Tuesday, 24 December 2013

Reunion – Part 1

We're having a bit of a different Christmas this year as Mum is going away with her boyfriend. We could have spent the time at Jen's parents' place but then Sue would have had nowhere to go so she is visiting us and we're heading down to Jen's parents for New Year. We have some festive outfits so our time can be appropriately themed, but if I'm still writing you'll find out about that in due course. I hope you all have a good Christmas and if anyone has any requests, I'm prepared to write a story based around you and your fetish (if any), including any of my friends or family. I'm not promising anything too amazing as the last time I tried to write a fantasy (not based on a dream) it sort of went a bit wonky, but I'm prepared to try as a Christmas present...


In the middle of July we headed down to York for a reunion with my Uni friends. Most of us have gone elsewhere so it is rare that we get to see each other and I’d really been looking forward to it. We had hoped to also meet up with some of the people from the sex parties, but the undergrads had already left for the summer and most of the postgrads are guys so were now out of bounds to me. On the positive side, we did get to stay at Emily’s place as her lease lasted until the end of August – but on the negative side, neither Emily nor Sara were present as they were off on holiday.

We didn’t arrive until late on the Friday so didn’t get to see anyone that evening, but once we had dumped our things off, we went for a wander around York and for a drink. It brought back a lot of memories (not that we don’t visit York, but this was a rare time when we had nowhere to be and could enjoy it properly). We stopped off at a few places that we had used for our enjoyment in the past and recalled some of the things we’d gotten up to. We ended up at a little pub beside the river which I always loved for two reasons – one, the beer is really cheap (but good) and two, I can sit on the edge of the river exposing my pussy to the other bank, which is close enough to see people looking in my direction, but not so close that they will obviously realise how much I’m showing them. It had been a really warm day and Jen and I still had our light summer dresses on (in Jen’s case the only other item of clothing she had on was her shoes, whereas I also had a bra on). I sat with my legs spread fairly wide, resting my drink on one knee and decided that as I no longer lived there, I was prepared to be a bit bolder and when the people on the bench behind us left I sat up on the bench so I could display myself a bit more openly.

Of course I didn’t want to get arrested so I positioned myself in such a way that I was exposing my pussy to the other people sitting on the ground at the edge of the river, but could pretend that I didn’t know they could see up my skirt. I saw that one guy had noticed the view and he was discreetly trying to get a better look so between chatting to Mike and Jen I adjusted my position and sat with a leg folded under the other one, so they were spread almost in his direction. Seeing as he seemed to be enjoying the view (and so wasn’t likely to report me for indecency) I gave in to temptation and let a hand fall to my lap, then gently stroked my thigh. I let my fingers wander under my skirt and slowly moved them towards my pussy and when they finally got there I gently stroked up and down one side of the lips and then pulled my lips apart. I glanced in the direction of the guy who was watching me and gave him a wink but mouthed to him to be quiet and not say anything. For the duration of the time I sat there, I gradually adjusted my position so my skirt rode higher (to the point that I thought I might have gone a little too far as my pussy was only just covered when looking down from above), but this made it easier to touch myself and I even managed to get a finger slightly inside without it being too obvious to anyone else (I think).

The guy tried to talk to me when Mike and Jen went to the bathroom but I told him that Jen was my girlfriend and she didn’t appreciate me flirting with guys. It was reasonably dark by this point (at least where we were) so I reached over to the guy’s crotch and said that it was a pity as it felt he had a nice cock (which was obviously hard). To be fair, I pulled his hand between my legs and let him have a quick fondle of my pussy – I think that a few people might have seen us touch each other, but I didn’t care and I pulled his hand closer so he could get a couple of fingers right inside me. When Jen came back I told him to sit back down by the river again. His friends weren’t as discreet as he was and I had to explain to Jen that she needed to pretend to be jealous so we ended up leaving.

I really wanted to cum by this point and we debated using one of our old haunts, but there were too many people around in town. We had almost given up and were wandering back to Emily’s place when we decided to use the place by the Foss (where Sue and I had been made to play with each other). It was off a quiet courtyard and not well lit so we felt that it was ideal. As soon as we arrived I pulled my dress off and tossed it aside, then thought I may as well go the whole way and removed my bra too. I didn’t intend to let Jen off lightly so pulled her dress off and pushed her up against the wall. She loves me being this forceful with her and I kissed her, bit her nipples and rubbed her pussy hard. Mike reminded me that I wasn’t meant to make her cum and I assured him I was just getting her warmed up for him. It was soon my turn to have things done to me and I took Jen’s place against the wall. Mike went down on me first and then Jen had a go.

As we were all a little tipsy (not actually drunk) and horny, they decided to give me a treat and Mike moved around between me and the wall and pushed in to my pussy from behind. I had to lean forwards a little so he could get a decent way inside me, which made it a bit more difficult for Jen to lick my clit, but we worked out a compromise position (that fortunately didn’t feel like much of a compromise). Jen pulled away for a minute to tie her hair back and when she returned to my pussy she pointed out that I hadn’t been to the bathroom and asked if I needed to pee. I said that I was okay but she said that it would probably be a good idea, just so I didn’t get caught short on the way back to Emily’s place and I realised that I was just being stupid and hadn’t realised what she was asking me to do. Although I was getting close, I wasn’t so far gone to not care and I asked if she was sure as we had to walk the rest of the way back, but Jen said that it was fine so I told her if it was what she wanted, I would oblige. Mike removed his trousers and I kicked my shoes off (as I quite liked them and didn’t want to get them wet) and once we were back in position, I let Mike and Jen push me right to the edge before I gave Jen a final warning and said I was going to cum. Mike pumped in to me hard and reached around to apply pressure to my bladder – I held on until the first wave of my orgasm pulsed through my pussy and then pushed, feeling my pee flood out, over Jen’s face and down my legs. With each wave of my orgasm I pushed again and as it trailed off I emptied the rest of my bladder. Jen didn’t stop licking me and when I finally stood up, her face and body were soaked and she was sitting in a puddle of my making.

Mike’s balls and legs were also a bit wet but almost as soon as I pulled myself off of Mike’s cock, Jen took him in her mouth and sucked him clean. He wanted to make her cum first, but she insisted and I suggested that as she was rather wet already, Mike should just cum over her. He was quite happy to do this so Jen sucked him until he was about to cum and then sat back a little so he could finish himself off and cum over her face and chest (and a bit in her hair). It was now definitely time for Jen to cum and I got to have the first lick of her and then deferred to Mike. Jen pulled on her nips as he ate her and rubbed his cum over them but I dared her to leave the bits on her face alone. She muffled her mews as she got closer to cumming, but it was fairly obvious to see that she was nearly there and Mike asked her if she thought she had anything left in her. Jen said that she could probably manage a little bit and Mike told her to feel free, so when she came she let out a few small squirts of pee. This was the first time Mike had had this happen while he’d been eating someone, but he didn’t break contact and hungrily ate Jen until she said she couldn’t take any more.

We were now all naked and various parts of our bodies were damp, but this was easily taken care of by Mike and I using Jen’s dress to dry off our legs (and face in his case). As the dress was going back on to Jen’s body, there didn’t seem much point in drying her off so we helped to pull it over her head without disturbing the bits of Mike’s cum on her face (too much). Her body had dried a little, but was still wet in places and dark patches showed up where her dress stuck to her skin quite nicely. Mike had an idea an used a finger to run Jen through her dress, pushing the material in to her pussy. I got him to do the same to be, but her dress was lighter than mine and her dress stuck in her pussy a little more. Once we started walking, it fell out again, but there was now another damp patch on the front. On the way back to Emily’s place, Jen said that she felt very dirty being outside covered in secretions, and that she loved it. Mike convinced her (it didn’t take much) to squeeze out a little more pee as we walked and he rubbed the front of her skirt against her crotch as she did this so the damp patch from her pussy juice became much larger and darker. Jen loved feeling the liquid run down her legs (I guess in the same way I love feeling cum drip out of me and down my legs as I walk).

We had a quick shower when we got in before going to bed (it would have been rather unkind to use Emily’s bed in the state we were in). Once in bed, Mike went down on Jen’s freshly washed pussy and Jen did the same to me. Once us girls had cum, Mike spooned with Jen – not inside her, just with his cock between her legs, trying to rub against her pussy. I didn’t want to waste the opportunity so I got Jen to lift her upper leg and licked them both for a while – not enough to make them cum, but enough that I felt I’d given them some pleasure.

On the Saturday morning we repeated what we’d done the previous evening (Mike eating Jen, her eating me) and then went for breakfast. As all of Emily’s housemates had left at the end of term we just went out for breakfast and ate it in a park before heading off to meet up with some of the people who had arrived the previous evening. Not everyone had been able to make it, but we had a decent number of people and a few more arrived as the day progressed. Vicky was present and brought along her new boyfriend Oscar who she’d been with for a few months. It was the first time we’d met him and he seemed quite nice but as Jen reminded me, he was the reason that we hadn’t been able to have any fun with Vicky since they met (and anything that keeps Jen from large breasts is bad in her book). Unfortunately Lis (and Lucy) wasn’t there as she had a conference to attend, but it was nice to see the others again and we spent the day chatting and wandering around. Vicky was informed of the progression of Jen and Mike’s relationship and even though she couldn’t participate, she asked if she would be allowed to see (providing they got a chance).

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