Wednesday, 29 January 2014

The Prodigal Daughter –Part 1

Mid-August – we went down for a long-overdue visit to my Mum. Sue had been back since Mike, Jen and I had last visited but I was feeling guilty that we’d not gone for so long. Things seemed to be progressing well between her and her new (technically not really so ‘new’ now, I just haven’t spent much time around him) boyfriend Gerald and Sue had warned us that he was now spending quite a few nights with Mum. I don’t know if she thought that this would bother me – it’s not as if I’m not aware that people enjoy sleeping together (both in the sexual and companionship senses) and is certainly better than some of the suggestions that have been made to ensure Mum didn’t get frustrated…

Before Gerald, Mum had been alone for quite a while (at least as far as we knew – maybe she used to go out and pull random men when Sue and I had gone to bed, although I doubt it!) and Jen had suggested a few times that Mike could always offer his services to relieve any built up frustrations that Mum had. To be fair, this was mostly back when I’d first met Jen and I think she was trying to distract Mike away from me. It is one thing to share Mike with Sue, but would be an entirely different thing to know he was doing stuff with Mum – but fortunately while he likes her (and gets on with her fairly well), he prefers younger women. In turn, Mike has suggested to Jen a number of times that she could always try to convince Mum to resume her lesbian experimentation from her younger days (it wasn’t anything serious, just gently messing around with a friend) and if anything, I think Jen would have been more likely to try to seduce Mum than Mike would.

We arrived home and were picked up from the station – Sue had arrived before us as she had been desperate to ‘help’ in our attempt to get pregnant (and we had promised her that she could participate a long time ago). Once we got to the house, Mike went upstairs to dump our bags in my room and Sue helped him. This was of course an excuse for him to bend her over the bed and take her from behind (but not until he had gone down on her – not to orgasm, just for long enough to get a good taste of her and get her horny). He emptied his cum in to her cunt and she sat on the bed, using her fingers to hold her pussy lips together while Mike came downstairs to fetch Jen under the pretext of Sue wanting to show her something. Mike stayed downstairs while Jen presented herself to allow Sue to transfer some of Mike’s cum in to her pussy and she then came down to tell me that I had wanted reminding to sort some old clothes out to take back. I went back up with Jen and lay on the bed with my pussy pointing in the air while Sue crouched over me – Jen spread my lips and pushed Sue against me and got her to rub back and forth until we assumed I’d gotten the remaining drops of Mike’s cum, after which Jen gave Sue a quick lick and we all went back downstairs to chat.

I noticed that Sue was still ‘accidentally’ presenting herself to Gerald (this obviously wasn’t accidental at all as she was careful to do it only when Mum wasn’t in the room or wasn’t looking in her direction). It wasn’t anything too overt, but as she was game for this I decided that I would also be a little naughty so when we headed up to bed I had a quiet word with Sue about a challenge for the weekend.

That night, Jen slept in with Sue and they effectively undid any transfer of Mike’s cum as they had a prolonged 69 session. Admittedly Jen used her tongue to scour the inside of Sue’s pussy more than Sue did to Jen, but Sue is now more than accomplished enough at cunnilingus to get Jen’s juices flowing, so it’s likely that Sue most of Mike’s cum out of Jen. Mike probably did the same to me as he went down on me before he fucked me, but I at least got a secondary injection of cum in our main session. As per our agreement, once we had finished I padded across to Sue’s room to share his cum with Jen and this time Sue helped out by holding our lips apart as a few drips of cum fell from me in to Jen. I reminded Sue of our challenge and headed back to my room to spoon with Mike – he moved in me while we chatted and fell asleep, but we weren’t trying to actually do anything.

The next morning, Mike ate me awake, but as he was aware of what Sue and I had planned he didn’t make me cum (so I was left in a horny state). We then both went in to Sue’s room and Mike gave Sue the same treatment I’d been given (but with an additional semi-fuck) while I went down on Jen (with some additional fingering). I hadn’t quite got Jen off when we heard someone moving around in the kitchen downstairs and as we knew that this was likely to be Gerald (Sue had informed us that when he stayed over he often got up to make breakfast in bed for Mum), Sue and I quickly slipped on some of her more revealing nightdresses and our gowns before we headed downstairs. We loosely tied the gowns on the way down so if it had been Mum in the kitchen we could cover ourselves up.

As soon as we saw that it was Gerald, we loosened the belts enough that our gowns fell partially open at the front. We went in to the kitchen and greeted him. I made sure that as I bent down to get a bowl that I let my gown fall open a bit more, knowing that this would give him a better view of my barely covered breasts (Sue still often wears nightdresses, but at least she tends to choose revealing ones). Sue went a step further and reached up to fetch things from the top of the cupboard – I was quite impressed with this move as it pulled her nightdress up enough to fully reveal her pussy. Admittedly her gown partially hid her, but she had angled herself towards Gerald and I could tell from the expression on his face that he had noticed.

I wasn’t going to be outdone though so I pulled a stool around and once I’d made my cereal I sat up on the stool with my legs crossed and held the bowl in my lap. This would have been a fairly innocent position to sit in if my nightdress hadn’t been so short but I knew that my pussy was probably completely exposed (and maybe even slightly spread). Sue was determined not to lose though so she dragged another stool round and copied my pose. I don’t think we could have gone much further without making it really obvious what we were doing so we just ate our cereal while displaying our cunts to him and chatted. When he finished making breakfast and went back up to Mum’s room, Sue and I compared notes. We had both noticed him adjusting his dressing gown a few times to try to hide the bulge. Sue thought that she had briefly seen the head of his cock peeking out and we agreed that there was a good chance that Mum would be getting more than just breakfast that morning.

While we’d been gone, Mike had carried on with Jen from where I’d left her. He had made her cum fairly quickly and then after a short break, she had gently ridden him while he had pushed as deep in to her as he could get. Jen was ready to cum again by the time Sue and I went back upstairs so Sue was given the job of helping her out by licking Jen’s clit and Mike’s cock as they fucked. Once Jen had cum, Sue was told to continue kitty kissing her while Mike carried on fucking Jen and when he had cum in her, he pulled out and Jen sat upright over Sue’s face to let his cum run out of her pussy into Sue’s mouth. I was then told to lie on the bed with my pussy in the air and Sue was told to climb up on the bed with me, spread my lips and let the cum drip from her mouth into my pussy. Unsurprisingly, Mike and Jen wanted Sue to lick the cum in to me, but we didn’t go that far.

All that was left was for Sue and I to have our morning orgasms and out little display in the kitchen had gotten us more than ready so we consented when we were asked scissor with our pussies touching so Mike and Jen could take turns licking us both at the same time. We then had a vibe pushed down between our pussies and we had to both press against it to get contact with our clits, this felt really good and was made better by Jen gently stroking my neck (Mike played with Sue’s breasts, which she really enjoys). For our actual orgasms we were told to lie beside each other on the bed with our legs spread and then to reach over and spread each other’s lips. Jen took Sue and Mike took me and we were both eaten until we came. Once we had tongues in our cunts, we moved our fingers away, but were told to hold hands and were then instructed that from the time the first one of us started to cum (which was me), we had to kiss until the other had finished cumming.

We showered in pairs – Mike got to go with Sue this time and once we were ready we headed out in to town so I could see what had changed since our last visit. We didn’t find anything too interesting, but Jen wanted to make use of the fact that she had access to Sue and took her off to try on some clothes (which loyal readers will know means making use of changing rooms in rather unorthodox ways). They selected a few items of clothing each and headed in to a changing room, at which point Jen immediately started to pull Sue’s clothes off until she was naked. Sue was pushed in to a corner and Jen forcefully kissed her while using a couple of fingers in Sue’s pussy. Sue was told to lift a leg up on to the stool to give Jen better access and after a brief stop at Sue’s nipples, Jen knelt down and buried her face in Sue’s pussy. She pushed her tongue deep in to Sue’s cunt and swirled it around (Sue has said she enjoys this) and then lapped away at Sue’s clit until Sue was gently panting and gyrating her hips against Jen’s face. If it had been Mike eating Sue, he would have probably teased her a bit more (although I don’t know how he would have gotten in to the ladies changing rooms), but Jen went straight for the kill and carried on eating Sue until she felt her body shudder. She lapped inside Sue’s pussy to gather any remaining juices and then kissed her way back up Sue’s body, rubbing her face over Sue’s breasts and then kissing her.

Jen sat Sue down on the stool, spread her legs and told her to stay in that position while Jen went to fetch some new clothes to try on. She was only gone for a minute or so, but was pleased to see Sue sitting in the same position with her legs spread when she pulled the curtain back. As Sue was being so compliant, Jen took advantage of this and told her to lie on the floor so Jen could sit over her face. At first, Jen had intended to remain clothed, but she enjoyed what Sue was doing to her so she ended up unbuttoning her dress and sliding it over her head so they were both naked (other than Jen still having shoes on). Jen reached forwards to play with Sue’s pussy as Sue ate her – Sue tried to complain that she’d just cum, but this didn’t stop Jen so Sue just worked harder so Jen would cum quicker (and would then stop playing with her). Sue managed to get Jen off before the stimulation became too much for her and they called a truce (on fairly good terms as they’d both gotten to cum).

Mike and I had gone to another shop (just so we didn’t hog all of the changing rooms in one place) and once I’d grabbed a few things to pretend to try on, I went in to the changing room and stripped off. The place was fairly busy so there were people walking past the curtain a fair bit – a few times the draft caught the curtain and while it didn’t move it enough for people to see in (probably), it felt more exciting as I occasionally caught a fleeting glimpse of people as they walked past. I knew that I was taking a little longer than usual and just enjoying myself, but I didn’t realise quite how long I’d been playing with myself for as Jen and Sue had finished up, come to the shop we were using and found Mike. He texted me to say that they would all be waiting outside and on receiving this I set about finishing things off. Part of the reason I’d been taking so long was due to the fact I’d been using one of our lipstick vibes (a small, quiet vibe that looks like lipstick). It felt good and is wonderful for times like this when you need to be quiet, but it isn’t very powerful so to help speed things up I enlisted every girl’s best friend, the hairbrush. (From talking to friends, a hairbrush seems to be one of the most popular things first used as a sex toy by adolescent girls and many of them seem to have a favourite hairbrush based more on the handle than on the bristles!). I don’t actually have a favourite brush as we have more than enough proper toys to keep me amused, but I tend to make sure than any brushes I buy would also be suitable for use as an emergency dildo and the one I had with me was no exception (silicone handle with small knobs on it). I pulled it from my bag and buried the handle in my pussy, then started to pump it in and out while I pressed the vibe against my clit. This felt much better and quickly pushed me towards my orgasm. I spread my legs wide as I came and (almost) silently mouthed my pleasure towards the ceiling as my orgasm pulsed through my cunt.


  1. Andi,
    My sister and I are 10 months apart. One night our parents were out for the evening and I was laying in my room and my sister walked in and sat on my bed. She started asking me all these questions about why guys do certain things, what they look for in women and various other things related to sex and attraction etc. It was pretty normal stuff because we are very close in age and are curious about the other gender at the same time. She then started asking me if I masturbated, what it felt like, to describe how an orgasm feels, if I can orgasm without ejaculating and other things. Of course I asked her questions too and as it turns out orgasms feel similar but different due to gender differences. Eventually she wanted to see me masturbate and I asked why. Well she was thinking about getting with this one guy but she had never been with anyone before so she didn't want to look dumb so I told her I would only do it if she did also. We started masturbating and originally just sitting there looking down at each other’s hands. I was watching what she was doing and she was watching me, but she started asking me why I was lingering around the head of my cock and why I used long strokes vs. shorter ones while we were masturbating. I started explaining how I think about various women and try to imagine what it would feel like if I was inside them so I used the longer ones. She then asked me if I have ever "gone all the way" and when I said no, she then said she obviously hadn't either since she has never done anything before. At that point we were fairly close to having our respective orgasms but she whispered out "maybe we could try it for just a little bit". I asked if she was sure and she said yes so we got situated and I pushed into her.
    We then started describing to each other what we were feeling. She said there was a sharp pain but it came and went fairly quickly. It was a bit weird because the entire time we were focused on describing what we were feeling to each other. You wouldn't think that too odd but try having sex with someone without focusing on them or their ALL. I wasn't thinking about her, her body, or anything just what I was feeling how I was moving etc and she did the same. When we came it was pretty much a similar experience. We each got really quiet then told the other that we just had an orgasm. Because of the relatively muted exchange (there wasn't much huffing, puffing, kissing, groping etc) we each could tell really closely when the other had an orgasm.

    (More in next comment as there is a size limit...)

  2. For the next few years we continued doing this until we each went off to university. It was a good time because I got to know a lot about women in ways that I think other men are totally clueless about. Whenever I was confused about something (or she was) we would get together and 'work it out' with the other person. For example she would show me how and why women wear certain kinds of undergarments, how vibrators work, how to take a bra off without looking like a fool or other such things and I would show her things guys found interesting in women, how and why they act certain ways around women and various positions men seem to universally like. There was sex involved, such as when we wanted to try new positions we would try them with each other and work all the kinks out before trying them with our various partners, she would show me how to rub her clit in the 'right' way (You'd be surprised how many guys think you just jump right to the thing and rub it like you're sanding a block of wood...) while I would show her how to handle a cock. It really helped out when we wanted to figure out anal sex and we had a bit of fun trying that out. Especially the various toys. She ended up with quite a collection of vibrators and I have quite a few masturbation sleeves and anal toys. We would always let the other person "figure them out" on their own before we would show the other how to use them. For example when I first used a sleeve she was surprised that i didn't "pull out" all the way when moving it up/down. At the same time I was surprised how she moved the vibrator around her clit rather than just putting it on there and letting it go. Learning how to give oral and blowjobs was interesting too because I would start and she would basically talk through it saying exactly how to do various things and what to do and when she was learning blowjobs I would tell her exactly how to move her tongue or lips etc. It is a type of learning you really don't get with a boyfriend/girlfriend because (for the most part) they are not willing to be THAT open about their desires.
    We really taught each other a lot and while I don't think either of our respective partners will ever be told it did really allow each of us to really take control of our own sexuality and avoided either of us being manipulated by the other gender based on sexual desire.

  3. I'm not going to pass judgement (given the things I've done over the past few years I'm hardly in a position to do so) but I personally think that incest between a brother and a sister is rather different than the things that Sue and I get up to. Having said that, it was at least consensual and you both seem to have gotten a lot out of it (both in terms of enjoyment and experience) so I'm glad it all worked out for you.

    I assume that you don't do things together any more or do you still sneak off for some special family time occasionally?

  4. I hardly see the difference considering all the things you have gotten up to. The only difference would be in our case penetration is involved (but then again you have shared penetrative sex via sex toys and have fingered each other so I would call that even) and we have engaged in oral (but then again you have also albeit while giving oral to Mike) so the difference is minor at best and really comes down to debating technicalities. As the saying goes, arguing over technicalities is the last defense of a desperate team. I guess there may be a concern for pregnancy but we both were treated for cancer when younger and the treatment left us both sterile.

    We don't do things together anymore but have learned quite a bit from the experience. It is not something we would do again, but it is also not something we regret either.

    1. I'm well aware that I'm using technicalities :) I think we just felt that oral was a little too far (at least for when it happened). Things have changed a bit since then (which will be written about in due course) - I'm not saying that Sue and I would never do more than we have, just that we found a boundary that we didn't want to venture beyond at the time.

      As you may have gathered, we're fairly open minded when it comes to sex and as I said, it was consensual and you both got something out of it - as long as nobody was hurt I don't really see any issue, but I'm aware many people would (as they would with the things Sue and I do)

    2. Fight fight fight fight!

    3. If your Mum and Gerald found out about your playing and wanted to join, would you all be interested in doing it with them?

    4. No I don't think so, I really can't imagine doing things in front of (let alone with) Mum. Gerald is quite nice and I'm glad he makes Mum happy, but it would just seem weird to me. I think that Sue might be up for doing things with him (or could at least be convinced to do things with him).

      Mike and Jen have both made comments about taking care of Mum's desires in the past (before she met Gerald), but I don't think they would actually do anything with her if the opportunity arose (you may have noticed that Mike especially prefers younger women and while he likes Mum and gets on with her, I don't think he would really want to get it on with her!). Jen would probably be more likely to actually take a chance with her if it arose and if she did she says that she would probably even let Gerald watch (but not touch).