Monday, 3 March 2014

Lis and Lucy August Visit – Part 3

On the journey home, we described the game that we had planned and how successful it had been when we’d done it with Sue the previous weekend. Lucy was still amazed at the things we did with Sue, but seemed to have accepted it and seemed genuinely curious about how the position would work. Once indoors, she didn’t have to wait long as I quickly fished out four of our double ended dildos (one was a little longer than was ideal, but even we have a limit to our selection of toys).Mike helped to lube them up and he then pushed the end of one in to Lis’ ass. Lucy hadn’t quite gotten over her anal bashfulness – admittedly this wasn’t helped by the fact that the four of us watched her intently as she inserted the end of one of the dildos in to her ass, but she still did it and told us we were all mean. We then sat in a square and went from ass to cunt in the following order: Lis, Jen, Lucy, me (and back to Lis). As the dildos were now bent at 90 degrees instead of 60, it was rather harder to move them with just one hand and we had to settle on the two handed method (us each having a hand on each of the dildos in us and pumping them back and forth in unison). Mike helped out by sitting behind Jen, Lis and I in turn and massaging our breasts and then playing with our clits (he wasn’t allowed to do Lucy).

It may not have been quite as workable a position as it had been with just three of us, but it still felt nice and we asked Mike to help out further and select some vibes for us to use. Armed with a vibe each, we went back to the one handed method and pumped the dildos in and out of our pussies while stimulating our clits until Mike pulled out the big guns and brought over the body wand. He went between Lis, Jen and me and took care of stimulating our clits while we used two hands and let Lucy use it on her own clit. The body wand was used on each of a few times until I suggested to Jen that we do the honourable thing and help Lis and Lucy enjoy the position properly. By ‘the honourable thing’ I meant for Jen and I to cum first so we could use both hands on the dildos and we all went back to using two hands on the dildos while Mike used the body wand and another vibe on Jen and me until we came.

With our orgasms out of the way, Jen and I now set about giving the best experience to Lis and Lucy. Lucy used a hand on the dildo in her ass and used her other hand on her clit while Jen took each end of the dildo going from her ass to Lucy’s pussy. I took care of the ends of the dildos in my holes while Lis took care of the dildo in her pussy and her clit, leaving Mike to work the dildo going from Lis’ ass to Jen’s cunt. We let Lis and Lucy try using the vibes on themselves as well as just fingers and as they got close to cumming, Mike described how the three of us had just used fingers the previous weekend as we’d cum. Lis came before Lucy and rapidly strummed away at her clit, she lay back, just uttering a series of ‘fuck’s but we told her to continue moving the dildo until Lucy came. Lucy didn’t want us all staring at her so we gave her a little privacy, but of course watched as she actually came. Fortunately she was too far gone to say anything and only afterwards did she blush quite deeply, but agree that it had felt quite good. She even lay back and kept the dildos in her while we chatted about the position and how it could be improved.

Mike buzzed Lis, Jen and me with the body wand and then whispered something to Jen. She extricated herself from the dildos and helped him hold me down, then told Jen and Lucy to fuck me with the dildos while she used the wand on my clit. Having just cum, it felt fairly intense and I may have called Mike and Jen a few names, but with them both holding me down I couldn’t do anything to escape and had to just endure it. The name calling actually made things worse as it just spurred Jen on and she took the body wand and used it on my clit on a fairly high setting. That wasn’t all though as she then got Lucy to pull the dildo out of my pussy and Jen pushed the head of the wand against my cunt. At first it just vibrated on my outer lips, but she moved it around until it started to slide in to me and I felt myself stretch around it. The normally reserved Lucy actually helped out and spread my lips to allow Jen to get the whole head inside and I couldn’t feel anything other than my cunt vibrating. It was way too intense to feel good, but Jen had made a comment earlier in the week about looking forward to the start of term so we could visit her friends again and I could be made to perform for them. I wasn’t really fighting what was being done to me anymore so Mike bent over and licked my clit. Needless to say, I came. Mike stopped licking me and Lis stopped moving the dildo in my ass but Jen kept the wand inside me for a short while (it felt much longer than it apparently actually was) before pulling it out. Lis and Lucy watched as my pussy began to contract back to its normal size. I felt numb inside and then got an intense tingling feeling and told Jen that she would definitely pay.

I was given some time to recover alone while the others chatted and prepared dinner. Over dinner Jen explained that she had just been trying to help me out by giving me an intense experience as I had seemed so jealous of what Sue had received the previous weekend. We then had to explain in full detail about the guys we had brought home and how Sue had taken all of them. I admitted that I had indeed felt jealous and had wanted to feel their cocks plunging in to me, but explained that a vibe on high power was nothing like a nice hard cock. I tried to describe to them exactly what it had felt like but really couldn’t find the words. In the end I managed to convince Lis and Lucy that the only way they would understand would be to experience it themselves, but I wasn’t going to make them ensure the full sensation (I didn’t want o scare them away from our monthly sessions). As a compromise, they both had a brief turn with the wand on high, held against their clit until they were squirming to getaway and said they couldn’t take any more. It wasn’t directly comparable to what I’d felt but they now felt a bit more repentant for their part in what had happened and to make up for it I said they had to be nice to me for the rest of the evening.

We dressed to go out and as part of her punishment, Jen was made to wear one of her shorter skirts and thigh-high socks to draw attention to her lower half. This was paired with a very tight top that left her stomach exposed and did nothing to hide her nipples when they got at all hard. As I was trying to draw attention to her we finished off the outfit with bunches, using large ribbons to tie them up with. It was certainly a much more over the top look and would get her noticed, but I didn’t intend to let her have all the fun. We had already told Lis and Lucy about the outfit Sue had worn the previous weekend and as I slipped it on I remembered how we had used it to clean the cum off of the guys’ cocks (it had been washed thoroughly since then). I modelled the bra and panties first and then showed them the effect that the dress had when combined with them. In the light they could still see my nipples through the two layers of material, but it still didn’t seem quite as revealing as it had when Sue had worn it. I was quite happy with my look though and Lis and Lucy played along with our outfit types (to some extent). Lis went with an elegant white dress with a very low cut top and we got Lucy to wear another of Jen’s skirts that we had cut the lining out of. It wasn’t anywhere near as revealing as my dress was, but on close inspection is wasn’t too difficult to see her panties.

We headed out to a lesbian bar (seeing as I couldn’t have any guys other than Mike and the rest of the group weren’t trying to attract guys, it seemed like the best option). As some of the younger clientele (not the youngest by a long way though) we got enough attention throughout the evening and I made sure that a number of people got to see that Jen’s pussy was quite exposed. A few people were encouraged to do more than just look and while it wasn’t the sort of place that they could openly play with her, they were discreet and Jen was fingered by four different women throughout the evening (not counting us). None of them had carried on for long enough to make her cum and near the end of the evening Lis and I took Jen off to the bathroom. We all piled in to a single cubicle and Lis and I set about playing with Jen. She was fingered, kissed and groped – we purposely got her juices on her top as we fondled her breasts. If we’d been at the hardcore club I would have probably gotten Jen to sit and pee with the door open or masturbated while she stood up against a sink, but that would have probably gotten us arrested (or at least thrown out) so we just left her in an excited state and went to leave the bathroom. I made one adjustment to my outfit before we opened the door of the stall though and removed my panties – it felt so much better without them and we danced a little longer before deciding that too many people were showing an interest and that we should call it a night. (Lis thinks that they may have been spurred on by the scent of Jen’s juices – I don’t know if it is really possible, but she’s the biologist so I’ll take her word for it).

We continued to play with Jen at opportune moments on the way home and even Lucy joined in, but I decided to punish Jen in the opposite way and made sure that nobody actually made her cum. Once back indoors, we got ready for bed and had another game of bathroom crush. We undressed each other as we prepared for bed (I guess undressing was technically a part of preparing for bed) and we all ended up naked. We probably squeezed past each other a fair few times more than was really necessary and I know that I took the chance to rub my ass against Mike’s cock. He was even pressed up against Lucy for a little while and enjoyed the feeling of her skin pressed against him, but he didn’t push his luck.

Lucy spent the night with me in Mike’s room and it really felt like she let me do things with her in a more relaxed way than usual. Given how much I’d done with Lucy before, it wasn’t as if she had been exactly reserved, but somehow it had always felt as if she was holding something back. I’m not saying that she was as open with me as she is with Jen (let alone with Lis), but we had a much nicer session and she no longer seemed to hesitate or flinch if I tried to push her. The best example of this was when I was eating her and I lowered my tongue to her ass – although she now lets me do this, she usually pulls away or tenses up at first, but that night she just accepted what I was doing and made appreciative noises. Later on, she even reciprocated – not for as long as I’d done this to her, but it was still an improvement over previous times.

Mike and Lis made short work of Jen between them – I had really been hoping that they could have just teased her for the whole night without letting her cum, but I guess that was too much to ask. They started off with Lis eating Jen and Mike eating Lis, then moved on to Mike fucking Lis with Jen sitting over Lis’ face. Jen was soon made to turn around so Mike could help out – he mostly lapped at her pussy, leaving Lis to take care of Jen’s clit, but he also rimmed Jen a few times. At one point he pulled out of Lis and climbed up over her body so he could push his cock in to Jen and fuck her while Lis licked them both, but Jen knew that he wasn’t likely to cum in her while Lis was there as a willing recipient. He returned to fucking Lis while helping to eat Jen and this was how she came. Mike then finished off in Lis with his trademark rapid fuck (with Lis on top) and she remained there for a while as Jen curled up against them and they chatted.

Mike remained sufficiently hard that he could resume slowly moving in her after a short while and Jen helped out by caressing Lis’ body and kissing around her shoulders and back. They started to describe to Lis what it was like having a session with both Sue and me, Jen concentrated on the similarities in our breasts and how she loved having two pairs to suck on and play with while Mike mostly described how our pussies differed in shape, taste and texture. They got Lis to imagine that Both Sue and I were fucking her and she was making us both cum – fortunately Lis shares Jen’s love of larger breasts (not quite to the same extent) and they went as far as calling up some of the images we have of Sue for Lis to look at while they played. Lis lay on top of Mike, face up and Jen helped to get his cock back inside Lis’ pussy and she then proceeded to lap away around Mike’s cock at Lis’ pussy. Mike’s cum had started to dribble out of Lis so Jen made sure that she was nice and clean again (we had agreed that as long as Mike didn’t cum in Jen to give her an advantage, we wouldn’t bother with sharing his cum between Jen and me that night). Jen lay over Lis so they could 69 – it was a slightly awkward position as she had to hold herself up sufficiently so their combined weight didn’t stop Mike from breathing. As Lis came, Mike whispered in her ear how it was Sue eating her cunt and it was my cunt her tongue was buried in.

Mike hadn’t cum again, which meant that he could carry on moving inside Lis (after they had changed position to a much more comfortable spooning position). Lis asked lots of questions about how we had started doing things with Sue (for both Mike and Jen) and they furnished her with appropriately explicit descriptions. Lis was amazed that the ‘straight’ Sue had actually agreed to experiment with Jen, but they explained how they had taken things slowly and there wasn’t really much difference between that and the way Mike had ‘trained’ me to be bi (or at least to want to try things with a girl). Mike carried on gently fucking Lis while Jen played with Lis’ breasts and pussy, but they left her in a state of arousal with the promise that she would get to cum either during the night or first thing the next morning. Lis actually got a top-up- tease in the middle of the night when Jen returned from the bathroom. Mike awoke to find Lis panting as Jen ate her – he thought that Jen was going to make Lis cum, but she stopped in sufficient time and as Mike had quickly sprung to attention when he realised what was going on, he got to spoon with Lis again while she fell back asleep. (Although her getting back to sleep was somewhat delayed by Mike partially fucking her from time to time).

The next morning, Jen went down on Lis again and this time she carried on until Lis came. Mike then had a turn and made her cum in the same way while Lis used some of our toys to play with Jen’s pussy and they finished off the session with Mike fucking Lis. As it was to be her third orgasm in a relatively short period of time, Mike and Jen helped Lis along with the use of some tingle gel on Mike’s cock and Lis’ nipples and then the use of the body wand (it was still out from the previous day) on Lis’ clit as Mike fucked her. Jen was much nicer to Lis than she had been to me and used it on an appropriately low setting, but it was still more than strong enough to help get Lis off. They then made their way in to Mike’s room to share his cum between Jen and me (he usually produces a fair bit more cum in the morning so we didn’t want to waste it).

Lis was going to crouch over Jen and I in turn to let Mike’s cum dribble in to our spread pussies,, but Lucy surprised us yet again by saying that she wanted to do it. I didn’t mind at all, but asked her if she was sure and she said that Lis was involved in our quest to get pregnant and that she wanted to be able to help out as well. Mike was ecstatic that Lucy was going to fill her mouth with his cum and as she ate Lis he told her that she could always extract more straight from his cock whenever she wanted to ‘help’. Lucy just gave him the finger, but continued to lap at Lis’ pussy and then indicated for Jen and I to lie back on the bed. She spread us in turn and spat his cum in to us. I asked her what she thought it tasted like and she said that it was quite salty, but she pretty much already knew that as she had tasted him out of Jen and me before (and Lis after our previous monthly sessions) so she had known what to expect. I told Lucy that she should have kissed Mike to help clean the remaining cum out of her mouth as he doesn’t like tasting himself and Mike said that he would have been quite happy to offer that service as kissing a naked Lucy would have more than made up for the taste. In a more serious tone, Jen thanked Lucy properly for being involved and we once again promised them that (assuming everything worked out), they would be Aunt Lucy and Aunt Lis (although their involvement in the conception would obviously be kept a secret).

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