Friday, 21 March 2014

Sara and Emily – Part 5

Once they had finished we joined them on the bed again and told them that we were going to give them an extended session and enjoy them fully before they would be allowed to leave. They had complained about not having had as much time to play over the holidays as they had been at their parents’ houses for quite a bit of it so this was meant to help offset that. We also wanted to make sure that we gave Sara a really good time and had decided that one of us would go with Emily while the other two took care of Sara (switching around who was with Emily of course). I got to be with Emily first and I took her in to Mike’s room and pushed her down on the bed. I warned her that she was probably going to be eaten quite a bit by us all, but Em is used to this and she lay back and spread her legs, surrendering her pussy to my mouth. Working on the assumption that Sara knows what Emily likes, I tried to copy the way that Sara had gone down on her, using the same mix of eating her, sucking on her clit, lapping around her ass and licking up and down her outer lips. It seemed to be quite effective and even though she’d cum not too long ago I got another orgasm out of her.

I then asked her to play with me the way that she does with Sara and as I lay there I concentrated on exactly what her tongue was doing to me. I remember thinking about how it was strange that things can feel so different when doing the same things with a different person – be that two different tongues licking me or two different cocks moving in me. I wasn’t overly loud, but I made sure that Emily knew just how good what she was doing to me felt. I reached up and gently played with my nipples (I don’t like it anywhere near as rough as Jen does) and as I got closer to cumming I felt Emily push my ass up in to the air so I pulled my legs up as Sara had done. Her tongue spent longer swirling around my ass, but still returned to my pussy and clit from time to time and I could feel an orgasm building. I told her I was getting close and got a ‘uh-huh’ in reply, but she didn’t break contact with my crotch. It took a while for the final stage of my orgasm to build but it eventually happened and I pushed against Emily’s mouth as my pussy throbbed with pleasure. Due to the slow build up, I had half expected it to be much stronger, but I wasn’t complaining as it meant I would be able to cum more times. We kissed for a while and waited for someone to appear…

Mike and Jen had taken care of Sara in a slightly different way. They had started off with Mike inside Jen and Sara sitting over Jen’s face so both her holes could be licked at the same time and after making Sara cum, they had switched around so Mike was on the bottom with Sara riding his cock and Jen being double licked (Sara working Jen’s ass). Sara asked Jen if she would enjoy peeing in this position and Jen told her that she would love to, but didn’t want to make a mess of the bed. Sara told Jen that she would happily repeat the position outside once the weather warmed up again. Mike pushed Jen up enough that he could ask if he got a say in things given Jen would be peeing over his face, but they all knew that he would happily do it if it meant he got Sara and Jen at the same time. They resumed the position and carried on until Jen came before getting Sara to turn around and carry on riding Mike while Jen licked her. Mike would have loved to cum in Sara, but he had promised Emily a good fuck. He asked Sara if he could cum in her before she headed home and she wasn’t sure as she didn’t think she would be able to cum any more so they left the decision until later. This didn’t stop Mike pumping back and forth in Sara as Jen licked her clit and as Sara came, Mike held her down firmly on his cock and pushed as deep as he could inside her.

Jen left Mike and Sara to snuggle and came to switch places with me. When she walked in, I thanked Emily and told Jen to take good care of her while I sampled Sara. Jen warned me that I might have to be gentle with her and when I found out they had made her cum twice I had to change my plans (I had intended to emulate the way Emily played with her as I had done with Em). We had a much gentler session where we half massaged and half caressed Sara for a while. I kitty kissed her while Mike moved inside me and (as we hoped) after a while, Sara said that she might be ready to cum. I wanted to copy the scissoring that Sara had done with Jen the previous night, but we had the added bonus of having Mike there to help out.

We ground against each other, taking breaks to allow Mike to lick and frig us. For someone who hadn’t got the energy to cum at the beginning of the session, Sara was quite fiery and pulled me against her pussy energetically. We were briefly interrupted by Jen coming to fetch the body wand (although ‘interrupted’ isn’t really the right word as we didn’t stop or even pause what we were doing). After Jen had returned to Emily, we changed the position around a bit and I lay with Sara on top of me and I wrapped my legs around her. Mike knelt and pushed his cock in to me, then pulled out and inserted it in to Sara. He moved back and forth between our cunts, fucking us both while we kissed and I stroked Sara’s back and ass. I told Sara to try and feel as Mike pushed his cock coated in my juices deep in to her cunt and described how I wanted as many of her juices in me as I could get. Sara told me I was a dirty girl and I just responded by calling her an ass eater and then kissing her.

As nice as that position had felt, we couldn’t cum so returned to scissoring and humped against each other. Mike played with our clits again but just with his fingers this time as we were humping and grinding against each other more energetically. He was sensible enough to make sure I came first as we doubted Sara would want to continue once she came. I carried on thrusting against her until she lifted her head back and gripped the covers and as her orgasm passed, I slowed down my movements and then pulled away from her. She was panting far more heavily than I was and I asked her if she wanted to kitty kiss. She said that she would do me, but that she didn’t want anyone touching her pussy for a while – things didn’t entirely go the way she wanted though as once I crouched over her face, Mike knelt between her legs and worked on her. He was sufficiently gentle that she didn’t complain about it though and we spent a while in this position until Jen came in and said that she had finished with Emily.

They had actually finished a while beforehand – after playing with each other, they had sat in a scissor position and used the body wand to stimulate both their clits at the same time. I was pleased to find out that even without Mike or I present, they had taken the challenge of seeing who could last longest (with the penalty of whoever came first having to keep their clit pressed against the vibrating head of the wand until the other person came). I was also pleased (but not surprised) to find out that Jen had won (in that Emily had cum first) – but Jen had at least given her quite a while to recover before coming in to tell us that Emily was ready for Mike (I rarely got that level of consideration from her when she was torturing me!).

Even after the kitty kissing, Sara said that she didn’t think she could cum again so Jen and I spent our session with her just kissing and caressing her body. We stroked and kissed almost every part of her (but only spent a brief time around her pussy). Sara wasn’t entirely passive and she played with both Jen and I using her fingers and some toys we retrieved from the cupboard. Of course we weren’t fully satisfied with this and told Sara that as she wasn’t going to cum herself, that we would need to mark her as ours so she would remember that she owed us an orgasm. Jen took Sara’a left side and I took the right – we rubbed her hands over our pussies and then worked our way up her arms, humping against them. We rubbed ourselves against her shoulders and then took turns to rub our cunts over her face before moving down to her breasts. It is much easier to hump against someone’s nipples when there is a third person to help hold the breast (relatively) in place and once we had coated her breasts in our juices we lay on our sides and rubbed ourselves against the side of her stomach and hips. We finished off by working our way down her legs and finally pushed her big toe in to our pussies. We then returned to kissing and caressing her, so we probably removed a fair amount of the work we’d just done, but that didn’t really matter. I told Sara that I was disappointed I would be missing the start of term sex party but promised her that she could do whatever she wanted to Sue.

Mike’s session with Emily had gone as long-time readers would expect. He started off by going down on her and told her that he didn’t want to fuck her until he had eaten her to at least one orgasm. This gave him time to calm down from fucking Sara and me as he wanted to give Emily the hard fucking she had asked for (plus he just didn’t want to cum too quickly so he could enjoy it properly). He got one orgasm out of her and kitty kissed her while she caught her breath, then spooned with her while they kissed and he caressed her body. He was impressed that she was still ready to do more after Jen and I had played with her (and he’d eaten her), but as he’d been holding back while helping the rest of us cum, he would have probably fucked her anyway. As Emily got hornier, they started to push against each other harder until she asked him to fuck her properly. Mike was more than happy to oblige and showed her how hard his cock was before pushing her on to her back and climbing on top of her.

Emily wrapped her legs around Mike just as she’d done the previous evening and they kissed as they fucked. They used a few different positions – Emily lay back and Mike held her legs up so he could get deep inside her – she lay on her front and he fucked her from behind in Sue’s favourite position. Mike gave Emily the choice of position she wanted to be in when she came and she said she wanted her legs around him so he requested that she wear some long white socks. Emily was fine with this and Mike quickly dug a pair out (while most of the toys live in the cupboard in Jen’s room, we keep a few ‘sex clothes’ in Mike’s room. Emily pulled them on and Mike had a final few licks of her pussy before lying on his back and getting her to mount him. He pulled her down to him and they kissed messily as he pounded away in her while gripping her ass to help guide her up and down his shaft. Emily told him when she was getting close and they rolled over so Mike was on top and Em wrapped her legs around him. She told him to push in to her as hard as he could and he reached back to caress one of her legs as he did this. He told Emily that he was going to fill her with cum and she pulled him in to her tighter with her legs and let our increasingly insistent ‘mmm’s as her orgasm built. Mike asked her to tell him when she was going to cum and she told him that she was almost there so he pumped away a bit longer until she let out her first ‘aaahhh’ and told him she was cumming. He had been holding back long enough that he managed to shoot his cum in to her while she was still cumming (just) and pushed in to her a few more times before holding himself still inside her as the feeling of her pussy rubbing against his cock was too intense.

They were both covered in a sheen of sweat and Mike once again reached back to caress her sock-clad legs as he told her how strong his orgasm had felt. Emily described how she loved the feeling of his cock inside her and they discussed the upcoming sex party where she intended to take advantage of her opportunity to fuck as many guys as she could (Sara was fine with her doing this at the parties as she would probably be sampling a number of girls). Once Mike could move in Emily again, they gently rocked back and forth as they discussed things and called each other insulting names related to their sexual promiscuity. Mike then told her to keep his cum in her cunt while he fetched us to do the cum-sharing ceremony.

As we weren’t trying to cum, when Mike appeared in Jen’s room, we could go with him instantly back to his room and deal with Emily. Sara offered to do the honours but Emily said that she wanted to see how we did it so Jen knelt and ate Emily, who then sat up to help her get Mike’s cum in to her mouth. Jen then kissed me and we 69ed to tongue the cum into each other. We then went back in to Jen’s room and compared stories from our extended session. Mike was disappointed that we hadn’t made Sara cum again but we defended her and said that she had done really well. Jen gently played with Mike’s limp cock and we challenged Sara to suck him back to life. He may not have been ready to fuck again by the time she finished, but he was certainly hard again and Sara said that it was a very strange feeling having his cock grown in her mouth.

It was now past a sensible time to have lunch and we quickly dressed. Before Sara was allowed to put on any clothes, we rubbed some of Emily’s (and probably Mike’s) juices over Sara’s back and added a final helping of our own to her front. We were obviously acclimatised to the scent, but we suspected that she would reek of pheromones and would seem even more attractive than usual. Sara wanted to wear panties but at least let us give her a pair of white cotton ones, with the promise that she would wear them while Emily played with her a number of times and Mike would retrieve them at the party. She paired the panties with a cute little light blue skirt and white top, but refused to put on long white socks to go with it. (Actually, she did put them on so we could admire the look, but she wouldn’t wear them when we went out even though Jen and I wore thigh high black stockings).

Lunch was fairly uneventful, although we did manage to convince Sara to sit in such a way that the crotch of her panties was very visible (she isn’t as reserved as she sometimes pretends). Sara sat in this way through all of lunch and we saw that some of the guys in the café had noticed, but obviously didn’t say anything to challenge them. One guy who was with his wife/girlfriend (or I guess, she could have been just a friend) had spent quite a while looking, but the woman with him had her back to us so she probably wasn’t aware (unless he had told her, but I’m guessing he didn’t). When we got up to leave, I made sure to bend over to pick up my things and give him a view of my exposed ass and pussy as my skirt rode up. I really wanted to turn and wink at him to see what his response had been, but instead had to wait until we left to find out from the others. They said that his eyes had visibly widened and he really looked surprised and we discussed if we thought he had taken the woman home and given her a good fuck without her knowing why. (As you can probably guess from the fact that I document what we get up to in this blog, I really like the idea of people cumming while thinking of me and if I can help other people enjoy themselves then that is an added bonus!).

We had a little time before Sara and Emily had to catch their train and debated how best to spend it. We nearly took them to our friendly sex shop but instead decided to make use of a dead-end alleyway to have a final session of fun. It wasn’t the most salubrious place we’ve ever done things (but also wasn’t the worst) and once we were out of sight of people walking past the entrance we stood Emily up against the wall and took turns having a lick at her pussy. It was only fair that she should repay us so we let her do the same to us (and give Mike’s cock a suck). Mike asked Sara if he could be inside her one last time and she told him he could (she had apparently recovered from our earlier session). He got her to lean forwards against the wall and pulled the crotch of her panties aside to slide in to her and the rest of us half watched while playing with each other. He pulled out and pulled her panties down over her ass so he could move a bit more in her and reached up under her top to play with her breasts as they fucked, then move one hand down to her clit to play with it. He promised her that he wouldn’t cum in her but she said that he could if he wanted to, for which he thanked her and carried on frigging and fucking her. We pulled Sara’s panties all the way down and she stepped out of them so she could spread her legs and Emily took them for safe keeping. Jen and I helped to finish Emily off with one of us licking her while the other kissed her and fondled her breasts.

Emily came first and once Sara had cum, Mike came in her. Hardly unexpectedly, Emily wouldn’t let her have the panties back but Sara didn’t seem too put out about this. We didn’t have much time left, but the others felt that as they had cum that Jen and I should cum too. In order to speed things up, we were instructed to take care of ourselves and we both stood against the wall while playing with our pussies. We had our tops pulled up to expose our breasts and nearly had our skirts removed but managed to avoid that. As Jen got close to cumming, she crouched down, spread her legs and pushed her pussy forwards. I watched as she let out a strong stream of pee during her orgasm and debated doing the same, but I was worried I would end up spraying the inside of my thighs (Jen is rather more experienced at this particular act than I am). Emily stepped in to help me out and knelt to eat me through my orgasm – I had been quite close anyway so came within no time once her mouth touched my pussy.

As we walked to the station Sara said that Mike’s cum was beginning to leak out of her. It was only a tiny amount (he hadn’t really expected to ejaculate any real volume in to her) but we made sure that she didn’t try to brush it off and by the time we got to the platform she said that it had run the whole way down her left leg to her foot. Neither Sara nor Emily had a long enough jacket on to fondle them as we kissed goodbye, but as we’d just all cum this wasn’t too much of a loss. Jen and I promised that we would visit them as soon as possible to make up for missing the party and they set off home. Sara fell asleep on the train and Emily snapped a picture of her with her legs spread slightly – probably not enough for most people to realise that her pussy was showing, but enough to see if you looked. They called to thank us for the weekend, although said that they were rather exhausted by the time they arrived home and we congratulated them once more on having cum so many times.

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