Monday, 20 January 2014

Lis and Lucy – August Visit – Part 2

As he wasn’t going to be given this chance, he asked Lis if she wanted to do things properly with him. She said that she was, but told him to close his eyes for a moment while she prepared. Mike covered his eyes (but peeped) as Lis went and put on some thigh-high white socks and then climbed back up on the bed. I personally think I prefer Lis naked, but know (as does she) that Mike still has a soft spot for this look (or rather the look makes one spot on his body very hard). He ran his hands up and down her legs and across her pussy and even buried his face between her legs again. Ifhe thought Lis could take it and still fuck him, he would have probably eaten her to another orgasm before fucking her, but he just climbed up her body and slipped in to her, then asked her to wrap her sock-clad legs around him. We watched as he pumped in to her while reaching around her leg to her pussy to play with her clit. After they had fucked for a while, Lis said that she wanted to go on top and Mike was more than happy to oblige her. He pulled out and lay on his back so Lis could climb over him and I gave her a hand by steadying Mike’s cock so she could lower herself on to it.

I was going to sit behind Lis and play with her breasts but Mike said that I’d had Lis to myself so he wanted the same chance. Lucy, Jen and I went to get a drink and by the time we returned, Lis was rocking back and forth against Mike’s body so her clit rubbed against him. Mike caressed Lis’ legs and clit and occasionally pulled her down so they could kiss and he could move in her a bit more. I reminded Lis that she had to keep hold of Mike’s cum so that she could share it with Jen and me. Mike told me not to worry and helped to guide Lis back and forth as she humped his cock and ground herself against him, obviously getting close to cumming. Lis let out a series of pants and little squeaks as her orgasm approached and she humped back and forth even harder until she came. Mike let her grind against him a short while longer and then pulled her down to kiss her, grabbed her ass and started to pump in to her.

I’ve experienced this position a number of times – Mike waits until I cum and then fucks me really hard. He had enjoyed the way Lis was moving and using him, but it hadn’t done too much to push him towards his own orgasm. As such he managed to last quite a while and Lis was obviously quite sensitive from her orgasm as she continually kept muttering ‘not fair, not fair’ as his cock pounded in to her. It was a very nice sight and Lucy, Jen and I positioned ourselves so we got the best view (and made sure that Lis knew this). Mike had been drawing things out a little, but he hadn’t been trying to get Lis to cum again so he was pleasantly surprised when her complaints started to change to ‘oh fucks’. He asked if she could cum again for him and she said that she thought so if he kept going a little longer – he was already approaching his own orgasm but felt it was more than worthwhile to hold back if he could get yet another orgasm out of Lis so he carried on humping her, driving his cock in deep with each stroke and maintaining the pace he had set. He whispered to Lis that he wanted to feel her cum around him and he would then empty his load in to her tight pussy so she could share it with us and waited until she was panting in his ear that she was cumming again before he stopped holding back and let the pleasure engulf him.

Mike felt his cum erupt from his cock in to Lis’ pussy and he stayed as deep inside her as he could get and then rolled them both over so he was on top. He didn’t pull out straight away and kept his cock pressed firmly in to Lis’ pussy. As he pulled out, Lis lifted her ass slightly and covered her pussy and I got in to a similar position beside her (but spread my pussy). Lis climbed up and positioned herself over me and Jen helped guide her so she was directly over my pussy and then Lis removed her hand and spread her lips. We watched as Mike’s cum dripped out and ran in to my pussy, then Lis was told to hold the rest in while Jen swapped places with me. Mike helped to spread Jen’s lips and Lis crouched over her until a few more drops trickled out of her and run in to Jen before she rubbed her crotch against Jen’s pussy and finally sat down.

Lis was very grateful that we had let her be the first person to be involved in our attempt to get pregnant and Lucy wanted to know who else would be allowed to participate. Mike and Jen immediately said that Sue would be the next person and I quickly added that we had been thinking about letting Sara and Emily participate as well (assuming Emily hadn’t been with any guys for a suitable period of time). Mike told Lucy that she was always welcome to help out (to which she just stuck her tongue out at him, but he replied by saying that if she would prefer to just suck him off and then deposit the cum in our pussies, she could always do it that way. Lucy realised she wasn’t going to win so the conversation moved on to how long we thought it would take one of us to get pregnant and what we would do if we both ended up pregnant (which was always a risk). As far as we could tell, it wouldn’t make too much difference, unless Jen managed to get a really good job, she would be the one looking after the baby so even if we both produced offspring it would be no different than one of us having twins. (As people have pointed out, there is always the chance that we might both end up having twins, which would cause a few issues, but statistically the odds of that are quite low so we’re prepared to take the chance).

It was getting fairly late by this time so we moved a duvet in to the living room to make up our floor bed and Mike, Lis and I offered to sleep there so Jen and Lucy could have the real bed to themselves. Jen was reminded to avoid pussy to pussy contact with Lucy (as if she would have forgotten) and once we had all visited the bathroom for the end of day necessities, we headed off to our respective places to sleep. I suggested that the three of us try Mike’s favourite position and to start off with, I rode him while Lis sat over his face and he ate her. I wasn’t just being nice to Mike when I suggested this as I enjoy having him inside me while being able to watch someone else being eaten (and Lis looked very cute sitting over him, even with a lustful look on her face). I wasn’t greedy though and offered to swap partway through to let Mike finish off inside Lis (and have him finish me off with his tongue). Lis rode Mike for a bit and he got me off, but Lis then suggested that as Jen was next door with Lucy, it would be easier if he came in me so that she could lick some of his cum out of me and go and deposit it in Jen. This seemed liked a sensible idea and it felt quite nice having Mike fuck me just after I’d cum. He finished off eating Lis while using my cunt and once he had cum in me Lis did as she had suggested and on her return she told us that Jen had been (and still was) going down on Lucy while Lis had licked Mike’s cum in to Jen’s pussy.

Mike really liked the idea of Lucy eating his cum out of Jen (but then he knew that she had already eaten his cum out of Lis and I in the past so it wasn’t really anything new). He wanted to spoon in Lis as we went to sleep but it took him a little while to get hard again before he could do this. We discussed our plan for a belated birthday treat for Lucy with Lis, which helped Mike get hard and Lis thought that Lucy would like it. In the middle of the night, Mike went to the bathroom and tried to eat Lis when he got back in to bed but she was too tired so I told him that he could go down on me if he wanted. He pretended not to be interested but then crawled down between my legs and lapped at my pussy until I came (I tried to be fairly quiet so as not to disturb Lis, but I wasn’t trying to be silent). As is usually the case when Mike has eaten someone, he was hard afterwards so he spooned with me as we fell asleep again. In the morning, he woke Lis in the traditional way and I was then given a double treatment by them both. I had two sets of fingers in me and wither a cock to suck or a pussy to lick. They took turns eating me and I was finished off by 69ing with Lis while Mike moved in her (not really fucking her, it was more for the effect).

After we’d had breakfast, Mike got Jen to climb up on the table and reminded her that he had promised her that he would continually eat her. Lis thought it was quite funny to watch Jen spread her legs for Mike and toy with her breasts as he ate her but Jen had told Mike that she would take whatever he gave her and wasn’t going to back down so she lay (mostly) still and just made little mewing sounds as he took her closer to cumming. I really thought that he was going to take her right to the edge and then stop, but he carried on until Jen arched her back slightly and cried out that she was cumming (as if we wouldn’t have been able to tell without the hint!). Jen was left to catch her breath while we tidied up and he said to Lis that he wanted a session with her and Jen later in the day so he could have both of his lesbians at once. Lis said that would be okay and I suggested that Lucy could choose which one of them she wanted Mike to cum in. Lucy thought that it was odd that she could choose but I wrapped my arms around her and said that as she loved both Lis and Jen, it only seemed fair that she should decide. I think Lucy finds it odd that I’m not jealous of the fact that I know she loves Jen, but I also know (or at least believe (that it is the same way that I love Lis – which is different than the way I love Jen and Mike).

Lucy said that she would decide when it was time and we went off to shower (Lucy, Mike and I and then Lis and Jen). Lucy let Mike wash her back in the shower and with three of us in there, he brushed up against her more than a few times as we moved around to all get washed. I gave Mike’s cock a good wash and threatened to jerk him off over Lucy (but by now she knew that he wouldn’t actually cum over her – unless she wanted him to of course in which case he would cover her with as much cum as he could produce as many times as he was allowed). After a bit of pleading, she relented and let him wash her legs (to do which he kneeled down) but he wasn’t allowed to touch anywhere interesting. The most contact he got with her was when we moved around after he had stood back up and I asked to get by so I could get out and dry myself. Lucy was pressed up against Mike’s front, her breasts pressing against his chest and his cock against her crotch (I may have done this on purpose).

Lis and Jen had an uneventful shower and once we were ready we convinced Lucy to take her panties off and headed out in to town. So he wasn’t left out, Mike had gone without boxers and was wearing one of his pairs of trousers with a hole in the pocket (for surreptitious handjobs). Other than a minor play in a dressing room, our trip was fairly uneventful and we returned home mid-afternoon. I was disappointed that town had been too busy to play properly and the changing room tease and minor flashing during lunch had gotten us quite worked up. It would have been quite easy to just demand sex, but I’ve learned from Mike’s patience and suggested that it was time to give Lucy her present. Given what she knows about us, she was understandably nervous, but trusted us enough to agree to let us do whatever we wanted for half an hour.

She was relieved when she found out that we just planned to give her a nice massage and while Jen and I went and prepared the room, Lucy had a quick hot shower to help get herself in a relaxed state and then padded in to the bedroom with a towel around her. We wanted her to enjoy herself as much as possible, which also meant making sure she was as comfortable as possible. We checked whether she minded Mike participating and he promised that if he was allowed, he would avoid her most sensitive areas (Mike is actually quite good at giving massages – unfortunately I don’t get them as often as I’d like, but he has promised that if I get pregnant that I will get one at least once a week – either with his cock in me while he does it or not, depending on how I’m feeling). Lucy said that she didn’t mind him helping out as long as he behaved himself. We let Lucy put a pair of panties on and she lay on the bed on her stomach – we had the curtains partially drawn to darken the room and some jasmine scented candles lit (her favourite scent) and a fluffy white towel for her to lie on. Once she was comfortable, we applied some oil to her body (we’d even heated it slightly) and started to massage her skin.


  1. So how many people know mike and Jen are doing things now?
    Also I added a second shower head in my shower on the opposite side. If you don't mind the exposed pipe its just a few dollars (euros) on PVC but with 2 heads not only are the showers better but the possibilities are too.

    1. By now (real time), pretty much all of our friends as they know of our plans to get pregnant. As to where I've got round to writing about, it was most of Jen's Uni friends (as they had either been told during the holiday), our parents (as they knew we were trying for a baby) and a couple of my closer York friends. I guess the people from the sex parties knew as well (or at least knew that it had been the plan for Mike to sleep with Jen).

      Two shower heads would certainly be better - especially when there are two of us in the shower, but as we're renting, we probably can't make alterations to the plumbing. Maybe when we're rich and have our own place we can get one of the super walk in showers, large enough for all three of us (and maybe visitors too) with multiple shower jets :) Maybe if people want to throw a few bitcoins our way we can start saving up!