Thursday, 13 March 2014

Sara and Emily – Part 2

The morning session wasn’t as intense as the evening session had been – we woke our guests up in the usual way (by licking them awake) and then proceeded to finger and eat each other. Mike was sucked by both Emily and Jen and he managed to get his cock in to all of us, but it was Emily he finished off in. Instead of letting his cum drip in to Jen and my pussy, Emily sat over Sara and let her eat his cum out of her pussy and she then spat it in to our spread cunts. There was more baby talk over breakfast and we let Jen and Sara head off to the shower first while Mike, Emily and I discussed the day’s activities.

It’s not that I had expected Jen to be incredibly well behaved (she rarely is), but she went a bit further in the shower with Sara than I had expected. As a kindred deflowered lesbian, Jen gave Sara a thorough wash (body and hair), taking the opportunity to caress Sara as she did so. Jen’s fingers found Sara’s clit and after a bit of gentle playing, they moved around to Sara’s ass. As Jen’s fingers ran over Sara’s little rosebud, she asked if she could go down on Sara and give her some special treatment. Sara assumed that Jen was talking about licking her ass and she never says no to this so Jen knelt and lapped at Sara’s pussy, then got Sara to turn around so Jen could lick and rim her ass. Jen got Sara to turn around a few more times so she could alternate between eating Sara’s pussy and licking her ass and as Sara got closer to cumming, Jen said that she wanted Sara to pee as she came. Sara knows about Jen’s water-sports fetish so this wasn’t really a surprise for her and she agreed. Jen carried on eating Sara’s pussy and Sara soon told Jen that she was just about to cum and Jen just indicated that she still wanted Sara to pee (admittedly a general waggling of a finger near a pussy could mean lots of things, but in this case, it was what Jen meant). Sara asked if Jen was really sure as Jen had her mouth firmly over Sara’s pussy and Jen just nodded. Sara let out a little ‘okay’ and braced herself against the wall as her orgasm started, then started to pee directly in to Jen’s mouth and over her face. Even I don’t do this to Jen that often (she can talk me in to doing it), but she didn’t stop eating Sara and just held on to her ass and pulled her tighter against her mouth. Jen didn’t swallow the pee and just let it fill her mouth and run down over her body – a few times she pushed her mouth forwards and tried to reach between Sara’s legs to lap at her ass, but couldn’t reach – it still had the secondary desired effect of having Sara pee directly on to Jen’s face though so she enjoyed it.

Jen kitty kissed Sara for a while after her orgasm had finished and then stood up to kiss her (she ran her head under the shower first as she knows that others don’t generally share her fetish, although Sara has experience it quite thoroughly beforehand). Sara asked Jen if she wanted to cum and Jen said that she had something in mind. Jen leant forwards and braced herself, then got Sara to sit behind her and eat her from behind. As Jen had done with her, Sara alternated between Jen’s pussy and ass (although she could reach both with one lick so it was somewhat easier for Sara to do this). As Jen got close to cumming, she told Sara that she wanted her to play with her clit and lick her ass and that she was going to pee. Sara didn’t object to this and frigged Jen while spearing her. Jen gave Sara warning that her orgasm was on the way and as it hit, she pushed and sprayed her pee over Sara’s chin and chest. Jen looked down through her legs as she came and watched as she soaked Sara’s small body – she says that this gave her an additional thrill and would have loved to see her pee covering Sara’s face too, but things ended all too quickly as her orgasm passed and her bladder emptied. They washed each other off (again) and went to the bedroom to dry off and prepare for the day. Give the time they had spent in the shower, we figured that something had happened, but they didn’t tell us the details (Jen reported it to us later that day and we don’t know if Emily ever found out the details).

Mike. Emily and I showered together – it wasn’t as interesting as shower as the one Jen and Sara had taken, but there was a fair bit of caressing as we washed. When we got back to the bedroom, we found Sara still brushing Jen’s hair and we compared it to Sara’s hair. Jen has a hint of red in her hair – it can look fairly red in some lights, but is nothing like Sara’s who is a ‘proper’ redhead. Mike likes the feeling of Jen’s hair on his cock (as long as it isn’t a single hair which can drive him nuts – and not in the good way) and I have also been known to participate in enjoying Jen’s long hair. We decided to try a two-way hair dildo and got Sara and Jen to lie on their sides in a 69 position. It was easy to twist Jen’s hair and then bend it over to make something strong enough to get in to Sara, but Sara’s hair wasn’t quite long enough to do the same to Jen so with a bit of lateral thinking, we got them to turn around so they were in a 96 position. With their heads tilted backwards we could now easily make hair dildos and fuck the other person with them. Sara complained that they had just washed their hair but we assured her that with a decent brushing it would be fine. I’m fairly sure that with a bit of effort (and possibly some nipple and clit play) we could have gotten them both off, but we settled for having covered their hair with pussy juice (Sara’s hair was somewhat damper due to Jen’s ability to produce more liquid).

We let them have a small break as we prepared for a game we had planned – it was an adaptation of the multiple dildos that we’d been experimenting with involving Sue and then Lis and Lucy. We’d learned that it worked quite a bit better with three people than with four so had decided to add an element of endurance to the proceedings. Three girls would share the dildos ass to pussy in a ring and the fourth girl would help out, along with Mike. When someone came, the fourth girl would swap places with that person and we would continue, repeating until people couldn’t take it anymore. (I was quite confident that I could cum more times than Sara or Emily so it didn’t seem like too much of a challenge to me). Of course, as Sara and Emily hadn’t done the three-way dildo thing before we had to first show them how to best do it so we set up the ring with the dildos going from Sara’s ass to Emily’s cunt, from Emily’s ass to my cunt and from my ass back to Sara’s cunt. Despite the fact that Sara enjoys having her ass licked, she rarely inserts anything larger than a finger or a small vibe, so she said the end of the dildo felt quite large in her. We gave her a couple of minutes to adapt while we demonstrated how to move the dildos in harmony and once we were all ready, Jen and Mike handed us each a vibe to use on our clits.

We each took hold of the dildos sticking out of our cunts and Mike and Jen took the ends in our asses. We started off slowly, pulling them back and forth in time so as they left our cunts, they were pushed in to the ass of the person next in the circle. Once we’d gotten a good rhythm going, we fired up our vibes and rubbed them against our clits to get things really going. I’ve come to really enjoy playing in a group like this as apart from the direct multiple stimulation, it feels really naughty to be joined to two other people (I guess it isn’t really much different from doing things with Mike and Jen together, but it feels different – I don’t know if that is because it is with our guests or because we’re masturbating as opposed to eating and fucking, but I like it!). I was sufficiently confident that I could cum more times than anyone else that I allowed myself to really enjoy things and made sure the vibe made good contact with my clit as I rubbed it back and forth. I warned Jen that it wouldn’t be long before she had to take my place and she told me that was just because I was such a cum-slut. There was no point in me trying to deny that (especially as I was rapidly approaching my orgasm) and I asked for people to move the dildos back and forth a bit faster to help me along. I closed my eyes and concentrated on what I could feel as the dildos rubbed back and forth against each other, just separated by the tissue between my ass and cunt, coupled with the feeling of the vibe on my clit. I told everyone that I was about to cum (which I’m sure they could tell anyway) and gently moaned my way through my orgasm. People stopped to let me pull the dildos out and we wiped the anal one before inserting it in to Jen as she took my place.

I took over moving the dildo between Sara’s ass and Emily’s cunt and Mike dealt with the other two. As I was only using one hand, I could more easily lean in and give Sara or Emily a kiss and even managed to have a suck on their nipples. Mike could kiss Jen, but found it too awkward to do anything more while working two of the dildos. I would like to say that it was due to me concentrating more on Sara’s nipples than on Emily’s, but that probably had very little to do with the fact that Sara was the next one to say she was close to cumming. I hadn’t fully recovered from my own orgasm, but that was the whole challenge of the game and I didn’t shy away from helping to get Sara off. I was going to kiss her as she came, but everyone wanted to be able to watch her face – she closed her eyes as well, but that might have been more due to having everyone staring at her. She certainly managed to cum though and called for us to stop moving the dildos as soon as her orgasm ended, so we did as she asked and once she had pulled herself free, I took her place.

Mike took over moving the vibe in my ass and left the other two to Sara – this meant that he could use his free hand to play with my breasts and clit. He also managed to bend down and lick my clit a few times, but this made it difficult for me to move the dildo in and out. Emily was obviously the person expected to cum next and she didn’t disappoint us. She kept her eyes open, but didn’t really make much eye contact as she came. Unfortunately for Em, Sara had only just taken her place and we’d gotten started again when Jen started to mew and Mike encouraged her to cum. She didn’t cum straight away, but Emily probably had less than two minutes respite before Jen did cum and Emily had to plug herself back in to the dildo ring.

With round one over, I considered changing my strategy and consciously holding back so I wouldn’t cum. Even though the triple stimulation felt really good I was sure I could hold back for long enough, but decided that this wasn’t in the spirit of the game. I suggested that for round two we use fingers to frig ourselves in place of the vibes and Sara and Emily agreed so Mike took the vibes off of us and quickly returned to help out with the dildos again. We tried changing the way we were doing things slightly so instead of holding on to the end of the dildo in our pussies, we reached around to take the pussy end of the dildo of the person to our right (so we were moving the other end of the dildo that was in our asses). This was a bit more awkward as we had to lean over slightly, but felt nice as we could bump our hands against the other person’s pussy. It was too awkward to do for long though so we switched back to pumping our own dildos while we frigged ourselves. Jen and Mike took turns working just one of the dildos so they could reach up and play with our nipples and I took over moving both the vibes in me briefly so Jen could fetch some tingle gel to apply to our nips and clits.

We were all breathing fairly heavily by this point and Mike said that he loved the scent our combined juices were making. We debated whether it would be worthwhile doing this at the sex party – sort of as a little show and the idea really appealed to me (I thought it would be good to do in the lull that tends to happen once most people have done things a couple of times and need to have a rest before going on). Sara wasn’t quite a sure about it as I was, but couldn’t argue with the fact that everyone at the parties had seen her cum anyway (and a good number of them had helped her cum). As we continued masturbating I fantasised about having everyone from the party watching us and this helped push me rapidly towards my second orgasm. I pictured the guys standing around us and after fucking our mouths, they jerked themselves off and sprayed their cum over our bodies (particularly over mine, but then it was my fantasy). I came with a stronger orgasm than my first one and had to be prodded to move out of the way so Jen could take my place.

Once I resumed helping out, I whispered a plan to Emily and she started to frig herself a bit faster. Sara didn’t look like she was too close to cumming but we took care of this by getting her to move both of her dildos while I played with her clit and kissed her. I whispered to Sara how much I wanted to see her cum again. I described how much I loved her facial expression and how hot it was watching the dildos be repeatedly swallowed up by her ass and cunt. To finish her off, I took over moving the dildo in her cunt and bent down to lap at her clit – this worked fairly well (certainly well enough to get her off anyway) and we quickly extracted the dildos from her to let me take her place. I made eye contact with Emily who had been keeping herself close to cumming and watched as she rapidly frigged herself. I tried to push the dildo a little harder towards her to help things along, but she had things under control and came pretty much as soon as I’d gotten the dildos in to my holes.

Sara was still recovering from her second orgasm and we told her that she could forfeit if she wanted, but that would lead to a penalty of some description. She refused to admit defeat and let Emily push the dildos in to her ass and cunt and set about pumping them in and out (but she didn’t play with her clit). This wasn’t too bad as it meant that both Mike and Emily only had to use one hand so could take care of frigging Jen and me. I was feeling a bit more sensitive than I had expected, but I’m fairly stubborn so didn’t ask them to stop. Jen pinched and rolled her nipples and seemed to be really enjoying having so much stimulation so it wasn’t too surprising that she came next (it was her ‘turn’ anyway if we were keeping to the pattern from round one). On realising this, it gave me an idea and for the third round I change the rules slightly (okay, quite a bit). Instead of whoever said they couldn’t take any more being the person to lose, it was now whoever didn’t manage to cum according to the order we had set out.

Emily had now taken Jen’s place so we were back to the original configuration and the rules meant that I had to cum before Sara & she had to cum before Emily. I took over playing with my clit so I could rub myself as hard and fast as I could without it feeling too intense to be pleasurable. Sara made a half-hearted attempt to play with herself, but it didn’t look like she was trying that hard and the competition ended up with me cumming and Emily cumming before Sara. She acknowledged she had lost and said that she just couldn’t cum again so quickly and we told her that we would think about the penalty for a while before telling her what it was.

We needed to freshen up again before heading out and while Emily and I quickly showered, Mike commented on how Sara’s ass had looked when taking the dildo. This embarrassed her but he assured her that she had looked as sexy as always and Jen agreed with him. Mike said that he would have loved to have his cock buried in her ass and asked her if he could just be in her for a while, given she was still probably slightly stretched from the dildo. Sara was a bit reticent as she still felt tender but Mike promised her that he would be gentle and wouldn’t move too much. Sara may often be quite hesitant about things, but she does seem to be more willing to give things a try now and she let him talk her in to it. Mike spread her ass cheeks and pressed his cock against her ass and once the head was in, he slowly worked it in a little deeper with each stroke until he had a good length buried inside her. Sara told him that it didn’t hurt and Jen decided to join in and told Sara that as she’d made a good effort, that she at least deserved to be kitty kissed. Sara didn’t object to this, but she also didn’t seem to realise their plan until too late. Jen started off gently on Sara’s pussy, but her licks and kisses became increasingly firmer until she was eating Sara properly (using the frog in boiling water approach). It was soon obvious to everyone that Sara was going to cum again and as she pushed back and forth against Mike’s cock and Jen’s face, Mike told her that he wanted to cum in her ass.

Before it was obvious that Sara was going to let them make her cum, Mike had been considering surreptitiously cumming in her ass (which he said would have been considerably easier than doing the same thing in a pussy as Sara’s ass was very tight). As such, he was very close to cumming anyway and when Sara told him that she didn’t care, as long as he was gentle, he told her to just enjoy what they were doing to her. Sara didn’t need to be told this as she was already breathing heavily and when Mike reached around to cup one of her breasts she pushed his hand against her and craned her neck around to kiss him. Mike came a little before Sara did, but he remained buried in her ass as she came and he could feel her body contracting around him as well as her ragged breathing in his mouth as they kissed. Jen ate Sara through her orgasm and then kitty kissed her for a minute or two before kissing her way up Sara’s body to her face.


  1. This is all getting soooo repetitive. Give us something new and different. When are we getting news of what you say has changed recently?

    1. Well I'm sorry, but we are kind of limited as to what we can do (or are prepared to do) while we aren't on the pill. We also can't think of too many more new things we can actually do (even when on the pill (but we'll accept ideas).

      The news will be posted as the start of the entry on Saturday

  2. That makes 3 rings total if I counted correctly. If you have enough toys what would be the largest ring you think you could make?

    I am also happy that Mike at least got SOMETHING there at the end as this configuration kind of leaves him out to dry while everyone else indulges in orgasm after orgasm...

    1. We could probably make a fairly large ring if we used everything we had and got friends to bring their toys as well. The more people in the ring though, the less well we think it would work as the dildos would be bent around more (three people just about works but two is better.

      Don't forget that Mike can't cum as many times as we girls can and enjoys watching/helping us cum. He says that the longer he does this, the better his eventual orgasm. Given he is currently getting to be with different sets of girls each weekend I don't think he has life too hard -

  3. Andi - would you be willing to take requests? I am thinking about posting a "challenge list" of things you would have to do and you can see how many you can complete. I am still putting the list together (Work has been very busy) but the first couple are:
    1) Have sex with a guy within 10 minutes of meeting him for the first time (Sex parties don't count)
    2) Have sex with 4 guys at the same time (Sex parties allowed)

    Bonus challenge for Mike: Have sex with a girl with a really 'kinky' fetish such as a foot fetish or dominatrix.

    1. We'd be more than happy to take requests - the more interesting and challenging, the better. It would be a while before I wrote about them if I kept things in chronological order,but I could do some 'special' entries to document our progress.

      #1 sounds like a challenge but I can think of a way to cheat at it :) #2 isn't too hard. As for Mike's challenge, I would have thought that Jen's watersports BDSM & fetishs, Sara's ass licking one or even my exhibitionist fetish would count.

  4. I guess for Mikes challenge, technically it does but I was hoping for something a new one rather than claiming a past fetish that was engaged in, in order to "retroactively complete the goal" if that makes any sense.

    It would be interesting as to the specifics of #2 being completed which was kind of the goal.

    1. I'm not rejecting any of the challenges -even the ones that we've technically completed before.We will attempt to complete them and I'll write about them out of order (so anyone challenging us doesn't have to wait months to find out what happened).