Tuesday, 18 March 2014

Sara and Emily – Part 4

We had a good evening out, but there wasn’t much to write about. As planned, my outfit allowed me to easily show myself off to people whenever I wanted and I sat chatting to a guy for a while with my pussy obviously displayed to him. My top worked quite well too and whenever I leant forwards, he could see down to my exposed nipples (which ended up being quite pointy). Mid-way through the evening I decided to be up front with him and tell him that I couldn’t do anything with him as we had visitors (and we weren’t planning on taking guys back home that weekend). He stayed and chatted for quite a while longer though so I made sure that he got to see as much of me as he wanted and when he placed a hand on my leg I scooched a bit closer to him and said that he could touch whatever he wanted. His hand quickly slid up under my skirt to my crotch and he briefly stroked me and then pushed a couple of fingers in to me. I could see a bulge growing in his trousers and wished I could sample it, but I was still off the pill so wasn’t going to risk it. I finished off the dregs of my beer and handed him the bottle, asking him to use it on me – he asked if I was sure and I reached down to spread my lips and told him that I wanted to feel the neck inside me so he pushed it against my pussy and once he found the right spot, it popped in a fair way. I jumped a little at the forceful intrusion, but told him to keep going as I looked around to check that nobody had noticed what we were doing (apart from Mike, Jen et. al.). I suggested that he lean in and kiss the side of my neck, which also allowed him to slide a hand up my top and play with my breasts (people could see that he was doing this, but we weren’t the only ones doing that and my breasts were still covered. By leaning in, he could more easily move the bottle in me without it being visible to others and he buried the whole length of the neck in my pussy and slowly fucked me with it. I told him (honestly) that I wished I could go somewhere and fuck him, but that I was trying to get pregnant. This seemed to confuse him a bit and he asked who I was trying to get pregnant with and I indicated at Mike. He asked why I was letting him finger me in front of my boyfriend and I told him that Mike didn’t mind and pointed out the fact that Mike had his hand up Emily’s skirt so it was only fair.

I had actually been considering taking the guy somewhere suitable and either giving him a handjob or sucking him off as a thanks for continuing to chat to me after I’d ruled out doing anything (and for playing with me of course), but that quickly became moot as unfortunately my fondler found the situation a bit too strange and stopped playing with me. I pulled the bottle from my pussy and sucked the neck clean and told him if we met again under different circumstances that I’d let him fuck me if he wanted and was told that he could only do that if my boyfriend wasn’t around. I considered explaining that Mike was actually my husband, but I couldn’t see how that would help the situation so kept quiet. I went and joined Jen and Sara on the dance floor and got my hands inside Jen’s dress so I could caress her ass while I told her about the bottle (semi) fuck. I discovered that she was quite wet and was told that Sara had been getting in to the spirit of things and had been caressing Jen quite a bit as they had danced. Sara hadn’t received quite as much in return though as her dress was too long for Jen to get her hands under the skirt (without it being really obvious) and Sara didn’t want any damp patches (which ruled out caressing her through it).

Mike had been a bit more successful in playing with Emily – a couple of times he had gotten her to straddle him and as they kissed, he had worked her skirt up so it was almost entirely around her waist and he could then easily reach between her legs and play with her pussy. He tasted her from his fingers and fed her some of her own juices a few times and I remember thinking that if I tasted as good as she did, then I would probably spend my whole life just fingering my pussy and then feeding myself my juices. Fortunately for us, Emily isn’t that greedy, which leaves plenty for us to taste.

I managed to get fondled by two more guys as we danced – one of them slid his hands down to my ass and discovered that I was naked without prompting but the second one took a bit longer (I had been grinding against his thigh as we danced and could feel his cock was hard so I pushed his hand down between my legs and let him finger me. I once again wished that I could take them out back (either individually or better yet – together) and fuck them, but managed to keep my libido under control and found the others and suggested we return home to play. On the way we undid a couple of the ties on either side of Jen’s dress, just leaving the centre one fastened. This meant that it didn’t always fully cover her and made it significantly easier to fondle her whenever the desire took us.

By the time we arrived home, we were more than ready to get stuck in and quickly shed our clothes. Jen, Mike and I were all going to go for Emily, but realised this and we let Jen have her first while Mike and I pounced on Sara. We took turns with one of us fingering or eating her while the other kissed her (either on the nipples or mouth). Mike had first go at her pussy and said that she felt quite damp so I teased her about having enjoyed being out with nothing on under her dress. When it was my turn to go down on her, I sucked her lips in to my mouth and played with them for a while. Sara must have been quite horny as she came much faster than Emily did, but we didn’t wait around for them and I may on my side and Mike fucked me from behind while Sara lapped at my clit. I wasn’t fast enough to beat Em, but I was a good way on by the time she came and we switched positions again so Jen lay on her back and I sat over her face while Sara played with her. We let Sara have free choice from the toy cupboard and she came back with a couple of vibes for immediate use, but asked if we could look at Jen’s ‘specialist’ toys later on (her small but growing collection of bondage gear).

We clearly weren’t going to refuse the request, but for the time being we concentrated on our own little threesome with Sara making use of a vibe in Jen and another on her clit. Jen lapped away at my pussy and told me that I too tasted quite wet while Mike kitty kissed Emily to get her in the right state of mind for the next round. By the time Sara, Jen and I had finished, Mike and Em were 69ing and she was bobbing her head u and down and slurping at his cock quite energetically. Mike would have happily continued until he made Emily cum, but she had told him that she didn’t think she could go another full session with each of us so he had promised her that she would cum just once more (unless of course we could convince her to change her mind). I didn’t want to miss out on Emily’s pussy so was given a turn 69ing with her (she just kitty kissed me and while I ate her, I was still fairly gentle). Mike went back to playing with Sara – she didn’t want him inside her, but didn’t object to him licking her (especially as his tongue strayed from her pussy a number of times).

When I was ready to play properly again Mike re-joined Emily and me and he fucked Em while she ate me. Mike deliberately avoided playing with her clit so he could fuck her for quite a while without her cumming. I on the other hand wanted to cum fairly quickly (not *too* quickly though) so I could help out with Emily afterwards. As we did this, Sara and Jen scissored and humped against each other. I had quite a good view of this and suggested that they try sharing a dildo between them, which they did but said that it limited the way they could grind against each other so it was discarded and they resumed unaided pussy humping. As my orgasm approached, I rode back and forth on Emily’s face and covered her with my juices (but I know that she doesn’t mind getting messy) and once I’d cum, I let Mike fuck her and kiss her while I got Jen and Sara to stop humping (but remain with their pussies together) so I could lick them both.

Emily wanted to finish off with Mike with him on top of her and her legs around him as they fucked but with a promise that they could fuck like that on the Sunday, we convinced her to let me help out. Mike took her from behind while I crawled under Mike and pulled Emily down to me so I could lap at them both while reaching up to play with Emily’s hanging breasts. Despite the forced change in position, I don’t think she was disappointed with the results as she had what sounded like a pretty good orgasm. I edged my way up the bed until I was fully underneath her so I could kiss her as Mike finished off in her. He didn’t take too long and kept his cock buried in her for a few minutes while he watched Sara and Jen finish humping. Jen came first and Sara asked if Jen wanted to just finger or eat her to orgasm, but Jen stuck it out and carried on slamming her pussy against Sara’s and grinding back and forth until Sara also came. (It’s much easier continuing in this position after cumming as the stimulation isn’t too intense so it can actually feel quite nice).

Once Sara had caught her breath, Mike asked her if she wanted to take care of the cum-transfer, but offered to do it himself if she didn’t want to. Fortunately for him, she still liked the idea of contributing to helping us conceive so I moved completely out of the way and Sara crawled under Emily. Mike withdrew and spread Emily’s lips so his cum leaked out in to Sara’s mouth. Emily sat up and Sara waited until the dripping stopped (there wasn’t a great deal) before pushing Emily away and then spitting the cum in to Jen and my pussy. Emily took Mike’s cock in her mouth and cleaned it off so he asked her if she wanted him to lick her clean, but she was resolute in not wanting to cum any more (and probably knew that once Mike started to lick her that we would almost certainly make her cum again). Once he got hard again, she did at least let Mike spoon inside her while we lay chatting and he threatened to fuck her again. She told him that he could cum again if he wanted, but she wasn’t going to so Mike didn’t bother (he rarely cums in someone if they aren’t cumming or haven’t just cum).

On the Sunday, we had our usual oral awakening session and I took care of cleaning out any remaining cum from Emily’s pussy while Jen 69ed with Sara and Mike alternated between fucking Jen and me. Sara told Mike that he could be inside her if he wanted and he helped Jen and Sara roll over so Sara was on top and Mike could slide in to her. He only fucked her lightly but while he did this I moved round so I was 69ing with Emily and we added her in to his pussy rotation. As he moved between us, he tried to describe any differences he could feel in our cunts. There wasn’t a great variation – Sara and Jen felt a little tighter than Emily or me, Jen felt wetter and Emily and Sara felt a little hotter. As I hadn’t ‘won’ any of the comparisons I told Mike that he couldn’t fuck me again, but that only lasted for a couple of minutes and I let him slide back in to me. He made sure that he was in each of us as we came and by the time he had felt four cunts cumming around his cock he was pretty much ready to burst. Instead of picking someone to cum in, we thought it would be more fitting for him to cum over us all (we had all contributed to his arousal so it only seemed fair). We lay side by side on the bed and Mike knelt and stroked himself – he only squirted three jets of cum and they mostly landed on Sara and Emily (who were closer to him), but some made it across Jen and over to me. Mike rubbed his cock in the cum on Sara and pushed it in to each of our cunts – it wasn’t our usual cum-sharing method, but he enjoyed it.

We had a break for breakfast and Sara reminded us that she wanted to explore some of Jen’s bondage toys. It was nice seeing Sara take the initiative like this (I don’t want to make out that she is some meek little girl, but she rarely drives our sex play, or even play just between her and Emily from what we’ve been told). We headed up to the bedroom so (ironically) Jen could be more comfortable as we inflicted pain on her. We started off with the nipple and clit clamps and showed Sara how to fasten them on to Jen and set the vibes going. We each held one of Jen’s arms or legs and watched her writhe around under us as her sensitive areas were pinched and buzzed at the same time. Mike held both of Jen’s legs for a while so Sara could pull on the chains joining the vibes and Jen had a fairly quick orgasm. We all had a brief turn at kitty kissing her to help calm her down and prepare her for what was next.

Jen was turned over on to her front and told to kneel with her head on the bed. This raised up her ass nicely and we offered it for Sara and Emily to spank. They started off fairly gingerly but with a bit of encouragement they started to slap her a bit harder and when we produced the paddle, Sara gave Jen a number of decent slaps with it until Jen’s ass was glowing pink and was quite warm to the touch. We then took turns kneeling behind her and eating her as forcefully as we could (Mike also fucked her hard as well as eating her). Keeping her in the kneeling position, we got Jen to spread her legs so we could slap her pussy (with our hands) and then turned her over to play with her properly. We started off just using our hands – pinching, mauling and slapping her body, pulling and tweaking her nipples (I no longer worry about doing this as I know she loves it). She was fingered roughly and had her pussy slapped some more and even had her ass fingered.

We used the paddle on her again – this time directly on her breasts and pussy (and when I say ‘we’, I mean mostly Sara and Emily). They didn’t slap her as hard as we had done on her ass but as Jen got closer to cumming, we told Sara to concentrate on hitting Jen’s pussy and clit as rapidly as she could. I tried to spread Jen’s lips so Sara could slap Jen’s clit directly, but my fingers got in the way so I gave up on this and let her carry on by herself. Emily took care of playing with Jen’s breasts – squeezing them firmly and rolling the nipples back and forth. Jen was clearly quite close to cumming and the atmosphere was quite charged so Mike knelt behind Sara and started to finger her while I did the same with Emily. Sara pushed back against Mike’s fingers so he decided to go to the next stage and positioned his cock at the entrance to her pussy. Sara pushed back against him and he thrust in to her and started to fuck her as she slapped Jen’s wet pussy.

I was going to crawl under Emily so I could eat her but ran out of time as Jen’s moans became louder and she told us she was about to cum. Sara used the paddle to slap Jen as quickly as she could and I told Emily to pinch Jen’s nips a bit harder. Jen thrust her pussy against the paddle (ineffectively) a number of times and let out a series of profanities as she came and we saw her let out a small stream of liquid that splashed against the paddle and was slapped against her pussy and thighs. We assumed she had squirted, but it turned out that she had actually let out a small amount of pee as the sensations had been so strong. Mike was still pumping away in Sara and he told her to eat Jen – which Sara did without hesitation. She tossed the paddle aside and buried her face between Jen’s legs, lapping away furiously at Jen’s wet cunt. Having just cum (hard), Jen naturally objected to this, but she couldn’t push Sara away and had to put up with a minute or so of extra stimulation. During this, Mike reached the point where he could have easily cum and he slowed his movements and took long strokes in and out of Sara while he played with her clit. We didn’t want to torture Jen too much so got Sara to switch to kitty kissing her and then let Emily take over while Mike carried on slow-fucking Sara and frigging her until she came. He assured her that he hadn’t cum in her and she told him that she wouldn’t have minded if he had, but Mike had just been teasing himself.

Jen’s body looked pink and sore. Now that things had calmed down, Sara and Emily looked a bit concerned and apologised to Jen, saying that they hoped they hadn’t actually hurt her. Jen explained how bits were now rather tender and warm (and a bit sore), but that she had really enjoyed it - as evidenced by the fact that she had peed while on the bed (we don’t do that). We teased Jen a little more, but in a soothing way by using ice cubes to calm the bits that looked the pinkest (with some extra attention spent on her nipples, pussy and clit of course). Some of the ice cubes may have wandered on to the rest of us and we each had one inserted in to us briefly. In Mike’s case, Emily popped an ice cube in to her mouth and then sucked his cock, which helped to calm him down from having been in Sara.

As Jen had put on such a nice show, we asked Sara and Emily if they would demonstrate one of their normal sessions to us. At first they were a little hesitant and unsure of exactly what to do but we explained that we just wanted to watch what they did when they were alone and they lay down on the bed beside each other and started. It was a nice gentle session and they kissed a lot while reaching down between each other’s legs and fingering pussies. They then took turns going down on each other and we watched as whoever was doing the eating lapped around the other person’s pussy and ass. As she came, Sara lifted her legs up to allow Emily better access and it took quite a bit of self-control to restrain ourselves from taking advantage of Emily’s pussy which was bobbing up and down while she was distracted and eating her girlfriend’s cunt.

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