Friday, 27 December 2013

Reunion – Part 2

After we’d had dinner, we went out and had drinks and then on to a club (although I think I’m getting a bit past wanting to dance all night). Mike flirted with Anna (as he always used to – she is an adorable, bubbly, energetic, cute & tiny girl) but I think he pushed things a bit too far as at one point in the evening, she found me and said that he had made a pass at her and told her how sexy he thought she was. I didn’t entirely help the situation as I told her that she could do things with him if she wanted. She didn’t believe that I actually meant this and I ended up daring her to try and then added that the only stipulation was that I would want to join them or have her afterwards. Anna told me that she couldn’t believe I had said that and that was the end of our conversation, but then didn’t speak to Mike or me for a fair amount of time. It was only on the Sunday that I realised I had offended her so much as I was distracted by Jo – my first female crush (it was mostly Jo that Mike used in our fantasies when he was ‘training’ me to like the idea of being with another girl, so I have a fairly strong association between her and cumming). I told Jo quite a while ago that I used to fancy her and she took it quite well, although I hadn’t gone as far in what I’d told her as I had with Anna that evening. I sat chatting with Jo for quite a while and as time drew on I cuddled up against her and semi-dozed. She used to wear fuzzy jumpers a lot and I wished that she had one of them on (just because that’s what she was always wearing at the beginning of the fantasies) but as it was warm she just had a summer dress on, which was also nice as it meant I got to feel her skin on my face and shoulders.

Mike and Jen managed to get a little time alone with Vicky and Mike demonstrated sliding a hand up under Jen’s skirt to her pussy and fingering her. They explained in more detail what they had done and not done together so far and Vicky wanted to see Jen suck Mike, but there wasn’t anywhere private enough to demonstrate that. Jen really wanted access to Vicky’s breasts and Mike wanted access to her pussy (but she had panties on so he couldn’t even get a glimpse). As Oscar didn’t yet know about Vicky and us (let alone approve of sharing her), they had to behave themselves, but both think that if the opportunity had arisen that Vicky would have been game to play). The no touching rule didn’t quite extend to verbal flirting though and Mike and Jen took turns describing to Vicky how they would finger her together and then how Mike would fuck her while Jen kissed and sucked on her breasts and then how Jen would eat Mike’s cum out of Vicky until she came again. Vicky complained that they were just teasing her (which they clearly were) and they promised to think about her while fucking later on and she said that when she was alone with Oscar, she might imagine them helping out with things too.

I had all of this relayed to me on the way back to Emily’s place and once inside we quickly stripped off (just by the front door) and it took a while for us to get upstairs as whoever was the highest up was eaten or fondled by the others. We sometimes had a chain with me at the top, Jen eating me and Mike eating Jen, or Jen at the top, me eating her and Mike inside or eating me, or Mike at the top with me on his cock and Jen licking us both. When we made it to bed, we combined the various fantasies of the evening and had an imaginary orgy with my friends (I did particularly well as I had three imaginary guys as well as Mike fucking me, and of course I got to do things with Jo, Anna, Rosie, Cindy and Vicky). In reality, Mike ate both Jen and I, Jen and I 69ed and Jen sucked Mike off and swallowed his load. Mike spent a while kitty kissing Jen to get her nice and wet, but didn’t make her cum again – the idea was to encourage her to have interesting dreams and it seemed to work as she woke up in the middle of the night and started to play with me.

As it was still fairly dark, she suggested making use of the garden. Emily’s (now ex) garden wasn’t that sheltered, but we felt that we could probably get away with doing things so headed out. The air felt a little chilly and there was dew on the grass, but once we got started we didn’t notice the cold. Mike fucked me roughly from behind while I ate Jen and pushed his thumb in to my ass, so I did the same to her. He said that he actually got quite close to cumming so slowed his movements for a little while to allow him to regain his composure before pumping in to me again and making me cum. As I’d got Jen quite close to cumming, when they 69ed it didn’t take too long and Jen once again swallowed his cum (although she said he didn’t produce as much that time as he had in the bedroom).

We returned to bed and I was woken the next morning by Mike going down on me, but as my orgasm approached he switched to eating Jen and I had to wait until she had cum. He did at least make up for it by fucking me with Jen holding my legs in the air so he could get deep inside me. Jen helped to make me cum by frigging me and I was then treated to Mike laying his cock along the length of my pussy so the head was near my clit while Jen licked us both. Fortunately his cock shielded my clit as I’d just cum so it didn’t get too much stimulation, but it was more than enough to feel good. Mike came and due to the position we were in (I still had my ass raised with my legs either side of Jen), his cum squirted a fair way up my body.

After showering we headed out to meet people for brunch. Anna seemed to have gotten over us effectively asking to fuck her but we made sure we didn’t push things any more. We spent a fair amount of time just sitting in Museum Gardens chatting – I angled myself to let Vicky see up my skirt (although I imagine she would have easily guessed I didn’t have panties on) and after a little while she came over to chat to me and knelt down in such a way that I could see up her skirt. She then spread her legs just enough for me to see that unlike the previous day, she was now au-natural and I whispered to her that she should let Mike and Jen see (which she did). Later on I did something a little naughty and sat so that Oscar got a view up my skirt (pretending that I didn’t know he was looking of course). I made sure to sit in multiple positions as I chatted with people so he got a good look from multiple angles and was enjoying having his eyes on me.

In hindsight, it was obvious that it might be slightly suspicious that on a day his girlfriend goes commando another girl was doing the same thing, but I hadn’t thought that far ahead. Vicky had hinted to him that she had done things with girls in the past, but he didn’t know how much (and at that point he didn’t even know about Lis). Following the weekend he asked her specifically about what she had done and she told him (almost) everything (omitting the sex parties and a few other choice details, but he found out about Lis, Mike, Jen and me). When she told him that she had dated a girl, he initially thought that it had been Jen or me (which is why a conversation that she had intended being about Lis ended up including us). Later in the week, just after they’d had sex and were lying together in bed, he mentioned that if she ‘ever wanted to do things with a woman again…’ he might not mind too much if he could watch or join her. Jen explained to him that we were planning on getting pregnant so I wasn’t really available, but that she might be able to ‘convince’ us to let him watch her go down on me or Jen. She also added that Mike might want to do things with her if she was doing things with us (and Oscar wasn’t as keen on that idea), but they did fuck again while Vicky described in a lot more detail the things she had done with Lis while dating her.

People started leaving York mid-afternoon but our train wasn’t until after 7 (as it was cheaper). We headed back to Emily’s to get our things and decided to splurge on some pizza before we left. Admittedly, getting food wasn’t the only justification as I’d decided to take the ‘I don’t live here so can be more adventurous’ line a bit further and I put on a sheer baby doll nightdress to answer the door in (even though we hadn’t anticipated being able to have fun with my friends, I’d brought it along just in case Jo had wanted to sleep over). Jen joined me and just wore some very skimpy white underwear that showed her nipples fairly well and didn’t hide too much of her pussy. Mike and Jen had both said that even though I wasn’t meant to be doing things with other guys, I could have a special dispensation and (if the guy wanted), I could fuck him. As much as I liked the idea of a new cock inside me, I decided to stand firm to my original declaration of Mike’s cock being the only one allowed inside me. When we answered the door and invited the guy in he certainly seemed to like what he saw and I did my usual trick of bending over to get money out of my bag, which caused the back of the nightdress to ride up and expose my ass and pussy properly to him (not that they were well hidden when under the nightdress).

As we didn’t have too much time, Jen helped hurry things along and pointed out to me that I was exposing myself to the ‘poor guy’. He said that he didn’t mind so Jen ran her hand over my ass and dipped her fingers lower so they ran over my pussy. I pretended to swat her hand away, but only half-heartedly and said that he probably didn’t want to see her do that to me (but he said that he did). I stood and asked if he really wanted to watch and when he said again that he did I pulled off my nightdress, climbed on to the table and told Jen to play with me. She briefly fingered me and then went down on me – I may have hammed it up a little but I was genuinely enjoying what she was doing to me and I got her to pull her panties down and finger herself while she ate me so he could see us both being stimulated. I told him that he could get his cock out if he wanted and either play with himself or that I would take care of him once I’d cum – he opted for both and I watched as he stroked himself lazily. I didn’t have to wait too long for Jen to make me cum (as I’ve said, we knew that we didn’t have too much time so couldn’t delay things too much) and as soon as my orgasm ended I got Jen to sit up on the table and pulled her panties off so I could put them on (just as extra protection from accidental cum splashes on to my pussy). I applied a condom to his cock and took him in my mouth while Jen played with herself (she also removed her bra so she could be completely naked). I slurped and sucked his cock while fondling his balls and got him to tell me when he was getting close. When he said he was nearly there I said I wanted his cum on my tits, pulled off the condom and pressed my breasts around his cock. He quickly started pumping back and forth and in no time I felt the warm, damp feeling of his cum as it squirted up over my chest and neck and then ran back down between my breasts. (I find it ironic that cum acts quite well as a lubricant, just at the point most guys don’t want any more stimulation.)

I rubbed his cum in to my breasts and then stroked his softening cock with my hands while we watched Jen finish playing with herself (after she came I gave her pussy a few long licks, keeping my hands well away from her) and we then paid him and showed him to the door still naked (us, not him). As soon as the guy was out the door, Mike came down and once I had cleaned myself up, Jen and I described what had happened while we ate the pizza. Mike was surprised that I hadn’t let the guy fuck me and I told them that I had been really tempted to just eat Jen on the table and let the guy fuck me while I did this, but I had made up my mind and I had stuck to it (just).

Despite the extra-curricular activity we still made it to the station in plenty of time and the added bonus of getting the last train was that it was fairly quiet. This meant that we could have some fun on the journey and I convinced Jen to join me in displaying ourselves to a guy who was sitting reading. We did this in what has become our usual way – we pretended we’d just gotten on the train at a stop and sat opposite him, then adjusted our position so we were sitting with our legs crossed with our feet on the chair so he could see up our skirts. Jen and I pretended to read and occasionally chatted to each other, which gave me the perfect opportunity to shift my position slightly from time to time, allowing my skirt to ride higher up my thighs each time I did so. I then started gently stroking my leg and worked my fingers up towards my pussy until I was stroking up and down the lips. I could see that the guy was hiding a bulge in his trousers and after I’d fingered myself for a couple of minutes (not very deeply, but enough for it to be clear that I wasn’t just stroking my skin) I apologised to the guy and asked him if he wanted me to stop.

He pretended he didn’t know what I was talking about at first, but I nodded down towards my pussy and pushed my fingers in to myself a little deeper. I told him that if he was offended I would stop, but that I was feeling horny and didn’t mind if he saw me cum. Jen slid a hand along my thigh and pushed my skirt up, then proceeded to play with my clit – I hadn’t been expecting her to act so quickly, but as the guy still hadn’t asked us to stop I guessed he was okay with watching and I unfolded my legs so I could spread them wider. Jen didn’t mess around and played with my clit quite intensely so I reached a hand under and around to push a couple of fingers in to my pussy without blocking the guy’s view. If my dress had been suitably compliant I would have probably got my breasts out as well (although it’s harder for me to cover up quickly if I do that), but I had to be content with him just watching my cunt as I fingered it and Jen frigged it. It was probably better this way (in addition to being less risky) as most guys seem to pay more attention to my breasts when they are exposed and I prefer people watching my pussy, especially as I cum. And I did cum for him – I felt my pussy spasm and I looked straight at him as it happened, then licked my lips and asked if he wanted me to repay him for watching me.

He asked me what I wanted to do and I got him to switch places with Jen so that she could look out behind me while I kept lookout in the other direction. I reached over and caressed his crotch, feeling the outline of his cock through his trousers and then quickly unzipped them and slipped my hand inside. Jen decided that she didn’t want to be left out so she lifted one leg up on to the seat and started to play with herself. I pulled the guy’s cock free and continued to stroke him, having just a little break to kneel and lick Jen. It only took a couple of minutes before the guy said that he was going to cum and I was a little mean as I just continued to stroke him until he came, squirting his cum up and over the front of his top. My hand was covered with his cum and I carried on gently stroking him, covering his cock with his own lube. I wiped my hand on the seat and told him that we had to go but thanked him again for the fun. He realised how much of a mess I’d made, but couldn’t really complain about it and Jen and I wandered back to find Mike.

I went to wash my hands and returned to find Jen sitting beside Mike with one of his hands between her legs. I told them that the next carriage along was almost empty and we waited until after the next stop to go and find somewhere suitable for Mike and Jen to enjoy themselves. A few more people had disembarked and we got a place just a couple of seats from the door. Mike knelt and pushed Jen’s skirt up and quickly started to eat her, but to be fair he did turn around and push his face between my legs so that he could give me a few licks as well. It was Jen that he was concentrating on though and he lapped away at her pussy until she came (quietly) and then kitty kissed her briefly. Mike sat on the chair opposite her (beside me) and told her to come and sit on his lap. She did this and between them they undid his jeans and pulled is cock free. Jen stroked him and rubbed her pussy against him and I suggested that she face away from him so I could lick them both. As nice as it would have been to make them both cum like this, the position we were in meant that there was nobody looking in one direction so I only had a few laps before I moved up on to the chair opposite them to keep a lookout. Mike rubbed his cock back and forth against Jen’s pussy and told her that he could just slide in to her and they could have their first fuck on the train, but Jen knew that he was very unlikely to do this.

Jen helped to stroke him and when it was time for Mike to cum, Jen knelt on the floor in front of him and pulled her dress up to her neck. Mike stroked his cock and aimed at her breasts – he only gave her a few small squirts, but she sucked his cock clean anyway and then rubbed his cum over her front before letting her dress fall down to cover (and partially stick to) her body.

I got to spoon with Mike that night and Jen licked us both – I was the only one who came as they were saving themselves for the following day. While cumming feels nice, it isn’t as much fun when you’re the only one and can’t reciprocate and I told them that they had better hurry up and get used to fucking each other so that we could get on with doing things together properly. Jen teased me and asked if I just wanted to see her virgin pussy be spoiled by a dirty man and as she kissed me she said that I would probably never look at her the same way again. I curled a finger into her pussy and assured her that even though I would be sharing it with Mike, her pussy would always belong to me.


  1. This is so horny! I've only just discovered your blog so am frantically reading it to play catch-up but the trouble is your writing is so horny I have to keep stopping for a wank (or two)!

    Have you thought of adding a 'Cast of Characters' to the blog so that Newbies like me can work out all the inter-connecting relationships (I know, you're all interconnected genitalially in some way!) and where everyone fits in your life (as well as fitting in your pussy)?

    1. I did - I even started writing it, but it was a little dull (and I didn't have time). It was also going to be difficult to keep it up to date as relationships changed and we did more or less together. I've also realised that it would also act as a spoiler (if I said 'person X - a friend from Uni who now sleeps with us' and you hadn't gotten to that part yet, it would ruin the suspense.

  2. I've been wondering, at what point do you think that the incest barrier is crossed with your sister? by many normal standards you passed that by masturbating together.... surely it's only a small step to take it all the way?

    1. I don't think masturbating together counts as incest - many people seem to do that. Given we've been involved in threesomes and been made to finger each other, that would be more like it but could still just be considered fooling around. We decided that we wouldn't go down on each other, so that sort of counts as our line, which still allows us to keep Mike and Jen happy by kissing and fondling each other.

      Personally I think incest isa much bigger deal between a brother and sister, or where the age gap is sufficient that the older one is coercing the younger one in to doing things, but I'm aware that I probably have a broader sexual viewpoint than many people...