Friday, 17 January 2014

Lis and Lucy – August Visit – Part 1

At the start of August we went to visit Lis and Lucy for what had become our monthly session with them (timed around Lis’ safe period). As I said in the last posting, Jen and I had just stop taking the birth control pill and I had texted Lis to tell her that any cum Mike gave her that weekend was just a loan as she would have to share it with us.

Mike was looking forward to having another opportunity to fuck Lis, but now he was finally doing things with Jen, Lis wasn’t ‘his little lesbian’ (or rather now she wasn’t his only one as he had two of them). The one complication was that as Lis, Jen and I would all have boy-cum (Mike’s) in us, we would have to be much more careful about what we did with Lucy. We didn’t expect it to be too difficult, all we had to do was not finger Lucy after fingering someone else, not share dildos/vibes with her, no pussy to pussy contact and not eat her directly after eating someone else.

As you can see, we had realised that while we could still do things with Lucy, we were actually quite limited and wanted to make sure that she enjoyed the weekend as well. Admittedly she doesn’t have as high a libido as Lis does, but I’m always worried that Lucy might one day decide that she doesn’t want to share Lis anymore. I’m a lot less nervous about that happening than I used to be as Lucy and Jen clearly care for each other a lot and seem to have a similar connection to the one Lis and I have (and I’m so grateful that Jen and Lucy didn’t hook up before I met Jen or it might have been them who were getting married).

We didn’t have anything to worry about that weekend though as Lis revealed (discreetly) that she wasn’t wearing any panties when they came to meet us at the airport. It seems that Lis was just as excited about the prospect of Jen or I getting pregnant as we were and was very keen to play her part in helping us. As we drove back to their place, Jen and I sat on either side of Lucy in the back seat and whispered to her (not too quietly as we wanted Lis and Mike to hear us in the front) what we were going to do once we got home. Hardly surprisingly, we didn’t actually wait until we had arrived home for our hands slid up the inside of Lucy’s thighs, spread her legs and started to caress her while we took turns kissing her. Lucy objected at first (due to the risk of someone seeing what we were doing), but as our fingers found their way in to her panties and we started to play with her properly she surrendered to us and said that she may as well enjoy it.

Mike looked around a few times to watch what we were doing – if Lis hadn’t been driving he would have probably done something similar to her, but felt that getting home alive was a higher priority than eating her there and then. We pulled Lucy’s panties off and did our best to push our heads between her legs and eat her (not easy in a moving vehicle). We tried to pull Lucy’s top off so we could at least play with her breasts, but she was adamant that it was staying on as it would have been too easy for someone to see in. We settled on a compromise where we could fondle her under her top and her bra was soon pushed off of her breasts. I thought about just teasing her for the whole journey but also liked the idea of having her cum in the car as we drove so decided to go for that option (although it was clear that Jen was already going for that anyway).

We got Lucy to slide down a little so her ass was near the front of the seat and this made it a little easier to lick her, but we mostly just used fingers. Lucy said she liked having a set of fingers in her and another set frigging her and as she got closer to cumming, she stopped objecting as we pulled her top up and eventually had her breasts exposed to our waiting tongues. Lucy spread her legs wide as we hungrily sucked on her breasts and played with her pussy. In this position, Mike had a fairly good view when he looked back and could see our fingers sliding into and over Lucy’s wet pussy. Lis told us that she felt left out had better get equivalent treatment and we promise her that Jen and I would take good care of her before we unleashed Mike so he could eat and fuck her. With both of us working on her we didn’t have any trouble making her cum and kept her in her reclined position for a while as we kissed her, rubbed her juices over her nipples (to lick off) and fed her some of her juices from our fingers. For good measure, we finished off by feeding her some of our own juices.

Once we released her, Lucy tried to straighten herself up but didn’t try to retrieve her panties. Instead of refastening her bra, she pulled it off and just pulled her top down. This meant I was the only person in the car with a bra on and even though I have the largest breasts in the group I felt overdressed so I pulled my top off and removed my bra before putting my top back on. When we got to their place, we unloaded our bags and I dragged Lis straight to the bedroom, telling her that I wanted to eat her before Mike ruined the way she tasted. My antics with Lucy in the car had gotten me quite worked up so I happily 69ed with Lis and enjoyed the light fluttery licks that I’ve come to love. I was a bit more forceful with her and buried my tongue between her lips, trying to slurp as much of her juice in to my mouth as I could.

Mike, Jen and Lucy wandered in and watched us for a while before Mike pulled his cock out and went to slide in to Lis. I slapped him away (actually it was more like a push as I once slapped his cock away before and even though it was meant playfully it hurt him quite a bit) and said that he could have Lis once I’d finished with her. Mike wanted Jen to play with Lucy so he could watch that too but Lucy said she still felt a little sensitive from her orgasm in the car. Jen at least undressed for him and came over to join us on the bed, lying with her pussy near mine so Lis could give her a few licks. She didn’t stay there for too long though as she really wanted to have a proper session with Lucy and returned to convince Lucy to join her in being naked (which at least kept Mike a little happy). Lucy and Jen sat on one side of the bed and Jen gently stroked Lis’ back while they chatted and Mike sat on the other and fondled Lis’ ass. As soon as Lis and I finished, I let Mike take over and he set about kitty kissing her to help get her in the mood for round two (and three).

I kissed Jen to let her taste Lis from my mouth and face and then pointed out that it was time for Jen to enjoy herself. Lucy took care of Jen’s breasts while I buried my face between Jen’s legs and started to lap away at her pussy. It would have been quite easy to make Jen cum in this position, but I knew that she would rather have Lucy eating her (now I was allowed to play with her again, Jen could get me to do things with her whenever she wanted), so I didn’t push things too far before I suggested to Lucy that we switch positions. Lucy seemed to have warmed to the idea of cumming again by this point and didn’t object when I started to caress her ass and then slide my fingers between her cheeks and down over her pussy. I slid my other hand between my own legs –not really masturbating, just so I could gently stroke myself and tease my lips. I made sure to suck my fingers clean before using the hand I’d used on myself on Lucy and to remove any further temptation to play with myself, I knelt behind Lucy and had a proper lick of her pussy.

I could see that Mike had moved on from kitty kissing Lis and was getting properly stuck in to her but I mostly concentrated on what I was doing to Lucy. I spread her lips and licked inside her (as I had done with Lis) and once I’d gotten her sufficiently aroused that she started to push back against me I licked up and down the length of her pussy and swirled my tongue around her ass a few times. She didn’t flinch at all when I did this so I carried on eating her and occasionally dragging my tongue up to her ass. As she seemed to be getting in to things so much I used my hands to knead her ass cheeks as I ate her. I could hear both Jen and Lis making interesting sounds of pleasure and when I looked over I could see Mike grinding his cock against the bed (but as he had his face buried in a girl’s pussy, it was a given that he would be turned on). Jen was the first to cum and when she had moved out of the way, Lucy said she wanted to lie on her side so I moved out of the way and I lay behind her and lifted her upper leg so I could eat her from behind. It would have been much easier to lick around her ass from this position and while I continued to give it the occasional bit of attention I mostly concentrated on her pussy until she came.

Mike had already finished making Lis cum by the time I gave Lucy her orgasm and he was spooning with her while she caught her breath (he wasn’t moving in her, he just wanted his cock buried in her cunt). Jen had been giving Lis a demonstration of what she had learned from the past couple of weeks of playing with Mike and I together and had been kitty kissing Lis while Mike had been inside her (technically Jen had done things like this before she had slept with Mike, but it had always been a dildo or vibe in the pussy and not a real cock). Lucy now seemed to be in a much more playful mood and said that she wanted to see Mike fuck Jen. Mike said that he wanted to cum in Lis first as he’s had Jen all week and was bored of her (but Jen didn’t rise to this as she knew full well he would fuck her every chance he got once we got home). As a compromise, he agreed to let Lucy (and Lis) watch as he fucked Jen, but said he wouldn’t cum in her (as this would be saved for Lis a little later on).

Jen lay on her back and we all watched as Mike rubbed his cock up and down Jen’s pussy. I gave a description of what I had witnessed during their first weeks of consummating their relationship, with Jen and mike occasionally chiming in. When it was time for him to enter her, I suggested that Lis and Lucy could help out by each pulling back a side of Jen’s pussy to spread her. I hadn’t actually expected Lucy to go for this as her fingers would be so close to Mike’s cock, but to be fair she has never expressed any repulsion at the idea of touching a guy, just a general lack of interest. They spread Jen’s pussy and Mike positioned his cock and then slowly slid in to Jen – Lis and Lucy could tell from Jen’s expression that she enjoyed having Mike inside her and as he started moving, they withdrew their hands from Jen’s crotch to let Mike take her properly.

So that everyone could see, he didn’t lie on top of her and just lifted her legs up to his chest. At Mike’s request, Lis reached back to to play with Jen’s clit and when he challenged Lucy to do the same, she told him that she knew what he was up to and just wanted to feel her fingers brush against his cock. She still did as he’d asked though and Mike eagerly pumped in to Jen as Lucy frigged her clit. As things were going so well for him, he asked us to try one more position and we all obliged. Lis and Lucy moved up a little bit so Jen could get a hand between each of their legs to finger them and I sat over Jen’s face. I rubbed back and forth to cover Jen’s face with my juices and Jen alternated between fingering Lis and Lucy and then rubbing their juices over her breasts. Lis and Lucy helped out with frigging Jen a few more times but it was left to Mike to actually make her cum (which he did). We all then moved away to let Mike sample our various juices off of Jen’s body before he pulled out of her and let her suck her own juices from his cock. I pointed out that his cock looked quite hard and swollen and he said that he was saving it for Lis, but would wait at least a few minutes to calm down so he could last longer.

Jen was asked to describe what it felt like finally having Mike inside her (as well as what it was like when he ate her and how it felt different to when a girl ate her). I teased Lucy about how she now seemed to be perfectly fine with letting Mike taste her (even if it was always via a third party) and she retorted by saying that maybe she wasn’t quite as much of a prude as we used to think. As a further demonstration of this she pushed a couple of fingers in to her pussy and showed us that they were coated with her juices and then held them out to Mike. He briefly hesitated, unsure as to whether she was making a serious offer, but then decided to go for it anyway and took her fingers in to his mouth. He licked and sucked them clean and then said that he would have another helping if she was offering (but she wasn’t). It was typical that as a guy Mike really wanted the one girl in the room that he couldn’t have – to be fair he wasn’t exactly ignoring the rest of us, but given the chance I’m fairly sure he would have told Lis to wait while he fucked Lucy.

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