Saturday, 1 February 2014

The Prodigal Daughter –Part 2

I sat with the brush still sticking out of my pussy and gave myself a minute to recover (so I wasn’t as obviously flushed). Unfortunately the arrangement of changing room meant that I wasn’t easily able to see myself in the mirror (it’s nice to masturbate occasionally while watching yourself), but I had a side view so I swivelled around and took a picture to show Jen and Mike (and probably Sue) later on. I then proceeded to dress myself and headed out to find the others. On my way towards the door a guy stepped in my way and when I tried to get around him he asked me to go with him for a little talk. He led me in to the back of the shop and I was sure that either someone had seen what I had been doing and reported me. As such, I was understandably nervous, which probably confirmed the suspicions the guy had about me, but fortunately once we were in the office he told me that he had noticed I had spent quite a while in the changing room but hadn’t bought anything and that he suspected that I was shoplifting.

I felt a wave of relief wash over me as I knew I hadn’t been discovered and actually began to feel a bit put out by his accusation (which probably wasn’t fair as my behaviour probably was a bit suspicious). He told me to empty my bag out on the table so I did (and I was quit glad that I didn’t have any obvious sex toys in it). I told him crossly that I didn’t have anything from the store and tossed my jacket over to him so he could check. He said that he would go and fetch one of the female managers to search me and I acted even crosser and told him not to bother as I pulled my top off. I threw it on to the table, quickly undid my bra and tossed it on to my top and then yanked my skirt down without even undoing the zip (which hurt a little, but at least I don’t have hips as large as Lis’) and then kicked off my shoes. I stood there naked and he was obviously somewhat shocked so I reached down and spread my pussy and asked (in an outraged tone) if he wanted to do a cavity search to make sure I wasn’t smuggling any clothes out.

He acted a bit flustered and said that it was fine but by this point I was enjoying myself so I remained naked while I complained that he had unfairly accused me of theft and while I demanded an apology. To his credit, he did apologise but justified what he’d done by reiterating that I’d been in the changing rooms for a while. Once I had accepted his apology I sat on the edge of the table and lifted one foot up so I could refasten my shoe and then did the same with the other foot. I knew full well that this gave him a good view of my pussy and I made sure that I then dropped my bra when I picked it up off the table so I could bend over and give him an eyeful from behind. As I slowly dressed myself, I wondered if I would have been able to get him to apologise to me in a more interesting way, but I had noticed a wedding ring so I had no intention of trying to fuck him (technically I shouldn’t have been teasing him either, but we’ll gloss over that detail).

I walked out and went to find the others and then on to a coffee shop so I could explain in detail why I had taken so long. They had just though that I’d been going for a multiple masturbation session and Mike was quite surprised that I’d had the self-control to not either masturbate for the guy or to get him to try and fuck (or at least finger) me. They discreetly passed round my phone to look at the image I’d taken in the changing room. It had certainly added a new twist to our long-time game of changing-room-cumming and I wondered if there was any way to engineer a repeat of the event another time (so I had time to plan my response to the accusations and try to get an even better outcome). Jen said that she wouldn’t have known what to do in that situation (unless it had been a hot, young, female security person) and Mike bet Sue that she wouldn’t have dared to do what I did. He was obviously trolling her, but Sue falls for this sort of thing fairly easily and said that she would have stripped naked, spread herself to let the guy see she had nothing inside her and then got him to fuck her ‘just so he could check there was nothing stuffed all the way up inside’. Mike and Jen both said that since Sue had become so adventurous, we should put her to the test at some point to see just how much she would be willing to do – I felt a bit sorry for her when they said this as I know full well what their ‘tests’ can be like, but I also knew they wouldn’t actually do anything to harm her so decided to just sit back and watch.

We headed home a little later and Jen and Sue went upstairs under the pretext of having a little rest, but it was so Jen could have some more alone time with Sue (as it would be Mike’s turn to have Sue later that night). Jen gave Sue a really thorough licking and even got her to kneel up on the bed so she could rim her (Jen rarely does this to me). She made Sue cum fairly quickly the first time, but dragged things out for her second orgasm (which included the rimming and well as Jen fucking Sue with her hair). I went up to see them later on and found them asleep with Jen curled up with her arms around Sue and her head on Sue’s chest – I considered calling Mike up to see as it looked very cute, but it would have been difficult to explain to Mum ‘Mike, come and see Jen passed out on Sue after their session…’.

Once we’d had dinner, the four of us went out to the pub for a drink and a chat. As you would expect we took advantage of the warm weather and dressed in light summer clothes. Sue wore a very light dress and was intending on wearing panties under it, but Mike and Jen reminded her of how daring she had claimed to be and she was quickly persuaded to leave them in the drawer and go commando (just as Jen and I were doing). They also tried to get her to go without a bra, but as Sue and I are similarly endowed, she insisted on keeping it on.

We headed in to town and found a decent place to sit, drink and chat. As is often the case, we attracted some male attention as there was just Mike and three girls – he sat with his arm around Jen or his hand on her thigh to signal that she was with him (it’s easier than explaining that she is gay and is less likely to frighten off any potential playmates). Sue and I dared each other to show off more and more of ourselves – we weren’t being blatantly obvious as there were quite a few people around, but we both let our skirts ride up fairly high as we moved around and I gave a couple of guys a decent ass shot when I bent over to pick something up. This wasn’t really enough for Mike and Jen though who reminded Sue that she said she would be properly adventurous so once we had selected a couple of guys (which just involved chatting to them more so they realised we were interested), we moved on to another place and took them with us. Sue and I acted as if we were getting quite drunk and started to make out with the guys and gave them strong hints that they could go further by pushing their hands against our breasts and between our legs to encourage them to fondle us. Naturally, we reciprocated and it was fairly easy to tell that the guy fondling me was enjoying what he was doing as he had a decent sized bulge in his trousers – I tried to unzip them to get my hand in but he didn’t want me doing that in the club (even though he’d been fingering me) so I suggested we head out and find somewhere a little more private to play.

We didn’t have to go far as we found a suitable alleyway. Mike and Jen came with us and they made out while Sue and I were kissed and groped by our respective partners (for the session). Now that we weren’t surrounded by people, my guy no longer stopped me as I pushed my hand in to his trousers and gripped his cock. He pushed a hand between my legs and fingers in to my pussy and I decided to set the rules before things went any further. Between kisses I told him that I couldn’t fuck him, but that I would happily blow him and he seemed okay with this so I knelt down, quickly rolled a condom on to his cock and took him in my mouth. From what I could see (it was quite dark) Sue was getting on quite well with her guy too as he had his face buried in her breasts. I took a break from sucking to ask her if she was going to let him fuck her but didn’t wait for her reply. She knew that she was meant to prove herself and the next time I looked over she was up against the wall with the guy pumping in to her from behind.

I felt a little sorry for the guy I was sucking so I told him that if he wanted, he could have a go in Sue as well. Sue’s partner wasn’t as keen on this (as it meant he had to stop) but I helped to convince him by telling him that he could keep is cock nice and warm in my mouth until it was his turn again. I actually ended up kissing him for a while as my guy slid in to Sue and fucked her. Sue’s guy fingered me (he was better than my guy had been) and my breasts ended up fully exposed to his mouth and hands. I stroked his cock and wished I could have let him slide in to me, but I intended to stick to my ‘no fucking guys’ rule until I was back on the pill so ended up just crouching down and sucking him while playing with my pussy. They swapped back and forth a couple of times and their cocks went between my mouth and Sue’s cunt. I considered telling them that we were sisters, but things were going well enough as they were so I decided to leave it. I made sure that they didn’t just fuck Sue but played with her and stimulated her as well – her guy seemed to be more experienced (or just better) as he actually made her cum and I sped up my frigging so I could enjoy myself properly as well. I told him to keep fucking her until he came and told my guy that I was happy to suck him until he came, but said I didn’t mind if he wanted to use Sue’s cunt to finish off in.

Once Sue’s guy had cum and pulled out, I reached over and unzipped Sue’s skirt so it slid down her legs and asked my guy where he wanted to finish off – he moved over behind Sue and pushed in to her, then proceed to quickly pump in and out until he also came. I think I helped him to cum as I finished myself off and came openly while he was fucking Sue (loud enough for him to hear, but not enough to be heard out in the street – probably). He pulled out. Sue crouched down beside me to catch her breath. I leant over and gave her a little kiss and whispered that she had done well. I saw that Mike and Jen had finished and assumed that we were done, but Jen asked the guys if they had enjoyed Sue’s cunt and then went on to tell them just how much of a little slut she was and how she would do anything to cum. I recognised Jen’s behaviour from back when she was pushing me to do more things (she is a large part of the reason I went from someone who enjoys sex to someone who is willing to cum in front of others) so I wasn’t surprised when she told Sue to stand up and strip off so we could all see her. Nor was I that surprised when she told me to join in and I correctly guessed that as Sue had hesitated, this was meant to spur Sue on to ‘beat’ (or at least match) me in how far I would go.

We weren’t in quite as secluded spot as I’d have liked to strip fully, but we hadn’t been interrupted so far and I was curious to see where Jen would take things so I stood up and slowly pulled my top and bra off (they had been bunched around my waist anyway so hadn’t been providing any cover) and then slipped my skirt down. As expected, Sue copied what I did and we were soon both standing with just our shoes on. We were instructed to play with ourselves so I cupped a breast with one hand and lifted it to my mouth so I could suck on the nipple while I slid my other hand down between my legs and between my lips. I overacted slightly as I played with myself and Jen told Sue and I to kiss each other and play with each other’s breasts. I suspected that Jen was going to try to get us to do a lot more with each other, but fortunately just she came over to us, told us to stand beside each other up against the wall and then fingered us both at the same time. Maybe it was just because they’d cum already, but the guys didn’t seem too interested in doing much more so we said goodbye to them and quickly got dressed before we headed home.

On the way back, Sue was teased for having had two guys cum in her, but congratulated for being so bold and enjoying herself. I told her that as a reward (and as it made things easier), I would let her keep all of Mike’s cum that night (which also meant that Jen and I wouldn’t be disturbed once we were in bed). The walk home was quite nice and we stopped to enjoy the warm weather, at which point Mike got Sue to wipe some of his cum off Jen’s thighs and out of her pussy and push it in to my cunt (just to ensure our odds of getting pregnant stayed about equal). Once home, we headed up to bed, but Mike and Sue took up a plate of brownies and some hot chocolate so they could have a ‘girly sleepover’ night. This partly reinforced the impression of the innocent relationship between Mike and Sue (Mum knows that he sees her as a little sister), but we knew that they intended to use the chocolate in a non-very-innocent way.


  1. Are you interested in doing things properly with Sue?

    1. It all depends on what you mean by 'doing things properly'. There isn't much we haven't done as we will happily kiss and play with breasts, have fingered each other and shared dildos/vibes. Technically I have already licked Sue - although this was a by-product of licking Mike who was rubbing up against her.

      We've agreed not to do proper oral on each other (although Mike and Jen would desperately love to see us do this). I think if things were to develop further, it would be a heat of the moment thing - we were playing and just got carried away,ass opposed to making a conscious decision to do things.

      Mostly as long as Mike and Jen can do things with both of us I think they will be happy - we have gone a little further than I've written about so far, but we;ll get to that soon.

  2. Wow. I'm surprised you didn't end up arrested in the store.
    To be fair, anyone with half a brain in retail would have suspected you of shoplifting. No offense but your behavior couldn't have been more text-book, so I don't blame the guy.
    If you were in the states and responded that way you DEFINITELY would have been arrested probably for indecent exposure and aggravated assault and a host of other charges. (In the USA 'assault' is the legal term for yelling & screaming, it's 'battery' that is the physical part. Usually they are combined together "assault and battery" as almost nobody attacks someone without some sort of yelling) I'm not quite sure about the laws over there but I'm fairly certain "crazy lady stripping down, throwing garments, exposing herself and screaming" is not exactly legal. Thank goodness he didn't have the wherewithal to call the police, though I would suggest not returning to that particular establishment.

    In the future you should take into account the whole "am I looking like a shoplifter" thing. Being caught in a sexual act can usually be weaseled out of (due to embarrassment factors of the other party) but shoplifting and minor theft suspicion is a different ball game entirely.

    We just want you to be safe and that was definitely too close of a call for comfort. Had the gambit not worked out things could have gone very bad very quickly.

    1. I wasn't yelling and screaming at him, but I'm aware that undressing probably wasn't a good idea. I was hoping that it would both demonstrate I didn't have anything on under my clothes (which it did) and it would also surprise the guy enough that he would let me go (which it also did). We've done many things that have been quite risky and I know that we have to moderate our behaviour as none of us actually want to get caught (or more specifically arrested - the thrill of being caught is a large part of the excitement).