Thursday, 2 January 2014

Keeping Susan Satisfied – Part 1

On the last Friday in July, Abigail and Susan came up to visit us. We had also offered to let Lis and Lucy come along (in a hope that Lucy would continue to expand her horizons following the holiday) but unsurprisingly they declined (and we were going to see them in a couple of weeks anyway). We knew that Susan was really looking forward to the visit as she had been missing having the gang playing with her and while she and Abigail had spent time at each other’s parent’s houses, they didn’t really have the opportunity to do things in the way they could at Uni.

They arrived on the Friday night and we met them at the train station – as they only had backpacks with them we headed off to a pub for a drink before going home and Jen, Mike and I all took the opportunity to check that Susan didn’t have any panties on under her skirt. Abigail still generally prefers things being done to Susan more than having them done to her (at least in the being exposed or played with in public categories), but she was a good enough sport to play along and went to the bathroom to remove her panties and then let us check (discreetly of course as we were in a crowded place).

Susan was desperate to get home and Abigail told us that we were to make sure Susan got to cum as many times as she wanted. Having gone from being the fuck-toy at Uni to things having been stepped up a notch on holiday, to comparative abstinence at home, Susan was desperate to cum lots. (Susan had masturbated and when they were together, Abi had fingered and eaten Susan, but they had to be much more discreet and subdued). Susan had contemplated trying to seduce Abigail’s younger brother and getting him to fuck her but Abi had ruled this out as an option. Naturally, this led to a discussion of me fucking Chris (Jen’s brother) and how at our last encounter I had let him cum in and over me (we missed out the bit where I had blindfolded Jen and made her cum in front of him). Jen also reminded people that she and Mike get to use Sue (my sister) and between us we started to work on convincing Abigail that letting Susan fuck her brother might be fun.

As Susan seemed so desperate to cum, we thought that we should get started on her so used one of the alleyways we knew close to the house. Mike and Abigail kept a lookout while Jen and I pulled Susan’s clothes open and started to play with her. (It was much easier knowing that we would have a little time to get Susan covered up if someone came and meant that we could just concentrate on getting her off). We both had a lick of her pussy and then I frigged her and played with her breasts while Jen fingered her. Susan couldn’t make too much noise as we were outside and it was still fairly early, but she obviously enjoyed being played with so openly and it didn’t take much time to make her cum. We only let her put her dress and shoes back on for the rest of the walk home and Abigail decided that it would be a good idea to not let Susan have any underwear all weekend (which we were supportive of).

As soon as we were indoors, Susan was stripped once again (it was much easier this time as we didn’t have to worry about bra or socks) and Mike was let loose on her. Abigail said that she had quite been looking forward to getting his cock so he promised her that he would just eat Susan and she would get first fuck (Abigail is more bi than Susan, who was gay up until the point she was ‘convinced’ to let some of the guys start to play with her). We didn’t want Abi to be left out though so we followed Mike and Susan in to the bedroom and while he ate her, Jen and I slowly undressed Abi and started to tease her. Even though she had said she had been looking forward to having a cock in her, she didn’t complain as our hands roamed over her body, our mouths closed around her nipples and our fingers found her crotch. Jen and I fingered her simultaneously and I then got Jen to kneel in front of Abi to eat her while I knelt behind and helped eat her while also flicking my tongue over her ass. This certainly did the trick and we made Abi cum before Mike got Susan off (but in his defence, he was teasing her a little more than we’d done with Abigail).

While we were waiting for Mike to finish with Susan, Abi started to play with Jen and me. Jen was sitting over Abi’s face when Susan finally came so I suggested she stay in place while I went to continue Susan’s orgasm-fest. I gave Susan a minute or so to calm down, then planted myself over her in a 69 position, while Mike crawled over to Abigail, briefly licked her and then knelt between her legs so he could push his cock in to her. I briefly felt jealous that after Jen having him all week (almost a fortnight), that Abi was the first one he was going to fuck properly and not me, but I was distracted by Susan’s tongue (and knew that I’d be getting Mike soon enough). Abigail asked Mike to give her a good hard fuck, so he obliged and held on to her legs as he pumped in to her. Jen leant forwards and helped out by playing with Abigail’s clit while Susan and I just lapped away at each other. Jen came first, but stayed over Abi and got her to just gently kiss her pussy, and she continued to play with Abi’s clit. Mike carried on fucking Abigail with hard strokes, his body slapping against Abigail’s each time he pumped in to her and only when she had cum did he start fucking her for his enjoyment (not that he hadn’t been enjoying it before, I just mean he started to move in her with the specific aim of him cumming). Mike told Jen to hump against Abigail’s face and she was more than happy to do this. It didn’t take Mike long to cum, but I could hear Abigail moaning as he fucked her tender pussy and when he finally came and pulled out, Jen lowered her face between Abi’s legs to kitty kiss her.

Susan and I were locked in our own struggle – I hadn’t told her, but I had decided that I would eat her until she submitted. I think I made her cum a little before Abigail did, but when she tried to pull away I just held fast on to her and kept my mouth glued to her pussy (being on top helped out quite a bit here). I came a little while after Mike and Susan seemed to have caught on to what I was doing as she had given up struggling and carried on eating me even though I had panted in to her pussy so I assumed she knew that I’d also cum. I hadn’t been completely mean and had eased off slightly after she came, but I had continued to eat her and not just kitty kiss her – once I came I went back to eating her more vigorously, even though what she was doing to my own pussy felt quite intense. I was fairly confident that I could endure more than Susan could so pushed my pussy against her face (as an unspoken challenge) and we battled it out. I actually made Susan cum a second time and it was after this that she finally pulled her mouth away from my cunt and begged me to stop. I was quite glad about this as her licking had just felt very intense and I doubt I would have been able to enjoy it and cum as she had.

Abigail suggested that Jen could have a turn licking Susan, but fortunately for Susan Jen is quite kind so she just kitty kissed her (which still felt quite strong as Susan’s pussy was now quite sensitive). We had a break and chatted some more, then Jen suggested that we make the most of the nice evening and spend some time in the garden. Abigail started to get dressed as she hadn’t realised what we were suggesting, but that was soon rectified and we traipsed out with a large blanket and some citronella candles to keep the bugs away. The sun had set by this point but the sky wasn’t completely dark and with the candles to help we had plenty of light to see. It wasn’t cold, but obviously cooler than it had been in the day, which gave us a good excuse to curl up in different combinations to keep warm and enjoy each other. I had Mike inside me for a little bit and we got Susan to lick us both, but not for long enough for either of us to cum.

Jen got up to go and use the bathroom but I convinced her that we were all friends (and Abigail and Susan had found out about her watersports fetish during the holiday anyway), so she may as well enjoy herself. Jen was a little reticent at first, but Abigail volunteered Susan to help out so they sat facing each other (not on the blanket) and used fingers to play with each other’s pussies. We specified that the aim was for them to cum at the same time (or as close as they could practically manage) so they paced themselves against each other until they were both on the edge of cumming. As the session had progressed, they had edged closer together and were now just far enough apart to get their hands between their bodies to finger the other person. Jen and Susan agreed to go for it and kissed as their fingers rapidly worked on each other. Jen started to cum first and while it was now a bit too dark to see properly, we could easily hear the wet squishing sounds her pee being splashed around by Susan’s fingers. Susan started to cum as well and we tried to watch closely, Mike was spooning with Abigail on one side of them and I was crouching on the other side watching a bit more intently. Even though I hadn’t been playing with myself for long enough to cum, I decided to join in and as I fiddled with my clit, I pushed and felt a warm stream of pee flow out of my pussy. As I was crouching, it mostly flowed straight to the ground, but some splashed on my legs – I didn’t worry about this as I had the perfect way to clean up.

Once Jen and Susan finished I pushed Jen on to her back and climbed over her face – I didn’t think that anyone else knew I’d peed myself and didn’t expect Jen to object when she realised I had (and she didn’t, she just licked me). Mike got Susan to help out with Abigail (she had to lick them both while they fucked), but as he’d already cum in Abigail, he wanted his next load (however much he could produce) to be for Susan. He carried on fucking Abigail until she came and then said he wanted to switch over to Susan. Abigail wasn’t too keen on licking Susan as she had just peed herself, but as I’d cum by this point Jen was eager enough to join them and she semi-69ed with Susan and licked Susan and Mike together. Fortunately neither Susan nor Abigail noticed (or said anything about the fact) that Jen was licking Mike. Mike meanwhile kept whispering to Susan to eat Jen properly and Susan took care of finishing off what I had started (I had assumed Jen wouldn’t want to cum again straight away). Once again as he had done with Abigail earlier, Mike waited until Susan had cum before he used her pussy as a cum receptacle and once again Jen went down on Susan once Mike pulled out (but she only kitty kissed her).

We let Susan and Jen shower when we went back indoors and checked that Susan felt sufficiently satisfied (we knew full well that what we’d done to her counted as a fairly intensive session, even for the group slut) and she certainly fell asleep quite quickly. Unfortunately our bed isn’t large enough to get five people in so we decided to make one of our floor beds (just a few duvets for a mattress) in the living room and all slept there. I got up to pee in the middle of the night and when I returned I decided to assist Susan further in her quest to make up for lost orgasms (admittedly she hadn’t phrased it quite like that, but I felt that I was doing a good deed). I crawled under the covers and started to eat her – I was quite gentle so she took a little while to come round and by the time she did, she was obviously horny enough that she didn’t ask me to stop (as if I would have stopped anyway). I was a little tired, but took my time anyway and had Susan gently moaning as I ate her. The others woke up, realised what I was doing and left us to it (or so I thought), but when I finally let Susan cum, Mike said that he would spoon with her while she fell asleep again. He did ask if I wanted Susan to eat me in return (which sounded like quite a nice idea) but I decided sleep would be better and knew that I’d be able to get her to repay me as much as I wanted the next day anyway. As Mike was still quite tired, he only spooned with Susan and didn’t really try to do much with her, but he did whisper to her that in the morning he was going to eat her awake and then fuck her.

He did exactly what he had promised to do while Jen and I took care of Abigail (it wasn’t entirely one sided, she did things to us and we did things with each other). We decided to have breakfast out in the garden – partly to enjoy the good weather and partly so we could play without having to worry about any mess we made. We had been looking forward to Susan visiting as we had (rightly) expected that she would be up for anything we could suggest and breakfast was no exception. We adapted the games we’d played at Uni so instead of one person being used as the breakfast bowl and having food eaten off of (or out of) them, we each used everyone else as communal bowls. Abigail and I pushed our breasts together and let the others use our cleavage to eat cereal from (without a spoon of course) – it’s fair to say that neither of us could make a water (or milk)-tight seal so our lower halves ended up quite wet (but the others were kind enough to lick us clean).

We had fruit next, bits of which were eaten off each other, and for the bananas, they were used in us (with the skin on) and then peeled and eaten out of us. Mike fed us yoghurt using his cock (he skipped Jen as he remembered that they were still pretending he and Jen weren’t fucking, but he did rub the yoghurt over her breasts and pussy using his cock). We all ate yoghurt out of each other’s cunts and the eating of food rapidly turned in to eating of each other. Abigail and Jen 69ed while Mike ate me, I ate Susan and she sucked Mike in a daisy chain (Mike didn’t want to cum again just yet so he could save his cum for a better use, but he still enjoyed being sucked).

We went a bit mad after that and just ended up having a food fight – smearing the remained of the yoghurt, the jam, butter, fruit and milk over each other. By the time we finished we were all extremely messy but it had been really good fun. Of course there had been a significant amount of smearing in specific places and we had helped each other out by partially licking or sucking those places clean from time to time. Before we cleaned up I quietly asked Jen if she would want to indulge herself with Susan again and dared her to go all the way. It generally isn’t that hard to get Jen to do something because she hates losing (as do I) so by daring her to do it she knew that I was effectively telling her to do it.

I asked Abigail if we could borrow Susan for something and got one of the standard responses (that we could use her in whatever way we wanted). Jen lay on her back and Susan climbed over her to 69 and once things were underway I told them that this time they had to eat each other as usual, but that they were meant to both pee as they came. Jen really got stuck in to Susan; she wrapped her hands around Susan’s waist and held her tightly in place while her tongue lashed around and in Susan’s pussy. They later said that it felt quite strange as their bodies were so sticky so they couldn’t easily rub back and forth against each other, but this didn’t seem to hinder their lust too much. We gave them lots of verbal encouragement and a good number of reminders about how they had to squirt as hard as they could over each other. While we watched, Mike got fairly stuck in to my pussy and gave me a good licking, then pumped in me from behind for a while (so we could both still watch). He had moved on to playing with Abigail by the time Susan was nearing her orgasm and I knelt beside her head to remind her to push as hard as she could and to cover Jen with her pee. Susan did as instructed and as she came, she broke contact with Jen’s pussy to say how good it felt and moan a bit, but she concentrated enough to empty her bladder over Jen’s face. Jen didn’t miss a beat and carried on eating Susan ferociously.

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