Tuesday, 14 January 2014

Keeping Susan Satisfied – Part 5

As her final dare before we headed back to the house I got her to crouch down with her legs spread and search for something in her bag. This gave the people who had been admiring her ass a full frontal view of her pussy, but Susan remained apparently oblivious to this and just straightened her skirt when she stood up. Unfortunately there wasn’t anywhere suitable to play on the way home so we had to wait until we arrived. Mike had been teasing Abigail on the walk, asking if she was ready for her daily fuck yet, but she had been giving as good as she got. Even though it was a little cooler, we decided to utilise the garden again and as we undressed. I went and fetched some toys and Jen’s eyes lit up when she saw me return with the small whip and paddle. I reminded her that we had said we would spank her so to start things off, we each slapped her ass, then got her to turn over and did the same to her breasts until they were a soft pink. We used the paddle on her pussy and obviously Susan was the next target for this. I let Jen use it gently on me and then on Mike’s cock, after which Abigail couldn’t really refuse so she spread her legs and let Mike spank her pussy.

He was quite gentle with her and immediately kitty kissed her, then pushed his cock in to her and asked how she wanted to be fucked. Abi seemed to be in a playful mood and said she wanted to ride him so he rolled off of her and held his cock upright for her to mount. Before she did this, she climbed over him in a 69 and engulfed his cock with her mouth. Mike pulled her pussy to his mouth and began to eat her. He held her in place so when she tried to pull away, she couldn’t escape. She told him that she wanted to fuck properly and I assured her that he would fuck her once she had cum and she seemed to resign herself to her fate. She resumed sucking him, but mostly panted around his cock as he lashed around her pussy and clit with his tongue. I told Susan to help Mike out and got her to lap around Abigail’s ass – the combined assault drove her to cum fairly quickly and as soon as she’d cum Mike got her to turn around so he could slide in to her. She complained that she was too sensitive to cum again so soon but Mike said he would wait and he just gently moved in her while they kissed.

I had something else I wanted to try and got Jen to lie on top of Susan. I pushed the end of one of our longer double dildos in to Susan’s pussy and the end of a second one in to her ass. I then bent them up and pushed the other ends in to Jen so they were joined cunt to ass and ass to cunt. It was a wonderful sight but wasn’t that easy to do much with as I couldn’t easily move both the dildos that well at the same time. Nonetheless I wanted to try it out so I pulled them out of Jen’s holes and switch places with her so she could connect me to Susan. It felt quite intimate and I humped against Susan while getting Jen to hold the vibes in place – this seemed to work a little better than when I’d tried to move them as the third person, but it still wasn’t enough that we’d be able to cum so we rearranged ourselves in to a new position. I got Jen to kneel over Susan in a 69 position and this time bent the dildos around so they went from ass to cunt on each of them. Susan could then use two hands to pump the dildo back and forth between Jen’s holes and I could do the same for Susan (Jen needed her hands to stay balanced). Susan got a good rhythm going and it sort of looked like she was milking a cow. Jen was mewing away and when she came she squirted (pee, not a real squirt) a little, but Susan didn’t stop until Jen said she’d had enough. They rolled over so Jen could do the same to Susan and I pushed Susan’s head down so she could kitty kiss Jen. I whispered to Susan that she didn’t have to pee when she came, but that if she did, Jen would probably like it. Always willing to please, Susan gave a few little squirts as she came and as soon as Susan’s orgasm was over Jen pulled the dildo from her and buried her face in Susan’s pussy (and she did a little more than just kitty kiss Susan).

Mike was fucking Abigail properly by this point but I wanted to cum so I joined them and crouched over Mike’s face. He kept a hold of Abigail’s ass, but his tongue eagerly pushed against my cunt and he began to eat me. It felt really good – as much as I enjoy doing things with other people, Mike and Jen are obviously much more practiced at making me feel good and I enjoyed the way Mike’s tongue alternated between probing my pussy and lapping at my clit. Jen and Susan finished their post-orgasmic session at some point and came over to join us. Jen reached under me and caressed my breasts while Susan ran her hands over Abigail’s ass, trying to keep up with her movements on Mike’s cock. As Abi got closer to cumming, Jen told her that she should pee as hard as she could in time with her orgasm. Abi was still a bit unsure about this and said that Mike probably wouldn’t like it so Jen asked him if he minded and I felt him shaking his head back and forth. Jen gave Abi a few more words of encouragement and went to join Susan. Jen pushed a finger a little way in to Abi’s ass, which made it much easier to keep her hand in place, even though Mike was now pounding in to her cunt. Abigail said that she was getting close and Jen once again told her to squirt as hard as she could with each wave of her orgasm and promised her that it would feel wonderful. I came long enough before Abi that I had finished and climbed off so I could watch properly. Abigail did as she was instructed and Mike’s midriff was drenched, but she continued to squirt each time she felt a wave of pleasure. Jen reached between their bodies and rubbed the liquid up over Abigail’s ass and thighs before rubbing her hands over her own breasts. Mike carried on fucking Abigail a little while longer before pushing her down hard on to his cock and holding her still.

Jen went down on Abigail once Mike had pulled out of her – it was a mixture of eating and kitty kissing and while Abigail said it felt nice, she was adamant that she didn’t want to cum again (or rather she thought that she couldn’t cum again after the weekend we’d had). As Abigail was otherwise engaged, it was left to Mike and I to keep Susan amused. She too had really had enough for the time being, but we still had to make up for her saying that she had been missing being played with all the time. Mike wanted a chance to use the dildo in both of Susan’s holes so we cleaned one off and worked it back inside her, then Mike fucked her with it while I played with Susan’s clit and nipples. I had an idea while we were doing this, but we finished off the session with Susan before I disappeared in to the house to get what I needed.

Jen was still lapping away at Abigail’s pussy and was winning the war in convincing her that she might be able to cum again. With Susan and Mike kissing Abigail and stroking her body, she became even more convinced and gave in to everyone. I had returned by the time Abigail actually came, but I thought she had enough people stimulating her so I just sat and watched and prepared myself for what I had in mind for our next game.

I had retrieved our mains powered vibe (the massage wand with the large head) and had run an extension lead out to the garden so we could use it. I challenged Susan to see who could endure it the longest, knowing full well that it would end up being too intense to be pleasurable by the end (unless Susan conceded defeat quickly, although I doubted she would be allowed to do that). I hadn’t entirely thought through the best position to use, but we settled on Susan and I half sitting, facing each other with our legs in a scissor position (one of my legs over one of hers, her other leg over my other leg) with Mike sitting behind me to help hold me up and Abigail behind Susan. This left Jen free to hold the vibrator between us and we edged forwards until we both had our pussies pressed up against it. Jen turned the vibe on, starting off with a relatively low setting. Jen slowly ramped it up to the power setting we would generally use and Mike and Abigail ensured that we were each pressed against the head of the vibe. I could feel it beginning to work (actually quite quickly) and wondered how long I would be able to hold out after I’d cum (it is an incredibly strong vibe). I was still fairly confident that I would be able to beat Susan, but had a few second thoughts on whether the discomfort would be worth it just to say I’d won.

Mike and Abigail reached around to play with our respective nipples and I leaned back against him to settle in for my orgam. I managed to hold it off for a while by thinking about random boring things, but whenever I closed my eyes Abigail said that I was cheating and we had to keep looking at each other (which made it much harder to not think about sex). I have learned a few things from Mike over the years though and I was able to stave off my orgasm until after Susan had cum. Unfortunately, as I came I wondered how Susan and I would fare in a similar competition against Julia and I started trying to figure out how we could position ourselves to have a simultaneous three way challenge, which made me concentrate on the sensations being drummed in to my clit from the vibe. Both Susan and I were moaning, panting and swearing as the sensations became more and more intense. It looked to me like Susan was closer to breaking than I was and I steeled myself to hold out just a bit longer. Jen pushed things further by turning the vibe up even higher (way beyond where we would normally use it) and Susan actually let out a little yelp and pulled away from it. Abigail pushed her forwards and told her to hold on, but Susan didn’t last for more than 10 seconds (although whether my estimate of how long we endured the high power setting is accurate is probably in doubt). What counts though is that I won and Susan squirmed away from the vibe and said that she couldn’t take any more. It would have been ideal if I could have held the vibe against my pussy until I came, but I couldn’t endure it any more either so I pushed Jen’s hand away and lay back against Mike.

I could see that Susan’s pussy looked very pink and I could feel that mine was still tingling and felt warm. Jen went and fetched a couple of ice cubes, Mike used one (gently) on Susan and Jen and Abigail used the other on me, alternating between rubbing the ice over my lips and then kitty kissing me to help calm me down. My pussy felt quite numb by the time they finished and from experience I know that this wasn’t due to the ice, but was from the extreme vibrations. I knew that it would wear off in time so wasn’t too worried, even if it meant I wouldn’t be able to enjoy myself much for a while.

We got ready to head out for lunch – Susan and Abigail packed their things up so we could escort them to the station. Susan was at least allowed to wear a decent length dress so she didn’t have to worry about being exposed, but after lunch, was taken in to an alleyway and told to spread her legs so Mike could kneel and eat her. She had her dress pulled up over her breasts and had to hold it in place until Mike made her cum, at which point she was turned around and told to lean forwards against the wall while Mike briefly used her (neither of them came, it was more for the effect of fucking her in suck a public place). I wished that I’d brought our ejaculating dildo along so I could have emptied a decent load in to Susan’s pussy – it would have been far more amusing to have her walk the rest of the way to the station with the fake cum dripping out of her pussy and running down her legs, but unfortunately I didn’t think of this until after lunch while Mike was inside Susan.

We each had a chance to grope both Susan and Abigail at the station as we kissed them goodbye. She certainly wasn’t complaining about not being played with any more. She did complain that the rest of the holidays might seem quite sparse in the orgasmic arena again and we told Abigail that she should just let Susan fuck her brother the next time she visited. Abi was still a little unsure that this was a good idea. As our final challenge for Susan, we handed Abigail the lipstick vibe we’d been using (we have more than one and don’t use them that often anyway), with the instructions that Susan had to use it to cum on the train journey and the added challenge of her pussy having to be visible the whole time she had the vibe on her clit. Abigail accepted the challenge but we found out later on that unfortunately the train had been too busy for them to manage.

That afternoon, Jen said that she wanted to make use of the garden, jokingly saying that we didn’t know how much longer the warm weather would last. Mike desperately wanted to get back inside her and fuck her properly (and without having to hide it). I had assumed that Jen would want to make use of the fact we were outside to get us wet and she said that she had really enjoyed watching Abigail squirt with Mike in her and wanted to do that. To maximise the sensation, Jen and I once again had a couple of pints of water and gave it a little time to pass through us while we took care of the household chores and went to do a little food shopping. By the time we returned we both needed to pee quite a bit (and indeed Jen had allowed a little to escape while we were walking back to the house).

We dumped the shopping, stripped off and headed out to the garden – Jen said that I could go first so I knelt on all fours and Mike slid in to me and started to fuck me. Jen crawled under me so we were in a 69 position and told me to lick her (so I did). In return, she played with my clit and occasionally lifted her head to lick us both. When I said that I was getting close, Jen spread my lips and told Mike to fuck me as hard as he could while she frigged me. I asked her if she was sure she wanted me to squirt (I knew the answer, I just wanted to hear her say it) and then pushed as hard as I could when I started to cum. Long time readers will know that I was rather dubious about watersports when Jen first introduced me to her fetish, but the more we do things the more I enjoy being able to just enjoy myself. I could feel my pee splashing down my legs and Mike’s cock was making very squelchy sounds as he pumped in and out of my cunt.

As soon as I’d finished cumming Jen got me to switch positions with her and as I watched Mike bury his cock in her cunt, she started to kitty kiss me. She broke contact to tell Mike that she wasn’t far from cumming (apparently I’d done a fairly good job eating her) and told him to give her a hard fuck so she could copy what I’d done. I was still in the extended post-orgasmic glow (the benefit of being kitty kissed) so just told Jen to unleash whatever she could, not caring that my face was directly beneath her pussy. Jen did just that – as she started to cum I saw and then felt her empty her bladder. The liquid mostly ran down her and Mike’s legs, but enough sprayed over me to keep Jen happy. Once Jen had finished cumming Mike pulled out of her and I pulled her pussy to my mouth (I don’t find it icky any more) to kitty kiss her.

When we finally finished I asked Mike why he hadn’t cum in Jen and he said that his balls were aching. He couldn’t decide whether it would have made it better or worse if he had finished off in her, but as he’d cum a couple of times that day already he knew he wouldn’t have produced much (if any) cum anyway so had decided to wait until that night to continue practising impregnating Jen.

Over the following week he got a fair bit more practice at this, but I was now allowed to join in properly as well so he tended to alternate between fucking Jen and me (not in a strict fashion, but it was roughly equal). Originally the plan had been for Jen and I to stay on the pill for a while so that we would have plenty of time to get used to playing as a threesome properly, but by the end of the week we had decided that if we were going to try to get pregnant, then it was probably the right time. Our decision wasn’t entirely informed by the fact that we were visiting Lis and Lucy that weekend, but I did really like the idea of Lis being the first person to share cum with me when I was in a completely unprotected state (the first person other than Jen that is, we didn’t take the pill on the Thursday and did things that night – Mike came in me first and I let his cum drip in to Jen’s pussy and he later fucked her so she could do the same to me). (And yes, we know that having *just* stopped taking the pill that we weren’t going to be able to get pregnant).


  1. You'd be surprised. My sister got pregnant 3 separate times while on the pill. Decided to get her tubes tied after the last one.

    1. I know it's not 100% effective and you're right that my comment about 'knowing we weren't going to get pregnant' was technically wrong, but we've been quite lucky so far with the pill.