Tuesday, 4 February 2014

The Prodigal Daughter –Part 3

Mike set up his bed on the floor beside Sue’s bed and was then sent in to my room to wait while Sue got changed. When he returned, he found Sue dressed in a very cute nightdress, through which he could see that she had panties on underneath. She addressed him as onii-san and told him that she hoped he was going to enjoy spending the rest of the night with her. To enhance the Japanese cuteness, she also put on a pair of cat ears and pressed up against him. Sue undid his trousers and pushed her hand in to his shorts to caress his cock and they kissed for a while until she knelt down in front of him, pulled his trousers down and took his cock in her mouth. As long-time readers will know, Sue is quite good at blow jobs and she took most of Mike’s cock in to her mouth and then started bobbing back and forth. Mike entwined his fingers in her hair and helped guide her back and forth for a little while and then warned her that if she continued too long, he would cum. Sue pulled her mouth off of his cock and looked up sweetly at him and told him that she didn’t mind if her onii-san came in her mouth. Mike told her that he really wanted to, but that he also wanted to bury his cock in her cunt, and as he’d cum in Jen not too much earlier, he wasn’t sure he’d be able to cum twice more that night.

Sue said that she would rather have him inside her too so they moved over to the bed and set about using the brownies and hot chocolate. Mike ate the brownies off of Sue’s nipples (in small sections, spending time kissing and sucking on her breasts with each bit of brownie) and Sue took mouthfuls of hot chocolate and then gently sucked Mike’s cock again, letting him feel the warm, luxurious liquid around his cock. It only seemed fair for Sue to get the same treatment so he dripped small amounts of the hot chocolate on to her panties and then sucked them clean(ish). His sucking and licking became more insistent until he finally removed the now chocolate-soaked panties and ate her properly. He dripped a bit more hot chocolate on to her mons and licked her clean, but he now wanted to taste her properly (and the chocolate was cooling down) so this soon gave way to just eating her. As he did this, he told her that she had been a dirty little sister for letting the other two guys stick their cocks in to her little pussy and that he needed to lick her clean. Sue played along with this and said that she was sorry and asked him to make sure that she was clean so she could fuck him. Mike pushed his tongue in to her pussy and lapped around the insides as well as running it over her ass and gently probing her. He had no trouble getting her close to cumming and as they were intending to do more, he didn’t tease her for too long before he ate her to orgasm.

He gave her a little time to calm down and then asked if she would put the nightdress and a clean pair of panties back on. While Sue was doing this, he asked if she had any white socks with her (which she did as she knows how much he likes this look) so she slipped a knee-high pair of these on too. To finish the look off, she quickly tied her hair back in a ponytail with a big ribbon (twin-tails would have been a better way to complete the look, but she was in a hurry). She climbed back in to her bed with him and pressed herself up against his body, telling him that she wanted to make her onii-san feel good. Mike didn’t object to this in any way and she was soon lying on top of him with her panties pressed against his cock and she rubbed back and forth and they kissed. Mike told her that he wanted to feel her pussy against his cock and he pulled her panties aside a little, but couldn’t really get the contact he wanted. Sue went to remove them but Mike said it might be nice to fuck her with them on so while he held the material to one side, Sue took his cock and guided the head to her waiting pussy and pushed back against it. She was nice and wet so he slipped in easily and once he was the whole way inside, he got Sue to stay still for a moment so they could enjoy the sensation.

They fucked with her on top, with Mike on top, him taking her from behind and him taking her with her legs up against his chest and shoulders, all the time with her panties still on. Mike wanted to try for a simultaneous orgasm but Sue wanted him to cum while he was on top of her and she had her legs around him so he fucked and frigged her until they were both close to cumming, made her cum and then lay on top of her as she wanted. She wrapped her legs around him (and Mike loves this position when the girl has long white socks on) and Sue asked him to fill her little pussy with his cum. As this was likely to be the last thing they did that night Mike took his time and tried to get as deep inside her as he could using long steady strokes. When he got close to cumming, Sue tried to contract herself around him but Mike later said (to us, not to Sue) that he couldn’t really feel this. It didn’t stop him cumming in her though and once he had emptied whatever cum he had left in to her, they stayed locked together until his cock started to soften.

Later that night, Sue got up to get a drink of water and Mike woke up as she was pulling on her dressing gown. He went downstairs with her and once they’d had a drink, he dared her to strip off and lie on the dining table. Sue was a little nervous that Mum might come downstairs and discover them, but she played along and Mike sat on one of the chairs and proceeded to eat her. Sue remained quiet as he did this and didn’t even give much of a sign that she’d cum so it was only when she pushed Mike’s head away that he realised. They moved in to the living room and Mike briefly fucked Sue on the sofa and then from behind while she leant over the arm of one of the chairs. Mike hadn’t been intending on properly fucking her, but they both liked the idea of doing things properly in the house so they carried on and he finished off in Sue with her leaning against the bay window, facing out to the world. On the way back up to her room Mike told her that he would always have cum for her (or at least for as long as she wanted) and Sue told him that she would hold him to that promise.

The next morning, Sue woke Mike up by stroking his cock. She told him that this time she wanted to use her mouth ‘all the way’ and he agreed on the provision that he was allowed to eat her as well. As the 69 position isn’t the best for sucking cock, they compromised and once Mike had had a brief lick of Sue, he sat on the edge of the bed and she knelt on the floor to suck him. She started off with light kissed up the length of his shaft, then took the gland in her mouth and sucked it before going back to kissing and licking the shaft with just the occasional contact with the head. She knows that one of his testes is fairly tender so she gently caressed his balls and then took him in her mouth properly. She alternated between having a fair length of him in her mouth and just having the glans in, while using a hand on the shaft. It didn’t take too long before Mike said he was getting close and he asked Sue if she wanted him to cum in her mouth or over her (I guess there were other options, but he knew it was likely to be one or the other of these). Sue didn’t respond and just carried on sucking and swirling her tongue around his cock so he took this as meaning she wanted him to cum in her mouth so he just relaxed and let his orgasm bubble up and shoot in to her. Sue didn’t stop sucking him (but she did ease off on the pressure) and when she had milked everything from his cock, she sat back and let his cum dribble out of her mouth and down over her breasts before swallowing whatever was left in her mouth.

Mike gave her a kiss and told her that she was a very naughty (but sexy) little sister and got her to lie on the bed while he came in to my room to fetch Jen. We hadn’t woken up yet, but Jen was more than eager to go in to Sue’s room and help clean his cum off of her body. Technically she did a lot more than that as Mike hadn’t cum in Sue’s pussy that morning, but Jen made sure that it was clean anyway and got Sue to do the same to her. In the meantime, Mike went down on me and slowly worked on me until I was ready to cum. He eased back to tease me, but did this just the once as Jen and Sue appeared at the door (having finished their morning greeting). I was subjected to cumming with them both watching me and each holding one of my legs up so I was spread wide. As you know, I’m not exactly opposed to cumming in front of other people so this didn’t really bother me and I just let the orgasm wash through my body as Mike’s tongue lapped at my clit and Jen gently stroked my neck.

Following this, Jen showered with Sue while Mike and I brushed our teeth. When they emerged from the shower, Mike decided to subject Sue to a bit of toothbrush action (both using the handle end of his electric toothbrush in her and using the vibrating end on her clit). Jen joined in and used her toothbrush too (so Sue had a handle in her and a brush on her clit at the same time). She said that it wasn’t fair so Mike suggested that they change position. Sue leant against the sink and he slid in to her from behind, pumped in and out a few times and then pulled out to position his cock against her ass. He told Sue to relax and slowly pressed in to her ass, burying a little more of his cock in her each stroke and Jen then crawled down between Sue’s legs and planted her mouth on Sue’s pussy. I could see what they were doing from the shower and called over to Sue that I rather enjoyed it when they both did that to me. I had a shorter shower than I would have otherwise have had so I could watch and once I’d quickly dried off, I perched myself on the toilet beside the sink. It seemed fitting to utilise the toothbrush that had been inside Sue so I slid the base in to my pussy and gently pumped it back and forth while I watched Mike and Jen stimulate Sue. With both of them working on her, it didn’t take too long to make her cum and it wasn’t much after Sue’s orgasm that Mike said he was about to cum. He told Jen and me about his and Sue’s night-time session downstairs while he finished off and as he pulled out of Sue’s ass, he pointed out that he’d got to do the triple on Sue (cumming in her mouth, cunt and ass) before we’d even had breakfast, which we think is a record for us.

I hadn’t really been intending on cumming, but Jen insisted that as she’d just eaten Sue, that she should also get to finish me off and with a combination of her tongue on my clit and the toothbrush in my pussy she gave me my second orgasm of the morning while Mike showered. Sue went downstairs first to try and hide the fact that we hadn’t all been using the bathroom at the same time, Jen and I joined her a few minutes later and Mike followed a few minutes after that.

Over breakfast, Mum and Gerald suggested that we head out somewhere for lunch. We had already made a few other tentative plans, but as the idea of coming home was to visit Mum, we went along with the idea and a few hours later headed out to a pub in the countryside. Over lunch we obviously couldn’t get up to much, but Sue, Jen and I had a clandestine competition to see who could sit with our legs spread widest for the longest time. Sue had the advantage in this as I was beside Mum and Jen was beside Gerlad and Mike took advantage of this to slide a hand up Sue’s thigh from time to time and he even managed to gently caress her pussy with the side of his fingers (not enough to really do anything, but Sue seemed to enjoy the danger of being caught).

The four of us managed to get a little more time alone when we went for a walk after lunch but didn’t find anywhere suitable for further play (Mike and Jen had plans to make Sue cum some more). They got her to agree to come and visit us again soon (the promise of multiple chances to cum meant that it didn’t take much to convince her) and we agreed that we would give Sue a similar full-body massage to the one we’d given to Lucy for her birthday (when we had made Lucy squirt). Sue liked the sound of this and Mike made her promise that she wouldn’t shave her pussy for a week or so before she arrived so that he could do it.

As we were all getting trains home, we were dropped off at the station and Mum stayed with us until we got on board our respective trains. This meant that Mike and Jen didn’t get to say goodbye to Sue in our customary ‘interesting’ ways. Given the access they’d had to her over the weekend and the promise that it would soon be repeated though, I don’t think they minded too much (and Jen did go to the bathroom with Sue at one point and had a quick goodbye fondle).

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