Monday, 31 March 2014

Mike’s Birthday – Part 3

We collected Jen and Sue and then headed off to have lunch (we all seemed to have built up a good appetite). On the way down the stairs I felt some dampness start to trickle out of my pussy and told Mike the good news. It really wasn’t much, but I still enjoyed the feeling as the drips worked their way down my thighs. We were well behaved for lunch (in action at least if not in conversation as we discussed our fun in the library). We then went for a wander and even though it was via a roundabout route, we made our way to our favourite sex shop.

The usual assistant Alistair was there and Mike told him that we were out for his birthday celebration and that he was looking for how to spice up our evening. I had no idea what Mike was planning but was quite willing to go along with what he asked.He handed me a pair of white panties and once I’d slipped them on, Sue and I had to both sit up on the counter and spread our legs so Alistair could see our crotches. Mike asked Alistair’s opinion as to which look he thought looked sexier – my covered pussy or Sue’s partially hidden one. It wasn’t a clear victory (we apparently both looked good) but Sue won that round. I then had to remove my panties as we ran the competition again. Alistair said that it was even closer that time but I won (he apparently really liked Sue’s look which is why it was difficult to decide). Mike then suggested that we try stroking ourselves to see if this made a difference and he definitely liked being able to see me fingering myself.

Jen pointed out that it was a little unfair as Sue could only rub herself and not play properly, so we had her pull her tights down (or up due to the way she was sitting) to the middle of her thighs so she could touch herself properly too. Alistair really liked that look and Mike told him that he could caress Sue, but that he wouldn’t be able to fuck her this week. (Mike didn’t really have a good reason for this and as he’d already got Sue to fuck another guy I was a bit surprised). Alistair asked if he could play with me as well and was naturally given permission to do so. He explored both of our pussies and asked if we wanted to try out any of the toys. Jen brought over a horse dildo and suggested that we both fuck it, but fortunately she was joking (it was huge and while I may not be the sweet, innocent girl with a tight little pussy anymore, I don’t think I could have comfortably taken it). We coped with the use of Alistair’s fingers and playing with our own clits – the aim was for us to both cum at the same time, but we didn’t do too well at this. I came first and Alistair then concentrated on Sue – it didn’t take her too long to cum once he did this but Mike and Jen thought that we would both have to serve a punishment for not cumming together.

Before we left, Alistair asked Sue and I we had thought about his offer to put on a show for other people. It was something I had been considering since he first raised the issue, but I had been very unsure as to whether Sue should be involved. I asked how much notice he would want and he said a few days would be fine as he knew some people who would be interested and would probably be able to come on short notice so I told him I would get back to him. As we wandered off to a café for afternoon coffee, Mike teased Sue about being involved in any show and asked her if she would sit and masturbate for a group of strangers, make herself cum multiple times in whatever way they wanted and then let them fuck her. I’m quite sure that it wouldn’t have been too long ago that Sue would have never entertained the idea of anything like that, but she said she would consider it and that it might be fun.

We headed back to the hotel and Mike said that he needed to recharge his libido if he was going to be able to fuck us properly again that day so we stripped off and all climbed in to the bed. He then changed his mind and got me to put the opaque tights on, Jen to put a pair of white panties on and Sue to stay naked. We all sat facing him and played with ourselves so he could make his own informed comparison between the various looks. He especially liked Jen playing with herself inside the panties, with just the occasional flash of her pussy as the material moved sufficiently far to one side or the other as her fingers rubbed away. We then had to all lie on our backs and he lapped away at our cunts. He licked me through my tights and I thought he was going to tear them to get to me properly but he left me covered. In Jen’s case he licked her through the panties as well as pulling the crotch to the side to lick her directly. As Sue was naked he had no trouble eating her. He then said that to finish his ‘recharge’ that one of us should cum and as I can generally cum more than Jen or Sue, I was the default choice.

Mike sat up against the headboard and I lay on my back with my head in his lap (with his cock right beside my face). Mie stroked my neck and Jen and Sue were set to work on my nipples, stomach and thighs (but were specifically told to avoid my pussy). This is one of the most sensual ways I can cum – partially as the build-up takes so long and partially as there is no direct stimulation on my clit or pussy. Once I was more aroused, Sue and Jen also had to kiss around my neck – this doesn’t feel as good as when it is caressed, but still felt nice and I would gently hold their heads in place so they didn’t move too quickly. I could feel my pussy tingling and the warmth beginning to pulse through my crotch but also knew that it could still take a while to cum. I turned and sucked at the shaft of Mike’s cock a few times and watched as Sue took the head in her mouth, but he told her to concentrate on helping me cum so she returned to sucking on one of my nipples and caressing my thighs. When I got to the ‘squirming around on the bed’ stage, Mike got Jen and Sue to pull my legs apart and concentrate on kissing and caressing my inner thighs while he concentrated on stroking my neck. I was on the brink of cumming and knew I just needed a tiny push to get me there, but had to wait until the gentle stimulation did its job. I finally felt the tension in my pussy boil over from frustration to orgasm and lifted my ass off of the bed as the first waves of my orgasm pulsed out through my body. I always seems to have my deepest orgasms (close to a whole body orgasm, not the shaking panting types you see in porn, but ones that I feel right through my body and not just in my pussy or clit) – this time was no exception and I concentrated on what I could feel as wave after wave of pleasure pulsed through me. Even though it felt very deep, it was sufficiently gentle that I didn’t want it to stop – unfortunately (as always happens) it did though and as the waves started to ebb and fade, I lowered my ass back down on to the bed and thanked the three of them for what they had just done.

Jen ran a finger up the length of my pussy and commented on how wet I felt (this also usually happens when I’m played with in this way. She sucked her finger clean and was going to lick me but Mike said that my juices belonged to him (for that weekend anyway – he knows full well that Jen has equal rights to my body). Before he went down on me, he slid his cock in to my wet cunt and described how I felt different than usual, but then reverted to type and lapped at me until he had taken all of my excess juices. Sue was given the job of sucking his cock clean (any excuse to get my juices in to her mouth) and with this done, we relaxed for a while - although not entirely as the session had achieved the desired effect and Mike was now in the mood to fuck. Just because he wanted to fuck it didn’t mean he wanted to cum yet though (he was still saving that for later in the hope that he might be able to produce a semi-decent volume of cum) so he spooned with Jen and then Sue while we chatted. He didn’t make either of them cum either but they seemed to enjoy the experience.

We had a nice dinner booked for that night, for which Sue, Jen and I had brought along nice dresses. We skipped wearing panties (and Jen went without a bra), but for a change we were otherwise perfectly well behaved with no fondling, flashing or masturbation challenges. We then went on for cocktails and our good behaviour mostly continued, although Jen kept giving Sue challenges as to who she would rather sleep with out of the various couples that were around us. I mostly agreed with Sue’s responses – there were a few times she opted for the guy when I might have taken the girl, but there was one case when she opted to fuck the girl when I would have taken the guy.

Mike and Sue returned to the hotel first and Jen and I followed a couple of minutes later. Sue was already undressed by the time we arrived and she was instructed to help Jen out of her dress while Mike undressed me. He stood behind me and caressed me and as his fingers probed between my lips and toyed with my clit he whispered a thank you in my ear for his birthday present and told me I was the best wife ever (technically it was a present from both Jen and me, but I wasn’t going to quibble). I asked Mike if he was going to fuck us and he told me that he would make us all cum. He hadn’t technically answered my question, but he did so practically by moving a chair over towards the window, sitting in it and telling me to mount him. Jen was called over to lick us while I rode up and down on Mike’s cock. He then switched to having Jen ride him while Sue licked them and finally fucked Sue with Jen licking again.

We hadn’t done things for long enough to cum – this was just the warm-up. We moved over to the bed and Mike lay on his back so one of us could ride him while he ate one of the remaining two. The third person was tasked with sitting behind the one riding his cock and reaching around to play with the person’s breasts. Sue was responsible for doing this to me and I have to say that she was actually quite good – my nipples aren’t that sensitive so I don’t usually feel a great deal when they are played with (it normally feels nice, just not *NICE*). As Sue’s fingers stroked and gently rolled my nips though I could definitely feel things – it was sort of a cross between warmth, tingling and little pulses of pleasure similar to an incredibly mild orgasm. I craned my neck around so I could kiss her and I stroked my clit. I’m quite sure I would have cum quite quickly if we hadn’t changed position, but I was told to move to Mike’s mouth while Sue took his cock and Jen caressed Sue’s breasts. Mike had no trouble finishing me off with his tongue (but then again he is quite experience at this so would have probably done so even if I hadn’t been enjoying his cock and Sue’s hands so much). He continued to kitty kiss me for a while before getting us to switch places again and we repeated this until each of us had cum in his mouth (which meant I had to ride him again while he ate Jen – Sue caressed my nipples again but I didn’t play with my clit this time).

We had a brief breather so Mike could calm down (so he could last for round two). He said that he hadn’t intended to eat us all to orgasm initially, but once he’d done it to me it just seemed like a good idea. I admitted that the way Sue had been caressing my nipples had felt really nice and she said that it was a technique that she had seen in a video and used on herself a few times. She had enjoyed it, but apparently not as much as I had. Naturally Jen wanted Sue to try it out on her so Mike suggested we move on to round two – this time with each of us cumming on his cock and we could switch the order so Sue caressed Jen’s nips. It didn’t seem to work as well on Jen either – my theory is that this is because Jen’s areola are significantly smaller than mine (although that wouldn’t explain why it didn’t work as well for Sue who’s breasts are pretty similar). Once it became clear that it wasn’t going to be a new & earth-shattering technique for Jen, Sue moved on to just having a single hand on Jen’s nips and playing with Jen’s clit. This was still sufficient to get Jen off though and once she’d cum we switched round and Mike kitty kissed Jen while Sue fucked him.

In this position it was my job to play with Sue’s breasts and I tried to copy what she had done to me. As had been the case with Jen, she said that it felt nice, but clearly not as much as it had done with me. Mike humped away inside Sue and she played wither clit to get herself off and with this done we switched around for my turn on his cock. I had an easy time of cumming as Jen played with my clit and breasts as Mike fucked me. Once I’d cum I was going to climb off of Mike but he said that as we’d all cum, it was time for him to finish off. I was quite pleased that he had opted to finish in me (especially as he had Sue there) so I didn’t complain that having cum twice I felt a little sensitive. I was given a moment to recover before we started and we then fucked. Jen and Sue were both tasked with helping me cum (Mike didn’t need any help as he said that he was quite close so was concentrating on holding back his orgasm). We finished off with him pumping rapidly in to me while Jen and Sue caressed my ass. As always (or at least as usual) Mike waited until I came before he came in me and we then kissed deeply while Jen played with my pussy lips.

I felt quite spent and didn’t need to cum again but Mike was still moving inside me very gently which felt nice. I tried riding up and down the length of his cock and he told me that it felt too intense (which is usually the case just after he’s cum) but I told him that as we (the girls) had cum seven times between us that he should have to endure a bit more stimulation. Sue and Jen helped to hold his arms and I slowly slid up and down the length of his cock. Mike didn’t entirely like the way this felt, but he was determined not to give an and after I had used him for a minute or so Sue said she wanted a turn (probably as partial revenge for the times Mike has made her cum lots). Once I dismounted, she gave him a quick suck before taking my place and she humped him a bit more forcefully than I had. Mike said that it still felt excruciatingly intense but it wasn’t until Jen sat over him and slipped his cock in to her cunt that he said he couldn’t take any more (to be fair Jen is probably quite a bit tighter than Sue or me). This didn’t stop Jen from riding him but he pulled his arms free and held her still before getting her to dismount.

We discussed what he had felt and he tried to describe how it was so incredibly strong a sensation that it wasn’t pleasant. From our games, Jen, Sue and I all know about this (we’ve all made each other cum and then continued to stimulate the other person) but Mike seemed to think it was more intense for him than for us. I think that Mike is just less tolerant of intense feelings – I’m fairly sure that when I have a really strong orgasm that it is significantly stronger than when he cums hard, but to be fair I have no way of knowing exactly how strong the sensation is for him when he is rubbed/sucked/fucked just after cumming. And then again I guess I also have no way of knowing what it is really like for another girl either (but in the case of another girl I assume I have a better idea as we are at least physiologically similar).

Mike decided that we should do a comparison and as Jen had been the one who had cum longest ago, she was chosen to be the test subject. Before we did this however, we had to make sure that Jen and I got an equal share of his cum so once again Sue was given the chore of transferring his cum from my pussy in to Jen’s. She was given the choice of how she wanted to do this and opted to just have me sit over her and let his cum dribble in to her mouth. Neither Mike nor Jen helped out though so Sue had to spread my lips. Mike tried to convince her to eat me properly and suck the cum out, but Sue would only go as far as pushing a finger in to me to try to spoon his cum out into her waiting mouth. She said that she didn’t really get much, but spat it in to Jen’s pussy anyway and we then moved on to the intensity comparison test.


  1. I am inclined to believe male orgasms are stronger (with the after effects stronger too) but fewer. Being a male I can attest to the fact that during an orgasm (and after too) I am completely incapacitated and hyper sensitive. If stimulation continued too much after an orgasm it wouldn't just be painful but intensely painful to the point that physical pain on the order of a cut or bruise would be preferable.

    That said, I think it would be nice to have less intense ones and more of them. It's kind of like having extreme highs and lows, but not much in the middle.

    1. From the desriptions of male orgasm I've heard, you're probably right, but of course it could just be the case that most men are wusses :) Having said that, women can generally endure much more pain (childbirth) maybe it is the same for pleasure as well. I know there are times when I cum and it so intense that I can't endure it for too long (although have been made to from time to time). On reflection I prefer being able to have a mix of many smaller orgasms and occasional really strong ones though (variety is good!)