Thursday, 6 March 2014

Lis and Lucy August Visit – Part 4

Lucy and I hadn’t finished our morning session (we hadn’t really started properly as we’d been woken up by the sound of Mike, Lis and Jen playing in the main bedroom and had just been listening in for a while). It would have been good manners for us to have been left alone to play, but the others decided that it would be better to do things together. Mike already had a suggestion for a position we could use and once we had migrated back in to Jen’s room, Lucy was told to lie at the end of the bed, Mike sat on a chair between her legs, I sat on his cock, Lis knelt in front of us so she could lick us and Jen crouched over Lucy’s face. To give Lis enough room, Mike and I had to sit back a bit, but we draped Lucy’s legs over my shoulders and pulled her towards us so we (mostly I) were supporting her lower half and Jen kept her upper half anchored to the bed by sitting on her face. Mike had really wanted to have Lis sitting over Lucy, but as she had cum three times she wanted a break (and Lucy can do things with Lis whenever she wants so I think it was better this way). It wasn’t really the most practical of positions and Mike couldn’t really fuck me, but he enjoyed being inside me and Lis’ rapid feathery licks helped to add to his pleasure (but not as much as they added to mine). Mike helped by holding on to Lucy’s legs, which allowed me to concentrate on eating her and I once again gave her ass a lapping throughout the session. Jen alternated between playing with her own and Lucy’s breasts as Lucy ate her and was openly mewing away as her pleasure built.

I came first but I continued to eat Lucy hard and fast throughout my orgasm. Fortunately Mike told Lis to kitty kiss me instead of getting her to continue licking me properly so I could enjoy the rest of the session without the feeling being too intense. Jen was next to cum (but in my defence, it was probably easier for Lucy to eat Jen than for me to concentrate on holding Lucy up while eating her). Mike actually reached around and helped me to hold Lucy up by her ass which allowed her legs to spread a bit and for me to push my face harder against her pussy. I got Lucy off while picturing her squirting over my face and having her juices run down my body and covering Lis (people can squirt a lot more in fantasy situations!) and when I later told Mike about this he said that it would have been wonderful to be so close to her pussy when she squirted. Unfortunately all I got was a regular orgasm out of her though and once I had licked her through it and taken her down slightly, we got Jen to pull Lucy back on to the bed while Mike and I slowly lowered her (finishing off by having her crack her coccyx wasn’t the end we wanted).

We let Lucy and Lis stay in bed while Mike, Jen and I prepared breakfast. With a little bit of effort, we convinced Lucy to let me eat some yoghurt out of her and once things got started, Jen and Lis had a sample too. I felt it was unfair for Mike to be left out so after spooning some more yoghurt in to her, we got Lucy to sit up a bit and squeeze some out on to a spoon and I fed this to Mike. Despite all of her apparent progress, Lucy said that she still found it a bit gross to have someone eat yoghurt that had been inside her in that way. She couldn’t explain why it was any different than what Lis, Jen and I were doing to her but she made it as far as saying that if he enjoyed it, then it didn’t really bother her. So that she received equal treatment to Lis, I also used a banana in her and fucked her with it as I licked her clit. It wasn’t too difficult to make her cum again and we made sure to shower Lucy out thoroughly afterwards.

Once we were all freshened up I decided that it was time to take my revenge on Jen. Mike had only cum once so far and the extra stimulation he’d gotten from being inside me while Lis licked us meant that he was more than happy to put on another demonstration of him and Jen fucking. For this, we used one of the armchairs in the living room so we could spread Jen’s legs wide and watch as she rode his cock while facing us. I wasn’t content with just that though and we attached her nipple vibes and applied some of the heat gel to help things along. Additionally we used the tingle gel on her clit and pussy (Mike doesn’t like the heat gel on his cock too much) and then used the wand on her clit. Lis and Lucy both took a turn at this and Mike especially enjoyed having Lucy masturbate him (technically she was masturbating Jen, but the wand is sufficiently powerful that even on the shaft of his cock it felt quite good). We all examined Jen’s pussy closely and watched as Mike’s cock slid in and out of her, Jen’s lips were spread as wide as we could get them to leave nothing hidden and Lis and I both had a fairly good lick at her clit, but we used the wand to finish her off. She wasn’t tortured anywhere near as much as I had been and we were even nice enough to kitty kiss her afterwards as Mike carried on fucking her.

Once again Mike said that he wanted to finish off in Lis and she agreed to this so Jen was finally released and Lis took her place. Lis had a much gentler time of it and while she had initially agreed to just let Mike cum in her, she soon realised that she was going to have to cum again. We were quite gentle with her though and Jen and I both gently licked her and played with her breasts as Mike fucked her. Lucy knelt down and spread Lis’ lips so she could have a really close up look and Mike asked her if she was going to eat his cum out of Lis again. As she got up, Lucy whispered something to Lis, but we haven’t been able to get them to tell us what it was. Mike was allowed to finish making Lis cum by himself and we sat round and watched as he played with her clit and fucked her. Once she had cum, they moved on to the floor and he took her from behind while rubbing a thumb against her asshole and reaching around to play with her breasts. Mike came and while he didn’t get his wish of seeing Lucy eat his cum out of Lis (again), she did use a couple of fingers to reach inside Lis and finger her, then finger me. Lucy repeated this a few times so Jen and I each got three insertions of cum (or three insertions of her fingers, the amount of cum transferred would have depended on how much Mike had emptied in to Lis).

I really wanted to make Lucy cum again but she said that she didn’t have it in her. She almost took the bait when I said I was sure I could get another orgasm out of her, but I was told I would have to wait until their next visit. I considered asking her to at least make me cum (as I hadn’t gotten my private morning session with her) but I thought that would be too greedy (and I knew that I could get Mike or get to take care of me later on). At Mike’s request I leant Lis a pair of my seamless opaque tights and once Lis had them on, Mike spent a while caressing her legs and thighs. I actually got a bit jealous as I watched him do this as he used to love doing it to me and hasn’t done so for a while so I joined him. We weren’t explicitly playing with Lis – our hands occasionally brushed over her crotch but not in an overly masturbatory way and we just enjoyed caressing her shapely legs. I wanted to touch the patch where Lis cut herself shaving and if she had been wearing a regular pair of tights I would have probably just got Mike to tear them to expose the back of her leg to me, but I like my seamless tights so we pulled them off her again and I caressed and kissed the little patch of rough skin while Mike worked on her inner thighs.

Mike kissed up and down her thighs and over her mons and I thought we should have one last bit of fun before heading out. I asked Lucy if she minded if we made Lis cum and she told us that we could do whatever we wanted. Lis complained that she had already cum four times and didn’t think she could do so again but I told her that I had asked Lucy and not her. I told Lucy to watch us as we slowly peeled off Lis’ clothes and started to caress her whole body. We didn’t really go as far as the massage that we’d given Lucy, but did spend a while teasing her as well as playing with her properly. Jen helped out and we stimulated her breasts pussy and ass with tongues and fingers. It looked like Lucy was enjoying watching what we were doing (she seemed to be watching quite intently and I wondered if she was more of a voyeur than I had realised (which would be ideal as I would be more than happy to put on shows with Lis whenever Lucy wanted). I now think she was actually just being quiet so we didn’t decide to extract another orgasm from her as well.

With all three of us working on her, Lis changed her mind and said that she probably would be able to cum again, but she asked us to be gentle with her. We were (relatively) gentle, but we were still quite thorough and let Lucy watch as we invaded every hole and covered her body with kisses. We used our combined juices to mark her and told Lucy that she would be able to taste us on Lis later that night, then went for the final push and ganged up on her properly. Once again, we weren’t in the most convenient of positions, Jen lay on the floor and pulled Lis down from the seat so she was on her face and Jen lapped at Lis’ ass while I took care of licking her pussy and clit. Mike sucked and caressed Lis’ breasts and nipples and also kissed her and we discovered that we could actually get a fifth orgasm out of Lis in one morning. Given there were three of us working on her, it wasn’t as intense an orgasm as we had hoped it would be but it still left Lis out of breath and when Mike said that he was now hard enough to spoon with her she begged him not to as she felt too sensitive. He would have actually liked to be inside her one last time, but he doubted he would have been able to cum again anyway so he wasn’t too disappointed at Lis’ rejection and he settled for just kitty kissing her (she was initially a bit unsure about even letting him do this, but he promised to be gentle and Lis knows that it can help to calm things down after cumming).

We gave her a bit of additional marking with our juices before she was allowed to get dressed again and Lucy packed up their things while Lis had a rest and we chatted. Lis didn’t object to us keeping her panties but as she’d done so well we didn’t think she should have to go out with nothing on. We returned a pair that she had left previously, but as promised they had been used a number of times to clean up after we’d had sex, so they were stained with a dried mixture of our juices and Mike’s cum. I cheated a bit and told Lis that I didn’t think she was daring enough to wear them and even though she knew exactly what I was doing, she took the dare and slipped them on. Over lunch we teased her about how much of our excretions was in contact with her pussy and ass, but she said that once she’d had them on for a little while, they softened up and even though they felt dirty, it was in a good way. We promised that we would prepare another pair for her next visit if she wanted and at the station, Jen and I each had a chance to rub her crotch and press the panties between her lips until we felt some of her own juices seeping in to the gusset. (Mike also got a quick fondle, but Jen and I could use the bathroom with Lis so we were able to be more thorough).

We took care of the shopping on the way home and once our other weekly chores were complete (it is much easier with three people to do them), I finally complained to Mike about having neglected my legs for so long. As long time readers will know, Mike isn’t a breast man and is far more fixated on legs and pussy (specifically cunnilingus). It’s certainly true that he still eats me (a lot – which I’m not complaining about) but I realised that I had been missing having him spend ages just caressing my legs (which always migrated to caressing my pussy). I also missed having my neck stroked and Jen playing with my nipples and while I’m aware that saying this probably makes me sound like a selfish bitch, I partly blame myself for not asking them to do these things to me.

Seeing as I now *had* asked for these things to be done, I ended up with all three being done in a single session. Jen started off by playing with my nipples and Mike lay beside my legs and caressed them (through opaque tights – the same ones Lis had been wearing). Mike’s caressed moved higher on my thighs so he was occasionally brushing over my pussy and Jen kissed her way up to my neck and started stroking and kissing it. Mike gently ate me through my tights but also continued to play with my inner thighs and when they had gotten me sufficiently wet they changed position again. For the climax, Mike sat up against the headboard and I lay with my head in his lap so his cock was beside my face. Mike took care of caressing my neck and Jen went back to sucking and caressing my nipples. I pulled my tights up against my pussy and spread my legs – I would have quite liked to be completely naked and use a mirror to watch as my pussy got wetter, but I also had a secondary plan for which the tights had to stay on. Between Mike’s fingers on my neck and Jen stimulating my nipples I felt my orgasm slowly begin to build and I just concentrated on the feeling. I had to hold myself back from reaching down and playing with myself as the pleasure slowly intensified and I ended up flexing my legs and writhing around as I got closer and closer to cumming. I ran my fingers through Jen’s hair and rubbed my cheek against Mike’s cock, occasionally turning my head to kiss or lick it.

I knew that I was panting with desire by this point and I could feel that my pussy was as wet as Jen’s gets. I told them that I was very close and they just carried on gently teasing me; bring my orgasm every closer, but at an excruciatingly slow pace. When it finally arrived I thrust my pussy against the air in time with the waves that pulsed out from it. The pleasure felt like it came from deep inside and seemed to join up with the sensations from Mike’s fingers on my neck and Jen’s mouth on my nipples. While this type of orgasm isn’t usually the strongest, it feels so much deeper than other types and is probably my favourite. It can also last a long time and I certainly felt many waves of pleasure pulse through my body – and due to the fact that my clit wasn’t being stimulated, they never became too intense so I could enjoy the whole thing. They carried on caressing me in exactly the same was as my orgasm faded and it was similar to being kitty kissed after cumming in that it felt good, but in a gentle way and I was treated to more of this until my breathing returned to normal and I thanked them for making me feel so good.

I hadn’t quite finished yet and got Jen to rub the crotch of the tights against my pussy to gather up the juices that had leaked out of me and I then removed them and stuffed the whole upper part of the tights in to my pussy and left them there for a few minutes to marinade in whatever juices I had in me. My plan was inspired by Lis’ cum-soaked panties and to wear the tights to work the following day and I really wished that I’d pushed them in to Lis and Lucy to get their juices on them (although I would have had to put them in Lucy first to avoid the chance of getting any of Mike’s cum in her). I did stuff them in to Jen later on when we had our night-time session so I at least got her juices on them as well and it felt quite arousing wearing them the next day (without panties of course).

That session led Mike, Jen and I to make an agreement to remember to spend time doing sensual things with each other as well as just fucking. Since then we have tried to spend at least one evening a week where one of us is concentrated on and the other two do the things that the person enjoys the most. The first part of these evenings is always meant to be gentle and loving with lots of caressing – if the person desires, we can then move on to more energetic things (Jen sometimes wants to finish with watersports, Mike sometimes wants to eat and fuck us at the same time, I’ve finished with a DP session with Jen using the strap on while Mike fucks me), but a lot of the time we have kept things gentle until the person cums. The only downside is that it usually takes much longer to do things this way and we don’t always have the time, but when we do, it is certainly worth it and has been a good chance for us to re-explore each other’s bodies.

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