Wednesday, 8 January 2014

Keeping Susan Satisfied – Part 3

Once they had paid for it Mike asked the assistant if they could test it – we think he recognised Mike so had an idea of what was to come as he told them to go right ahead. Susan was told to start things off and she pushed the dildo under her skirt and rubbed it back and forth against her pussy, then Abigail undid a couple more buttons on Susan’s dress so it was open to the waist. Mike took over with the dildo and rubbed it back and forth across her pussy, then changed the angle and slipped the end of it into her. It was only fair to give Abigail a turn so she fucked Susan with the dildo and Mike asked the other customer if he wanted to watch them ‘test’ their purchase. Susan was told to ask the assistant if she could carry on playing (which she did, and was told she could) so Abigail handed the dildo back to Susan to use and slowly unbuttoned the rest of her dress, then pushed it back off Susan’s shoulders. She was told to leave it hanging on her arms and to play with her breasts as well as using the dildo.

Abigail asked the other customer if he wanted to try moving the dildo and with a bit of encouragement, he took the dildo from Susan and pumped it in to her pussy. He reached out to play with Susan’s breasts with his other hand so we told Susan to frig herself. While this was going on, Mike discussed with Abigail whether they should let the guy help to make her cum, whether they should step in and take over or whether they should get Susan to finish things off herself. They debated which would be sluttier – they both liked the idea of letting the guy finish her off but decided there was something more lewd about having Susan playing with herself while strangers watched. The guy didn’t seem to mind too much when they asked him to let Susan finish herself off and once she was given the dildo back, she set about masturbating and frigging herself until she came. Mike says that she didn’t put on much of a show, but she did moan and pant a little in the way she usually does. While Susan was cumming, Mike worked on convincing Abigail to participate and when Susan removed the dildo from her pussy and sucked it clean, Abigail knelt and gave Susan’s pussy a few licks. He had hoped that Abigail would at least run the dildo over her own pussy, but licking Susan had been as far as she’d been willing to go.

If I’d been with them (or in Susan’s place), I’m fairly sure I would have suggested that the assistant or customer get to enjoy themselves a bit more (using either Susan or me, or maybe both), but once she had cum, Susan was allowed to button up her dress again (we should have just given her something with a zip as it would have been easier) and they left the shop to report back to Jen and me. Even though she hadn’t been fucked, I was genuinely impressed (not that it’s the first time Susan has done something like that) and I told her that if she wanted she could keep the dildo as a reward, on the condition that we all (excluding Mike) got to try it out before she took it away. On the way home we checked that Susan had been getting the attention that she said she had been missing and she told us that the weekend had been a bit more intense than she had expected, but we assured her that there was still time to take it up a notch further so she should wait to make her judgement. Abigail was certainly enjoying the way things had been going and we discussed how strange it was to enjoy watching other people see your loved ones naked or having them actually do things to them. Unsurprisingly we didn’t solve the mystery of why it was such a turn on, but we agreed that it was and that we intended to keep enjoying it for as long as we could.

As soon as we got home, Susan was once again stripped naked, although we didn’t do anything to her immediately. She was later given the task of pleasuring us all in turn while we sat around chatting – not necessarily making us cum (although if someone wanted her to do so, then she had to), just playing with us with her fingers, mouth and any toys we requested. Jen, Abigail and I all wanted to try out the new dildo and had it used both in us and rubbed against us (as had been done with Susan in the shop). It felt quite nice, but was a bit too smooth (even though it was bumpy). I think it would feel much nicer if it had the same silicone coating as our favourite vibe. Mike got Susan to suck him and then sit on his cock so he could fuck her while sucking on her nipples. He then got Susan to stand on the sofa over him so he could eat her and this seemed to signal that it was probably time to make her cum again.

We’d seen something recently in a video online that we’d been meaning to try (there are so many ideas online that it takes a while to work our way through them). Jen had initially wanted to save this to try with Sue, but she conceded that Susan would probably be a good guinea pig (and then we could use it on Sue). The idea was to use a vacuum cleaner to masturbate with so I went and fetched it from the cupboard, removed the head and used some cleaner to sterilise the end of the tube. Fortunately we have one of the Dyson cleaners so we knew that it would provide good suction with the added bonus that the end of the tube had a plastic connector so there weren’t any potentially sharp metal bits. Jen actually had the first go as she got me to hold it against her breasts, taking turns to suck one of her nipples in and then pull the vacuum away. She actually really enjoyed this and it certainly did a good job of getting her little nips hard in a very short space of time. We did this to Susan next who didn’t enjoy it as much, although it was just as effective at getting her nipples hard. Abigail tried it on my nipples (which aren’t usually anywhere near as sensitive as Jen’s) – it didn’t feel unpleasant (if a little cold) but didn’t really do anything for me. As the rest of had now all tried it, Abigail let Mike use it on her (although she was a bit nervous). She enjoyed it more that Susan or I had and by the time Mike finished she had nice puffy nipples that felt quite sensitive (Jen kissed them better though).

Mike tried to convince Abigail to let him use the vacuum on her pussy, but despite the fact she had liked it on her nipples, she wanted someone else to go first. I had assumed that Jen would volunteer but she said that Susan should go first so Susan was laid prone on the bed, had her legs pulled apart and Mike approached her with the vacuum. At first he got a bit too close and it stuck to her pussy, at which point Susan let out a yelp and screamed at Mike to pull it off of her. He did this quite quickly but we could see her pussy lips being stretched as he did so. It hadn’t hurt her but she said it had felt really strange so Mike was much more careful the second time as he approached her. He held the end of the tube just away from her pussy so she could feel the air being drawn in and Abigail helped out by spreading Susan’s lips. With a bit of practice we found how to hold it so that we could get close enough to partially suck in one or both of Susan’s lips without them going in fully. If Mike got really close, he could get her pussy to vibrate and if he held the nozzle over her mons so most of it was blocked by her skin, he could cause a massive amount of suction over her clit. From Susan’s reaction, it looked like this was the way to go so we once again helped by spreading her lips and we let the air flow stimulate her clit. Mike got a bit too close from time to time and the vacuum got stuck on Susan, but each time she reacted a little less violently. Susan had given us a running commentary through the ordeal and the main gist of it was other than bits feeling very cold, she was really enjoying the sensation. For her actual orgasm, he held the nozzle so there was the tiniest of gaps just by her clit and used a finger on her lips to stop her skin from being pulled up in to the air flow. Her orgasm lasted quite a while and she later explained this was due to the stimulation being quite gentle (which sort of made sense as there was no direct contact – other than when Mike slipped).

Jen went down on Susan afterwards (or rather she kitty kissed her) and said that Susan’s pussy did indeed feel very cold (but Jen soon warmed it up). Mike admitted to Abigail and Susan (Jen and I already knew) that he had used a vacuum to masturbate when he was younger and proceeded to demonstrate (not that there was much to see as he just stuck the head of his cock in the end. Jen couldn’t wait to go next (and Mike wasn’t going to waste any remaining cum he had in the vacuum anyway) so Mike demonstrated what he had learned from vacuuming Susan’s pussy and I took over from him (once again Abigail and Susan didn’t seem to remember that Mike wasn’t meant to touch Jen’s pussy under the old ‘rules’ they had). Jen was a bit more adventurous than Susan and got me to vacuum her whole pussy properly (let her lips be sucked in completely). She found that if we did this and I pulled away just enough that air being pulled in caused her lips to vibrate much more that Mike had managed with Susan and even though it was quite difficult to stay in position (I kept pulling away too far and then had to start over and find the sweet spot again) we used this position to make Jen cum.

Abigail and I each had a turn and with a combination of what we’d discovered we both managed to have another orgasm. Susan had been right, by the time I came my pussy felt frozen, but this just meant that Mike’s tongue felt really warm when he kitty kissed me afterwards. We used the vacuum on Jen and Abigail’s nipples for a while (and Mike had another turn using it on his cock) before putting it away and starting to think about dinner. Abigail suggested that when the food was delivered we get Susan to do a pizza dare and at least display herself to the delivery guy, but preferably do more with him (or her). Susan said that it wasn’t fair that she be the only one who had to expose herself and Jen said that as there were three people from the crowd of her Uni friends present (herself included) that maybe the rules from there applied (which meant I had to do whatever she said). I could see that I wasn’t going to win this argument but managed to negotiate a compromise where all four of us girls would be involved, but on a milder level.

As per usual, Mike hid when the delivery guy arrived. Susan answered the door wearing just a pair of panties and a bra, with a gown over them, but not tied. She got the guy to drop the food off in the kitchen (we went for Chinese for a change – it doesn’t seem fair that the pizza delivery guys get all the fun) and as she paid him she said that we were trying to make a decision and asked if he would give his opinion. He said he would help out so Susan led him in to the bedroom where I just had a pair of tights on, Jen had panties on under a pair of tights and Abi had panties on over her tights (we all had bras on as well). Susan slipped out of her gown and we asked the guy which look he thought was sexier. He was noncommittal and said they all looked hot so we discussed the various merits: Having panties on over the tights was a nice look (as the panties could be shown off), but they obviously had to be removed before the tights could come off. Having tights on over the panties meant that when the tights were removed, the panties could be shown off. (To demonstrate this, we pulled Jen’s tights down a little and I ran a hand up and down her inner thigh.)

Next was my look and I sat on the bed to demonstrate why I thought my look was the best. I had a pair of seamless tights on so when I spread my legs, my pussy was fairly easily visible (they were opaque tights, but the material wasn’t completely opaque when stretched in that way). I rubbed my fingers over my crotch and pointed out the difference by doing the same to Abigail (with her panties were still hiding her pussy). Abigail took things a step further and pointed out the benefit of Susan’s ‘panties only’ look by demonstrating how easy it was to get to her pussy. Abigail pulled the crotch of Susan’s panties aside and ran her fingers over Susan’s pussy, then pushed a couple of fingers in to her. I didn’t want to be outdone so I pushed a hand in to my tights and played with myself while I leaned over and rubbed Abigail through her panties a bit more forcefully.

As we’d come this far, it only seemed sensible to help Susan continue to enjoy her weekend of debauchery so I moved around to the other side of her and removed her bra, then told our delivery guy that he could help out if he wanted. He said that he was married (I hadn’t noticed the ring on his finger or I wouldn’t have asked) and I told him that I respected his decision and as a reward for being well behaved, we would put on a show for him if he wanted. He said that it would probably be okay to watch (I doubt his wife would have agreed, but I justified this by telling myself that we weren’t actually doing anything with him). We pushed Susan back so she was lying on the bed and between us Abigail and I quickly removed her panties. Abigail crawled between Susan’s legs and started to eat her so I pulled my tights off and sat over Susan’s face. Jen crawled over and started to suck on Susan’s nipples but I pointed out that Abigail could give the guy a much better view, so Susan climbed down from the bed and pulled Abigail’s tights and panties down so they were around her thighs and the guy could see her pussy. Jen briefly fingered Abi and sucked her fingers clean, then returned to Susan’s breasts. As the session progressed, I removed my bra and Jen reached in to her panties to play with herself, but it was mostly Susan we were concentrating on. I rocked back and forth over Susan’s face and I could feel that I was smearing my juices (and/or her saliva) around. I told her to keep eating my cunt and to cum as hard as she could. Abi and Jen carried on stimulating Susan until she did cum and by that point I had decided that I wanted her to finish me off as well. Abigail held Susan’s legs apart and slowly fingered her while Susan finished off her work between my legs. I tried to look directly at the guy as I came and played with my breasts, lifting them up in turn to lick the nipples.

When I finally dismounted Susan’s face I saw that I had indeed made a bit of a mess, so kissed and licked some of it off and then asked the guy which look he now preferred. He told us that we all looked very hot and there was an obvious bulge in his trousers. I had to remind myself that he had said he was married or I would have made an attempt to get him to play with us, but we just showed him to the door in our states of undress (Abigail with her panties still down around her thighs). Only when he had gone did I think that we might have gone a little far (I don’t mind doing things like that when we’re elsewhere, but we decided not to do it too much when at home. I blame Susan for being a bad influence on us and turning us in to sluts :)

Mike came out from his hiding place in the bedroom and we gave him the details of our show while we ate dinner. We teased Susan over how the guy had resisted the offer to fuck her and she said that she had still cum for him (although Mike said that if he had been presented with the view the guy had been given, he would have probably wanted to fuck Abigail as he finds the look of a pussy peeking out from between legs (especially with panties rolled down) incredibly arousing. As she still had them on (although pulled back up), Abigail posed for Mike, sitting on a chair with her feet up in front of her and her panties and tights pulled down slightly. Mike convinced her to let him lick her a little and then slide in to her, but they didn’t fuck properly as it was getting late and we wanted to go out.

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