Tuesday, 25 February 2014

Lis and Lucy August Visit – Part 1

This is another entry that I had written and lost – I’ll try to do my best to recreate it but I still find it hard to be as passionate during a rewrite…

At the end of August Lis and Lucy came for their monthly visit and Lis’ monthly hetero fuck. We met up with them and after a discreet fondle were rewarded with the information that Lis had done as requested and come to visit without panties on. She was told that she would be rewarded for this, but we all knew that we would be rewarding Lucy in pretty much the same way. We stopped off for a drink on the way back to the house and made sure that as we sat chatting, Mike and I took every opportunity to place hands on Lis’ thighs. At first we just touched her there, but that moved on to caressing them and then sliding up a little under her skirt. We didn’t fondle her (other than a couple of light brushes), but we did get her to spread her legs enough that we could have probably done so with ease.

Once back at the house we sat chatting and Mike and I continue to stroke Lis thighs, but now there was nothing to stop us from also caressing her properly. We soon had the top of her dress pulled down and were each playing with one of her nipples while we both fingered and frigged her (sometimes both of us working on her clit or having fingers inside her, sometimes sharing the workload between us). Lis had her legs spread wide so Lucy and Jen could clearly see what we were up to – although Lucy was a little distracted as Jen was kissing and fondling her too. We couldn’t see as much as Lucy still had her panties on, but if previous weekends were anything to go by, we knew that we’d see enough of her (Mike and Jen contend that it isn’t technically possibly to see ‘enough’ of Lucy). I knew that I was spending the night with Lis but it hadn’t been decided where Mike would go. Lucy said that she didn’t mind if he slept with her and Jen - on the usual provision that sleeping (and watching) was all that he did. As much as he wanted to fuck Lis, he knew he’d get enough chances to do this. Again Mike contends that there is no such thing as ‘enough chances’ to fuck his little lesbian, but I disagree as he can’t cum more than three (or four on a good day) times.

He knelt and sampled Lis before we all headed off to bed. I had expected him to eat her to orgasm, but he was considerate and saved Lis’ first cum of the weekend for me. He didn’t even stick his cock in her, but when we stood up to go upstairs, he did pull my skirt down, briefly eat me and then slide in to me. He only moved in me for a few strokes before pulling out and told Lis he was saving his cum for her. Lis (who now quite likes teasing Mike) took the head of his cock in her mouth and sucked him clean before telling him that she would have to consider whether to let him fuck her or not. Mike was fairly confident that she would (this wasn’t him being big-headed, we all knew that Lis wanted to help out with our attempts to get pregnant by milking his cum out of his cock and sharing it with Jen and me).

Lis and I headed up first and as we finished in the bathroom Mike, Jen and Lucy came up. Trying to fit us all in the bathroom was difficult, but part of the game was that we all had to squeeze past each other and to give us lots of opportunity for ‘accidental’ groping as we reached for things. Mike used the head of his electric toothbrush to buzz Lis’, Jen’s and my clits. He obviously wasn’t allowed to do Lucy, but she played along and took it from him to push in to her panties before handing it back for him to use. Mike spent a while rubbing his cock between Lis’ ass cheeks and she pushed back against him – we’re pretty sure that if he’d tried to fuck her she would have forgotten about teasing him and let him do it but Mike held back so I could taste her properly. Before we parted company, I had a quick lick of Lucy and she did the same to me and Jen and Lis exchanged juices in the same way. I then took Lis in to Mike’s room while Mike, Jen and Lucy headed in to the master bedroom (Jen’s room).

Lis was understandably horny by the time we got in to bed and I was more than happy to feed her lust. We fell on each other and kissed while humping, then fingers got involved and we moved on to eating each other. I made sure not to let her cum as I ate her as I enjoyed having her is such a worked up state. To finish off, we buried a double ended dildo between us and scissored, pulling ourselves against each other as we alternated between grinding our pussies together and riding the dildo so they slapped together. As you would expect, Lis was quite energetic and eagerly fucked me and (as you would also expect) she came first. I didn’t want her orgasm to be too intense so we could go for round two so I asked her to play with my clit as I humped against her until I came.

I tried to climb on top of her to kiss her while keeping the dildo in us, but this doesn’t work with the shorter dildos and it flicked out of me and bounced its way out of Lis. I didn’t care too much as I wanted to have her in a more intimate way for round two and after we had kissed for a while I told her to climb over me so I could eat her beautiful little pussy. Even though I use this position very frequently with Jen, I still consider it very intimate (at least with Jen and Lis) and as Lis’ rapid feathery licks covered my pussy and clit, I pushed my tongue between her lips so I could taste and inhale her odour. We took things slower this time and savoured the opportunity to properly enjoy what we were doing. I lapped around Lis’ ass a couple of times and she did the same to me but we managed to keep up a fairly steady pace up until we were close to cumming. Only then did we start to lick harder and faster, moaning and panting in to each other’s pussies. I let Lis make me cum first this time so I could then make her cum without having to worry about continuing to eat me. I held her lips apart and swirled my tongue around, both outside and inside her pussy (and obviously across her clit). Lis came with a series of cute little ‘mmm’s and when she tried to pull away I immediately slowed down and kitty kissed her. She started doing the same to me and when we separated she apologised for not having kitty kissed me between me cumming and her cumming but I told her I didn’t care as long as she had enjoyed herself.

In Jen’s room, Mike had been treated to another evening of watching Jen and Lucy. They had quickly stripped off and fallen in to bed. Jen lay on her back and got Lucy to sit over her face so that Mike could at least partially participate by eating Jen while he watched. He wasn’t allowed to make her cum though as this was left for Lucy to do. He didn’t just eat her and also got Lucy to hold Jen’s legs up in the air so he could slide in to Jen and fuck her. As she was so wet, he ended up giving her quite a good pounding, but he completely avoided her clit so there was no chance of her cumming. With the added benefit of watching Jen eat Lucy, Mike said that he could have easily cum at any point, but he pulled out while he still had sufficient restraint to stop and sat back to watch as Lucy leant forwards in to a 69 position and took over stimulating Jen. He moved up to the head of the bed and peeked around Lucy’s ass to watch as Jen ate her and he gently stroked himself (very gently as he knew he could still cum quite easily).

He had calmed down a bit by the time Jen and Lucy both came (he was still hard, but no longer on the verge of cumming) and after they had chatted for a while he asked Lucy if she would help him give Jen another orgasm. Lucy was up for this and they spent a while playing with Jen’s nipples with Mike encouraging Lucy to bite or pinch them harder, which Jen really likes but most (nice) people won’t do as firmly as she enjoys as they think it would hurt her. It definitely had the desired effect as when they started to finger her, she was sufficiently wet that her pussy made some loud slurping sounds. They each fed Jen her own juices and added some to Jen’s breasts to make the continued nipple play more interesting. To finish off, Mike fetched a vibe from the cupboard and he spooned Jen and used the vibe on her clit while Lucy continued to work on her nipples. As they worked on her, Mike whispered in Jen’s ear about how Lucy was going to see her cum. Jen didn’t really need any verbal help though given what they were doing to her and she came sufficiently loudly that Lis and I heard her in the other room (we were 69ing at that point). Jen’s nipples looked quite pink and sore (she didn’t think they were sore though) so Mike rubbed some of Jen’s juices over them to sooth them and got Lucy to add some of her own to the mix. Mike then kissed Jen’s nipples gently to help them but Lucy called him out and said that he was only doing that to taste her juices. Mike owned up to this and said that as he wasn’t allowed to eat her, he would take what he got and as thanks for her orgasm, Jen reached between Lucy’s legs and fingered her then let Mike suck her fingers clean.

Jen dared Lucy to try one more thing before they went to bed and retrieved the stick on dildo from the cupboard. She moistened the suction cup and stuck it to the window, asking Lucy if she would fuck it. Lucy asked how much would be visible from outside and agreed to give it a try on the condition that the lights were turned off. Once Mike had done this, Lucy backed herself on to the dildo and started to slide back and forth against it, commenting on how cold the glass felt when she pushed herself sufficiently far down the dildo that her ass made contact with the window. Jen reached under Lucy and played with her clit, but decided it would be hotter to watch Lucy get herself off so she gave her a vibrating egg to use on her clit and Mike and Jen retired to the bed. Lucy said a couple of times that she couldn’t believe she was doing this, but carried on regardless. Mike pushed in to Jen again and moved in her as they discussed how they would love to be on the other side of the window watching. Lucy continued using the dildo and vibe until she came and then shakily walked back to the bed and said that she needed sleep.

As he hadn’t cum, Mike was able to spoon with Jen as they fell asleep (but not before he gave the dildo on the window a suck to clean Lucy’s juices off of it). Jen dozed off very quickly (apparently her second orgasm had taken a lot out of her) so Mike chatted to Lucy for a bit, but kept gently moving in Jen to stay hard. He really wanted to cum by this point but he held back and once Lucy was asleep he imagined fucking Lucy to keep himself hard until he drifted off. He woke up in the middle of the night when I made a trip to the bathroom and got hard again quickly so he slid back in to Jen (the advantage of a girl who is always wet) and gently fucked her. He did this without waking her (or Lucy) but wasn’t too energetic as he still felt like he could cum very easily. I wasn’t as restrained when I climbed back in to bed though and I carefully crawled under the covers and positioned myself by Lis’ pussy. I then attacked her, planted my mouth on her cunt and held myself in place as I lashed her clit and pussy. Lis woke up with a start but I held on tight and ate her until she came, at which point I crawled up behind her and snuggled her as she caught her breath. I didn’t say a word to her and just hugged her and caressed her nipples as she calmed down.

On the Saturday morning, Mike woke first and saw Jen on her back with Lucy curled up against her and one of her arms draped over Jen’s body. He crawled under the covers, pulled Jen’s legs apart and woke her in a much gentler way than I had done with Lis in the night. By pushing the covers up he could glance across and see Lucy’s naked body beside Jen’s. He lapped away at Jen’s pussy until he heard her little ‘mews’ and knew that she was close to cumming, but instead of holding back this time he continued eating her until he felt her arch her body and felt her push back against his face. He lapped up the juices that oozed out of her and speared her hard once before climbing out from under the covers and kissing her while he pushed his cock in to her cunt. Lucy watched them kiss and Mike told her that he couldn’t take it anymore and that he would leave them in peace while he went to see Lis and me. Lucy thought that as Jen had just cum that she might not want to do anything, but Jen didn’t intend to waste an opportunity to fuck her friend so after a couple of minutes of recovery time Jen started to kiss and fondle Lucy, which resulted in them fingering and humping against each other until they came, followed by Jen kitty kissing Lucy.

Fortunately for Mike, Lis and I had already finished our session by the time he came to see us. Lis had actually eaten me awake (trying to get revenge for my midnight assault on her), but I wasn’t as soundly asleep as she had been so I started to stir before she even made contact with my pussy. I let her lick me for a while and then pulled her up beside me and told her I wanted to look her in the eye as we came. We’ve done this before and I still think it is both very intimate and sensual (and quite difficult). Lis and I kissed and fondled each other (probably in a way not too differently from the session Lucy and Jen had just afterwards) until I told her I was getting close. Lis eased off on me so that I could help her catch up and once we were both near orgasm, we went for it. We weren’t aiming to cum together, this time we had to concentrate on not breaking eye contact the whole way through our orgasms. I still came first, but I carried on rubbing and fingering Lis as I started in to her eyes. Other than glancing away once, I managed to stare at Lis the whole time and once my orgasm ended I told her I loved her and kissed her deeply. When I pulled away I asked how close she was and she told me to just keep going a little longer, then said she was cumming. She glanced away a couple of times but I told her to look at me each time so I could watch the desire and pleasure in her eyes. Lis blushed a little as the intensity of my stare but kept looking in to my eyes as her mouth silently opened and closed a few times. When her orgasm ended, she pulled me to her and we kissed deeply again and caressed each other’s bodies for a while.

I’m quite sure we would have gone for round two if Mike hadn’t appeared. He entered his room with his cock fully erect and it didn’t take much to guess what he was there for. I reached over and used his cock to pull him to the bed. He possibly felt a little harder than usual, but that may have been my imagination as I assumed he would have been enjoying watching Jen and Lucy fuck. I didn’t really have to ask which of us he wanted and told him that he could borrow Lis for a while, but I wanted her back in one piece. He told Lis that he needed to fuck her and she told him to go ahead, but he went down on her first so he could taste her properly before he polluted her with his cum. Lis squirmed around a fair bit and let out stuttering pants as he ate her – I asked her to describe what he was doing and she told me that he was being quite forceful and direct, sucking on her clit, plunging his tongue in to her pussy (I asked her to tell me that bit again and use ‘cunt’, which she did). Mike speared Lis a couple of times just so he could hear her say that he was licking her ass, but as her breathing became heavier her descriptions became more sparse so I played with her breasts to help things along. Lis had her second fairly decent orgasm of the morning and lay panting on the bed. Mike crawled up beside her and kissed her, then asked if she was ready to fuck.

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