Friday, 28 February 2014

Lis and Lucy August Visit – Part 2

Lis said that she needed a moment to recover and Mike gave this to her while he ran his fingers u and down his body and rubbed his cock against her thigh and hip. Once she was ready he gave her the choice of position and she opted to stay on her back. Mike mounted Lis and slipped in to her, starting with just the head and pushing in a little further with each stroke until he was buried all the way inside her. She pulled him to her and I watched as they kissed. Mike partially lifted his body up so I could watch as his cock slid in and out of Lis and I reached down between them to caress them both as they fucked. I could easily play with Lis’ clit like this and each time Mike pushed fully in to Lis my hand was pressed against her firmly. Lis really liked the way this felt and I settled on using a quick side to side movement on her clit, only touching her lightly apart from when my hand was pressed against her.

They didn’t stay in that position for the whole session – Mike rolled them both over so Lis was on top and he briefly fucked her hard and fast while I caressed her ass. I then got Mike to spoon with Lis so I could lick them both as they fucked. They enjoyed this and if Lis hadn’t already cum a couple of times that morning I would probably have been allowed to make her cum. I kept my face close to her pussy and spread her lips to watch closely as Mike’s cock fucked her and couldn’t resist reaching down to my own crotch and playing with myself. Lis reached over and helped out, but I knew I was being selfish and told her that she should concentrate on Mike. I moved out of the way to let them continue properly and as Mike didn’t want to draw things out too much they started on the final stretch. Lis lay on her back again, but this time she half wrapped her legs around Mike as he fucked her. I caressed the closest of her legs and Mike asked if I would do ‘that thing with her clit’ that I’d been doing before (he hadn’t been able to see exactly what I’d been doing, but he could tell Lis had liked it). I pushed my hand back between their bodies (which wasn’t as easy now Lis had her legs drawn up) and frigged her. Mike used long strokes and kissed Lis’ neck while asking her if she wanted him to cum in her. Lis has learned enough about our sex play now and told him that she wanted him to cum deep inside her and to fill her cunt with his cum. Mike kept telling her that he wanted to feel her cumming for him and asking how close she was – between my rigging and his fucking, her orgasm built very quickly and her orgasm started. Mike later said that he had to restrain himself from just pumping away rapidly in her as he had been holding back, but he knew that he could maintain the same pace and cum fairly easily (which he did). He pushed in to her with firmer strokes a number of times as he told her he was cumming and to take his cum deep into her cunt. Lis pulled him against her with her legs and I watched as they kissed messily and panted in to each other’s mouths.

I’m now quite used to seeing the two people I love most having sex (Mike and Jen) but I still find it very arousing watching him or Jen fuck Lis. Mike knows this (and the fact that I had a hand between my legs was probably another clue) but he said I’d have to wait to be satisfied. He pulled out and Lis carefully held her push shut as we made our way in to Lucy and Jen. Once there, Mike said he wanted to impregnate us both so he lay down on the bed, got Lis to sit over him, stuck his mouth against her clit and licked and sucked until he’d gotten as much of his cum out of her as possible. Jen and I then had to lie down and Lis and Lucy helped to hold our legs in the air while Mike spread us wide and spat his cum in to the depths of our cunts. He then got Lis and Lucy to finger me and Jen respectively to help work the cum right in to us.

This led on to the inevitable baby talk and what plans we had (nothing had really changed since the last time we’d discussed this with Lucy and Lis). They were really looking forward to being ‘aunts’ and Mike once again told Lucy that if she decided she wanted to have a child herself, he would more than happily volunteer to impregnate her. This morphed into a re-hash of the conversation Mike, Jen and I’d had a few weeks previously about the difference between a cock and a good dildo for a lesbian, the difference between a girl or guy sucking a guy off the difference between a girl’s and guy’s ass for another guy to fuck (straight or gay). Mike pointed out that he’d now been sucked off by a couple of guys and that he’d licked Ashraf while he’d been fucking me so he had experimented a fair bit. Lucy conceded that he had gone a fair way with hand jobs and oral (although not sucked a guy off) but asked if he would consider trying fucking a guy’s ass. Mike wasn’t sure about this (and this is where we come to the difference of physical sensation vs. sexual preference) but said that he might consider it one day, just not yet.

As we’d been discussing the difference between girls having cocks and dildos inside them, the issue of Lucy not having touched a real cock since she came out to her school friends came up (and her experiences were very limited before that point). Given the games that we’ve gotten up to over the past few years, both with her Uni friends and since we’ve started our private session, she has obviously *seen* far more than her fair share of cock (both by itself and in action) but she hasn’t actually examined one up close. Mike naturally offered his services and I was surprised when she took him up on this (not as surprised as he was though). Mike told Lucy that she could examine him as much as she wanted and he made himself comfortable. I told him that he should really let her start off with him being soft (and pointed out that I doubted he would be soft once she touched him) so he got us to talk about random things for a few minutes while he concentrated on the least sexy things he could think of. Once he’d gone semi-hard (that was the best he could manage given the girl of his masturbatory dreams was about to touch him), Lucy moved closer and started the examination.

As I was the person with the most experience with cocks there (or most experienced girl anyway – although I would bet that my total experience is now almost comparable to Mike’s experience in wanking himself off) I showed Lucy what I knew. Having studied biology, she obviously knows the technicalities of a penis, but I pointed out where he was most sensitive, how the skin could be pulled back, the contrast between the hardness of the shaft and the soft skin (this is why I like the silicone coated vibes so much as they feel quite similar to a real cock). Mike did a reasonable job of not getting fully hard, but once Lucy started to trace her fingers up and down his shaft and I showed her the spot just under the glans that I use to get him off with just one finger he gave up and he rapidly went to full mast. Lucy stroked him a bit longer and had a pretty thorough exploration, but she didn’t carry on and make him cum (nobody had really expected that she would do this). Mike asked if he was allowed to look at her and she surprised us once again by saying that it was only fair he should get a chance to do so, but he was given strict limits on what he could do (fingers only, but nothing inside her or trying to get her off).

She swapped places with him, spread her legs and Mike crawled between them. Mike has seen Lucy up close a few times before, although that was usually when she was doing things with Jen or me. Lucy was clearly a little embarrassed about Mike examining her so closely, but she did quite well and let him spread her lips to examine her inner lips and then even let him spread her completely so he could look right up inside her. She allowed him to feel her inner lips and to stroke his fingers over her clit a couple of times (but no more). Mike put his face right up to her pussy (without touching it) and inhaled her scent but waited until he had finished before he tasted her from his fingers. Lucy asked if he was satisfied and I pointed out that from the look of his cock he was far from satisfied, but he thanked her for trusting him. (Looking at it objectively, given that she trusts him to share a bed with her and not try anything and to fuck her fiancé, then I guess it wasn’t too surprising that she let him examine her in this way.)

We headed down to have breakfast and discussed Lis and Lucy’s wedding plans. It was also a good opportunity to capitalise on Mike being so turned on from Lucy’s examination and as we ate I occasionally teased his cock with a hand and at one point sat on his lap and ground against him. Jen joined in as well, but neither of us let him fuck us (it isn’t fair that he gets to tease us all the time). We assumed that he would want to take Lis again so once we’d finished eating, Jen, Lucy and I headed up to shower, leaving Lis to receive the brunt of his passion.

As Lucy had been more adventurous than usual, Jen and I felt that she should be rewarded (which was the other reason we had wanted to both shower with her). Lucy quickly realised this as our ‘washing’ quickly moved on to caressing. It was a bit of a squeeze with the three of us in the shower, but we found a fairly comfortable position with me leaning back against the wall and holding on to Lucy while Jen knelt and ate her. I reached around to caress Lucy’s breasts and as the session progressed, reached down to her ass with a hand and initially caressed and then penetrated her ass with a finger. Lucy is still a bit embarrassed about anal play, but not to the extent that she asked me to stop and by the time she came I had my finger in her up to the second knuckle, gently fucking her ass. Once Lucy had cum, Jen used the pulse setting on her pussy (not directly on her clit) and I kissed Lucy while caressing her breasts. I could have happily stayed in the shower for longer, but we didn’t want to use all the hot water (and as you’ll see, it was a good job we didn’t).

While we’d been showering, Mike had remained downstairs with Lis and had taken her in a few positions around the kitchen. He had gotten her to sit up on the counter and eaten her, describing how this had been one of our signature positions at the sex parties and how I had loved having everyone watch me cum. He fucked her against the sink, from the front and behind and fingered her as she stroked his cock. To finish off the first part of their session, he had gotten her to lie up on the table and had licked her while using a banana and some yoghurt to fuck her while he ate her. Once she’d cum, Lis stayed up on the table with the banana sticking out of her pussy and Mike admired the view. He was still hard and asked Lis if she was up for putting on a show for everyone, to which she tentatively replied that she was, depending on what he had in mind. He gave her a brief outline and she agreed so he removing the banana, got her to spread her lips and he started to spoon the yoghurt in to her cunt. He carried on spooning it in to her, occasionally giving her pussy a few licks to keep the outside area clean and got her to wiggle around a few times to help the yoghurt settle inside her, allowing him to add more. Lis could feel the inside of her pussy getting colder and colder but Mike assured her that it would feel good (based on my past testimony) and when they heard the shower stop, they called us down to witness their show.

We appeared in the kitchen with just towels draped around our bodies and watched as Mike took a few energetic licks of Lis’ pussy and then got her to wiggle forwards to the edge of the table. She kept a hand on her pussy as she did this, but it wasn’t until Mike positioned his cock at the entrance to her cunt and pushed in to her that we figured out why they had called us down. With the first few strokes, a huge amount of yoghurt squirted out of Lis’ cunt and ran down her ass and Mike’s legs. He fucked her hard and fast at first and Lis’ pussy made a lot of sloppy noises as the yoghurt was pushed out. Mike rubbed the yoghurt over her thighs, ass and breasts, then up over her face and neck and played with her clit as he carried on fucking her. The torrent of yoghurt exiting her pussy had slowed down, but they were both sufficiently covered that their bodies made a hot slapping sound as they pumped against each other. Mike kept fucking Lis hard while playing with her breasts and clit and she just held on to the table with her legs spread and told him to keep going. I asked Lucy if she thought she could cum again, but after her shower orgasm she said that she was spent so we just watched (we should have probably tried anyway). Lis cane and Mike came in her shortly afterwards, but he pulled out fairly quickly and re-inserted the banana that he had used earlier on her. Lis stayed up on the table and let Lucy, Jen and I examine the mess that they had made and as she had the banana in her, it only seemed fair to have a quick go at using it on her. I then donated my towel to let Lis and Mike wipe the worst of the mess off so they could go up and shower without covering the house and volunteered to clean up while Jen and Lucy got dressed.

Mike showered out Lis very thoroughly and as the water warmed her up, he gave her another brief eating. Once I was alone, I started to wipe up the mess, but then sat and pushed the banana that had been used in Lis into my own pussy and started to fuck myself with it. I pictured Lis lying back on the table, covered in yoghurt and lowered my mouth to the mess on the table that had come out of her. I lapped at the yoghurt for a bit and then sat back in the chair and pumped the banana in and out of my cunt while frigging myself, using a little of the yoghurt as lube. I decided to keep what I was doing a secret so remained fairly quiet and stifled my moans as I came (even Mike and Jen only found out about my little session when I wrote up this entry). Once I’d cum I gently fucked myself with the banana a bit more and then put it back in the fruit bowl before quickly cleaning up and heading up to get dressed.

As usual, Jen went without underwear and I just wore a bra. Lis joined Jen and wore nothing under her outfit and unusually, Lucy agreed to go out without any panties on (but she wore a longer dress than the three of us). Despite our state of dress, we were relatively well behaved while out, although Mike did gently fondle both Lis and Jen over lunch and I got Lucy to play with me a little. She wasn’t brave enough to let me reciprocate, but I did get Lucy in to a changing room a little later on in the afternoon to have a brief finger. I got as far as using a dildo in her but she wouldn’t let me make her cum in case the people in the cubicle next to us heard. I did force her to let me eat her for a bit, but I honoured her wish to remain unfulfilled and as I gave her a final fingering I told her that we would make up for it once we got home. We couldn’t leave town without giving Jen her daily caffeine fix though and as we drank, Lis and I sat facing each other with our legs crossed and spread wide so we could see up each other’s skirts. A couple of times we each pulled our skirts higher so we were even more exposed, but the place was sufficiently crowded that we couldn’t remain that exposed for too long at any one time so we had to cover ourselves between opportunities.


  1. Good to see Mike getting over his hand up with cum. I was also that way for the longest time but my wife really enjoys having me eat her out after I have cum in her and has become regular part of our sex play since. Also saves her a trip to clean up after we have sex.

    If you all our curious, why don't you have Jen try using a strap on on Mike as he fucks you. My wife enjoys pegging me and it is extremely hard not to cum when you have something pushing down on your prostate as you fuck.

    1. It's not that he wouldn't eat us if we had his cum in us, he just prefers the taste without the added jizz. I prefer having his cum on or in me after we've fucked and almost never go to 'clean up'.

      Mike has actually tried things in his ass (which I will write about in due course) but it isn't really his thing.