Tuesday, 25 March 2014

Mike’s Birthday - Part 1

I don’t always write about our birthdays and anniversaries as we sometimes want some private experiences, but Mike was happy for me to document this…

Early-mid September we had a nice weekend planned to celebrate Mike’s birthday. We had kept it a surprise from him and had given him instructions to meet me after he finished work. He turned up on time (one of his good characteristics is he is very rarely late) and I gave him a long hello kiss. He tried to slip his hands in to my coat (probably to fondle me) but I told him that he would have to wait until later for that. We headed off to the nice champagne bar in the middle of town and started the celebration with a drink. Mike was obviously curious as to where Jen was and I assured him that she would be joining us later on and the reason why would become obvious. I kept my jacket on and didn’t let him fondle me, which led him to suspect that I was naked underneath, but the surprise was slightly different.

With our drink finished we set off and I led Mike to our destination – a nice hotel where we had booked a room for two nights. I texted Jen to let her know that we were on our way and Mike now had a better idea of why Jen wasn’t with us – so we could check in as two people and then she would join us, but we actually had something even better up our sleeve. We were shown to our room and Mike asked what we were going to do for clothes (probably assuming that we wouldn’t need any) but I told him that we had packed a bag and Jen would bring it with her. I texted Jen to let her know the room number and while we waited I tied my hair back into a ponytail with a red ribbon (this was meant to be a clue for Mike). There was a knock at the door and I answered it to let Jen and Sue in. While he welcomed them I slipped on some long white socks and the three of us then shed our coats to reveal that we all had our Japanese schoolgirl outfits on. Jen had thigh high black opaque stockings on (her legs are the best for zettai ryokai), I had over the knee white socks and Sue had three quarter length dark blue socks (second to pussy, Mike’s thing is legs so we were giving him a range of looks to play with). We all lifted our skirts to show him that we had simple white cotton panties on (even me) and told him that as his birthday present we would let him have us in whatever way he wanted (which isn’t technically much different to how our weekends usually are, but we don’t always dress up for him like that).

I had changed in to my outfit at work. I could have easily used a stall in the bathroom, but decided to take the slightly riskier option and used my favourite supply cupboard (where I occasionally masturbate). Sue had taken a half day off work and met up with Jen at the house so they could help each other get ready (including shaving each other). Mike approved of our uniforms and we let him admire them up close. Sue and Jen both had twin tails, tied up with ribbons that matched mine and I asked him if he wanted me to change my hair to match theirs, but he said the ponytail looked fine. He caressed us through our clothes and knelt to kiss our panties under our skirts. We told him that he could choose what we did, but that we had planned on taking him out for some food and drinks dressed in our uniforms so he could make other guys jealous. Mike was more than up for this so Sue and Jen donned their jackets and headed out first, then I put mine on and Mike and I left to meet up with them.

We didn’t go anywhere fancy for dinner (that was planned for the following night) but we still got some strange looks as we ate. We didn’t stand out quite as much when we went for drinks, but Mike made the most of having the three of us and we took turns sitting on his lap and let him slide his hand up inside our thighs. He really enjoyed the difference between stroking the skin on Sue’s and my thighs and the material of the stockings that Jen had on. I actually enjoyed wearing panties for a change as it made it easier to sit and expose my crotch to people. Even though they couldn’t see my pussy, the guys seemed to look just as much as when I’m naked. As fun as it would have been to do so (for Sue and I anyway), we didn’t flirt with any of the guys who made advances and just stuck to our plan of letting Mike enjoy us. We kissed him and each other throughout the evening until he said that he’d had enough to drink and wanted to go back and fuck (which was fine with us).

We went back to the room in pairs (and with our coats on), but as soon as we were all in the room, Mike stripped off completely, we removed our shoes and we all climbed on to the bed. We played a game where Sue was Mike’s little sister, Jen was a school friend that Jen had experimented with and I was Jen’s older sister. Mike had ‘discovered’ Sue and Jen playing and had threatened to tell everyone so they had asked him to join them and I had then discovered the three of them playing. This meant that Mike got to tell Jen and I to kiss and play with each other (as sisters) while Mike played with his little sister. Our panties stayed on for a surprising long period of time, although we were rubbed and kissed through them quite a bit and had the crotches pulled aside to be licked directly. As things progressed, Sue and Jen kissed around Mike’s cock and he pulled me up so I was sitting over his face. He ate me more forcefully through my panties until he got bored of this and started to pull at them until he made a hole large enough to tear them and completely expose my pussy (which was a bit of a waste as they were good panties, but we have plenty of spares and as I’ve said, I rarely wear them anyway). Mike gave me a good licking and then got me to briefly mount his cock before asking Sue and I to take over licking him while he ate Jen. Jen enjoyed both Mike’s tongue in her pussy and watching Sue and me kiss around Mike’s cock. Once her panties had been torn and she had been eaten properly for a while, she too had to mount him and then help me suck him while he gave Sue the same treatment.

Sue was the first to get Mike’s cock in her and Jen had to watch as her ‘school friend’ was deflowered in front of her. Jen and I then had to help make Sue cum – for this Jen mostly fingered and ate her while I played with Sue’s breasts and kissed her (although I did help out with a bit of frigging and fingering). We still had most of our uniforms on (although they were rather crumpled by this point) and Mike took great delight in pulling Jen’s skirt up to caress and finger her while she ate Sue. Next it was Jen’s turn to receive Mike’s cock and once I had watched my little sister lose her virginity, I had to eat her while Sue played with her breasts and kissed her. We switched around a couple of times as Mike wanted to watch Sue eat her friend and he pushed his cock in to her cunt while she did this to semi-fuck her. Predictably, it was my turn to be fucked, fingered and eaten once Jen came, with Jen doing most of the pussy work, but a little input from Sue in line with what I’d done to her.

Mike next asked for a birthday treat which we had sort of expected. He wanted us to all fuck him in turn while the other two licked his cock. He knows that Sue and I have agreed that while we will happily kiss and play with each other’s breasts, we wouldn’t eat each other (and won’t generally do much more than light fingering or frigging). Sue and I had discussed how far we would go as a birthday gift and we had agreed that we still wouldn’t eat each other properly, but that if he wanted (as he did) for us to lick him while he fucked the other one, we would semi-humour him and concentrate on licking his cock. It wasn’t the full on licking of his cock and the other person’s clit that he wanted, but he still appreciated our compromise and we made a pile of pillows to help raise up his ass to make it easier to get to the relevant area. We started off with Sue riding him and he said that he wanted to feel all three of us cum around his cock. Jen could of course lick both Mike and Sue properly so she got things started and gave Sue’s clit a good lashing. I then tried to join in with her (which we pretty much knew wouldn’t work) so Jen moved out of the way and I licked the lower part of Mike’s shaft as Sue continued to ride him. I’m more than used to tasting Sue’s juices and as we had expected, my tongue made contact with her pussy a few times, but only lightly. Jen loves the idea of Sue and I doing things properly as much as Mike does so she ‘helped out’ by fingering me to distract me whenever I was licking Mike. Jen licked Sue to orgasm and she quickly took Sue’s place on Mike’s cock.

I could work much more freely now and did the majority of the licking (although Sue had a couple of goes) and as I ate Jen, Sue described to Mike how I was eating my little sister (which he loved). It didn’t take long to make Jen cum., after which it was my turn to mount Mike’s cock again. Jen did most of the work on my clit, although I felt Sue’s tongue brush over my lips a number of times when she was licking Mike. As he had enjoyed hearing about me eating my pretend sister’s pussy, I described to him how Jen was licking me and as a bonus treat that he would really enjoy I told him whenever I felt Sue’s tongue touch me. Mike wanted me to cum while Sue was licking him, which was rather difficult as I couldn’t move too much, but Jen helped out by playing with my clit. He got his wish and when I climbed off of his cock, Sue took the whole length of his cock in her mouth and sucked him clean.

Having helped out with six orgasms, Mike was now more than ready to cum and said that he wanted to fuck Sue (he only sees her occasionally so this wasn’t too surprising). Mike lay on the bed; Sue sat over his cock and rode him while Jen and I helped out by playing with her. We pulled the front of her blouse fully open and sucked on her nipples as well as occasionally reaching down to play with her clit (Mike was frigging her when we weren’t). After a while, Mike got us to move out of the way and he rolled over and pulled out of Sue so he could eat her pussy and kiss her thighs. He then pushed in to her again and fucked her while caressing her legs and she uttered lots of ‘oniisan’s (Japanese for big brother). Jen and I once again played with Sue’s breasts, kissed her and played with her clit. Mike told us to get her close to cumming and once she was there, he lay down fully on her and asked her to wrap her legs around him. They finished off in this position with Jen and me caressing  Sue’s legs and Mike pumping away in her while they kissed and as Sue came her upper body and face flushed red. She carried on playing along and kept asking her onii-chan to fill her with his cum and Mike obliged her. As I watched him thrust into her to empty his load and then hold his cock deep inside her, I realised (with some satisfaction) that I was no longer at all jealous of Sue when Mike was with her (long term readers will know that I have felt jealous of various people at times in the past, which given our sexual lifestyle has been a bit of an issue for me).

Once Mike pulled out, Sue had to share his cum with Jen and me and Mike opted for the ‘drip’ method. Jen lay on her back and spread her pussy while Sue crouched over her and let Mike’s cum dribble out into Jen’s pussy. It was my turn next and Mike had specifically gotten Jen to go first so that Sue would have to spend longer crouched over me (so we could get roughly the same amount of cum). Sue was told to not just let the cum drip into my pussy, but to rub herself back and forth against me (which she did). Jen then kissed around Sue’s and then my pussy to clean off any remaining cum and we lay back to relax.

We then let Mike spend a long time caressing and kissing our legs. We told him that if he wanted, we would all change in to long white socks or opaque tights but he said that he liked having the different looks to play with. We were asked to put our skirts down so our pussies were covered and for the majority of the session, he stuck to playing with our legs (although he did kiss and caress up under our skirts quite a lot). Our pussies weren’t completely neglected – he have them a few kisses and licks, but he obviously wasn’t trying to make us cum. Mike used to caress my legs quite a bit and this was one of the things we had rediscovered during our romantic, sensual time so I really enjoyed having him do this to me. Sue wasn’t quite as used to it (other than as a prelude to sex) and it certainly worked quite well in getting her aroused – if Mike had wanted to fuck her again then she certainly wouldn’t have objected.

Before any of us were fucked, we were asked to roll over and lie on our fronts so Mike could caress the backs of our legs. This was a much more sexual part of the session and he stroked us right up the insides of our legs and spread our ass cheeks and pussy lips. He did a round-robin fuck and moved between us to enjoy us in quick succession. He finished off that session on his back with Sue on his cock and Jen sitting over his face (she won this position due to having the black opaque stockings on). I didn’t really mind as while I will (generally) happily cum as many times as possible, this was his birthday session. He did offer to make me cum again and I accepted before I realised that there would probably be a catch – I was fingered by all three of them (using one finger each) while Mike rubbed my clit. They alternated between sliding in and out of me and having their fingers pushed in as far as they could and wiggling them around. I had to hold my legs up against my chest with my pussy spread to give them as much access as possible and it took a little while due to the awkwardness of the position, but they got me off and while it wasn’t the strongest of orgasms, at least I came.

Mike spooned with us all in turn but decided to fall asleep inside his little lesbian (Jen). Sue pointed out that she had now been with almost as many girls as Jen, but she couldn’t argue with the fact that she had also been with significantly more guys than Jen had (many versus one) and had to concede that Jen was indeed his little lesbian (Lis sometimes competes for this title as does Sara, although to a lesser extent now in the case of Sara as Emily has encouraged her to continue to experiment with guys).


  1. If Sue told you she was comfortable playing with your properly, would you want to try it.

    1. By 'properly' I assume you mean eating each other properly (we've done almost everything else, although have backed off of a few other things).

      I'm not sure - at the minute I would say probably not (although given what we've done I'm not really sure why not). I'm aware that if Mike and Jen managed to convince Sue (or she convinced herself) and the matter came up while we were all playing and horny, then I would probably end up doing it out of pure lust. I know that Mike and Jen would love to see us do it and the thought seems just so naughty that it would probably feel quite good

  2. Well I have to say I've never heard of a leg fettish before. I've heard of feet or breasts, but usually once things come off the legs are forgotten in favor of other interesting bits.

    One of my friends has a foot fetish and while I can see the attraction I don't get nutty over them like he does.

    1. Really? I don't think a leg fetish is that odd. Mike always used to stroke and caress my legs (even before we actually started having sex). He is definitely a pussy man, but legs are his second favourite thing on a woman (obviously after personality, intelligence, sense of humour... :)

  3. It is probably is a regional thing. I would imagine different fetishes are prevalent in different areas depending on the prevailing culture.

    For a foot fetish it is probably more prevalent in cultures where feet either are not taken care of well (neglected or forgotten about in the daily grooming) or viewed as dirty. The 'tabooness' (if that is even a word) is probably what contributes to the fetish.

    Then there are the 'socially acceptable' fetishes. Many societies push breasts and legs as sexual areas on women but in other parts of the world women go topless and expose their entire legs (Africa or mid central America for example) because of the impracticality of having heavy clothes on in such a hot climate. In those areas a breast is not a sexual area at all as seeing a breast is about as common as seeing an elbow or nose.

    If I had to guess I would say this person is probably of one of those cultures. One where breasts/legs are seen on a daily basis (hence not a 'sexual area') and feet are viewed as dirty or are generally not a well groomed area. That would indicate a hot climate and either the practicality of wearing sandals daily (think mid-east) or economic reasons prohibit it (think Africa). Since this person can obviously afford internet access I would think middle-east.

    That or the United States. That country has a little bit of everything mixed in and it's always a crap shoot, which can be a good thing. :)

    1. Interesting theory - it makes sense but we're going to discuss it before we write a fuller response.