Friday, 7 February 2014

Blue Pills and Water-Sports in the Woods

On the first mid-August weekend we stayed at home, partially to have a rest and partially to save money (travelling is expensive). It also gave us some alone-time where we could concentrate on just being with and enjoying each other without the weekday hassles of work and life or the weekend distractions of other people to play with. By mutual agreement, we decided to spend the Saturday morning in bed (although Mike and Jen got up to make breakfast to bring back to bed). Once we’d eaten, we then spent a few hours lazing around, chatting and gently playing with each other. Mike got to eat both Jen and me (he made Jen cum), he spooned in me while Jen and I kissed and he took Jen from behind while Jen ate me (and made me cum).

Between (and sometimes during) our playing, we had wide ranging conversations and Mike tried to get Jen (as our token ‘lesbian’) to describe why she enjoyed using vibes or dildos but didn’t enjoy the idea of fucking a guy (we’re ignoring the fact that she sleeps with Mike as she says that is different because she loves and trusts him). Now before we get angry comments, he wasn’t suggesting that she shouldn’t be gay and should enjoy sleeping with guys (and nor would he want this), but he was looking at the physical or pleasurable differences between having a guy fuck her versus using a dildo. While Jen conceded that having a cock inside her can feel nice (or at least it feels nice when Mike is inside her), the best she could come up with was as to why Mike wouldn’t want to fuck a guy. At first Mike thought that this was quite different, but Jen pointed out that having a guy or a girl sucking him shouldn’t be too different, nor should there be too much difference if Mike were to fuck a guy or a girl in the ass. Likewise, there shouldn’t be any (physical) difference for a gay guy taking a girl’s ass. Unsurprisingly, the discussion came down to (some) people just not liking the idea of doing things with particular genders but we said that we would ask Jen’s Uni friends the next time we went to visit them.

We went out for a brief walk and to have lunch, then returned to the house to try something that we had been considering for a while. Fortunately, Mike doesn’t have any erectile problems just yet (he may be old, but he isn’t that old), but we had purchased some Viagra during the week and set the afternoon aside to try it out and see if it could stand up to the combined sexual appetite of Jen and me. I called shotgun and got to sample his drug-enhanced cock first – as we were just getting started (and to even things out a little as he would be fucking both of us) Jen agreed to sit over his face and let him eat her. Mike let me use his cock as I desired and I mostly just alternated between riding him and grinding back and forth against him (to get good contact with my clit). It felt good, but not really any different than usual (I’m not quite sure what I was expecting) and once I’d cum, I dismounted and let Jen take my place. She rode Mike in pretty much the same way I had (with a bit of direction from me – I am far more used to using his cock than she is after all) and she managed to get off fairly easily too.

So far it hadn’t been much of a test as Mike is quite used to staying hard for a long time and holding back from cumming anyway so we though the only way to test things properly was to get him to cum. It was my turn so I lay on the bed and let Mike take me in a few different positions, sometimes with Jen or him fingering my clit, sometimes with me playing with myself and sometimes just letting his cock do the work. We had a pretty thorough session and even though I didn’t cum (until the end) I could feel that I was being well and truly fucked. When we decided that it was time to finish things off Mike pumped in to me hard while Jen gently caressed my clit and nipples. Mike came first, but not by much and he managed to keep moving inside me after he’d cum – admittedly not in anything like the same way he’d been moving when he was fucking me, but enough that it still felt nice and probably contributed a little to my orgasm.

Jen and I used what has become our alternative method for swapping cum – when Mike pulled out of me, Jen immediately went down on me and lapped out as much of his cum as she could. She then kissed me and transferred his cum to my mouth and I then went down on Jen and used my tongue to push as much of his cum in to her pussy as I could. We know that this probably isn’t really an effective method of having equal amounts of cum in us, but Mike really likes watching us do it and it is less physically demanding than contorting ourselves into positions where the cum can run out of one of us and drip in to the other’s pussy.

We gave Mike a little less time than usual to recover – basically just long enough that his cock wasn’t feeling too sensitive and Jen then took him in her mouth to clean him off. It was then her turn to be fucked and they used a similar combination of positions (but with a fair bit more spanking when Mike was taking her from behind). As he’d just cum, it wasn’t really surprising that Mike managed to fuck her for a similar length of time, but he did seem to be able to be a bit more energetic and fuck her harder than he would otherwise have done so. They finished off with Jen on top of Mike and him fucking her hard through her orgasm and then carrying on a little while until he came. We went through the same cum-transfer method as previously and even though Mike probably didn’t deposit much in her, it was a good excuse to have a messy kiss with Jen and share saliva.

The rest of the day on Saturday was fairly quiet – we went out for a drink that night but didn’t get up to anything until we returned home and had our night-time session. For this, Mike fucked Jen while I sat over her face, facing away from Mike and Jen ate my pussy while Mike lapped at my ass. We used the pussy to pussy method to let any cum drip out of Jen and in to me and it seemed as if the Viagra was still having some effect on Mike as he managed to get hard enough to spoon with me as we went off to sleep.

We stayed in bed again for a fair bit of Sunday morning and had another gentle session, at one point Mike was eating Jen, who was eating me and I was sucking Mike (it’s easier to suck cock in a three way 69 than in the traditional position). He obviously wasn’t allowed to cum in my mouth as this would have been a waste of baby-making cum and as he’d cum inside Jen last time, it was my turn to receive his cum directly. Jen had already eaten me to orgasm (as Mike had done to her) and I wasn’t really ready to cum again straight away so Mike didn’t find it quite as enjoyable as usual, but he seemed to make do and after pumping away inside me he shot his load in to me and I then crouched over Jen’s upturned pussy to share it with her.

When we moved in to our current house, Mike decorated the main bedroom and told Jen that it could be her room, the idea being that I would alternate between the rooms depending on who I was spending the night with. Since Mike and Jen finally started sleeping together, we tend to spend more nights with all of us in the one bed, but we still occasionally have nights were I am with just one or the other of them, in which case I am either in ‘Mike’ or ‘Jen’s’ room. Just to show that I am being fair(ish), Mike and Jen sometimes get to spend a night together alone, but I usually take a few toys in to his room to keep myself amused and have been known to Skype with various people while playing with myself.

After breakfast, we took care of the boring weekly tasks (shopping, ironing, cleaning) and started trying to re-arrange Mike’s room so that it could be used as a nursery. We have wonderful plans that we will be able to take it in turns to sleep in with the baby so that the other two can get a good night’s sleep (and other things once whichever of Jen or I recover from giving birth). Possibly surprisingly for a man (unless I’m just being sexist), Mike finds the thought of us getting pregnant to be quite a turn on and our bending and pushing various bits of furniture around turned in to an opportunity for him to fondle and grope Jen and I quite a bit. Eventually his cock made an appearance, although frustratingly he only used it to slide in to us and fucked us in brief spurts. As you know, it doesn’t really take much to convince me to fuck or cum so after a while, we abandoned the nursery planning and Mike went down on both Jen and I, quickly switching between us every 10-20 seconds. It felt nice, but the stimulation was never long enough to actually cum and I was getting frustrated when Mike let on that this was part of a plan that he and Jen had discussed. Jen wanted to go out for a walk to play properly and Mike had agreed to get me horny enough that I’d agree to anything (I wasn’t actually that desperately turned on, but I’ll agree to most things anyway).

We had a quick lunch and packed up a few things to take with us and after a bus ride, we made it to a little village outside of town and headed up a hill. We’ve walked up this way a few times before so even if I hadn’t known what the plan for the afternoon was I would have probably been able to guess what Jen wanted us to do. Using a stone wall as cover, Jen changed out of her dress in to a t-shirt that was just long enough to cover her crotch (in case we met any other people) and changed her shoes. Like all good hikers, we had plenty of water with us to keep ourselves hydrated and Jen drank plenty of this as we wandered up the hill, with occasional flashes of her ass showing. Once we were high enough to look down on the village, she stood facing downhill and slowly peed, letting the warm liquid run down her legs. She wasn’t trying to cum at this point, but still gently played with herself, both by rubbing the bottom of her shirt against her pussy (leaving a large wet patch) and by fingering herself directly. When we resumed our walk, she drank more and encouraged Mike and I to do the same and we headed for the tree line away from the usual paths that people took.

We went a few of trees deep in to the forest and found a suitable spot to dump our things. Jen sat and began to play with herself a bit more earnestly until Mike decided to help out and pushed her on to her back so he could lick her. As we were mostly here for Jen, I asked if she wanted us to do anything specific or if the plan was just for a general watersports session and was told that she had something specific in mind that she wanted us to do. We had to move a bit to find the ideal place and Mike and I stripped Jen off, lay her down on the ground and set about playing with her. We fingered, licked, fucked, pinched and slapped her while talking dirty to her the whole time. She certainly seemed to be enjoying the attention we were lavishing on her and throughout the session all three of us imbibed even more water. Mike and I used Jen’s pussy to drink out of (she held her ass in the air and we poured water in to her, then drank it as she lowered her ass to the ground) and Jen drank some from me in a similar way (although I sat over her face to let the water run out so a fair bit of it ran over her face and not just in to her mouth). Just so he wasn’t left out, Jen took a few turns sucking Mike, but the plan required him to not be too turned on as he needed to be soft enough to pee when the time came.

We kept playing with Jen for a fair while until it was clear that she desperately wanted to cum and it was time for Mike and I to get in position. We both stripped off (which made it a really thrilling session for me as we were sufficiently close to the edge of the forest that we could see out and down to the houses, so I could imagine that lots of people could see me) and we each climbed up a tree on either side of Jen (this is what we’d been looking for when finding the ‘ideal’ spot). I wasn’t too high up but Mike climbed a fair bit higher (he’s really just a little boy at heart). Jen spread her legs wide and frantically fingered herself with one hand while firmly pulling and tweaking her nipples with her other hand and as her mews became louder and more insistent, Mike and I started to relieve ourselves. We each adjusted our position and direction of urination so both our streams were splashing down over Jen’s body – as we were a reasonable distance from her, our sprays were quite diffuse by the time they reached her, but this was exactly what Jen had wanted as it meant that her whole body was being splashed and not just small areas.

It was hard to vary the force as which we peed while keeping the stream aimed at Jen, but as we knew we only had a finite supply of liquid in us we just maintained a steady pace. Fortunately Jen had been really close to cumming when we started peeing so we had enough to last through her orgasm. Even from up in the trees, it was clear just how much she was enjoying herself, she was mewing away quite loudly and was pumping what looked like all of her fingers in to her pussy. I thought that she might be possibly being a little too loud and that someone might hear, but she was too close for it to be fair to stop her, and it was incredibly arousing watching her be so uninhibited. As she came, I could see her own pee spraying out of her pussy and around her hand, a few times she dropped her hand from her breasts to her pussy and then wiped the mix of our pee over her body and face, but as her orgasm began to ebb, she pulled her fingers from her pussy and just stroked her crotch. Mike and I carried on emptying our bladders over her until we were empty and we then climbed down to survey our work. Jen was soaked but looked very happy – her breasts looked quite pink from the mauling she had given them and even (or maybe especially) in her messy state, she looked irresistible.

Mike obviously agreed with me as he planted himself between her legs and started to eat her. From Jen’s reaction, she was clearly still feeling quite sensitive, but this was apparently part of the plan and between licks, Mike told me that we now had to both fuck her hard and not worry about what sort of mess we ended up in. Being able to be so free sounded very appealing so I threw any remaining caution to the wind (as I tend to do when horny) and mounted Jen’s face. Her tongue eagerly pushed in to my pussy and swirled around inside me and I slid back and forth, smearing my juices over Jen’s face. After Mike had eaten her for a while we changed position and I lay on the ground on my back, Jen lay on her front and ate me and Mike fucked Jen from behind, purposefully pressing her into the dirt and leaves (we brushed away a few twigs and stones so she wouldn’t get cut). Mike fucked her hard and Jen said that she loved the way her breasts were being pressed in to the ground. Needless to say that as we weren’t interrupted, we carried on until we had all cum and then as I was already on my back, Jen stood over me and I raised my pussy for our cum-sharing ritual.

Most of the dirt on my back brushed off but I was still a bit of a mess, nothing compared to Jen though who had dirt properly ground in to her body (her front had still been quite damp when she’d been turned over) and Mike’s lower legs were also fairly filthy. Jen and Mike had planned for this though and brought some towels so we made our way to a nearby stream (taking our things with us) and started to wash ourselves off. This might sound good in theory, but even though it was warm enough to be naked outside (possibly just a little on the chilly side, but not enough to matter when you are ‘distracted’, the stream felt really cold and what was going to be a fun part of the nakedness, turned in to washing ourselves as quickly as possible with the minimal amount of water. Once clean, we quickly got dressed (Jen put her original clothes back on) and we headed straight back to the village to warm up and then head home.

Our evening session was more normal (for us anyway). Mike fucked Jen briefly, but I was the one who finished her off while Mike and I fucked and we started to make plans for Sue’s next visit (although technically it was Mike and Jen who made most of the plans).


  1. The interesting thing is that if Mike's eyes were closed I would bet he couldn't tell the difference between a guy or girl giving him oral or a guy or girl's ass (assuming the guy shaved it...). I would find it hard to believe the same experiment could be done with a girl since they have yet to create a dildo that exactly mirrors the feel of a penis.

    That said I think you're right. It basically comes down to a matter of personal preference for one gender over the other. Here in America with the recent push for gay marriage rights, merely hinting at the fact that someone has a preference against homosexuality would land you on the fast track to being sued or losing your job. I'm not even close to kidding either. It's gone from "each person has a right to choose for themselves" to "each person has a right to choose for themselves but God help you if you decide homosexuality is not your cup of tea".

    It's a sad untenable situation that breeds extremists on both sides but I find the conversation around gender preferences interesting. It appears to me that it has less to do with the physical sensation of one gender over the other (as the previous experiment can easily root out, at least for the males until dildos become more lifelike then they already are) but what an individual finds beautiful. Either a male or female physique, and of course the stereotypes that play along with a gender too. Some people are attracted to the "strong dominant" type and totally put off by the submissive and 'artsy' type and since that is (typically) a male trait that comes into play too. Not always but "gender roles" come into play when shaping what a person finds beautiful or not.

    If you are able (and he is willing) you should see if Mike can tell the difference between a male/female giving oral or male/female anal sex if he is blindfolded etc.

  2. Yes -our conversations have always been about the physical sensation,we understand completely that people are attracted to one or the other gender (or both) on an emotional level. I still hold to my theory that pretty much everyone is bi to some extent - many people may never act on that and indeed many people may never go as far as fancying someone of the same gender (or opposite if gender if they are gay). Being able to let go of preconceptions and experiment helps a lot with this.

    I would class Someone like Sara who lets guys fuck her as a lesbian - I can't imagine her falling in love with a guy,but she now knows that it can feel good to be fucked by one. There are other people I know who would never sleep with someone of the same sex, even if they could *know* beforehand that it would feel physically good.

    Mike has already taken the blow job test (a couple of years ago on holiday) and he acknowledges that it felt just as good having a guy suck him off. As for him trying more - keep reading and he may have done so already (I just haven't got around to writing about it yet)