Wednesday, 29 January 2014

The Prodigal Daughter –Part 1

Mid-August – we went down for a long-overdue visit to my Mum. Sue had been back since Mike, Jen and I had last visited but I was feeling guilty that we’d not gone for so long. Things seemed to be progressing well between her and her new (technically not really so ‘new’ now, I just haven’t spent much time around him) boyfriend Gerald and Sue had warned us that he was now spending quite a few nights with Mum. I don’t know if she thought that this would bother me – it’s not as if I’m not aware that people enjoy sleeping together (both in the sexual and companionship senses) and is certainly better than some of the suggestions that have been made to ensure Mum didn’t get frustrated…

Before Gerald, Mum had been alone for quite a while (at least as far as we knew – maybe she used to go out and pull random men when Sue and I had gone to bed, although I doubt it!) and Jen had suggested a few times that Mike could always offer his services to relieve any built up frustrations that Mum had. To be fair, this was mostly back when I’d first met Jen and I think she was trying to distract Mike away from me. It is one thing to share Mike with Sue, but would be an entirely different thing to know he was doing stuff with Mum – but fortunately while he likes her (and gets on with her fairly well), he prefers younger women. In turn, Mike has suggested to Jen a number of times that she could always try to convince Mum to resume her lesbian experimentation from her younger days (it wasn’t anything serious, just gently messing around with a friend) and if anything, I think Jen would have been more likely to try to seduce Mum than Mike would.

We arrived home and were picked up from the station – Sue had arrived before us as she had been desperate to ‘help’ in our attempt to get pregnant (and we had promised her that she could participate a long time ago). Once we got to the house, Mike went upstairs to dump our bags in my room and Sue helped him. This was of course an excuse for him to bend her over the bed and take her from behind (but not until he had gone down on her – not to orgasm, just for long enough to get a good taste of her and get her horny). He emptied his cum in to her cunt and she sat on the bed, using her fingers to hold her pussy lips together while Mike came downstairs to fetch Jen under the pretext of Sue wanting to show her something. Mike stayed downstairs while Jen presented herself to allow Sue to transfer some of Mike’s cum in to her pussy and she then came down to tell me that I had wanted reminding to sort some old clothes out to take back. I went back up with Jen and lay on the bed with my pussy pointing in the air while Sue crouched over me – Jen spread my lips and pushed Sue against me and got her to rub back and forth until we assumed I’d gotten the remaining drops of Mike’s cum, after which Jen gave Sue a quick lick and we all went back downstairs to chat.

I noticed that Sue was still ‘accidentally’ presenting herself to Gerald (this obviously wasn’t accidental at all as she was careful to do it only when Mum wasn’t in the room or wasn’t looking in her direction). It wasn’t anything too overt, but as she was game for this I decided that I would also be a little naughty so when we headed up to bed I had a quiet word with Sue about a challenge for the weekend.

That night, Jen slept in with Sue and they effectively undid any transfer of Mike’s cum as they had a prolonged 69 session. Admittedly Jen used her tongue to scour the inside of Sue’s pussy more than Sue did to Jen, but Sue is now more than accomplished enough at cunnilingus to get Jen’s juices flowing, so it’s likely that Sue most of Mike’s cum out of Jen. Mike probably did the same to me as he went down on me before he fucked me, but I at least got a secondary injection of cum in our main session. As per our agreement, once we had finished I padded across to Sue’s room to share his cum with Jen and this time Sue helped out by holding our lips apart as a few drips of cum fell from me in to Jen. I reminded Sue of our challenge and headed back to my room to spoon with Mike – he moved in me while we chatted and fell asleep, but we weren’t trying to actually do anything.

The next morning, Mike ate me awake, but as he was aware of what Sue and I had planned he didn’t make me cum (so I was left in a horny state). We then both went in to Sue’s room and Mike gave Sue the same treatment I’d been given (but with an additional semi-fuck) while I went down on Jen (with some additional fingering). I hadn’t quite got Jen off when we heard someone moving around in the kitchen downstairs and as we knew that this was likely to be Gerald (Sue had informed us that when he stayed over he often got up to make breakfast in bed for Mum), Sue and I quickly slipped on some of her more revealing nightdresses and our gowns before we headed downstairs. We loosely tied the gowns on the way down so if it had been Mum in the kitchen we could cover ourselves up.

As soon as we saw that it was Gerald, we loosened the belts enough that our gowns fell partially open at the front. We went in to the kitchen and greeted him. I made sure that as I bent down to get a bowl that I let my gown fall open a bit more, knowing that this would give him a better view of my barely covered breasts (Sue still often wears nightdresses, but at least she tends to choose revealing ones). Sue went a step further and reached up to fetch things from the top of the cupboard – I was quite impressed with this move as it pulled her nightdress up enough to fully reveal her pussy. Admittedly her gown partially hid her, but she had angled herself towards Gerald and I could tell from the expression on his face that he had noticed.

I wasn’t going to be outdone though so I pulled a stool around and once I’d made my cereal I sat up on the stool with my legs crossed and held the bowl in my lap. This would have been a fairly innocent position to sit in if my nightdress hadn’t been so short but I knew that my pussy was probably completely exposed (and maybe even slightly spread). Sue was determined not to lose though so she dragged another stool round and copied my pose. I don’t think we could have gone much further without making it really obvious what we were doing so we just ate our cereal while displaying our cunts to him and chatted. When he finished making breakfast and went back up to Mum’s room, Sue and I compared notes. We had both noticed him adjusting his dressing gown a few times to try to hide the bulge. Sue thought that she had briefly seen the head of his cock peeking out and we agreed that there was a good chance that Mum would be getting more than just breakfast that morning.

While we’d been gone, Mike had carried on with Jen from where I’d left her. He had made her cum fairly quickly and then after a short break, she had gently ridden him while he had pushed as deep in to her as he could get. Jen was ready to cum again by the time Sue and I went back upstairs so Sue was given the job of helping her out by licking Jen’s clit and Mike’s cock as they fucked. Once Jen had cum, Sue was told to continue kitty kissing her while Mike carried on fucking Jen and when he had cum in her, he pulled out and Jen sat upright over Sue’s face to let his cum run out of her pussy into Sue’s mouth. I was then told to lie on the bed with my pussy in the air and Sue was told to climb up on the bed with me, spread my lips and let the cum drip from her mouth into my pussy. Unsurprisingly, Mike and Jen wanted Sue to lick the cum in to me, but we didn’t go that far.

All that was left was for Sue and I to have our morning orgasms and out little display in the kitchen had gotten us more than ready so we consented when we were asked scissor with our pussies touching so Mike and Jen could take turns licking us both at the same time. We then had a vibe pushed down between our pussies and we had to both press against it to get contact with our clits, this felt really good and was made better by Jen gently stroking my neck (Mike played with Sue’s breasts, which she really enjoys). For our actual orgasms we were told to lie beside each other on the bed with our legs spread and then to reach over and spread each other’s lips. Jen took Sue and Mike took me and we were both eaten until we came. Once we had tongues in our cunts, we moved our fingers away, but were told to hold hands and were then instructed that from the time the first one of us started to cum (which was me), we had to kiss until the other had finished cumming.

We showered in pairs – Mike got to go with Sue this time and once we were ready we headed out in to town so I could see what had changed since our last visit. We didn’t find anything too interesting, but Jen wanted to make use of the fact that she had access to Sue and took her off to try on some clothes (which loyal readers will know means making use of changing rooms in rather unorthodox ways). They selected a few items of clothing each and headed in to a changing room, at which point Jen immediately started to pull Sue’s clothes off until she was naked. Sue was pushed in to a corner and Jen forcefully kissed her while using a couple of fingers in Sue’s pussy. Sue was told to lift a leg up on to the stool to give Jen better access and after a brief stop at Sue’s nipples, Jen knelt down and buried her face in Sue’s pussy. She pushed her tongue deep in to Sue’s cunt and swirled it around (Sue has said she enjoys this) and then lapped away at Sue’s clit until Sue was gently panting and gyrating her hips against Jen’s face. If it had been Mike eating Sue, he would have probably teased her a bit more (although I don’t know how he would have gotten in to the ladies changing rooms), but Jen went straight for the kill and carried on eating Sue until she felt her body shudder. She lapped inside Sue’s pussy to gather any remaining juices and then kissed her way back up Sue’s body, rubbing her face over Sue’s breasts and then kissing her.

Jen sat Sue down on the stool, spread her legs and told her to stay in that position while Jen went to fetch some new clothes to try on. She was only gone for a minute or so, but was pleased to see Sue sitting in the same position with her legs spread when she pulled the curtain back. As Sue was being so compliant, Jen took advantage of this and told her to lie on the floor so Jen could sit over her face. At first, Jen had intended to remain clothed, but she enjoyed what Sue was doing to her so she ended up unbuttoning her dress and sliding it over her head so they were both naked (other than Jen still having shoes on). Jen reached forwards to play with Sue’s pussy as Sue ate her – Sue tried to complain that she’d just cum, but this didn’t stop Jen so Sue just worked harder so Jen would cum quicker (and would then stop playing with her). Sue managed to get Jen off before the stimulation became too much for her and they called a truce (on fairly good terms as they’d both gotten to cum).

Mike and I had gone to another shop (just so we didn’t hog all of the changing rooms in one place) and once I’d grabbed a few things to pretend to try on, I went in to the changing room and stripped off. The place was fairly busy so there were people walking past the curtain a fair bit – a few times the draft caught the curtain and while it didn’t move it enough for people to see in (probably), it felt more exciting as I occasionally caught a fleeting glimpse of people as they walked past. I knew that I was taking a little longer than usual and just enjoying myself, but I didn’t realise quite how long I’d been playing with myself for as Jen and Sue had finished up, come to the shop we were using and found Mike. He texted me to say that they would all be waiting outside and on receiving this I set about finishing things off. Part of the reason I’d been taking so long was due to the fact I’d been using one of our lipstick vibes (a small, quiet vibe that looks like lipstick). It felt good and is wonderful for times like this when you need to be quiet, but it isn’t very powerful so to help speed things up I enlisted every girl’s best friend, the hairbrush. (From talking to friends, a hairbrush seems to be one of the most popular things first used as a sex toy by adolescent girls and many of them seem to have a favourite hairbrush based more on the handle than on the bristles!). I don’t actually have a favourite brush as we have more than enough proper toys to keep me amused, but I tend to make sure than any brushes I buy would also be suitable for use as an emergency dildo and the one I had with me was no exception (silicone handle with small knobs on it). I pulled it from my bag and buried the handle in my pussy, then started to pump it in and out while I pressed the vibe against my clit. This felt much better and quickly pushed me towards my orgasm. I spread my legs wide as I came and (almost) silently mouthed my pleasure towards the ceiling as my orgasm pulsed through my cunt.

Sunday, 26 January 2014

Lis and Lucy – August Visit – Part 4

Lis and Jen were still asleep when we went in to the living room, but once we’d woken them up and I made a suggestion, Jen held Lis down and started to play with her while Mike, Lucy and I sat around them with our tea and watched. We all helped out a little bit and then gave them a round of applause as they each came. Over proper breakfast Mike told Lis he had been saving his cum for her and she said that he would take whatever he could throw at her to share it with Jen and me. That got me thinking and by the time we had finished breakfast and Mike pulled Lis in to the bedroom I was sure what I wanted to do and suggested my idea to Jen. We cleaned up the breakfast things and all went in the bedroom to watch. Lis was already close to cumming (with Mike following his usual pattern and eating her before he fucked her) so once again we got to sit and watch Lis cum.

Having cum twice already, Lis wanted a short break but told Mike she would get ready for the next round while recovering. We watched her put on a simple pair of white cotton panties and a plain white bra, then pull on a pair of her long white socks and finish off the outfit with a blouse and pleated tartan skirt. It was the first time I’ve seen Lis in this particular outfit and she did look extremely hot. Apparently Lucy has come to appreciate this look quite a bit as well (not that Lis really needs help to look cute) and before she went to Mike, Lis stood in front of Lucy and then moved forwards so she was straddling her. Lucy’s hands slid up Lis’ legs and I saw Lis flinch (presumably as Lucy’s hands made contact). Lucy kneaded Lis’ under the skirt for a few minutes and then let her go, at which point Lis whispered something to Lucy before climbing up on to the bed beside Mike.

Mike had been lying on his side watching so Lis pushed him on to his back and straddled his cock, lowering her crotch to it and then humping back and forth. She slowly undid buttons on her blouse, leaving just the bottom ones buttons and then pulled her bra up a bit to expose her breasts. Mike told her that he wanted her (to which she just replied ‘I know’). She continued to grind against him as she played with her breasts and then reached down to pull the crotch of her panties aside and asked him if he liked what he saw. Lis rubbed her bare pussy against his cock and then knelt up, took his cock in her hand to position the head against her pussy and lowered herself on to it. She rocked back and forth and told Mike she was going to fuck him and make him cum – I told Lis my idea, which was to have him cum over her face so Jen and I could lick it off of her and 69 to lick it in to each other. Both Mike and Lis said that they wanted him to cum inside her – I ignored Mike’s plea and told Lis that if she was being that assertive, she could always make him fuck her again later on (I was confident he wouldn’t complain) and explained that he would probably produce a decent load as he hadn’t cum for a while so it would be the best time to cum on her.

Lis relented and told Mike that if he was good, she would fuck him again later. He still had to let her do most of the work this time and it was only near the end when Lis was obviously getting close to cumming that Mike was really allowed to move in her. I reminded Mike not to cum inside her as he pumped away and Lis played with her clit, but he stayed in her for a bit once she had cum until he was on the brink of cumming himself. Only then did he pull out, get Lis to climb off of him and he stood on the bed aiming his cock at her face. Lis reached out and helped him to stroke himself. I warned Lis to close her eyes (boy-cum can sting a bit) and we all watched as Mike emptied a fairly impressive load over her face. Some shot in to her hair and there was enough that it dripped down on to her chest and blouse (but to be fair he had watched me make Lucy cum twice without cumming). Mike pushed his cock against Lis’ mouth and she took the head in and sucked it clean then I told Mike to get out of the way as it was our turn.

Jen and I knelt on either side of Lis and told her we would clean her up. We licked around her face, keeping the cumin our mouths and carried on doing this until Lis was mostly clean (or at least looked a bit cleaner). Jen and I then 69ed with Jen on top first – she spread my pussy and pushed Mike’s cum in to me with her tongue and when she was done she held my lips closed and we rolled over so I was on top and could do the same thing to her. When we finished Lucy said that we were incorrigible (she often says that) and I told her that it seemed like a good idea so we tried it (which is what we had explained to her the previous evening). I suggested that Lis could go and lick some of Mike’s cum in to Lucy and Lis crawled towards Lucy but Lucy obviously knew that Lis wouldn’t actually do anything so she didn’t move. Lucy seemed a little less sure when Lis pulled Lucy’s legs apart and kissed her way up Lucy’s inner thigh. She pulled Lucy’s lips apart and pushed her face towards Lucy’s cunt, at which point Lucy yelped ‘stop’. Lis just licked one of Lucy’s thighs again and laughed then moved away. For a moment I actually thought she was going to make contact, but Lis had known what she was planning all along and even when she had spread Lucy’s lips, she had made sure her fingers didn’t actually touch Lucy anywhere too near her pussy as she had been handing Mike’s cock.

I took Lis off to the shower – when Jen and I stood up, some of Mike’s cum ran out of our pussies and down our legs, which I took as partial success that we had transferred a fair amount in to each other (although it probably hadn’t got very deep inside us). As Lis and I washed each other we discussed how much she had changed since she first nervously came out to me and how if she had been this adventurous back then, we could have had so much more fun. We had quite a long kiss under the running water – it was quite passionate but was more romantic than sexual and I suggested to her that if she was really going to go another round with Mike that she try wearing some opaque tights to mix things up (and she knows these are one of his other fetishes anyway). While Jen and Lucy showered, I provided Lis with a pair of seamless opaque tights and once she had pulled them on I caressed around her crotch while Mike watched us and then ran my thumb back and forth between her lips, pushing the material between them before finally pushing my mouth against her pussy and licking her through the tights.

Lis said that she wasn’t quite ready to cum again yet so I called her a lightweight and told her that she needed to train her libido. She looked to Mike for support but he said that if she was ready, then he thought he could cum again (adding that this was especially true if I kept playing with her). Lucy returned with Jen just as I was bending Lis over the bed and pulling her tights down so Mike could slide in to her. I reminded Lis that she had wanted to be assertive and be the one who was doing the fucking and at first she humped back against him and told him how to move, but as the session went on, she let him take more control. I wanted to help out a bit more so tried to crawl between Lis and the bed, but it wasn’t a good position so I pulled the tights down and got Lis to step out of one leg of them and then stand up a bit so I could get my mouth to her clit. I licked her for a while and then offered Jen a chance to take my place. By the time Jen had finished, Lis was much closer to cumming so we left them to return to their original position and Mike carried on fucking her from behind with Lis bent over the bed. She kept telling him to fuck her harder and he did as she asked until she came, then sped up his movements in her until he came. Once he pulled out, Lis offered to share his cum but I told her to just quickly pull the tights up and she could keep whatever he had given her this time.

He probably hadn’t cum as much as he did the first time, but when we checked just before heading out, we could all see that there was a wet patch around Lis’ pussy and she said that it felt quite strange, but was on board with being a bit soggy while we were out. I was kind enough to ensure that Lis didn’t sit on her skirt (and so didn’t leave a wet patch) when we sat down for lunch and as we had a little time to kill before we needed to head home so we went and sat in a park and chatted while I challenged the others to display as much pussy as possible. As there were children around, we were fairly discreet and mostly just showed ourselves to each other – Lis felt that she was quite well covered by the tights, but we unanimously agreed that the partial view of her tights clad pussy was more lewd than Jen or I showing ourselves off openly or Lucy showing her panties (which were actually pink with little bows on them – she can be such a girly-girl sometimes).

For a change (or maybe just as a part of his enjoyment of exploring her) Mike got Jen to sit in front of him with her back to him and he wrapped his arms around her, discreetly slid his hands under her skirt and gently played with her clit. Lis said that there was no way Mike would be able to make Jen cum in such a public place and I’m fairly sure that she knew that by issuing this challenge that Mike would try much harder. It did take them a little while and Mike had to withdraw his hands a few times when people wandered past a little too close. As Jen got closer to cumming, Mike rubbed her clit a bit harder and faster – he told us that she felt quite wet and that he wished he could spread her legs and bury his face in her pussy for everyone to see (but we decided not to go down that route). As often happens with an approaching orgasm, Jen became less guarded and spread her legs wider so we could more readily see Mike’s fingers strumming over her clit. She wasn’t too loud, but certainly wasn’t silent as she came – the advantage of doing things outdoors is that the background noise usually masks things unless you go overboard with moans – and we could all see the pleasure on her face as she jerked her hips back and forth against Mike’s hands.

I had hoped that Lis (or maybe even Lucy) would allow one of us to do the same to them, but they felt it was a bit too risky. I would have quite enjoyed having someone frig me, but thought that as Jen had already put on a display, I would just sit and enjoy the feeling of the grass on my pussy and ass while we chatted. By the time we left the park to get our things and drive to the airport I was feeling very horny and wished that I had cum, but fortunately Mike and Lucy were on hand to sit in the back with me and play with me while Lis drove. I insisted that if I was being played with that I at least get a hand between Lucy’s legs (I didn’t have to insist to get Mike to let me stroke him) and we drove through the traffic with the three of us locked in a mutual masturbation session. I wasn’t surprised that Mike didn’t want to actually cum (apart from the mess, he wanted to save whatever cum he had left for the day for use when we got home). I also managed to get Lucy sufficiently turned on that she didn’t stop me from feeding Mike some of her juices from my fingers and she even let me finger her to orgasm as Lis parked the car. I had hoped to kneel and get a few licks of her pussy once she had cum, but the farthest Lucy would go was to let me rub her panties in to her pussy and then remove them so we could ‘borrow’ them until we next saw her. She knew full well that we would all use them to masturbate with and that they would be returned with a coating of our juices and cum, but post-orgasmic Lucy is getting to be much cooler as our weekends together progress.

It had been made clear to me halfway through the session (once I’d been gotten nicely worked up) that I wasn’t going to be allowed to cum. I could have just played with myself, but I was enjoying Lucy’s fingers inside me so decided to let them keep me horny with a promise of a better orgasm later on. At the airport, Lis went to the bathroom with me and knelt to lap at my pussy. Annoyingly, she just got me close to cumming before stopping so I got her to switch places to allow me to do the same to her – I hadn’t intended to make her cum, but halfway through the session I decided that I wouldn’t be cruel so carried on eating her until she came and I felt her push down as her legs went a little wobbly. I stood and fingered her for a minute or so as we kissed, tasting our own juices off each other’s mouths and we then returned to Mike, Jen and Lucy who were in no doubt as to what we’d been doing. Lis was congratulated for having not let me cum and Mike promised her whatever style of session she wanted the next time we met (as if he wouldn’t do that for her anyway – if she’d made me cum he would just have wanted to make her cum twice next time for compensation).

While we waited for the flight to be called, we discreetly discussed our new happy family and all the threesomes that Mike, Jen and I would be having. I admitted that I still saw them both as primarily ‘mine’, but that I expected that to change over time (and I honestly expected that the more we did as a threesome, the easier this would be).

We had our usual goodbye kisses and fondles (this is harder in summer without long coats to hide hands disappearing under skirts. Lucy even bent over and flipped up the back of her skirt to give Mike a view of her ass and pussy so he told her that she was just a tease (which is true as she is one girl he isn’t likely to get) so she told him she could always stop and he begged her to tease him as much as she wanted.

As I was in such a state, I acted on my own initiative and slipped a metal buckle in to my skirt so I would trigger the scanner. Probably fortunately, my skirt wasn’t too short, but it was short enough that it felt nice standing with my legs slightly spread as I was wanded and patted down to ensure I wasn’t going to blow the train up. My pussy felt hot and wet enough that I could easily feel the draft caused by the woman as she moved around me and felt in the top of my skirt and wondered what she would think if she knew just how close her fingers were to a(n almost) dripping wet pussy and grass stained ass (from my wriggling around in the park earlier).

We didn’t get seats all together on the plane so I sat with Jen and was encouraged to gently toy with my pussy, using my cardigan to hide what I was doing. I concentrated on keeping a neutral expression as I played with myself and chatted to Jen, but let her know how close I was getting. I felt much wetter than usual and I’m sure could easily have made myself cum, but I held back (at Jen’s instruction) and just told her that she had better make it worth my while as my pussy was tingling with anticipation and that I really needed to cum. I was given my wish and on our return to the house, I was quickly stripped and caressed to get me back to a heightened state of arousal (it didn’t take much). I lay on my side so Mike could spoon with me while Jen lapped at my pussy and even though I was expecting to be pushed close to cumming and then denied a release at least once (and potentially many more times), they actually just pushed straight through and I was licked and fucked until I came. Naturally I returned the favour later on that night when we went to bed

Thursday, 23 January 2014

Lis and Lucy – August Visit – Part 3

Jen and I each took a leg and Mike started off on her back, working on her shoulders first and then slowly moving down. He was well behaved and didn’t try to cop a feel (whereas Jen and I may have both ‘accidentally’ brushed her crotch a few times while massaging her thighs). When it was time for her to turn over, we swapped places and Jen and I took care of Lucy’s front (with more than the occasional brush of her breasts) while Mike and Lis each took one of her legs. As we worked on her stomach, our hands slid under the waistband of her panties and dipped a little lower each time until we were also caressing her mons. It was obvious that the panties weren’t offering her any protection so we asked Lis to remove them and Lucy lifted her ass in the air to let Lis do so.

Lucy was rolled over on to her front again and while Mike took care of her shoulders, the rest of us massaged her lower back, ass and upper legs. This time it was much easier to let our hands brush against her pussy and by the time we got her to turn over on to her back again, I was pleased to see that her nipples were nice and pointy. Lis dared to test Mike and Lucy accepted, so let him massage her front. He did her shoulders and upper chest, then skirted around her breasts and massaged around her sides and stomach. We let him past so he could do her hips and upper thighs and once he had worked his way down to her ankles he dried off his hands and said that we could now get to work properly. I asked Lis if she would leave Lucy to us and she want to sit beside Mike while Jen and I added a little more oil to our hands and settled in for the long haul.

We divided the labour up along natural lines (given Jen’s breast fetish), with me taking Lucy’s lower half. I rubbed around her mons and massaged her lips as well as her inner thighs. Jen gave Lucy’s breasts a good massage, but didn’t concentrate on her nipples too much as we were just getting started. Meanwhile, Mike was enjoying the view and had stripped off and got Lis to sit on his lap so he could rub his cock against her pussy. Lis lost all of her clothes and I got Jen to move down to help me with Lucy’s thighs – we spread her legs and massaged all around her pussy, reaching under her to caress her ass and dragging an occasional finger between her lips and over her clit. Jen resumed massaging Lucy’s breasts, a bit more forcefully this time and with more nipple contact and I concentrated on Lucy’s pussy, mons and thighs. I was still avoiding too much clitoral contact and there was no penetration. I saw that Lis was now sitting on Mike’s cock and he was massaging her clit with one hand and one of her breasts with the other and I asked if Jen and I could have a little attention.

Lis climbed off of Mike and they came over to us. Mike undressed Jen and Lis took care of me. They then crouched down and started to lick us from behind. Lis said that I was quite wet, but this only seemed to spur her on and I felt her tongue rapidly flicking over both my pussy and ass. I told her that she didn’t have to lick me there if she didn’t want to but she replied by briefly spearing me and then continued licking the whole area. Mike stood and pushed in to Jen and held on to her ass as he fucked her with slow even strokes. He then swapped places with Lis and ate me, then fucked me in the same way had had fucked Jen while Lis lapped at Jen’s holes. As nice as the attention was, it was beginning to get a bit too distracting so I told Mike that I’d had enough for now and wanted to concentrate on Lucy. Her pussy was now slippery with her own juices and I easily slipped a couple of fingers in to her and started to play with her clit. Lucy pushed her hips towards my hand when I did this (so we’d obviously been doing something right) but I| told her to calm down and wait as we had more in store for her.

Mike had joined Lis behind Jen and he got Lis to crawl between Jen’s legs and lick her pussy from the front while he knelt behind and lapped at Jen’s ass. I pointed out to Jen that we were meant to be concentrating on Lucy but Jen said that she was fine and could continue. Mike stood up and pushed his cock in to Jen’s pussy to fuck her and said that Lis’ licking felt really good, but he only stayed in her for a short time and once again crouched down to help lick Jen. I watched Jen’s hands as they massaged Lucy’s breasts and tweaked her nipples and then saw Jen jerk forwards as she had an unexpected orgasm (with two people licking her, it wasn’t so much that she hadn’t been expecting to cum, she just hadn’t felt the usual build up and it had hit her suddenly). Lis crawled out and mike had a few licks of Jen’s wet pussy before he returned to the chair and got Lis to sit on his cock again.

Lucy was now definitely very turned on and was pushing back against my fingers even though I kept telling her to be patient. Jen and I each pushed a finger in to her and played with her lips as we fucked her, but when she got close to cumming we pulled out and massaged her thighs. The scent of the oil had now been replaced with the scent of her juices and I reached between my legs to wipe and finger my pussy and then smear the results over Lucy’s cunt. Jen did the same and we called Lis over to add her own essence to the mix before she returned to Mike. I had a turn with Lucy’s breasts while Jen took care of her pussy and when we’d got her close to cumming again we turned her over and each took one of her ass cheeks. Our fingers frequently dipped down and rubbed over her rosebud as well as between her lips, but we avoided her clit to give her time to calm down. Lucy was breathing very heavily and we had a silent conversation about how much longer we should keep her going before we let her cum.

We decided we would push her to the edge once more and rolled her over on to her back again. This time, Jen and I both reached up to massage one of her breasts and used our other hands on her pussy, rubbing her lips thoroughly, sliding inside her and grazing across her clit. We got her panting and arching her back again, then pulled away and caressed her thighs. Lucy panted that it wasn’t fair but we told her to just hand on a little longer and next time she would get to cum. We spent about five minutes gently stroking her thighs, pussy and breasts – enough to keep her very aroused, but not enough to get her close again. Mike had a clear view of Lucy’s pussy and as Lis moved up and down on his cock, he whispered to her how lucky she was to be able to bury her face between Lucy’s legs. He strummed his fingers over Lis’ clit and I looked over as I heard her say she was about to cum. Mike didn’t stop was he was doing and pushed Lis past the point of no return. He had one of her breasts cupped in his hand as she came and he held her against him, pushing in to her as deep as he could and telling her he could feel her cunt cumming around his cock.

I nodded to Jen that it was probably time and asked if she minded if I took Lucy’s pussy. Jen was happy to return to Lucy’s breasts and I slid a couple of fingers in to Lucy and started to pump them in and out while pressing up against the roof of her cunt. I avoided her clit at first, but then used my other hand to rub it while occasionally pushing her thighs apart whenever they drifted shut. Jen firmly stroked and squeezed Lucy’s breasts, caressing and gently pinching her nipples. Lucy started panting again and said some very unladylike things. I was quite tempted to tease her an extra time, but we did want her to actually enjoy our present so I thought better of it and we just went in for the kill. I pressed my fingers harder in to her and pushed up. I pumped back and forth and stroked her clit and Lucy started to buck her hips, trying to match my movements (but not quite managing it). I pushed down on her mons with the hand I was using to frig her to keep her still so my movements could be more effective).

I could still feel Lucy pushing up against my hand and was pleased with the response we were getting so I carried on stroking around her g-spot, pushing my fingers in deep with each stroke. She panted that she was about to cum (a rookie mistake as I would have instantly stopped moving if I had been intending on teasing her) and then let out an ‘aaaahhh’. Lucy doesn’t always make sounds when she cums (even when she is just with Lis) so I took this as a good thing. She bucked against my hand a bit more and I carried on stroking and frigging her. The ‘aaahhs’ became a bit louder and she took rapid shallow breaths between them. She thrust against my fingers again, mush c=harder and let out another, louder ‘aaahhhngg’ and I felt my hand get very wet. I looked down, thinking that she might have peed herself (I’m used to being around Jen), but realized that the liquid was too gloopy and that she had actually squirted. I was going to say something, but as I watched, another squirt of Lucy goop came out, some of it over my hand and some shot on to the towel. Lucy had her ass raised off the bed by this point but she hadn’t asked me to stop so I continued. I got another good ‘aahhhnnngg’ out of her before she grabbed my hand and told me to stop. Naturally I wasn’t going to just pull away so I slowed my movements and stopped directly brushing her clit, but continued to gently move inside her and stroked around her clit, getting as close as I could before I felt her try to pull away. Only then did I tell everyone that I thought I’d gotten Lucy to squirt – Mike and Lis obviously already knew as they had remained on the chair (with Mike still inside Lis).

Mike quickly came over to have a closer look and I held up my hand to show it was still coated in Lucy’s juices. I had a tentative taste and then asked Lucy if she minded if Mike tried it. I don’t know if she didn’t hear me, but she didn’t say no so I offered my hand to Mike and he sucked a couple of my fingers and licked my palm. I told him not to be greedy so Lis and Jen could try it and once they had sampled it, I had a proper lick. Lucy was still panting on the bed so we spread her legs again. She went to push my hand away but I promised her we were just looking and weren’t going to stimulate her so she dropped her hand back down on to the bed. We spread Lucy’s outer lips and then her inner lips and Mike got close to have a good look. He could easily have licked her he was so close, but he was a good boy and just kissed some of her juices off of the towel as he moved away. He did stand at the end of the bed and stroke himself, with his cock aimed at Lucy’s spread crotch – he later said that he really wished he had been allowed to cum and see if he could have shot any of his cum in to Lucy’s cunt.

I rubbed some of the remaining juices over Lucy’s pussy and then on to her breasts. Her breathing had returned to normal and we asked what she had felt. As suspected, she had definitely had a multiple orgasm (but she wasn’t sure how many times as it might have just been two extended orgasms or as many as four). Lucy was very embarrassed about having squirted but I told her that I was jealous as Jen and I had been trying to squirt for quite a while (using the very method we’d used on Lucy) but with very limited success. Lis volunteered the fact that Lucy had squirted a few times before – once when she had been eating her, but hadn’t produced anywhere near as much liquid. Lucy went bright red but we assured her that it was something wonderful and how Jen had squirted a couple of times, how I really wanted to have her squirt in to my mouth and how Mike would do almost anything to have one of us do it while he was eating them.

I’m not sure Lucy was entirely convinced, but she admitted that (once we had stopped teasing her and actually let her cum) it had felt wonderful. I continued to run my hands over her crotch and smeared the remained of her juices around before lowering my head and kitty kissed her. Jen and Lis also had a go and the ever-hopeful Mike asked if he could join in. He obviously wasn’t allowed to kitty kiss her, but as a sign that he had been very well behaved while massaging her, he was allowed to kiss her inner thighs. Lis rubbed some of Lucy’s juices over them and as Lucy spread her legs, she said that she couldn’t believe she was letting him do this. Mike thoroughly licked and kissed where Lis had rubbed and had one last close-up look at Lucy before moving away and thanking her for trusting him.

Lucy said that she needed to shower but we convinced her to wait for a while and enjoy being sticky so we could steal another few licks while the rest of us relieved our tension. While it would have been nice to all cum in the way Lucy had, it took a lot of effort and time so we settled for more traditional positions. Mike still wanted his lesbian threesome with Lis and Jen (yes, he knows he isn’t a lesbian, but he wishes he was) so they took care of me first with him fucking me while Lis and Jen took turns licking my clit. It didn’t take long for me to cum and I curled up against Lucy to watch as Mike lay on his back and fucked Jen while he ate Lis. When they switched positions and Lis climbed on to Mike’s cock I reminded Lucy that she had to choose which pussy he came in. Lucy said that it didn’t really make much difference so I asked her who she was most likely to eat again that day – she realised what I was getting at and said that he should cum in Lis (which was what I was expecting) so I teased her about the fact that she wanted a man to empty his cum deep in to the tight little pussy of her future wife. I realised that this might not be such a good tack to take as Lucy might decide that she didn’t want Mike to fuck Lis at all so I moved on to describing to Lucy how I wanted to feel his cum trickling out of Lis’ cunt and in to mine. In hindsight, this wasn’t as large a difference as I had thought at the time, but Lucy seem to want Mike to stop so we watched as Mike held Jen in place over his mouth and pushed up and in to Lis in time with her movements.

Jen came first and climbed off so Mike could roll over and fuck Lis. She wasn’t too far behind Jen, but due to the way Lis had been moving on him, Mike was still a little way from cumming. He held out and tried to fuck Lis to make her cum again but she told him that she didn’t have it in her and to just cum himself. I know Mike doesn’t enjoy this as much, but he wasn’t going to waste the chance to cum after having had both Lis and Jen so he got her to wrap her legs around him and he pushed in to her until he came. He stayed in her for a little while and kissed her, then carefully pulled out so Lis could share whatever cum he had given her. It was Jen’s turn to go first and she got a couple of drops – I doubted any more would come out so I got Lis to rub her pussy against mine. To help even things out I got Jen to hand me one of Lis’ dildos and pushed it in to her, swirled it around and then pushed it in to my own pussy

Lucy finally got to go for her shower and clean off the oil and other liquids and we convinced her to return to the bed for a secondary (non-sexual or oily) massage. Naturally we teased her about her ability to squirt (but continued along the lines of how much we’d all like to be able to do it – Mike doesn’t count as his ‘squirting’ isn’t anything unusual!). We got Lucy in to a very relaxed state and it felt like she (at least partially) dropped her guard. I know that may sound odd given all the things we’ve done together but I’ve still always felt that she has kept us at a bit of a distance. We didn’t really discuss anything new – their wedding, how our life would be different with a baby, how open we are about sex. Lucy didn’t even seem at all bothered by the fact that Mike was massaging her while naked and with an erection (he wasn’t massaging her *with* his erection, she might have minded that).

We decided to have a grown up evening and went out for a nice dinner to further celebrate Lis and Lucy’s engagement. Jen got to borrow one of Lis’ dresses to wear (which was a good couple of inches shorter on her than it is on Lis, but was still perfectly respectable. I wore the longest skirt I had with me which was just below mid-thigh and we had a pleasant evening chatting. Mike fondled both Jen and I at various points throughout the meal and would have probably done the same to Lis if I hadn’t been sitting between them. We stayed in the restaurant and had a drink at the bar after dinner before returning home and calling it a night.

It was my turn to spend the night with Lucy and for Jen to have Lis. I had assumed Mike would want to repeat his all-lesbian session but he asked Lucy if she minded him sleeping with us. She now knows that he isn’t going to try anything with her (unless he thought she would agree) so said he was welcome to and once ready, the three of us climbed in to bed leaving Lis and Jen in the living room. Lucy still felt a little sensitive from her earlier orgasm, but she knew I wouldn’t let her go to sleep without playing at least a little so she allowed me to kitty kiss her. I’m fairly capable at this (after years of practice) and as I had expected I convinced her to let me do a little more than just kitty kiss her. I waited until Lucy offered before I turned around and climbed over her and her tongue felt really good as it pushed between my lips and sought out my clit. We had quite a gentle session – no humping or fingering, just gentle licking and sucking with a few moans. I made Lucy cum first but she continued to eat me through her orgasm so I reverted to kitty kissing her as my orgasm built. I had kind of hoped to make her cum a second time, but she said that she’d really had enough for the day so I just let her eat me until I came.

I kissed Mike to let him taste Lucy and then went to use the bathroom. When I returned to bed I got in on the other side of Lucy. She scooched over towards Mike and he had to lie on his back so his cock didn’t press up against Lucy’s body. He could feel her back pressed up against his side and it took him a long time to get to sleep as he kept imagining what it would be like to roll over on to his side and press his cock against her ass while reaching around her to cup one of her breasts. In his fantasy she pushed back against him and after humping against her back for a while he pushed his cock between her legs and rubbed against her hot, wet pussy before she spread her lips and said that she wanted him inside her.

Lis and Jen had a slightly more adventurous evening and once they had climbed in to their duvet bed, they played with and teased each other for a while and then decided to fuck a wine bottle. Lis actually took the lead and used it in Jen first, but once Jen had cum she used it just as energetically on Lis. On completion of the wine appreciation meeting, Lis commented that while the bottle did the job, she actually preferred Mike’s cock. Jen agreed with this, but said that as nice as it was, it couldn’t replace a good pussy (when Mike later found this out Jen had said this he said he took it as a challenge).

Fortunately for Lucy (and probably for Mike as well), he hardly ever moves once he is asleep and almost always wakes up in the position he fell asleep in, so in the morning he was still on his back, although he now had a Lucy lying facing him. He had his usual morning erection and once again wondered what would happen if he rolled over to face Lucy and let the head brush against her mons, but wisely decided not to find out. Mike was awake for a while before Lucy woke up and she disappeared off to the bathroom to relieve herself. Mike buried his face between my legs (I had woken up when Lucy got out of bed) which led Lucy to comment on her return that she had only left us alone for a couple of minutes. Mike assured Lucy that he was just getting me warmed up for her. Lucy didn’t seem to be quite as open as she had been the previous evening, but she still joined us in the bed and performed in front of Mike. At one point when I was eating Lucy, Mike pushed in to me from behind and slid in and out of me, but I wasn’t surprised to find out that he was saving his cum for Lis. Lucy and I lay kissing, each with one leg over the other so we could finger each other and Mike sat on the edge of the bed watching us with his cock in his hand. Once Lucy and I had cum, I asked if I could offer her juices to Mike and with a sigh she told me to go ahead so I plunged a couple of fingers back in to her pussy and then let Mike suck them clean.

Monday, 20 January 2014

Lis and Lucy – August Visit – Part 2

As he wasn’t going to be given this chance, he asked Lis if she wanted to do things properly with him. She said that she was, but told him to close his eyes for a moment while she prepared. Mike covered his eyes (but peeped) as Lis went and put on some thigh-high white socks and then climbed back up on the bed. I personally think I prefer Lis naked, but know (as does she) that Mike still has a soft spot for this look (or rather the look makes one spot on his body very hard). He ran his hands up and down her legs and across her pussy and even buried his face between her legs again. Ifhe thought Lis could take it and still fuck him, he would have probably eaten her to another orgasm before fucking her, but he just climbed up her body and slipped in to her, then asked her to wrap her sock-clad legs around him. We watched as he pumped in to her while reaching around her leg to her pussy to play with her clit. After they had fucked for a while, Lis said that she wanted to go on top and Mike was more than happy to oblige her. He pulled out and lay on his back so Lis could climb over him and I gave her a hand by steadying Mike’s cock so she could lower herself on to it.

I was going to sit behind Lis and play with her breasts but Mike said that I’d had Lis to myself so he wanted the same chance. Lucy, Jen and I went to get a drink and by the time we returned, Lis was rocking back and forth against Mike’s body so her clit rubbed against him. Mike caressed Lis’ legs and clit and occasionally pulled her down so they could kiss and he could move in her a bit more. I reminded Lis that she had to keep hold of Mike’s cum so that she could share it with Jen and me. Mike told me not to worry and helped to guide Lis back and forth as she humped his cock and ground herself against him, obviously getting close to cumming. Lis let out a series of pants and little squeaks as her orgasm approached and she humped back and forth even harder until she came. Mike let her grind against him a short while longer and then pulled her down to kiss her, grabbed her ass and started to pump in to her.

I’ve experienced this position a number of times – Mike waits until I cum and then fucks me really hard. He had enjoyed the way Lis was moving and using him, but it hadn’t done too much to push him towards his own orgasm. As such he managed to last quite a while and Lis was obviously quite sensitive from her orgasm as she continually kept muttering ‘not fair, not fair’ as his cock pounded in to her. It was a very nice sight and Lucy, Jen and I positioned ourselves so we got the best view (and made sure that Lis knew this). Mike had been drawing things out a little, but he hadn’t been trying to get Lis to cum again so he was pleasantly surprised when her complaints started to change to ‘oh fucks’. He asked if she could cum again for him and she said that she thought so if he kept going a little longer – he was already approaching his own orgasm but felt it was more than worthwhile to hold back if he could get yet another orgasm out of Lis so he carried on humping her, driving his cock in deep with each stroke and maintaining the pace he had set. He whispered to Lis that he wanted to feel her cum around him and he would then empty his load in to her tight pussy so she could share it with us and waited until she was panting in his ear that she was cumming again before he stopped holding back and let the pleasure engulf him.

Mike felt his cum erupt from his cock in to Lis’ pussy and he stayed as deep inside her as he could get and then rolled them both over so he was on top. He didn’t pull out straight away and kept his cock pressed firmly in to Lis’ pussy. As he pulled out, Lis lifted her ass slightly and covered her pussy and I got in to a similar position beside her (but spread my pussy). Lis climbed up and positioned herself over me and Jen helped guide her so she was directly over my pussy and then Lis removed her hand and spread her lips. We watched as Mike’s cum dripped out and ran in to my pussy, then Lis was told to hold the rest in while Jen swapped places with me. Mike helped to spread Jen’s lips and Lis crouched over her until a few more drops trickled out of her and run in to Jen before she rubbed her crotch against Jen’s pussy and finally sat down.

Lis was very grateful that we had let her be the first person to be involved in our attempt to get pregnant and Lucy wanted to know who else would be allowed to participate. Mike and Jen immediately said that Sue would be the next person and I quickly added that we had been thinking about letting Sara and Emily participate as well (assuming Emily hadn’t been with any guys for a suitable period of time). Mike told Lucy that she was always welcome to help out (to which she just stuck her tongue out at him, but he replied by saying that if she would prefer to just suck him off and then deposit the cum in our pussies, she could always do it that way. Lucy realised she wasn’t going to win so the conversation moved on to how long we thought it would take one of us to get pregnant and what we would do if we both ended up pregnant (which was always a risk). As far as we could tell, it wouldn’t make too much difference, unless Jen managed to get a really good job, she would be the one looking after the baby so even if we both produced offspring it would be no different than one of us having twins. (As people have pointed out, there is always the chance that we might both end up having twins, which would cause a few issues, but statistically the odds of that are quite low so we’re prepared to take the chance).

It was getting fairly late by this time so we moved a duvet in to the living room to make up our floor bed and Mike, Lis and I offered to sleep there so Jen and Lucy could have the real bed to themselves. Jen was reminded to avoid pussy to pussy contact with Lucy (as if she would have forgotten) and once we had all visited the bathroom for the end of day necessities, we headed off to our respective places to sleep. I suggested that the three of us try Mike’s favourite position and to start off with, I rode him while Lis sat over his face and he ate her. I wasn’t just being nice to Mike when I suggested this as I enjoy having him inside me while being able to watch someone else being eaten (and Lis looked very cute sitting over him, even with a lustful look on her face). I wasn’t greedy though and offered to swap partway through to let Mike finish off inside Lis (and have him finish me off with his tongue). Lis rode Mike for a bit and he got me off, but Lis then suggested that as Jen was next door with Lucy, it would be easier if he came in me so that she could lick some of his cum out of me and go and deposit it in Jen. This seemed liked a sensible idea and it felt quite nice having Mike fuck me just after I’d cum. He finished off eating Lis while using my cunt and once he had cum in me Lis did as she had suggested and on her return she told us that Jen had been (and still was) going down on Lucy while Lis had licked Mike’s cum in to Jen’s pussy.

Mike really liked the idea of Lucy eating his cum out of Jen (but then he knew that she had already eaten his cum out of Lis and I in the past so it wasn’t really anything new). He wanted to spoon in Lis as we went to sleep but it took him a little while to get hard again before he could do this. We discussed our plan for a belated birthday treat for Lucy with Lis, which helped Mike get hard and Lis thought that Lucy would like it. In the middle of the night, Mike went to the bathroom and tried to eat Lis when he got back in to bed but she was too tired so I told him that he could go down on me if he wanted. He pretended not to be interested but then crawled down between my legs and lapped at my pussy until I came (I tried to be fairly quiet so as not to disturb Lis, but I wasn’t trying to be silent). As is usually the case when Mike has eaten someone, he was hard afterwards so he spooned with me as we fell asleep again. In the morning, he woke Lis in the traditional way and I was then given a double treatment by them both. I had two sets of fingers in me and wither a cock to suck or a pussy to lick. They took turns eating me and I was finished off by 69ing with Lis while Mike moved in her (not really fucking her, it was more for the effect).

After we’d had breakfast, Mike got Jen to climb up on the table and reminded her that he had promised her that he would continually eat her. Lis thought it was quite funny to watch Jen spread her legs for Mike and toy with her breasts as he ate her but Jen had told Mike that she would take whatever he gave her and wasn’t going to back down so she lay (mostly) still and just made little mewing sounds as he took her closer to cumming. I really thought that he was going to take her right to the edge and then stop, but he carried on until Jen arched her back slightly and cried out that she was cumming (as if we wouldn’t have been able to tell without the hint!). Jen was left to catch her breath while we tidied up and he said to Lis that he wanted a session with her and Jen later in the day so he could have both of his lesbians at once. Lis said that would be okay and I suggested that Lucy could choose which one of them she wanted Mike to cum in. Lucy thought that it was odd that she could choose but I wrapped my arms around her and said that as she loved both Lis and Jen, it only seemed fair that she should decide. I think Lucy finds it odd that I’m not jealous of the fact that I know she loves Jen, but I also know (or at least believe (that it is the same way that I love Lis – which is different than the way I love Jen and Mike).

Lucy said that she would decide when it was time and we went off to shower (Lucy, Mike and I and then Lis and Jen). Lucy let Mike wash her back in the shower and with three of us in there, he brushed up against her more than a few times as we moved around to all get washed. I gave Mike’s cock a good wash and threatened to jerk him off over Lucy (but by now she knew that he wouldn’t actually cum over her – unless she wanted him to of course in which case he would cover her with as much cum as he could produce as many times as he was allowed). After a bit of pleading, she relented and let him wash her legs (to do which he kneeled down) but he wasn’t allowed to touch anywhere interesting. The most contact he got with her was when we moved around after he had stood back up and I asked to get by so I could get out and dry myself. Lucy was pressed up against Mike’s front, her breasts pressing against his chest and his cock against her crotch (I may have done this on purpose).

Lis and Jen had an uneventful shower and once we were ready we convinced Lucy to take her panties off and headed out in to town. So he wasn’t left out, Mike had gone without boxers and was wearing one of his pairs of trousers with a hole in the pocket (for surreptitious handjobs). Other than a minor play in a dressing room, our trip was fairly uneventful and we returned home mid-afternoon. I was disappointed that town had been too busy to play properly and the changing room tease and minor flashing during lunch had gotten us quite worked up. It would have been quite easy to just demand sex, but I’ve learned from Mike’s patience and suggested that it was time to give Lucy her present. Given what she knows about us, she was understandably nervous, but trusted us enough to agree to let us do whatever we wanted for half an hour.

She was relieved when she found out that we just planned to give her a nice massage and while Jen and I went and prepared the room, Lucy had a quick hot shower to help get herself in a relaxed state and then padded in to the bedroom with a towel around her. We wanted her to enjoy herself as much as possible, which also meant making sure she was as comfortable as possible. We checked whether she minded Mike participating and he promised that if he was allowed, he would avoid her most sensitive areas (Mike is actually quite good at giving massages – unfortunately I don’t get them as often as I’d like, but he has promised that if I get pregnant that I will get one at least once a week – either with his cock in me while he does it or not, depending on how I’m feeling). Lucy said that she didn’t mind him helping out as long as he behaved himself. We let Lucy put a pair of panties on and she lay on the bed on her stomach – we had the curtains partially drawn to darken the room and some jasmine scented candles lit (her favourite scent) and a fluffy white towel for her to lie on. Once she was comfortable, we applied some oil to her body (we’d even heated it slightly) and started to massage her skin.

Friday, 17 January 2014

Lis and Lucy – August Visit – Part 1

At the start of August we went to visit Lis and Lucy for what had become our monthly session with them (timed around Lis’ safe period). As I said in the last posting, Jen and I had just stop taking the birth control pill and I had texted Lis to tell her that any cum Mike gave her that weekend was just a loan as she would have to share it with us.

Mike was looking forward to having another opportunity to fuck Lis, but now he was finally doing things with Jen, Lis wasn’t ‘his little lesbian’ (or rather now she wasn’t his only one as he had two of them). The one complication was that as Lis, Jen and I would all have boy-cum (Mike’s) in us, we would have to be much more careful about what we did with Lucy. We didn’t expect it to be too difficult, all we had to do was not finger Lucy after fingering someone else, not share dildos/vibes with her, no pussy to pussy contact and not eat her directly after eating someone else.

As you can see, we had realised that while we could still do things with Lucy, we were actually quite limited and wanted to make sure that she enjoyed the weekend as well. Admittedly she doesn’t have as high a libido as Lis does, but I’m always worried that Lucy might one day decide that she doesn’t want to share Lis anymore. I’m a lot less nervous about that happening than I used to be as Lucy and Jen clearly care for each other a lot and seem to have a similar connection to the one Lis and I have (and I’m so grateful that Jen and Lucy didn’t hook up before I met Jen or it might have been them who were getting married).

We didn’t have anything to worry about that weekend though as Lis revealed (discreetly) that she wasn’t wearing any panties when they came to meet us at the airport. It seems that Lis was just as excited about the prospect of Jen or I getting pregnant as we were and was very keen to play her part in helping us. As we drove back to their place, Jen and I sat on either side of Lucy in the back seat and whispered to her (not too quietly as we wanted Lis and Mike to hear us in the front) what we were going to do once we got home. Hardly surprisingly, we didn’t actually wait until we had arrived home for our hands slid up the inside of Lucy’s thighs, spread her legs and started to caress her while we took turns kissing her. Lucy objected at first (due to the risk of someone seeing what we were doing), but as our fingers found their way in to her panties and we started to play with her properly she surrendered to us and said that she may as well enjoy it.

Mike looked around a few times to watch what we were doing – if Lis hadn’t been driving he would have probably done something similar to her, but felt that getting home alive was a higher priority than eating her there and then. We pulled Lucy’s panties off and did our best to push our heads between her legs and eat her (not easy in a moving vehicle). We tried to pull Lucy’s top off so we could at least play with her breasts, but she was adamant that it was staying on as it would have been too easy for someone to see in. We settled on a compromise where we could fondle her under her top and her bra was soon pushed off of her breasts. I thought about just teasing her for the whole journey but also liked the idea of having her cum in the car as we drove so decided to go for that option (although it was clear that Jen was already going for that anyway).

We got Lucy to slide down a little so her ass was near the front of the seat and this made it a little easier to lick her, but we mostly just used fingers. Lucy said she liked having a set of fingers in her and another set frigging her and as she got closer to cumming, she stopped objecting as we pulled her top up and eventually had her breasts exposed to our waiting tongues. Lucy spread her legs wide as we hungrily sucked on her breasts and played with her pussy. In this position, Mike had a fairly good view when he looked back and could see our fingers sliding into and over Lucy’s wet pussy. Lis told us that she felt left out had better get equivalent treatment and we promise her that Jen and I would take good care of her before we unleashed Mike so he could eat and fuck her. With both of us working on her we didn’t have any trouble making her cum and kept her in her reclined position for a while as we kissed her, rubbed her juices over her nipples (to lick off) and fed her some of her juices from our fingers. For good measure, we finished off by feeding her some of our own juices.

Once we released her, Lucy tried to straighten herself up but didn’t try to retrieve her panties. Instead of refastening her bra, she pulled it off and just pulled her top down. This meant I was the only person in the car with a bra on and even though I have the largest breasts in the group I felt overdressed so I pulled my top off and removed my bra before putting my top back on. When we got to their place, we unloaded our bags and I dragged Lis straight to the bedroom, telling her that I wanted to eat her before Mike ruined the way she tasted. My antics with Lucy in the car had gotten me quite worked up so I happily 69ed with Lis and enjoyed the light fluttery licks that I’ve come to love. I was a bit more forceful with her and buried my tongue between her lips, trying to slurp as much of her juice in to my mouth as I could.

Mike, Jen and Lucy wandered in and watched us for a while before Mike pulled his cock out and went to slide in to Lis. I slapped him away (actually it was more like a push as I once slapped his cock away before and even though it was meant playfully it hurt him quite a bit) and said that he could have Lis once I’d finished with her. Mike wanted Jen to play with Lucy so he could watch that too but Lucy said she still felt a little sensitive from her orgasm in the car. Jen at least undressed for him and came over to join us on the bed, lying with her pussy near mine so Lis could give her a few licks. She didn’t stay there for too long though as she really wanted to have a proper session with Lucy and returned to convince Lucy to join her in being naked (which at least kept Mike a little happy). Lucy and Jen sat on one side of the bed and Jen gently stroked Lis’ back while they chatted and Mike sat on the other and fondled Lis’ ass. As soon as Lis and I finished, I let Mike take over and he set about kitty kissing her to help get her in the mood for round two (and three).

I kissed Jen to let her taste Lis from my mouth and face and then pointed out that it was time for Jen to enjoy herself. Lucy took care of Jen’s breasts while I buried my face between Jen’s legs and started to lap away at her pussy. It would have been quite easy to make Jen cum in this position, but I knew that she would rather have Lucy eating her (now I was allowed to play with her again, Jen could get me to do things with her whenever she wanted), so I didn’t push things too far before I suggested to Lucy that we switch positions. Lucy seemed to have warmed to the idea of cumming again by this point and didn’t object when I started to caress her ass and then slide my fingers between her cheeks and down over her pussy. I slid my other hand between my own legs –not really masturbating, just so I could gently stroke myself and tease my lips. I made sure to suck my fingers clean before using the hand I’d used on myself on Lucy and to remove any further temptation to play with myself, I knelt behind Lucy and had a proper lick of her pussy.

I could see that Mike had moved on from kitty kissing Lis and was getting properly stuck in to her but I mostly concentrated on what I was doing to Lucy. I spread her lips and licked inside her (as I had done with Lis) and once I’d gotten her sufficiently aroused that she started to push back against me I licked up and down the length of her pussy and swirled my tongue around her ass a few times. She didn’t flinch at all when I did this so I carried on eating her and occasionally dragging my tongue up to her ass. As she seemed to be getting in to things so much I used my hands to knead her ass cheeks as I ate her. I could hear both Jen and Lis making interesting sounds of pleasure and when I looked over I could see Mike grinding his cock against the bed (but as he had his face buried in a girl’s pussy, it was a given that he would be turned on). Jen was the first to cum and when she had moved out of the way, Lucy said she wanted to lie on her side so I moved out of the way and I lay behind her and lifted her upper leg so I could eat her from behind. It would have been much easier to lick around her ass from this position and while I continued to give it the occasional bit of attention I mostly concentrated on her pussy until she came.

Mike had already finished making Lis cum by the time I gave Lucy her orgasm and he was spooning with her while she caught her breath (he wasn’t moving in her, he just wanted his cock buried in her cunt). Jen had been giving Lis a demonstration of what she had learned from the past couple of weeks of playing with Mike and I together and had been kitty kissing Lis while Mike had been inside her (technically Jen had done things like this before she had slept with Mike, but it had always been a dildo or vibe in the pussy and not a real cock). Lucy now seemed to be in a much more playful mood and said that she wanted to see Mike fuck Jen. Mike said that he wanted to cum in Lis first as he’s had Jen all week and was bored of her (but Jen didn’t rise to this as she knew full well he would fuck her every chance he got once we got home). As a compromise, he agreed to let Lucy (and Lis) watch as he fucked Jen, but said he wouldn’t cum in her (as this would be saved for Lis a little later on).

Jen lay on her back and we all watched as Mike rubbed his cock up and down Jen’s pussy. I gave a description of what I had witnessed during their first weeks of consummating their relationship, with Jen and mike occasionally chiming in. When it was time for him to enter her, I suggested that Lis and Lucy could help out by each pulling back a side of Jen’s pussy to spread her. I hadn’t actually expected Lucy to go for this as her fingers would be so close to Mike’s cock, but to be fair she has never expressed any repulsion at the idea of touching a guy, just a general lack of interest. They spread Jen’s pussy and Mike positioned his cock and then slowly slid in to Jen – Lis and Lucy could tell from Jen’s expression that she enjoyed having Mike inside her and as he started moving, they withdrew their hands from Jen’s crotch to let Mike take her properly.

So that everyone could see, he didn’t lie on top of her and just lifted her legs up to his chest. At Mike’s request, Lis reached back to to play with Jen’s clit and when he challenged Lucy to do the same, she told him that she knew what he was up to and just wanted to feel her fingers brush against his cock. She still did as he’d asked though and Mike eagerly pumped in to Jen as Lucy frigged her clit. As things were going so well for him, he asked us to try one more position and we all obliged. Lis and Lucy moved up a little bit so Jen could get a hand between each of their legs to finger them and I sat over Jen’s face. I rubbed back and forth to cover Jen’s face with my juices and Jen alternated between fingering Lis and Lucy and then rubbing their juices over her breasts. Lis and Lucy helped out with frigging Jen a few more times but it was left to Mike to actually make her cum (which he did). We all then moved away to let Mike sample our various juices off of Jen’s body before he pulled out of her and let her suck her own juices from his cock. I pointed out that his cock looked quite hard and swollen and he said that he was saving it for Lis, but would wait at least a few minutes to calm down so he could last longer.

Jen was asked to describe what it felt like finally having Mike inside her (as well as what it was like when he ate her and how it felt different to when a girl ate her). I teased Lucy about how she now seemed to be perfectly fine with letting Mike taste her (even if it was always via a third party) and she retorted by saying that maybe she wasn’t quite as much of a prude as we used to think. As a further demonstration of this she pushed a couple of fingers in to her pussy and showed us that they were coated with her juices and then held them out to Mike. He briefly hesitated, unsure as to whether she was making a serious offer, but then decided to go for it anyway and took her fingers in to his mouth. He licked and sucked them clean and then said that he would have another helping if she was offering (but she wasn’t). It was typical that as a guy Mike really wanted the one girl in the room that he couldn’t have – to be fair he wasn’t exactly ignoring the rest of us, but given the chance I’m fairly sure he would have told Lis to wait while he fucked Lucy.

Tuesday, 14 January 2014

Keeping Susan Satisfied – Part 5

As her final dare before we headed back to the house I got her to crouch down with her legs spread and search for something in her bag. This gave the people who had been admiring her ass a full frontal view of her pussy, but Susan remained apparently oblivious to this and just straightened her skirt when she stood up. Unfortunately there wasn’t anywhere suitable to play on the way home so we had to wait until we arrived. Mike had been teasing Abigail on the walk, asking if she was ready for her daily fuck yet, but she had been giving as good as she got. Even though it was a little cooler, we decided to utilise the garden again and as we undressed. I went and fetched some toys and Jen’s eyes lit up when she saw me return with the small whip and paddle. I reminded her that we had said we would spank her so to start things off, we each slapped her ass, then got her to turn over and did the same to her breasts until they were a soft pink. We used the paddle on her pussy and obviously Susan was the next target for this. I let Jen use it gently on me and then on Mike’s cock, after which Abigail couldn’t really refuse so she spread her legs and let Mike spank her pussy.

He was quite gentle with her and immediately kitty kissed her, then pushed his cock in to her and asked how she wanted to be fucked. Abi seemed to be in a playful mood and said she wanted to ride him so he rolled off of her and held his cock upright for her to mount. Before she did this, she climbed over him in a 69 and engulfed his cock with her mouth. Mike pulled her pussy to his mouth and began to eat her. He held her in place so when she tried to pull away, she couldn’t escape. She told him that she wanted to fuck properly and I assured her that he would fuck her once she had cum and she seemed to resign herself to her fate. She resumed sucking him, but mostly panted around his cock as he lashed around her pussy and clit with his tongue. I told Susan to help Mike out and got her to lap around Abigail’s ass – the combined assault drove her to cum fairly quickly and as soon as she’d cum Mike got her to turn around so he could slide in to her. She complained that she was too sensitive to cum again so soon but Mike said he would wait and he just gently moved in her while they kissed.

I had something else I wanted to try and got Jen to lie on top of Susan. I pushed the end of one of our longer double dildos in to Susan’s pussy and the end of a second one in to her ass. I then bent them up and pushed the other ends in to Jen so they were joined cunt to ass and ass to cunt. It was a wonderful sight but wasn’t that easy to do much with as I couldn’t easily move both the dildos that well at the same time. Nonetheless I wanted to try it out so I pulled them out of Jen’s holes and switch places with her so she could connect me to Susan. It felt quite intimate and I humped against Susan while getting Jen to hold the vibes in place – this seemed to work a little better than when I’d tried to move them as the third person, but it still wasn’t enough that we’d be able to cum so we rearranged ourselves in to a new position. I got Jen to kneel over Susan in a 69 position and this time bent the dildos around so they went from ass to cunt on each of them. Susan could then use two hands to pump the dildo back and forth between Jen’s holes and I could do the same for Susan (Jen needed her hands to stay balanced). Susan got a good rhythm going and it sort of looked like she was milking a cow. Jen was mewing away and when she came she squirted (pee, not a real squirt) a little, but Susan didn’t stop until Jen said she’d had enough. They rolled over so Jen could do the same to Susan and I pushed Susan’s head down so she could kitty kiss Jen. I whispered to Susan that she didn’t have to pee when she came, but that if she did, Jen would probably like it. Always willing to please, Susan gave a few little squirts as she came and as soon as Susan’s orgasm was over Jen pulled the dildo from her and buried her face in Susan’s pussy (and she did a little more than just kitty kiss Susan).

Mike was fucking Abigail properly by this point but I wanted to cum so I joined them and crouched over Mike’s face. He kept a hold of Abigail’s ass, but his tongue eagerly pushed against my cunt and he began to eat me. It felt really good – as much as I enjoy doing things with other people, Mike and Jen are obviously much more practiced at making me feel good and I enjoyed the way Mike’s tongue alternated between probing my pussy and lapping at my clit. Jen and Susan finished their post-orgasmic session at some point and came over to join us. Jen reached under me and caressed my breasts while Susan ran her hands over Abigail’s ass, trying to keep up with her movements on Mike’s cock. As Abi got closer to cumming, Jen told her that she should pee as hard as she could in time with her orgasm. Abi was still a bit unsure about this and said that Mike probably wouldn’t like it so Jen asked him if he minded and I felt him shaking his head back and forth. Jen gave Abi a few more words of encouragement and went to join Susan. Jen pushed a finger a little way in to Abi’s ass, which made it much easier to keep her hand in place, even though Mike was now pounding in to her cunt. Abigail said that she was getting close and Jen once again told her to squirt as hard as she could with each wave of her orgasm and promised her that it would feel wonderful. I came long enough before Abi that I had finished and climbed off so I could watch properly. Abigail did as she was instructed and Mike’s midriff was drenched, but she continued to squirt each time she felt a wave of pleasure. Jen reached between their bodies and rubbed the liquid up over Abigail’s ass and thighs before rubbing her hands over her own breasts. Mike carried on fucking Abigail a little while longer before pushing her down hard on to his cock and holding her still.

Jen went down on Abigail once Mike had pulled out of her – it was a mixture of eating and kitty kissing and while Abigail said it felt nice, she was adamant that she didn’t want to cum again (or rather she thought that she couldn’t cum again after the weekend we’d had). As Abigail was otherwise engaged, it was left to Mike and I to keep Susan amused. She too had really had enough for the time being, but we still had to make up for her saying that she had been missing being played with all the time. Mike wanted a chance to use the dildo in both of Susan’s holes so we cleaned one off and worked it back inside her, then Mike fucked her with it while I played with Susan’s clit and nipples. I had an idea while we were doing this, but we finished off the session with Susan before I disappeared in to the house to get what I needed.

Jen was still lapping away at Abigail’s pussy and was winning the war in convincing her that she might be able to cum again. With Susan and Mike kissing Abigail and stroking her body, she became even more convinced and gave in to everyone. I had returned by the time Abigail actually came, but I thought she had enough people stimulating her so I just sat and watched and prepared myself for what I had in mind for our next game.

I had retrieved our mains powered vibe (the massage wand with the large head) and had run an extension lead out to the garden so we could use it. I challenged Susan to see who could endure it the longest, knowing full well that it would end up being too intense to be pleasurable by the end (unless Susan conceded defeat quickly, although I doubted she would be allowed to do that). I hadn’t entirely thought through the best position to use, but we settled on Susan and I half sitting, facing each other with our legs in a scissor position (one of my legs over one of hers, her other leg over my other leg) with Mike sitting behind me to help hold me up and Abigail behind Susan. This left Jen free to hold the vibrator between us and we edged forwards until we both had our pussies pressed up against it. Jen turned the vibe on, starting off with a relatively low setting. Jen slowly ramped it up to the power setting we would generally use and Mike and Abigail ensured that we were each pressed against the head of the vibe. I could feel it beginning to work (actually quite quickly) and wondered how long I would be able to hold out after I’d cum (it is an incredibly strong vibe). I was still fairly confident that I would be able to beat Susan, but had a few second thoughts on whether the discomfort would be worth it just to say I’d won.

Mike and Abigail reached around to play with our respective nipples and I leaned back against him to settle in for my orgam. I managed to hold it off for a while by thinking about random boring things, but whenever I closed my eyes Abigail said that I was cheating and we had to keep looking at each other (which made it much harder to not think about sex). I have learned a few things from Mike over the years though and I was able to stave off my orgasm until after Susan had cum. Unfortunately, as I came I wondered how Susan and I would fare in a similar competition against Julia and I started trying to figure out how we could position ourselves to have a simultaneous three way challenge, which made me concentrate on the sensations being drummed in to my clit from the vibe. Both Susan and I were moaning, panting and swearing as the sensations became more and more intense. It looked to me like Susan was closer to breaking than I was and I steeled myself to hold out just a bit longer. Jen pushed things further by turning the vibe up even higher (way beyond where we would normally use it) and Susan actually let out a little yelp and pulled away from it. Abigail pushed her forwards and told her to hold on, but Susan didn’t last for more than 10 seconds (although whether my estimate of how long we endured the high power setting is accurate is probably in doubt). What counts though is that I won and Susan squirmed away from the vibe and said that she couldn’t take any more. It would have been ideal if I could have held the vibe against my pussy until I came, but I couldn’t endure it any more either so I pushed Jen’s hand away and lay back against Mike.

I could see that Susan’s pussy looked very pink and I could feel that mine was still tingling and felt warm. Jen went and fetched a couple of ice cubes, Mike used one (gently) on Susan and Jen and Abigail used the other on me, alternating between rubbing the ice over my lips and then kitty kissing me to help calm me down. My pussy felt quite numb by the time they finished and from experience I know that this wasn’t due to the ice, but was from the extreme vibrations. I knew that it would wear off in time so wasn’t too worried, even if it meant I wouldn’t be able to enjoy myself much for a while.

We got ready to head out for lunch – Susan and Abigail packed their things up so we could escort them to the station. Susan was at least allowed to wear a decent length dress so she didn’t have to worry about being exposed, but after lunch, was taken in to an alleyway and told to spread her legs so Mike could kneel and eat her. She had her dress pulled up over her breasts and had to hold it in place until Mike made her cum, at which point she was turned around and told to lean forwards against the wall while Mike briefly used her (neither of them came, it was more for the effect of fucking her in suck a public place). I wished that I’d brought our ejaculating dildo along so I could have emptied a decent load in to Susan’s pussy – it would have been far more amusing to have her walk the rest of the way to the station with the fake cum dripping out of her pussy and running down her legs, but unfortunately I didn’t think of this until after lunch while Mike was inside Susan.

We each had a chance to grope both Susan and Abigail at the station as we kissed them goodbye. She certainly wasn’t complaining about not being played with any more. She did complain that the rest of the holidays might seem quite sparse in the orgasmic arena again and we told Abigail that she should just let Susan fuck her brother the next time she visited. Abi was still a little unsure that this was a good idea. As our final challenge for Susan, we handed Abigail the lipstick vibe we’d been using (we have more than one and don’t use them that often anyway), with the instructions that Susan had to use it to cum on the train journey and the added challenge of her pussy having to be visible the whole time she had the vibe on her clit. Abigail accepted the challenge but we found out later on that unfortunately the train had been too busy for them to manage.

That afternoon, Jen said that she wanted to make use of the garden, jokingly saying that we didn’t know how much longer the warm weather would last. Mike desperately wanted to get back inside her and fuck her properly (and without having to hide it). I had assumed that Jen would want to make use of the fact we were outside to get us wet and she said that she had really enjoyed watching Abigail squirt with Mike in her and wanted to do that. To maximise the sensation, Jen and I once again had a couple of pints of water and gave it a little time to pass through us while we took care of the household chores and went to do a little food shopping. By the time we returned we both needed to pee quite a bit (and indeed Jen had allowed a little to escape while we were walking back to the house).

We dumped the shopping, stripped off and headed out to the garden – Jen said that I could go first so I knelt on all fours and Mike slid in to me and started to fuck me. Jen crawled under me so we were in a 69 position and told me to lick her (so I did). In return, she played with my clit and occasionally lifted her head to lick us both. When I said that I was getting close, Jen spread my lips and told Mike to fuck me as hard as he could while she frigged me. I asked her if she was sure she wanted me to squirt (I knew the answer, I just wanted to hear her say it) and then pushed as hard as I could when I started to cum. Long time readers will know that I was rather dubious about watersports when Jen first introduced me to her fetish, but the more we do things the more I enjoy being able to just enjoy myself. I could feel my pee splashing down my legs and Mike’s cock was making very squelchy sounds as he pumped in and out of my cunt.

As soon as I’d finished cumming Jen got me to switch positions with her and as I watched Mike bury his cock in her cunt, she started to kitty kiss me. She broke contact to tell Mike that she wasn’t far from cumming (apparently I’d done a fairly good job eating her) and told him to give her a hard fuck so she could copy what I’d done. I was still in the extended post-orgasmic glow (the benefit of being kitty kissed) so just told Jen to unleash whatever she could, not caring that my face was directly beneath her pussy. Jen did just that – as she started to cum I saw and then felt her empty her bladder. The liquid mostly ran down her and Mike’s legs, but enough sprayed over me to keep Jen happy. Once Jen had finished cumming Mike pulled out of her and I pulled her pussy to my mouth (I don’t find it icky any more) to kitty kiss her.

When we finally finished I asked Mike why he hadn’t cum in Jen and he said that his balls were aching. He couldn’t decide whether it would have made it better or worse if he had finished off in her, but as he’d cum a couple of times that day already he knew he wouldn’t have produced much (if any) cum anyway so had decided to wait until that night to continue practising impregnating Jen.

Over the following week he got a fair bit more practice at this, but I was now allowed to join in properly as well so he tended to alternate between fucking Jen and me (not in a strict fashion, but it was roughly equal). Originally the plan had been for Jen and I to stay on the pill for a while so that we would have plenty of time to get used to playing as a threesome properly, but by the end of the week we had decided that if we were going to try to get pregnant, then it was probably the right time. Our decision wasn’t entirely informed by the fact that we were visiting Lis and Lucy that weekend, but I did really like the idea of Lis being the first person to share cum with me when I was in a completely unprotected state (the first person other than Jen that is, we didn’t take the pill on the Thursday and did things that night – Mike came in me first and I let his cum drip in to Jen’s pussy and he later fucked her so she could do the same to me). (And yes, we know that having *just* stopped taking the pill that we weren’t going to be able to get pregnant).

Saturday, 11 January 2014

Keeping Susan Satisfied – Part 4

Mike is upset that nobody has commented on Blue is the Warmest Colour or Adèle Exarchopoulos - even without the 10 minutes of lesbian sex, he really recommends it and is still obsessed with Adele (mostly the character, but also the actress). Back to Susan and Abigail's visit...

Susan wasn’t allowed to wash her face, but to even things out, we each rubbed some of our (and her) juices over other parts of her body while we got ready. Susan was given a tight, very low cut top and a pleated mini-skirt to wear. Jen and I wore dresses and Abi wore a light top and skirt. She said that she wanted to wear panties and we couldn’t convince her otherwise, but she conceded that they would probably be lost at some point in the evening. We went out to some of our favourite places and danced for a while. It didn’t take too much for Susan’s skirt to flip up and she danced with a few guys who took advantage of this to grope her ass. Only one of them made it as far as finding out that she didn’t have panties on (or at least only one of them took advantage of the fact and got his fingers on to her pussy). He wanted Susan to leave with him but he wasn’t up for doing things with her in the club so she regretfully had to leave him to look for better prey. As is often the case, we had a number of guys interested in us throughout the evening (I don’t put this down to any great beauty on my part, although my highly visible cleavage and short skirt probably helped out, alongside the fact that Jen and Susan are very pretty and we only had one guy – Mike – with the four girls).

We thought that it had been a while since Susan had seen any action so while sitting in a booth chatting to a couple of guys I leaned over to kiss Susan and fondled her breasts through her top. I then slid a hand up her thigh to her pussy and let the guys watch as I first stroked and then fingered her. I asked the guys if they wanted to help out and switched places with one of them (I had been purposefully sitting in the best shielded spot). He eagerly reached down to play with Susan and we suggested that she could do a bit more for him if he wanted. While the rest of us kept a lookout, she undid his trousers and fished his cock out, then proceeded to suck him (using a condom). I distracted the other guy by pushing his hand between my legs (at which point he discovered I didn’t have panties on either). I let him drunkenly finger me, but once the first guy had cum, Jen produced our little lipstick vibe from her purse and handed it to Susan to use on her clit. Her spot wasn’t quite as well shielded as the place where her guy was sitting so they ended up swapping so she could spread her legs (laying one leg over the guy’s legs) and buzzing herself until she came.

I would have liked to take care of the second guy myself, but this was meant to be Susan’s weekend so he was sent over to her and after he had briefly fingered and kissed her, he pushed her head down on to his cock and she sucked him until he came. The guys stayed with us for a little while and we had Susan sit with her feet up so her pussy was on display and then pull her top up to bare her breasts. When the guys left, Mike crawled under the table and gave Susan a lick but I ended up switching with her so he could do the same to me.

We danced a bit more and teased each other quite a bit before deciding to head home. We had one more idea left and went to find a taxi. Mike had a word with the driver and explained that he had talked his wife in to experimenting with other girls, but said that she didn’t want them to go back to the house. As such, he wanted the driver to take us somewhere secluded so he and his wife could get to play. The first driver he asked wasn’t interested but the second one said that providing he didn’t have to leave the car (and providing we were going to pay for waiting time) he didn’t mind. We all piled in and at the point, Mike hadn’t decided who his wife was actually going to be, but he chose Susan (which meant I was one of the lesbians who was going to experiment with her). As we drove out of the city centre Mike asked the driver if we could get things started, just to make sure Abigail didn’t change her mind. Abigail, Jen and I were already kissing and the driver said that we could go ahead so we moved things up a notch and started to pull tops off, spread legs and finger each other.

We pulled in to a spot on an industrial estate. It was certainly deserted, but we were close enough to other roads that it felt quite exciting. The driver flicked on the light in the back to reveal a topless Jen having her nipples sucked by Abigail and my hand buried between Abigail’s legs. The driver turned to watch us and Mike told Susan that it was time for her to find out if she liked playing with girls. She pretended to hesitantly lean over to us and fondled Abigail’s breasts, so I pulled her top up and let Susan touch her properly. Mike fondled Susan from behind and got her to suck on Abigail’s nipples, then finger her and then finally to kneel and eat her. Jen and I caressed Abigail’s breasts while this was going on and then knelt behind Susan and slid in to her. He briefly fucked her and then asked our driver if he wanted a go. He was up for this so Mike pulled out and suggested that they let Susan finish off eating her first pussy and just watch (which they did). It was then time to switch partners and Mike told the driver that he could have his wife so Jen moved in to the front seat and sat with her legs spread so Susan could lean in to the car and eat her while the driver took her from behind. Abigail then knelt and ate me while Mike took her from behind and as we fucked he pounded in to her and told the driver to fuck Susan as hard as he could, adding that her cunt could take anything he could give it.

The driver seemed to enjoy Susan’s little pussy (she may not be as tight as she used to be, but she is still fairly small). He gave her a good hard fucking and once Susan had eaten Jen to an orgasm, she had removed the condom and used Abigail’s panties to help dry off the guy’s cock. As Susan had learned how to eat pussy so well, it was now time for her to see what it felt like having it done to her so Jen, Abigail and I all took turns eating out Susan. As we were tag teaming her, we could be quite energetic and as I was the only one that Susan hadn’t eaten (in the taxi), I also crouched over her face and made her taste me. We made Susan cum again and I asked the driver if he had enjoyed watching our little plaything. I was naked by this point (as were Jen and Susan – Abi still had her top on) and I suggested that we help Susan explore her lesbian side a little further. For this we lay on the floor of the cab and I 69ed with Susan. Abigail told the driver that he could use her again if he wanted and after he had checked with Mike, he moved up to the door and I held Susan open as he slid in to her.

I licked them both as he fucked her and his balls bounced off the top of my head, then suggested that Abigail might want to have a go. We had to disengage to change position and I suggested that Abi might want to at least sample the drivers cock before she got in to position, so she stood outside the taxi and leant forwards, presenting herself. The driver eagerly pushed in to her and we pulled her top and bra up to expose her breasts. We got Susan to crawl under them and Abi lowered herself to Susan’s mouth so she could lick them, but it was Susan who was meant to be being fucked, so they once again disengaged and Abi lay on the floor (now also naked) so Susan could 69 on top of her while the driver fucked her for the second time. This time I went and sat on the driver’s seat and Jen knelt to eat me. Mike decided that it was too good an opportunity to miss and he pushed in to Jen from behind – I looked round to check that Susan and Abi were busy (so wouldn’t see us) and gave Mike a nod to continue. To be fair he wasn’t likely to cum again so soon, but he gave Jen a good fucking while she ate me.

Abigail was demonstrating just how much she enjoyed seeing Susan being made to cum. She was lapping away at Susan’s pussy and had her legs wrapped around Susan’s head, holding her face against her own cunt. She spread Susan’s ass cheeks and even pushed her fingertips in to Susan’s asshole, meaning it as an unspoken invitation to the driver (which he didn’t take). This was a pity as it’s much easier to eat a girl in this position without a cock in their pussy, but even with this hindrance they managed between them to get Susan to cum again (although to be fair the driver came first and wasn’t actually in her when Susan came).

We’d run up a pretty good bill by this point and while we were having fun, we doubted that the driver would be up for much more in a hurry so decided that it was probably time to head home. Mike went to relieve himself and Jen decided that as she’d come this far, she may as well enjoy herself fully so knelt down just beside the taxi, reached between her legs to spread her lips and peed on the ground. Abigail whispered to Susan to so the same so she knelt beside Jen and copied her. The driver said that they had to dry off before getting back in to the cab so Mike asked Susan if the girls could come home with them and when she said yes, he handed Jen Susan’s skirt to wipe herself with, after which it was passed to Susan to use.

Susan realised that this meant she would be naked for the ride home, but in solidarity, Jen and I didn’t get dressed until we pulled in to our road. On the journey, Mike got Susan to sit on his cock (remember that he hadn’t cum in Jen) and he played with her clit and breasts as we drove through the town. I really liked the idea of doing this, but the most I could do was help out by giving them both an occasional lick. Jen and I just slipped our dresses on to walk to the front door (but didn’t button them up) and Susan had to make the walk naked (she wasn’t even allowed to carry her clothes). The driver thanked us and offered us a discount but we paid the bill in full.

Once indoors we went straight to bed (again, in the living room). We were all fairly tired from the day’s activities but were determined to push Susan just a bit further. We took turns licking her and then inserted one of our short double ended dildos. Jen had first go and once she had mounted the dildo, she humped and scissored with Susan, rubbing and pounding their pussies together. Mike told Abigail that he needed to cum in her one last time and she let him lick her until she was aroused enough to fuck. I had been helping out by licking Jen and Susan, but when Abi mounted Mike and they started fucking, I knelt behind her and gave Abi’s ass a few good licks between Mike pumping in to her. I then left them to it and returned to help Susan and Jen and once they had both cum, I took Jen’s place and Jen licked Susan and me while we fucked. Mike pumped hard in to Abigail while I was working on Susan and I heard her cum beside us (a sort of high pitched ‘eeeeeee’ sound as his groin slapped against hers). He carried on until he came in her and then held her in place on top of him until Susan and I had finished. He was going to kitty kiss her afterwards, but she said that she was done for the day and couldn’t take any more. I defended her and said that she had done incredibly well, so Mike went down on Susan and kitty kissed her until he was satisfied.

That night Mike curled up behind Jen and after she had rubbed her ass against his groin for a bit he got hard enough that he thought he would be able to get inside her. He says that if Susan or Abigail had asked what he was doing he would have just pretended that he was rubbing his cock against Jen’s ass (which to be fair was how it had started), but they didn’t seem to notice and Mike spent a while very gently moving inside Jen. He wishes that he hadn’t cum in Abigail as he thinks he could have probably fucked Jen and cum inside her without anyone knowing (apart from Jen of course), but he had to be content with just spooning her.

On the Sunday morning Mike once again woke Susan by eating and then fucking her. He used the same position he had used with Abigail the previous night (him on the bottom, guiding Susan’s ass up and down as he pounded in to her) and asked Abigail if she wanted him to cum in Susan or her. Abigail again said that as long as she got his cock at some point, she didn’t mind if Susan had his cum so Jen and I set about playing with Abigail while Mike finished off with Susan. We used the same double ended dildo in Abi that we had shared with Susan – Jen and I each had a go fucking the dildo while the other sat over Abigail’s face and had her eat us. It was a nice way to wake up (and get some exercise) and I got to listen in to Mike and Susan talking dirty to each other as they fucked. Mike told Susan that he was going to fill her cunt with so much cum it would be running out of her all day (if he could only do that…) and she told him to give her everything he had. I reached over to caress her ass a few times and gave it a couple of slaps which reminded me that we had promised to punish Jen (but I didn’t say anything at the time). Mike waited until Jen, Abigail and I had all cum before he pushed Susan over the edge so that Abigail could sit at the edge of the bed and watch Susan’s cunt be repeatedly violated. He then pumped in her a little more before he came in her and got Susan to sit up so Abi could watch his cum dripping out of her.

Whether we understand why or not, it was obvious that Abigail loved seeing people make Susan cum and I’m fairly sure if we’d told her we were going for a second round at that point that we could have coaxed her back in to bed. We felt fairly hungry though so decided that we should eat first and play more later (once we had sufficient energy). We quickly freshened up (but purposely wanted to leave any juices from our games on our bodies) and Susan didn’t raise any objections as we debated how little we should get her to wear. Abigail decided that Susan should do the walk of shame and presented her with a tiny tube top and an equally tiny mini-skirt. Susan’s bits were technically covered – as long as she didn’t bend over, sit down or walk anywhere and it really looked as if she was returning from a night out where she had got lucky. Just before we left we rubbed some of the tingle gel over and in to her pussy and some of the heat gel over her nipples.

On the walk to the local café, Susan said that she could feel the gel working, her pussy was tingling away and her nipples were throbbing with the heat. Susan had to be very careful when she sat down as the skirt barely covered her pussy when seated (and didn’t really cover her ass, but at least the seat hid that). Instead of choosing the most secluded spot in the café, we went for one closer to a window – not completely exposed, but enough so that it would be more of a challenge for us to do anything. A couple of times I pulled out the tingle gel and got Susan to rub a little more on to her clit and for the finale, Jen handed her our lipstick vibe and told her to use it. Now the whole point of this vibe is that it is discreet and quiet, but as such it isn’t too powerful so it took a little time to work on Susan. She was interrupted once by the waitress but she kept her hands in her lap, shielding the vibe and even kept it pressed up against her clit. As she got closer to cumming, Susan leaned forwards and rested her head on an arm on the table. I guess this was a natural enough position for someone who was tired from a long night, but she didn’t seem to realise that her skirt wasn’t really long enough for her to lean forwards like this. We noticed that people at the table behind her had noticed her ass was showing, but didn’t tell her until after she had cum, at which point she tried to pull her skirt down but realised it was futile and gave up.