Sunday, 1 December 2013

The de-viginising of Maria – Part 1

This is the fantasy based on the conversation we had at the beach. I have altered things slightly to make the story flow better and have substituted Mike in for the first one to do things with Maria, but the general ideas are the same. From the little I know of her, I can't imagine Maria would never do things like this, but I wonder what it would be like to lose your virginity in this way...

In the middle of the week, we all decide to head out to the stony beach and spend the night there. We ask Eduardo if he would let his daughters come along and as they are so keen to join us, he decided to let them (I can’t imagine he would ever do that, but hey…). We gather supplies – enough food and drink for the evening and breakfast and long with some blankets we head along to pick up Maria and Eloisa, promising their father that we will return them safely the next morning. It’s about 7 in the evening as we head up to the hills, the plan being that we will arrive when it is still light enough to gather firewood and prepare for our camp out.

We had to behave ourselves on the walk as we had Eloisa with us, but when she was up at the front of the group, a few people behind her would allow hands to roam over each other’s bodies. We arrived at the beach and set out our ‘beds’, then set about gathering up a huge pile of firewood so we could easily keep the fire going all night. A few of us went for a swim and a couple of the girls (myself included) went topless. Maria had her black one-piece swimsuit on and I wasn’t the only one who found this almost irresistible. As it got dark, we lit the fire and sat around chatting. Eloisa started to get tired and after fighting it for a while, she eventually gave in and we tucked her up under a blanket a little way away from us and returned to chatting. We ended up telling Maria a lot more about our various relationships (as in who was gay and who was bi) and it was obvious to us that a number of people wanted to enjoy being outside ‘properly’, but we were still being well behaved around Maria.

Eventually a few people paired off and went to enjoy themselves on the blankets away from the fire. Maria asked if they were really going to have sex so close to us and we told her that none of us minded and we’d all seen each other naked and cumming at various times anyway. She was partly shocked and partly surprised at this and we assured her that she didn’t have to do anything, but that she would probably end up hearing a number of us playing with each other. She said that she was fine with this and after throwing a few larger bits of wood on the fire to keep it going, the rest of us moved over onto the blankets and started to play.

Maria was on a blanket by herself and after he had gone down on Abrahii, Mike left her for one of the other guys to fuck and he went to get a drink and sat by Maria. She was a fair way from the fire and it was very dark, but there was just enough light that she could see he was naked. They made small talk for a while and Maria said that it was very strange to hear They made small talk for a while and Maria said that it was very strange to have so many people having sex this close to her and that she hadn’t experienced anything like it before. Mike asked her if she had ever had sex and she shyly admitted that she hadn’t. He asked her if she ever played with herself and she didn’t answer at first, but he told her that it was perfectly fine and that pretty much everyone did it. To prove his point, he took his cock in his hand and gently stroked it (which was helped by the fact that he had made Abrahii cum but hadn’t cum himself yet). Maria eventually admitted that she sometimes played with herself, but that her father didn’t know and she asked Mike not to tell him.

Maria noticed that Mike looked a little cold and offered him half of the blanket which he eagerly took. They lay quietly chatting and listening to the sounds that the others were making around them. Mike could feel Maria’s body just beside him under the covers but he wasn’t touching her. He wondered if he could masturbate without her noticing and was thinking about cumming over her when he got a little too close to her and his cock brushed against the side of her leg. He apologised and moved away a little, but said that it was difficult not to be aroused while everyone was having sex and while he was beside such a cute girl. She told him that he could always go back and join the others if it got too much but he told her that he didn’t want to just abandon her and that he sometimes liked drawing things out. He described to her how he would sometimes partially fuck me (usually until I came) and then hold back so he didn’t cum until we did things again later on. As he described this, Mike started to gently stroke his cock under the blanket, but then apologised to Maria and said he would behave himself.

She told him again that he didn’t have to keep her company if he wanted to go and have sex and he assured her that as long as she didn’t mind him being there, he wanted to stay with her. He then teased her about the fact that she just wanted him to go away so that she could remove her swimsuit and play with her beautiful naked body. Maria denied this but Mike asked her if she could honestly say that she hadn’t touched herself that evening while listening to everyone playing. Mike was counting on the fact that Maria is a nice, honest girl and he doubted she would lie directly to him – she paused a bit before answering and then quietly said that she might have had a hand between her legs a little bit, but that she wasn’t planning on stripping off and playing with herself. Mike told her that there was nothing to be ashamed of and given the rest of us were fucking and sucking, that nobody would care. He wrapped his hand around his cock again and described to her how he was slowly stroking himself and told her that if she wanted to masturbate, then she should go ahead and do it.

Maria rolled over so she was facing away from him and Mike lay still so he could see what she did. He felt the blanket move and he asked what she was doing. She said that it was embarrassing if he knew and he told her that it was fine and to continue. He edged a little closer to her and resumed slowly stroking his cock and told her that if she came, it would be so sexy that he would probably end up squirting his cum over her ass. They lay quietly together, each gently playing with themselves until the end of Mike’s cock brushed against Maria’s ass. He apologised but she said it was fine and that his cock felt warm. Mike purposefully rubbed the end of his cock against her ass and he felt Maria push back slightly against him so he continued, rubbing around her ass and occasionally pushing his cock down to brush against the bare skin on the back of her thighs. They pushed against each other and their breathing became more ragged until Mike closed the gap between the two of them and pressed his cock firmly against her, nestling it between the cheeks of her ass.

Maria pushed back against him as he slowly humped against her and he ran a hand up her side, from her thigh to her arm. Maria said that she had never had an orgasm when someone else was present and Mike slipped his hand down across the front of her swimsuit and cupped one of her breasts, giving it a gentle squeeze. He asked if she liked it and when she said yes he asked if he could help her cum. She was already breathing heavily and grinding back against his cock and Mike pulled down the top of her swimsuit just enough to free her breasts and let him caress them. He used all of the tips he has learned from Jen in relation to breast play and pushed his cock even more firmly against Maria’s ass as she let out a little moan. Mike pushed a hand under her body so he could continue to play with one of her breasts and he slid the other hand down over her stomach until he met the hand she had playing between her legs. She already had a couple of fingers pushed under the crotch of her swimsuit and he pressed against them from outside the suit, matching her movements.

He whispered in Maria’s ear and asked her if she wanted to cum – she didn’t understand this so he had to explain and ask if she wanted to have an orgasm. She let out a breathless ‘yes’ and Mike pushed a couple of fingers under the material of her swimsuit and meshed them with hers. He could feel that her lips were bald and thought he could feel a little bit of hair on her mons, but he mostly concentrated on her lips and clit. She felt quite wet and their fingers easily slipped back and forth over her pussy and occasionally inside a little way. Mike described to her how wonderful her pussy felt and she told him it was embarrassing but he pointed out that she could feel his cock pressing up against her ass and lower back so they were pretty much even. Maria started breathing with short panting breaths and Mike told her that he wanted to feel her cum around his fingers. They both continued to rub her until she let out a little ‘aah’ and he felt her push his fingers harder against her pussy.

Mike felt her relax back against him and he pulled his hand out from between her legs, wiped a little of her juices over one of her nipples and then sucked his fingers clean to taste her. He tilted her head round towards him so he could kiss her and as their kiss became more passionate, he reached a hand back down to her breasts and caressed them again. Between kisses he told her how incredibly sexy she was and how soft her skin felt. They moved so they were facing each other and kissed some more, then Mike pulled Maria on top of him and he stroked his hands over her back as they kissed. He asked her if she had enjoyed her orgasm and then asked her if she thought she could do it again. She said that she wasn’t sure as she had never cum twice before, but Mike got her admit that she wanted to try. His hands roamed lower on her back until they cupped her ass and he guided her to move back and forth a little so her swimsuit rubbed against his cock (which in turn rubbed against her pussy through her swimsuit). Mike’s fingers crept further down between Maria’s ass cheeks until they were rubbing against her pussy and he quickly worked them under the crotch of her swimsuit so he could touch her directly. She moaned into his mouth as his fingers pushed between her soft wet lips and in to the warmth of her pussy.

After he had played with her pussy for a little while, they rolled over so Mike was on top of Maria and he pressed his cock against her pussy through her swimsuit once more. He them moved a little way down her body and taking each one in turn, he gently kissed, licked and sucked her breasts and then her nipples. He then pulled her swimsuit down to her stomach and then kissed down her naked skin before leaving a trail of kisses over the material and down between her legs. Mike kissed and licked at the crotch of her swimsuit, then pulled it aside and savoured the scent of her pussy. She was wonderfully wet and he planted a series of gentle kissed up and down each side of her pussy before finally kissing her clit. He pushed his tongue a little way between her outer lips and tasted her juices properly before swirling his tongue around and pushing a little deeper. After licking her for a few minutes, he pulled her swimsuit down more and then removed it entirely to make it easier to go down on her.

When he concentrated, he could still hear other people from the group playing with each other, but he mostly focussed on the beautiful virgin pussy in front of him and gave it the best kitty kissing session he could. A few times he allowed his tongue to dip a little lower and gently grazed it over her ass, but mostly the session was all about her pussy. Maria had her legs spread and the blanket was no longer covering them so Mike could make out her body in the moonlight. He heard her breathing change to the short pants that she did just before she came the previous time and he guessed she was getting close so he concentrated on a nice gentle rhythmic licking of her lips and clit until she let out another ‘aahhh’ and arched her back. Mike held on to her thighs and continued to lick her until she relaxed and then eased off, but carried on kitty kissing her for a few minutes more.

He kissed his way back up her body, stopping at her belly button, breasts and neck to pay them special attention. Before he kissed her, he discreetly wiped her juices from his face and as they kissed, he nestled his cock along the length of her pussy, enjoying the warm wet feeling emanating from it. Maria’s breathing had returned to normal and he asked her how her orgasm had felt – she said it was nicer than any time she had played with herself and Mike told her he was glad he could help. He rolled off of her and curled up behind her, reaching a hand around to play with her breasts and pussy. As they talked, he rubbed his cock against her back and then pushed it between her legs so it rubbed against her pussy. He told her that he could easily cum with his cock pressed up against her hot pussy and she lowered her hand and helped to keep him pressed against her as he rubbed back and forth.

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