Monday, 31 March 2014

Mike’s Birthday – Part 3

We collected Jen and Sue and then headed off to have lunch (we all seemed to have built up a good appetite). On the way down the stairs I felt some dampness start to trickle out of my pussy and told Mike the good news. It really wasn’t much, but I still enjoyed the feeling as the drips worked their way down my thighs. We were well behaved for lunch (in action at least if not in conversation as we discussed our fun in the library). We then went for a wander and even though it was via a roundabout route, we made our way to our favourite sex shop.

The usual assistant Alistair was there and Mike told him that we were out for his birthday celebration and that he was looking for how to spice up our evening. I had no idea what Mike was planning but was quite willing to go along with what he asked.He handed me a pair of white panties and once I’d slipped them on, Sue and I had to both sit up on the counter and spread our legs so Alistair could see our crotches. Mike asked Alistair’s opinion as to which look he thought looked sexier – my covered pussy or Sue’s partially hidden one. It wasn’t a clear victory (we apparently both looked good) but Sue won that round. I then had to remove my panties as we ran the competition again. Alistair said that it was even closer that time but I won (he apparently really liked Sue’s look which is why it was difficult to decide). Mike then suggested that we try stroking ourselves to see if this made a difference and he definitely liked being able to see me fingering myself.

Jen pointed out that it was a little unfair as Sue could only rub herself and not play properly, so we had her pull her tights down (or up due to the way she was sitting) to the middle of her thighs so she could touch herself properly too. Alistair really liked that look and Mike told him that he could caress Sue, but that he wouldn’t be able to fuck her this week. (Mike didn’t really have a good reason for this and as he’d already got Sue to fuck another guy I was a bit surprised). Alistair asked if he could play with me as well and was naturally given permission to do so. He explored both of our pussies and asked if we wanted to try out any of the toys. Jen brought over a horse dildo and suggested that we both fuck it, but fortunately she was joking (it was huge and while I may not be the sweet, innocent girl with a tight little pussy anymore, I don’t think I could have comfortably taken it). We coped with the use of Alistair’s fingers and playing with our own clits – the aim was for us to both cum at the same time, but we didn’t do too well at this. I came first and Alistair then concentrated on Sue – it didn’t take her too long to cum once he did this but Mike and Jen thought that we would both have to serve a punishment for not cumming together.

Before we left, Alistair asked Sue and I we had thought about his offer to put on a show for other people. It was something I had been considering since he first raised the issue, but I had been very unsure as to whether Sue should be involved. I asked how much notice he would want and he said a few days would be fine as he knew some people who would be interested and would probably be able to come on short notice so I told him I would get back to him. As we wandered off to a café for afternoon coffee, Mike teased Sue about being involved in any show and asked her if she would sit and masturbate for a group of strangers, make herself cum multiple times in whatever way they wanted and then let them fuck her. I’m quite sure that it wouldn’t have been too long ago that Sue would have never entertained the idea of anything like that, but she said she would consider it and that it might be fun.

We headed back to the hotel and Mike said that he needed to recharge his libido if he was going to be able to fuck us properly again that day so we stripped off and all climbed in to the bed. He then changed his mind and got me to put the opaque tights on, Jen to put a pair of white panties on and Sue to stay naked. We all sat facing him and played with ourselves so he could make his own informed comparison between the various looks. He especially liked Jen playing with herself inside the panties, with just the occasional flash of her pussy as the material moved sufficiently far to one side or the other as her fingers rubbed away. We then had to all lie on our backs and he lapped away at our cunts. He licked me through my tights and I thought he was going to tear them to get to me properly but he left me covered. In Jen’s case he licked her through the panties as well as pulling the crotch to the side to lick her directly. As Sue was naked he had no trouble eating her. He then said that to finish his ‘recharge’ that one of us should cum and as I can generally cum more than Jen or Sue, I was the default choice.

Mike sat up against the headboard and I lay on my back with my head in his lap (with his cock right beside my face). Mie stroked my neck and Jen and Sue were set to work on my nipples, stomach and thighs (but were specifically told to avoid my pussy). This is one of the most sensual ways I can cum – partially as the build-up takes so long and partially as there is no direct stimulation on my clit or pussy. Once I was more aroused, Sue and Jen also had to kiss around my neck – this doesn’t feel as good as when it is caressed, but still felt nice and I would gently hold their heads in place so they didn’t move too quickly. I could feel my pussy tingling and the warmth beginning to pulse through my crotch but also knew that it could still take a while to cum. I turned and sucked at the shaft of Mike’s cock a few times and watched as Sue took the head in her mouth, but he told her to concentrate on helping me cum so she returned to sucking on one of my nipples and caressing my thighs. When I got to the ‘squirming around on the bed’ stage, Mike got Jen and Sue to pull my legs apart and concentrate on kissing and caressing my inner thighs while he concentrated on stroking my neck. I was on the brink of cumming and knew I just needed a tiny push to get me there, but had to wait until the gentle stimulation did its job. I finally felt the tension in my pussy boil over from frustration to orgasm and lifted my ass off of the bed as the first waves of my orgasm pulsed out through my body. I always seems to have my deepest orgasms (close to a whole body orgasm, not the shaking panting types you see in porn, but ones that I feel right through my body and not just in my pussy or clit) – this time was no exception and I concentrated on what I could feel as wave after wave of pleasure pulsed through me. Even though it felt very deep, it was sufficiently gentle that I didn’t want it to stop – unfortunately (as always happens) it did though and as the waves started to ebb and fade, I lowered my ass back down on to the bed and thanked the three of them for what they had just done.

Jen ran a finger up the length of my pussy and commented on how wet I felt (this also usually happens when I’m played with in this way. She sucked her finger clean and was going to lick me but Mike said that my juices belonged to him (for that weekend anyway – he knows full well that Jen has equal rights to my body). Before he went down on me, he slid his cock in to my wet cunt and described how I felt different than usual, but then reverted to type and lapped at me until he had taken all of my excess juices. Sue was given the job of sucking his cock clean (any excuse to get my juices in to her mouth) and with this done, we relaxed for a while - although not entirely as the session had achieved the desired effect and Mike was now in the mood to fuck. Just because he wanted to fuck it didn’t mean he wanted to cum yet though (he was still saving that for later in the hope that he might be able to produce a semi-decent volume of cum) so he spooned with Jen and then Sue while we chatted. He didn’t make either of them cum either but they seemed to enjoy the experience.

We had a nice dinner booked for that night, for which Sue, Jen and I had brought along nice dresses. We skipped wearing panties (and Jen went without a bra), but for a change we were otherwise perfectly well behaved with no fondling, flashing or masturbation challenges. We then went on for cocktails and our good behaviour mostly continued, although Jen kept giving Sue challenges as to who she would rather sleep with out of the various couples that were around us. I mostly agreed with Sue’s responses – there were a few times she opted for the guy when I might have taken the girl, but there was one case when she opted to fuck the girl when I would have taken the guy.

Mike and Sue returned to the hotel first and Jen and I followed a couple of minutes later. Sue was already undressed by the time we arrived and she was instructed to help Jen out of her dress while Mike undressed me. He stood behind me and caressed me and as his fingers probed between my lips and toyed with my clit he whispered a thank you in my ear for his birthday present and told me I was the best wife ever (technically it was a present from both Jen and me, but I wasn’t going to quibble). I asked Mike if he was going to fuck us and he told me that he would make us all cum. He hadn’t technically answered my question, but he did so practically by moving a chair over towards the window, sitting in it and telling me to mount him. Jen was called over to lick us while I rode up and down on Mike’s cock. He then switched to having Jen ride him while Sue licked them and finally fucked Sue with Jen licking again.

We hadn’t done things for long enough to cum – this was just the warm-up. We moved over to the bed and Mike lay on his back so one of us could ride him while he ate one of the remaining two. The third person was tasked with sitting behind the one riding his cock and reaching around to play with the person’s breasts. Sue was responsible for doing this to me and I have to say that she was actually quite good – my nipples aren’t that sensitive so I don’t usually feel a great deal when they are played with (it normally feels nice, just not *NICE*). As Sue’s fingers stroked and gently rolled my nips though I could definitely feel things – it was sort of a cross between warmth, tingling and little pulses of pleasure similar to an incredibly mild orgasm. I craned my neck around so I could kiss her and I stroked my clit. I’m quite sure I would have cum quite quickly if we hadn’t changed position, but I was told to move to Mike’s mouth while Sue took his cock and Jen caressed Sue’s breasts. Mike had no trouble finishing me off with his tongue (but then again he is quite experience at this so would have probably done so even if I hadn’t been enjoying his cock and Sue’s hands so much). He continued to kitty kiss me for a while before getting us to switch places again and we repeated this until each of us had cum in his mouth (which meant I had to ride him again while he ate Jen – Sue caressed my nipples again but I didn’t play with my clit this time).

We had a brief breather so Mike could calm down (so he could last for round two). He said that he hadn’t intended to eat us all to orgasm initially, but once he’d done it to me it just seemed like a good idea. I admitted that the way Sue had been caressing my nipples had felt really nice and she said that it was a technique that she had seen in a video and used on herself a few times. She had enjoyed it, but apparently not as much as I had. Naturally Jen wanted Sue to try it out on her so Mike suggested we move on to round two – this time with each of us cumming on his cock and we could switch the order so Sue caressed Jen’s nips. It didn’t seem to work as well on Jen either – my theory is that this is because Jen’s areola are significantly smaller than mine (although that wouldn’t explain why it didn’t work as well for Sue who’s breasts are pretty similar). Once it became clear that it wasn’t going to be a new & earth-shattering technique for Jen, Sue moved on to just having a single hand on Jen’s nips and playing with Jen’s clit. This was still sufficient to get Jen off though and once she’d cum we switched round and Mike kitty kissed Jen while Sue fucked him.

In this position it was my job to play with Sue’s breasts and I tried to copy what she had done to me. As had been the case with Jen, she said that it felt nice, but clearly not as much as it had done with me. Mike humped away inside Sue and she played wither clit to get herself off and with this done we switched around for my turn on his cock. I had an easy time of cumming as Jen played with my clit and breasts as Mike fucked me. Once I’d cum I was going to climb off of Mike but he said that as we’d all cum, it was time for him to finish off. I was quite pleased that he had opted to finish in me (especially as he had Sue there) so I didn’t complain that having cum twice I felt a little sensitive. I was given a moment to recover before we started and we then fucked. Jen and Sue were both tasked with helping me cum (Mike didn’t need any help as he said that he was quite close so was concentrating on holding back his orgasm). We finished off with him pumping rapidly in to me while Jen and Sue caressed my ass. As always (or at least as usual) Mike waited until I came before he came in me and we then kissed deeply while Jen played with my pussy lips.

I felt quite spent and didn’t need to cum again but Mike was still moving inside me very gently which felt nice. I tried riding up and down the length of his cock and he told me that it felt too intense (which is usually the case just after he’s cum) but I told him that as we (the girls) had cum seven times between us that he should have to endure a bit more stimulation. Sue and Jen helped to hold his arms and I slowly slid up and down the length of his cock. Mike didn’t entirely like the way this felt, but he was determined not to give an and after I had used him for a minute or so Sue said she wanted a turn (probably as partial revenge for the times Mike has made her cum lots). Once I dismounted, she gave him a quick suck before taking my place and she humped him a bit more forcefully than I had. Mike said that it still felt excruciatingly intense but it wasn’t until Jen sat over him and slipped his cock in to her cunt that he said he couldn’t take any more (to be fair Jen is probably quite a bit tighter than Sue or me). This didn’t stop Jen from riding him but he pulled his arms free and held her still before getting her to dismount.

We discussed what he had felt and he tried to describe how it was so incredibly strong a sensation that it wasn’t pleasant. From our games, Jen, Sue and I all know about this (we’ve all made each other cum and then continued to stimulate the other person) but Mike seemed to think it was more intense for him than for us. I think that Mike is just less tolerant of intense feelings – I’m fairly sure that when I have a really strong orgasm that it is significantly stronger than when he cums hard, but to be fair I have no way of knowing exactly how strong the sensation is for him when he is rubbed/sucked/fucked just after cumming. And then again I guess I also have no way of knowing what it is really like for another girl either (but in the case of another girl I assume I have a better idea as we are at least physiologically similar).

Mike decided that we should do a comparison and as Jen had been the one who had cum longest ago, she was chosen to be the test subject. Before we did this however, we had to make sure that Jen and I got an equal share of his cum so once again Sue was given the chore of transferring his cum from my pussy in to Jen’s. She was given the choice of how she wanted to do this and opted to just have me sit over her and let his cum dribble in to her mouth. Neither Mike nor Jen helped out though so Sue had to spread my lips. Mike tried to convince her to eat me properly and suck the cum out, but Sue would only go as far as pushing a finger in to me to try to spoon his cum out into her waiting mouth. She said that she didn’t really get much, but spat it in to Jen’s pussy anyway and we then moved on to the intensity comparison test.

Friday, 28 March 2014

Mike’s Birthday - Part 2

The next morning, Sue woke Mike up by kissing and licking his cock. He was already hard before she started this (Mike usually gets morning wood so this is normal for him) and he lay back and enjoyed having her suck him. Jen and I woke up and watched as we came to and Jen started playing with Sue but Mike said that he wanted to make us all cum. Sue gave him a good sucking and he told her that he was getting really close and asked her to stop as he could easily cum in her mouth but said he wanted to cum in one of us. Sue convinced him to let her finish his birthday blowjob and he gave in and let her carry on sucking him. Sue was given the option of whether she wanted to spit his cum in to Jen’s and my pussies or to swallow it – she chose the latter and kept her lips sealed around Mike’s cock as she sucked him off and he emptied his load in to her warm mouth. We didn’t see a single drop of his cum as she continued to (gently) suck his cock clean and had swallowed everything before she pulled away.

Sue then sat over him and kissed him while grinding her pussy against his cock. Mike told her that he couldn’t fuck her yet as the stimulation felt too intense but Sue told him to just lie back and let her use him. She knows full well (as we all do) that he loves seeing girls cum, so Sue continued his present by sitting up and rubbing herself back and forth on his shaft, playing with her breasts, stroking her clit and generally doing whatever she could to put on a nice little show for him. Mike told her that even if she made herself cum, he wanted to make her cum as well and Sue told him that was fine and he could do whatever he wanted to her. He really wanted to eat one of Jen or me, but also wanted to watch Sue cum so Jen and I sat either side of them and let Mike gently finger us both as Sue humped her way towards her orgasm. Mike occasionally withdrew his fingers from our pussies and rubbed our juices on Sue’s nipples, who in turn lifted her nipples to her mouth and licked them clean. When Sue got close to cumming, she leant forwards a little and held herself up with her hands on Mike’s chest while she humped faster and faster against Mike’s cock. As usual, Sue’s upper half flushed red, but she told us (Mike really) that she was going to cum on his cock and he encouraged her to keep humping away. We could actually hear her pussy making squishing sounds and I suggested to Jen that we help clean him up afterwards (which Jen was all for). Sue came and slowly slid back and forth against his cock a few more times before collapsing down on top of Mike and kissing him.

With the distraction gone, Mike fingered Jen and me a bit more effectively, but he wanted to eat us to make us cum so after Jen and I had licked his cock clean, we took turns sitting over him and having him eat us. While Mike ate me, Jen had a quick dive in to Sue’s pussy to suck out her juices. Mike said that Sue could cum if she wanted, as long as she could manage another orgasm for him. She wasn’t confident that she could do this so told Jen to be gentle, but Jen didn’t entirely heed Sue’s request and she got Sue off again before Mike made me cum. Fortunately for Sue, Mike opted to eat Jen next so she had a little time to recover, but she was hauled over his face as soon as Jen came and he ate her to her third orgasm in a short space of time.

As Sue lay panting, we told Mike that two of us would head out for breakfast so that he could enjoy breakfast in bed. The plan was for him to have a different girl on the Saturday and Sunday mornings – as Sue probably wasn’t in a fit state to cum again for a while, we decided that she should be Sunday’s girl and I opted to let Jen stay with him. Sue and I showered and got ready to go out, putting on simple outfits and telling Mike that we had brought a selection of clothes with us so he could choose things for us to change in to, depending on how he wanted to use us (we had no intention of letting Sue be the only one to let him use her as he wanted). Just before Sue and I left, he and Jen ordered breakfast and we told them to call us so we could meet up when they had finished. We went and had breakfast at a nearby café and had a pleasant time discussing many different things (not all of which were related to sex).

Mike picked a very transparent black negligee for Jen to wear and she had to answer the door to let the guy with breakfast in while wearing it. She acted as if there was nothing unusual about her attire and ignored the way he stared at her (the negligee did very little to hide her body). She didn’t do anything to explicitly show herself off to the guy (if it had been me I would have bent over lots or sat on the bed with my legs crossed and pussy spread), but he still got to see her from the front and back enough that hardly any of Jen’s body was hidden from his gaze. Once she had shown the guy out and shut the door, she asked Mike if he wanted her to leave the negligee on and he told her that she should as it looked sexy so she joined him on the bed and they ate breakfast together. They didn’t play with the yoghurt, but the fruit selection was eaten in a more interesting way. Mike fucked Jen with a banana for a while and then inserted grapes in to her pussy one at a time before sucking them out of her. He continued this until she was close to cumming and they then went to shower together and continue playing.

Mike fucked Jen up against the wall of the shower, firmly kneading her body as they moved against each other. For a while he took her from behind so he could play with her nipples and clit and Mike told her that he was going to empty so much cum in to her and get her pregnant (we all found the idea of getting pregnant to be quite a turn on, so this line had been used a lot since we started trying to conceive). They finished off fucking face to face with Jen up against the wall again and Mike told her that as they were in the shower, she should make use of it. Their tongues swirled together and as Jen came, she peed, emptying her bladder over Mike’s crotch and feeling the liquid mix with the shower water as it ran down their legs. Mike pushed in to her hard and she told him to cum in her, which he did. His fingers pulled her ass cheeks apart and teased her anus as he panted in to her mouth and told her that he wanted her to have his baby.

Once they had calmed down, they washed each other off (and Mike undid some of this work by peeing over Jen’s legs and pussy once his erection had died down). They then dressed and Mike selected some outfits from the selection we had brought along. He debated getting Jen to wear just the negligee, but decided against this as it was a little chilly out and she would have had to keep a jacket on over it the whole time. It didn’t stop him putting in his bag though and once they were ready, they gave Sue and I a call and headed out to meet us.

We started off by going for a coffee (even though Sue and I had just left a café) and Mike told us what he wanted us to do. It involved quite a bit of risk, but wasn’t too different from things we’d done before in that he wanted to make use of places in the Uni (where I work) to play. He didn’t want us to change clothes so once we’d finished our coffee, we set off and walked to Uni, first going to my lab. Not surprisingly, there was someone else there but he was working on a paper and his desk didn’t have a direct line of sight to mine (there was a bookcase and a couple of sets of shelves in the way) so we decided to risk it. Mike sat in my chair, Sue knelt on the floor between his legs and sucked him and Jen sat up on my desk so Mike could play with her pussy. He really wanted to eat her, but it wasn’t the right position for that so he had to settle for fingering her and then using my emergency hairbrush to fuck her. He didn’t give up on the idea of eating her though and Mike ended up kneeling on the floor so he could do this, which had the added benefit that when Sue turned around, she could present her pussy to him and he could fuck her. It wasn’t a real fuck as Mike couldn’t move that much, but he did manage to get Jen quite wet and horny (but he didn’t make her cum). I was then given a brief fucking with my brush and Mike pushed his head under my skirt to lick me before we headed off to find a more suitable place to play.

As it was still out of term, we decided that the library would be a good place to try. There were no undergrads around and Jen’s course had finished so we headed to the floor that she had been living in while writing up her dissertation. Once we’d had a good look around to make sure we were alone, Mike gave us our challenge. As I hadn’t been involved in doing things in my lab, he thought it was only fair that I should be the first to receive some pleasure. I had my top and bra removed and was told to lie up on a table so they could all play with me. I was fucked by Mike, eaten by Mike and Jen and had my breasts played with by all of them. Needless to say, having this done to me in such a public place helped me cum very quickly and it was then Jen’s turn to receive a similar treatment. In her case, we used the table that she done most of her writing at (so she would also have some fond memories of the place). It wasn’t as well shielded as the table I’d been fucked on, but as nobody else had shown up we felt fairly safe. We managed to get her off without interruption and by the time we finished, Mike said that he felt close to cumming so Sue assumed that she would be the one to receive his cum when we played with her.

He had something a little different in mind for her though – Jen and I had to be a bit more careful as there was a chance that we could be recognised if anyone saw us but Sue didn’t have this issue as she was an ‘outsider’. Mike told her that he had an outfit for her to wear and she was told to strip off. She removed her clothes and stood naked, waiting for Mike to hand her the new outfit, but before he did so, he took advantage of her nudity and caressed her. The caressing led on to fingering, which led on to eating, which led on to him having her bend over a table so he could fuck her. Each stage was only brief so neither of them came, but it was enough to keep Mike nice and hard. Sue was given a black bra and then handed a black negligee (similar in transparency to the one Jen had worn earlier in the day for room service). This was a little shorter than Jen’s, although it didn’t make much of a difference as her pussy and ass were clearly visible through it anyway. Mike then handed her a pair of my seamless black opaque tights and once she pulled them on, he pulled them up firmly against her pussy and folded down the top of the tights a couple of times so they looked like leggings. That is, they looked like leggings unless she did anything to stretch the material, in which case they were nowhere near as opaque. We tested this out by having her bend over forwards and then sit up on a table and spread her legs.

Mike gave Sue her mission and we then went on a wander to find a suitable location. We located someone suitable – a single guy who looked like he was busily writing away – and Sue was directed over towards him. She pretended to be reading a book of French erotica (Sue is fairly fluent in French so she did actually find a suitable section of the book). We watched from a distance (suitably hidden behind a few bookcases) as Sue sat at the next table to her target. She pretended to be engrossed in the book and absently ran a hand over her breasts from time to time or sucked on one of her fingers. As she pretended to become lost in the book, she spread her legs a little and brushed her hand back and forth over her crotch a few times. We saw her slowly ratchet up the intensity of her fondling until she was either cupping and kneading her breasts or properly rubbing her pussy through her tights. All the while she had been sneaking subtle glances over at her target to check that he was watching her and once she was sure that she had him hooked (and that it was unlikely he was going to report her), she pretended to notice that he was watching her and that she realised what she had been doing.

She acted flustered and stammered that she was sorry and she had just got lost in the book. He told her it was okay, but she walked over to his table and explained again that she had just got lost in the story and had gotten carried away. The guy said that he didn’t mind and it had brightened up what would have otherwise been a dull research session so Sue (who was now completely certain that she had him hooked) pulled up a chair and started telling him how wonderful the book was. As she did this, she acted as if she was getting aroused again and pressed a hand down between her legs as she squirmed in her chair. She told the guy that she almost always ended up playing with herself when she read erotica and then slowly spread her legs to let him see her hand pressed up against her crotch. She looked around to check that nobody else had come in (but we were keeping a lookout on the door and had told her we would call her if they did) and pushed a hand up under her flimsy top to her breasts.

Even from our vantage point, we could see that Sue looked genuinely aroused (as I would have been in that situation) and she lifted one foot up on to the table and spread her legs wider, giving the guy a much better view of her pussy. She told him that she could always continue if he didn’t mind and after he looked around, he told her to carry on. She rubbed herself through her tights and pushed the material in between her lips. Mike had told her that she could tear the tights, but fortunately she opted to first push her hand down inside them and play with herself properly and then to push the tights down just enough to make her pussy visible. She fingered herself openly and had pushed her bra up to expose her breasts. She told the guy that she wanted to cum and I thought she was being a bit too loud for a library, but we couldn’t do anything about it without interrupting her. Sue pulled my emergency hairbrush from her bag and plunged it in to her cunt. She fucked herself with it and told the guy how good it felt, but that she could think of something that would feel even better before asking if he wanted to fuck her.

He was initially a bit nervous about fucking in the library, but the sight of Sue in front of him helped his desire win out and she dragged him over our of our sight. They went in to one of the stacks and after checking they were along one last time, Sue quickly unbuttoned his trousers and rolled a condom on to his cock. She knelt down and took him in her mouth and after sucking him for s short while, she pulled her top up and sandwiched his cock between her breasts. She gave him a brief tit-fuck and then told him that she wanted his cock buried in her cunt. The guy seemed quite taken with her brazenness (and choice of words) so as soon as Sue turned around and pulled her tights down to her thighs, he pushed in to her and they started to fuck.

Mike, Jen and I had quietly moved around to try and get a view of what was going on, but we needn’t have bothered as once the guy had fucked Sue for a while she said that she wanted to use a different position. They came out of the stacks, Sue lay on her back on a table and lifted her legs in the air so the guy could slide in to her. Sue played with her clit with one hand and her breasts with the other until she got tired of her tights restricting her movement. She got the guy to pull out and quickly pulled the tights off of one leg, then spread and told him to carry on fucking her. It was an amazing sight and Mike whispered to me that my sister was a complete slut (as if we had nothing to do with that state of affairs). Mike reached between my legs and found my fingers were already at work (but I let him take over) and we wondered if we could fuck without drawing attention to ourselves (but decided against it). Sue made sure that she wasn’t left wanting and merrily frigged herself to orgasm before the guy came – she wasn’t too far ahead of him though and I would bet that the sight of her cumming on the table as he fucked her probably helped him along.

Once the guy had finished, Sue got herself covered up fairly quickly (or as covered up as she could be in the outfit she had on) and thanked the guy for helping her out. He asked for her number but she said it was probably better if they left it as a random encounter – I later wondered if she had taken if we could have had some fun with the guy as he clearly wasn’t averse to taking chances. Jen texted Sue to tell her we’d meet her back upstairs and we crept to the door as Sue said her goodbyes and thanked the guy again. It took her longer to meet us than we expected and we were just about to call to check everything was OK when she finally arrived. It transpired that the guy had asked if he could play with her breasts (he hadn’t touched them much during the fuck and like mine, Sue’s breasts are a reasonable size). She was a little nervous about exposing herself again as her desire had been satiated (temporarily anyway), but she thought we would be impressed and pulled her top and bra down to let the guy have a play. Thinking that we were still watching, she even let him rub her crotch and when he said he wanted to finger her properly, she allowed him to pull her tights down and pump away in her pussy with a couple of fingers. She thinks that he would have probably continued until he made her cum (or would have at least tried to) but this time they were interrupted. Sue quickly pulled her clothes up and did the best she could to straighten them out, but the tights weren’t as neatly folded as they had been at the start of the session. The new arrival didn’t come too near them so probably didn’t see anything, but Sue made a hasty retreat and bolted up the stairs to join us.

Even though we hadn’t witnessed it, we were indeed extremely impressed with Sue’s sense of adventure and I told her that the way things were going, I would have to come to her for lessons on how to enjoy myself. Jen offered to finish off what the guy had started and Sue said it was fine but Mike asked her to stand against the window while Jen knelt and ate her. She wasn’t the only one to get to cum and as Mike and I watched them, he played with my pussy and I came with two of his fingers inside me and two more working on my clit. Mike was hard enough that he could have easily fucked one of us and I complained about him cumming in Jen in the shower (along the lines of equality in chances of getting pregnant) and he told me that as I had insisted, he would fuck me. He took me from behind to start with, but as our session progressed, I moved on to one of the tables and let him take me in a similar position to the one Sue had been fucked in. I was aware that with Sue and Jen occupied by the window and Mike and I busy fucking, that there was a greater risk of us not noticing someone coming on to the same floor and discovering us. I did my best to listen out, but as I got closer to cumming and Mike pushed my top and bra up over my breasts I started to enjoy the enhanced risk (hey, I am an exhibitionist).

Jen finished eating Sue and as they watched us fuck, Sue was given a skirt to put on over her tights and a less revealing top to change in to. She had just about finished this when we heard the door slam shut as someone came out of the stairwell. As much as I love being watched as I cum, I didn’t want to be reported and I jumped down from the table. I was going to pull my bra and top down but Mike took my hand and dragged me in to the stacks to hide. As we hid and listened to the footstep I felt Mike’s cock rubbing against my ass and then slide in to me. It sounded like the person was heading away from us, but Mike didn’t wait to confirm this and started moving inside me. My top was pushed up once more and he reached around to play with my clit as he fucked me harder. I wondered what would happen if we were actually caught, but these thoughts soon went out of my mind as my orgasm started to build once more. Mike knew that I was all in once I started to push back against him and I came while imagining that we had been caught and everyone in the library had been called up to watch as we finished off. I was surprised when Mike continued to fuck me and continued until he came in me (he doesn’t usually cum three times so early in the day as he normally wants to be able to cum later on). Even though I assumed he probably hadn’t ejaculated anything in to me, he had fulfilled the basic requirement of giving me an equivalent fuck to the one he’d given Jen in the shower and while he waited for his cock to soften so he could do his trousers up, I straightened up my clothes and made myself look presentable.

Tuesday, 25 March 2014

Mike’s Birthday - Part 1

I don’t always write about our birthdays and anniversaries as we sometimes want some private experiences, but Mike was happy for me to document this…

Early-mid September we had a nice weekend planned to celebrate Mike’s birthday. We had kept it a surprise from him and had given him instructions to meet me after he finished work. He turned up on time (one of his good characteristics is he is very rarely late) and I gave him a long hello kiss. He tried to slip his hands in to my coat (probably to fondle me) but I told him that he would have to wait until later for that. We headed off to the nice champagne bar in the middle of town and started the celebration with a drink. Mike was obviously curious as to where Jen was and I assured him that she would be joining us later on and the reason why would become obvious. I kept my jacket on and didn’t let him fondle me, which led him to suspect that I was naked underneath, but the surprise was slightly different.

With our drink finished we set off and I led Mike to our destination – a nice hotel where we had booked a room for two nights. I texted Jen to let her know that we were on our way and Mike now had a better idea of why Jen wasn’t with us – so we could check in as two people and then she would join us, but we actually had something even better up our sleeve. We were shown to our room and Mike asked what we were going to do for clothes (probably assuming that we wouldn’t need any) but I told him that we had packed a bag and Jen would bring it with her. I texted Jen to let her know the room number and while we waited I tied my hair back into a ponytail with a red ribbon (this was meant to be a clue for Mike). There was a knock at the door and I answered it to let Jen and Sue in. While he welcomed them I slipped on some long white socks and the three of us then shed our coats to reveal that we all had our Japanese schoolgirl outfits on. Jen had thigh high black opaque stockings on (her legs are the best for zettai ryokai), I had over the knee white socks and Sue had three quarter length dark blue socks (second to pussy, Mike’s thing is legs so we were giving him a range of looks to play with). We all lifted our skirts to show him that we had simple white cotton panties on (even me) and told him that as his birthday present we would let him have us in whatever way he wanted (which isn’t technically much different to how our weekends usually are, but we don’t always dress up for him like that).

I had changed in to my outfit at work. I could have easily used a stall in the bathroom, but decided to take the slightly riskier option and used my favourite supply cupboard (where I occasionally masturbate). Sue had taken a half day off work and met up with Jen at the house so they could help each other get ready (including shaving each other). Mike approved of our uniforms and we let him admire them up close. Sue and Jen both had twin tails, tied up with ribbons that matched mine and I asked him if he wanted me to change my hair to match theirs, but he said the ponytail looked fine. He caressed us through our clothes and knelt to kiss our panties under our skirts. We told him that he could choose what we did, but that we had planned on taking him out for some food and drinks dressed in our uniforms so he could make other guys jealous. Mike was more than up for this so Sue and Jen donned their jackets and headed out first, then I put mine on and Mike and I left to meet up with them.

We didn’t go anywhere fancy for dinner (that was planned for the following night) but we still got some strange looks as we ate. We didn’t stand out quite as much when we went for drinks, but Mike made the most of having the three of us and we took turns sitting on his lap and let him slide his hand up inside our thighs. He really enjoyed the difference between stroking the skin on Sue’s and my thighs and the material of the stockings that Jen had on. I actually enjoyed wearing panties for a change as it made it easier to sit and expose my crotch to people. Even though they couldn’t see my pussy, the guys seemed to look just as much as when I’m naked. As fun as it would have been to do so (for Sue and I anyway), we didn’t flirt with any of the guys who made advances and just stuck to our plan of letting Mike enjoy us. We kissed him and each other throughout the evening until he said that he’d had enough to drink and wanted to go back and fuck (which was fine with us).

We went back to the room in pairs (and with our coats on), but as soon as we were all in the room, Mike stripped off completely, we removed our shoes and we all climbed on to the bed. We played a game where Sue was Mike’s little sister, Jen was a school friend that Jen had experimented with and I was Jen’s older sister. Mike had ‘discovered’ Sue and Jen playing and had threatened to tell everyone so they had asked him to join them and I had then discovered the three of them playing. This meant that Mike got to tell Jen and I to kiss and play with each other (as sisters) while Mike played with his little sister. Our panties stayed on for a surprising long period of time, although we were rubbed and kissed through them quite a bit and had the crotches pulled aside to be licked directly. As things progressed, Sue and Jen kissed around Mike’s cock and he pulled me up so I was sitting over his face. He ate me more forcefully through my panties until he got bored of this and started to pull at them until he made a hole large enough to tear them and completely expose my pussy (which was a bit of a waste as they were good panties, but we have plenty of spares and as I’ve said, I rarely wear them anyway). Mike gave me a good licking and then got me to briefly mount his cock before asking Sue and I to take over licking him while he ate Jen. Jen enjoyed both Mike’s tongue in her pussy and watching Sue and me kiss around Mike’s cock. Once her panties had been torn and she had been eaten properly for a while, she too had to mount him and then help me suck him while he gave Sue the same treatment.

Sue was the first to get Mike’s cock in her and Jen had to watch as her ‘school friend’ was deflowered in front of her. Jen and I then had to help make Sue cum – for this Jen mostly fingered and ate her while I played with Sue’s breasts and kissed her (although I did help out with a bit of frigging and fingering). We still had most of our uniforms on (although they were rather crumpled by this point) and Mike took great delight in pulling Jen’s skirt up to caress and finger her while she ate Sue. Next it was Jen’s turn to receive Mike’s cock and once I had watched my little sister lose her virginity, I had to eat her while Sue played with her breasts and kissed her. We switched around a couple of times as Mike wanted to watch Sue eat her friend and he pushed his cock in to her cunt while she did this to semi-fuck her. Predictably, it was my turn to be fucked, fingered and eaten once Jen came, with Jen doing most of the pussy work, but a little input from Sue in line with what I’d done to her.

Mike next asked for a birthday treat which we had sort of expected. He wanted us to all fuck him in turn while the other two licked his cock. He knows that Sue and I have agreed that while we will happily kiss and play with each other’s breasts, we wouldn’t eat each other (and won’t generally do much more than light fingering or frigging). Sue and I had discussed how far we would go as a birthday gift and we had agreed that we still wouldn’t eat each other properly, but that if he wanted (as he did) for us to lick him while he fucked the other one, we would semi-humour him and concentrate on licking his cock. It wasn’t the full on licking of his cock and the other person’s clit that he wanted, but he still appreciated our compromise and we made a pile of pillows to help raise up his ass to make it easier to get to the relevant area. We started off with Sue riding him and he said that he wanted to feel all three of us cum around his cock. Jen could of course lick both Mike and Sue properly so she got things started and gave Sue’s clit a good lashing. I then tried to join in with her (which we pretty much knew wouldn’t work) so Jen moved out of the way and I licked the lower part of Mike’s shaft as Sue continued to ride him. I’m more than used to tasting Sue’s juices and as we had expected, my tongue made contact with her pussy a few times, but only lightly. Jen loves the idea of Sue and I doing things properly as much as Mike does so she ‘helped out’ by fingering me to distract me whenever I was licking Mike. Jen licked Sue to orgasm and she quickly took Sue’s place on Mike’s cock.

I could work much more freely now and did the majority of the licking (although Sue had a couple of goes) and as I ate Jen, Sue described to Mike how I was eating my little sister (which he loved). It didn’t take long to make Jen cum., after which it was my turn to mount Mike’s cock again. Jen did most of the work on my clit, although I felt Sue’s tongue brush over my lips a number of times when she was licking Mike. As he had enjoyed hearing about me eating my pretend sister’s pussy, I described to him how Jen was licking me and as a bonus treat that he would really enjoy I told him whenever I felt Sue’s tongue touch me. Mike wanted me to cum while Sue was licking him, which was rather difficult as I couldn’t move too much, but Jen helped out by playing with my clit. He got his wish and when I climbed off of his cock, Sue took the whole length of his cock in her mouth and sucked him clean.

Having helped out with six orgasms, Mike was now more than ready to cum and said that he wanted to fuck Sue (he only sees her occasionally so this wasn’t too surprising). Mike lay on the bed; Sue sat over his cock and rode him while Jen and I helped out by playing with her. We pulled the front of her blouse fully open and sucked on her nipples as well as occasionally reaching down to play with her clit (Mike was frigging her when we weren’t). After a while, Mike got us to move out of the way and he rolled over and pulled out of Sue so he could eat her pussy and kiss her thighs. He then pushed in to her again and fucked her while caressing her legs and she uttered lots of ‘oniisan’s (Japanese for big brother). Jen and I once again played with Sue’s breasts, kissed her and played with her clit. Mike told us to get her close to cumming and once she was there, he lay down fully on her and asked her to wrap her legs around him. They finished off in this position with Jen and me caressing  Sue’s legs and Mike pumping away in her while they kissed and as Sue came her upper body and face flushed red. She carried on playing along and kept asking her onii-chan to fill her with his cum and Mike obliged her. As I watched him thrust into her to empty his load and then hold his cock deep inside her, I realised (with some satisfaction) that I was no longer at all jealous of Sue when Mike was with her (long term readers will know that I have felt jealous of various people at times in the past, which given our sexual lifestyle has been a bit of an issue for me).

Once Mike pulled out, Sue had to share his cum with Jen and me and Mike opted for the ‘drip’ method. Jen lay on her back and spread her pussy while Sue crouched over her and let Mike’s cum dribble out into Jen’s pussy. It was my turn next and Mike had specifically gotten Jen to go first so that Sue would have to spend longer crouched over me (so we could get roughly the same amount of cum). Sue was told to not just let the cum drip into my pussy, but to rub herself back and forth against me (which she did). Jen then kissed around Sue’s and then my pussy to clean off any remaining cum and we lay back to relax.

We then let Mike spend a long time caressing and kissing our legs. We told him that if he wanted, we would all change in to long white socks or opaque tights but he said that he liked having the different looks to play with. We were asked to put our skirts down so our pussies were covered and for the majority of the session, he stuck to playing with our legs (although he did kiss and caress up under our skirts quite a lot). Our pussies weren’t completely neglected – he have them a few kisses and licks, but he obviously wasn’t trying to make us cum. Mike used to caress my legs quite a bit and this was one of the things we had rediscovered during our romantic, sensual time so I really enjoyed having him do this to me. Sue wasn’t quite as used to it (other than as a prelude to sex) and it certainly worked quite well in getting her aroused – if Mike had wanted to fuck her again then she certainly wouldn’t have objected.

Before any of us were fucked, we were asked to roll over and lie on our fronts so Mike could caress the backs of our legs. This was a much more sexual part of the session and he stroked us right up the insides of our legs and spread our ass cheeks and pussy lips. He did a round-robin fuck and moved between us to enjoy us in quick succession. He finished off that session on his back with Sue on his cock and Jen sitting over his face (she won this position due to having the black opaque stockings on). I didn’t really mind as while I will (generally) happily cum as many times as possible, this was his birthday session. He did offer to make me cum again and I accepted before I realised that there would probably be a catch – I was fingered by all three of them (using one finger each) while Mike rubbed my clit. They alternated between sliding in and out of me and having their fingers pushed in as far as they could and wiggling them around. I had to hold my legs up against my chest with my pussy spread to give them as much access as possible and it took a little while due to the awkwardness of the position, but they got me off and while it wasn’t the strongest of orgasms, at least I came.

Mike spooned with us all in turn but decided to fall asleep inside his little lesbian (Jen). Sue pointed out that she had now been with almost as many girls as Jen, but she couldn’t argue with the fact that she had also been with significantly more guys than Jen had (many versus one) and had to concede that Jen was indeed his little lesbian (Lis sometimes competes for this title as does Sara, although to a lesser extent now in the case of Sara as Emily has encouraged her to continue to experiment with guys).

Sunday, 23 March 2014

Challenge 1 - Mike's Public Cum

I’m going to write some entries out of order so we can respond to some challenges that have been set for us. We really like the idea of having to fulfil various challenges set by readers, but on the negative side, if we get lots we will never catch up with entries documenting things we’ve done. On the positive side though, it will be a break from the all-girl stories (other than Mike) when I was trying to get pregnant.

The first challenge we decided to accept was to get Mike to cum in a public place. We’ve sort of done this already in a cinema, but as it was dark it was relatively easy so we thought we should make things a bit harder (pun intended). We set our sights on making him cum in a restaurant during dinner, but to make it possible we decided to head out on a weeknight (so the place wouldn’t be quite as busy). We already knew the best place to go to as we’ve done things there before and I waited in work for Mike and Jen to arrive before we headed off. We went for a drink first (a non-alcoholic one for Jen) so we wouldn’t be the only ones in the place (we didn’t want it to be *too* easy) and on arrival we asked to be seated in a booth near the back, using Jen being pregnant as an excuse for wanting a quieter spot.

Mike and I sat with our backs to the restaurant and we were well hidden from most of the room by the back of the booth. Jen sat almost opposite us so she could keep a look-out for staff or customers approaching as anyone who went to the bathroom would end up being able to see what we were doing. Mike had brought one of my baggy pullovers and had put this on over his shirt – the idea being that he could easily have his cock out underneath it and it wouldn’t be obvious. We waited until the waitress had taken the drinks order and left us before he unzipped his trousers and freed his cock. He tucked the material in around the zip so he couldn’t catch his cock on the metal and I reached over to gently stroke him in preparation. Jen warned us when the drinks were on the way and Mike covered himself with the pullover while the waitress took our order. As soon as she was gone, I reached over again and started to play with him under the pullover, stroking him a bit more energetically this time. I continued this in an on and off manner until our food arrived and when the waitress went go get the condiments I quickly pulled the pullover back and bent over to take Mike’s cock in my mouth. Unfortunately (for him) I’m not a natural cocksucker (I’m a lot better than I used to be, but I still can’t match Sue’s talents in this area). I could only suck him for a short time anyway as the waitress returned but once she had gone (and we had eaten a little food) I once again took him in my mouth and gave him a much better suck while pumping away at his shaft.

I didn’t want him to cum too quickly, but at the same time there was a risk that someone might be seated at a table that would give them a line of sight to us so while I didn’t make him cum straight away, I didn’t draw things out too much either. With occasional breaks to eat (it would have looked rather suspicious if the waitress had come to ask how our meal was and we had hardly touched it), I sucked and stroked Mike’s cock until he warned me he was getting close. The person who had set us the challenge had suggested that we use a condom to minimise any mess, but that seemed to be cheating and we had decided that the only way to meet the challenge fairly would be to do things properly. I could have let Mike cum in my mouth, but that would have spoiled the taste of my food so the closer he got to cumming, the more I concentrated on sucking just the head of his cock. I kept expecting Jen to interrupt us and warn us that someone was coming, but we continued up until the point Mike warned me he was on the brink of cumming. I moved my mouth away from his cock and half hid the head under the pullover as I continued to stroke him. I felt his cock jerk a few times as he came and his cum squirted up in to the pullover and ran down the shaft of his cock, which then got smeared over the whole shaft as I carried on stroking him. By the time I finished, his cock and balls were covered in cum, as was the inside of bottom of the pullover. My hand was also covered, but I just wiped this off on the inside of my thighs and then on my skirt before resuming dinner.

Mike didn’t put his cock away during dinner (although it was hidden under the pullover) and stroked him a few times to feel the sticky mess covering his now limp cock. I gave him an extra treat over dessert and after taking a mouthful of ice cream I bent over and took him in my mouth again, sucking him as I felt his cock swell in my mouth. This added a fair bit to the mess (to be fair I probably sucked some of the cum off of his cock, but some of the melted ice cream dribbled out as I sucked him). To even things up and warm his cock up again, I sucked him with a mouthful of coffee once we had finished dessert and he then put his cock away and fastened his trousers. When we got home we needed to wash the jumper and his trousers, but I could have left the jumper as it wouldn’t have been the first time I’d worn clothes with bodily secretions on them (on a number of occasions I’ve gone to work with Mike’s cum on the inside of one bra cup and Jen’s juices on the other one).

It looks like the challenges will be fairly quick to write up (although that will probably depend on the exact nature of the challenge) so we’re opening the floor to anyone who wants to suggest something (preferably legal – or at least able to be completed without being discovered seeing as a number of our outdoors activities may not be looked on entirely favourably).

Friday, 21 March 2014

Sara and Emily – Part 5

Once they had finished we joined them on the bed again and told them that we were going to give them an extended session and enjoy them fully before they would be allowed to leave. They had complained about not having had as much time to play over the holidays as they had been at their parents’ houses for quite a bit of it so this was meant to help offset that. We also wanted to make sure that we gave Sara a really good time and had decided that one of us would go with Emily while the other two took care of Sara (switching around who was with Emily of course). I got to be with Emily first and I took her in to Mike’s room and pushed her down on the bed. I warned her that she was probably going to be eaten quite a bit by us all, but Em is used to this and she lay back and spread her legs, surrendering her pussy to my mouth. Working on the assumption that Sara knows what Emily likes, I tried to copy the way that Sara had gone down on her, using the same mix of eating her, sucking on her clit, lapping around her ass and licking up and down her outer lips. It seemed to be quite effective and even though she’d cum not too long ago I got another orgasm out of her.

I then asked her to play with me the way that she does with Sara and as I lay there I concentrated on exactly what her tongue was doing to me. I remember thinking about how it was strange that things can feel so different when doing the same things with a different person – be that two different tongues licking me or two different cocks moving in me. I wasn’t overly loud, but I made sure that Emily knew just how good what she was doing to me felt. I reached up and gently played with my nipples (I don’t like it anywhere near as rough as Jen does) and as I got closer to cumming I felt Emily push my ass up in to the air so I pulled my legs up as Sara had done. Her tongue spent longer swirling around my ass, but still returned to my pussy and clit from time to time and I could feel an orgasm building. I told her I was getting close and got a ‘uh-huh’ in reply, but she didn’t break contact with my crotch. It took a while for the final stage of my orgasm to build but it eventually happened and I pushed against Emily’s mouth as my pussy throbbed with pleasure. Due to the slow build up, I had half expected it to be much stronger, but I wasn’t complaining as it meant I would be able to cum more times. We kissed for a while and waited for someone to appear…

Mike and Jen had taken care of Sara in a slightly different way. They had started off with Mike inside Jen and Sara sitting over Jen’s face so both her holes could be licked at the same time and after making Sara cum, they had switched around so Mike was on the bottom with Sara riding his cock and Jen being double licked (Sara working Jen’s ass). Sara asked Jen if she would enjoy peeing in this position and Jen told her that she would love to, but didn’t want to make a mess of the bed. Sara told Jen that she would happily repeat the position outside once the weather warmed up again. Mike pushed Jen up enough that he could ask if he got a say in things given Jen would be peeing over his face, but they all knew that he would happily do it if it meant he got Sara and Jen at the same time. They resumed the position and carried on until Jen came before getting Sara to turn around and carry on riding Mike while Jen licked her. Mike would have loved to cum in Sara, but he had promised Emily a good fuck. He asked Sara if he could cum in her before she headed home and she wasn’t sure as she didn’t think she would be able to cum any more so they left the decision until later. This didn’t stop Mike pumping back and forth in Sara as Jen licked her clit and as Sara came, Mike held her down firmly on his cock and pushed as deep as he could inside her.

Jen left Mike and Sara to snuggle and came to switch places with me. When she walked in, I thanked Emily and told Jen to take good care of her while I sampled Sara. Jen warned me that I might have to be gentle with her and when I found out they had made her cum twice I had to change my plans (I had intended to emulate the way Emily played with her as I had done with Em). We had a much gentler session where we half massaged and half caressed Sara for a while. I kitty kissed her while Mike moved inside me and (as we hoped) after a while, Sara said that she might be ready to cum. I wanted to copy the scissoring that Sara had done with Jen the previous night, but we had the added bonus of having Mike there to help out.

We ground against each other, taking breaks to allow Mike to lick and frig us. For someone who hadn’t got the energy to cum at the beginning of the session, Sara was quite fiery and pulled me against her pussy energetically. We were briefly interrupted by Jen coming to fetch the body wand (although ‘interrupted’ isn’t really the right word as we didn’t stop or even pause what we were doing). After Jen had returned to Emily, we changed the position around a bit and I lay with Sara on top of me and I wrapped my legs around her. Mike knelt and pushed his cock in to me, then pulled out and inserted it in to Sara. He moved back and forth between our cunts, fucking us both while we kissed and I stroked Sara’s back and ass. I told Sara to try and feel as Mike pushed his cock coated in my juices deep in to her cunt and described how I wanted as many of her juices in me as I could get. Sara told me I was a dirty girl and I just responded by calling her an ass eater and then kissing her.

As nice as that position had felt, we couldn’t cum so returned to scissoring and humped against each other. Mike played with our clits again but just with his fingers this time as we were humping and grinding against each other more energetically. He was sensible enough to make sure I came first as we doubted Sara would want to continue once she came. I carried on thrusting against her until she lifted her head back and gripped the covers and as her orgasm passed, I slowed down my movements and then pulled away from her. She was panting far more heavily than I was and I asked her if she wanted to kitty kiss. She said that she would do me, but that she didn’t want anyone touching her pussy for a while – things didn’t entirely go the way she wanted though as once I crouched over her face, Mike knelt between her legs and worked on her. He was sufficiently gentle that she didn’t complain about it though and we spent a while in this position until Jen came in and said that she had finished with Emily.

They had actually finished a while beforehand – after playing with each other, they had sat in a scissor position and used the body wand to stimulate both their clits at the same time. I was pleased to find out that even without Mike or I present, they had taken the challenge of seeing who could last longest (with the penalty of whoever came first having to keep their clit pressed against the vibrating head of the wand until the other person came). I was also pleased (but not surprised) to find out that Jen had won (in that Emily had cum first) – but Jen had at least given her quite a while to recover before coming in to tell us that Emily was ready for Mike (I rarely got that level of consideration from her when she was torturing me!).

Even after the kitty kissing, Sara said that she didn’t think she could cum again so Jen and I spent our session with her just kissing and caressing her body. We stroked and kissed almost every part of her (but only spent a brief time around her pussy). Sara wasn’t entirely passive and she played with both Jen and I using her fingers and some toys we retrieved from the cupboard. Of course we weren’t fully satisfied with this and told Sara that as she wasn’t going to cum herself, that we would need to mark her as ours so she would remember that she owed us an orgasm. Jen took Sara’a left side and I took the right – we rubbed her hands over our pussies and then worked our way up her arms, humping against them. We rubbed ourselves against her shoulders and then took turns to rub our cunts over her face before moving down to her breasts. It is much easier to hump against someone’s nipples when there is a third person to help hold the breast (relatively) in place and once we had coated her breasts in our juices we lay on our sides and rubbed ourselves against the side of her stomach and hips. We finished off by working our way down her legs and finally pushed her big toe in to our pussies. We then returned to kissing and caressing her, so we probably removed a fair amount of the work we’d just done, but that didn’t really matter. I told Sara that I was disappointed I would be missing the start of term sex party but promised her that she could do whatever she wanted to Sue.

Mike’s session with Emily had gone as long-time readers would expect. He started off by going down on her and told her that he didn’t want to fuck her until he had eaten her to at least one orgasm. This gave him time to calm down from fucking Sara and me as he wanted to give Emily the hard fucking she had asked for (plus he just didn’t want to cum too quickly so he could enjoy it properly). He got one orgasm out of her and kitty kissed her while she caught her breath, then spooned with her while they kissed and he caressed her body. He was impressed that she was still ready to do more after Jen and I had played with her (and he’d eaten her), but as he’d been holding back while helping the rest of us cum, he would have probably fucked her anyway. As Emily got hornier, they started to push against each other harder until she asked him to fuck her properly. Mike was more than happy to oblige and showed her how hard his cock was before pushing her on to her back and climbing on top of her.

Emily wrapped her legs around Mike just as she’d done the previous evening and they kissed as they fucked. They used a few different positions – Emily lay back and Mike held her legs up so he could get deep inside her – she lay on her front and he fucked her from behind in Sue’s favourite position. Mike gave Emily the choice of position she wanted to be in when she came and she said she wanted her legs around him so he requested that she wear some long white socks. Emily was fine with this and Mike quickly dug a pair out (while most of the toys live in the cupboard in Jen’s room, we keep a few ‘sex clothes’ in Mike’s room. Emily pulled them on and Mike had a final few licks of her pussy before lying on his back and getting her to mount him. He pulled her down to him and they kissed messily as he pounded away in her while gripping her ass to help guide her up and down his shaft. Emily told him when she was getting close and they rolled over so Mike was on top and Em wrapped her legs around him. She told him to push in to her as hard as he could and he reached back to caress one of her legs as he did this. He told Emily that he was going to fill her with cum and she pulled him in to her tighter with her legs and let our increasingly insistent ‘mmm’s as her orgasm built. Mike asked her to tell him when she was going to cum and she told him that she was almost there so he pumped away a bit longer until she let out her first ‘aaahhh’ and told him she was cumming. He had been holding back long enough that he managed to shoot his cum in to her while she was still cumming (just) and pushed in to her a few more times before holding himself still inside her as the feeling of her pussy rubbing against his cock was too intense.

They were both covered in a sheen of sweat and Mike once again reached back to caress her sock-clad legs as he told her how strong his orgasm had felt. Emily described how she loved the feeling of his cock inside her and they discussed the upcoming sex party where she intended to take advantage of her opportunity to fuck as many guys as she could (Sara was fine with her doing this at the parties as she would probably be sampling a number of girls). Once Mike could move in Emily again, they gently rocked back and forth as they discussed things and called each other insulting names related to their sexual promiscuity. Mike then told her to keep his cum in her cunt while he fetched us to do the cum-sharing ceremony.

As we weren’t trying to cum, when Mike appeared in Jen’s room, we could go with him instantly back to his room and deal with Emily. Sara offered to do the honours but Emily said that she wanted to see how we did it so Jen knelt and ate Emily, who then sat up to help her get Mike’s cum in to her mouth. Jen then kissed me and we 69ed to tongue the cum into each other. We then went back in to Jen’s room and compared stories from our extended session. Mike was disappointed that we hadn’t made Sara cum again but we defended her and said that she had done really well. Jen gently played with Mike’s limp cock and we challenged Sara to suck him back to life. He may not have been ready to fuck again by the time she finished, but he was certainly hard again and Sara said that it was a very strange feeling having his cock grown in her mouth.

It was now past a sensible time to have lunch and we quickly dressed. Before Sara was allowed to put on any clothes, we rubbed some of Emily’s (and probably Mike’s) juices over Sara’s back and added a final helping of our own to her front. We were obviously acclimatised to the scent, but we suspected that she would reek of pheromones and would seem even more attractive than usual. Sara wanted to wear panties but at least let us give her a pair of white cotton ones, with the promise that she would wear them while Emily played with her a number of times and Mike would retrieve them at the party. She paired the panties with a cute little light blue skirt and white top, but refused to put on long white socks to go with it. (Actually, she did put them on so we could admire the look, but she wouldn’t wear them when we went out even though Jen and I wore thigh high black stockings).

Lunch was fairly uneventful, although we did manage to convince Sara to sit in such a way that the crotch of her panties was very visible (she isn’t as reserved as she sometimes pretends). Sara sat in this way through all of lunch and we saw that some of the guys in the café had noticed, but obviously didn’t say anything to challenge them. One guy who was with his wife/girlfriend (or I guess, she could have been just a friend) had spent quite a while looking, but the woman with him had her back to us so she probably wasn’t aware (unless he had told her, but I’m guessing he didn’t). When we got up to leave, I made sure to bend over to pick up my things and give him a view of my exposed ass and pussy as my skirt rode up. I really wanted to turn and wink at him to see what his response had been, but instead had to wait until we left to find out from the others. They said that his eyes had visibly widened and he really looked surprised and we discussed if we thought he had taken the woman home and given her a good fuck without her knowing why. (As you can probably guess from the fact that I document what we get up to in this blog, I really like the idea of people cumming while thinking of me and if I can help other people enjoy themselves then that is an added bonus!).

We had a little time before Sara and Emily had to catch their train and debated how best to spend it. We nearly took them to our friendly sex shop but instead decided to make use of a dead-end alleyway to have a final session of fun. It wasn’t the most salubrious place we’ve ever done things (but also wasn’t the worst) and once we were out of sight of people walking past the entrance we stood Emily up against the wall and took turns having a lick at her pussy. It was only fair that she should repay us so we let her do the same to us (and give Mike’s cock a suck). Mike asked Sara if he could be inside her one last time and she told him he could (she had apparently recovered from our earlier session). He got her to lean forwards against the wall and pulled the crotch of her panties aside to slide in to her and the rest of us half watched while playing with each other. He pulled out and pulled her panties down over her ass so he could move a bit more in her and reached up under her top to play with her breasts as they fucked, then move one hand down to her clit to play with it. He promised her that he wouldn’t cum in her but she said that he could if he wanted to, for which he thanked her and carried on frigging and fucking her. We pulled Sara’s panties all the way down and she stepped out of them so she could spread her legs and Emily took them for safe keeping. Jen and I helped to finish Emily off with one of us licking her while the other kissed her and fondled her breasts.

Emily came first and once Sara had cum, Mike came in her. Hardly unexpectedly, Emily wouldn’t let her have the panties back but Sara didn’t seem too put out about this. We didn’t have much time left, but the others felt that as they had cum that Jen and I should cum too. In order to speed things up, we were instructed to take care of ourselves and we both stood against the wall while playing with our pussies. We had our tops pulled up to expose our breasts and nearly had our skirts removed but managed to avoid that. As Jen got close to cumming, she crouched down, spread her legs and pushed her pussy forwards. I watched as she let out a strong stream of pee during her orgasm and debated doing the same, but I was worried I would end up spraying the inside of my thighs (Jen is rather more experienced at this particular act than I am). Emily stepped in to help me out and knelt to eat me through my orgasm – I had been quite close anyway so came within no time once her mouth touched my pussy.

As we walked to the station Sara said that Mike’s cum was beginning to leak out of her. It was only a tiny amount (he hadn’t really expected to ejaculate any real volume in to her) but we made sure that she didn’t try to brush it off and by the time we got to the platform she said that it had run the whole way down her left leg to her foot. Neither Sara nor Emily had a long enough jacket on to fondle them as we kissed goodbye, but as we’d just all cum this wasn’t too much of a loss. Jen and I promised that we would visit them as soon as possible to make up for missing the party and they set off home. Sara fell asleep on the train and Emily snapped a picture of her with her legs spread slightly – probably not enough for most people to realise that her pussy was showing, but enough to see if you looked. They called to thank us for the weekend, although said that they were rather exhausted by the time they arrived home and we congratulated them once more on having cum so many times.

Tuesday, 18 March 2014

Sara and Emily – Part 4

We had a good evening out, but there wasn’t much to write about. As planned, my outfit allowed me to easily show myself off to people whenever I wanted and I sat chatting to a guy for a while with my pussy obviously displayed to him. My top worked quite well too and whenever I leant forwards, he could see down to my exposed nipples (which ended up being quite pointy). Mid-way through the evening I decided to be up front with him and tell him that I couldn’t do anything with him as we had visitors (and we weren’t planning on taking guys back home that weekend). He stayed and chatted for quite a while longer though so I made sure that he got to see as much of me as he wanted and when he placed a hand on my leg I scooched a bit closer to him and said that he could touch whatever he wanted. His hand quickly slid up under my skirt to my crotch and he briefly stroked me and then pushed a couple of fingers in to me. I could see a bulge growing in his trousers and wished I could sample it, but I was still off the pill so wasn’t going to risk it. I finished off the dregs of my beer and handed him the bottle, asking him to use it on me – he asked if I was sure and I reached down to spread my lips and told him that I wanted to feel the neck inside me so he pushed it against my pussy and once he found the right spot, it popped in a fair way. I jumped a little at the forceful intrusion, but told him to keep going as I looked around to check that nobody had noticed what we were doing (apart from Mike, Jen et. al.). I suggested that he lean in and kiss the side of my neck, which also allowed him to slide a hand up my top and play with my breasts (people could see that he was doing this, but we weren’t the only ones doing that and my breasts were still covered. By leaning in, he could more easily move the bottle in me without it being visible to others and he buried the whole length of the neck in my pussy and slowly fucked me with it. I told him (honestly) that I wished I could go somewhere and fuck him, but that I was trying to get pregnant. This seemed to confuse him a bit and he asked who I was trying to get pregnant with and I indicated at Mike. He asked why I was letting him finger me in front of my boyfriend and I told him that Mike didn’t mind and pointed out the fact that Mike had his hand up Emily’s skirt so it was only fair.

I had actually been considering taking the guy somewhere suitable and either giving him a handjob or sucking him off as a thanks for continuing to chat to me after I’d ruled out doing anything (and for playing with me of course), but that quickly became moot as unfortunately my fondler found the situation a bit too strange and stopped playing with me. I pulled the bottle from my pussy and sucked the neck clean and told him if we met again under different circumstances that I’d let him fuck me if he wanted and was told that he could only do that if my boyfriend wasn’t around. I considered explaining that Mike was actually my husband, but I couldn’t see how that would help the situation so kept quiet. I went and joined Jen and Sara on the dance floor and got my hands inside Jen’s dress so I could caress her ass while I told her about the bottle (semi) fuck. I discovered that she was quite wet and was told that Sara had been getting in to the spirit of things and had been caressing Jen quite a bit as they had danced. Sara hadn’t received quite as much in return though as her dress was too long for Jen to get her hands under the skirt (without it being really obvious) and Sara didn’t want any damp patches (which ruled out caressing her through it).

Mike had been a bit more successful in playing with Emily – a couple of times he had gotten her to straddle him and as they kissed, he had worked her skirt up so it was almost entirely around her waist and he could then easily reach between her legs and play with her pussy. He tasted her from his fingers and fed her some of her own juices a few times and I remember thinking that if I tasted as good as she did, then I would probably spend my whole life just fingering my pussy and then feeding myself my juices. Fortunately for us, Emily isn’t that greedy, which leaves plenty for us to taste.

I managed to get fondled by two more guys as we danced – one of them slid his hands down to my ass and discovered that I was naked without prompting but the second one took a bit longer (I had been grinding against his thigh as we danced and could feel his cock was hard so I pushed his hand down between my legs and let him finger me. I once again wished that I could take them out back (either individually or better yet – together) and fuck them, but managed to keep my libido under control and found the others and suggested we return home to play. On the way we undid a couple of the ties on either side of Jen’s dress, just leaving the centre one fastened. This meant that it didn’t always fully cover her and made it significantly easier to fondle her whenever the desire took us.

By the time we arrived home, we were more than ready to get stuck in and quickly shed our clothes. Jen, Mike and I were all going to go for Emily, but realised this and we let Jen have her first while Mike and I pounced on Sara. We took turns with one of us fingering or eating her while the other kissed her (either on the nipples or mouth). Mike had first go at her pussy and said that she felt quite damp so I teased her about having enjoyed being out with nothing on under her dress. When it was my turn to go down on her, I sucked her lips in to my mouth and played with them for a while. Sara must have been quite horny as she came much faster than Emily did, but we didn’t wait around for them and I may on my side and Mike fucked me from behind while Sara lapped at my clit. I wasn’t fast enough to beat Em, but I was a good way on by the time she came and we switched positions again so Jen lay on her back and I sat over her face while Sara played with her. We let Sara have free choice from the toy cupboard and she came back with a couple of vibes for immediate use, but asked if we could look at Jen’s ‘specialist’ toys later on (her small but growing collection of bondage gear).

We clearly weren’t going to refuse the request, but for the time being we concentrated on our own little threesome with Sara making use of a vibe in Jen and another on her clit. Jen lapped away at my pussy and told me that I too tasted quite wet while Mike kitty kissed Emily to get her in the right state of mind for the next round. By the time Sara, Jen and I had finished, Mike and Em were 69ing and she was bobbing her head u and down and slurping at his cock quite energetically. Mike would have happily continued until he made Emily cum, but she had told him that she didn’t think she could go another full session with each of us so he had promised her that she would cum just once more (unless of course we could convince her to change her mind). I didn’t want to miss out on Emily’s pussy so was given a turn 69ing with her (she just kitty kissed me and while I ate her, I was still fairly gentle). Mike went back to playing with Sara – she didn’t want him inside her, but didn’t object to him licking her (especially as his tongue strayed from her pussy a number of times).

When I was ready to play properly again Mike re-joined Emily and me and he fucked Em while she ate me. Mike deliberately avoided playing with her clit so he could fuck her for quite a while without her cumming. I on the other hand wanted to cum fairly quickly (not *too* quickly though) so I could help out with Emily afterwards. As we did this, Sara and Jen scissored and humped against each other. I had quite a good view of this and suggested that they try sharing a dildo between them, which they did but said that it limited the way they could grind against each other so it was discarded and they resumed unaided pussy humping. As my orgasm approached, I rode back and forth on Emily’s face and covered her with my juices (but I know that she doesn’t mind getting messy) and once I’d cum, I let Mike fuck her and kiss her while I got Jen and Sara to stop humping (but remain with their pussies together) so I could lick them both.

Emily wanted to finish off with Mike with him on top of her and her legs around him as they fucked but with a promise that they could fuck like that on the Sunday, we convinced her to let me help out. Mike took her from behind while I crawled under Mike and pulled Emily down to me so I could lap at them both while reaching up to play with Emily’s hanging breasts. Despite the forced change in position, I don’t think she was disappointed with the results as she had what sounded like a pretty good orgasm. I edged my way up the bed until I was fully underneath her so I could kiss her as Mike finished off in her. He didn’t take too long and kept his cock buried in her for a few minutes while he watched Sara and Jen finish humping. Jen came first and Sara asked if Jen wanted to just finger or eat her to orgasm, but Jen stuck it out and carried on slamming her pussy against Sara’s and grinding back and forth until Sara also came. (It’s much easier continuing in this position after cumming as the stimulation isn’t too intense so it can actually feel quite nice).

Once Sara had caught her breath, Mike asked her if she wanted to take care of the cum-transfer, but offered to do it himself if she didn’t want to. Fortunately for him, she still liked the idea of contributing to helping us conceive so I moved completely out of the way and Sara crawled under Emily. Mike withdrew and spread Emily’s lips so his cum leaked out in to Sara’s mouth. Emily sat up and Sara waited until the dripping stopped (there wasn’t a great deal) before pushing Emily away and then spitting the cum in to Jen and my pussy. Emily took Mike’s cock in her mouth and cleaned it off so he asked her if she wanted him to lick her clean, but she was resolute in not wanting to cum any more (and probably knew that once Mike started to lick her that we would almost certainly make her cum again). Once he got hard again, she did at least let Mike spoon inside her while we lay chatting and he threatened to fuck her again. She told him that he could cum again if he wanted, but she wasn’t going to so Mike didn’t bother (he rarely cums in someone if they aren’t cumming or haven’t just cum).

On the Sunday, we had our usual oral awakening session and I took care of cleaning out any remaining cum from Emily’s pussy while Jen 69ed with Sara and Mike alternated between fucking Jen and me. Sara told Mike that he could be inside her if he wanted and he helped Jen and Sara roll over so Sara was on top and Mike could slide in to her. He only fucked her lightly but while he did this I moved round so I was 69ing with Emily and we added her in to his pussy rotation. As he moved between us, he tried to describe any differences he could feel in our cunts. There wasn’t a great variation – Sara and Jen felt a little tighter than Emily or me, Jen felt wetter and Emily and Sara felt a little hotter. As I hadn’t ‘won’ any of the comparisons I told Mike that he couldn’t fuck me again, but that only lasted for a couple of minutes and I let him slide back in to me. He made sure that he was in each of us as we came and by the time he had felt four cunts cumming around his cock he was pretty much ready to burst. Instead of picking someone to cum in, we thought it would be more fitting for him to cum over us all (we had all contributed to his arousal so it only seemed fair). We lay side by side on the bed and Mike knelt and stroked himself – he only squirted three jets of cum and they mostly landed on Sara and Emily (who were closer to him), but some made it across Jen and over to me. Mike rubbed his cock in the cum on Sara and pushed it in to each of our cunts – it wasn’t our usual cum-sharing method, but he enjoyed it.

We had a break for breakfast and Sara reminded us that she wanted to explore some of Jen’s bondage toys. It was nice seeing Sara take the initiative like this (I don’t want to make out that she is some meek little girl, but she rarely drives our sex play, or even play just between her and Emily from what we’ve been told). We headed up to the bedroom so (ironically) Jen could be more comfortable as we inflicted pain on her. We started off with the nipple and clit clamps and showed Sara how to fasten them on to Jen and set the vibes going. We each held one of Jen’s arms or legs and watched her writhe around under us as her sensitive areas were pinched and buzzed at the same time. Mike held both of Jen’s legs for a while so Sara could pull on the chains joining the vibes and Jen had a fairly quick orgasm. We all had a brief turn at kitty kissing her to help calm her down and prepare her for what was next.

Jen was turned over on to her front and told to kneel with her head on the bed. This raised up her ass nicely and we offered it for Sara and Emily to spank. They started off fairly gingerly but with a bit of encouragement they started to slap her a bit harder and when we produced the paddle, Sara gave Jen a number of decent slaps with it until Jen’s ass was glowing pink and was quite warm to the touch. We then took turns kneeling behind her and eating her as forcefully as we could (Mike also fucked her hard as well as eating her). Keeping her in the kneeling position, we got Jen to spread her legs so we could slap her pussy (with our hands) and then turned her over to play with her properly. We started off just using our hands – pinching, mauling and slapping her body, pulling and tweaking her nipples (I no longer worry about doing this as I know she loves it). She was fingered roughly and had her pussy slapped some more and even had her ass fingered.

We used the paddle on her again – this time directly on her breasts and pussy (and when I say ‘we’, I mean mostly Sara and Emily). They didn’t slap her as hard as we had done on her ass but as Jen got closer to cumming, we told Sara to concentrate on hitting Jen’s pussy and clit as rapidly as she could. I tried to spread Jen’s lips so Sara could slap Jen’s clit directly, but my fingers got in the way so I gave up on this and let her carry on by herself. Emily took care of playing with Jen’s breasts – squeezing them firmly and rolling the nipples back and forth. Jen was clearly quite close to cumming and the atmosphere was quite charged so Mike knelt behind Sara and started to finger her while I did the same with Emily. Sara pushed back against Mike’s fingers so he decided to go to the next stage and positioned his cock at the entrance to her pussy. Sara pushed back against him and he thrust in to her and started to fuck her as she slapped Jen’s wet pussy.

I was going to crawl under Emily so I could eat her but ran out of time as Jen’s moans became louder and she told us she was about to cum. Sara used the paddle to slap Jen as quickly as she could and I told Emily to pinch Jen’s nips a bit harder. Jen thrust her pussy against the paddle (ineffectively) a number of times and let out a series of profanities as she came and we saw her let out a small stream of liquid that splashed against the paddle and was slapped against her pussy and thighs. We assumed she had squirted, but it turned out that she had actually let out a small amount of pee as the sensations had been so strong. Mike was still pumping away in Sara and he told her to eat Jen – which Sara did without hesitation. She tossed the paddle aside and buried her face between Jen’s legs, lapping away furiously at Jen’s wet cunt. Having just cum (hard), Jen naturally objected to this, but she couldn’t push Sara away and had to put up with a minute or so of extra stimulation. During this, Mike reached the point where he could have easily cum and he slowed his movements and took long strokes in and out of Sara while he played with her clit. We didn’t want to torture Jen too much so got Sara to switch to kitty kissing her and then let Emily take over while Mike carried on slow-fucking Sara and frigging her until she came. He assured her that he hadn’t cum in her and she told him that she wouldn’t have minded if he had, but Mike had just been teasing himself.

Jen’s body looked pink and sore. Now that things had calmed down, Sara and Emily looked a bit concerned and apologised to Jen, saying that they hoped they hadn’t actually hurt her. Jen explained how bits were now rather tender and warm (and a bit sore), but that she had really enjoyed it - as evidenced by the fact that she had peed while on the bed (we don’t do that). We teased Jen a little more, but in a soothing way by using ice cubes to calm the bits that looked the pinkest (with some extra attention spent on her nipples, pussy and clit of course). Some of the ice cubes may have wandered on to the rest of us and we each had one inserted in to us briefly. In Mike’s case, Emily popped an ice cube in to her mouth and then sucked his cock, which helped to calm him down from having been in Sara.

As Jen had put on such a nice show, we asked Sara and Emily if they would demonstrate one of their normal sessions to us. At first they were a little hesitant and unsure of exactly what to do but we explained that we just wanted to watch what they did when they were alone and they lay down on the bed beside each other and started. It was a nice gentle session and they kissed a lot while reaching down between each other’s legs and fingering pussies. They then took turns going down on each other and we watched as whoever was doing the eating lapped around the other person’s pussy and ass. As she came, Sara lifted her legs up to allow Emily better access and it took quite a bit of self-control to restrain ourselves from taking advantage of Emily’s pussy which was bobbing up and down while she was distracted and eating her girlfriend’s cunt.