Friday, 28 February 2014

Lis and Lucy August Visit – Part 2

Lis said that she needed a moment to recover and Mike gave this to her while he ran his fingers u and down his body and rubbed his cock against her thigh and hip. Once she was ready he gave her the choice of position and she opted to stay on her back. Mike mounted Lis and slipped in to her, starting with just the head and pushing in a little further with each stroke until he was buried all the way inside her. She pulled him to her and I watched as they kissed. Mike partially lifted his body up so I could watch as his cock slid in and out of Lis and I reached down between them to caress them both as they fucked. I could easily play with Lis’ clit like this and each time Mike pushed fully in to Lis my hand was pressed against her firmly. Lis really liked the way this felt and I settled on using a quick side to side movement on her clit, only touching her lightly apart from when my hand was pressed against her.

They didn’t stay in that position for the whole session – Mike rolled them both over so Lis was on top and he briefly fucked her hard and fast while I caressed her ass. I then got Mike to spoon with Lis so I could lick them both as they fucked. They enjoyed this and if Lis hadn’t already cum a couple of times that morning I would probably have been allowed to make her cum. I kept my face close to her pussy and spread her lips to watch closely as Mike’s cock fucked her and couldn’t resist reaching down to my own crotch and playing with myself. Lis reached over and helped out, but I knew I was being selfish and told her that she should concentrate on Mike. I moved out of the way to let them continue properly and as Mike didn’t want to draw things out too much they started on the final stretch. Lis lay on her back again, but this time she half wrapped her legs around Mike as he fucked her. I caressed the closest of her legs and Mike asked if I would do ‘that thing with her clit’ that I’d been doing before (he hadn’t been able to see exactly what I’d been doing, but he could tell Lis had liked it). I pushed my hand back between their bodies (which wasn’t as easy now Lis had her legs drawn up) and frigged her. Mike used long strokes and kissed Lis’ neck while asking her if she wanted him to cum in her. Lis has learned enough about our sex play now and told him that she wanted him to cum deep inside her and to fill her cunt with his cum. Mike kept telling her that he wanted to feel her cumming for him and asking how close she was – between my rigging and his fucking, her orgasm built very quickly and her orgasm started. Mike later said that he had to restrain himself from just pumping away rapidly in her as he had been holding back, but he knew that he could maintain the same pace and cum fairly easily (which he did). He pushed in to her with firmer strokes a number of times as he told her he was cumming and to take his cum deep into her cunt. Lis pulled him against her with her legs and I watched as they kissed messily and panted in to each other’s mouths.

I’m now quite used to seeing the two people I love most having sex (Mike and Jen) but I still find it very arousing watching him or Jen fuck Lis. Mike knows this (and the fact that I had a hand between my legs was probably another clue) but he said I’d have to wait to be satisfied. He pulled out and Lis carefully held her push shut as we made our way in to Lucy and Jen. Once there, Mike said he wanted to impregnate us both so he lay down on the bed, got Lis to sit over him, stuck his mouth against her clit and licked and sucked until he’d gotten as much of his cum out of her as possible. Jen and I then had to lie down and Lis and Lucy helped to hold our legs in the air while Mike spread us wide and spat his cum in to the depths of our cunts. He then got Lis and Lucy to finger me and Jen respectively to help work the cum right in to us.

This led on to the inevitable baby talk and what plans we had (nothing had really changed since the last time we’d discussed this with Lucy and Lis). They were really looking forward to being ‘aunts’ and Mike once again told Lucy that if she decided she wanted to have a child herself, he would more than happily volunteer to impregnate her. This morphed into a re-hash of the conversation Mike, Jen and I’d had a few weeks previously about the difference between a cock and a good dildo for a lesbian, the difference between a girl or guy sucking a guy off the difference between a girl’s and guy’s ass for another guy to fuck (straight or gay). Mike pointed out that he’d now been sucked off by a couple of guys and that he’d licked Ashraf while he’d been fucking me so he had experimented a fair bit. Lucy conceded that he had gone a fair way with hand jobs and oral (although not sucked a guy off) but asked if he would consider trying fucking a guy’s ass. Mike wasn’t sure about this (and this is where we come to the difference of physical sensation vs. sexual preference) but said that he might consider it one day, just not yet.

As we’d been discussing the difference between girls having cocks and dildos inside them, the issue of Lucy not having touched a real cock since she came out to her school friends came up (and her experiences were very limited before that point). Given the games that we’ve gotten up to over the past few years, both with her Uni friends and since we’ve started our private session, she has obviously *seen* far more than her fair share of cock (both by itself and in action) but she hasn’t actually examined one up close. Mike naturally offered his services and I was surprised when she took him up on this (not as surprised as he was though). Mike told Lucy that she could examine him as much as she wanted and he made himself comfortable. I told him that he should really let her start off with him being soft (and pointed out that I doubted he would be soft once she touched him) so he got us to talk about random things for a few minutes while he concentrated on the least sexy things he could think of. Once he’d gone semi-hard (that was the best he could manage given the girl of his masturbatory dreams was about to touch him), Lucy moved closer and started the examination.

As I was the person with the most experience with cocks there (or most experienced girl anyway – although I would bet that my total experience is now almost comparable to Mike’s experience in wanking himself off) I showed Lucy what I knew. Having studied biology, she obviously knows the technicalities of a penis, but I pointed out where he was most sensitive, how the skin could be pulled back, the contrast between the hardness of the shaft and the soft skin (this is why I like the silicone coated vibes so much as they feel quite similar to a real cock). Mike did a reasonable job of not getting fully hard, but once Lucy started to trace her fingers up and down his shaft and I showed her the spot just under the glans that I use to get him off with just one finger he gave up and he rapidly went to full mast. Lucy stroked him a bit longer and had a pretty thorough exploration, but she didn’t carry on and make him cum (nobody had really expected that she would do this). Mike asked if he was allowed to look at her and she surprised us once again by saying that it was only fair he should get a chance to do so, but he was given strict limits on what he could do (fingers only, but nothing inside her or trying to get her off).

She swapped places with him, spread her legs and Mike crawled between them. Mike has seen Lucy up close a few times before, although that was usually when she was doing things with Jen or me. Lucy was clearly a little embarrassed about Mike examining her so closely, but she did quite well and let him spread her lips to examine her inner lips and then even let him spread her completely so he could look right up inside her. She allowed him to feel her inner lips and to stroke his fingers over her clit a couple of times (but no more). Mike put his face right up to her pussy (without touching it) and inhaled her scent but waited until he had finished before he tasted her from his fingers. Lucy asked if he was satisfied and I pointed out that from the look of his cock he was far from satisfied, but he thanked her for trusting him. (Looking at it objectively, given that she trusts him to share a bed with her and not try anything and to fuck her fiancé, then I guess it wasn’t too surprising that she let him examine her in this way.)

We headed down to have breakfast and discussed Lis and Lucy’s wedding plans. It was also a good opportunity to capitalise on Mike being so turned on from Lucy’s examination and as we ate I occasionally teased his cock with a hand and at one point sat on his lap and ground against him. Jen joined in as well, but neither of us let him fuck us (it isn’t fair that he gets to tease us all the time). We assumed that he would want to take Lis again so once we’d finished eating, Jen, Lucy and I headed up to shower, leaving Lis to receive the brunt of his passion.

As Lucy had been more adventurous than usual, Jen and I felt that she should be rewarded (which was the other reason we had wanted to both shower with her). Lucy quickly realised this as our ‘washing’ quickly moved on to caressing. It was a bit of a squeeze with the three of us in the shower, but we found a fairly comfortable position with me leaning back against the wall and holding on to Lucy while Jen knelt and ate her. I reached around to caress Lucy’s breasts and as the session progressed, reached down to her ass with a hand and initially caressed and then penetrated her ass with a finger. Lucy is still a bit embarrassed about anal play, but not to the extent that she asked me to stop and by the time she came I had my finger in her up to the second knuckle, gently fucking her ass. Once Lucy had cum, Jen used the pulse setting on her pussy (not directly on her clit) and I kissed Lucy while caressing her breasts. I could have happily stayed in the shower for longer, but we didn’t want to use all the hot water (and as you’ll see, it was a good job we didn’t).

While we’d been showering, Mike had remained downstairs with Lis and had taken her in a few positions around the kitchen. He had gotten her to sit up on the counter and eaten her, describing how this had been one of our signature positions at the sex parties and how I had loved having everyone watch me cum. He fucked her against the sink, from the front and behind and fingered her as she stroked his cock. To finish off the first part of their session, he had gotten her to lie up on the table and had licked her while using a banana and some yoghurt to fuck her while he ate her. Once she’d cum, Lis stayed up on the table with the banana sticking out of her pussy and Mike admired the view. He was still hard and asked Lis if she was up for putting on a show for everyone, to which she tentatively replied that she was, depending on what he had in mind. He gave her a brief outline and she agreed so he removing the banana, got her to spread her lips and he started to spoon the yoghurt in to her cunt. He carried on spooning it in to her, occasionally giving her pussy a few licks to keep the outside area clean and got her to wiggle around a few times to help the yoghurt settle inside her, allowing him to add more. Lis could feel the inside of her pussy getting colder and colder but Mike assured her that it would feel good (based on my past testimony) and when they heard the shower stop, they called us down to witness their show.

We appeared in the kitchen with just towels draped around our bodies and watched as Mike took a few energetic licks of Lis’ pussy and then got her to wiggle forwards to the edge of the table. She kept a hand on her pussy as she did this, but it wasn’t until Mike positioned his cock at the entrance to her cunt and pushed in to her that we figured out why they had called us down. With the first few strokes, a huge amount of yoghurt squirted out of Lis’ cunt and ran down her ass and Mike’s legs. He fucked her hard and fast at first and Lis’ pussy made a lot of sloppy noises as the yoghurt was pushed out. Mike rubbed the yoghurt over her thighs, ass and breasts, then up over her face and neck and played with her clit as he carried on fucking her. The torrent of yoghurt exiting her pussy had slowed down, but they were both sufficiently covered that their bodies made a hot slapping sound as they pumped against each other. Mike kept fucking Lis hard while playing with her breasts and clit and she just held on to the table with her legs spread and told him to keep going. I asked Lucy if she thought she could cum again, but after her shower orgasm she said that she was spent so we just watched (we should have probably tried anyway). Lis cane and Mike came in her shortly afterwards, but he pulled out fairly quickly and re-inserted the banana that he had used earlier on her. Lis stayed up on the table and let Lucy, Jen and I examine the mess that they had made and as she had the banana in her, it only seemed fair to have a quick go at using it on her. I then donated my towel to let Lis and Mike wipe the worst of the mess off so they could go up and shower without covering the house and volunteered to clean up while Jen and Lucy got dressed.

Mike showered out Lis very thoroughly and as the water warmed her up, he gave her another brief eating. Once I was alone, I started to wipe up the mess, but then sat and pushed the banana that had been used in Lis into my own pussy and started to fuck myself with it. I pictured Lis lying back on the table, covered in yoghurt and lowered my mouth to the mess on the table that had come out of her. I lapped at the yoghurt for a bit and then sat back in the chair and pumped the banana in and out of my cunt while frigging myself, using a little of the yoghurt as lube. I decided to keep what I was doing a secret so remained fairly quiet and stifled my moans as I came (even Mike and Jen only found out about my little session when I wrote up this entry). Once I’d cum I gently fucked myself with the banana a bit more and then put it back in the fruit bowl before quickly cleaning up and heading up to get dressed.

As usual, Jen went without underwear and I just wore a bra. Lis joined Jen and wore nothing under her outfit and unusually, Lucy agreed to go out without any panties on (but she wore a longer dress than the three of us). Despite our state of dress, we were relatively well behaved while out, although Mike did gently fondle both Lis and Jen over lunch and I got Lucy to play with me a little. She wasn’t brave enough to let me reciprocate, but I did get Lucy in to a changing room a little later on in the afternoon to have a brief finger. I got as far as using a dildo in her but she wouldn’t let me make her cum in case the people in the cubicle next to us heard. I did force her to let me eat her for a bit, but I honoured her wish to remain unfulfilled and as I gave her a final fingering I told her that we would make up for it once we got home. We couldn’t leave town without giving Jen her daily caffeine fix though and as we drank, Lis and I sat facing each other with our legs crossed and spread wide so we could see up each other’s skirts. A couple of times we each pulled our skirts higher so we were even more exposed, but the place was sufficiently crowded that we couldn’t remain that exposed for too long at any one time so we had to cover ourselves between opportunities.

Tuesday, 25 February 2014

Lis and Lucy August Visit – Part 1

This is another entry that I had written and lost – I’ll try to do my best to recreate it but I still find it hard to be as passionate during a rewrite…

At the end of August Lis and Lucy came for their monthly visit and Lis’ monthly hetero fuck. We met up with them and after a discreet fondle were rewarded with the information that Lis had done as requested and come to visit without panties on. She was told that she would be rewarded for this, but we all knew that we would be rewarding Lucy in pretty much the same way. We stopped off for a drink on the way back to the house and made sure that as we sat chatting, Mike and I took every opportunity to place hands on Lis’ thighs. At first we just touched her there, but that moved on to caressing them and then sliding up a little under her skirt. We didn’t fondle her (other than a couple of light brushes), but we did get her to spread her legs enough that we could have probably done so with ease.

Once back at the house we sat chatting and Mike and I continue to stroke Lis thighs, but now there was nothing to stop us from also caressing her properly. We soon had the top of her dress pulled down and were each playing with one of her nipples while we both fingered and frigged her (sometimes both of us working on her clit or having fingers inside her, sometimes sharing the workload between us). Lis had her legs spread wide so Lucy and Jen could clearly see what we were up to – although Lucy was a little distracted as Jen was kissing and fondling her too. We couldn’t see as much as Lucy still had her panties on, but if previous weekends were anything to go by, we knew that we’d see enough of her (Mike and Jen contend that it isn’t technically possibly to see ‘enough’ of Lucy). I knew that I was spending the night with Lis but it hadn’t been decided where Mike would go. Lucy said that she didn’t mind if he slept with her and Jen - on the usual provision that sleeping (and watching) was all that he did. As much as he wanted to fuck Lis, he knew he’d get enough chances to do this. Again Mike contends that there is no such thing as ‘enough chances’ to fuck his little lesbian, but I disagree as he can’t cum more than three (or four on a good day) times.

He knelt and sampled Lis before we all headed off to bed. I had expected him to eat her to orgasm, but he was considerate and saved Lis’ first cum of the weekend for me. He didn’t even stick his cock in her, but when we stood up to go upstairs, he did pull my skirt down, briefly eat me and then slide in to me. He only moved in me for a few strokes before pulling out and told Lis he was saving his cum for her. Lis (who now quite likes teasing Mike) took the head of his cock in her mouth and sucked him clean before telling him that she would have to consider whether to let him fuck her or not. Mike was fairly confident that she would (this wasn’t him being big-headed, we all knew that Lis wanted to help out with our attempts to get pregnant by milking his cum out of his cock and sharing it with Jen and me).

Lis and I headed up first and as we finished in the bathroom Mike, Jen and Lucy came up. Trying to fit us all in the bathroom was difficult, but part of the game was that we all had to squeeze past each other and to give us lots of opportunity for ‘accidental’ groping as we reached for things. Mike used the head of his electric toothbrush to buzz Lis’, Jen’s and my clits. He obviously wasn’t allowed to do Lucy, but she played along and took it from him to push in to her panties before handing it back for him to use. Mike spent a while rubbing his cock between Lis’ ass cheeks and she pushed back against him – we’re pretty sure that if he’d tried to fuck her she would have forgotten about teasing him and let him do it but Mike held back so I could taste her properly. Before we parted company, I had a quick lick of Lucy and she did the same to me and Jen and Lis exchanged juices in the same way. I then took Lis in to Mike’s room while Mike, Jen and Lucy headed in to the master bedroom (Jen’s room).

Lis was understandably horny by the time we got in to bed and I was more than happy to feed her lust. We fell on each other and kissed while humping, then fingers got involved and we moved on to eating each other. I made sure not to let her cum as I ate her as I enjoyed having her is such a worked up state. To finish off, we buried a double ended dildo between us and scissored, pulling ourselves against each other as we alternated between grinding our pussies together and riding the dildo so they slapped together. As you would expect, Lis was quite energetic and eagerly fucked me and (as you would also expect) she came first. I didn’t want her orgasm to be too intense so we could go for round two so I asked her to play with my clit as I humped against her until I came.

I tried to climb on top of her to kiss her while keeping the dildo in us, but this doesn’t work with the shorter dildos and it flicked out of me and bounced its way out of Lis. I didn’t care too much as I wanted to have her in a more intimate way for round two and after we had kissed for a while I told her to climb over me so I could eat her beautiful little pussy. Even though I use this position very frequently with Jen, I still consider it very intimate (at least with Jen and Lis) and as Lis’ rapid feathery licks covered my pussy and clit, I pushed my tongue between her lips so I could taste and inhale her odour. We took things slower this time and savoured the opportunity to properly enjoy what we were doing. I lapped around Lis’ ass a couple of times and she did the same to me but we managed to keep up a fairly steady pace up until we were close to cumming. Only then did we start to lick harder and faster, moaning and panting in to each other’s pussies. I let Lis make me cum first this time so I could then make her cum without having to worry about continuing to eat me. I held her lips apart and swirled my tongue around, both outside and inside her pussy (and obviously across her clit). Lis came with a series of cute little ‘mmm’s and when she tried to pull away I immediately slowed down and kitty kissed her. She started doing the same to me and when we separated she apologised for not having kitty kissed me between me cumming and her cumming but I told her I didn’t care as long as she had enjoyed herself.

In Jen’s room, Mike had been treated to another evening of watching Jen and Lucy. They had quickly stripped off and fallen in to bed. Jen lay on her back and got Lucy to sit over her face so that Mike could at least partially participate by eating Jen while he watched. He wasn’t allowed to make her cum though as this was left for Lucy to do. He didn’t just eat her and also got Lucy to hold Jen’s legs up in the air so he could slide in to Jen and fuck her. As she was so wet, he ended up giving her quite a good pounding, but he completely avoided her clit so there was no chance of her cumming. With the added benefit of watching Jen eat Lucy, Mike said that he could have easily cum at any point, but he pulled out while he still had sufficient restraint to stop and sat back to watch as Lucy leant forwards in to a 69 position and took over stimulating Jen. He moved up to the head of the bed and peeked around Lucy’s ass to watch as Jen ate her and he gently stroked himself (very gently as he knew he could still cum quite easily).

He had calmed down a bit by the time Jen and Lucy both came (he was still hard, but no longer on the verge of cumming) and after they had chatted for a while he asked Lucy if she would help him give Jen another orgasm. Lucy was up for this and they spent a while playing with Jen’s nipples with Mike encouraging Lucy to bite or pinch them harder, which Jen really likes but most (nice) people won’t do as firmly as she enjoys as they think it would hurt her. It definitely had the desired effect as when they started to finger her, she was sufficiently wet that her pussy made some loud slurping sounds. They each fed Jen her own juices and added some to Jen’s breasts to make the continued nipple play more interesting. To finish off, Mike fetched a vibe from the cupboard and he spooned Jen and used the vibe on her clit while Lucy continued to work on her nipples. As they worked on her, Mike whispered in Jen’s ear about how Lucy was going to see her cum. Jen didn’t really need any verbal help though given what they were doing to her and she came sufficiently loudly that Lis and I heard her in the other room (we were 69ing at that point). Jen’s nipples looked quite pink and sore (she didn’t think they were sore though) so Mike rubbed some of Jen’s juices over them to sooth them and got Lucy to add some of her own to the mix. Mike then kissed Jen’s nipples gently to help them but Lucy called him out and said that he was only doing that to taste her juices. Mike owned up to this and said that as he wasn’t allowed to eat her, he would take what he got and as thanks for her orgasm, Jen reached between Lucy’s legs and fingered her then let Mike suck her fingers clean.

Jen dared Lucy to try one more thing before they went to bed and retrieved the stick on dildo from the cupboard. She moistened the suction cup and stuck it to the window, asking Lucy if she would fuck it. Lucy asked how much would be visible from outside and agreed to give it a try on the condition that the lights were turned off. Once Mike had done this, Lucy backed herself on to the dildo and started to slide back and forth against it, commenting on how cold the glass felt when she pushed herself sufficiently far down the dildo that her ass made contact with the window. Jen reached under Lucy and played with her clit, but decided it would be hotter to watch Lucy get herself off so she gave her a vibrating egg to use on her clit and Mike and Jen retired to the bed. Lucy said a couple of times that she couldn’t believe she was doing this, but carried on regardless. Mike pushed in to Jen again and moved in her as they discussed how they would love to be on the other side of the window watching. Lucy continued using the dildo and vibe until she came and then shakily walked back to the bed and said that she needed sleep.

As he hadn’t cum, Mike was able to spoon with Jen as they fell asleep (but not before he gave the dildo on the window a suck to clean Lucy’s juices off of it). Jen dozed off very quickly (apparently her second orgasm had taken a lot out of her) so Mike chatted to Lucy for a bit, but kept gently moving in Jen to stay hard. He really wanted to cum by this point but he held back and once Lucy was asleep he imagined fucking Lucy to keep himself hard until he drifted off. He woke up in the middle of the night when I made a trip to the bathroom and got hard again quickly so he slid back in to Jen (the advantage of a girl who is always wet) and gently fucked her. He did this without waking her (or Lucy) but wasn’t too energetic as he still felt like he could cum very easily. I wasn’t as restrained when I climbed back in to bed though and I carefully crawled under the covers and positioned myself by Lis’ pussy. I then attacked her, planted my mouth on her cunt and held myself in place as I lashed her clit and pussy. Lis woke up with a start but I held on tight and ate her until she came, at which point I crawled up behind her and snuggled her as she caught her breath. I didn’t say a word to her and just hugged her and caressed her nipples as she calmed down.

On the Saturday morning, Mike woke first and saw Jen on her back with Lucy curled up against her and one of her arms draped over Jen’s body. He crawled under the covers, pulled Jen’s legs apart and woke her in a much gentler way than I had done with Lis in the night. By pushing the covers up he could glance across and see Lucy’s naked body beside Jen’s. He lapped away at Jen’s pussy until he heard her little ‘mews’ and knew that she was close to cumming, but instead of holding back this time he continued eating her until he felt her arch her body and felt her push back against his face. He lapped up the juices that oozed out of her and speared her hard once before climbing out from under the covers and kissing her while he pushed his cock in to her cunt. Lucy watched them kiss and Mike told her that he couldn’t take it anymore and that he would leave them in peace while he went to see Lis and me. Lucy thought that as Jen had just cum that she might not want to do anything, but Jen didn’t intend to waste an opportunity to fuck her friend so after a couple of minutes of recovery time Jen started to kiss and fondle Lucy, which resulted in them fingering and humping against each other until they came, followed by Jen kitty kissing Lucy.

Fortunately for Mike, Lis and I had already finished our session by the time he came to see us. Lis had actually eaten me awake (trying to get revenge for my midnight assault on her), but I wasn’t as soundly asleep as she had been so I started to stir before she even made contact with my pussy. I let her lick me for a while and then pulled her up beside me and told her I wanted to look her in the eye as we came. We’ve done this before and I still think it is both very intimate and sensual (and quite difficult). Lis and I kissed and fondled each other (probably in a way not too differently from the session Lucy and Jen had just afterwards) until I told her I was getting close. Lis eased off on me so that I could help her catch up and once we were both near orgasm, we went for it. We weren’t aiming to cum together, this time we had to concentrate on not breaking eye contact the whole way through our orgasms. I still came first, but I carried on rubbing and fingering Lis as I started in to her eyes. Other than glancing away once, I managed to stare at Lis the whole time and once my orgasm ended I told her I loved her and kissed her deeply. When I pulled away I asked how close she was and she told me to just keep going a little longer, then said she was cumming. She glanced away a couple of times but I told her to look at me each time so I could watch the desire and pleasure in her eyes. Lis blushed a little as the intensity of my stare but kept looking in to my eyes as her mouth silently opened and closed a few times. When her orgasm ended, she pulled me to her and we kissed deeply again and caressed each other’s bodies for a while.

I’m quite sure we would have gone for round two if Mike hadn’t appeared. He entered his room with his cock fully erect and it didn’t take much to guess what he was there for. I reached over and used his cock to pull him to the bed. He possibly felt a little harder than usual, but that may have been my imagination as I assumed he would have been enjoying watching Jen and Lucy fuck. I didn’t really have to ask which of us he wanted and told him that he could borrow Lis for a while, but I wanted her back in one piece. He told Lis that he needed to fuck her and she told him to go ahead, but he went down on her first so he could taste her properly before he polluted her with his cum. Lis squirmed around a fair bit and let out stuttering pants as he ate her – I asked her to describe what he was doing and she told me that he was being quite forceful and direct, sucking on her clit, plunging his tongue in to her pussy (I asked her to tell me that bit again and use ‘cunt’, which she did). Mike speared Lis a couple of times just so he could hear her say that he was licking her ass, but as her breathing became heavier her descriptions became more sparse so I played with her breasts to help things along. Lis had her second fairly decent orgasm of the morning and lay panting on the bed. Mike crawled up beside her and kissed her, then asked if she was ready to fuck.

Saturday, 22 February 2014

Sue the Slut - Part 5

Sue was given a very different treatment in the morning – Mike was much gentler with her and after eating her awake, he slowly fucked her while they kissed. He stopped a number of times to go back to licking and eating her and kept her nicely aroused for a fair amount of time. He told her that he wanted to cum with her and so they paced their session with him eating her more whenever he got too far ahead of her and then fucking her to keep pushing himself towards cumming. They aimed to cum together without ‘cheating’ (by which they meant ‘no hands’) and in the final run-up Mike pumped in and out of Sue as she wrapped her legs around him and he concentrated on random thoughts to help him hold back. Sue told him as she got closer and closer to cumming and in the very final stretch he pumped in to her harder and held himself on the brink of cumming. Just before Sue came he whispered in her ear that he loved her and she responded with ‘fuck, I love you too, now…’. They think they pretty much managed a simultaneous cum and they thrust their bodies together as Sue’s pussy swallowed another batch of Mike’s cum. He once again remained buried inside her for a while and they kissed passionately. Mike told her that he wanted to be able to fuck her forever, which Sue thought sounded nice and once Mike climbed off of Sue, they dozed together for a while.

I woke up at some point during their session and made a trip to the bathroom without waking Jen. I peeked in to see what they were up to but didn’t disturb them and returned to my sleeping Jen, who was rapidly awoken by me pulling her legs apart and eating her. She told me to turn around and I planted myself over her in a 69 and lowered my pussy to her face. She started to lick me and quickly found the surprise I had for her (I hadn’t wiped after peeing – she likes this) and she ate me faster. I would have been happy to finish off in a 69 but Jen wanted to hump so once I had been licked clean I turned around and we ground against each other’s thighs and used fingers until we had both cum. We then went in and woke up Mike and Sue so we could have breakfast (the session the previous evening had left me feeling quite hungry).

Over breakfast we once again discussed Sue’s achievements from the previous day and made her blush quite a bit. I told her I was quite proud of her five cocks (and one Jen) in one day. After breakfast Mike and Jen wanted to try a competition to tell the difference between Sue and I. To start with, we had to lie beside each other at the end of the bed and they took turns tasting us. As our pussies are sufficiently different in shape (my lips are larger than Sue’s), when it came to the competition part Jen was blindfolded and Mike fed her Sue and my juices in a random manner from his fingers and Jen had to guess which was which. She scored quite well (70% over 20 samples) and Mike then had his turn. He won with 75% (but admitted he was slightly unsure about a couple of the samples) and as a reward was allowed to play with Sue and I. He opted to fuck Sue again (partly as he only gets to do this occasionally and partly as he’d cum in her) while he ate me. As the loser Jen had to help out by licking Sue and Mike as Sue rode him. Jen wasn’t too put out by her penalty as she still got to lap at Sue’s pussy and clit. All three of us came (not at the same time) and so Jen wasn’t left out, we had a secondary competition to see who could make her cum.

For this, Jen lay on the bed and Mike, Sue and I rotated between kissing her, playing with her nipples and eating her. The winner would be the person who ate her to orgasm, but we only got 20 seconds in each position. This meant that it was in the interests of the person playing with her breasts to help get her as close to cumming as possible, but not to let her cum until that person got between Jen’s legs. 20 seconds (including switching between positions) isn’t that much time to get a decent rhythm going and the regular interruptions meant that even though Jen had three of us working on her, it still took her a while to cum (part of that was strategic on our part though as we all wanted to win). Fortunately the right person won (me – she is my wife after all and I’m far more experienced at eating her). Mike had put up a good battle and each time just before it was his turn to go down on her he would bite and pinch her nipples the way she likes to try and get her sufficiently close that he could get her off.

We had one more thing planned for the weekend – something we had seen online and wanted to try, a dildo ring. We went downstairs and had a drink to give ourselves time to recover and when we returned we fished out three of our long double-ended dildos and Sue, Jen and I knelt on the bed, each on all fours facing out along the points of a triangle. Mike pushed one end of a dildo in to each of our asses and once they were firmly embedded he took the other ends and went around the ring. Sue’s dildo went from her ass to my pussy, mine from my ass to Jen’s pussy and hers to Sue’s pussy. We all edged backwards slowly to bring us closer together and then tried rocking back and forth to fuck ourselves on the dildos. It didn’t work too well (probably as they were entering us at an angle) but Mike helped out and pumped them between us in pairs. This felt significantly better but still wasn’t likely to get us off so we pulled ourselves apart (leaving the dildos in our asses) and turned around so we were sitting facing each other. We reinserted the free ends of the dildos in to our pussies (in the same order) and scooched closer together to get the dildos nicely inside us.

This way was much more successful and we could now use a hand on each of the dildos in us. We quickly got a rhythm going so as we pulled the dildo in to our pussy, the other person would let it move out of their ass and we would then do the opposite. It was a really good position and we found that by holding a dildo in the middle, one person could (sort of) pump it back and forth. The movement may not have been quite as effective, but it meant we all had a free hand so we could play with our clits which more than made up for it. We considered asking Mike to fetch us some vibes, but things were progressing quite nicely without them so we opted to go down the manual route. A few times we had to stop and re-insert a dildo properly, but the benefit of the one handed method was that the movement of each dildo was independent so at times you could either have both holes being filled at once or have them alternatively filled (or somewhere in between).

Mike circled around us and watched from different angles – occasionally reaching around to caress our breasts or press up against our backs (he found the position to be quite stimulating as evidenced by his hot, hard cock). In a porn film we would have all cum together but Jen came first by a couple of minutes – naturally she wasn’t allowed to take the dildos out and as she didn’t need (or want) any more clitoral stimulation she was given the task of using both hands to move the dildos. Mike crawled between Sue and I to help out and this meant that we could once again have a hand at each end of each dildo and get a better pumping motion going, but Sue and I could also continue to frig ourselves. This definitely felt much better and Jen did a pretty good job of enduring the dildos pumping in and out of her pussy. Mike pumped the dildo back and forth between Sue’s ass and my cunt and Jen described the view she had of both our sets of holes. I was determined to outlast Sue, but to be fair she wasn’t really trying to compete in this. I waited until she started to cum and told Mike to go faster. He fucked me hard and fast with the dildo and Sue let out a little cry – he stopped he thought he had hurt her but she just said it had felt very intense so he started up again and fucked me until I came (I was still pumping the dildo between my ass and Jen’s pussy). It was another pretty good orgasm – not earth shattering, really deep or seeing stars but certainly good enough to leave me short of breath and feeling quite sensitive.

We all carefully lay back, keeping the dildos buried in us and Mike leant over and kitty kissed us all in turn. This position made it rather difficult to ignore his cock and Jen took pity on him first and pulled him to her mouth to suck him. Sue took over doing and for completeness I had a quick go, but he didn’t want to cum yet. Once we were done, we carefully extracted the dildos and Mike cleaned them off (he sucked the pussy ends clean) before returning them to the cupboard of pleasure (where we keep most of our toys in nicely organised compartments so we can quickly find specific items if we want them). We then went to shower – Jen got Sue and made her cum with a combination of the pulse spray, her fingers and her mouth and once Mike and I returned from the shower (where Mike may have possibly played with me), he went down on Sue. Sue was already dressed, but Jen decided to participate and pulled Sue’s top up and unsnapped her bra so she could suck on Sue’s nipples. Mike had an idea for another game we could play, but they finished Sue off first, eating and sucking her until she came before we played it.

This was another ‘tell the difference between’ game and Sue and I had to sit beside each other with our breasts out while Mike and Jen took turns at exploring our breasts with their mouths only while blindfolded. Sue and I would sometimes swap positions and whoever wasn’t blindfolded would spin the active player around and then guide them to the breasts to be identified. This was much more challenging for them – Sue and I have similar sized breasts and areola. Jen won this game, but only just (they both scored about equal with chance). I would have thought it would be easier to tell us apart as Sue’s nipples tend to get harder much more easily than mine do – but they only had short sessions with each nipple to identify them.

We finished getting ready and Sue packed her things up. Before we headed out Mike wanted to have a final session with Sue (he really wanted to have one later on as well, but we didn’t know if we’d have time). He started off (as usual) by going down on her and then we moved out to the stairs so that Jen could sit near the top of the stairs and have Sue eat her while Mike ate and then took Sue from behind. She remained dressed for this and he just flipped her skirt up – as he fucked her he asked if she had enjoyed having the vibe buried in her dildo with the guys watching her – she clearly blushed but carried on eating Jen and Mike lubricated his thumb and pushed it a little way in to Sue’s ass. There was a time when Sue would have objected to this, but compared to the dildos from earlier I guess this was nothing and she didn’t miss a beat and let Mike continue to fuck her. He played with her clit and made her cum, but waited until she had made Jen cum before he sped up and fucked her until he came himself. I was a little surprised that he didn’t try to make her cum again but he said he was being considerate, given what she’d done that day already. Her final task was to push her fingers in to herself and then into Jen and me to share whatever cum he had given her.

Sue agreed to leave her new bra and panties behind (as they should really be used with my nightdress), but was told that she could use the set whenever she wanted. We then headed out for a light lunch and then off to the station for her to get her train. They both had a quick fondle of her as they said goodbye and she was given the usual challenge of displaying herself ‘accidentally’ to people on the train, but she ended up sitting opposite a couple of women so decided not to go for it. That night I had Mike and Sue double team me to make up for so much attention having been on making Sue cum over the weekend (me, jealous?), but this backfired a little as once I had cum, they then held me down and used me until they had both cum. During this Mike roughly fucked me and Jen rode my face and held a vibe directly against my clit (which isn’t anywhere near as much fun after you’ve just cum). I was left with a very tingly clit and Mike ended up spooning with Jen (a little later) as they fell asleep as I still felt quite tender.

Wednesday, 19 February 2014

Sue the Slut - Part 4

The guys thought that I shared a house with Mike and Jen (with them as a couple) and Sue was just visiting me (which happened to be true). When we got in, Mike and Jen went to his room and fucked (as usual, he ate her first) while Sue and I went in to Jen’s room (which we told the guys was my room). I made it clear that I didn’t want to be fucked (with an excuse of recovering from thrush) but pointed out that I could still help out in other ways. I quickly pulled my top off and let my skirt slide down my legs and suggested that someone help Sue out of her dress. Callum did this and once we were both naked (apart from my bra, which left my nipples exposed anyway) we started to kiss (the guys) and fell on to the bed. They especially seemed to like our breasts and Alan sucked on Sue’s nipples while she kissed Callum. Fingers quickly found their way between our legs and I reached in to Rob’s trousers to find and the free his cock. I was aware that things could quickly get out of hand so I pulled myself up and fished out some condoms, handing one to each of the guys. Sue put one on Callum and I did the same to Rob, then we took their respective cocks in our mouths and gave them a good suck.

I asked Sue to help me out with Alan and once we had his condom on, we both kissed and licked his cock. The others complained that they hadn’t had the same attention so we gave each of them a dual-suck until I said that we should get started properly. For this, Sue knelt up across the bed and Callum pushed in to her from behind while she took Alan in her mouth. I watched for a bit as they spit-roasted her while I stroked Rob’s cock. I then knelt on the floor and used my breasts to tit-fuck him with, occasionally taking him in my mouth to provide some extra lubrication. I could see out of the corner of my eye that Callum was pumping merrily away in Sue and called round to her to make sure that she did a good job sucking Alan off. Calum was the first to cum and I told him that as he’d fucked her that he had to make Sue cum. I have him a vibe to help out with this and told him that she liked it against her clit. I watched as he fucked her with it and then rubbed it back and forth against Sue’s clit – his technique wasn’t that good so I reached over and pushed it against her and held it in place, then indicated that he should keep it there. While Sue’s clit was being buzzed, I finished off Rob and gave him the choice of cumming between my breasts or in my mouth. He opted for my mouth so I held his cock in place and swirled my tongue around the head until he said ‘oh fuck’ and I felt his cum squirt in to the condom. I gently sucked him a little more and when he pulled out I removed his condom and used Sue’s dress (my nightdress) to wipe his cock clean. Alan (who Sue was still sucking) wasn’t too far behind Rob and I got Callum to finger Sue while using the vibe on her clit which fairly quickly pushed her over the edge. I used the dress to clean both Alan and Callum off and wished that I could have just rubbed their cum over my body.

We sat around and chatted awkwardly for a few minutes – the guys pulled their trousers up again but Sue and I remained naked and I commented on how I hadn’t cum yet. I grabbed the vibe that had been in Sue and started to fuck myself with it, then asked if anyone wanted to help me out. I found willing volunteers and Alan took over the vibe while Callum sucked on my breasts. I asked if any of them wanted to try eating us and made sure they knew we’d still be using protection. Alan and Rob volunteered for this to repay us for sucking them off so Sue and I each applied a dental dam, spread our legs and invited them in. Rob was a little hesitant at first, but soon got in to the stride of things. He pushed his tongue firmly against the material and lapped up and down the length of my pussy as well as flicking over my clit. He was actually quite good, but after comparing them (later on) we think that Alan was probably significantly better (having a baseline of many people who have eaten us both made the comparison easy to do). I came first, but it was my first cum of the session and I’d had the vibe used on me so it wasn’t a fair measure and once I’d caught my breath I let Callum and Rob use the vibe in me while Alan finished Sue off.

By the time Sue had cum and caught her breath, the guys seemed sufficiently recovered for round two and I told them that Sue would be primarily responsible for taking care of them, but I would be helping out and asked if they fancied all trying to fuck her at the same time. Sadly, they weren’t up for DP (and oral) so we just copied the previous position with Callum in Sue’s mouth and Rob in her cunt. I crawled under Sue and helped her to kiss and suck Callum. We wanted Sue to take all of them in both her mouth and cunt so we got Rob to pull out and move around so she could suck him for a bit (during which time I took care of Callum). When Rob moved back around to Sue’s pussy I also turned around to watch him fuck her and reached up to caress his balls. I felt Callum roughly finger me but didn’t say anything and just guided Rob’s hand to Sue’s pussy so he could frig her while he fucked her. I was going to crawl out from under Sue to make sure that Alan remained interested, but things took care of themselves as Calum came in Sue’s mouth so I told Alan to take his place.

Rob and Alan switched places a couple of times – Rob made her cum while he was fucking her, but from what I could see, Alan looked to be far better at playing with her (as well as having superior cunnilingus skills). Even though I’d cum not too long beforehand, I could feel my pussy tingling and I really wanted to be able to tell the three of them to fuck me one after the other. I reached down to play with myself and imagined their cocks invading my cunt and filling me with cum. I told the guys that they had to make Sue cum one more time between them and used my spare hand to reach up and fondle Rob’s balls as he fucked her. He resumed frigging her and I told him to fondle her ass as well – Sue was moaning, but this was stifled by Alan’s cock sliding in and out of her mouth. Rob pumped away hard into her and came and when he pulled out I took hold of his cock and sucked the end clean (keeping a firm hold on the condom so it stayed on).

There was just Alan to go now and I told him that Sue’s pussy was ready and waiting. He once again moved around so he was standing behind her and I reached up to spread Sue’s ass cheeks. Things felt quite highly charged and I reached between Sue’s cheeks to spread her pussy for him and watched as he eagerly pushed in. I reminded him that Sue had to cum again and he reached down to play with her clit. I guessed it would be the final chance to do things (not many guys want to cum more than twice in a row – and we weren’t going to snuggle with them until they recovered and got horny again) so I quickly slipped out from under Sue and grabbed a few toys from the cupboard. I lubed up an anal vibe with my saliva and handed it to Alan. He pushed it against Sue’s ass and it slid in – at which Sue gasped, but she was getting close to cumming anyway so was in no state to complain. I lay back on the bed and handed a vibe and an egg to Rob and Callum and asked them to make me cum. Callum took the vibe and started to pump it in to me while Rob rubbed the egg back and forth over my clit. I kept giving them encouragement to carry on and let them fondle (or maul) my breasts as they fucked me. I could see Sue rocking back and forth as Alan fucked her and then heard her cum so I called out to Alan to go for it and enjoy her cunt as much as he wanted.

I couldn’t really see Alan properly as Rob was in the way, but I caught occasional glimpses of him as he pumped in and out of Sue. I told him to let Sue suck him clean after he’d cum in her and after hearing him utter a ‘fuck, oh yeah’, he pulled out and wandered back round the other side of the bed so she could suck her juices off of the condom. I was approaching my own orgasm but got an additional surprise. Alan pulled the anal vibe out of Sue and reached between the other guys to press it against my ass. I know that you shouldn’t really share anal toys, but Sue keeps herself clean and I was too horny to really care (or think about it). I felt the vibe press against my ass and then slip inside me and I pulled my legs as far apart as I could so they could all see what they were doing to me. This orgasm was much better than the first one that Rob had given me and I didn’t hold back. I often find it difficult to really describe what sort of noises I make when I cum – I don’t try to put on a porn show with lots of ‘ooh, ooh, ahh’s’, but if I’m allowing myself to make sounds, I don’t hold back and just go with whatever feels right. In this case I swore a bit (good swearing) and moaned as my whole groin throbbed with my orgasm. At the end I had to push the egg away from my clit as it felt too intense and I lay back with the vibes sticking out of my holes and thanked them for helping me out.

We chatted a little while longer and I went to get a drink. This was so I could indicate that Mike and Jen should make an appearance and a couple of minutes after I returned, they wandered in to the room (wearing dressing gowns) and asked if we had enjoyed ourselves. I told them that Sue had fucked all three of the guys. Sue told her that she was a little slut, but asked if she had enjoyed herself, then reached down to push Sue’s legs apart. Jen continued to verbally tease Sue about having three cocks inside her little pussy while she physically teased Sue’s pussy with her fingers. When I pointed out that they had been in her mouth as well, Jen moved her fingers up to Sue’s mouth and got her to suck them clean (she didn’t know Sue had been sucking her juices off of the condoms). Jen continued the original plan (as much as we had one) and knelt down to see what state Sue’s pussy was in. She spread Sue’s lips and then pushed her mouth between them and gave Sue a few deep licks before sucking on her clit and lapping all around her cunt. She didn’t carry on for long enough to have much of an effect on Sue, but the guys seemed to like it. Jen stood up and went back over to Mike and kissed him. He whispered to her and then slid a hand in to her dressing gown and blatantly started to finger her, even though not much was visible. Mike whispered to her again as if he was suggesting something and Jen wandered over to the bed and clambered up onto it. She tucked Sue’s hair in, quickly straddled her face and pushed herself down on to Sue’s mouth. As Jen’s dressing gown was still closed, the guys couldn’t see much, but it was clear that at the very least Jen had her pussy on Sue’s face and she rubbed back and forth as Sue licked her. Once again, they didn’t keep this up for long enough to have much of an effect…

…On Jen anyway – the guys were very eager to watch. I’d been hoping that it might help them to get in the mood for round three but Rob was the only one who looked like he might be able to perform again. I told Rob that if he wanted Sue again all he had to do was rubbed up and he could fuck her but he declined. I don’t know if he really just didn’t want to (or couldn’t) or didn’t feel comfortable being the only one fucking with so many people watching (I’m aware that not everyone gets off on that in the same way I do). I told him that was a pity, but if they’d finished that we would let them go on their way. Jen climbed off of Sue so that she could help me show the guys out – naturally neither of us bothered to put anything on to do this and we gave them all a hug in front of the open door, then stood with our arms around each other and waved them off as they wandered away.

Once we returned to the bedroom, we told Mike and Jen the full details of what we’d done with the guys. They both thought that Sue had done well (and that I had done well for not giving in to temptation and asking them to fuck me). As this was Sue’s weekend though, she was the one who received the reward and she had both Mike and Jen play with her. Mike fucked her briefly, then Jen licked Sue’s clit while Mike remained in her and Jen then 69ed with Sue. Once they had both cum, it was Mike’s turn and he started to fuck Sue properly. He hadn’t cum in his earlier session with Jen and as a final reward, Jen and I told Sue that she could keep Mike’s cum and didn’t have to share it with us. Jen and I left them to it and went in to Mike’s room where we went over the evening’s events again and gently caressed each other (Jen didn’t want to cum again, but I allowed her to satisfy me).

Sue was already quite tired before Mike started his session with her. She told him that he could fuck her once, but she didn’t think she could cope with any more than that (she had cum four times during the session with the guys). She should have known that just cumming once probably wasn’t an option and Mike set about eating her until she came, then kitty kissing her and then quickly rolling her on to her side and spooning her. As he fucked her, he asked if she had enjoyed having all of those cocks inside her, in her cunt, in her mouth and if she’d enjoyed cumming in front of so many people (both in the shop and on the bed). He kneaded her breasts and nipples (not in the mauling way that the guys had done with me, but in the firm way that Sue likes) and played with her clit as he asked her if she was a dirty little slut who loved having cock, fingers and tongues in her cunt. As she got close to cumming, she told him that she couldn’t help it and she was his slutty little sister. Sue came and as Mike came he told her that he was going to fill his imouto’s pussy with his cum. She told him she wanted to feel it inside her and he pumped away and emptied himself into her. He thinks he came a fair amount, but stayed hard inside her for quite a while as he kissed her neck and shoulders and she fell asleep so Sue couldn’t tell us how much dribbled out (although there was still a slightly damp patch the next morning.

Sunday, 16 February 2014

Sue the Slut - Part 3

We went to the café in one of the large shops and after waiting a little while, found a suitable table that would allow us to display ourselves to a small number of other tables. One of these other tables had three guys sitting at it and Sue and I sat so our crotches were aimed in their direction. In my case I don’t think my skirt was high enough for them to see my pussy, but Sue’s definitely was and as we’d hoped, they came over to talk to us. We introduced ourselves and Mike sat with his arm around Jen to make it clear that she was taken (it was easier than having to explain later on that she was gay) and after chatting (and flirting) for a while the guys asked if we had any plans for the evening. I took a number from them and said that we might be able to meet up later on. Sue and I had both made sure there was plenty of contact (hands on arms and legs, not pulling away when they touched us) and we were pretty sure that we had hooked them.

We went for a wander after lunch and found a nice set of bra and panties that matched Sue’s dress really well. She went and tried on the bra with Jen and Jen confirmed that with the two layers of lacy material, Sue’s parts were fairly well covered (not well enough for everyday wear, but fine for going out). I was a bit disappointed to find out that Jen hadn’t done anything more with Sue in the changing room, but then again Jen knew that we were returning to the sex shop and she said that she didn’t want to wear Sue out so she would be able to put on a good show.

Sue hadn’t known about this part of the plan up until that point and as the cat was out of the bag (and it was now mid-afternoon) there didn’t seem any point in delaying things any further so we wandered back to the sex shop and Sue was given her instructions. There was only one customer there, but that was better than nothing and I went straight over to the costumes to find something suitable to try on. Meanwhile, Sue wandered over near the guy and pretended not to notice as he eyed her up. He stopped looking at her though when he noticed that I had slipped out of my clothes and had Jen helping to tie up a leather outfit on me. I’m not really sure what to call it – it was sort of a cross between a basque and a dress, in as much as it had a very short pleated leather skirt attached to it and provided enough support to push my breasts up, but did nothing to cover my nipples. Because the dress was quite stiff, it didn’t really move around so if I bent over my ass would be exposed (I’ve tried this on before so I know its characteristics). If I’d had time, I would have put the matching boots on, but I wanted to get in to the game so I just slipped my own shoes on and wandered over to Sue to ask her if she thought it suited me.

As it was obvious that the guy could see me, I asked his opinion as well while cupping my breasts, pretending to wonder if it provided enough support for them. He said he liked it and I asked him if he was looking to buy anything in particular, then asked if he was looking for a vibe (he’d been standing in that section since we entered). He was a bit taken aback, but I said that we would provide advice and he told us that he was looking for something to use with his girlfriend. Sue and I looked through the various options with him, commenting on each type, how it felt, how we preferred using them… He was quite clearly aroused by our conversation and this wasn’t helped by the fact that whenever we picked anything up from low down, we would bend over and expose our asses to him. As things warmed up I started to run the vibes over my breasts and pretend to push them down between my legs. He really wanted to get a clear dildo so he could see up inside his girlfriend when it was in her but we recommended a nice silicone coated vibe as it felt much better. He must have thought that we were a shill for the shop as I told him if he bought them both, that we would demonstrate them for him (we were just trying to be helpful so he would know how to best use them later on).

He agreed to this and after wiping them down with some sterilising wipes (I almost always carry these as I often have something in my bag for emergency use and want to make sure it is clean before I stick it in to myself), Mike helped the assistant fetch a couple of chairs from the back room and Sue and I sat facing each other. I told her to copy me and I lifted a foot up on to the seat beside my ass and ran the vibe up and down my pussy to lubricate it (as you might expect, I was quite wet having exposed myself to the guy). Sue copied me and teased herself with the clear dildo and mimicked me as I slid the vibe in to my pussy. I told the guy that he had made a good choice as the vibe felt really nice – hard but with a soft coating and I started to pump it in and out of myself. Once we’d been going for a little while I suggested that he check out the clear dildo and he went over to Sue and watched her crotch as she slid the dildo in and out. She was clearly quite embarrassed by being watched so closely, but had resigned herself to her fate for the weekend and carried on playing with herself.

I suggested we swap devices and asked the guy to bring me the dildo. Sue handed it to him but when he got to me I moved my hands away from my pussy but left the vibe inside me and told him to take it. He slid it out and I asked him to put the dildo in, which he did and he then returned to Sue with the vibe. She didn’t try to take it so he pushed it in to her and she resumed masturbating with it. Another customer entered the shop just after this and Sue froze but I just carried on and the assistant told the new person that we were just demonstrating some of the toys. He came over to watch as well and I pointed out that Sue wasn’t quite as exposed as I was, but Jen quickly remedied this by slipping the straps of Sue’s dress down and freeing her breasts. Jen couldn’t resist giving Jen’s nipples a few tweaks and for a while I thought that she was going to take the vibe from Sue and fuck her with it, but the aim of the exercise was to let Sue (and me) play with ourselves.

Even though it wasn’t a fair match as Sue had the nice vibe, I challenged her to see who could cum first. I edged forwards in my seat and leant back so my pussy was pointing upwards slightly and started to pump the dildo in and out while playing with my clit. I was enjoying myself so much that I probably wouldn’t have stopped if a hundred customers had wandered in (actually having that many people watching me would have probably just made me enjoy myself even more) and I told Sue that she had better hurry up as I was getting close. As expected, she came first, although not by as wide a margin as I’d expected and as my orgasm faded I slowed down my movements and looked up at the guys watching me. I told the guy who owned the toys that they both seemed to be pretty effective and let him have a look at my pussy with the dildo in it, then handed it back to him (as did Sue with the vibe). Sue looked quite flushed (again) and pulled her dress up to cover herself while I went and stripped, then slowly put my own clothes back on. My whole body had a nice buzz to it and while I was still dressing the assistant came over and handed me a card. He asked if we would ever want to repeat what we’d done, maybe with a few more people watching and I told him we would think about it.

We headed straight home so we could have a rest before going out that evening – that was the plan anyway but Mike and Jen ended up spending quite a long time in bed with Sue. They gently teased her, spending quite a lot of time on her nipples. They both went down on her and Mike gently fucked her while Jen kitty kissed Sue’s clit, but through all of this, she wasn’t allowed to cum. All three of them were quite horny by the end of the session, but Sue especially so as she had been taken close to cumming a number of times and then denied. She knew full well that this wall all intentional though to ensure she would play along with the evening’s games. They continued to tease Sue over dinner and before we went out (after she had freshened up), we topped up her pheromone levels by rubbing her, Jen’s and my juices over various parts of her body (neck, breasts, thighs and ass). Sue was presented with her new bra and panties and Mike and I got to see them on for the first time. By themselves, they were just as revealing as the dress but with the dress on over them, they were still clearly visible but her breasts and crotch were relatively hidden.

Jen had a very tight fitting dress on which was sufficiently short that she had to wear panties with it. In turn, I had a self-made fringed skirt on (one of my pleated skirts tore while we were playing so I cut fringes in to it fairly high up. I paired this with a tight top, under which I had one of my peek-a-boo bras so my nipples weren’t covered. Standing still, I looked perfectly decent, when I walked I looked a little less so, but we figured that you couldn’t really see enough to tell I was naked underneath (and even if someone could, they would only catch fleeting glimpses). We headed out and stopped off at a well-lit pub, where Sue’s outfit was clearly noticed by a number of people. She got quite a bit of male attention, but a few of the guys seemed to notice my attire too – especially when I sat up on a stool with my legs crossed and the fronds of my skirt fell to the side, exposing quite high up my leg. I tried concentrating on getting myself aroused so my nipples would be more prominent, but it takes quite a bit for them to become erect (unlike Jen’s which were quite clearly visible through her dress).

Sue seemed to get used to having the outfit on and guys ogling her (they weren’t very subtle) and we had other plans so once we’d finished our drinks, we brushed the guys off and headed off to our second stop of the night. Sue was surprised to see that we were meeting up with the three guys from lunch (I had called them to arrange while Mike and Jen had been teasing Sue that afternoon). They had arrived before us so we didn’t have to join the back of the queue and while we waited we made small talk and found out a little about them. They were Alan, Rob and Callum and all worked for a telephony company. We may not have entirely told them the truth about who we were, but we didn’t make anything too outrageous up and the conversation helped to pass the time until we got inside.

Alan seemed to quite like Sue, as did Callum. Either Rob actually preferred me or he figured he had a better chance with me while both of his friends concentrated on Sue and we danced, chatted and flirted. When Mike had seen that Sue had two guys interested in her, he told her to flirt with them both to keep them interested. This seemed to work for a fair amount of time, especially as when dancing with either of them she didn’t stop their hands from wandering down her back and on to her ass – at first this was through her dress, but as the evening progressed they became bolder and massaged her through her panties. Mike stayed paired up with Jen, just so the guys didn’t try to make a move on her (Jen can take care of herself, but we didn’t want any awkward situations to get in the way of how we wanted the evening to progress). I wasn’t doing too badly with Rob either, who had discovered the lack of clothing under my skirt. I was even semi-fingered from behind while we danced and I made it clear to him that if he was interested, that we would take care of him.

Alan got the impression that Callum was winning in the battle for Sue but I gave him a dance and told him that we could probably find a way to keep him amused. I pushed his hands down to my legs and pulled them back up under my skirt so he could feel my exposed ass and pointed out that women could usually outlast guys in bed. Unsurprisingly word got back to Callum and when he danced with me he was quite forward and got a hand under my skirt very quickly. I acted slightly shocked, but did nothing to stop him as his fingers wormed their way between my ass cheeks and found my pussy. At this point I felt like I was stealing the limelight – especially as I had absolutely no intention of actually sleeping with them while not on the pill (just in case a condom broke). I took a bathroom break with Sue and while there I got her to remove her bra and panties and stuff them in her bag. Like me, she is somewhat self-conscious about going without a bra due to her breast size, but she was a little tipsy and sufficiently horny that she went along with the plan. When she emerged from the cubicle, she got a few looks from other women as it was quite clear that she was naked under her dress, but we ignored them and headed back out to meet up with the others.

Sue danced again with Alan and Callum and asked each of them if they had enjoyed touching me. In Alan’s case she had to hint that she was now dressed similarly (they had noticed her lack of bra, while Callum got a hand back under her dress to discover this for himself without her saying anything. Jen discreetly fondled me and got me horny enough that my nipples made a proper appearance (they had poked through a few times during the evening, but this time they were properly hard). We asked the guys if they wanted to head back and they eagerly agreed, although there still seemed to be a little trepidation on their part as to how things were going to unfold.

Friday, 14 February 2014

Sue the Slut - Part 2

...taking a quick break in the evening's activities as I realised I forgot to post yesterday (and I needed time to recover)...

Mike woke me the next morning by spooning me awake (this is a wonderful way to wake up – as long as he spends long enough rubbing against me to get me wet), then eating me and then fucking me. He didn’t cum in me as he said he couldn’t wait any longer to fuck Sue. The plan had been that Jen would get her for the morning session, but they were still awake when Mike went in to their room and he crawled under the covers and woke Sue up by tickling her legs. This also woke Jen, but Mike already had his face planted on Sue’s pussy by this point. Jen made a feeble complaint that she was meant to have Sue but they agreed to share her and they set about giving Sue a proper welcome.

Mike finished eating her (until she came) and to be fair, he did them go down on Jen for a minute or so to let Sue recover. He then fucked Sue while Jen sat over her face (facing away from Mike) and he helped Sue to lick Jen (Sue worked on Jen’s clit, Mike worked on Jen’s pussy with a little anal play). It wasn’t too long a session – Jen came first and when she couldn’t take any more she climbed off of Sue’s face and Sue rolled over so she was on her stomach (her favourite position). Mike fucked her from behind and Jen reached under Sue to play with her clit. This gave Mike much more freedom to move (he would normally have to take care of Sue’s clit in this position) and he gave her a good hard fucking, his body slapping against Sue’s ass each time he pushed in to her. I could tell that Sue was near to cumming as the upper part of her body looked quite flushed (it is rather difficult for Sue to hide it when she is really aroused). Sue came and moaned in to the pillow as Mike carried on fucking her but he emptied his load in to her fairly soon after this happened.

It was time to distribute his cum to where it could do some good and unsurprisingly it was up to me to receive the cum from her pussy. We copied what we’d done the previous evening – I lay on the bed and Sue crouched over me. Her legs were still a little wobbly after her orgasm so she steadied herself on Jen and I reached up to spread her lips. I watched Mike’s cum drip out of her and felt it land in my open mouth and once it appeared that I’d gotten all I would, I crawled out from under Sue and kissed Jen, sharing the cum with her. We then briefly 69ed – not properly, just for long enough to lick it in to each other and it was then time to get ready for breakfast.

Sue was warned that we had selected her clothing for the day, but that she wouldn’t find out what it was until later on. We showered in pairs (Mike and me, then Sue and Jen) and while we got ready, Mike checked that Sue hadn’t grown back any stubble on her pussy. He was quite thorough in the way he checked and for some reason he seemed to check inside her a few times too, but he didn’t make (or let) her cum. Jen took over while Mike quickly got dressed and once he was ready, they smeared a little tingle gel on Sue’s nipples and pussy before presenting her with her outfit for breakfast. We gave her one of my coats to wear – it was just long enough to cover her ass when walking and sitting, but only just. We weren’t being completely mean and Jen and I went similarly attired. Sue was still a bit nervous as we left the house but ee didn’t have far to go as we just went to a little café around the corner.

We chose seats near the window and Sue was made to sit facing outwards (which also meant she had her back to much of the café). Once we had ordered and received our food, Sue was told to unbutton the bottom half of the jacket and was then discreetly presented with the tube of tingle gel. She was told to insert the tube (bottom first) in to her pussy and then squeeze some of the gel out and apply it to her clit and lips. Sue wasn’t sure she could do this, but was threatened with being made to cum with every toy we owned used on her if she didn’t (and there is no way that Sue could ever cum that many times). She slid forwards slightly do her pussy was nearer the front of the seat and rubbed the end of the tube up and down her slit to lubricate it (which was rather ironic as it was a tube of lube). She worked the end in to her pussy and once it was in she quickly pushed the rest of the tube in and sat back on the seat. She waited a couple of minutes before reaching down between her legs again and squirting out some of the gel (to do this she had to contract her pussy to keep the top of the tube outside her cunt while she pushed it) and then applied it as instructed.

As we ate, she told us that she could feel the gel working and once the sensation had calmed down, she as told to remove the tube and hand it back to Jen. This was rather easier and Jen placed the sticky tube back in her bag and presented Sue with one of our remote controlled eggs to take the tube’s place. She managed to get the egg inside herself using a similar method to the one she’d used with the tube and Jen then pressed the button on the remote control to turn the egg on. At first, she only put in on a low setting and let it buzz away inside Sue for a few minutes before turning it up to maximum briefly and then turning it off. Jen knew that Sue wouldn’t be able to cum just from having the egg inside her and she didn’t want to keep it going for too long as it can end up causing irritation (and we wanted Sue to be able to perform for the rest of the weekend). Just because Jen had decided not to torture Sue with the egg it didn’t mean that she’d been let off entirely though and she was told to sit with one ankle folder under the other knee so that her legs remained spread, but she was (probably) covered just enough that people outside the café wouldn’t be able to see her naked pussy.

We had pretty much finished by the time Sue was made to sit like this – I had really wanted to emulate her, but I was facing a table with a couple sitting at it and I didn’t think I could get away with it so I had to restrain myself. It was still nice knowing that I was almost naked though and on the way home, Jen, Sue and I all walked with our jackets undone and our hands in the pockets to keep the front from flapping open. As soon as we were at the front door, hands came out of pockets though and while I unlocked the door, Mike and Jen spread Sue’s jacket and caressed her breasts and pussy.

Once we got inside, her jacket was removed before I’d even closed the door. Jen turned the egg back on and she was told that she couldn’t remove it until we got back in to bed. Naturally, it wasn’t that easy for Sue to get upstairs as Mike and Jen kept stopping her and getting her to bend over so they could eat or finger her from behind while she sucked or ate the other one. Eventually she made it though and once the egg was out she was told that she was going to be treated to a nice relaxing massage.

Sue was naturally (and correctly) suspicious about this, but things started off nice and gently so she was lulled into at least a minimal sense of security. Mike started off working on her legs, moving up each leg from her ankle to her upper thigh – gently grazing her pussy each time but no more – while Jen worked on her back from her neck to her ass (with only minimal fondling). When it was time for her to turn over on to her front, Jen and I each took a side of her and took care of her upper body and breasts while Mike continued to work on her legs. He made a bit more contact with her pussy but until we’d done her whole body we didn’t stimulate her too much. Once we switched to ‘special’ massage mode though, things were different and we used basically the same techniques that we’d used on Lucy a couple of weeks before and Jen earlier in the week. Sue was slowly teased and we took her closer and closer to cumming until she was begging us to let her cum. Mike then used a couple of fingers in her, curled up to press against the roof of her pussy and Jen played with her clit. Mike vigorously finger fucked Sue while pressing upwards the whole time and they managed to get what looked like a pretty impressive orgasm out of her, but unfortunately she didn’t produce a torrent of girl-juice. Mike was a bit disappointed about this (but not too surprised – I don’t squirt either) but he still wiped his fingers over Sue’s nipples for Jen to lick clean while he took care of kitty kissing her.

Sue was rather out of breath and remained on the bed while Mike and Jen sponged her down and removed the baby oil they had used on her. When she was on her front, Mike knelt over her and slipped his cock between her legs to briefly fuck her, but we couldn’t waste any more time indoors if we were to finish all the things we’d planned for Sue so I gave her a slap on the ass and told her to get up so we could go in to town.

Once again Sue was told that she would have her outfit chosen for her but we assured her that she wouldn’t be naked for wandering around the shops. This time she was presented with one of my sheer night-dresses with a lacy pattern. It technically covered Sue’s body, but didn’t really hide her nakedness and her nipples were quite clearly visible through the material. We debated what she should wear on her legs and got her to try on a few things (stockings and then socks of varying length) and settled on dark blue socks that came up to just below her knee. She was of course allowed also to wear the jacket from earlier (so she wouldn’t be arrested). Jen and I weren’t quite as supportive this time and while we wore our usual short skirts sans panties, we were at least sufficiently covered that we didn’t need jackets.

On the way in to town, we debated what we should do first and opted to head to our favourite sex shop to get things off to a good start. The usual guy was behind the counter and as we went in we removed Sue’s jacket so that she was effectively exposed. We went and said hello and as we talked, Mike and Jen caressed Sue through her dress. The assistant was obviously appreciative of Sue’s attire and I moved around to the side of the counter and asked him if he wanted to touch her. As I did this, I pressed up against him and pulled his hand to my crotch and he pressed his fingers between my legs (we’ve fucked before so he knows what we’re like). I reached over to his crotch and rubbed him as I felt his cock harden. He pulled away and quickly went to lock the door to the shop, then returned to us. As we were now safe, I slipped my top off and let him fondle my breasts and Jen told Sue to let him fondle her as well. He pulled Sue’s dress off so she was just standing in her shoes and socks and eagerly pressed his fingers between her legs and I told him to go get suited up so he could fuck her.

The good thing about doing things in the sex shop is that there is a really good selection of condoms – I would rather not use one if I know the person is clean (Sue doesn’t mind using them so much) – and I told the guy that Sue likes the tingle gel so he got one that was coated in it, fished his cock out and put the condom on. Mike and Jen had been fingering Sue to make sure that she was nice and wet and the guy easily slid in to her. He pressed her up against the counter and started to fuck her properly, then got her to turn around and present her ass to him. I wondered if he was actually going to fuck her ass, but he just slid back in to her pussy and carried on fucking while reaching around to play with her breasts. I told him I wanted a closer look and I knelt on the floor between Sue and the counter and reached up to caress them both. I couldn’t take just watching anymore and used my other hand to play with myself, occasionally glancing up at Sue’s face and grinning at her. As much as I was enjoying myself, I wanted to let him see me properly so I told him to play with Sue’s clit and when he moved his hand down between her legs and took over, I crawled out from under Sue and mounted the counter.

I sat facing them with my legs spread and started to play with myself. Ideally I would have removed my skirt, but it wasn’t hiding anything so I didn’t care too much and my bra was soon pulled down completely to fully expose my breasts. I could see Sue’s upper body getting flushed again and told the assistant that she was close to cumming so he could just go nuts in her. He started to really pump in to her hard and fast and Sue looked up at me and mouthed ‘fuck you’ to me (to which I just grinned back at her). She was clearly enjoying herself though as she started letting out short breaths and then came. The assistant kept pumping away in her and then moaned as he pushed deep in to her and held her tight against him. I was a little way behind them, but had two fingers pumping in my pussy and my other hand on my clit (and an audience) so it didn’t take too long to catch up. I lay back a little further and spread my legs as wide as I could (nearly falling off the counter in the process) and came for everyone to see. I wasn’t as quiet as Sue had been (nothing too noisy, but I moaned a bit) and when my orgasm had finished I pulled my fingers out of my cunt and slowly and deliberately sucked them clean.

When the guy pulled out of Sue, she knelt down, took hold of the base of his cock and sucked the condom clean of her juices (we hadn’t told her to do this). She then put her dress back on and I chatted to the assistant while I dressed. I quietly asked him if we could return later and try something else and he said that the place was usually busier in the afternoon (which was ideal for what I had in mind). Sue thanked him for the fuck and once we were both decent again, he unlocked the door and we headed off to get some lunch. We all thought she’d done a good job so offered to buy lunch for her, but only on the condition that she continued to flirt with various guys.

Monday, 10 February 2014

Sue the Slut - Part 1

I usually try to write entries a couple of weeks in advance (so I have material in case I end up being busy at work, ill or whatever). Annoyingly my work from the past two weeks has got corrupted (two entire weekends worth of entries) so I’m having to rewrite them. I hate doing this so the next few weeks of entries may not seem as enthusiastic as usual (which is a pity as we did some fairly fun things). I may have to extend to posting every 4 days to get back my safety margin, but we’ll see how writing goes…

For the second mid-August weekend, Sue came up to visit as she had promised. Mike hand Jen were very happy about this and had been planning interesting things to do (basically ways to make Sue cum, most of which would also cause her great embarrassment – so pretty much ‘the usual’). Part of their plan was to give Sue the same kind of massage that we’d given to Lucy for her birthday, preferably in the hope of getting Sue to squirt in the same way. As practice for this, in the middle of the week prior to Sue’s visit, we practiced on Jen (I’ve pretty much given up on being able to squirt, but Jen almost always produces far more juice than me so we thought she was the better bet).

Mike and I massaged all of Jen’s body, front and back and got her in to a nice relaxed state before we started to concentrate on her erogenous zones. We still went slowly, massaging all of her and slowly applying more pressure or spending longer on her breasts and pussy until we were almost exclusively working on those areas. As we’d done with Lucy, we took our time and let Jen’s arousal slowly build and we used our mouths and tongues on her nipples and pussy as well as our hands (mostly hands though as it was meant to be a massage). Once Jen’s nipples registered ‘very aroused’ (they get very hard and pointy) we tried to keep her at that level of arousal for a while (probably over 15 minutes) and then gradually started to push her towards the edge. We pretty much know how to read Jen, but she told us that she was about to cum and Mike inserted a couple of fingers in to her and pressed them up against the top of her vagina as he rapidly fucked her. Jen responded with a lot of ‘ohhh yesss’ sounds and I firmly massaged her breasts to help things along. Jen knew that the whole aim of the massage was to try and make her squirt and both Mike and I encouraged her to do this as her orgasm approached (not that she can do it by choice – although that would be excellent).

This time, we were successful, and while Jen may not have squirted her juices out as far as Lucy had done, a little squirted out but quite a lot more squirted over Mike’s hand and oozed out as he continued to vigorously finger Jen through her orgasm. As Jen’s orgasm faded, he eased off and when he withdrew his fingers, they were coated with a good amount of Jen’s juices so he sucked a little off himself, then offered his fingers to Jen and me to clean up. Once we had done this, he crawled between Jen’s legs and thoroughly (but gently as she’d had a pretty good orgasm) licked her clean, ensuring he got as much of her juices off and out of her as he could. Mike would love to be able to have Jen squirt in to his mouth as he ate her to orgasm – it wouldn’t really have to be Jen, he’s said that he would be happy for it to be me, Sue, Lis… or any of the other girls we do things with. Ideally he would love for it to be Emily, and I would back him on this as the thought of having a torrent of her orgasmic nectar squirted in to my mouth sounds (we’d certainly like to try the massage on her the next time we see her to see how things go).

Sue was in no doubt as to how she was going to be used (or abused) during her visit and when she arrived on the Friday night, things started off quickly as both Mike and Jen had a fondle of her at the train station. Sue had been given instructions as to items to bring and wear and one of her tasks had been to wear a long coat (mid-thigh), to not wear a skirt under it for the train journey and to ‘accidentally’ let whoever was sitting opposite her catch glimpses of her pussy. Sue had gone to the station straight from work and says that she had intended to visit the toilet and remove her skirt, but the train was so busy that she didn’t have the nerve to try and display herself so she still had her skirt on. This was obviously unacceptable so Jen took Sue to the station toilets and returned with Sue’s skirt stuffed in to her bag. Mike took the opportunity to have another fondle of Sue under her coat (Sue undid her coat and Mike reached inside to caress her as he kissed her) and we then headed out of the station.

Jen decided that Sue should really receive further punishment for not following instructions so instead of heading straight home, we went to one of the large pubs in town that was on multiple levels. The levels are all open to a large central area, it is well lit and all the railings are open. We’ve used this place before, but it’s not that great a pub so we don’t go there for anything other than an opportunity to be exhibitionists. It is always quite busy though and this time was no exception. As we waited to be served, Sue had the bottom couple of buttons of her coat undone and Jen even managed to slip her hand between Sue’s legs. Once we had our drinks, we wandered up a few flights of stairs and stood facing out in to the open area as we chatted. Sue was very conscious of how exposed she was, but went along with our instructions to stand with one leg forward and raised up against the bannister so that her legs were spread. I actually felt quite jealous of her as even though (I assumed) I was giving the people below us a reasonable view up my skirt, Sue’s pussy was probably completely visible.

We considered having one of us go down to see what was visible and report back, but the place was too busy to easily wander around so we stayed where we were and Mike and Jen verbally teased Sue about how many people could see her naked cunt and how many guys were probably going to either jack off to the thought or picture her later on when having sex. I decided to take things a step further and swapped places with Jen so I could stand beside Sue and I described to her how we could both (I liked the fantasy and didn’t want to be left out) be lying on tables at the bottom of the open area and we could be fucked by guy after guy and to finish off, all the other guys would stand on the balconies above us and jerk off, showering us with cum. Mike massaged Sue’s ass under her coat as I described this and by the end of the fantasy he called over to me and reported that her pussy felt very wet. I really wanted to cum as well so we decided to head home, but Sue still wasn’t allowed to do up the bottom buttons on her coat so it flapped open a number of times as she walked downstairs through the crowd. The fact that the place was so busy probably meant that people didn’t really see that much of her, but that didn’t stop us teasing her about it on the journey back to the house.

Just as Mike had requested, Sue hadn’t shaved her pussy for a few days (so he could do it). The downside of this was that she wasn’t ready to do things as soon as we got home – while it would have been fine for Mike or Jen to eat her with a bit of stubble, it wouldn’t have felt so nice when Jen wanted some pussy on pussy grinding action. As I was still feeling very aroused from my earlier fantasy, I headed off with Jen in to the bedroom to relieve my immediate desire while Mike took care of shaving Sue. He used our usual method (hot water, gel, a hot blade and gentle strokes with some soothing balm afterwards) and had her pussy nice and smooth within no time. All through the shave, he elaborated on the fantasy I’d come up with and got Sue to describe what it would feel like to be fucked repeatedly with so many people watching her. Now Sue isn’t anywhere near as much of an exhibitionist as I am (although she’s getting better), but she played along and described how she could take cock after cock in her pussy and how she would masturbate as everyone came over her. When he was done, Mike gave her the usual lick-test to ensure he hadn’t missed anything and then set about eating her in earnest. The dirty talk had done a good job at keeping Sue horny and Mike told her that she was very wet and tasted wonderful. It didn’t take long for him to make her cum, but as I’d been so horny it hadn’t taken Jen too long to get me off either so we had joined them again in time to witness Sue’s first orgasm of the night.

Jen hadn’t wanted me to make her cum, but I had played with her to ensure that she was more than ready for Sue. Jen demonstrated just how ready she was and almost as soon as Mike finished kitty kissing Sue, Jen climbed over her face and told Sue that she wanted Sue to bury her tongue in her and make her cum. At first, Jen was quite respectful of the fact that Sue had just cum, but once Sue started eating her properly, Jen wanted to fuck properly, lay over Sue in a 69 position, spread Sue’s lips and attacked Sue’s cunt. I don’t know if Mike’s kitty kissing had helped to calm Sue down or if her tolerance is just increasing, but she took everything Jen had to give to her and they humped back and forth against each other’s faces as they licked away. Jen came first, but she didn’t stop eating Sue until Sue had also cum, after which Jen rolled off of Sue and lay beside her on the bed.

Mike was now the only one of us who hadn’t cum and he had his cock in his hand, gently stroking it. I offered to help him out but he told me that he would be fucking me later on anyway. He mounted Sue and slid in to her, fucked her for a couple of minutes and then moved around so he could do the same to Jen. Apparently they had agreed that Jen would get Sue for the first night of her visit and he had agreed to leave her in an unpolluted state (as you probably know, I’m not always privy to their agreements) and after another quick session inside Sue, he and I headed off in to the main bedroom.

Mike kept to his word and after he had a turn eating me, he fucked me with us both standing on the bed and me holding on to the headboard. My breasts swung back and forth as we fucked and I was purposefully loud, sufficiently so that Jen and Sue would be in no doubt as to what we were up to. As usual I was made to cum first and Mike carried on sliding back and forth inside me until he couldn’t hold back any longer. He pushed as deep into me as he could and told me that it felt like he was cumming a lot and then stayed buried in me for a minute or so while I pressed back hard against him. It felt nice but I had to keep the deal with Jen that we would always share his cum (at least until one of us got pregnant) so when he finally pulled out, I used a hand to hold my pussy shut and Mike helped me down from the bed.

We went in to the other room to find Jen and Sue grinding against each other – they weren’t surprised at our visit and just asked how we were going to transfer Jen’s share of Mike’s cum into her pussy. Unsurprisingly, Mike and Jen wanted to use Sue as an intermediary so Jen disentangled herself from Sue and Sue scooted over so she was lying with her head over the edge of the bed. I continued to hold my pussy shut and straddled her face, Sue opened her mouth and I spread my lips to let Mike’s cum run out of my pussy in to her mouth. There was no direct contact, but Mike had been right about cumming a fair amount in me and it quickly poured out in to Sue’s mouth. She had to resist her instinct to swallow (Sue is quite an accomplished cock sucker) and once I stopped dripping, Jen lay back on the bed and put her pussy in the air for Sue to spit the cum in to. We then left them to enjoy the rest of their evening together and as we spooned in the other room, we heard each of them cum. Despite being so eager when she has first pounced on Sue, Jen hadn’t pushed Sue too far and once we had left them, they had continued to scissor against each other until they came and then just curled up together. Admittedly Jen had spent a while caressing Sue’s ass and gently fingering her from behind, but she didn’t try to make her cum again.

Friday, 7 February 2014

Blue Pills and Water-Sports in the Woods

On the first mid-August weekend we stayed at home, partially to have a rest and partially to save money (travelling is expensive). It also gave us some alone-time where we could concentrate on just being with and enjoying each other without the weekday hassles of work and life or the weekend distractions of other people to play with. By mutual agreement, we decided to spend the Saturday morning in bed (although Mike and Jen got up to make breakfast to bring back to bed). Once we’d eaten, we then spent a few hours lazing around, chatting and gently playing with each other. Mike got to eat both Jen and me (he made Jen cum), he spooned in me while Jen and I kissed and he took Jen from behind while Jen ate me (and made me cum).

Between (and sometimes during) our playing, we had wide ranging conversations and Mike tried to get Jen (as our token ‘lesbian’) to describe why she enjoyed using vibes or dildos but didn’t enjoy the idea of fucking a guy (we’re ignoring the fact that she sleeps with Mike as she says that is different because she loves and trusts him). Now before we get angry comments, he wasn’t suggesting that she shouldn’t be gay and should enjoy sleeping with guys (and nor would he want this), but he was looking at the physical or pleasurable differences between having a guy fuck her versus using a dildo. While Jen conceded that having a cock inside her can feel nice (or at least it feels nice when Mike is inside her), the best she could come up with was as to why Mike wouldn’t want to fuck a guy. At first Mike thought that this was quite different, but Jen pointed out that having a guy or a girl sucking him shouldn’t be too different, nor should there be too much difference if Mike were to fuck a guy or a girl in the ass. Likewise, there shouldn’t be any (physical) difference for a gay guy taking a girl’s ass. Unsurprisingly, the discussion came down to (some) people just not liking the idea of doing things with particular genders but we said that we would ask Jen’s Uni friends the next time we went to visit them.

We went out for a brief walk and to have lunch, then returned to the house to try something that we had been considering for a while. Fortunately, Mike doesn’t have any erectile problems just yet (he may be old, but he isn’t that old), but we had purchased some Viagra during the week and set the afternoon aside to try it out and see if it could stand up to the combined sexual appetite of Jen and me. I called shotgun and got to sample his drug-enhanced cock first – as we were just getting started (and to even things out a little as he would be fucking both of us) Jen agreed to sit over his face and let him eat her. Mike let me use his cock as I desired and I mostly just alternated between riding him and grinding back and forth against him (to get good contact with my clit). It felt good, but not really any different than usual (I’m not quite sure what I was expecting) and once I’d cum, I dismounted and let Jen take my place. She rode Mike in pretty much the same way I had (with a bit of direction from me – I am far more used to using his cock than she is after all) and she managed to get off fairly easily too.

So far it hadn’t been much of a test as Mike is quite used to staying hard for a long time and holding back from cumming anyway so we though the only way to test things properly was to get him to cum. It was my turn so I lay on the bed and let Mike take me in a few different positions, sometimes with Jen or him fingering my clit, sometimes with me playing with myself and sometimes just letting his cock do the work. We had a pretty thorough session and even though I didn’t cum (until the end) I could feel that I was being well and truly fucked. When we decided that it was time to finish things off Mike pumped in to me hard while Jen gently caressed my clit and nipples. Mike came first, but not by much and he managed to keep moving inside me after he’d cum – admittedly not in anything like the same way he’d been moving when he was fucking me, but enough that it still felt nice and probably contributed a little to my orgasm.

Jen and I used what has become our alternative method for swapping cum – when Mike pulled out of me, Jen immediately went down on me and lapped out as much of his cum as she could. She then kissed me and transferred his cum to my mouth and I then went down on Jen and used my tongue to push as much of his cum in to her pussy as I could. We know that this probably isn’t really an effective method of having equal amounts of cum in us, but Mike really likes watching us do it and it is less physically demanding than contorting ourselves into positions where the cum can run out of one of us and drip in to the other’s pussy.

We gave Mike a little less time than usual to recover – basically just long enough that his cock wasn’t feeling too sensitive and Jen then took him in her mouth to clean him off. It was then her turn to be fucked and they used a similar combination of positions (but with a fair bit more spanking when Mike was taking her from behind). As he’d just cum, it wasn’t really surprising that Mike managed to fuck her for a similar length of time, but he did seem to be able to be a bit more energetic and fuck her harder than he would otherwise have done so. They finished off with Jen on top of Mike and him fucking her hard through her orgasm and then carrying on a little while until he came. We went through the same cum-transfer method as previously and even though Mike probably didn’t deposit much in her, it was a good excuse to have a messy kiss with Jen and share saliva.

The rest of the day on Saturday was fairly quiet – we went out for a drink that night but didn’t get up to anything until we returned home and had our night-time session. For this, Mike fucked Jen while I sat over her face, facing away from Mike and Jen ate my pussy while Mike lapped at my ass. We used the pussy to pussy method to let any cum drip out of Jen and in to me and it seemed as if the Viagra was still having some effect on Mike as he managed to get hard enough to spoon with me as we went off to sleep.

We stayed in bed again for a fair bit of Sunday morning and had another gentle session, at one point Mike was eating Jen, who was eating me and I was sucking Mike (it’s easier to suck cock in a three way 69 than in the traditional position). He obviously wasn’t allowed to cum in my mouth as this would have been a waste of baby-making cum and as he’d cum inside Jen last time, it was my turn to receive his cum directly. Jen had already eaten me to orgasm (as Mike had done to her) and I wasn’t really ready to cum again straight away so Mike didn’t find it quite as enjoyable as usual, but he seemed to make do and after pumping away inside me he shot his load in to me and I then crouched over Jen’s upturned pussy to share it with her.

When we moved in to our current house, Mike decorated the main bedroom and told Jen that it could be her room, the idea being that I would alternate between the rooms depending on who I was spending the night with. Since Mike and Jen finally started sleeping together, we tend to spend more nights with all of us in the one bed, but we still occasionally have nights were I am with just one or the other of them, in which case I am either in ‘Mike’ or ‘Jen’s’ room. Just to show that I am being fair(ish), Mike and Jen sometimes get to spend a night together alone, but I usually take a few toys in to his room to keep myself amused and have been known to Skype with various people while playing with myself.

After breakfast, we took care of the boring weekly tasks (shopping, ironing, cleaning) and started trying to re-arrange Mike’s room so that it could be used as a nursery. We have wonderful plans that we will be able to take it in turns to sleep in with the baby so that the other two can get a good night’s sleep (and other things once whichever of Jen or I recover from giving birth). Possibly surprisingly for a man (unless I’m just being sexist), Mike finds the thought of us getting pregnant to be quite a turn on and our bending and pushing various bits of furniture around turned in to an opportunity for him to fondle and grope Jen and I quite a bit. Eventually his cock made an appearance, although frustratingly he only used it to slide in to us and fucked us in brief spurts. As you know, it doesn’t really take much to convince me to fuck or cum so after a while, we abandoned the nursery planning and Mike went down on both Jen and I, quickly switching between us every 10-20 seconds. It felt nice, but the stimulation was never long enough to actually cum and I was getting frustrated when Mike let on that this was part of a plan that he and Jen had discussed. Jen wanted to go out for a walk to play properly and Mike had agreed to get me horny enough that I’d agree to anything (I wasn’t actually that desperately turned on, but I’ll agree to most things anyway).

We had a quick lunch and packed up a few things to take with us and after a bus ride, we made it to a little village outside of town and headed up a hill. We’ve walked up this way a few times before so even if I hadn’t known what the plan for the afternoon was I would have probably been able to guess what Jen wanted us to do. Using a stone wall as cover, Jen changed out of her dress in to a t-shirt that was just long enough to cover her crotch (in case we met any other people) and changed her shoes. Like all good hikers, we had plenty of water with us to keep ourselves hydrated and Jen drank plenty of this as we wandered up the hill, with occasional flashes of her ass showing. Once we were high enough to look down on the village, she stood facing downhill and slowly peed, letting the warm liquid run down her legs. She wasn’t trying to cum at this point, but still gently played with herself, both by rubbing the bottom of her shirt against her pussy (leaving a large wet patch) and by fingering herself directly. When we resumed our walk, she drank more and encouraged Mike and I to do the same and we headed for the tree line away from the usual paths that people took.

We went a few of trees deep in to the forest and found a suitable spot to dump our things. Jen sat and began to play with herself a bit more earnestly until Mike decided to help out and pushed her on to her back so he could lick her. As we were mostly here for Jen, I asked if she wanted us to do anything specific or if the plan was just for a general watersports session and was told that she had something specific in mind that she wanted us to do. We had to move a bit to find the ideal place and Mike and I stripped Jen off, lay her down on the ground and set about playing with her. We fingered, licked, fucked, pinched and slapped her while talking dirty to her the whole time. She certainly seemed to be enjoying the attention we were lavishing on her and throughout the session all three of us imbibed even more water. Mike and I used Jen’s pussy to drink out of (she held her ass in the air and we poured water in to her, then drank it as she lowered her ass to the ground) and Jen drank some from me in a similar way (although I sat over her face to let the water run out so a fair bit of it ran over her face and not just in to her mouth). Just so he wasn’t left out, Jen took a few turns sucking Mike, but the plan required him to not be too turned on as he needed to be soft enough to pee when the time came.

We kept playing with Jen for a fair while until it was clear that she desperately wanted to cum and it was time for Mike and I to get in position. We both stripped off (which made it a really thrilling session for me as we were sufficiently close to the edge of the forest that we could see out and down to the houses, so I could imagine that lots of people could see me) and we each climbed up a tree on either side of Jen (this is what we’d been looking for when finding the ‘ideal’ spot). I wasn’t too high up but Mike climbed a fair bit higher (he’s really just a little boy at heart). Jen spread her legs wide and frantically fingered herself with one hand while firmly pulling and tweaking her nipples with her other hand and as her mews became louder and more insistent, Mike and I started to relieve ourselves. We each adjusted our position and direction of urination so both our streams were splashing down over Jen’s body – as we were a reasonable distance from her, our sprays were quite diffuse by the time they reached her, but this was exactly what Jen had wanted as it meant that her whole body was being splashed and not just small areas.

It was hard to vary the force as which we peed while keeping the stream aimed at Jen, but as we knew we only had a finite supply of liquid in us we just maintained a steady pace. Fortunately Jen had been really close to cumming when we started peeing so we had enough to last through her orgasm. Even from up in the trees, it was clear just how much she was enjoying herself, she was mewing away quite loudly and was pumping what looked like all of her fingers in to her pussy. I thought that she might be possibly being a little too loud and that someone might hear, but she was too close for it to be fair to stop her, and it was incredibly arousing watching her be so uninhibited. As she came, I could see her own pee spraying out of her pussy and around her hand, a few times she dropped her hand from her breasts to her pussy and then wiped the mix of our pee over her body and face, but as her orgasm began to ebb, she pulled her fingers from her pussy and just stroked her crotch. Mike and I carried on emptying our bladders over her until we were empty and we then climbed down to survey our work. Jen was soaked but looked very happy – her breasts looked quite pink from the mauling she had given them and even (or maybe especially) in her messy state, she looked irresistible.

Mike obviously agreed with me as he planted himself between her legs and started to eat her. From Jen’s reaction, she was clearly still feeling quite sensitive, but this was apparently part of the plan and between licks, Mike told me that we now had to both fuck her hard and not worry about what sort of mess we ended up in. Being able to be so free sounded very appealing so I threw any remaining caution to the wind (as I tend to do when horny) and mounted Jen’s face. Her tongue eagerly pushed in to my pussy and swirled around inside me and I slid back and forth, smearing my juices over Jen’s face. After Mike had eaten her for a while we changed position and I lay on the ground on my back, Jen lay on her front and ate me and Mike fucked Jen from behind, purposefully pressing her into the dirt and leaves (we brushed away a few twigs and stones so she wouldn’t get cut). Mike fucked her hard and Jen said that she loved the way her breasts were being pressed in to the ground. Needless to say that as we weren’t interrupted, we carried on until we had all cum and then as I was already on my back, Jen stood over me and I raised my pussy for our cum-sharing ritual.

Most of the dirt on my back brushed off but I was still a bit of a mess, nothing compared to Jen though who had dirt properly ground in to her body (her front had still been quite damp when she’d been turned over) and Mike’s lower legs were also fairly filthy. Jen and Mike had planned for this though and brought some towels so we made our way to a nearby stream (taking our things with us) and started to wash ourselves off. This might sound good in theory, but even though it was warm enough to be naked outside (possibly just a little on the chilly side, but not enough to matter when you are ‘distracted’, the stream felt really cold and what was going to be a fun part of the nakedness, turned in to washing ourselves as quickly as possible with the minimal amount of water. Once clean, we quickly got dressed (Jen put her original clothes back on) and we headed straight back to the village to warm up and then head home.

Our evening session was more normal (for us anyway). Mike fucked Jen briefly, but I was the one who finished her off while Mike and I fucked and we started to make plans for Sue’s next visit (although technically it was Mike and Jen who made most of the plans).