Sunday, 5 January 2014

Keeping Susan Satisfied – Part 2

Abigail thought this was a bit icky, and Mike explained (while fucking her) that Jen wasn’t drinking Susan’s pee, she just enjoyed having it squirted over her face. Mike was well in to his session with Abigail by the time Jen came. I knew that Jen didn’t need any encouragement to enjoy herself so I stayed where I was and told Susan to keep licking Jen until she had completely finished cumming. I’ve said it before, but I’m still often in awe at just how compliant and/or adventurous (I can’t decide which) Susan is – I saw (and felt, I was crouching quite close to them) Jen start to pee as she came and Susan continued to eat her as if nothing was happening. Jen had to tell Susan to ease off as she not just ate her through her orgasm, but was continuing on afterwards. I got Susan to sit up and grind her pussy against Jen’s face while I kitty kissed Jen. I was feeling quite horny from the semi-fuck that Mike had given me so I moved up beside Jen, told Susan that it was my turn to do things with her now and I pulled her over to where I was.

I started to 69 with Susan and said that she had to cum again for me, but she didn’t have to pee this time. Mike decided to take advantage of the prone Jen and told Abigail to climb over Jen in an elevated 69 position face so he could fuck her and Jen could watch. Jen actually helped out and took responsibility for reaching up and playing with Abigail’s clit as well as one of her breasts. Mike had an ulterior motive for this position though and as Abigail got close to cumming he told her that he wanted her to pee as hard as she could while she came. Abigail was a bit unsure about this but Mike pointed out that everyone else had (even though neither I nor he had) and Susan and I assured her that it felt really good. Abigail seemed a bit unsure but Mike fucked her harder and told her to just let go and enjoy herself. Jen continued to play with Abi’s clit and nipples and when Abi started to cum, Jen was rewarded with a second shower. Mike’s legs and crotch also got drenched and Susan and I were hit with a bit of collateral spray. Mie continued to fuck Abigail until she had finished and then pulled out. His cock looked incredibly hard but he still didn’t want to cum just yet. Abigail didn’t mind this too much as she didn’t want to feel his cum dripping out of her, she had just wanted to enjoy his cock making her cum.

Jen pulled Abigail down and kitty kissed her so Abi did the same to Jen, either having forgotten that Jen had just peed all over Susan’s face or just not caring by this point. Susan and I finished off our session and Mike sat and watched until we all broke away from each other and lay in a sticky sweaty mess. Mike had actually wanted to unleash his own stream of pee over Jen (or more specifically over Abigail’s ass while Jen was kitty kissing her) but with the view of two sets of girls 69ing, he hadn’t been able to get his cock soft enough. Abigail couldn’t believe what we’d just done and said that she was embarrassed, but agreed that it had felt good. She asked lots of details about Jen’s fetish and Jen was fairly forthcoming about how it had started when she was young and used to play in the woods and how things had developed since she met me.

We were all to messy to walk through the house to get to the shower so we hosed each other down to get ourselves reasonably clean. The water felt cold, but quite nice on my skin (and resulted in erect nipples). Mike suggested that we use the hose to try and make Susan cum so Abigail and I stayed outside and I held Susan’s lips apart to expose her clit while Abigail put her finger over the end of the hose to make a concentrated spray. We didn’t get an orgasm out of Susan, but she said that the cold spray felt nice so Abigail and I each had a go (and it did feel nice). Meanwhile, in the shower, Mike went down on Jen and got her close to cumming, then got her to turn around so he could fuck her from behind. They did briefly wonder if Abigail or Susan would notice the taste of his cum in her, but decided that they were probably safe. As Mike got closer to cumming, Jen used the shower head and aimed the pulse spray at her clit. Mike doesn’t always like it when I do this as he says that while it feels nice, the strumming of the water can be a bit distracting. He didn’t seem to have any problems this time though and he pumped in to Jen as her orgasm built and came in her just before she came (he was trying to cum at the same time, but this is difficult at the best of times and he was still practising how to read Jen’s movements).

Once clean and dry, they joined us in the garden and Abigail, Susan and I went to clean up. Naturally we also used the pulse shower setting (but just on Susan – although Abigail and I each had a quick go to warm ourselves up following the use of the hose). Feeling much refreshed, we joined Jen and Mike in the garden again. They were still naked, but lying on a dry, food free part of the grass. Mike was tracing a long bit of grass up and down Jen’s body and across he nipples so I did what any good wife* would do and jumped on Jen to tickle her. Jen is pretty ticklish and with the four of us all tickling her she didn’t stand a chance. She would have probably peed herself if she hadn’t emptied her bladder not long before, but I knew better than to keep going for too long so after a couple of minutes I climbed off of her to reveal a very flushed Jen.

* Technically Jen isn’t my wife as I’m already married to Mike, but as long term readers will know, we have promised ourselves to each other in front of our friends and family. It just doesn’t seem right to call her my ‘girlfriend’ or ‘partner’ when I would refer to Mike as my husband.

We set about deciding what we were going to do for the day and settled on the usual of just wandering in to town to see what was happening. As Jen was covered in grass and a bit sweaty from the tickle attack, she had a quick freshen up in the shower while the rest of us went to get dressed. As I thought that Susan (especially) would appreciate it, I showed our sex toy cupboard to her (Mike installed hooks, shelves and bags on the doors to hold the various vibes, dildos, lubes and other items we have accrued over the years. I suggested that the next time Susan came to visit, we could set the target of making her cum once with each item (which she somehow thought was unrealistic). She started to look through the various toys and Abigail suggested that if she was that interested that we could use at least one of them on her (Susan) before we went out. Susan said that she had just been looking, but the idea was out there now and she was told to go and wait on the bed while we selected something.

I suggested that we could use the strap on so I and Mike could DP Susan but Abigail said that she quite liked the idea of fucking her girlfriend. I helped Abi in to the harness – she decided that she didn’t want the internal vibe as she had more than cum enough that morning, but I did talk her in to letting me put a small sliver of tingle gel on her pussy. Jen returned from the shower and asked what was going on (as if it wasn’t obvious) and suggested that if Abi was going to fuck Susan with the strap
-on, that Susan should probably eat me at the same time. I hadn’t been planning on participating (other than in my original plan to fuck Susan, but I wasn’t going to object so once Mike was on his back on the bed, I climbed over him and lowered my pussy to his face. Jen had meant that Susan should eat my pussy, but she hadn’t realised we were going to DP Susan, not that this made too much difference as Susan was just tasked with rimming me. She mounted Mike’s cock and started to hump against him and Jen helped Abigail position the head of the vibe against Susan’s ass and Abigail pushed it in. They took turns fucking Susan and just so she wasn’t left out, Jen decided to indulge her other fetish and spanked Susan’s ass until it was pink. Fortunately for Susan, it was Jen and not Mel doing this as Jen didn’t use too much force (although Jen generally prefers receiving pain to giving it anyway).

I told Jen that we could all spank her later on if she wanted and she thought this sounded quite nice, but for now we were concentrating on making Susan cum (my orgasm would be just an additional benefit). I could tell that Mike was enjoying himself by the way he was eating me and Susan lapped at my ass with a fair bit of vigour too. I came before Susan did which meant that while Mike and Abigail finished fucking her, she could kiss Mike and taste my juices from his face (to make up for her not having eaten my pussy). They figured out a better rhythm near the end and both moved inside her in time. We could see Susan getting flushed and Jen gave her ass a couple more spanks as she came, then they lay with Mike’s cock still buried in her cunt and the vibe buzzing away in her ass (Mike hadn’t cum so was quite enjoying the feeling of the vibe against his cock).

As we had agreed, Susan was only allowed to wear her dress with nothing underneath. In a display of solidarity Jen went along with Susan’s dress code and this meant it was easy to convince Abigail to go without panties. Abi is slightly better endowed than Susan so she (like me) wore a bra under her dress. Jen, Susan and I all had front buttoned dresses (specifically so they could be unbuttoned). I didn’t think Abigail’s dress would be suitable for the games we had in mind so we got her to change in to one of Jen’s dresses. It didn’t really suit her as well as it did Jen, but would be much easier to play games with. Before we got too distracted again we headed out to town and spent a while wandering around the shops and then went for lunch.

We couldn’t find anywhere suitable to have fun over lunch (without being caught) so had to behave ourselves, but made up for this afterwards by daring each other to undo buttons higher and higher on our skirts. We went and sat by the river to eat ice cream and challenged each other to display as much of ourselves as possible. There was a steady stream of people walking past behind us, but the other bank of the river was quite a distance away so we could safely spread our legs or sit with one leg dangling over the edge and the other foot on the ground. The best position by far was to sit with our legs crossed and feet just in front of us and then to undo as many buttons as we dared. It was quite easy to undo them up to stomach level, which mean that our pussies were completely exposed – although only to someone looking from in front of us. As Susan and I were sitting between Jen and Abigail, we were challenged to go a step further and we matched each other button for button all the way up. I had fewer buttons to go so I made it to the top first and as I undid the last button I gently held the front of my dress together so it didn’t flap completely open in the breeze. Susan had to catch up to me and once her dress was completely unbuttoned we were challenged to see how far we could open them. As we had people walking past just behind us, we had to do this without making it obvious, so I folded one side of my dress in against itself, then did the other side. Susan followed suit and we sat chatting for a few minutes like this. I was a little jealous of the fact that she was completely exposed (due to her lack of bra) and even considered finding somewhere I could take mine off so I could return and match her properly, but it would have been too much hassle. It was a bit harder to do the dresses up again while being discreet, but we started with a middle button and eventually had ourselves fastened up (leaving a few buttons undone at the bottom to make walking and going up stairs more interesting.

Afternoon coffee gave us a better opportunity to expose ourselves to some guys. It was left so Susan and I to put on the best show, but this was fairly easy. We sat in sight of three guys, with Susan, Abigail and I on a sofa and Mike and Jen on chairs at opposite ends of the sofa. Susan and I sat with opposing legs folded under us and let out skirts ride up as we chatted, occasionally leaning back to give an even better view. We could see out of the corner of our eyes that the guys had noticed the view we were giving them (Mike was responsible for checking on this) so at an opportune moment I looked around to see if the coast was clear (conveniently ignoring the guys opposite) and slid a hand up Susan’s leg. I gently stroked her pussy (very briefly) and then withdrew my hand to suck my fingers clean. A minute or so later, Susan did the same to me and I then leant over and kissed her deeply. I had wanted to do my usual trick of bending over to pick something up and giving them a good rear view when we got up to leave, but more people arrived so we deemed it wouldn’t be safe to do so.

It didn’t seem right to take Susan in to town without letting her try on some clothes so we visited a couple of shops and selected some items for her. In the first shop, Jen and Abigail joined her in the dressing room to provide their opinion on the fit and in the second shop it was Abigail and me. In neither shop did the clothes ever actually touch Susan’s body (although her dress was removed and hung up so we could play with her). In the first case Abigail knelt and ate Susan while Jen played with her breasts and in the second I let Jen eat Susan while I played with her breasts (although I would have preferred to kneel and eat Susan). In both cases, Susan had to briefly lick both of the people with her as a thank you for making her cum.

Mike was feeling a little left out so we came up with an idea for him to play with Susan. Of course this involved a trip to one of our favourite local sex shops (initially we had planned on only being daring in these shops when we were visiting other towns, but as regular readers will know, that resolve didn’t last too long due to the fun of cumming in front of people). Jen and I sat on a wall outside the shop so Mike could take Abigail and Susan in. Mike got Susan to bend over a few times while they were looking around the shop so he could caress her ass. There was a guy looking at the magazines and Mike asked Susan to look at the magazines on the bottom shelf, at which point he lifted up her skirt and pushed a couple of fingers in to her pussy in full view of the other customer. They then had a look around at the dildos and selected a clear one made up of balls (it was probably meant to be for anal use, but works quite well for the purpose they put it to).

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