Wednesday, 18 December 2013

Mike and Jen’s First Time(s) – Part 2

I'm working from home today (and I have actually been working), but Jen pleaded with me to take a break and pay her some attention so we thought we'd post the next chapter while we remember. I'm lying on the bed with Jen's head under my pussy eating me as I type this (and then paste the entry) and as soon as I press publish, I'm going to eat Jen until she cums at least twice. I can feel her tongue snaking in to my pussy and swirling around inside me so that's the end of the intro, back to the good stuff...
Jen’s orgasm had been fairly strong but Mike kitty kissed her until she caught her breath and he then crawled back up on top of her and let her taste her juices from his mouth. Jen could feel Mike’s cock pressing against her pussy and said that it felt like he wanted inside her straight away (which he did), but he said that he would wait so they could do things as they had discussed (taking things slowly and enjoying learning about each other). They called me over to join them on the bed and I got Jen to describe what it had felt like. She started off by saying that it had felt ‘fine’ and ‘okay’ but was just teasing and told Mike that he was actually quite good at cunnilingus and she would probably let him do it to her again. Mike’s reply to that was that her was going to eat her pussy so much over the coming days that she would feel like she was constantly cumming. Usually someone would think this was exaggeration, but Jen knows just how much Mike likes eating pussy and just how many times he’s made me cum in a row so she said she would do her best to take what he gave her, but might need an occasional break.

Mike complimented Jen on her hand-job technique and then on her blow-job. Jen had enjoyed the sensation of him cumming directly in her mouth but said that he tasted a bit saltier without my juices mixed in to his cum (she’s tasted him before, but probably not in quite such a quantity). I really wanted to play with one (or both) of them, but we had agreed that until they had finished exploring and gone all the way, that I wouldn’t make either of them cum. That didn’t mean that they weren’t allowed to make me cum though and I pointed out how frustrating it was watching them caress each other. Mike suggested they take a break to satisfy me and I lay back with my legs spread to let them do whatever they wanted. They each took a turn eating me while the other played with my breasts and Jen then sat over my face while Mike fucked me. I watched as Jen sucked his cock clean of my juices and they then double teamed me to lick both of my holes until I came.

I had a pretty good orgasm so thought I should give them some privacy to play and left them while I went and prepared for work. All they did was 69 (Jen on top) but Mike told her that he didn’t want to cum again so that he would be able to give her a bigger load in the morning before she went to Uni. That night, Mike spooned me while I fell asleep but as he wasn’t intending to cum, I wasn’t allowed to cum again either. This was a little frustrating, but he wasn’t really teasing me, just resting with his cock inside me. The following morning, Mike ate Jen awake and I got up to shower while they played. Due to time constraints in the morning, we usually only have one session, so someone is always left out – up until this point it had always been Mike or Jen though as I would get to play with one of them – I remember really hoping that once they were used to doing things with each other that our morning sessions could become threesomes (which would have the added benefit that nobody would be left out).

I may have made use of the pulse setting on the shower as I washed myself but even with the additional time I spent, Mike was still lapping away at Jen’s pussy (for her second orgasm) when I returned to the bedroom. While I got dressed I watched her cum and they then showered together – Mike was still hard when they returned, but that was by design (as opposed to him just showering with Jen) as Jen then sat on the bed and sucked Mike off. This time, she didn’t want him to cum in her mouth though and when he said he was getting close, she got him to stand back a little and she stroked his cock. He got her to adjust her grip a couple of times, but what she was doing obviously worked as Mike came over the front of her body (a little on her face, but mostly on her breasts, stomach and legs). Jen rubbed his cum over her body, paying special attention to her breasts and pussy and then slipped on one of her summer dresses with nothing else underneath. Mike loved the idea of her just wearing his cum as her underwear (but he likes it when I do this too) and it didn’t help matters that Jen and I teased him quite a bit as we ate breakfast – so he was still at least partially hard when we left the house.

I didn’t tease Jen as much on the way to work as I’d done the previous day, but I did get her to bend over to give a few guys a flash of her ass and pussy and we then sat in a coffee shop chatting for a little while and made sure that we ‘let’ some of the other patrons look up our skirts (I wasn’t skiving, I had a meeting to attend at 9.30 so there wasn’t any point in going in to the lab first). We ate lunch together with some of Jen’s fellow students and I made sure to give Darren a proper look up my skirt. (Darren is the one who joined Jen, Mike and I with his girlfriend as he wanted to see her with another girl). The more I let him look up my skirt, the hornier I felt and I ended up asking Jen if she thought it would be acceptable to ask him to play with me (privately of course, although the idea of having him make me cum on the grassy bank with the whole Uni watching was also very appealing).

Technically we had decided that we (or I) wouldn’t play with any other guys now that we were in the run up to trying to get pregnant, but as I was still on the pill and Mike would be playing with Jen for a while, she agreed that as far as that went, it should be fine (and I would have got him to use a condom anyway). The only issue was his girlfriend Joni – now as I’ve fucked Darren before and Jen, Mike and I have all made Joni cum you could argue that she probably wouldn’t mind her boyfriend doing things to me again (and I did try to argue that to myself) but we do try to not do things with people that we know are in relationships unless their other half knows (and approves). It was probably due in part to the fact that I was outside with a group of people and letting someone see me that was getting me so horny, but I ended up whispering to Darren that if he checked with Joni first, (and if he wanted to), we could find somewhere suitable and he could fuck me. Unfortunately he said that while Joni had quite enjoyed the session we’d had, she had felt pretty jealous about him fucking me (and a little ashamed about Mike, Jen and I fucking her), so there wasn’t any chance of either a repeat session or him being allowed to play with me by himself.

I managed to sit so I was facing him with my legs spread and ankles crossed in front of me and I carefully slid a hand down my thigh to my pussy and let him see as I toyed with myself. As the rest of Jen’s friends were just behind me I couldn’t actually play with myself, but it still felt really nice (and caused Darren to have to shift his position to hide his erection). I had to make use of my usual spot in the cupboard when I returned to work (unfortunately Jen had something scheduled so I couldn’t enlist her to help quench my libido, but it’s not as if I’m unfamiliar with taking care of myself. My display outside had made me feel particularly horny and my pussy certainly felt quite wet – I was very tempted to strip off at least partially, but while ‘my spot’ is shielded from direct view of the door, I wouldn’t have had time to get dressed if someone else had come in. I ended up standing against the wall with my skirt pulled up as I played with myself and by the time I came, my nips were easily visible through my bra and top so I had to wait a little while I calmed down.

Jen finished before me that day and went home early. When I arrived home, she was sitting on the sofa with Mike’s face buried between her legs, slowly eating towards her second orgasm of the session. I once again felt a little jealous, but checked it by reminding myself that this was what I had wanted (and it really is what I want). I pulled up a chair and watched as Jen toyed with her nipples (Mike didn’t ask her to leave them alone this time) and Mike busied his tongue around and in her pussy. She told him she was getting close and I saw Mike nod, but he didn’t take his mouth from her pussy. I couldn’t stand just watching any longer and grabbed my emergency vibe from my bag, then slid it in to my pussy. Jen had her head back on the sofa, looking up at the ceiling and was obviously enjoying herself – I wanted to ask her if she still thought it had been a good idea to wait so long to let Mike do things with her, but decided not to interrupt them and just gently fucked myself with the vibe. It was actually quite nice to be able to watch Jen cum like this as I could study her movements and reactions as her orgasm grew closer. I saw her pawing at her breasts with more force (enough to leave red finger marks) and could see Mike gripping her thighs tightly so that his mouth didn’t lose purchase on her cunt. Jen came fairly quietly but the look of ecstasy on her face was unmistakable and I sped up the motions I was making with the vibe.

Mike briefly pulled away from Jen to tell me not to make myself cum and then kitty kissed her for a little while until her breathing was back to normal. Mike sat on the sofa and Jen climbed on to his lap so her pussy was pressed against his cock and they kissed then called me over to join them. I quickly slipped out of my clothes and gave them both a kiss before sitting down, but almost as soon as I’d sat down, Jen climbed off of Mike and told me to sit there. I went to mount him in the same position Jen had been in but was told to sit facing away from him – I had a good idea of what was about to happen (or at least what I hoped was about to happen) and once I had impaled myself on Mike’s cock my hopes were confirmed as Jen pushed her tongue against my pussy and started to lick us both. I told them that I wasn’t complaining, but I thought we had agreed that they would concentrate on each other and was told that they would, this was just a little break to ensure I didn’t feel left out (this is why I love them both so much). Mike helped to guide me up and down on his cock while Jen licked us both and sucked on my clit – she commented that Mike’s cock tasted nicer when it was covered in my juices and he retorted by saying that I would probably say the same thing when it was coated in Jen’s juices. Mike reached around me to caress my breasts and he kissed my back as we fucked. We kept the movements quite slow and steady, but there was no danger of me not cumming due to the multiple methods of stimulation my body was receiving. I had what felt like quite a deep orgasm and Mike continued to slowly fuck me while Jen kitty kissed me – this felt much better than I had expected and almost felt like a continuous (very) low level orgasm until they stopped.

When I dismounted, Jen sucked Mike’s cock and he then got her to stand while he knelt and lapped at her briefly before we went to get some dinner. Mike and Jen carried on flirting while we ate so I offered to clear up to give them a chance to play some more. Mike got Jen to climb up onto the table and he ate her again (not to orgasm). Jen asked how many times he was going to go down on her and he reminded her that he had warned her that he would be spending most of the time between her legs. I helped out a bit by playing with and kissing her nipples, but we didn’t let her cum as Mike had another idea he wanted to try.


  1. I love eating pussy and would love to eat you and Jen! I'm sure you'd find me different and better than the repetitive stuff with Mike. I can smell and taste you both already! :)

  2. That's a mighty big claim - don't forget that eating pussy is Mike's favourite thing and while he has a number of 'usual' techniques/patterns, he also mixes things up from time to time (plus I have Jen for additional variation).

    Having said that, I'm always up for new experiences, what would you do that would be new or interesting to me? As much detail as possible would be good (and if you don't want to comment you can always email me and I'll give you an appraisal :)

    1. That'd be a surprise worth waiting for. I'm not so good at writing about it as you are - but wait 'til you experience what I could do for you! It'll blow your mind (and your gloreously sensitive clitty) away!

    2. Mmm - sounds interesting, if you are really that good then I might even be able to get Sue to offer herself to you (Jen will probably still be off-limits though)

  3. I second that Anonymous user (pity I can't use my Yahoo account to leave a comment), you've always had a way with words Andi. That's why I've followed your blogs so long - you can go into great detail and not be repetitive, which makes for really great reading.
    I'd take you up on that Sue offer though (then she could tell you what you missed out on, hehe)...pity I'm an 18 hour flight away.
    Happy Christmas

  4. Hmm - when writing it feels like things are getting a little repetitive though. We haven't really done anything 'new' for a while (not counting Jen and Mike, but that happened a good few months ago in real time, I'm just behind on the writing). I'm not complaining about our sex life as between Mike and Jen and with occasional visits from Sue, Lis and Lucy we're fine, but since learning about sex I've always enjoyed doing new things and pushing myself further (or rather being pushed further by Mike or Jen).

  5. I doubt that anyone in your position (excuse the pun) would / could complain about their sex life as there is always variety as well as the main fact that everyone is so close and intimate.
    Looking forward to your adventures through 2014 :)

  6. Thanks - there is at least a little more to come, although I might stop writing as our sex lives will inevitably slow down once we have a baby and proper grown-up concerns/