Thursday, 12 December 2013

Indulging Jen Some More

Another watersports centred post so skip if you don't share Jen's fetish.

As the weather was still quite nice, we made use of the garden a couple of times in the week. In a way this was used to delay Mike and Jen actually doing things together. It wasn’t that they didn’t want to, but they both knew that things would be different once Jen no longer just teased him and occasionally rubbed herself against him. Jen was adamant that even though she had no interest in fucking men, Mike wasn’t just a man, he was someone she loved and so it would be fine. Even so, I think they were both at least a little bit nervous that things might not go quite the way they expected and that Jen might really not enjoy having Mike inside her, which would lead to a whole new set of problems around her being a part of us trying for a baby.

As long as they got round to trying things eventually I was quite happy for them to delay a little while though and we made use of the time to further indulge Jen’s watersports fetish. Throughout Monday afternoon, the three of us would drink as much water as we could so by the time we got home we were all very well hydrated. We would then have further water with dinner until at least one of us couldn’t hold it anymore and needed to pee. On the Monday night, I lay on the grass and Jen crouched over my neck. She humped back and forth which felt just right as he soft pussy lips caressed my neck – I would have loved for her to keep going like this until I came, but we knew that it would take a considerable time (it takes even longer than having someone stroke my neck as it is harder to control the contact when she is humping against me with her pussy).

Mike knelt between my legs and briefly ate me, then started to fuck me. I told them that I really needed to pee and couldn’t hold back much longer so Jen told Mike to make me cum so I could relieve myself. He carried on fucking me and played with my clit and I warned him that I was getting close. Jen continued to rub against my neck and when I said I was cumming, I felt her pee a little, but nothing in comparison to what I unleashed on Mike. Jen has taught me well how to maximise the sensation and how to push in time with the waves of my orgasm. Mike continued to pump in to me and play with my clit and I squirted as hard as I could. I could feel it splashing off of him and back on to my body and knew that Jen was probably getting covered too, but this was what she wanted so I didn’t care. Mike carried on fucking me until my orgasm had completely finished and Jen sat up and carried on sliding back and forth against my neck as she played with herself.

I told her that if we were going to do things, we may as well do them properly and she may as well turn around so she turned to face me and resumed humping against my neck and upper body. Mike said he was getting close and while I much prefer having him cum in me than anywhere else, I don’t mind (too much) if it is Jen who gets his cum and I at least had a good view as he stood almost over my face as he jerked himself off and splattered his cum over Jen’s face and chest. Some of his cum splashed and dripped down on to me and Jen’s movements helped smear it over my body. Jen said she was getting close and I could see her pulling at one of her nipples (her pussy was a bit too close for me to see what she was doing, but I could occasionally feel her hand as she frigged herself. Mike didn’t want to be left out and he moved back around between my legs and buried his tongue in my pussy. I was a little surprised that he was so eager to eat me after I’d just peed everywhere but I remember thinking that this was also probably more preparation for doing things with Jen.

Jen told me she was just about to cum and I encouraged her to give me everything she had. I watched as she arched her back and pulled even harder at her breasts and heard her let out a series of ‘mew’s followed by a few ‘aahhhh’s as her orgasm built to climax and then erupted through her (her description). I didn’t really need the audible cue though as the torrent of liquid that Jen sprayed over me kind of gave things away. I had my head tilted backwards to make it easier for her to hump my neck so it mostly avoided my face, but my neck, chin and chest were drenched (multiple times over). When Jen started to cum, Mike jumped up from between my legs, aimed his cock at her and emptied himself over her. Mike is more than willing to indulge Jen’s fetish and sprayed her crotch, stomach, breasts and face with his pee. As he’d started after her, he was still going when her orgasm started to fade. Despite the splashback I looked up and watched as Jen rubbed his offering over her body with an obvious look of joy on her face. As much as I love cumming myself (and you obviously know I love cumming) I get a real buzz from seeing Mike and Jen enjoying themselves – as Mike is the same way, he usually makes me cum a lot more than I make him cum so Jen is the one that I get to *give* the most pleasure to.

Once his bladder was empty, Mike returned to between my legs and resumed eating me. It felt obvious that he intended to make me cum again and I was feeling generous so I told Jen to turn around and let me kitty kiss her. She and Mike took turns eating me and for a few of Jen’s turns Mike moved round to crouch above my head and run the head of his cock up and down the length of Jen’s pussy. I spread her lips for him in the hope he would push in to her and I would witness the first penetration up close but he only rubbed around and then returned to between my legs to take over eating me. I was granted another orgasm in this style and we then lay naked on the grass together enjoying the sun. Mike was properly hard again by the time I’d cum and I did offer to help him out but he said he would wait until we were in bed that night before he came again.

On the Tuesday, we charged ourselves up with water in the same fashion but this time Jen wanted to try something a little more extreme to combine her watersports and bondage fetishes (my perversions are nothing compared to her). We once again stripped off and headed out to the garden (which is why having a secluded garden had been such an important part of our criteria when looking for a place to rent) and Mike and I both gave Jen a gentle spanking (mostly ass and breasts, but I also spanked her mons and pussy a little). When she was nicely juiced up, we attached her nipple and clit vibes and left them loosely tightened while Mike helped me into the strap-on harness (with internal vibe attached of course). We tightened the clamps and Jen knelt on all fours while I pushed into her from behind and started to fuck her. She had her hair tied in a ponytail and I wrapped this around my hand and pulled on it while Mike stood over her and lifted her up by her arms (pulling them back). As always, I’m worried that we’ll hurt Jen (in a bad way), but she said that it didn’t hurt much and it felt delicious (again, her word).

Mike said that he was having trouble keeping his cock down, so to allow him to play his part later on, he lowered Jen to the ground and turned to face me. I helped him out by sucking him a little, but he did most of the work and jerked himself off until he came over my face and chest – I had suggested he should cum over Jen’s ass so I could fuck his cum in to her cunt as it dripped down on to the strap-on, but he said that he wanted her to be unpolluted for their first time.

With a now limp cock, he was ready to help hold Jen up again, but said he had another idea and disappeared indoors. He returned with a couple of old catalogues and got Jen to hold herself up with her arms while he pushed them underneath her, placing them above the chain that connected her nipple and vibe clamps. This meant that when he stood over her and pulled her up by her arms again, the chain pulled tight and she said it felt much better. We made her promise to tell us if things hurt her too much (but from experience we didn’t expect her to say anything) and I started to fuck her as hard as I could. I asked Jen to describe what she could feel as I still don’t quite understand the bondage thing (while I quite enjoy a light spanking I don’t find pain to be enjoyable). Jen did her best and told us how she could feel her body tingling where she was being pulled and even how the pressure in her shoulders seemed to add to her pleasure. I slapped her ass a few times for good measure and when she started mewing (which I guess I should explain for new readers is the sound she makes when she is in the build-up to cumming) I reached around her body and pressed my hands against her lower stomach to increase the pressure on her bladder.

Mike pulled her up a little more so the chain between her nipple and clit clamps was pulled tighter and she told us (slightly too loudly as we were outside) that she was about to cum. I pushed on her bladder a bit harder and humped in to her as best I could given the position we were in. Jen kept saying she was about to cum and then gave me the usual sign (during a watersports session anyway) and I felt warm liquid flooding down my legs. I carried on fucking her, with each thrust in to her causing her pee to spray over us both even more. Jen had really wanted me to cum at the same time as her so we would both be peeing together, but even though I had the internal vibe buzzing away on me (which felt good), Jen was getting much more stimulation so was a fair way ahead of me. Mike was also helping her out and was peeing directly on to her back and the back of her head (this is why he needed to cum earlier or he probably would have been too hard). Just as with the bondage thing, I don’t quite get why she enjoys this so much (I’m on board with it feeling good when I pee as I cum, just not being peed over) but I know Jen loves it and Mike did a pretty good job of soaking her head and back.

When Jen finished cumming Mike lowered her to the ground but I still had to cum (and by this point I did *have* to cum) so I continued to pump in to Jen while the internal vibe pushed me closer to the edge. Mike suggested a change of position and Jen agreed so just before I came I pulled out of Jen and she rolled over on to her back and lifted up her legs. Mike helped push her up so her pussy was in the air and I guided the vibe back in to her and carried on fucking. This position pushed the vibe in the wrong direction so the internal vibe wasn’t pushing against me quite as firmly, but I was close and didn’t want to disappoint Jen so I stuck with it as my orgasm slowly crept towards fruition. My orgasm started off slowly but after a couple of pulses it felt pretty good so I pushed and began to empty my bladder. My pee was partially contained in the strap-on harness, but only briefly, after which it flooded out down my legs and dripped over Jen’s body and face. I tried to picture what we were doing from a third person’s viewpoint and I’ll admit that I loved how dirty and slutty it seemed. I pounded in to Jen with long hard strokes as if I was actually cumming in her and only stopped when my orgasm had ended and I needed to take the harness off.

Mike and I showered off quickly with the hose and then went indoors to re-join Jen who had decided to just sunbathe (naked of course). We ate dinner outside that evening and Mike and Jen decided that they probably couldn’t sensibly delay things any longer and that they would have their first session the next day. As Jen knew that once she and Mike started playing, it would take up a fair amount of her free time she wanted to have a final solo watersports session. Jen drank a fair amount of water with dinner and then asked me to fetch her some toys and a pair of opaque tights (mostly as they are more robust, but also as she knows Mike loves the way they look). Once she had the tights on, Jen lay back on the grass and played with herself through them. As she got closer to cumming, she inserted a vibe in to her pussy but then pulled the tights back up and carried on frigging her clit through the tights. When she got close to cumming, she stood up and leant back against the fence, then held a second vibe against her clit (still through the tights).

It was incredibly arousing watching her orgasm slowly approaching and I would have happily played with myself (or with Mike), but Jen wanted us to watch and I think that anything I can do to encourage her exhibitionist side is a good thing so we just sat and watched (possibly with a little self-fondling, but nothing too serious). As Jen was taking her time, we got to enjoy the full gamut of her ‘mews’ (which morphed in to gasps as she got really close). We all knew what to expect and as jen came, we watched the crotch of the tights rapidly darken and then saw liquid running through the material and down her legs. Her body jerked a number of times and the hand at her breasts pulled on a nipple. She finished cumming before she finished peeing, but said that it still felt really nice as she continued to empty her bladder (Mike agreed with this and said that when he had peed on her just after he came it had felt like a pleasurable mix between tingling and tickling).

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