Sunday, 16 March 2014

Sara and Emily – Part 3

As the three of them kissed, Mike asked Sara what had happened to the shy little redhead they had met all that time ago. He described how she had just cum for a third time in a row, but this time with a tongue buried in her cunt and a cock cumming in her ass while her breasts were being mauled. Once again she got embarrassed, but both Mike and Jen assured her that they thought she was amazing and got her to agree that the ‘new’ Sara was having much more fun and enjoying herself. Mike was still in her ass when Emily and I returned from the shower and we were given an update on Sara’s latest orgasm, but once we had seen, Mike pulled out and he went off to quickly freshen up with Jen and Sara.

We headed out for lunch, but not without Sara having to pay a part of her penalty for losing the (somewhat rigged) game. They both know us well enough by now that they weren’t surprised when we didn’t let her wear any underwear, but as an additional treat, she was given one of Jen’s short rara skirts to wear. It was perfectly decent for walking in, but she would have to be careful going upstairs, sitting or bending over and on the walk in to town we found a couple of places to stop and very briefly tease her. Naturally the teasing wasn’t isolated to just her and we also caressed Emily, who gave as good as she got. You might think that Mike gets off lightly at times like this, and while it was true that his cock was never exposed to the world, he did have to cope with being caressed through his jeans and then hiding the resulting erection when we headed off each time.

Once in town, we started off with lunch and went for a walk by the river. It was a bit chilly and there was a good breeze blowing but we sat on the riverbank facing outwards for a while and chatted. We girls sat with our pussies exposed to the river and occasionally the wind would blow our skirts up so we were even more exposed, but the path behind us was too busy for us to do anything more daring than just enjoy the feeling of exposing ourselves (which I probably enjoyed more than the others, possibly with Jen as a close second). When we headed back towards the shops, we made sure to climb as many flights of stairs as possible. We would always walk behind Sara to shield her, but she was still very aware that she was rather exposed. As we looked round the shops, we had her bend over a number of times (when in suitably shielded locations) and caressed her exposed ass and pussy from behind, but not enough to do more than just tease her.

I had something specific in mind and after a while we found a suitable panelled dress (with nude lining) and got Sara to try it on. Jen ‘helped’ Sara out in the changing room, which involved giving Sara a fairly good licking, but only briefly. Sara came out to show us the dress on and it looked stunning on her, the green complimented her hair well and the lining of the dress matched her skin tone well enough that it really looked like you could see her skin. When she went to change out of the dress, Mike and I convinced Emily that she should buy it for her. They took a little longer to reappear and I had assumed that Jen had made Sara cum, but it turned out that once Sara had taken the dress off (so was naked), Jen had asked Sara to eat her. Jen hadn’t wanted to cum, she just wanted to enjoy having Sara kneeling in front of her licking her and she (Jen) looked a little flushed when they finally did emerge. Sara had rather liked the dress so was pleased that Emily was buying it for her. We then headed for a coffee and tried a small experiment. If Mike sat with his hand on one of our thighs (even if it wasn’t too high up), we observed that people seemed to notice this. If I sat with a hand on Emily’s or Jen’s thigh, it appeared that everyone assumed that as we were both girls, it was just an innocent sign of friendship. We tested how far this could be pushed and I sat chatting to Emily for a good few minutes, leaning over to whisper in her ear with my hand so far up her thigh that I was brushing her pussy with my little finger. The others in our group kept an eye out to see if anyone paid any attention to us and they didn’t seem to, but when Mike tried the same thing with Jen it appeared as if people assumed he was fondling her.

We wandered around a while longer and headed home, at which point Mike and I took Emily and Sara up to the bedroom and gave them a gentle massage. It started off gently enough but moved on to us fingering and licking them (and Mike semi-fucking Emily). We didn’t make either of them cum, the idea was to just make sure they were both relaxed and sufficiently aroused for the evening. They asked if we wanted them to reciprocate and this sounded like a good idea so we stripped off and took their places. Sara mostly took care of me, but she briefly helped out with Mike too. I was fingered and had my nipples sucked while Emily sucked Mike and then briefly rode him. Fortunately they played along and didn’t go too far to try and make us cum. We finished off the session with Mike, Sara and I all having a turn at licking Emily (still making sure she didn’t cum) and then called Jen in to have a go (just so she didn’t feel left out).

While we had been playing, Jen had been unpicking the stitching holding the nude lining in Sara’s new dress (Jen is much better at this than I am). I had told Emily of the plan on the way home (just so she wouldn’t complain that we’d ruined the dress), but we hadn’t told Sara. The plan had been for Sara to find out when she went to put the dress on to go out that evening, but she wanted to try it on following our massage so the surprise was somewhat spoiled. Jen assured her that she could stitch the lining back in if Sara really wanted, but we urged her to wear it without the lining and she modelled it for us. I felt that it certainly looked better on her this way and while the transparent sections of the dress showed off her body quite well, the panels hid all of the important places well enough. It was certainly obvious that she didn’t have a bra or panties on though and Jen leant her some of her nude underwear, but Sara breasts were just sufficiently larger than Jen’s that the bra wasn’t suitable. We didn’t consider this a problem as Sara wasn’t going to be allowed to wear the panties anyway as part of her penalty (the wonderful thing about hanging out with students is that you can make almost anything in to a game and they will mostly play along with whatever ‘rules’ you specify).

We let our guests relax for a while and watched a film. There may have been a small amount of fondling that occurred during the film, but we continued to hold back and not make anyone cum so the evening would be more interesting. We ordered our customary pizza (we eat fairly healthily in the week to make up for weekends) and told Sara that she would have to participate in the pizza dare. We assured her that we wouldn’t let the guy do anything to her (unless possibly it was a girl who turned up and decided she wanted to make Sara cum) and we prepared our outfits. I put a towel on that was ever so slightly too small to properly cover me and we provided Sara with some ridiculously frilly underwear of Jen’s (the bra still didn’t properly fit, but was good enough for the game). To make things a bit more interesting, Emily was given the job of sitting in the living room and masturbating, being sufficiently vocal that the delivery guy would just about be able to hear her. She was told that she was expected to just play with herself and not cum and was fine with this (even though she was fairly horny from the low-level playing that had been going on).

When the doorbell rang, I adjusted my towel one last time and answered the door. I apologised to the guy for my attire, saying I’d just gotten out of the shower and on cue, Sara came out of the living room in her (Jen’s) underwear and told me that she was just going to go up and have one. The guy was one who had visited us before and witnessed me in similar attire (I didn’t recognise him at first) and said that it was a coincidence how I always seemed to have just showered when he turned up. I acted a little coy and played with the hem of my towel while I asked him if he minded and when he replied that it was fine, I called Sara over and stood with my arm around her. We began to hear Emily moaning in the living room and told the guy to just ignore it as it was Sara’s girlfriend playing with herself and I asked Sara to get the money. She bent over as arranged to fetch it from my bag (that had been strategically placed on the floor) and I caressed her ass while she looked the money out but then decided that I should help her. This hadn’t been the original plan, but as the guy was obviously enjoying the view I couldn’t help but take things a bit further. I told Sara that I would get the money and bent over, knowing full well that the towel wouldn’t hide any of my ass or pussy and as we all knew what was happening, I spread my legs slightly so that he could easily see my lips peeking out from between my legs. I had hoped that Sara would have taken the initiative and caressed me in the same way I had done to her, but she didn’t so when I stood up, I had to say that I had been expecting it and asked the guy if he would have minded if she had done it. He said that it would have been fine so I leant over and kissed Sara and let my towel fall to the ground.

I asked the guy if he would carry the pizza in to the living room for us and he said that he would. As we walked, I caressed Sara and whispered to her that we could see how far Emily would go. When we walked in, Emily was sitting on the sofa naked and masturbating (as expected). She jumped slightly when she saw the guy but I assured her that it was okay (and she probably figured that things were going well from the fact I was naked). I told her that she should continue and she tentatively started again, but soon gained confidence and starting moving her hands over her pussy more. I asked the guy if he had time to stay and watch and he said that he did and we convinced Emily to lie down on the sofa and play with herself more openly. She didn’t have to do everything herself though and we got Sara to have a turn eating Emily and I had a go at fingering her. I whispered to her and asked if we could get the guy to cum over her breasts and she said that we could so I asked him if he wanted to do this. He didn’t technically say yes, but I assumed this was his answer as he got his cock out and was stroking it in no time. Sara and I gave him a hand (or two) and stroked him in an increasingly fast manner while keeping his cock aimed squarely at Emily’s breasts. I wanted to see him spray his cum over her body, but also wanted to see how much further she would go so I told the guy that if he put a condom on, he could just fuck her instead. He was certainly up for this and as I rolled the condom on to his cock (and then briefly took him in my mouth) Emily turned around so she was lying on the sofa with her pussy hanging off the edge.

The guy pushed in to her and started to fuck her. Sara and I knelt on either side of Emily so we could play with her clit and nips and I told Sara that Emily probably deserved to cum after all. Jen had been sitting in one of the chairs watching everything, dressed in a short lacy nighdress and I was surprised to see that she too was playing with herself. I told Sara to go and help Jen out and we watched as she knelt between Jen’s legs and buried her face in Jen’s pussy. Jen knew enough to lean forwards and push Sara’s panties down – she couldn’t get them the whole way down, but she got them far enough to expose Sara’s ass and pussy. Ideally she should have played with Sara, but it makes it very difficult for the person doing the eating if the person being eaten leans forwards so Jen leant back and just enjoyed Sara’s tongue in and on her pussy (actually on her ass too as Sara was giving Jen the full works). I felt a little left out so asked the guy to finger me - which he did - but he was clearly concentrating on fucking Emily. As I’d been frigging her clit, Emily wasn’t too far off cumming so I told the guy not to hold back and enjoy fucking her. She humped back against his thrusts and came just a little bit before he did. The guy pushed in to her a few times and then held himself against her and as a final treat I told him that when he pulled out, he should empty his cum over Emily’s breasts (she had agreed to letting him cum over them beforehand anyway). I moved out of the way and Emily lay down again and watched as the guy stood with his cock over her breasts, pulled the condom off and tipped his cum on to her body. Emily automatically rubbed it over herself and massaged it in to her breasts, which meant that I couldn’t get her to play with me as I’d planned, but as the guy had served his purpose, it was probably time for him to go anyway.

I called Sara to help me show him out and we left Jen playing with herself (but told her to be good and wait for us to return before she came) and Emily went upstairs to actually shower. Sara tried to pull her panties up so she could walk, but I knelt in front of her and slipped them down her legs, then gave her pussy a quick lick. She kept her bra on as we walked to the door with the guy and as we stood waving him off I slipped a hand between her ass cheeks and played with her pussy and once the door was shut I told her that she had done well and fingered her a bit more energetically. As Mike came downstairs to see how things had gone, I stopped playing with Sara (once again leaving her horny but unfulfilled) and we went back to the living room to stopped Jen before she made herself cum. A clean Emily soon joined us and we gave Mike a more detailed version of events as we ate dinner. Emily got called a few names for letting a random guy fuck her (because obviously I would *never* do that!) but she said that she didn’t care as she had enjoyed it.

We got dressed and our teasing had the desired effect and Sara agreed to wear her new dress without any underwear. I had quite liked the look of the little skirt on Sara earlier in the day so looked out a similar one that I had and paired this with a light loose top that he a very low neckline. Under this I wore one of my peek-a-boo bras so my nipples were exposed and decided that if I was dressing in such an obviously slutty manner I may as well go the whole way and wore some thigh-high white socks to draw attention to the exposed skin on my legs. Jen went with a dress that she had copied from Abrahii – it was almost Chinese in style – a single long piece of material that slipped over her head and was tied in three places on either side (it was even Abrahii’s favourite colour, red). It was even more obvious that Jen didn’t have any underwear on and as we were all dressed so provocatively, it was impossible for Emily to argue as we selected her outfit. She actually got off fairly lightly with a split skirt and tight top and didn’t even argue when we told her she couldn’t wear a bra (Em isn’t as large as me, but she is large enough that it is unusual for her to go out without a bra on).


  1. Mike challenge: seeing as you all get to cum publicly I challenge you to make Mike cum in a cafe, resteraunt or other such venue. (Hint: a condom can help avoid the mess and help with being discrete)

    1. We accept this challenge too - I'm fairly sure I know how to pull it off (so to speak) and we will report back once done.