Saturday, 21 December 2013

Mike and Jen’s First Time(s) – Part 3

For this we went out into the garden and I was told to lie on my back so Jen could 69 with me. I was told that I wasn’t allowed to make Jen cum, but could help out at least for a while. For his part, Mike knelt behind Jen and rimmed her ass (as well as spearing her a number of times). From what I could feel Jen doing to my pussy I assumed that she was enjoying herself quite a lot but I made sure to tell Mike when I felt her starting to mew in to my cunt. Jen was told to lift her ass up slightly and Mike carried on lapping away at her ass. I spread her lips and watched as her pussy contracted and her juices gathered. It’s not like she produced torrents of pussy juice, but from time to time enough milky substance gathered and dripped out on to my face or neck. I cheated a bit and blew a stream of air at her clit, but didn’t keep this up for long as I was distracted by an approaching orgasm. I came and Jen switched to kitty kissing me, which allowed me an easy way to tell how effective Mike’s ass-work was. Jen’s kisses became more insistent and I could feel her body shaking slightly (as well as feel her mewing on my pussy). Mike speared her ass a few times and swirled his tongue around it until she finally came and I watched her pussy closely enough to see her contracting (and I felt a few more drops of her juices fall on my face). Jen rolled off of me on to her back and Mike buried his face in her pussy to eat out her accumulated moisture and then got Jen to describe how the orgasm had felt.

I watched as Mike rubbed his cock against Jen’s thigh and she asked if he was ready to cum yet. She reached a hand down to caress him and I watched as she stroked him and then asked him to rub his cock against her breasts. As Jen’s breasts are fairly small (but perfect), she doesn’t have the bulk to actually tit-fuck, but she enjoyed it before when Mike has rubbed his cock against her nipples. This time though she could actually take more control as now she was now ‘allowed’ to touch his cock. Mike rubbed back and forth between her breasts and then Jen took hold of his cock and rubbed it back and forth over her nips. She got Mike to move up a little so she could suck him, but soon found out that this isn’t a good position. Mike moved back down Jen’s body and used his cock to slap her nipples (she enjoyed this) and I suggested that as he and I had worked together on Jen, that maybe Jen and I could work on him. Mike liked this idea and after a short break for a drink (non-alcoholic, we just needed some liquid as it was still quite warm) we returned to the bedroom.

We decided between the possible positions and settled on Jen and I both sucking Mike off (we knew that we’d work our way through the other positions in due course anyway so it didn’t matter too much which position we used first). We started off with Mike sitting on the bed and Jen and I kneeling on the floor. It was nice being able to kiss her around Mike’s cock and we each used a hand to caress the other person’s breasts as we licked and sucked him. Mike certainly enjoyed what we were doing but said that he could think of a way to make it even better… For this, he lay on the bed and Jen and I lay beside him, but the other way around so we could get to his cock while he played with our pussies. He fingered us both as we sucked him, but it wasn’t quite as good a position for us to suck him – in a way this didn’t matter too much as I was fairly sure we’d be able to make him cum and the awkward position meant that we drooled a bit more saliva on to his cock and balls as we kissed him, but after he’d had a play with us, we went back to the original position to finish things off. I helped out until he was quite close and then I moved around behind Jen so I could caress her breasts and reach down to play with her clit.

She said that she wanted him to cum in her mouth, but this time she wouldn’t swallow so his cum would drip out of her mouth and down her body (for effect). Mike was fine with this as he didn’t mind if his cum was in or on her and as Jen sucked him I whispered some tips in her ear. I got her to stroke the shaft of his cock while holding the glans in her mouth and swirling her tongue around it (I learned this from Sue). I know that Mike really enjoys this and Jen’s slightly longer tongue seemed to work just as well on him. He warned her that he was about to cum and she gave him a nod to go ahead, which he did. Jen carried on sucking him (but I told her to be gentle) and I felt Mike’s cum start to drip on to my hands as it oozed out of her mouth around his cock. I moved round to watch properly and as Mike pulled out of Jen’s mouth, she opened her mouth and let the rest of his cum run out over her chin and on to her body.

Jen got me to join her on the floor again and we both licked up and down the length of Mike’s cock. We experimented to see how close we could get to the head before he said it felt too intense and we managed to keep him hard for quite a while (by which point all traces of his cum had been licked clean from his cock and Jen’s face – although her body still had some on it). When we broke for air I asked her what had made her think of doing that to Mike and she said that it was something she had secretly discussed with Sue a good few months ago. She explained that it seemed like the closest thing that we could do to kitty kissing him and when she came up with the idea she had really hoped that it wasn’t something I would think of first (or Mike would ask for). I think that Mike was quite surprised that Jen had been thinking of things that he might enjoy so far back and acted as proof that she did actually want to do things with him. I was quite surprised that she had come up with a new way (for us anyway) to give pleasure to Mike on her second day of doing things with him. Okay, so Sue helped out a little, but I’ve been making him cum for years and hadn’t thought of that, (although in my defence, he has always told me that his cock is usually too sensitive to do anything with just after he’s cum).

When it was time for bed, Jen and I lay beside each other so we could kiss (slightly awkwardly, but nonetheless kiss) while Mike moved between our cunts. As he was switching between us, we would get close to cumming and then have to wait for more while the other person was licked, so we both ended up pretty turned on. We spent a good while doing this and neither of us were allowed to cum – Mike also sat between our legs and fingered us both simultaneously with two fingers in our pussies and a thumb on our clit while describing how we felt different (Jen felt much wetter, but tighter than me). I wasn’t too surprised when Mike said that I would get to cum first and he continued switching between us a couple more times, but spent longer eating me until I told him I was almost there, at which point he pushed a couple of fingers in to me and lapped at my clit until I came. I was given a brief kitty kiss before me moved back to Jen’s pussy and I rolled over on to my side so I could kiss her properly and caress her breasts.

Mike continued to gently lick Jen, but still didn’t let her cum. She was mewing away, her body was covered in a light sheen of sweat and the look of desire on her face was incredibly sexy. I whispered to her that I loved her, but that she now belonged to both of us (Mike and me) and that we would continue to make her cum forever. At that point though, Jen just wanted to cum once – she is quite used to me teasing her, but this was the first time that Mike had spent so long on her without her cumming. He told me that it felt like Jen was getting even wetter and she said that she didn’t care how wet she was, she just wanted to cum. Mike told her to hang on and he gripped her thighs before fastening his face to her cunt. I told Jen that it looked like it was time and used a hand to tease her nipples as we kissed. I could feel her mewing in to my mouth and didn’t want to stifle the sounds so I kissed down to her neck and licked around the area. Jen had a hand on the breast I wasn’t fondling and her other hand was gripping the bedcovers so I told Mike to finish her off. He lapped away at her lips and clit and pushed his tongue inside her until she let out a series of ‘fucks’. Mike carried on eating her until she was gasping and then slowly migrated from eating her to kitty kissing her (gradually easing off the pressure and concentrating less on her clit). He kept his mouth attached to her pussy for probably another five minutes, during which Jen let out a few more moans and pants but by the time he finished, she was breathing normally and was no longer flushed.

Jen’s orgasm had apparently been as strong as it had looked and Mike told her that he would eat her like that whenever she wanted (so I piped up that I expected to be able to get the same treatment). As a reply, I was flipped over on to my stomach and Mike pushed in to me from behind and started to fuck me. He certainly felt quite hard and I had expected him to want to cum again after what he’d done to us, but he slowed his movements and we rolled over on to our sides so we could just spoon. Mike promised me that he would eat, finger and fuck me just as much as I wanted (or as much as he could manage), but said that between Jen and him, they should be able to manage to keep me satisfied (and if not we always had people from York or Jen’s Uni to call on). Jen asked who I wanted to have on call to make me cum when she and Mike ran out of energy and I started with the obvious (Lis and Lucy) and then added in other names from the two groups of people. Jen described how they could all take turns fucking or eating me, filling me with their cum and covering me with their juices and as she described all this she reached down to play with my clit. Mike told her that he hadn’t been intending on making me cum again, but Jen convinced him that they should continue so he fucked me and she frigged me until I came again while thinking about a whole group of people. I would have preferred it if Mike had actually fucked me properly (and cum in me) but I had assumed he would save his cum for Jen and it didn’t make any difference to my actual orgasm so it didn’t bother me too much.

The good thing about him not having cum (and him still being turned on) was that he could spoon and gently move in me for quite a while as I went to sleep (I’m pretty sure I was asleep before he went soft) and I knew that once he and Jen actually had sex that he would be spooning her to sleep for a little while so I enjoyed it while I could.

On Friday morning we decided that we would have a group play before work and Mike lay on the bed and let me use his cock to fuck myself while he ate Jen. Jen leant forwards (away from me) quite a bit so I could see his tongue working on her pussy and I played with my clit to help things along, then used a vibe on it to help finish myself off (we didn’t have a huge amount of time to play). I showered with Jen and we shaved each other as we were heading down to York that evening for a reunion with my Uni friends. We weren’t expecting that any of them were likely to get to appreciate how we had prepared, but at least we would know (and it felt nicer to be smooth). Just before we went out, Mike got to 69 with Jen and after he made her cum, he got her to sit on the edge of the bed with her dress pulled up so he could cum over her pussy and thighs. She rubbed his cum in and she and I then set off to Uni while Mike left for work.

As it was a nice day, we decided to walk and this gave us the opportunity to talk more openly than we could on the bus. I checked that Jen was indeed enjoying herself as much as it appeared and that she was still fine with doing things with Mike, but I didn’t have anything to worry about as she said she was glad that they were finally doing things and even though he was a guy, it didn’t bother her. We discussed what we could get up to with my friends if they weren’t such prudes (we discounted Lis and Vicky from the ‘prudes’ group) and by the time we arrived, we had worked each other up in to a nice state. Jen had a seminar that morning and at lunch I found out that she had sat with one leg folded under her so she could rest a hand between her legs and gently play with herself. As the group was small, she didn’t think she could safely make herself cum without someone noticing, but she had certainly gotten herself quite wet (as I found out when I slipped a hand under her skirt). We briefly considered me playing with her outside, but once again we didn’t think we could do this safely so we just flirted with each other between chatting to the rest of the group.

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