Tuesday, 3 December 2013

The de-viginising of Maria – Part 2

Mike whispered to her that he wanted to feel her properly and asked her to lie on top of him. He rubbed against her pussy while kneading her ass and then said that he wished he could be inside her and Maria told him that she wanted to try things properly as well, but that he would have to be gentle. Mike pulled her up towards him and when his cock was positioned by the head of her pussy, he pushed forwards while pushing her back down against him. The head slipped inside and he moved back and forth a little before telling Maria to lower herself on to his cock and as they humped against each other, she took more of his cock in to her until he was all the way in. Maria said that she felt very full and Mike told her that if they kept going he could add to that and fill her with his cum as well. He wanted her to sit up so that she could grind against him and get good clitoral stimulation, but she was too worried about everyone else seeing her so Mike reached down around her ass and gently played with her clit between periods of movement. Mike was ready to burst, but he really wanted to feel Maria cum around his cock so he concentrated on holding back and he pumped in to her with more force and speed. He encouraged her to cum and described in detail how wonderful her tight little cunt felt and he got her to tell him what she could feel. When her breathing changed to the short pants he knew she was getting close and he whispered into her ear about how much he wanted to feel her cunt contracting around his cock and how he was going to empty all of his cum in to her. He had his hands firmly gripping her ass, helping to guide her back and forth as she rode him, his thrusts timed to piston his cock all the way into her. Maria started to tell him she was close and then let out a stifled ‘aahhh’, at which point Mike stopped holding back and pumped away inside her until his cock erupted and unloaded a day’s worth of cum. He continued to fuck her through her orgasm and he could feel his cum leaking out of her. Their movements slowed, but Mike carried on gently rocking back and forth in her cunt as they kissed.

She remained on top of him until his cock shrank and slipped out of her (followed by a generous dollop of his cum). Maria rolled off of him and lay beside him – Mike continued to caress her body and rubbed some of his cum from her pussy over her thighs and then her breasts. Mike suggested they go for a swim to freshen up and Maria went to put her swimsuit back on but he convinced her to leave it off. A couple of the others who had finished saw them heading down to the water and joined them and they splashed around in the moonlit sea for a while before heading back to the fire to warm up. Maria was a bit more self-conscious in the light of the fire and she pulled a blanket around her naked body. A few people commented on her lack of clothes but Mike defended her and wrapped an arm around her. He cupped one of her breasts under the blanket and gently massaged it before giving her a kiss and saying that she had joined in admirably.

Some of the girls asked Maria what it had felt like and she gave a brief recount of what she and Mike had done, but didn’t describe anything in detail. As she talked, a couple of people started to play with Susan and by the time Maria finished, Susan had Richard’s cock inside her and was being fucked. Everyone sat around and watched and Mike pushed a hand down between Maria’s legs and started to play with her pussy again. She was hesitant at first, but as her persisted, she spread her legs to allow him better access and he could hear her breathing getting heavier as she became more aroused. Mike suggested that Maria take the opportunity to get a closer look and with a bit more encouragement, she crawled over towards Richard and Susan and people lifted Susan’s upper leg to give Maria an even better view.

Mike moved up behind Maria and slid a hand under the blanket she still had around her. His fingers immediately went to her pussy and started to play with her, but now he could easily get them all the way inside her. Maria was obviously enjoying the view of Richard’s cock pumping in and out of Susan and Mike flipped the back of the blanket up and knelt behind Maria so he could give her pussy a good licking. When she started to moan a little, he knelt up and rubbed the head of his cock over her pussy and pushed slightly in to her. She instinctively pushed back (which got a cheer from the gang) and Mike pushed all the way in to her and started to use long strokes in and out. He reached around to play with her clit and asked her if she wanted to cum again (to which she replied yes) and was soon humping back against him in time with his thrusts. Richard carried on fucking Susan right in front of Maria’s face and as they had a head start, they came first and Maria watched Richard’s cum leaking out of Susan’s spread pussy as she came and Mike emptied a second load of cum deep in to her cunt.

Susan sucked Richard’s cock clean and Mike asked Maria if she would do the same. She went back to being a little hesitant, but then gingerly took his cock in her mouth and copied what Susan was doing. Neither of the guys got hard again, but Mike thanked Maria and said that if she was still feeling frisky, then she could ensure that she lost her virginity ‘properly’ by taking advantage of the many willing volunteers around her. Maria asked what other people would do with her and was told that they would do as much or as little as she wanted. She thought for a minute and said that she wanted to try everything if it felt as good as having Mike lick her and having sex so was passed around from guy to guy.

She was taken missionary style, doggy style and riding forwards & backwards. She had guys finger and lick her and when she was riding Ashraf’s cock we convinced her to let me lick them both as they fucked. She loved this feeling and as her pussy was feeling a little tender from the repeated fucking, we talked her in to letting the girls take care of her and we each took a turn at licking and fingering her and made her cum a number more times. When Jen was eating her, I crouched over Maria’s face and offered my pussy to her. She said that she didn’t know what to do and I just told her to copy what we had done to her. Her tongue flicked up to my pussy, barely touching it at first, but steadily getting bolder until she was eagerly licking round and in my pussy. I sat over her face properly and got her to lick my cunt until I came, at which point I humped back and forth, covering her with my juices.

There was only one thing left to do now to completely de-virginise her, and that was to take her ass. As Mike had been the first one to fuck her and be sucked by her (and because I’m the one writing the fantasy), he was given first go. Before he could get in to her, Mel suggested that they really do things properly and after a quick discussion it was decided that we may as well give her everything. Ashraf lay on his back and Maria was instructed to climb over him and mount his cock. Mike knelt behind her and slowly pushed in to her ass until he was deep enough to start moving and he and Ashraf double fucked her. People reached in between Maria and Ashraf to play with her breasts and clit and to complete the session, Simon knelt in front of Maria and offer her his cock to suck on. Maria took most of his cock in to her mouth and had three cocks fucking her. Simon’s balls dangled in Ashraf’s face, but he just lapped away at them and told Simon that he had to produce a good load to fill Maria’s mouth. They continued to fuck her until she came and then carried on until each of the guys was ready to cum. In turn, they emptied their loads into her cunt, ass and mouth and then pulled out to leave her leaking cum from each hole.

As Maria lay there in a semi-daze, said that it had felt amazing and that it was soooo much better than masturbating had ever been that she wished she had had sex much earlier. We let a couple of the guys use her for the last time, emptying further cum over or into her body and then she pulled her swimsuit back on so that Eloisa wouldn’t know what she had been up to. Mike really wanted to sleep beside her but again there would be the risk of Eloisa seeing them together and telling her father so Maria pulled her blanket over beside her sister and quickly fell asleep.

The next morning Mike debated trying to wake up Maria by going down on her, but she was right beside Eloisa and Mike also wasn’t too keen on eating her given the amount of boy-cum on and in her cunt. Various people did steal quick fondles of Maria over breakfast (whenever her sister was otherwise engaged). Just before we headed back, a few people took Eloisa out for a final swim and Maria was taken behind a rock to be given a final set of cum-injections. She quickly pulled her swimsuit off and let people finger and fuck her. For each guy who emptied their cum in to her cunt, she was made to cum and was presented with a girl to eat. By the time all of the guys had used her, she had their cum running down her legs and covering her body. She pulled her swimsuit back on to keep as much cum in her as possible and then slipped in to her dress as Eloisa returned from her extended swim.

On the walk back to the vial to drop the girls off, everyone had a chance to grope Maria some more while other people kept Eloisa distracted. Their father was happy to see them returned safely and as Eloisa babbled on about our night out, the bonfire and swimming, Mike snuck away with Maria in to her room, bent her over her bed, pulled the very soggy crotch of her swimsuit aside and buried his cock in her one last time. He pumped in and out of her while she rubbed her clit and as she came, he unloaded in her, then pulled out and sprayed more cum over her ass and thighs. Maria turned around and took him in her mouth, carefully sucking him clean and then rubbed his cock around her face and neck while smiling up at him. She thanked him for her fun evening and before we left she gave each of us a big hug and whispered to us all that she would never forget the night she lost her virginity.


Okay, so I know it was a bit of a cheesy ending, but I’m quite happy with the first part of the fantasy (where she starts doing things with Mike). Given the fantasy we created as a group was rather muddled (and often contradictory), I haven’t narrated it exactly as we discussed, but the general ideas are taken from what was said. Also, Mike wasn’t the first person to get to do things with her when we talked about it on the beach, but as I’m writing it and he likes the idea, I’m switching him in as the guy who gets to deflower her.

I was debating having a final section where we took Eloisa out for a final ice cream while some of the girls stayed behind and gave Eduardo an extra treat and at the same time the guys fucked Maria again in another room. In the group fantasy, we also gave the locals a call and they sailed round in their boat to join us. In the morning, we then sailed back round to Puerto Pollenca with Maria naked on deck, having person after person fingering, fucking or eating her (but Eloisa kind of disappeared in that part of the fantasy). Even without those sections, I think we probably satisfied her enough for her first night of sex!

I wonder what would happen if someone really did lose their virginity in that way – getting to experience guys, girls, multiple positions and many orgasms (assuming they could actually cum that many times). Would they ever be able to have ‘normal’ sex and find it exciting?

I'll be going back to posting every 3 days now as things have been quite busy and I don't really have enough time to write an entry every two days. Some of our weekends have been quieter recently, but we have enough material to keep things going for a while longer...

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