Friday, 28 March 2014

Mike’s Birthday - Part 2

The next morning, Sue woke Mike up by kissing and licking his cock. He was already hard before she started this (Mike usually gets morning wood so this is normal for him) and he lay back and enjoyed having her suck him. Jen and I woke up and watched as we came to and Jen started playing with Sue but Mike said that he wanted to make us all cum. Sue gave him a good sucking and he told her that he was getting really close and asked her to stop as he could easily cum in her mouth but said he wanted to cum in one of us. Sue convinced him to let her finish his birthday blowjob and he gave in and let her carry on sucking him. Sue was given the option of whether she wanted to spit his cum in to Jen’s and my pussies or to swallow it – she chose the latter and kept her lips sealed around Mike’s cock as she sucked him off and he emptied his load in to her warm mouth. We didn’t see a single drop of his cum as she continued to (gently) suck his cock clean and had swallowed everything before she pulled away.

Sue then sat over him and kissed him while grinding her pussy against his cock. Mike told her that he couldn’t fuck her yet as the stimulation felt too intense but Sue told him to just lie back and let her use him. She knows full well (as we all do) that he loves seeing girls cum, so Sue continued his present by sitting up and rubbing herself back and forth on his shaft, playing with her breasts, stroking her clit and generally doing whatever she could to put on a nice little show for him. Mike told her that even if she made herself cum, he wanted to make her cum as well and Sue told him that was fine and he could do whatever he wanted to her. He really wanted to eat one of Jen or me, but also wanted to watch Sue cum so Jen and I sat either side of them and let Mike gently finger us both as Sue humped her way towards her orgasm. Mike occasionally withdrew his fingers from our pussies and rubbed our juices on Sue’s nipples, who in turn lifted her nipples to her mouth and licked them clean. When Sue got close to cumming, she leant forwards a little and held herself up with her hands on Mike’s chest while she humped faster and faster against Mike’s cock. As usual, Sue’s upper half flushed red, but she told us (Mike really) that she was going to cum on his cock and he encouraged her to keep humping away. We could actually hear her pussy making squishing sounds and I suggested to Jen that we help clean him up afterwards (which Jen was all for). Sue came and slowly slid back and forth against his cock a few more times before collapsing down on top of Mike and kissing him.

With the distraction gone, Mike fingered Jen and me a bit more effectively, but he wanted to eat us to make us cum so after Jen and I had licked his cock clean, we took turns sitting over him and having him eat us. While Mike ate me, Jen had a quick dive in to Sue’s pussy to suck out her juices. Mike said that Sue could cum if she wanted, as long as she could manage another orgasm for him. She wasn’t confident that she could do this so told Jen to be gentle, but Jen didn’t entirely heed Sue’s request and she got Sue off again before Mike made me cum. Fortunately for Sue, Mike opted to eat Jen next so she had a little time to recover, but she was hauled over his face as soon as Jen came and he ate her to her third orgasm in a short space of time.

As Sue lay panting, we told Mike that two of us would head out for breakfast so that he could enjoy breakfast in bed. The plan was for him to have a different girl on the Saturday and Sunday mornings – as Sue probably wasn’t in a fit state to cum again for a while, we decided that she should be Sunday’s girl and I opted to let Jen stay with him. Sue and I showered and got ready to go out, putting on simple outfits and telling Mike that we had brought a selection of clothes with us so he could choose things for us to change in to, depending on how he wanted to use us (we had no intention of letting Sue be the only one to let him use her as he wanted). Just before Sue and I left, he and Jen ordered breakfast and we told them to call us so we could meet up when they had finished. We went and had breakfast at a nearby café and had a pleasant time discussing many different things (not all of which were related to sex).

Mike picked a very transparent black negligee for Jen to wear and she had to answer the door to let the guy with breakfast in while wearing it. She acted as if there was nothing unusual about her attire and ignored the way he stared at her (the negligee did very little to hide her body). She didn’t do anything to explicitly show herself off to the guy (if it had been me I would have bent over lots or sat on the bed with my legs crossed and pussy spread), but he still got to see her from the front and back enough that hardly any of Jen’s body was hidden from his gaze. Once she had shown the guy out and shut the door, she asked Mike if he wanted her to leave the negligee on and he told her that she should as it looked sexy so she joined him on the bed and they ate breakfast together. They didn’t play with the yoghurt, but the fruit selection was eaten in a more interesting way. Mike fucked Jen with a banana for a while and then inserted grapes in to her pussy one at a time before sucking them out of her. He continued this until she was close to cumming and they then went to shower together and continue playing.

Mike fucked Jen up against the wall of the shower, firmly kneading her body as they moved against each other. For a while he took her from behind so he could play with her nipples and clit and Mike told her that he was going to empty so much cum in to her and get her pregnant (we all found the idea of getting pregnant to be quite a turn on, so this line had been used a lot since we started trying to conceive). They finished off fucking face to face with Jen up against the wall again and Mike told her that as they were in the shower, she should make use of it. Their tongues swirled together and as Jen came, she peed, emptying her bladder over Mike’s crotch and feeling the liquid mix with the shower water as it ran down their legs. Mike pushed in to her hard and she told him to cum in her, which he did. His fingers pulled her ass cheeks apart and teased her anus as he panted in to her mouth and told her that he wanted her to have his baby.

Once they had calmed down, they washed each other off (and Mike undid some of this work by peeing over Jen’s legs and pussy once his erection had died down). They then dressed and Mike selected some outfits from the selection we had brought along. He debated getting Jen to wear just the negligee, but decided against this as it was a little chilly out and she would have had to keep a jacket on over it the whole time. It didn’t stop him putting in his bag though and once they were ready, they gave Sue and I a call and headed out to meet us.

We started off by going for a coffee (even though Sue and I had just left a café) and Mike told us what he wanted us to do. It involved quite a bit of risk, but wasn’t too different from things we’d done before in that he wanted to make use of places in the Uni (where I work) to play. He didn’t want us to change clothes so once we’d finished our coffee, we set off and walked to Uni, first going to my lab. Not surprisingly, there was someone else there but he was working on a paper and his desk didn’t have a direct line of sight to mine (there was a bookcase and a couple of sets of shelves in the way) so we decided to risk it. Mike sat in my chair, Sue knelt on the floor between his legs and sucked him and Jen sat up on my desk so Mike could play with her pussy. He really wanted to eat her, but it wasn’t the right position for that so he had to settle for fingering her and then using my emergency hairbrush to fuck her. He didn’t give up on the idea of eating her though and Mike ended up kneeling on the floor so he could do this, which had the added benefit that when Sue turned around, she could present her pussy to him and he could fuck her. It wasn’t a real fuck as Mike couldn’t move that much, but he did manage to get Jen quite wet and horny (but he didn’t make her cum). I was then given a brief fucking with my brush and Mike pushed his head under my skirt to lick me before we headed off to find a more suitable place to play.

As it was still out of term, we decided that the library would be a good place to try. There were no undergrads around and Jen’s course had finished so we headed to the floor that she had been living in while writing up her dissertation. Once we’d had a good look around to make sure we were alone, Mike gave us our challenge. As I hadn’t been involved in doing things in my lab, he thought it was only fair that I should be the first to receive some pleasure. I had my top and bra removed and was told to lie up on a table so they could all play with me. I was fucked by Mike, eaten by Mike and Jen and had my breasts played with by all of them. Needless to say, having this done to me in such a public place helped me cum very quickly and it was then Jen’s turn to receive a similar treatment. In her case, we used the table that she done most of her writing at (so she would also have some fond memories of the place). It wasn’t as well shielded as the table I’d been fucked on, but as nobody else had shown up we felt fairly safe. We managed to get her off without interruption and by the time we finished, Mike said that he felt close to cumming so Sue assumed that she would be the one to receive his cum when we played with her.

He had something a little different in mind for her though – Jen and I had to be a bit more careful as there was a chance that we could be recognised if anyone saw us but Sue didn’t have this issue as she was an ‘outsider’. Mike told her that he had an outfit for her to wear and she was told to strip off. She removed her clothes and stood naked, waiting for Mike to hand her the new outfit, but before he did so, he took advantage of her nudity and caressed her. The caressing led on to fingering, which led on to eating, which led on to him having her bend over a table so he could fuck her. Each stage was only brief so neither of them came, but it was enough to keep Mike nice and hard. Sue was given a black bra and then handed a black negligee (similar in transparency to the one Jen had worn earlier in the day for room service). This was a little shorter than Jen’s, although it didn’t make much of a difference as her pussy and ass were clearly visible through it anyway. Mike then handed her a pair of my seamless black opaque tights and once she pulled them on, he pulled them up firmly against her pussy and folded down the top of the tights a couple of times so they looked like leggings. That is, they looked like leggings unless she did anything to stretch the material, in which case they were nowhere near as opaque. We tested this out by having her bend over forwards and then sit up on a table and spread her legs.

Mike gave Sue her mission and we then went on a wander to find a suitable location. We located someone suitable – a single guy who looked like he was busily writing away – and Sue was directed over towards him. She pretended to be reading a book of French erotica (Sue is fairly fluent in French so she did actually find a suitable section of the book). We watched from a distance (suitably hidden behind a few bookcases) as Sue sat at the next table to her target. She pretended to be engrossed in the book and absently ran a hand over her breasts from time to time or sucked on one of her fingers. As she pretended to become lost in the book, she spread her legs a little and brushed her hand back and forth over her crotch a few times. We saw her slowly ratchet up the intensity of her fondling until she was either cupping and kneading her breasts or properly rubbing her pussy through her tights. All the while she had been sneaking subtle glances over at her target to check that he was watching her and once she was sure that she had him hooked (and that it was unlikely he was going to report her), she pretended to notice that he was watching her and that she realised what she had been doing.

She acted flustered and stammered that she was sorry and she had just got lost in the book. He told her it was okay, but she walked over to his table and explained again that she had just got lost in the story and had gotten carried away. The guy said that he didn’t mind and it had brightened up what would have otherwise been a dull research session so Sue (who was now completely certain that she had him hooked) pulled up a chair and started telling him how wonderful the book was. As she did this, she acted as if she was getting aroused again and pressed a hand down between her legs as she squirmed in her chair. She told the guy that she almost always ended up playing with herself when she read erotica and then slowly spread her legs to let him see her hand pressed up against her crotch. She looked around to check that nobody else had come in (but we were keeping a lookout on the door and had told her we would call her if they did) and pushed a hand up under her flimsy top to her breasts.

Even from our vantage point, we could see that Sue looked genuinely aroused (as I would have been in that situation) and she lifted one foot up on to the table and spread her legs wider, giving the guy a much better view of her pussy. She told him that she could always continue if he didn’t mind and after he looked around, he told her to carry on. She rubbed herself through her tights and pushed the material in between her lips. Mike had told her that she could tear the tights, but fortunately she opted to first push her hand down inside them and play with herself properly and then to push the tights down just enough to make her pussy visible. She fingered herself openly and had pushed her bra up to expose her breasts. She told the guy that she wanted to cum and I thought she was being a bit too loud for a library, but we couldn’t do anything about it without interrupting her. Sue pulled my emergency hairbrush from her bag and plunged it in to her cunt. She fucked herself with it and told the guy how good it felt, but that she could think of something that would feel even better before asking if he wanted to fuck her.

He was initially a bit nervous about fucking in the library, but the sight of Sue in front of him helped his desire win out and she dragged him over our of our sight. They went in to one of the stacks and after checking they were along one last time, Sue quickly unbuttoned his trousers and rolled a condom on to his cock. She knelt down and took him in her mouth and after sucking him for s short while, she pulled her top up and sandwiched his cock between her breasts. She gave him a brief tit-fuck and then told him that she wanted his cock buried in her cunt. The guy seemed quite taken with her brazenness (and choice of words) so as soon as Sue turned around and pulled her tights down to her thighs, he pushed in to her and they started to fuck.

Mike, Jen and I had quietly moved around to try and get a view of what was going on, but we needn’t have bothered as once the guy had fucked Sue for a while she said that she wanted to use a different position. They came out of the stacks, Sue lay on her back on a table and lifted her legs in the air so the guy could slide in to her. Sue played with her clit with one hand and her breasts with the other until she got tired of her tights restricting her movement. She got the guy to pull out and quickly pulled the tights off of one leg, then spread and told him to carry on fucking her. It was an amazing sight and Mike whispered to me that my sister was a complete slut (as if we had nothing to do with that state of affairs). Mike reached between my legs and found my fingers were already at work (but I let him take over) and we wondered if we could fuck without drawing attention to ourselves (but decided against it). Sue made sure that she wasn’t left wanting and merrily frigged herself to orgasm before the guy came – she wasn’t too far ahead of him though and I would bet that the sight of her cumming on the table as he fucked her probably helped him along.

Once the guy had finished, Sue got herself covered up fairly quickly (or as covered up as she could be in the outfit she had on) and thanked the guy for helping her out. He asked for her number but she said it was probably better if they left it as a random encounter – I later wondered if she had taken if we could have had some fun with the guy as he clearly wasn’t averse to taking chances. Jen texted Sue to tell her we’d meet her back upstairs and we crept to the door as Sue said her goodbyes and thanked the guy again. It took her longer to meet us than we expected and we were just about to call to check everything was OK when she finally arrived. It transpired that the guy had asked if he could play with her breasts (he hadn’t touched them much during the fuck and like mine, Sue’s breasts are a reasonable size). She was a little nervous about exposing herself again as her desire had been satiated (temporarily anyway), but she thought we would be impressed and pulled her top and bra down to let the guy have a play. Thinking that we were still watching, she even let him rub her crotch and when he said he wanted to finger her properly, she allowed him to pull her tights down and pump away in her pussy with a couple of fingers. She thinks that he would have probably continued until he made her cum (or would have at least tried to) but this time they were interrupted. Sue quickly pulled her clothes up and did the best she could to straighten them out, but the tights weren’t as neatly folded as they had been at the start of the session. The new arrival didn’t come too near them so probably didn’t see anything, but Sue made a hasty retreat and bolted up the stairs to join us.

Even though we hadn’t witnessed it, we were indeed extremely impressed with Sue’s sense of adventure and I told her that the way things were going, I would have to come to her for lessons on how to enjoy myself. Jen offered to finish off what the guy had started and Sue said it was fine but Mike asked her to stand against the window while Jen knelt and ate her. She wasn’t the only one to get to cum and as Mike and I watched them, he played with my pussy and I came with two of his fingers inside me and two more working on my clit. Mike was hard enough that he could have easily fucked one of us and I complained about him cumming in Jen in the shower (along the lines of equality in chances of getting pregnant) and he told me that as I had insisted, he would fuck me. He took me from behind to start with, but as our session progressed, I moved on to one of the tables and let him take me in a similar position to the one Sue had been fucked in. I was aware that with Sue and Jen occupied by the window and Mike and I busy fucking, that there was a greater risk of us not noticing someone coming on to the same floor and discovering us. I did my best to listen out, but as I got closer to cumming and Mike pushed my top and bra up over my breasts I started to enjoy the enhanced risk (hey, I am an exhibitionist).

Jen finished eating Sue and as they watched us fuck, Sue was given a skirt to put on over her tights and a less revealing top to change in to. She had just about finished this when we heard the door slam shut as someone came out of the stairwell. As much as I love being watched as I cum, I didn’t want to be reported and I jumped down from the table. I was going to pull my bra and top down but Mike took my hand and dragged me in to the stacks to hide. As we hid and listened to the footstep I felt Mike’s cock rubbing against my ass and then slide in to me. It sounded like the person was heading away from us, but Mike didn’t wait to confirm this and started moving inside me. My top was pushed up once more and he reached around to play with my clit as he fucked me harder. I wondered what would happen if we were actually caught, but these thoughts soon went out of my mind as my orgasm started to build once more. Mike knew that I was all in once I started to push back against him and I came while imagining that we had been caught and everyone in the library had been called up to watch as we finished off. I was surprised when Mike continued to fuck me and continued until he came in me (he doesn’t usually cum three times so early in the day as he normally wants to be able to cum later on). Even though I assumed he probably hadn’t ejaculated anything in to me, he had fulfilled the basic requirement of giving me an equivalent fuck to the one he’d given Jen in the shower and while he waited for his cock to soften so he could do his trousers up, I straightened up my clothes and made myself look presentable.

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