted for a while. I teased him a fair bit as we talked by sitting in such a way that allowed him to see up my skirt. A few times I reached down and discreetly fondled myself (in such a way that he could see what I was doing, but so Mike or Jen could pretend they didn’t notice). Mike, Jen and I had been trying to figure out how I could get to play with Chris again without it looking suspicious and the best we could come up with was Mike having to go in to Jen’s room to get some work done and Jen saying she was tired and was heading off to bed while I stayed to watch a film with Chris. So that I wouldn’t disturb Mike and Jen too much when I finally went to bed, I went with them and changed into my nightdress before returning to Chris. It was a short, sheer, white nightdress that technically covered me, but didn’t do too good a job of it. Of course I also had Jen’s dressing gown so that it was believable that they wouldn’t have thought it strange I was wearing something so sexy – but this obviously got ditched as soon as I was in Chris’ room.

I lay on the bed beside him and pulled on various parts of the nightdress to reveal bits of my body to him. He was fairly hesitant and was worried that Mike might come in and discover us but I assured him that once Mike started working on something, he would continue for hours without stopping, which was technically true – although it wasn’t really work that Mike was doing as he and Jen were having one of their final so-sex sex session before taking things further. As nervous as he may have been, he didn’t stop me as I fished his cock out from his trousers and took it in my mouth. I once again told him how if he could give me a decent load of his cum, Jen would end up unwittingly eating it out of me and I would work bits of it in to her pussy. He wanted details of what I’d done with her in the shower earlier in the day so I made up a story of rubbing myself up against her, fingering myself and then her and then getting her to eat me as I stood under the shower. I’m pretty sure that I could have easily got him to cum in my mouth but I told him that I really wanted him to eat me to orgasm first and I would then let him fuck me as long as we were quiet. Fortunately Chris liked the idea of cumming in my pussy again enough to hold back and we used the same position as earlier (me lying at the edge of the bed with him kneeling on the floor) as he ate me.

We decided that it would probably make too much noise if we fucking in the bedroom so I suggested we head downstairs with the cover story that we were getting a drink of water. I left my nightdress in his room, but wore the dressing gown in case we were interrupted, but this came off as soon as we reached the kitchen. I sat up on the counter and spread my legs to play with myself – I told Chris that he could fuck me as many times as he wanted (or could manage) and that I would take as much cum as he could produce. I wasn’t really expecting him to manage more than one session as he’d already performed a couple of times, but he seems to like dirty talk so I gave it to him.

Before we started, I masturbated myself with the handle of a spatula (which I sucked clean afterwards). I then jumped down and asked him what position he wanted to use and he took me from behind as I leant against the sink looking out the window. As we fucked I considered telling that that Mike also loved taking me from behind, but decided not to emphasise the fact that I was (as far as Chris was concerned) cheating on Mike. He reached around to play with my breasts and clit and I gave him the option of just fucking me while I frigged myself but he said that he wanted to be responsible for making me cum so I just let him continue. We fucked quietly and I did my best to squeeze myself around his cock. Only when we got close to cumming did I start talking about the more cum he gave me, the more I would be able to rub over or in to Jen. This time he came before I did but I got him to stay inside me while he finished frigging me. I tried moving back and forth against him but he said it felt too intense so I just let him finish me of with his fingers.

As a final present for him (for the day anyway), I knelt and took his cock between my breasts while describing how much Jen loved sucking on my nipples. I wiped our combined juices from his cock over my breasts and then slipped the gown on to head back up to his room. I then quickly slipped my nightdress back on and told him we would have more fun the next day before returning to Mike and Jen. I had to clean my breasts off before Jen would kiss them, but she did let me rub some of Chris’ cum over her breasts before I started to kiss them. I was also allowed to rub his cum over her mons (but not her pussy) before I kitty kissed her – during which time Mike quietly took me from behind. He said that my pussy felt quite wet from Chris’ cum (although I assumed it was mostly me) and once he had cum in me, I sucked his cock clean of his, Chris’s and my juices as Jen watched. Only after I’d done this did Jen allow him to rub up against her pussy with his cock.

The next morning I ate Jen awake and Mike sucked on her nipples. We got her sufficiently aroused that she was begging us to make her cum and I told her that she could only cum if she agreed to go through with what we’d discussed. She told me I was a bitch, but I reminded her of the things she has made me do with Sue and she agreed to go through with it. We waited until her parents went out and Mike bid us goodbye as he headed out for a solo run. Jen and I started fooling around on her bed with the door slightly ajar and once I’d gotten Jen sufficiently worked up again I tied a blindfold around her eyes and got her to sit on the bed facing the door while she masturbated. I quickly went to Chris’ room and told him to stay silent while he followed me. We both stood watching Jen masturbate and I fished his cock out from his shorts and started to stroke him. I gave Jen instructions to do various things and she posed for me in various positions as she fingered herself. I helped her out a little, but for the main show I got her to lie on her back so I could kneel on the bed and eat her while indicating to Chris that he should be inside me.

He couldn’t move too quickly or forcefully in me as we had to make him believe that Jen didn’t know he was there. I squeezed myself around him and pushed back against his thrusts while lapping away at Jen. From our earlier session and her masturbation she was already quite close to cumming so I didn’t lick her too intensely – it was mostly kitty kissing, but was still more than enough to keep her aroused. Jen was a fairly good sport and she moaned a fair amount as my tongue worked its way over and through her pussy. I could certainly see why Mike and Jen (and others) love being able to play with Sue and me at the same time as it felt wonderful having Jen’s pussy in my mouth and Chris’ cock in my cunt. I broke contact with Jen a few times so I could turn my head and mouth the question to Chris as to whether he was close and when he finally nodded yes, I got stuck in to Jen properly and flicked my tongue over her clit until she came. As Jen started to cum, her moans changed to her usual mews (which is how I knew she was no longer faking it) and I indicated to Chris to hurry up. I ate Jen more vigorously and this in turn allow Chris and I to hump together more forcefully until he came in me.

I let him move in me a little longer (much more gently) until he pulled out, at which point I stopped eating Jen and asked her how her orgasm had felt. I told her to keep her blindfold on and I climbed over her chest, facing away from her and towards Chris and let him watch as his cum dripped out of me on to Jen’s chest, which I then rubbed over her body. I spread her pussy and let Chris have a look in to her from the end of the bed and then waved my hand at him to usher him out of the room and close the door. Once he’d gone I whispered to Jen to pull her blindfold off and then moved as if I was going to crouch over her face and let Chris’ cum drip out on to her, but I didn’t subject her to this. I did massage his cum in to her breasts a bit more and then kissed her nipples as I humped against her thigh. We carried on in this position until I came and I made sure I was loud enough that Chris would be likely to hear.

Jen went to shower first and I wandered naked over to Chris’ room and told him that Jen had eaten me. I sat up on his windowsill, spread my legs and gently played with myself until we heard the shower stop, at which point I snuck back in to Jen’s room and waited for her to return before I went off to shower. When Mike returned I let him slide in to me, but he didn’t fuck me so he could save his cum for later in the day. We then all had breakfast and prepared for our second trip out to the lake.

Things weren’t that different this time apart from the fact that I let Chris apply the suncream to my breasts (and rest of body). Jen went topless too and Mike was allowed to cream her up and after a short swim, we returned to our blanket and I told Chris that we had found a secluded beach on holiday and had sunbathed naked. He took the bait and suggested that we do the same and I said that as long as none of the families were too close then I would accept his dare. I slipped off my bikini bottoms and let Mike apply some cream to my ass. I dared the others to join me naked but none of them would so I had to be content with just being naked in the sun.

Whenever Mike and Jen looked away from us I would play with myself so Chris could see – Jen ‘caught’ me one, but I pretended I was just adding some more cream to my crotch. When Mike and Jen went in for a swim I pulled Chris’ hand to my pussy and got him to gently play with my clit – it felt really naughty, even though the people we were hiding from knew exactly what we were doing. With a bit of instruction I got Chris to rub me in just the right way and I moaned loud enough for him to hear as I got closer to cumming. He managed to get me off before Mike and Jen returned and he then had to lie on his front to hide his erection.

I took him out to the island again and we used the same spot to fuck. This time we spent a little longer and as well as being fucked up against the tree, sat over his face, knelt and sucked him and then rode him until we came. I made sure that we’d been gone for a while so that Mike and Jen also had time to play – Mike had sat with his back to the lake and played with himself while Jen had pulled the crotch of her swimsuit aside and fingered herself. Mike also loves the way Jen looks in her swimsuit so he didn’t have any trouble getting close to cumming (and not having had his morning fuck helped out). He didn’t cum straight away though and waited until Jen was close before he emptied his load over her front. He had hoped to aim most of it as her pussy, but most of it had splattered up much higher – Jen played along though and rubbed his cum over her fingers before continuing to masturbate and as she was outside she decided that she may as well let go and pee as she came (a fair amount of which sprayed over Mike’s legs, stomach and crotch).

Mike picked Jen up and threw her in the lake and they swam around for a while. I took this as a sign they had finished (we could sort of see them from the island) so allowed my session with Chris to come to a climax (or two as there were two of us). We swam back to Mike and Jen and fooled around for a bit – mostly just splashing each other. I returned to the island with Mike a little later on and we used the same spot to fuck that Chris and I had used. While we fucked, we imagined a much younger Jen sitting there with her legs spread, hands busy between her legs and on her nipples and spraying her pee everywhere as she came. In honour of the memory I peed as I came, which made quite a mess as Mike was still inside me at the time, but we had to swim back anyway so neither of us cared (and Mike knew that he would most likely be getting the same treatment from Jen once they started to fuck).

We returned to Jen’s house and had a late lunch with them before we started to pack up and get ready to head home. I managed to get one more brief time alone with Chris during which I took him in my mouth, rubbed him between my breasts, leant against the wall and let him slide in to me from behind and then for completeness offered him my ass. He asked if I was sure, but when I told him to go ahead, he eagerly pushed in to me and pumped back and forth. I reminded him that this would probably be the last time he would get to do things with me (at least as far as cumming inside me went anyway) so he should make the most of it and fill my ass with the largest load of cum he could manage. (I really with that this was something that guys could actually control or there was something that could be done to encourage them to produce massive loads of cum – preferably repeatedly). He did his best and certainly came in me, but not enough for there to be any leakage.

As payment for being a good sport, Mike and I worked on Jen on the flight home. It was mostly just gentle teasing, talking (or whispering) dirty to her, kissing her and stealing the occasional fondle. I managed to get a hand properly between her legs for a few minutes when the people sitting across the aisle from us went to the bathroom, but it wasn’t long enough to make her cum, just get her nicely worked up. I made sure that Jen wasn’t the only one who would be horny when we arrived home and I used my jacket to shield my lap so I could gently frig my clit. I imagined the mix of Mike and Chris’ cum inside me as I did this and knew that it would be the last cum (other than Mike’s) that would be in me for however long it took us to get pregnant and have the child. I was sad that I wouldn’t get to enjoy other cocks anymore, but also excited that we would be starting a family (even if it wasn’t going to be a conventional one).

As expected, even though she wanted to cum, Jen made sure that I hosed myself out before she would play with me. We both knew that there would still be traces of Chris inside me, but Jen didn’t mind this so much and as soon as I returned from the bathroom, she pulled me down on to the bed and told me to take her one last time before the nasty boy (Mike) had his way with her. It wasn’t actually the last time I got to play with her before she and Mike had sex, but we got stuck in to each other as if it was. We had a messy 69 (humping against each other so our juices were speared over each other’s faces) and then shared a dildo while Mike held our mains powered vibe against our clits (technically he held the vibe and we pressed against it). Once we’d cum, Mike made a request and we decided to grant it – he wanted to watch us sit facing each other with the dildo still buried between our pussies and for us to kiss as sloppily as we could. We held each other tightly and swirled our tongues together, not making any attempt to contain our saliva. It dripped out of our mouths, over our chins and on to our breasts, which we rubbed against each other. Our upper bodies ended up covered in a mixture of our saliva and Mike used this as lube to rub his cock against us (in turn). He came over Jen and I rubbed myself against her to smear his cum over us both and we then set about unpacking our stuff and preparing for the standard week at work.

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