Monday, 30 December 2013

Mike and Jen’s First Fuck

On the Monday morning following our reunion trip to York, Mike and Jen both went down on me before work, but refrained from cumming themselves. They went and showered together and Mike shaved Jen, then gave her the lick test for smoothness (but didn’t eat her properly). Once I had showered, we had breakfast and they announced that that night was to be the night that Mike would take Jen’s hetero cherry. We had discussed before exactly what might be involved in the evening, but hadn’t decided on whether they wanted to be left alone. I really wanted to be there to watch, but Mike and I had been alone when we first did things (and even the suggestion of someone watching at that point would have shocked me) and Mike left Jen and I alone when we first started dating. We decided that as I had got to watch them have their first proper play with each other, that I would give them the place to themselves that evening (but would join them in bed afterwards).

It was a little strange as they had obviously done so much together, but they decided to have a nice romantic evening together before moving in to the bedroom. Jen went home from Uni a little early and freshened up. She wore a cute powder blue dress that she know Mike (and many other guys) like, with matching underwear and over the knee socks and even had a matching ribbon to tie her hair back (Mike dressed nicely too with some dark trousers and a fresh shirt). He brought her flowers and they sat in the living room chatting and holding hands. There was a bit of kissing, but nothing too heavy and they said that there was an air of expectant nervousness.

Before things went any further, they had a nice candlelit dinner (but nothing heavy) and then returned to the living room with some wine where they kissed some more and gently caressed each other. Mike asked Jen if she thought it was time and she gave him a little nod so he led her in to the bedroom and they kissed standing beside the bed while Mike unbuttoned the back of Jen’s dress and let it slide down her body to the floor. Jen removed Mike’s shirt and Mike countered by unsnapping her bra and sliding it down her arms. They kissed some more and Jen undid Mike’s trousers, which he them removed (along with his socks). Jen took the initiative next and slipped her hands in to his shorts and pushed them down, freeing his cock. She then knelt and used her hand and mouth to caress him. Mike pulled Jen back up and lowered her backwards on to the bed, then half lay on her so he could kiss around her nipples while caressing her through her panties. He then kissed down to her crotch and nuzzled her pussy briefly before pulling her panties off and kissing around and then directly on her pussy.

I was surprised to find out that Mike didn’t eat Jen to an orgasm first before they moved on to actually having sex, but he said that she was already very wet and he wanted to be able to enjoy her as many times as possible so after a couple of minutes of gently lapping away at her pussy, he joined her on the bed and they moved in to the middle. They kissed a while longer, their bodies rubbing together and Jen ended up on top of Mike. She rubbed against his cock but said that she wanted him to take her for their first time so they rolled over and Mike continued rubbing his cock against the length of Jen’s pussy. They kissed deeply and Mike told her that he wanted her to know that he really loved her (no jokes this time about this being just because she was gay). Jen whispered back that she loved him too and spread her legs. Mike slowly pushed his cock in to her pussy and when he was all the way in Jen wrapped her legs around him and told him to stay still for a moment. They kissed a lot more and slowly began to rock back and forth against each other. Mike told Jen that she felt incredibly warm, wet and soft and that it felt wonderful inside her and Jen told him that she could feel him moving and loved the sensation.

Mike really wanted Jen to cum in their first session, but Jen had wanted it to be fairly gentle with lots of body to body contact, so neither of them could get to her clit to play with it. Mike wasn’t planning on giving up too easily though and despite really wanting to empty his cum deep in to Jen’s pussy, he held back and pumped in to her over and over. As Jen got more aroused, he pumped in to her harder, still lying on top of her and kissing her, but with their lower bodies now slapping together as they moved. Mike whispered to her that he wanted to see and feel her cum around him and Jen told him to just keep doing what he was doing, so he did. She mewed in to his mouth as they kissed and Mike occasionally put his head beside hers so she could mew more clearly (he thinks the sounds she makes are as cute and sexy as I do). Jen pulled him harder against her as she got close and told him to kiss her, then came with his cock pumping in to her pussy and his tongue entwined with hers.

Even through their kiss, Mike could tell from Jen’s mews that she was actually cumming and he pushed in to her with long strokes. He probably didn’t cum while she was still cumming, but he was fairly close behind her and after the first jet of cum squirted from his cock he stayed most of the way inside her and just pushed in a little more with each wave of his orgasm. Jen held him inside her with her legs and they panted in to each other’s mouths. Mike stayed inside Jen for quite a while, during which time they kissed a little, had tiny conversations and (apparently) looked lovingly in to each other’s eyes. They tried to describe their orgasms to each other and Jen said that it had felt slightly different than she had expected (in a good way). Mike told her that her pussy felt wonderful, but that she might now be significantly wetter than when they had started.

Mike was mostly soft by this point so he pulled out and they watched as his cum began to ooze out of Jen’s pussy. She used her panties to catch it as it dripped out of her while Mike caressed her legs. Jen asked why he had left her socks on and he just told her that he thought they looked cute, and to prove the point he started to kiss and caress her legs and thighs above her socks. He briefly kitty kissed her, but there was a bit too much of his cum present for his liking so he rolled Jen over on to her stomach and kissed around her ass cheeks and then up her back. As he kissed her shoulders, she rubbed her ass against his cock and then turned her head so they could kiss properly. Mike’s cock began to come back to life and once it was hard enough, he pushed it down between Jen’s legs and humped against the entrance to her pussy.

His cock slipped inside her quite easily due to their combined juices and with a few strokes he was buried all the way in. They fucked like this for a little while, finding out how each other moved and then they rolled over on to their side so Mike had an arm under Jen, which he used to reach up to caress her breasts. He reached around her with his other hand to get to her clit and he told her to use him to enjoy herself. As he kneaded her nipples and frigged her clit, Jen humped back and forth on his cock and he asked her if she wanted him to cum in her again (she did). He pushed back against her thrusts and she told him that it felt like he was really deep inside her. It was harder for them to kiss in this position, but neither of them wanted to stop or change position. Jen came first by quite a long way but she insisted that he keep moving in her until he came again and Mike didn’t object to this idea so he continued to pump in to her. As he didn’t have to reach around to play with her clit, he could lie closer to her and kiss her shoulders and neck again and as he came, he cupped both of her breasts and pulled himself against her.

They were still in bed when I arrived home and even though I assumed they had finished as I couldn’t hear any moans of passion, I waited until they invited me in before I ventured in to the bedroom. It was clear from the way that they were snuggled up together that things had gone well so I undressed and slipped in to bed with them to get the full description. Observant readers will have noticed that the comments between Mike and Jen during their session were much milder than usual and this was echoed in the language they used to describe things to me (the word ‘cunt’ wasn’t used once). They gave a very arousing description (which I hope we passed on well in to this entry) and even though we had agreed the previous day that I wouldn’t join in, they didn’t object to me playing with myself and my fingers were soon busy between my legs.

At this point, Mike and Jen told me that they had been waiting for my return to allow me to watch their final session of the evening (only watch though) so I moved to the side and resumed gently stroking myself while they kissed and rubbed against each other. Mike knelt between Jen’s legs and positioned his cock against her pussy. Jen held her lips apart and Mike slowly slid in to her, the head first and then a little further with each stroke. I really wanted to reach over and either play with their combined genitals or Jen’s breasts, but I stayed out of it and just watched as Mike lifted Jen’s legs up so her feet were either side of her head and started to move in and out of her with long strokes. This position always feels quite deep when we do it and I couldn’t resist dashing to the cupboard to retrieve a dildo, which I used in my pussy in time with Mike’s strokes in Jen. Mike used a thumb on Jen’s clit and she gently toyed with her breasts (gently for her anyway, there was definite pinching and rolling). Mike pumped in to Jen faster as she started to mew and I watched closely as his cock slid in and out of her (admittedly it wasn’t the best position for me to see what was happening). Unsurprisingly, Jen came first and Mike pushed in and out of her for a minute or so longer before he came (but it was his third cum of the evening so he was forgiven for taking a bit longer). I didn’t cum until after Mike, but I had been concentrating on watching more than doing things to myself.

We watched (Jen used a mirror) to see if any of Mike’s cum would ooze out of Jen’s pussy, but weren’t too surprised when nothing appeared. Jen’s pussy did look quite damp though and I was offered a sample to confirm that there was a definite new, salty component to the flavour. Once we were curled up beside each other again I admitted that there was another reason that I had taken a while to cum…

Although I hadn’t known exactly when they would be doing things, I had a rough idea and while sitting in the lab working, I had been imagining Mike and Jen fucking and eating each other (and me being involved of course). Before I left, there was only me and one other person in the lab (a PhD student called Andy). His desk was down the other end and even though he could see my top half (slightly shielded by some shelves), my bottom half was completely hidden from him. I had been sitting with a leg folded under me for a while and as I imagined what Mike and Jen were doing, I let a hand slide between my legs and gently play with myself. I hadn’t been intending on making myself cum, but I have very little willpower in this department and it wasn’t long before my ‘gentle playing’ turned in to two handed masturbation. I looked up a few times to check that Andy was still working at his desk and went for it. I pulled my skirt up, scooted forwards on my chair, spread my legs and doubled my efforts. I came with a couple of fingers buried in my pussy, one pressing against my ass and my other hand working on my clit. I had my pussy aimed straight at Andy and imagined he was watching me as I came, but I made it through my orgasm without him looking up.

I was going to just straighten myself up and continue working, but felt like being naughty for a while longer so I pulled out my pair of emergency panties from my bag and slipped them on. I wandered over to Andy’s desk and pulled up a chair to sit and chat with him – I once again sat with a leg folded under me (it’s quite comfortable) and discussed work while giving him a clear view up my skirt to my panties. It would have been more fun if I could have let him look at my naked pussy, but I don’t want people at work to know that I usually leave myself exposed, and this still felt quite nice. I did wish that I had adjusted my panties to at least let a little more of my pussy show, but I made do with things the way they were. By the time I returned to my desk I felt quite moist and I was very tempted to slip off my panties and give Andy a proper flash, but stuck to my decision to not mix work and pleasure (at least not too often).

(Back to me being at home with Mike and Jen). Over the next few days, Mike and Jen tried various other positions and I was finally allowed to join in, although only partially (they were still responsible for making each other cum, but they would also make me cum). They stuck to ‘standard’ sex (just fucking and eating, no watersports or bondage – those were reserved for later on). Even though Jen and I were both still on the pill, we practiced our cum-sharing – or at least Jen practiced emptying Mike’s cum from her pussy in to mine as he was still only fucking her. We had decided that the first people we wanted to allow to witness Mike and Jen fucking would be Lis and Lucy, but Abigail and Susan were coming to visit us that weekend so we agreed that we would pretend that Mike and Jen still weren’t doing anything yet. I was happy about this as it meant I was more likely to get his cock in me (although I knew that he would probably be fucking Abigail and Susan) – he did promise me that once they left, we would switch to ‘proper’ threesomes and start to enjoy ourselves properly though.


  1. Andi
    That was a really good post. I wonder if we could get her perspective comparing a dildo to a real cock. Being a guy (and born with one) I have no way to compare with a 'fresh perspective'. My wife said she was surprised how soft yet hard a real one is, if that makes any sense. She also said she liked how it twitched sometimes. Kind of like comparing a real pussy to a fake one is different for a guy than a girl because he doesn't have 'inside knowledge' if that makes any sense at all.
    Anyway, glad it all worked out and that Jen finally understands that he really does love her in that deep way and that it wasn't just s-e-x to him. That can come later of course but only after a mutual understanding of that love is there.

    1. You know that I could give the same perspective as Jen :) We're a bit busy tonight but we'll confer and try to put in in words

  2. I'm fairly sure that I've written something about this before as everything I want to now write seems somewhat familiar, but I have no idea how long ago it was so I can't refer you to it.

    Jen and I discussed the difference between a dildo/vibe and a real cock (and we asked Lis for her opinion too, although she doesn't know it's going to be published). The diffeence with a vibe is obvious as cocks can't vibrate so I'll concentrate on the texture. We all agreed that the silicone coated vibes are the best. I've always thought that they also felt the most realistic (although that wasn't a consideration for Lis or Jen until recently) as they can have the hardness of a cock while the silcone coating imitates the softness of the skin.

    Most of the time we prefer having the real thing as then the guy attached to it can do other things to us with his hands or mouth, but in the cases when the guy doesn't last long enough, the dildo/vibe is much more preferable. To be fair, we don't always want a really long session, it's just a bit frustrating if you're in the middle of doing things and the guy cums and then doesn't offer to help finish you off.