Saturday, 11 January 2014

Keeping Susan Satisfied – Part 4

Mike is upset that nobody has commented on Blue is the Warmest Colour or Adèle Exarchopoulos - even without the 10 minutes of lesbian sex, he really recommends it and is still obsessed with Adele (mostly the character, but also the actress). Back to Susan and Abigail's visit...

Susan wasn’t allowed to wash her face, but to even things out, we each rubbed some of our (and her) juices over other parts of her body while we got ready. Susan was given a tight, very low cut top and a pleated mini-skirt to wear. Jen and I wore dresses and Abi wore a light top and skirt. She said that she wanted to wear panties and we couldn’t convince her otherwise, but she conceded that they would probably be lost at some point in the evening. We went out to some of our favourite places and danced for a while. It didn’t take too much for Susan’s skirt to flip up and she danced with a few guys who took advantage of this to grope her ass. Only one of them made it as far as finding out that she didn’t have panties on (or at least only one of them took advantage of the fact and got his fingers on to her pussy). He wanted Susan to leave with him but he wasn’t up for doing things with her in the club so she regretfully had to leave him to look for better prey. As is often the case, we had a number of guys interested in us throughout the evening (I don’t put this down to any great beauty on my part, although my highly visible cleavage and short skirt probably helped out, alongside the fact that Jen and Susan are very pretty and we only had one guy – Mike – with the four girls).

We thought that it had been a while since Susan had seen any action so while sitting in a booth chatting to a couple of guys I leaned over to kiss Susan and fondled her breasts through her top. I then slid a hand up her thigh to her pussy and let the guys watch as I first stroked and then fingered her. I asked the guys if they wanted to help out and switched places with one of them (I had been purposefully sitting in the best shielded spot). He eagerly reached down to play with Susan and we suggested that she could do a bit more for him if he wanted. While the rest of us kept a lookout, she undid his trousers and fished his cock out, then proceeded to suck him (using a condom). I distracted the other guy by pushing his hand between my legs (at which point he discovered I didn’t have panties on either). I let him drunkenly finger me, but once the first guy had cum, Jen produced our little lipstick vibe from her purse and handed it to Susan to use on her clit. Her spot wasn’t quite as well shielded as the place where her guy was sitting so they ended up swapping so she could spread her legs (laying one leg over the guy’s legs) and buzzing herself until she came.

I would have liked to take care of the second guy myself, but this was meant to be Susan’s weekend so he was sent over to her and after he had briefly fingered and kissed her, he pushed her head down on to his cock and she sucked him until he came. The guys stayed with us for a little while and we had Susan sit with her feet up so her pussy was on display and then pull her top up to bare her breasts. When the guys left, Mike crawled under the table and gave Susan a lick but I ended up switching with her so he could do the same to me.

We danced a bit more and teased each other quite a bit before deciding to head home. We had one more idea left and went to find a taxi. Mike had a word with the driver and explained that he had talked his wife in to experimenting with other girls, but said that she didn’t want them to go back to the house. As such, he wanted the driver to take us somewhere secluded so he and his wife could get to play. The first driver he asked wasn’t interested but the second one said that providing he didn’t have to leave the car (and providing we were going to pay for waiting time) he didn’t mind. We all piled in and at the point, Mike hadn’t decided who his wife was actually going to be, but he chose Susan (which meant I was one of the lesbians who was going to experiment with her). As we drove out of the city centre Mike asked the driver if we could get things started, just to make sure Abigail didn’t change her mind. Abigail, Jen and I were already kissing and the driver said that we could go ahead so we moved things up a notch and started to pull tops off, spread legs and finger each other.

We pulled in to a spot on an industrial estate. It was certainly deserted, but we were close enough to other roads that it felt quite exciting. The driver flicked on the light in the back to reveal a topless Jen having her nipples sucked by Abigail and my hand buried between Abigail’s legs. The driver turned to watch us and Mike told Susan that it was time for her to find out if she liked playing with girls. She pretended to hesitantly lean over to us and fondled Abigail’s breasts, so I pulled her top up and let Susan touch her properly. Mike fondled Susan from behind and got her to suck on Abigail’s nipples, then finger her and then finally to kneel and eat her. Jen and I caressed Abigail’s breasts while this was going on and then knelt behind Susan and slid in to her. He briefly fucked her and then asked our driver if he wanted a go. He was up for this so Mike pulled out and suggested that they let Susan finish off eating her first pussy and just watch (which they did). It was then time to switch partners and Mike told the driver that he could have his wife so Jen moved in to the front seat and sat with her legs spread so Susan could lean in to the car and eat her while the driver took her from behind. Abigail then knelt and ate me while Mike took her from behind and as we fucked he pounded in to her and told the driver to fuck Susan as hard as he could, adding that her cunt could take anything he could give it.

The driver seemed to enjoy Susan’s little pussy (she may not be as tight as she used to be, but she is still fairly small). He gave her a good hard fucking and once Susan had eaten Jen to an orgasm, she had removed the condom and used Abigail’s panties to help dry off the guy’s cock. As Susan had learned how to eat pussy so well, it was now time for her to see what it felt like having it done to her so Jen, Abigail and I all took turns eating out Susan. As we were tag teaming her, we could be quite energetic and as I was the only one that Susan hadn’t eaten (in the taxi), I also crouched over her face and made her taste me. We made Susan cum again and I asked the driver if he had enjoyed watching our little plaything. I was naked by this point (as were Jen and Susan – Abi still had her top on) and I suggested that we help Susan explore her lesbian side a little further. For this we lay on the floor of the cab and I 69ed with Susan. Abigail told the driver that he could use her again if he wanted and after he had checked with Mike, he moved up to the door and I held Susan open as he slid in to her.

I licked them both as he fucked her and his balls bounced off the top of my head, then suggested that Abigail might want to have a go. We had to disengage to change position and I suggested that Abi might want to at least sample the drivers cock before she got in to position, so she stood outside the taxi and leant forwards, presenting herself. The driver eagerly pushed in to her and we pulled her top and bra up to expose her breasts. We got Susan to crawl under them and Abi lowered herself to Susan’s mouth so she could lick them, but it was Susan who was meant to be being fucked, so they once again disengaged and Abi lay on the floor (now also naked) so Susan could 69 on top of her while the driver fucked her for the second time. This time I went and sat on the driver’s seat and Jen knelt to eat me. Mike decided that it was too good an opportunity to miss and he pushed in to Jen from behind – I looked round to check that Susan and Abi were busy (so wouldn’t see us) and gave Mike a nod to continue. To be fair he wasn’t likely to cum again so soon, but he gave Jen a good fucking while she ate me.

Abigail was demonstrating just how much she enjoyed seeing Susan being made to cum. She was lapping away at Susan’s pussy and had her legs wrapped around Susan’s head, holding her face against her own cunt. She spread Susan’s ass cheeks and even pushed her fingertips in to Susan’s asshole, meaning it as an unspoken invitation to the driver (which he didn’t take). This was a pity as it’s much easier to eat a girl in this position without a cock in their pussy, but even with this hindrance they managed between them to get Susan to cum again (although to be fair the driver came first and wasn’t actually in her when Susan came).

We’d run up a pretty good bill by this point and while we were having fun, we doubted that the driver would be up for much more in a hurry so decided that it was probably time to head home. Mike went to relieve himself and Jen decided that as she’d come this far, she may as well enjoy herself fully so knelt down just beside the taxi, reached between her legs to spread her lips and peed on the ground. Abigail whispered to Susan to so the same so she knelt beside Jen and copied her. The driver said that they had to dry off before getting back in to the cab so Mike asked Susan if the girls could come home with them and when she said yes, he handed Jen Susan’s skirt to wipe herself with, after which it was passed to Susan to use.

Susan realised that this meant she would be naked for the ride home, but in solidarity, Jen and I didn’t get dressed until we pulled in to our road. On the journey, Mike got Susan to sit on his cock (remember that he hadn’t cum in Jen) and he played with her clit and breasts as we drove through the town. I really liked the idea of doing this, but the most I could do was help out by giving them both an occasional lick. Jen and I just slipped our dresses on to walk to the front door (but didn’t button them up) and Susan had to make the walk naked (she wasn’t even allowed to carry her clothes). The driver thanked us and offered us a discount but we paid the bill in full.

Once indoors we went straight to bed (again, in the living room). We were all fairly tired from the day’s activities but were determined to push Susan just a bit further. We took turns licking her and then inserted one of our short double ended dildos. Jen had first go and once she had mounted the dildo, she humped and scissored with Susan, rubbing and pounding their pussies together. Mike told Abigail that he needed to cum in her one last time and she let him lick her until she was aroused enough to fuck. I had been helping out by licking Jen and Susan, but when Abi mounted Mike and they started fucking, I knelt behind her and gave Abi’s ass a few good licks between Mike pumping in to her. I then left them to it and returned to help Susan and Jen and once they had both cum, I took Jen’s place and Jen licked Susan and me while we fucked. Mike pumped hard in to Abigail while I was working on Susan and I heard her cum beside us (a sort of high pitched ‘eeeeeee’ sound as his groin slapped against hers). He carried on until he came in her and then held her in place on top of him until Susan and I had finished. He was going to kitty kiss her afterwards, but she said that she was done for the day and couldn’t take any more. I defended her and said that she had done incredibly well, so Mike went down on Susan and kitty kissed her until he was satisfied.

That night Mike curled up behind Jen and after she had rubbed her ass against his groin for a bit he got hard enough that he thought he would be able to get inside her. He says that if Susan or Abigail had asked what he was doing he would have just pretended that he was rubbing his cock against Jen’s ass (which to be fair was how it had started), but they didn’t seem to notice and Mike spent a while very gently moving inside Jen. He wishes that he hadn’t cum in Abigail as he thinks he could have probably fucked Jen and cum inside her without anyone knowing (apart from Jen of course), but he had to be content with just spooning her.

On the Sunday morning Mike once again woke Susan by eating and then fucking her. He used the same position he had used with Abigail the previous night (him on the bottom, guiding Susan’s ass up and down as he pounded in to her) and asked Abigail if she wanted him to cum in Susan or her. Abigail again said that as long as she got his cock at some point, she didn’t mind if Susan had his cum so Jen and I set about playing with Abigail while Mike finished off with Susan. We used the same double ended dildo in Abi that we had shared with Susan – Jen and I each had a go fucking the dildo while the other sat over Abigail’s face and had her eat us. It was a nice way to wake up (and get some exercise) and I got to listen in to Mike and Susan talking dirty to each other as they fucked. Mike told Susan that he was going to fill her cunt with so much cum it would be running out of her all day (if he could only do that…) and she told him to give her everything he had. I reached over to caress her ass a few times and gave it a couple of slaps which reminded me that we had promised to punish Jen (but I didn’t say anything at the time). Mike waited until Jen, Abigail and I had all cum before he pushed Susan over the edge so that Abigail could sit at the edge of the bed and watch Susan’s cunt be repeatedly violated. He then pumped in her a little more before he came in her and got Susan to sit up so Abi could watch his cum dripping out of her.

Whether we understand why or not, it was obvious that Abigail loved seeing people make Susan cum and I’m fairly sure if we’d told her we were going for a second round at that point that we could have coaxed her back in to bed. We felt fairly hungry though so decided that we should eat first and play more later (once we had sufficient energy). We quickly freshened up (but purposely wanted to leave any juices from our games on our bodies) and Susan didn’t raise any objections as we debated how little we should get her to wear. Abigail decided that Susan should do the walk of shame and presented her with a tiny tube top and an equally tiny mini-skirt. Susan’s bits were technically covered – as long as she didn’t bend over, sit down or walk anywhere and it really looked as if she was returning from a night out where she had got lucky. Just before we left we rubbed some of the tingle gel over and in to her pussy and some of the heat gel over her nipples.

On the walk to the local café, Susan said that she could feel the gel working, her pussy was tingling away and her nipples were throbbing with the heat. Susan had to be very careful when she sat down as the skirt barely covered her pussy when seated (and didn’t really cover her ass, but at least the seat hid that). Instead of choosing the most secluded spot in the café, we went for one closer to a window – not completely exposed, but enough so that it would be more of a challenge for us to do anything. A couple of times I pulled out the tingle gel and got Susan to rub a little more on to her clit and for the finale, Jen handed her our lipstick vibe and told her to use it. Now the whole point of this vibe is that it is discreet and quiet, but as such it isn’t too powerful so it took a little time to work on Susan. She was interrupted once by the waitress but she kept her hands in her lap, shielding the vibe and even kept it pressed up against her clit. As she got closer to cumming, Susan leaned forwards and rested her head on an arm on the table. I guess this was a natural enough position for someone who was tired from a long night, but she didn’t seem to realise that her skirt wasn’t really long enough for her to lean forwards like this. We noticed that people at the table behind her had noticed her ass was showing, but didn’t tell her until after she had cum, at which point she tried to pull her skirt down but realised it was futile and gave up.


  1. It hasn't hit our cinemas yet, but my wife and I do enjoy adult films with story (or as much story as they may offer). French films are generally the more explicit mainstream films on the market.
    Will give my opinion once we've seen it,

  2. It isn't really an adult film - it has a couple of sex scenes in it, and even though they are what everyone is concentrating on, they aren't that graphic in comparison to what can be found on the Internet. It is more a coming of age / love story - not really Mike's kind of movie normally (he admits that he only watched it because of all the fuss about the sex scenes) but thinks that the performance by Adèle is one of the best he has ever seen.

    Jen and I also think that she is rather cute and also don't quite understand the backlash from lesbians about the sex scenes. True, they are slightly stylised and not entirely 'real', but we use those positions from time to time.

  3. I have seen th movie and can say the scenes re not quite representative of reality. I know you may use those positions but you're not representative of normal either. It came across to me that the scenes most definitely were in there for eye candy reasons and I think that is where the backlash is coming from. A block buster hit with lesbians headlining it and...there is gratuitous girl/girl action. Kind of feeds into a stereotype. They could have accomplished the same thing with a bit more tact rather than try to reel that crowd in. Cast-in-point: Mike himself said that is the primary reason he saw it...

  4. But only lesbians (or bi girls) would really know how realistic the scenes were. I do think they portrayed the sense of absolute passion between the Emma and Adele, which is what they were meant for. They were possibly a bit longer than needed, but I don't have an issue with the content

    1. I wrote that last comment in a but of a rush - what I meant was that while the sex wasn't 'everyday' positions, they are ones that we have used from time to time. Just like Mike and I (or Jen and I) don't often manage to have simultaneous orgasms,I tend to write about the times that we do - the film was just that, a film, so hamming up the sex a little is (I think) forgiveable. Especially so when the sex is only about 7 minutes of a 3 hour film, it's just the bit that the media concentrates on because it's two girls doing things.

      From the reading Mike has done, he thinks that the director didn't get advice on the sex scenes from real lesbians as he seems like quite a controlling person (he didn't even respond to the original author once she had agreed to let him make the film). It's possibly true that he was filming his own desires, but it's difficult to really know if that is the case.

      The sex scenes aside, did you actually like the film and think that Adele was as good as Mike did?

  5. I thought she did one of her best jobs yet but at the same time I will be honest and say I do think there are quite a few better actresses out there.

    That aside, and if you set aside the fact that they're gay, I thought the general story was pretty typical. Person comes of age, falls in love, gets hurt, breakup ensues, realizes some things once done can't be undone etc. I'd say 3/5 overall, then again I don't get too emotionally attached to movies so some things were lost on me...

    1. It really isn't Mike usual type of movie either (Jen and I are more in to the romance side) and he agrees that the story itself isn't anything special. He still thinks that Adele's performance was the most captivating he has seen - and seeing as he is the one who makes me cum, I'm going to side with him :)

      Now he's read about it (and told us), there are lots of additional points/issues that give the film more depth, but I'm not sure I like having to think about *so* many levels to really understand things in films (initially I thought it was Adele's fault they broke up, but it is really Emma's...)