Sunday, 26 January 2014

Lis and Lucy – August Visit – Part 4

Lis and Jen were still asleep when we went in to the living room, but once we’d woken them up and I made a suggestion, Jen held Lis down and started to play with her while Mike, Lucy and I sat around them with our tea and watched. We all helped out a little bit and then gave them a round of applause as they each came. Over proper breakfast Mike told Lis he had been saving his cum for her and she said that he would take whatever he could throw at her to share it with Jen and me. That got me thinking and by the time we had finished breakfast and Mike pulled Lis in to the bedroom I was sure what I wanted to do and suggested my idea to Jen. We cleaned up the breakfast things and all went in the bedroom to watch. Lis was already close to cumming (with Mike following his usual pattern and eating her before he fucked her) so once again we got to sit and watch Lis cum.

Having cum twice already, Lis wanted a short break but told Mike she would get ready for the next round while recovering. We watched her put on a simple pair of white cotton panties and a plain white bra, then pull on a pair of her long white socks and finish off the outfit with a blouse and pleated tartan skirt. It was the first time I’ve seen Lis in this particular outfit and she did look extremely hot. Apparently Lucy has come to appreciate this look quite a bit as well (not that Lis really needs help to look cute) and before she went to Mike, Lis stood in front of Lucy and then moved forwards so she was straddling her. Lucy’s hands slid up Lis’ legs and I saw Lis flinch (presumably as Lucy’s hands made contact). Lucy kneaded Lis’ under the skirt for a few minutes and then let her go, at which point Lis whispered something to Lucy before climbing up on to the bed beside Mike.

Mike had been lying on his side watching so Lis pushed him on to his back and straddled his cock, lowering her crotch to it and then humping back and forth. She slowly undid buttons on her blouse, leaving just the bottom ones buttons and then pulled her bra up a bit to expose her breasts. Mike told her that he wanted her (to which she just replied ‘I know’). She continued to grind against him as she played with her breasts and then reached down to pull the crotch of her panties aside and asked him if he liked what he saw. Lis rubbed her bare pussy against his cock and then knelt up, took his cock in her hand to position the head against her pussy and lowered herself on to it. She rocked back and forth and told Mike she was going to fuck him and make him cum – I told Lis my idea, which was to have him cum over her face so Jen and I could lick it off of her and 69 to lick it in to each other. Both Mike and Lis said that they wanted him to cum inside her – I ignored Mike’s plea and told Lis that if she was being that assertive, she could always make him fuck her again later on (I was confident he wouldn’t complain) and explained that he would probably produce a decent load as he hadn’t cum for a while so it would be the best time to cum on her.

Lis relented and told Mike that if he was good, she would fuck him again later. He still had to let her do most of the work this time and it was only near the end when Lis was obviously getting close to cumming that Mike was really allowed to move in her. I reminded Mike not to cum inside her as he pumped away and Lis played with her clit, but he stayed in her for a bit once she had cum until he was on the brink of cumming himself. Only then did he pull out, get Lis to climb off of him and he stood on the bed aiming his cock at her face. Lis reached out and helped him to stroke himself. I warned Lis to close her eyes (boy-cum can sting a bit) and we all watched as Mike emptied a fairly impressive load over her face. Some shot in to her hair and there was enough that it dripped down on to her chest and blouse (but to be fair he had watched me make Lucy cum twice without cumming). Mike pushed his cock against Lis’ mouth and she took the head in and sucked it clean then I told Mike to get out of the way as it was our turn.

Jen and I knelt on either side of Lis and told her we would clean her up. We licked around her face, keeping the cumin our mouths and carried on doing this until Lis was mostly clean (or at least looked a bit cleaner). Jen and I then 69ed with Jen on top first – she spread my pussy and pushed Mike’s cum in to me with her tongue and when she was done she held my lips closed and we rolled over so I was on top and could do the same thing to her. When we finished Lucy said that we were incorrigible (she often says that) and I told her that it seemed like a good idea so we tried it (which is what we had explained to her the previous evening). I suggested that Lis could go and lick some of Mike’s cum in to Lucy and Lis crawled towards Lucy but Lucy obviously knew that Lis wouldn’t actually do anything so she didn’t move. Lucy seemed a little less sure when Lis pulled Lucy’s legs apart and kissed her way up Lucy’s inner thigh. She pulled Lucy’s lips apart and pushed her face towards Lucy’s cunt, at which point Lucy yelped ‘stop’. Lis just licked one of Lucy’s thighs again and laughed then moved away. For a moment I actually thought she was going to make contact, but Lis had known what she was planning all along and even when she had spread Lucy’s lips, she had made sure her fingers didn’t actually touch Lucy anywhere too near her pussy as she had been handing Mike’s cock.

I took Lis off to the shower – when Jen and I stood up, some of Mike’s cum ran out of our pussies and down our legs, which I took as partial success that we had transferred a fair amount in to each other (although it probably hadn’t got very deep inside us). As Lis and I washed each other we discussed how much she had changed since she first nervously came out to me and how if she had been this adventurous back then, we could have had so much more fun. We had quite a long kiss under the running water – it was quite passionate but was more romantic than sexual and I suggested to her that if she was really going to go another round with Mike that she try wearing some opaque tights to mix things up (and she knows these are one of his other fetishes anyway). While Jen and Lucy showered, I provided Lis with a pair of seamless opaque tights and once she had pulled them on I caressed around her crotch while Mike watched us and then ran my thumb back and forth between her lips, pushing the material between them before finally pushing my mouth against her pussy and licking her through the tights.

Lis said that she wasn’t quite ready to cum again yet so I called her a lightweight and told her that she needed to train her libido. She looked to Mike for support but he said that if she was ready, then he thought he could cum again (adding that this was especially true if I kept playing with her). Lucy returned with Jen just as I was bending Lis over the bed and pulling her tights down so Mike could slide in to her. I reminded Lis that she had wanted to be assertive and be the one who was doing the fucking and at first she humped back against him and told him how to move, but as the session went on, she let him take more control. I wanted to help out a bit more so tried to crawl between Lis and the bed, but it wasn’t a good position so I pulled the tights down and got Lis to step out of one leg of them and then stand up a bit so I could get my mouth to her clit. I licked her for a while and then offered Jen a chance to take my place. By the time Jen had finished, Lis was much closer to cumming so we left them to return to their original position and Mike carried on fucking her from behind with Lis bent over the bed. She kept telling him to fuck her harder and he did as she asked until she came, then sped up his movements in her until he came. Once he pulled out, Lis offered to share his cum but I told her to just quickly pull the tights up and she could keep whatever he had given her this time.

He probably hadn’t cum as much as he did the first time, but when we checked just before heading out, we could all see that there was a wet patch around Lis’ pussy and she said that it felt quite strange, but was on board with being a bit soggy while we were out. I was kind enough to ensure that Lis didn’t sit on her skirt (and so didn’t leave a wet patch) when we sat down for lunch and as we had a little time to kill before we needed to head home so we went and sat in a park and chatted while I challenged the others to display as much pussy as possible. As there were children around, we were fairly discreet and mostly just showed ourselves to each other – Lis felt that she was quite well covered by the tights, but we unanimously agreed that the partial view of her tights clad pussy was more lewd than Jen or I showing ourselves off openly or Lucy showing her panties (which were actually pink with little bows on them – she can be such a girly-girl sometimes).

For a change (or maybe just as a part of his enjoyment of exploring her) Mike got Jen to sit in front of him with her back to him and he wrapped his arms around her, discreetly slid his hands under her skirt and gently played with her clit. Lis said that there was no way Mike would be able to make Jen cum in such a public place and I’m fairly sure that she knew that by issuing this challenge that Mike would try much harder. It did take them a little while and Mike had to withdraw his hands a few times when people wandered past a little too close. As Jen got closer to cumming, Mike rubbed her clit a bit harder and faster – he told us that she felt quite wet and that he wished he could spread her legs and bury his face in her pussy for everyone to see (but we decided not to go down that route). As often happens with an approaching orgasm, Jen became less guarded and spread her legs wider so we could more readily see Mike’s fingers strumming over her clit. She wasn’t too loud, but certainly wasn’t silent as she came – the advantage of doing things outdoors is that the background noise usually masks things unless you go overboard with moans – and we could all see the pleasure on her face as she jerked her hips back and forth against Mike’s hands.

I had hoped that Lis (or maybe even Lucy) would allow one of us to do the same to them, but they felt it was a bit too risky. I would have quite enjoyed having someone frig me, but thought that as Jen had already put on a display, I would just sit and enjoy the feeling of the grass on my pussy and ass while we chatted. By the time we left the park to get our things and drive to the airport I was feeling very horny and wished that I had cum, but fortunately Mike and Lucy were on hand to sit in the back with me and play with me while Lis drove. I insisted that if I was being played with that I at least get a hand between Lucy’s legs (I didn’t have to insist to get Mike to let me stroke him) and we drove through the traffic with the three of us locked in a mutual masturbation session. I wasn’t surprised that Mike didn’t want to actually cum (apart from the mess, he wanted to save whatever cum he had left for the day for use when we got home). I also managed to get Lucy sufficiently turned on that she didn’t stop me from feeding Mike some of her juices from my fingers and she even let me finger her to orgasm as Lis parked the car. I had hoped to kneel and get a few licks of her pussy once she had cum, but the farthest Lucy would go was to let me rub her panties in to her pussy and then remove them so we could ‘borrow’ them until we next saw her. She knew full well that we would all use them to masturbate with and that they would be returned with a coating of our juices and cum, but post-orgasmic Lucy is getting to be much cooler as our weekends together progress.

It had been made clear to me halfway through the session (once I’d been gotten nicely worked up) that I wasn’t going to be allowed to cum. I could have just played with myself, but I was enjoying Lucy’s fingers inside me so decided to let them keep me horny with a promise of a better orgasm later on. At the airport, Lis went to the bathroom with me and knelt to lap at my pussy. Annoyingly, she just got me close to cumming before stopping so I got her to switch places to allow me to do the same to her – I hadn’t intended to make her cum, but halfway through the session I decided that I wouldn’t be cruel so carried on eating her until she came and I felt her push down as her legs went a little wobbly. I stood and fingered her for a minute or so as we kissed, tasting our own juices off each other’s mouths and we then returned to Mike, Jen and Lucy who were in no doubt as to what we’d been doing. Lis was congratulated for having not let me cum and Mike promised her whatever style of session she wanted the next time we met (as if he wouldn’t do that for her anyway – if she’d made me cum he would just have wanted to make her cum twice next time for compensation).

While we waited for the flight to be called, we discreetly discussed our new happy family and all the threesomes that Mike, Jen and I would be having. I admitted that I still saw them both as primarily ‘mine’, but that I expected that to change over time (and I honestly expected that the more we did as a threesome, the easier this would be).

We had our usual goodbye kisses and fondles (this is harder in summer without long coats to hide hands disappearing under skirts. Lucy even bent over and flipped up the back of her skirt to give Mike a view of her ass and pussy so he told her that she was just a tease (which is true as she is one girl he isn’t likely to get) so she told him she could always stop and he begged her to tease him as much as she wanted.

As I was in such a state, I acted on my own initiative and slipped a metal buckle in to my skirt so I would trigger the scanner. Probably fortunately, my skirt wasn’t too short, but it was short enough that it felt nice standing with my legs slightly spread as I was wanded and patted down to ensure I wasn’t going to blow the train up. My pussy felt hot and wet enough that I could easily feel the draft caused by the woman as she moved around me and felt in the top of my skirt and wondered what she would think if she knew just how close her fingers were to a(n almost) dripping wet pussy and grass stained ass (from my wriggling around in the park earlier).

We didn’t get seats all together on the plane so I sat with Jen and was encouraged to gently toy with my pussy, using my cardigan to hide what I was doing. I concentrated on keeping a neutral expression as I played with myself and chatted to Jen, but let her know how close I was getting. I felt much wetter than usual and I’m sure could easily have made myself cum, but I held back (at Jen’s instruction) and just told her that she had better make it worth my while as my pussy was tingling with anticipation and that I really needed to cum. I was given my wish and on our return to the house, I was quickly stripped and caressed to get me back to a heightened state of arousal (it didn’t take much). I lay on my side so Mike could spoon with me while Jen lapped at my pussy and even though I was expecting to be pushed close to cumming and then denied a release at least once (and potentially many more times), they actually just pushed straight through and I was licked and fucked until I came. Naturally I returned the favour later on that night when we went to bed

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