Thursday, 23 January 2014

Lis and Lucy – August Visit – Part 3

Jen and I each took a leg and Mike started off on her back, working on her shoulders first and then slowly moving down. He was well behaved and didn’t try to cop a feel (whereas Jen and I may have both ‘accidentally’ brushed her crotch a few times while massaging her thighs). When it was time for her to turn over, we swapped places and Jen and I took care of Lucy’s front (with more than the occasional brush of her breasts) while Mike and Lis each took one of her legs. As we worked on her stomach, our hands slid under the waistband of her panties and dipped a little lower each time until we were also caressing her mons. It was obvious that the panties weren’t offering her any protection so we asked Lis to remove them and Lucy lifted her ass in the air to let Lis do so.

Lucy was rolled over on to her front again and while Mike took care of her shoulders, the rest of us massaged her lower back, ass and upper legs. This time it was much easier to let our hands brush against her pussy and by the time we got her to turn over on to her back again, I was pleased to see that her nipples were nice and pointy. Lis dared to test Mike and Lucy accepted, so let him massage her front. He did her shoulders and upper chest, then skirted around her breasts and massaged around her sides and stomach. We let him past so he could do her hips and upper thighs and once he had worked his way down to her ankles he dried off his hands and said that we could now get to work properly. I asked Lis if she would leave Lucy to us and she want to sit beside Mike while Jen and I added a little more oil to our hands and settled in for the long haul.

We divided the labour up along natural lines (given Jen’s breast fetish), with me taking Lucy’s lower half. I rubbed around her mons and massaged her lips as well as her inner thighs. Jen gave Lucy’s breasts a good massage, but didn’t concentrate on her nipples too much as we were just getting started. Meanwhile, Mike was enjoying the view and had stripped off and got Lis to sit on his lap so he could rub his cock against her pussy. Lis lost all of her clothes and I got Jen to move down to help me with Lucy’s thighs – we spread her legs and massaged all around her pussy, reaching under her to caress her ass and dragging an occasional finger between her lips and over her clit. Jen resumed massaging Lucy’s breasts, a bit more forcefully this time and with more nipple contact and I concentrated on Lucy’s pussy, mons and thighs. I was still avoiding too much clitoral contact and there was no penetration. I saw that Lis was now sitting on Mike’s cock and he was massaging her clit with one hand and one of her breasts with the other and I asked if Jen and I could have a little attention.

Lis climbed off of Mike and they came over to us. Mike undressed Jen and Lis took care of me. They then crouched down and started to lick us from behind. Lis said that I was quite wet, but this only seemed to spur her on and I felt her tongue rapidly flicking over both my pussy and ass. I told her that she didn’t have to lick me there if she didn’t want to but she replied by briefly spearing me and then continued licking the whole area. Mike stood and pushed in to Jen and held on to her ass as he fucked her with slow even strokes. He then swapped places with Lis and ate me, then fucked me in the same way had had fucked Jen while Lis lapped at Jen’s holes. As nice as the attention was, it was beginning to get a bit too distracting so I told Mike that I’d had enough for now and wanted to concentrate on Lucy. Her pussy was now slippery with her own juices and I easily slipped a couple of fingers in to her and started to play with her clit. Lucy pushed her hips towards my hand when I did this (so we’d obviously been doing something right) but I| told her to calm down and wait as we had more in store for her.

Mike had joined Lis behind Jen and he got Lis to crawl between Jen’s legs and lick her pussy from the front while he knelt behind and lapped at Jen’s ass. I pointed out to Jen that we were meant to be concentrating on Lucy but Jen said that she was fine and could continue. Mike stood up and pushed his cock in to Jen’s pussy to fuck her and said that Lis’ licking felt really good, but he only stayed in her for a short time and once again crouched down to help lick Jen. I watched Jen’s hands as they massaged Lucy’s breasts and tweaked her nipples and then saw Jen jerk forwards as she had an unexpected orgasm (with two people licking her, it wasn’t so much that she hadn’t been expecting to cum, she just hadn’t felt the usual build up and it had hit her suddenly). Lis crawled out and mike had a few licks of Jen’s wet pussy before he returned to the chair and got Lis to sit on his cock again.

Lucy was now definitely very turned on and was pushing back against my fingers even though I kept telling her to be patient. Jen and I each pushed a finger in to her and played with her lips as we fucked her, but when she got close to cumming we pulled out and massaged her thighs. The scent of the oil had now been replaced with the scent of her juices and I reached between my legs to wipe and finger my pussy and then smear the results over Lucy’s cunt. Jen did the same and we called Lis over to add her own essence to the mix before she returned to Mike. I had a turn with Lucy’s breasts while Jen took care of her pussy and when we’d got her close to cumming again we turned her over and each took one of her ass cheeks. Our fingers frequently dipped down and rubbed over her rosebud as well as between her lips, but we avoided her clit to give her time to calm down. Lucy was breathing very heavily and we had a silent conversation about how much longer we should keep her going before we let her cum.

We decided we would push her to the edge once more and rolled her over on to her back again. This time, Jen and I both reached up to massage one of her breasts and used our other hands on her pussy, rubbing her lips thoroughly, sliding inside her and grazing across her clit. We got her panting and arching her back again, then pulled away and caressed her thighs. Lucy panted that it wasn’t fair but we told her to just hand on a little longer and next time she would get to cum. We spent about five minutes gently stroking her thighs, pussy and breasts – enough to keep her very aroused, but not enough to get her close again. Mike had a clear view of Lucy’s pussy and as Lis moved up and down on his cock, he whispered to her how lucky she was to be able to bury her face between Lucy’s legs. He strummed his fingers over Lis’ clit and I looked over as I heard her say she was about to cum. Mike didn’t stop was he was doing and pushed Lis past the point of no return. He had one of her breasts cupped in his hand as she came and he held her against him, pushing in to her as deep as he could and telling her he could feel her cunt cumming around his cock.

I nodded to Jen that it was probably time and asked if she minded if I took Lucy’s pussy. Jen was happy to return to Lucy’s breasts and I slid a couple of fingers in to Lucy and started to pump them in and out while pressing up against the roof of her cunt. I avoided her clit at first, but then used my other hand to rub it while occasionally pushing her thighs apart whenever they drifted shut. Jen firmly stroked and squeezed Lucy’s breasts, caressing and gently pinching her nipples. Lucy started panting again and said some very unladylike things. I was quite tempted to tease her an extra time, but we did want her to actually enjoy our present so I thought better of it and we just went in for the kill. I pressed my fingers harder in to her and pushed up. I pumped back and forth and stroked her clit and Lucy started to buck her hips, trying to match my movements (but not quite managing it). I pushed down on her mons with the hand I was using to frig her to keep her still so my movements could be more effective).

I could still feel Lucy pushing up against my hand and was pleased with the response we were getting so I carried on stroking around her g-spot, pushing my fingers in deep with each stroke. She panted that she was about to cum (a rookie mistake as I would have instantly stopped moving if I had been intending on teasing her) and then let out an ‘aaaahhh’. Lucy doesn’t always make sounds when she cums (even when she is just with Lis) so I took this as a good thing. She bucked against my hand a bit more and I carried on stroking and frigging her. The ‘aaahhs’ became a bit louder and she took rapid shallow breaths between them. She thrust against my fingers again, mush c=harder and let out another, louder ‘aaahhhngg’ and I felt my hand get very wet. I looked down, thinking that she might have peed herself (I’m used to being around Jen), but realized that the liquid was too gloopy and that she had actually squirted. I was going to say something, but as I watched, another squirt of Lucy goop came out, some of it over my hand and some shot on to the towel. Lucy had her ass raised off the bed by this point but she hadn’t asked me to stop so I continued. I got another good ‘aahhhnnngg’ out of her before she grabbed my hand and told me to stop. Naturally I wasn’t going to just pull away so I slowed my movements and stopped directly brushing her clit, but continued to gently move inside her and stroked around her clit, getting as close as I could before I felt her try to pull away. Only then did I tell everyone that I thought I’d gotten Lucy to squirt – Mike and Lis obviously already knew as they had remained on the chair (with Mike still inside Lis).

Mike quickly came over to have a closer look and I held up my hand to show it was still coated in Lucy’s juices. I had a tentative taste and then asked Lucy if she minded if Mike tried it. I don’t know if she didn’t hear me, but she didn’t say no so I offered my hand to Mike and he sucked a couple of my fingers and licked my palm. I told him not to be greedy so Lis and Jen could try it and once they had sampled it, I had a proper lick. Lucy was still panting on the bed so we spread her legs again. She went to push my hand away but I promised her we were just looking and weren’t going to stimulate her so she dropped her hand back down on to the bed. We spread Lucy’s outer lips and then her inner lips and Mike got close to have a good look. He could easily have licked her he was so close, but he was a good boy and just kissed some of her juices off of the towel as he moved away. He did stand at the end of the bed and stroke himself, with his cock aimed at Lucy’s spread crotch – he later said that he really wished he had been allowed to cum and see if he could have shot any of his cum in to Lucy’s cunt.

I rubbed some of the remaining juices over Lucy’s pussy and then on to her breasts. Her breathing had returned to normal and we asked what she had felt. As suspected, she had definitely had a multiple orgasm (but she wasn’t sure how many times as it might have just been two extended orgasms or as many as four). Lucy was very embarrassed about having squirted but I told her that I was jealous as Jen and I had been trying to squirt for quite a while (using the very method we’d used on Lucy) but with very limited success. Lis volunteered the fact that Lucy had squirted a few times before – once when she had been eating her, but hadn’t produced anywhere near as much liquid. Lucy went bright red but we assured her that it was something wonderful and how Jen had squirted a couple of times, how I really wanted to have her squirt in to my mouth and how Mike would do almost anything to have one of us do it while he was eating them.

I’m not sure Lucy was entirely convinced, but she admitted that (once we had stopped teasing her and actually let her cum) it had felt wonderful. I continued to run my hands over her crotch and smeared the remained of her juices around before lowering my head and kitty kissed her. Jen and Lis also had a go and the ever-hopeful Mike asked if he could join in. He obviously wasn’t allowed to kitty kiss her, but as a sign that he had been very well behaved while massaging her, he was allowed to kiss her inner thighs. Lis rubbed some of Lucy’s juices over them and as Lucy spread her legs, she said that she couldn’t believe she was letting him do this. Mike thoroughly licked and kissed where Lis had rubbed and had one last close-up look at Lucy before moving away and thanking her for trusting him.

Lucy said that she needed to shower but we convinced her to wait for a while and enjoy being sticky so we could steal another few licks while the rest of us relieved our tension. While it would have been nice to all cum in the way Lucy had, it took a lot of effort and time so we settled for more traditional positions. Mike still wanted his lesbian threesome with Lis and Jen (yes, he knows he isn’t a lesbian, but he wishes he was) so they took care of me first with him fucking me while Lis and Jen took turns licking my clit. It didn’t take long for me to cum and I curled up against Lucy to watch as Mike lay on his back and fucked Jen while he ate Lis. When they switched positions and Lis climbed on to Mike’s cock I reminded Lucy that she had to choose which pussy he came in. Lucy said that it didn’t really make much difference so I asked her who she was most likely to eat again that day – she realised what I was getting at and said that he should cum in Lis (which was what I was expecting) so I teased her about the fact that she wanted a man to empty his cum deep in to the tight little pussy of her future wife. I realised that this might not be such a good tack to take as Lucy might decide that she didn’t want Mike to fuck Lis at all so I moved on to describing to Lucy how I wanted to feel his cum trickling out of Lis’ cunt and in to mine. In hindsight, this wasn’t as large a difference as I had thought at the time, but Lucy seem to want Mike to stop so we watched as Mike held Jen in place over his mouth and pushed up and in to Lis in time with her movements.

Jen came first and climbed off so Mike could roll over and fuck Lis. She wasn’t too far behind Jen, but due to the way Lis had been moving on him, Mike was still a little way from cumming. He held out and tried to fuck Lis to make her cum again but she told him that she didn’t have it in her and to just cum himself. I know Mike doesn’t enjoy this as much, but he wasn’t going to waste the chance to cum after having had both Lis and Jen so he got her to wrap her legs around him and he pushed in to her until he came. He stayed in her for a little while and kissed her, then carefully pulled out so Lis could share whatever cum he had given her. It was Jen’s turn to go first and she got a couple of drops – I doubted any more would come out so I got Lis to rub her pussy against mine. To help even things out I got Jen to hand me one of Lis’ dildos and pushed it in to her, swirled it around and then pushed it in to my own pussy

Lucy finally got to go for her shower and clean off the oil and other liquids and we convinced her to return to the bed for a secondary (non-sexual or oily) massage. Naturally we teased her about her ability to squirt (but continued along the lines of how much we’d all like to be able to do it – Mike doesn’t count as his ‘squirting’ isn’t anything unusual!). We got Lucy in to a very relaxed state and it felt like she (at least partially) dropped her guard. I know that may sound odd given all the things we’ve done together but I’ve still always felt that she has kept us at a bit of a distance. We didn’t really discuss anything new – their wedding, how our life would be different with a baby, how open we are about sex. Lucy didn’t even seem at all bothered by the fact that Mike was massaging her while naked and with an erection (he wasn’t massaging her *with* his erection, she might have minded that).

We decided to have a grown up evening and went out for a nice dinner to further celebrate Lis and Lucy’s engagement. Jen got to borrow one of Lis’ dresses to wear (which was a good couple of inches shorter on her than it is on Lis, but was still perfectly respectable. I wore the longest skirt I had with me which was just below mid-thigh and we had a pleasant evening chatting. Mike fondled both Jen and I at various points throughout the meal and would have probably done the same to Lis if I hadn’t been sitting between them. We stayed in the restaurant and had a drink at the bar after dinner before returning home and calling it a night.

It was my turn to spend the night with Lucy and for Jen to have Lis. I had assumed Mike would want to repeat his all-lesbian session but he asked Lucy if she minded him sleeping with us. She now knows that he isn’t going to try anything with her (unless he thought she would agree) so said he was welcome to and once ready, the three of us climbed in to bed leaving Lis and Jen in the living room. Lucy still felt a little sensitive from her earlier orgasm, but she knew I wouldn’t let her go to sleep without playing at least a little so she allowed me to kitty kiss her. I’m fairly capable at this (after years of practice) and as I had expected I convinced her to let me do a little more than just kitty kiss her. I waited until Lucy offered before I turned around and climbed over her and her tongue felt really good as it pushed between my lips and sought out my clit. We had quite a gentle session – no humping or fingering, just gentle licking and sucking with a few moans. I made Lucy cum first but she continued to eat me through her orgasm so I reverted to kitty kissing her as my orgasm built. I had kind of hoped to make her cum a second time, but she said that she’d really had enough for the day so I just let her eat me until I came.

I kissed Mike to let him taste Lucy and then went to use the bathroom. When I returned to bed I got in on the other side of Lucy. She scooched over towards Mike and he had to lie on his back so his cock didn’t press up against Lucy’s body. He could feel her back pressed up against his side and it took him a long time to get to sleep as he kept imagining what it would be like to roll over on to his side and press his cock against her ass while reaching around her to cup one of her breasts. In his fantasy she pushed back against him and after humping against her back for a while he pushed his cock between her legs and rubbed against her hot, wet pussy before she spread her lips and said that she wanted him inside her.

Lis and Jen had a slightly more adventurous evening and once they had climbed in to their duvet bed, they played with and teased each other for a while and then decided to fuck a wine bottle. Lis actually took the lead and used it in Jen first, but once Jen had cum she used it just as energetically on Lis. On completion of the wine appreciation meeting, Lis commented that while the bottle did the job, she actually preferred Mike’s cock. Jen agreed with this, but said that as nice as it was, it couldn’t replace a good pussy (when Mike later found this out Jen had said this he said he took it as a challenge).

Fortunately for Lucy (and probably for Mike as well), he hardly ever moves once he is asleep and almost always wakes up in the position he fell asleep in, so in the morning he was still on his back, although he now had a Lucy lying facing him. He had his usual morning erection and once again wondered what would happen if he rolled over to face Lucy and let the head brush against her mons, but wisely decided not to find out. Mike was awake for a while before Lucy woke up and she disappeared off to the bathroom to relieve herself. Mike buried his face between my legs (I had woken up when Lucy got out of bed) which led Lucy to comment on her return that she had only left us alone for a couple of minutes. Mike assured Lucy that he was just getting me warmed up for her. Lucy didn’t seem to be quite as open as she had been the previous evening, but she still joined us in the bed and performed in front of Mike. At one point when I was eating Lucy, Mike pushed in to me from behind and slid in and out of me, but I wasn’t surprised to find out that he was saving his cum for Lis. Lucy and I lay kissing, each with one leg over the other so we could finger each other and Mike sat on the edge of the bed watching us with his cock in his hand. Once Lucy and I had cum, I asked if I could offer her juices to Mike and with a sigh she told me to go ahead so I plunged a couple of fingers back in to her pussy and then let Mike suck them clean.

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