Sunday, 9 March 2014

Sara and Emily – Part 1

At the start of September Sara and Emily came to visit us – we had initially planned to visit them in York, but Emily’s landlord wanted to redecorate the place before renting it out again so she was kicked out a month early. This was a pity as we’d been looking forward to going back and having the chance to spend some time there (especially as Jen and I weren’t going to the start of academic year sex party). The other reason I’d been looking forward to it was that I would be on ’home turf’ and therefore would be able to make Jen do whatever I wanted, but it couldn’t be helped and we were still getting to see Sara and Em so we weren’t too disappointed.

They obviously knew the primary reason for their visit, but they had been given additional warning that since I wasn’t allowed to fuck any guys other than Mike that I needed to make up for this. Mike, Jen and I had decided between ourselves that as Emily usually gets all the attention (due to the wonderful taste of her pussy) that we would concentrate more on satisfying Sara during the visit. We had no intention of ignoring Emily and intended to make her cum as many times as she wanted too, but just intended to give Sara a lot of attention.

This started when we met them at the train station – after the usual hugs and greetings Jen and I hustled Sara off in to the bathroom and we convinced her to change in to an outfit we had brought along. She was surprisingly co-operative (but this probably had something to do with the fact that we had made sure that she had skipped wearing panties for the journey and Emily had been teasing her at every opportunity she got so Sara was quite horny and pretty wet) and we emerged from the bathroom a few minutes later with Sara in her new outfit. All she had on was one of Jen’s jackets and a pair of thigh-high black socks (these weren’t a part of the original plan but it was a bit chilly so we added them at the last minute). We stood in a corner of the station and chatted while Mike said hello to Sara again. He had his back to the wall and she faced him, which allowed her to open the jacked and show him her naked body. It was just long enough for him to be able to fondle her (people would have been able to tell that he was caressing her ass, they just probably wouldn’t have guessed it was her naked ass) and after Mike had finished caressing her, Emily had a quick ‘hello’ session.

It would have been nice to go for a drink and put Sara on display a bit more, but even though she is adventurous, she isn’t as much of an exhibitionist (outside of the parties) so we decided to head straight back and get stuck in. As usual, Mike, Jen and I had abstained for the day so were quite eager to sample the girls and we didn’t even stop to fondle them on the journey back (although Jen did have a fairly decent grope of Sara while we were on the bus). Instead of splitting up and sleeping in the two rooms, we had decided to make up a more comfortable version of our floor bed in the living room and had cleared the furniture aside and laid out a few extra duvets and pillows. We wanted to start as soon as we got home, but Emily especially wanted to see Mike and Jen fucking (this was the first time they had seen us since Mike and Jen had started doing things).

Mike was happy enough to demonstrate and as soon as Jen was naked he pushed her down on to the sofa and knelt to eat her. He promised Jen that he wouldn’t make her cum (she wanted to save that for Sara or Emily), but he gave her a good licking and clearly demonstrated that things had progressed. He then knelt on the sofa beside her and Jen took his cock in to her mouth and bobbed back and forth on it for a short while until Mike pulled out and whispered something to her. Jen gave him her wicked grin and she lay on the floor with a pillow under her ass so Mike could easily kneel and slide in to her. They fucked for a couple more minutes with Mike lifting Jen’s legs up and then spreading them so Sara and Emily could see everything. I had removed Sara’s jacket fairly early on in the demonstration and caressed her a little, then moved on to helping Emily disrobe (and doing the same myself) so we could caress and rub against each other.

Jen said that she thought they had demonstrated enough and told Sara to sit over her face. She did so, facing Mike who leant forwards and kissed her and told her that she was being daft and needed to be the other way around. As she did so, I could see that Sara was smiling lots so she obviously knew what was coming and she crouched forwards to allow Jen to lap at her clit and present her ass to Mike. He remained inside Jen but leant forwards using his elbows to hold himself up, spread Sara’s cheeks and buried his face between them. I’ve never known anyone who enjoys having their ass licked as much as she does – I know that it feels nice and I certainly enjoy it, but Sara can actually cum from this alone she loves it so much. I didn’t intend to just watch them though as I had Emily to myself and wanted to get first taste of her pussy, but as this is the thing everyone fixates on with her I held back a little and we kissed and caressed for a while longer before I finally went down on her.

I gave her the usual treatment, inside and out and then told her that I needed to cum as well. We moved around in to a 69 position and ate each other while lying on our sides. Nobody was saying anything, but we could all hear the sounds of each other sucking, licking and slurping away. I ended up being as greedy as usual and tried to devour all of Emily’s juices – my face was covered with them and her scent filled my nostrils as I plunged my tongue in to her over and over. She was reciprocating quite well and I felt her tongue and fingers working on my clit and her tongue even brushing over my ass a few times (but I guess she is used to doing that with Sara). I wasn’t trying to make Em cum too quickly but even if I had been we wouldn’t have stood a chance of keeping up with what Mike and Jen were doing to Sara. I could hear Sara’s cute little moans as they lapped at her holes and she came fairly quickly. Jen held her in place though and continued to kitty kiss her while Mike carried on lapping away at her ass. Sara’s moans didn’t stop, although they did quieten down a bit for a while – but picked up again after a few minutes and I heard her say ‘again’ between pants. She was louder this time and made a few more interesting grunts and other sounds before pulling herself away from the tongues assaulting her and saying that she needed a break.

Mike pulled out of Jen and the three of them sat up on the sofa to watch Emily and I finish our session. I half listened in to their conversation but I was getting very distracted by Emily humping against my face and my own pleasure building. They got Sara to describe what her orgasms had felt like – the first one was fairly normal, but when they had carried on licking her it had felt like it faded but then remained as a continual low level orgasm until she came the second time (which was much stronger than the first one). As I was aware we were now being watched I started to hump against Emily’s face in the same way she was doing to me and moaned in to her pussy to encourage her to eat me faster. She started to do this, but stopped completely when she came (which was a bit frustrating). She did at least continue once her orgasm had finished and I kitty kissed her throughout the time it took her to get me off.

When we separated, I felt that my face was indeed covered with her juices, but I knew that Mike and Jen would help ti take care of that so I knelt up and kissed Jen first, then Mike and they each licked some of Emily’s juices away (but I left the rest on me). I nuzzled Sara’s breasts and told her that it sounded like she’d had a good time and as Mike kissed her he asked if he would be allowed to fuck her. She said that after what he’d just done to her, she couldn’t really refuse him, to which he replied that she *could* refuse him, but he really hoped that she didn’t as he really wanted to feel his cock inside her. I felt it only fair that I taste her before Mike came in her so I gently kitty kissed her while we chatted and then swapped places with Mike so he could do the same. Mike and Jen (and then Jen and me) played with Sara’s breasts while she was being licked and once she was sufficiently aroused, Mike lifted her down from the sofa and got Emily to hold his cock in position while he lowered Sara on to it and then he lay back so she was on top of him. We watched them fuck for a while before Jen said that she wanted to taste Emily so I let those two get on with things while I continued to watch Mike’s cock fill Sara’s cunt.

After watching and gently playing with myself I decided to get involved and sat over Mike’s face so he could eat me and Sara could take my ass (she is willing to give as well as receive and is usually quite enthusiastic about it). I was treated to the double licking that she’d had only a short while before and I came before anyone else did, but unfortunately I didn’t get the drawn out double orgasm that Sara had. It still felt good though and once I’d cum I climbed off with the intention of helping out with Sara’s orgasm. Mike had other ideas though and rolled over so he was on top of Sara and started to fuck her more vigorously. Sara has had a few cocks inside her, but she is still relatively inexperienced in doing things with guys (relative to her experience with girls anyway) and I suggested that she wrap her legs around Mike to help pull him in to her. I didn’t doubt Mike’s ability to make her cum, but just wanted to make sure, so when they started to kiss each other, I lay beside them and reached one hand between their bodies to play with her clit and reached around her ass with the other hand to run a finger back and forth over her ass. This quickly drove Sara over the edge and she told us she was cumming again. Once her orgasm ended, I eased off but Mike carried on pumping away in her, hoping to get her off again, but her had to admit defeat and asked Sara if he was allowed to cum in her. She just nodded and pulled his face to hers so they could kiss and I watched as he thrust in to her a number more times and then took a few final thrusts as he came.

When Mike pulled out of Sara, he made sure that she kept her pussy raised so his cum didn’t leak out. We waited for Jen and Emily to finish their session and passed the time just chatting about what we’d been up to since the last party. As soon as Jen pulled away from Emily, Jen and I lay back on the floor and Mike guided Sara to stand up while holding her pussy closed. Emily helped to spread my lips and Sara let some of Mike’s cum leak out into me and they then moved over to Jen and repeated this. It’s a good thing that we are quite excited about the prospect of having a baby as we then had the same conversation that we’ve had with everyone else about getting pregnant, how we thought it would change things and what raising a child would be like. This conversation almost always seems to get Mike quite turned on and as we progressed he asked both Sara and Emily if they would like him to get them pregnant as well (he is aware of the issues that would cause if he were to actually do it – he is just playing out a fantasy he likes) and he ended up sliding his cock in to Emily’s sweet pussy.

She told him that he felt nice and hard and pressed back against him so he asked her if she was ready to let him make her cum. Emily said that she was indeed and whispered to him that she had been missing having a cock inside her (she hadn’t been with a guy since the last sex party in June and while it had only been a few months, like me Emily is definitely bi and really enjoys fucking both sexes). Mike reached around and cupped her breasts as she twisted her head around to kiss him and they moved against each other for a short time until Mike held her by her breasts and pulled out, telling her that he couldn’t fuck her without tasting her beforehand. Emily let out a frustrated whine, but I guess she knows that Mike is quite good at cunnilingus so she told him to go ahead as long as he promised to fuck her afterwards. Mike assured her that he wanted to feel her cumming around his cock as he crawled down between her legs and unceremoniously planted his face on her pussy. It looked like he ate her just as eagerly as I had done and instead of just tasting her as he had promised, he ate her until she came. (To be fair, Emily knows him well enough to have expected this and she didn’t complain too much, but said that she needed a minute before he fucked her.)

Mike pushed in to Emily and gently moved in her until she was ready, which took less time than I would have expected (but as I’ve said, she had been missing having a cock inside her). Mike let her choose the positions they used and they switched between her choices a few times during the session. Emily mostly chose positions that let Mike get deep inside her and fuck her hard so there was really only one way for them to finish off, Mike’s signature pounding position. Emily lay on top of him and they kissed while he held her ass and guided her back and forth as he rapidly pumped in and out of her as hard as he could. (Just to clarify, being fucked hard is by no means always the best method and doesn’t necessarily feel that good, this position seems to work as the force of the bodies bumping together provides enough stimulation to the clit). As he’d already cum, he didn’t have any trouble holding back and carried on fucking Emily hard as she came and only slowed down when she panted that she’d had enough. He carried on moving in her with long, slow strokes and told her that he wasn’t planning on cumming in her (so as not to spoil her taste) and she said that was fine, but she might want him to fill her sometime the following day. Mike said he would be more than happy to oblige and once she had climbed off of him he took a few more licks of her and moved back around behind Sara.

He asked if he could fall asleep inside her and she said as he’d cum in her already that she didn’t mind so he rubbed his cock against her pussy and slid back in to her depths. We all chatted a while longer and there was a fair bit more teasing that went on, but all fairly light hearted. Mike and Sara pushed hard against each other a number of times and she tried to squeeze herself around his cock. Mike complimented her a number of times on how her pussy felt and in return she told him that his cock felt quite nice inside her. I gave them both a brief lick but Sara still didn’t have the energy to cum again so it didn’t go any further, although Mike told her that he could easily cum again inside her without having to fuck her hard or move too strenuously. He didn’t want to waste any cum (or more to the point he only wanted to cum in her again when they were doing things properly) so he said that he would stop just before he came, but he demonstrated how he could move gently and get himself really close to cumming. Given there wasn’t really anything to see, everyone was just going on his word, but Jen and I know from experience that he can gently move inside us and leave a deposit of cum without us even knowing that he had cum. He didn’t stay inside Sara until she fell asleep, but things had wound down by the time he pulled out and we eventually all dozed off.

I got up to pee in the middle of the night and woke the others (by accident) as I returned. I curled up with Sara and Mike moved over to the other side of the bed to curl up against Emily. She pushed back against him and he rubbed his cock against her ass until he was hard while he caressed her breasts and then slipped in to her. As he gently moved inside her he whispered how he was mixing Sara’s juices in with her own and he moved on to gently playing with her clit. It was quite dark so we couldn’t see much, but could hear Emily’s breathing become more ragged until Mike told her that it was time for sleep and he stopped moving (but stayed inside her). Emily was too groggy to argue, but it sounded like there was disappointment in her voice (which was what Mike had been aiming for) and he pressed hard into her and flexed his cock a few times before kissing around her neck and shoulders, telling her that she would need to be rested to be ready for what we had planned for them. Jen and I were curled up on either side of Sara and I was tempted to play with her, but I was also quite tired so decided to save it until the morning.

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