Monday, 28 April 2014

Opaque options

During the week at the beginning of October I took advantage of the colder weather to make my journeys to (and from) work a little more interesting. Instead of going out without panties on and having my pussy exposed under my skirt, I wore opaque tights, but without a skirt. For the first couple of days I wore a jacket that was long enough to cover my ass, but as the week progressed I wore a shorter jacket that left my ass exposed. Now the tights I was wearing are ‘proper’ opaque seamless tights so when the material isn’t stretched they look similar to leggings – of course I took a couple of opportunities to bend over and ensure that the material was stretched to give people a view of my ass (and possibly pussy), but acted innocent as if I didn’t realise. (I always went to the bathroom and slipped a skirt on when I arrived at work – I couldn’t have got through a day in close proximity with people without someone realising how exposed I was and I keep that part of my life separate from work).

Jen wasn’t feeling too good at the weekend so we decided to stay at home. As I’d been enjoying playing with tights during the week, we decided to take it to another level at the weekend. We planned to head in to town and as we would be in public with lots of people around, I paired the tights with a very short skirt (much shorter than I would usually wear so I was technically decent, but it would be incredibly easy to let my crotch or ass be visible). As we wandered around the shops I would crouch down, bend over or reach up to look at things whenever I found a suitable place with just one or two guys who could see me. This felt nice, but wasn’t doing enough for me so I arranged to meet up with Mike and Jen later on while I went to find a better ‘target’.

I already knew what I wanted to try and got a train ticket for somewhere about 30 minutes away. I desperately hoped that the train would be busy enough to make what I had planned exciting, but not so busy that it would stop me from having fun. I popped in to the bathroom and put on a pair of white panties under my tights (knowing how well they would show through). When I looked for somewhere to sit I was in luck – while the first carriage didn’t have anywhere suitable for me to sit, I found a guy sitting by himself in a set of four seats in the second carriage and sat opposite him. As I didn’t have too long, I didn’t waste any time and took out my iPad. I kicked my shoes off and sat with my feet up on the seat in front of me and my knees in the air to rest the iPad on. I started to play a game and slowly edged my feet apart so he would have a direct view to my crotch. In this position, I know exactly how much is visible (I may have practiced in a mirror) and I could feel my pussy tingling as I pretended to play my game or gazed out the window (actually looking at the reflection of the guy to see if he noticed what I was offering him). He took the bait and I pretended to play the game some more while gently squirming around on the seat to occasionally stretch the crotch of my tights even more. I could feel myself getting quite turned on and started imaging one of my old fantasies from when I used to have to get the train to York on a regular basis – having multiple people notice what I was doing and lining up to fuck me.

Unfortunately 30 minutes isn’t that long and I got off at my stop to wait for the return train. I wanted a bit more excitement on the return journey so popped in to the bathroom, removed my panties and inserted a remote controlled vibrating egg in to my pussy. I left it turned off, but did spend a couple of minutes playing with my clit and spreading my juices over my pussy before pulling my tights firmly up against my crotch and heading off to catch the train back to town.

This time I sat opposite two younger guys (probably early 20’s) and repeated my display. After just a couple of minutes I reached in to my coat pocket and turned the egg on to a pulsating pattern of vibrations, then started writing up a blog entry to add to my horniness (I didn’t actually do much writing and mostly just concentrated on recalling events while making notes). I pretended to be oblivious to the fact that they were whispering to each other about the view and leant back a little to push my pussy forwards. My tights felt as if they were pulled quite tight against my cunt so I imagined they were more than sufficiently transparent to let the guys see a fair bit and I wondered if I should try to push the egg out of me (or at least sufficiently far down that the pink plastic would be visible between my lips). I once again fantasised about stroking myself with them watching, then letting them fuck me and then opening myself up for anyone else on the train and could feel myself getting very wet. I imagined a patch of dampness spreading out from my pussy and soaking my tights and as we approached the end of the journey I was so aroused that I nearly actually reached down to play with myself (which wouldn’t have been wise as the carriage was too busy to get away with doing that).

I gave the guys one last view when I got up to leave as I bent over to pack things in to my bag and presented them with a view of my ass. As I left the train I called Mike and Jen and told them to meet me at the sex shop (I didn’t need to tell them that I wanted to cum). I arrived first and greeted Alistair. There was one customer, but I didn’t care (or maybe I did and preferred it that way). I went straight to the selection of dildos and started fondling them, testing them for size, texture and firmness. As I did this, I slid a hand under my skirt and rubbed my crotch, then went a step further and pushed a hand in to my tights so I could play with myself properly. As my fingers ran over my pussy and dipped between my lips I couldn’t resist letting out a little moan. The horse dildo was present (at that point I didn’t know if it was the same one I’d used in the private show) and while I knew I had enjoyed using it, it was rather unwieldy and looked significantly larger than I remembered so instead I picked up a dildo that looked like a fairly realistic black cock and pushed it between my legs. I quite liked the idea of just ripping my tights so I could plunge the dildo in to my waiting cunt, but we can’t afford to keep destroying perfectly good items of clothing so I just pulled my tights down to my knees and thrust the dildo in to myself (I knew I was more than wet enough to take it).   I leant against the wall with one hand, leaning slightly forwards and pumped the dildo in and out of myself, muttering about how good it felt and how much I wanted to cum. I worked the dildo as deep into myself as I could comfortably get it and then wrapped my hand around the shaft so I could fuck myself with it hard. I once again pictured being group fucked on the train, taking two or three guys at once while others stood around us and came over me. I remember wanting to be completely naked so that Alistair and the customer could see everything I was doing to myself, but I was in no mood to stop and undress so I just turned around and leant with my back to the wall. In this position I could play with my clit or slide a hand under my top to play with my breasts so I alternated between the two, but ended up concentrating on my clit as my orgasm approached. As I came I imagined my clothes being torn from my body, cock after cock invading my cunt, ass and mouth and load after load of cum filling and covering my body.

I slid down the wall and sat with the dildo still half inside me as I caught my breath. My orgasm had felt really intense but I don’t know if that was due to having teased and exposed myself on the train, my fantasy or the fact I was putting myself on display again. I didn’t really care what the reason was though and just sat basking in the afterglow for a little while before pulling myself up and fixing my clothes. By the time Mike and Jen finally arrived, I had purchased the dildo (along with a couple of other items) and had a conversation with Alistair (who had asked if Julia and I wanted to put on another show sometime). I described by brief session in the shop to Mike and Jen over coffee and after shopping for dinner we headed home.

Later that afternoon I decided to give Jen a taste of black cock (seeing as she wasn’t likely to get a real one). The dildo wasn’t actually anything special and I had only bought it as I had used it – I didn’t even intend to keep it but thought that Jen should get to enjoy it first before we gave it away (as a pre-tested present). The grass was a little wet, but Jen was game so we went out and she stripped off and knelt on all fours. I worked the dildo in to her pussy and started to fuck her with it at which point Mike asked if he could join in. He straddled Jen’s ass and positioned his cock against it, then pushed the head in to her and with her help, worked a fair length more of his cock in to her ass. I resumed fucking her cunt with the dildo and we arrived at a good rhythm. As the session progressed I reached under her to fondle her breasts and told her to cum as hard as she could (she obviously can’t actually control how strong her orgasm is, but she knew full well what I meant). Mike wrapped Jen’s hair around his hand and pulled on it as he pumped in to her ass. He told her that he wanted to feel her squeeze him as she came and he certainly got what he asked for. As Jen’s orgasm hit her, she bore down and peed as hard as she could. Mike told us that her ass clamped down around his cock and he couldn’t move as much (but he loved the way it felt so tight). Jen emptied her bladder over the dildo and my hand and Mike carried on pumping away in her for just a short time before he unloaded and emptied his cum in to her ass.

We had a quiet afternoon and headed out to the cinema that evening. I had been originally planning on keeping my tights on but decided at the last minute to change in to some hold-ups. These showed off a nice expanse of skin at the top of my legs (I still had my slightly too-short skirt on) and had the obvious advantage of leaving my pussy properly exposed when I sat down. I didn’t start to play with myself immediately and waited until about 10 minutes in to the film before I spread my legs slightly and pressed a hand down between them. The cinema was pretty packed so I had a stranger on one side of me (with Mike on the other and Jen beside him). I didn’t let this deter me though and after enjoying the feeling of my hand just pressed against my pussy for a while I adjusted my position and pressed a couple of fingers against my lips. I just teased myself for a while, sliding my fingertips up and down, spreading my juices around my pussy but not penetrating it. As I became more aroused I spent longer spreading my juices over my clit and circling around it. I was still trying to just tease myself so moved away from my clit and pushed my fingers between my lips and in to my warm pussy. I couldn’t get them in too deep due to the way I was sitting, but I got up to the second knuckle in and wiggled my fingers around. I enjoyed the sensation for a little while and even dipped down a little lower to press my fingers against my ass (not actually penetrating it, just applying pressure). As I got closer to cumming I leant my head against Mike’s shoulder and tried to keep my breathing fairly steady (I assumed the sound of the movie would mask most things but I was just making sure). I didn’t have any trouble being quiet as I came, but did have to concentrate quite hard to prevent myself from wriggling around (which took a bit of fun out of the orgasm, although it still felt nice).

I stayed leaning against Mike for a while and continued to gently stroke myself. I noticed that my skirt had ridden up a little but decided to keep it that way for the rest of the movie and enjoyed the idea that the guy on the other side of me might be looking at my pussy (in truth I don’t think he would have been able to see anything, but the idea was still nice). After dinner we went out for a drink and I enjoyed the opportunity to flash myself at a number of guys, but as I couldn’t fuck them I didn’t go any further with any of them and we headed back home. On the way I asked if I could get toyed with by both Mike and Jen at the same time and they agreed to this (Jen had been double fucked that afternoon after all). Mike agreed to this on the condition that I changed in to my school skirt (which I did on arriving home) and we fucked with me kneeling up on all fours, Mike taking me from behind and Jen eating me from below (lying with her body under Mike). He came in me and I lay on my back with a couple of pillows under my ass to keep any of his cum inside me while Mike went down on Jen – after which she spread her pussy and I crouched over her to let Jen’s share of Mike’s cum drip in to her pussy.

The next morning Jen woke up first and played with me until I was properly awake. Our movements woke Mike up who crawled over and joined in by offering his cock to my mouth and then sliding in to Jen’s waiting (and always wet) pussy. I told Mike that I had something planned so he might want to wait before he came (which is no big deal for him) and he just enjoyed moving between Jen’s cunt and my mouth, transferring Jen’s juices to me in the process. He was going to make Jen cum but I explained that the surprise was primarily for her, so Mike just teased her with his cock and mouth as she ate me. I had a quick play with her before we went for breakfast, but I didn’t let her cum either.

Once breakfast was finished and we had freshened up (it can be nice to carry on a session while still covered in the juices from the previous day but I wanted to start anew) we returned to the bedroom and I presented Jen with the other item I had purchased at the sex shop – some bondage candles. We’ve used these before a number of times (which was part of the reason we didn’t have any left) and Jen was quite keen to experience them once again. Of course we had to get her properly aroused again so set about doing this with a combination of spanking, fingering, eating, fucking and slapping. We tried positioning Jen at the edge of the bed so Mike could stand with his cock in her and enjoy her writhing as I twisted and pinched her nipples and then tried with Mike on his back and Jen lying on top of him facing upwards. He said that both felt nice, but he could feel more from the first position.

It was finally time to move on to the candles – we could have taken one each, but decided to just light one and use it between us. I started off by letting the wax drip on to Jen’s thighs and traced a path up each thigh to the very top, but avoiding her labia (for now). Mike then had a go on her breasts and dripped wax in a (sort of) spiral around each of her breasts, gradually getting closer to her nipples before finally letting a few drops fall on each nipple. Mike then moved back around to Jen’s pussy and slid in to her while I once again pinched her nipples. She writhed around a lot more than she had done before and Mike was really enjoying the way she moved so we went to the next stage. Mike lifted her legs up and spread them apart so I could again lay a trial of wax down her thighs – only this time I allowed a few drops to fall on to her pussy lips. I was careful to avoid Mike’s cock as he doesn’t enjoy and painful sensations in this area, but Jen definitely loved what I was doing to her. Unfortunately my original plan of getting Jen to move around so much that she fucked Mike to orgasm didn’t work (it would have if not for me having to ensure the wax didn’t land on him, but Jen moved too much for me to be able to only target her pussy).

Mike pulled out of her and we rolled her over on to her front to drip some wax on to her ass and then rolled her back over so finish things off. Mike spread her lips and I dripped some wax directly on to her clit (from a greater height so it was a bit cooler). This pushed Jen very close to the edge but didn’t quite make her cum so we finished her off with some fingering and as she came I flicked a number of drops of wax over her breasts. As hoped, her orgasm was quite strong and she lay there panting once it finished. Even though I knew she had really enjoyed it and that we hadn’t really hurt her, I still feel a little guilty after sessions like this (she is my little baby after all) so I set about kitty kissing her while Mike peeled off the drops of wax stuck to her breasts and thighs. Feeling guilty didn’t stop me from carrying on eating her until she came again and as soon as I finished with her, Mike took over. While I can cum three times in a row, Jen still usually finds it too intense an experience, but that was sort of what we were going for (she usually admits after the fact that it was enjoyable, just not actually during her third cum). Mike alternated between eating her, pulling the bits of wax off of her pussy and fucking her and she was soon on the way to cumming again (and complaining about it bitterly). Ideally Mike would have liked to eat her to orgasm and then fucked her to another one, but we didn’t think Jen would appreciate that (she enjoys pain and being pushed, but only so far). When she started mewing (loudly) he switched from eating her to just fucking and frigging her. Jen held her legs up against her body and Mike pumped away hard in her. I slapped her inner thighs a few times and roughly groped her ass and her cried became more desperate the closer she got to cumming. Mike knows how to read Jen quite well now and he held back until she started to cum, at which point he thrust in to her as hard as he could and emptied his cum in to her while she was still panting and moaning her way through her own orgasm. He gave a few more hard thrusts in to her (hard enough to push her whole body back on the bed) and then pulled out. He must have cumin her a fair bit as she started to leak pretty much as soon as his cock left her pussy but Mike knelt down and lapped at her for a bit before moving over to me and depositing my share of his cum in to my cunt.

We stayed in bed for a while longer and picked the remaining bits of wax off of Jen’s body while we talked. We debated whether Jen would enjoy the pain of childbirth and Mike was teased for being such a wuss – to be fair, I don’t really enjoy pain during sex (beyond a little spanking) so I didn’t tease him too much myself. Mike retaliated by giving Jen’s ass a couple of decent slaps and told her that if she wasn’t careful he would eat her and make her cum again so she backed down. I pointed out that I wouldn’t object to him doing the same to me and made myself comfortable as he busied himself between my legs. He actually spent a fair amount of time down there and gave me a thorough licking. I chatted to Jen through most of it, although she nuzzled my breasts for the latter part of the session so the conversation was a bit slower. I put a hand on the back of each of their heads and held them against me as I came. It was nice to be able to spend time with just the three of us (as much as I enjoy our other games) so we curled up and chatted for a while longer before finally getting up properly to take care of the weekly chores.

Friday, 25 April 2014

An All-Girl Weekend – Part 2

Without Mike around we spent longer than usual getting ready to go out that night, including a fair amount of time putting up Lucy and Jen’s hair. None of us wore overly revealing outfits and as a result of this we convinced Lucy to go out without panties on. We went back to the lesbian bar we’d found and had a pleasant evening. Even though she was resolutely not on the market, Lucy enjoyed having a number of women trying to chat her up instead of the usual men. We danced with a few random people who tried to steal caresses to varying levels (as you can probably guess I didn’t stop anyone from touching me anywhere they tried to, but nobody was really that adventurous or assertive. Things were a bit different when we danced with each other and we did manage to get a bit on fondling in – this wasn’t entirely instigated by Jen and me either as we saw Lis and Lucy properly kissing with hands roaming over each other during a dance near the end of the evening.

By the time we got home I was ready to burst and dived on Lis. I could hear that Jen was ravishing Lucy but didn’t pay any attention to them as I was concentrating on kissing, humping and eating my little Lis. I don’t know if we’d had a more intense session or Jen and Lucy were taking their time, but they were still going when Lis and I finished. Jen was 69ing with Lucy and even though I’d just cum I wanted more so I crawled up behind Lucy and tried to hump against the back of her head while I lay along her back and lapped away at her ass (I couldn’t do this while Jen was eating her pussy, but we took turns). Once Lucy came I left her to finish off Jen and pounced on Lis once more. As I’d just given Lucy some anal attention I felt I should do the same for Lis and rolled her on to her side. I pushed a thumb in to her pussy and started to fuck her with it while I sucked my other thumb and then pressed it against her ass. As my thumb slipped in to Lis’ ass, I told her that this used to be one of my favourite ways to be fingered and how Mike used to do it to me all the time (and how I needed to make sure he did it to me again). Lis pushed back against me until both thumbs were buried fully in her and I moved in and out of both of her holes while rubbing her clit with the skin between my thumb and index finger. Lis said that in Mike’s absence she would do it to me, which sounded really nice, but I wanted to make her cum before she got to reciprocate.

Lucy got Jen off before I finished with Lis so they got to watch as I pumped away at her ass and cunt. Jen reached over to play with Lis’ breasts and as Lis came I pushed both thumbs as hard in to her as I could and wiggled them around. Lis seemed to enjoy her orgasm quite a bit but was keep to try the position out on me and pushed me on to my back. I rolled on to my side and offered myself to her and felt my ass and cunt rapidly invaded by her thumbs. She copied what I’d done and while it didn’t feel quite as good as when Mike did it (he is more practiced at this position and his thumbs are larger), it was still more than enough to make me cum. Once she withdrew from me I kissed her a few times and asked if everyone was satisfied. I could have probably cum again quite easily but as everyone else said they had enough fun for one evening I snuggled up with Lucy (it was my turn to have her that night) and we chatted a bit more while dozing off to sleep. I told Lis that she could have helped me out with the pizza guy – either by helping me suck him off or letting him fuck her. Jen, wanting to keep Lis on her side of the fence as much as possible, countered by teasing her a bit more about wanting to have a threesome with Sue and me. Lis said that this sounded like a really nice idea so I upgraded our agreement that I would try to get Sue along to a promise to do my best to do so. I whispered to Lucy that if she wanted, we would give her a threesome as well, but didn’t push the point.

I ground my crotch against Lucy’s ass while we talked and she asked me if I wanted to cum again. I told her that ideally I should cum three times and then had to point out that this number was only for weekends – in the week we generally only cum once in the morning and once at night – although over the past few months it has usually been the case that at least one of us will cum twice in the evening session as the three of us now all play together. By this point I really wanted to cum again but still held back and told Lucy that I could wait until morning as long as I knew I would get to fuck her. She told me that I’d probably pounce on her no matter what she said and I reminded her that even though she had an utterly irresistible body (which I caressed as we talked), I wasn’t going to do anything to her if she didn’t want me to. I carried on caressing her and got my fingers between her legs and then on to her clit, continuing until she was squirming back against me as I frigged her. I then pulled my hand away, sucked my fingers clean and told her that she could have the night to consider whether she wanted me to ravish her in the morning or not. Lucy complained that I was being mean but I just snuggled up against her back and said that it would be mean to do things to her when she didn’t want me to. I half hoped that she would give in and say she wanted me to continue, but she was just as stubborn as I was so we chatted some more and went to sleep with us both feeling unfulfilled.

On the plus side, this led so some nice dreams on my part – nothing too memorable, but by morning time I felt even hornier and I slowly caressed Lucy’s body as she slept. Lis watched me as I did this and quietly crawled over to help out. We had Lucy on her back with our mouths on her nipples and hands caressing her thighs and pussy. When Lucy finally woke up I asked her if I was allowed to fuck her and she panted ‘yessss’ to me so I sent Lis back to Jen (who wasn’t likely to refuse her advances) and I climbed over Lucy’s body. She thrust her pussy against my thigh as soon as I pressed it against her and we ground against each other for a while. Lucy held me quite tightly and I whispered to her if she was sure she wanted me to make her cum. Lucy asked me what I thought and I started to tease her and say that I wasn’t sure after her comment the previous night but she pulled my mouth to hers and kissed me deeply. I’d had enough of teasing her (and I probably wanted to cum even more than she did) so I just kissed her back and we ground against each other.

We broke the kiss but continued humping against each other and I hissed into Lucy’s ear that I wanted to eat her beautiful little cunt, to slide my tongue inside her and lick her out and fill my mouth with her juices. Lucy just responded with a ‘please’ so I pulled away from her, planted myself over her in a 69 position, lowered my pussy to her mouth, pulled her legs apart and buried my face in her cunt. We worked on each other and I did everything to her that I’d said I would. I lapped deep inside her cunt and sucked her juices out. I sucked on her clit and flicked my tongue back and forth across it as I caressed her ass and used my fingers to spread her pussy. I didn’t break contact with her crotch once during the session, but did moan in to her pussy quite a bit to let her know that I was enjoying what she was doing to me. I think this was the first time that Lucy and I played in such a way that I didn’t know when she had cum due to the fact that she kept eating me throughout the whole session (or rather that I didn’t notice any difference in the way she was eating me when she came). I was fairly certain that I’d made her cum as I had worked quite energetically on her (and not wishing to blow my own trumpet, but I think I’m now quite practiced at eating pussy – coupled with the fact that I’ve had a fair bit of practice making Lucy cum), but it was only when she had moved on to kitty kissing me (and I’d done the same to her) that I realised I wasn’t sure *when* she had cum.

I certainly didn’t want to leave her unfulfilled (especially as she’d given me such a nice orgasm) so when I pulled away I did ask to confirm that she had cum. She seemed surprised that I hadn’t been able to tell so I teased her a bit about how she’s now become such a slut that her cumming is now such an ordinary event that I didn’t even notice it. I know I talk about teasing Lucy a lot, but we do this in a nice way and aren’t actually mean to her – fortunately she knows and appreciates this so she just gave me a slap in response to my words and I told her I was going to kiss her so she could taste her juices off of my face. She acted disgusted at this and tried to hold me back, but only half-heartedly and we ended up kissing and tasting our own juices from each other’s mouth and face.

Jen and Lis had started off with a fairly gentle session, but having witnessed the way that Lucy and I worked on each other, they intensified their own session. They still hadn’t quite finished by the time Lucy and I had cum so we curled up and watched as our partners humped against each other, grinding their cunts together and approached their own orgasms. It’s always fun to tease Lucy so I nibbled on her earlobe and asked her if she liked watching Jen fuck her girlfriend and described how their cunts were rubbing back and forth, spreading their juices and stimulating their clits. Lucy told me to stop teasing her but I pointed out that she came back every month for more so she must love it as much as we do. I did actually stop teasing her so we could enjoy the sight of Lis and Jen cumming – Jen uttered her usual series of mewing noises and as they came I asked Lucy if she wanted to help me clean them up once they had finished (to which Lucy agreed).

When Lis and Jen fell back on to the bed, we pulled them apart and set about kitty kissing them clean (I took Lis and Lucy took Jen as you would expect). Jen must have been quite wet as her taste overpowered that of Lis for the first few minutes of kissing. I managed to clean Lis off though and get to her own taste though and then proceeded to clean her out thoroughly. Lucy was still working on Jen when I pulled away from Lis (which I took as a further good sign that she had come over to the dark side of lust) so I just made out with Lis for a while until Lucy finally surfaced and we headed off to get some breakfast.

It was a little chilly so we wore robes while we ate and Jen asked Lis to describe what she wanted to do with Sue and me on their next visit (it was now a given that Sue would be joining us, even though we hadn’t actually asked her – not that I imagined she would say no given her recent behaviour, and failing all else I was still sure that we could always get Mike to ‘convince’ her). We got Lis sufficiently worked up that she agreed to let us play with her some more and we decided to use a number of different items to fuck and pleasure her with so headed up to the bedroom where we could be more comfortable (and it was a little warmer).

‘A number of items’ has a slightly different meaning in our house when it comes to things to fuck with and we opened up the toy cupboard to start the selection. We used a few of the standard items first: our nice silicone vibe, a double ended vibe (at first shared between Lis and Lucy and then both ends in Lis), our body wand, a couple of vibrating eggs (one inside her and one on her clit)… We concentrated on Lis a little more to begin with, but the rest of us still sampled various items and things became more equal as the session progressed. It wasn’t just toys we used as I demonstrated fucking my favourite hairbrush and then compared it to ones that Lis and Lucy had brought with them (in the process admitting that we may have used their brushes a number of times before). I let everyone have a go with a travel hairspray bottle (this is particularly nice as it has a raised pattern and picture which feels really nice rubbing against your insides). We obviously couldn’t leave out using a banana (and used a nice bendy one that pressed up against the roof of our cunts as it was pumped in and out) and also tried a couple of the candles that we had lit earlier in the weekend. I described how candles could be really nice as if you left them inside you for long enough to let the wax soften slightly, then they were quite comfortable and could be ‘worn’ for an extended period (with panties to ensure that the candle stays inside).

By this point we were all ready to cum so we added a little tingle gel to the mix (nipples, pussy and clit) and lay in a circle to finish each other off. Lucy wanted to play with Jen, which meant Jen played with Lis, who played with me and I played with Lucy. We agreed to just use fingers (no eating) to keep up the spirit of the session, but I wasn’t content with just frigging and fingering Lucy’s pussy so I pushed the end of my thumb in to her ass and told her to pass it on. Ten seconds later I felt Lis’ thumb press in to my ass and we continued playing with each other. We had the usual rules of not breaking away until everyone had cum and I considered being mean and trying to hold out for as long as possible so we could try to get Lis and Lucy to cum twice, but decided to just enjoy myself and cum whenever Lis made me cum. I actually ended up cumming before Lucy (but after Lis) and as Lis continued to play with me it did feel quite intense so I moved things up a notch and fully inserted my thumb in to Lucy’s ass so I could give her the same two thumb fuck I’d given Lis the previous day. It wasn’t really the best angle to use this position, but it seemed to work well enough (although Jen still came before Lucy) as I felt Lucy’s body noticeably shudder as she came (it’s always nice to know that someone had that strong a physical reaction to what you are doing to them).

I couldn’t resist having a few licks of Lucy once we’d finished, but only very briefly and we lay relaxing as we recovered. We had already told them a little about the private show we’d put on the previous weekend but Jen encouraged me to go in to much more explicit detail (basically to the level I wrote about). Lucy was shocked that I had allowed Jen to pee over me in front of everyone and I pointed out that I hadn’t been expecting her to join in at all so it was a complete surprise (Jen explained that she had done it to humiliate Julia and me but I wasn’t going to let her get away with claiming that as we all knew how much she had enjoyed it). Lis was very curious as to what the horse dildo had felt like and I told her that while it looked really big, it was sufficiently soft that it didn’t stretch me in a painful way (although I had felt quite full with it in me). Jen convinced me to demonstrate how I had finished off the session and I lay on the bed with my legs up by my chest, fucking myself with an imaginary horse cock. Jen then described how I peed everywhere as I came and I just countered by saying that by that point I just wanted to put on a good show and enjoy myself as much as possible.

I showered with Lis and washed her pussy thoroughly with the pulse spray, but didn’t make her cum. Jen then showered with Lucy and I told her to take her time and make sure Lucy enjoyed herself, which gave me the opportunity to make out with Lis, share a dildo with her, eat her and scissor with her. I told her I wanted to cum in the same way she had done with Jen that morning and we humped against each other, pulling our pussies together tighter as we got closer to cumming. I told Lis that I wanted her to fuck me with her clit and imagined what it would be like to be with a girl whose clit was actually large enough to have an effect on me. This is the one area where I think guys are definitely better (sorry Jen) – having Mike buried the whole way inside me feels so good. It doesn’t mean that I love him any more than I do Jen, or even that I enjoy doing things with him more, I just wish I could either have Jen inside me in the same way or I could be inside her sometimes (fisting doesn’t count!).

Jen kept Lucy in the shower for long enough that Lis and I had finished off and were even mostly dressed by the time they returned. I later found out (as I had suspected) that they’d had their own fun in the shower with Jen even convincing Lucy to pee as Jen fingered her. As we had nothing to do until lunchtime, we took a while to finish getting ready and Lis and I lay on the bed chatting with Jen and Lucy. Lis gently stroked my neck and I told her that it felt really nice, then stretched out to make it easier for her to continue. Lis and Lucy both know about my strange neck fetish (or sensitivity) and have pleasured me this way before so Lis knew just what I wanted her to do. She simply continued gently stroking up and down the front of my neck and I felt the pleasure slowly building. I was fully clothed which further helped to resist the temptation to touch myself and help things along, but as I got closer and closer to cumming I couldn’t resist from spreading my legs (remembering that ‘fully clothed’ doesn’t include panties in my case) to let the air at my cunt. It always takes a long time for me to cum this way and while I know I’m going to love the orgasm, the sensation becomes almost unbearable when I’m on the brink of cumming but can’t quite get there. I gently humped the air and repeatedly panted at Lis to keep going until I was finally rewarded with a deep, whole body orgasm. I openly moaned as the waves pulsed through my body and after what felt like ages I relaxed back into Lis’ lap and thanked her.

Lucy (and to some extent Lis) is still surprised that I can cum just from my neck being caressed – it’s not something I can explain, I just know that it works and gives me really good orgasms almost every time. I actually imagine that if I’m ever going to squirt properly that it will be during a neck stroking session – Jen always tells me that I should at least pee while cumming in this way (but she usually points it out afterwards) and we have added this to the list of things to do once the weather is warm enough to play outside again. As I lay recovering I told Lis that I’d do anything she wanted to repay her but she opted to keep that promise for a later date instead of cashing it in straight away.

We headed out for lunch and stayed in town until it was time for Lis and Lucy to leave. As we hugged goodbye I promised Lis again that I would try my best to get Sue to join us for their next visit and loved the look of anticipation on Lis’ face. Jen and I then headed home and had got most of the chores done by the time Mike returned – but he was made to give us massages that evening to make up for this. We had told each other the outlines of our weekends over dinner, but saved the explicit descriptions for while he was massaging us and as expected, he was rather torn about having missed the pussy juice salad. Initially he wasn’t allowed to fuck us, but as the massages progressed (Jen and I lay beside each other so Mike could switch between us), he started to rub his cock against our asses and then slide in to us. Having conceded that we were now fucking, he wasn’t allowed to cum until we had both cum, but this took longer than we had anticipated as he tried to fuck us both to orgasm at (or close to) the same time by switching between us every now and then. He knows full well that interrupting the rhythm like this means that we aren’t likely to cum and I didn’t realise for quite a while that he was doing it on purpose to just drive us nuts. I eventually got him to remain in me and continue until I came, after which he took care of Jen and came in her pretty much as she came.

Tuesday, 22 April 2014

An All-Girl Weekend – Part 1

While Mike and Sue were down in York enjoying the sex party, Jen and I were having a weekend with Lis and Lucy. As I said in the previous entry, while I had been missing cock while I wasn’t on the pill, it was nice having a few days with just girls (Jen sees this as an admission that she is winning me over to her side – although her side has moved somewhat to the bi side since she started fucking Mike). The fact that Mike hadn’t fucked us since the Thursday night (and we had carefully showered ourselves out) also meant that we could play with Lucy properly without having to worry about contaminating her with Mike’s cum and risk getting her pregnant ).

Lucy and Lis arrived on the Friday evening and we went out for a drink before heading back to the house. As there was just the four of us we had decided to make up a bed on the floor in the living room so we could all sleep together. We paired off, but instead of taking our usual (and preferred) partners, I went with Lucy first (not that Jen doesn’t like Lis or I don’t like Lucy – I think Lucy is incredibly sexy and Jen loves the little licks that Lis uses on her pussy). Lucy and I started off on the sofa and Lis and Jen used a chair. We kissed and caressed each other while gradually undressing. Jen discovered that Lis had travelled to visit us without any panties on and I promised her that she would be rewarded for that. Lucy unfortunately had worn panties so we told her that she would have to be punished at some point over the weekend – but they both knew that the reward and punishment would probably be quite similar and involve them and someone else cumming.

As hosts, Jen and I set about making Lis and Lucy cum in a gentle session involving just fingers and tongues. About half way through we stopped and left them sitting on the sofa and chair while we lit some candles and turned off the lights, but we weren’t away from them for long and quickly picked up where we had left off. Lucy was a little nervous about me eating her as she had only just finished her period but I assured her that it was fine. She did taste a little different, but it wasn’t bad and I later told her that Jen and I eat each other every (as does Mike) day so we’re used to such things.

We retired to the mass of blankets, pillows and duvets on the floor and switched partners. This time each pair played with each other so Jen and I got to cum as well and once we had finished we tossed a coin to determine how we would spoon. I ended up behind Lis and Lucy behind Jen, meaning it was up to me to grind my pussy again Lis’ ass while gently playing with her pussy and up to Lucy to do the same to Jen. We did this facing each other and our eyes had become sufficiently accustomed to the candlelight that we could see each other quite clearly.

In line with our decision to tell Sue everything, we had also decided to be (almost) completely honest with Lis and Lucy. In their case we had decided not to tell them about the blog as there was a fair bit about Lis and Vicky (Lis’ previous girlfriend) as well as how Jen and I had played with Vicky. Lucy sort of knew about this, but we weren’t sure how she would take having the opportunity to read about it in explicit detail. We did intend to tell them pretty much everything else though and once I felt Lis’ pussy beginning to juice up I asked Jen if she was ready to go. Lucy thought that we were talking about a new sexual challenge and asked what we had dreamt up now, but we quickly disabused her of this and explained that we wanted to tell them about some things they didn’t know about. We started off gently and described how we had heard Lucy playing with herself from time to time and fantasised about her while we had fucked, then moved on to having done things in her room when she was out and having used her vibe from time to time. We described how we had used her food to play with, either fucking each other with it, or in the case of things like yoghurt, having it inside ourselves and then putting it back for her to eat. As we’d now done all of these things with Lis and Lucy, she took it fairly well, but we did manage to shock them a little when we described a dinner in York. It technically wasn’t any different that we’d done with Lucy’s food, but in this cased Jen and I had inserted various bits of the salad in to ourselves before adding them to the bowl and Mike had added an extra dose of ‘salad cream’. I also told Lis how we had lusted after her and how often Mike, Jen and I had all fantasised about fucking her (before we actually got to do things with her).

In the vein of full disclosure, Lis and Lucy admitted that they too had done things in Jen’s room (when we hadn’t been there) and had even used some of Jen’s toys. It seemed like this was a big admission for them even though they must have known that we wouldn’t mind in the slightest (especially given what we’d just told them). Jen and I described (not in explicit detail, but enough) when we had first fantasised about Lis and Lucy respectively and this led us back to a conversation about how things would have been different if I had ended up paired with Lis and Lucy with Jen. I had continued to play with Lis during our whole discussion and I describe to her how if we’d gotten together before I met Jen how she would have ended up fucking Mike sooner and how it might now be her who was trying to get pregnant. Jen pushed Lucy’s hand against her pussy and told Lucy how if they had hooked up at Uni how Lucy could have spent her student years with Jen making her cum on a daily basis and how Lucy’s sexual appetite would have been trained to be significantly higher. Fortunately they played along with our games (they know that while we love them, we love each other more and don’t actually want to swap partners – although we do want to keep sharing them). Lucy frigged away at Jen’s clit and told her that she would have turned Jen in to a honourable, upstanding woman (although her comments were somewhat undermined by the fact she had her hand between Jen’s legs and was well on the way to making her cum). I was still doing my best to grind against Lis’ ass and it felt nice but I knew I wouldn’t be able to cum like that – even so I concentrated on finishing Lis off and as she was in the final build-up to her orgasm I described how I wanted her to eat me awake the following morning. Lis panted through her orgasm that she would do this and I nibbled on her earlobe as she came. Her pussy felt quite wet and I had my other arm under her cupping one of her breasts, fondling her hard little nipple.

Jen was still a little way off cumming as Lucy hadn’t been as consistent with her fondling during our conversation. Once Lis caught her breath we decided to help out and I lay in front of Jen so I could suck on her nipples while I played with my pussy. Meanwhile Lis crouched behind Lucy and played with Lucy’s pussy from between her ass cheeks. Jen was the next one of us to cum and as Lucy and I were left we ended up 69ing. I assumed that I was probably further along than Lucy so I was quite forceful with her (although it was also nice to just let go and give Lucy everything I could). She didn’t seem to be holding out on me either and I could feel her spreading my lips and pushing her tongue deep in to me. I couldn’t help myself from humping against her face a little and moaned in to her pussy about how good what she was doing felt. I didn’t manage to catch her up with me and I came first, but I carried on eating her vigorously through my orgasm. When she started to pant and said that she was getting close I spread her ass cheeks and lips as far as I could and alternated between flicking my tongue over her clit and burying my mouth in her pussy while rubbing my chin against her clit and my nose against her ass. I was pleased when I felt her body arch slightly under me as she came and after a few more firm licks I slowed down and kitty kissed her while she caught her breath.

I returned to snuggling up with Lis and leaving Lucy to Jen. We chatted a little more and discussed what Mike was probably up to with Sue, Emily and Sara. We discussed how Sue now seemed to be quite accepting of her attraction to women and added that we could always arrange for one of Sue’s visit to coincide with one of theirs. Lis was very keen on this idea (as she had been during any previous discussion around this idea) and Lucy didn’t even raise her usual objections about it being strange (I actually knew a little more about this from Lis, but I’ll wait to reveal that information). As we dozed off I asked Lis if she would mind eating me awake in the morning (assuming she woke up first) and she told me that she would be happy to do this.

I sort of cheated and gave Lis a few licks in the middle of the night on the way back from the bathroom, but didn’t do anything more than that. Lis kept her word and went down on me properly in the morning – I’m quite used to being eaten awake like this but it was nice having Lis do it to me and I just relaxed and concentrated on the rapid licks as her tongue probed my pussy and flicked repeatedly over my clit. I could have cum quite a bit quicker, but I held back so I could enjoy myself for longer. As my session progressed, Jen fetched a vibe to use on Lucy and fucked her with this while caressing Lis’ ass with her other hand. I was a fair way ahead of Lucy so I came first and then suggested to Lis that I make up for Mike’s absence and use our strap on to fuck her. Lis was up for that (it doesn’t really feel the same as being fucked by a cock, but is still nice) and helped me attach it while Jen carried on playing with Lucy. Lucy had offered to do things to Jen at the same time but Jen wanted to pleasure Lucy and allow her to just enjoy it (and then do something in return).

I fucked Lis in a number of positions – we started off with missionary so we could kiss, I then spooned with her (not quite as easy with a strap on, but it mostly worked), then let her ride me and then fucked her from behind. We returned to the missionary position and I pushed deep in to Lis with her legs wrapped around me as she said that she could feel the vibrations of the vibe on her clit like this. It took a little while for her to cum, but I gently fucked her and we kissed deeply so neither of us minded. By the time Lis came, Jen had finished off with Lucy and Lucy was using the same vibe in and on Jen. I convinced Lucy to go down on Jen for a bit (it didn’t take much to convince her) and Lucy only realised why I had suggested this when I positioned the head of the strap on at her pussy and slid in to her. I assured her that as she’d just cum, I wasn’t going to do anything too strenuous and she allowed me to gently fuck her as she ate Jen. Keeping to my word, I pulled out after a while and let Lucy finish Jen off with the vibe before sliding in to Jen’s sensitive pussy and giving her a quick fuck. I didn’t take the strap-on off for breakfast and took whatever opportunity I had to slide in to each of them a number of times.

We didn’t go out anywhere in the morning and after showering just spent the time lazing around and chatting (there was a little caressing and kissing, but no proper sex). We continued our discussions based around things that Lis and Lucy may not have known and told them a few more of our exploits (some of which they did already know) and also described some of the sessions with my sister in more detail. When it got to lunchtime we offered Lucy the chance to get revenge for us having polluted her food with our juices – initially she said that this wasn’t necessary but soon got the idea that we wanted her to do this. She agreed (but said that she still thought it was a little strange) so we led her to the kitchen and sat her up on the counter. We started off with the easy things – cherry tomatoes and pushed them in to her one at a time, then let them slide out in to a bowl. I had no trouble convincing Lis that she should contribute something to the dressing and we got four of them in to her at once before she crouched over a bowl and let them plop out of her. This led to a competition and we all tried to get a number of them in to our own cunts before letting them slide out (we weren’t trying to cram them in as nobody really wanted an embarrassing trip to casualty to have anything removed).

While I halved the seasoned tomatoes, Jen slid some spring onions in to Lucy, Lis, herself and me and I chopped these and added them to the mix. Peppers were a bit more of a challenge and we couldn’t do much more than get the end in to our pussies and we decided that croutons would be too painful (nobody wants crumbs in their cunt). We had left the best until last and Jen pulled a cucumber out of the fridge and told Lucy that it was now time for the big one (it wasn’t that large a cucumber, but was equivalent to a reasonable sized dildo). I had expected Lucy to at least hesitate at this, but she sat up on the counter again and after Jen had rubbed the cucumber over her own pussy a few times (to get some extra lubrication), she handed it to Lis and asked her to do the honours. Lis worked an inch or so of the cucumber in to Lucy and then pumped it in and out, getting a little deeper with each stroke until she was fucking Lucy with a good length of the vegetable. Lis let Jen have a go and Jen then took Lucy’s place on the counter and had the cucumber inserted in to her cunt. I was next and we finished off with Lis, but before it was chopped up, I got Lis to rub the length of the cucumber up and down each of our cunts to give it a final coating of juices. (We didn’t just have salad for lunch, but didn’t think it would be a good idea to stick bits of meat up inside us so I’m leaving that out of the preparation).

As we ate, Jen pointed out that if Mike had been there, he would have added a final dose of dressing and I said that I doubted Lucy would have eaten any if he’d done that. She replied by asking how much of his cum we thought she had eaten out of us all over the months and said that she would have still had her share of salad even with his cum on it. We joked about just how much Mike would have loved to see Lucy eating his cum and how disappointed he would be to have missed the opportunity. Lis asked if I thought he would prefer to be fucking Sue (and everyone else at the party) or to participate in our lunch and after a bit of consideration I had to admit that I wasn’t sure. As he can’t have her (or really do anything much with her), he is obsessed with Lucy so I guessed that he would have wanted the chance to eat a good covering of her juices (as well as see her eat his cum). Now that I’ve had a chance to ask him he said that he probably preferred being with Sue and people at the party, but if he would have had the option of eating something directly out of Lucy then that would have won out.

For dessert we continued the theme of eating each other and went with the much simpler option of yoghurt. This was mostly eaten off of each other (rather than ‘out of’), but was still sufficient to ensure another round of orgasms (one each). We cleaned up and headed out for a walk, during which we told Lis and Lucy a few more of our secrets. I embarrassed Jen by telling them about the time Mike and I had peed on her in the forest and Jen retaliated by going over the details of the time Sue and I fingered each other outside in York. (They actually knew about both of these stories anyway so it wasn’t really new information.) We didn’t do anything more than talk and I possibly exposed myself a little to a couple of people who wandered past when we were sitting talking. We did get Lis and Lucy to agree to join in with a pizza dare later that night (to different extents) but assured them that they would probably enjoy the excitement.

We rested when we got home and then prepared for dinner (by which I mean we got changed in to appropriate attire to seduce the delivery guy. I went with my usual slightly-too-short-to-cover-me-properly towel and Lis wore a set of Jen’s more revealing underwear (we can’t remember if it was the same set that Sara has used a few weeks before or not, but was probably just as revealing). Lucy and Jen wore baby-doll nightdresses, but Lucy insisted on having panties on underneath her one. We had warned them that the delivery guy may have seen Jen and I naked before so it might not be a ‘true’ pizza dare and when he approached the front door I told them that it was indeed the same guy we had displayed ourselves to the last time we’d done this. Lis was still up for going ahead with the dare so she followed me to the front door and we opened it to let the guy in. I acted coy and said that he’d caught me on the way to the shower and then Lis pulled at the top of my towel so it unravelled and fell to the floor. I asked the guy if I should get revenge on Lis for having done that and he told me to go ahead so I pushed her up against the wall and knelt to eat her thought her panties. I had her panties down around her knees when we heard spanking coming from the living room and we knew that Jen had convinced Lucy to take part fully so we asked the guy if he could take the pizza through.

Lucy was sitting on the sofa with Jen over her knee and was spanking Jen’s bare ass. The guy let out a ‘fuck’ when he saw this and I suggested to Lis that she help Lucy out. Lis knelt in front of Lucy and they took turns spanking Jen, whose ass was already turning a nice pink shade. I asked the guy if I could do anything for him and reached over to caress his crotch. He said that he could spare a couple of minutes (so it’s just as well I didn’t want him to do anything for me really!) and he let me undo his trousers and then push him back on to a chair. I handed him a condom and whispered a suggestion to Lis as he applied it before kneeling in front of him and taking his cock in to my mouth. Lis stopped spanking Jen and used a couple of fingers to fuck her in an exaggerated way. I could hear Jen moaning and mewing with each slap that Lucy gave her and I did my best to suck the cock in my mouth, alternating between bobbing up and down and swirling my tongue around the head in the way Mike loves. Now if it had been Mike I was sucking I’m sure he would have held back until Jen came before he did – this guy didn’t and it took hardly any time before he pushed my head down on is cock and I felt the condom fill with warm liquid. (Okay, I know I said it was a weekend without cock, but as least I didn’t fuck him.) I gave his cock a few more kisses and then went to fetch some tissue so he could clean catch his cum when he pulled the condom off and himself up. I told the girls to hurry things up and was pleased to see when I returned that Lis had also reached under Jen’s nightdress to play with her breasts. I asked Lis to spread Jen’s legs and we watched as they continued to slap and finger her until Jen moaned and said that she was cumming. I then paid for the pizza and showed the guy to the door (still naked). He thanked me for his ‘tip’ as he said goodbye and that he hoped we would order from them again.

Jen was still quite flushed when I returned to the living room and her ass was now bright pink. Lucy’s face also went quite pink as we discussed what we’d just done and we congratulated her and Lis for joining in so well. As we ate, we tried to convince Lucy that she should be the one who came next time, but I think she still has a way to go before she will do that. As thanks for making Jen cum, Lucy was pinned down and given a few revenge spanks – they were only playful ones as Lucy doesn’t enjoy pain the way Jen does, but she did seem to enjoy the partial fingering and frigging that came with the spanking.

Saturday, 19 April 2014

September 2014 Sex Party – Part 2

Mike left them to it and went to see what people were watching in the next room – Sara was locked in a 69 with Laura and Mike took the opportunity to chat with Miyako (who was wearing one of her traditionally cutesy outfits). As Sara and Laura’s session heated up, Mike started to kiss and caress Miyako up against a wall and whisperingly asked her to imagine she was in Laura’s place on the bed. As far as we know, the only time Miyako (and Kiyomi) do things with other girls is at the parties and Mike described to her how he was going to get Sue to go down on her and eat her beautiful little pussy later on in the evening. In (what I’m told) the traditional Japanese style, she acted very embarrassed by this, but didn’t tell him that she didn’t want it. For the meantime though, Mike worked his fingers in to her panties and played with her clit, then pushed a couple of fingers in to her pussy and fingered her while they kissed. He knelt in front of her, slid her panties the whole way down her legs and buried his face in her pussy. He ate her, wishing he could actually get his tongue onto and into her pussy without the dental dam in the way, but still manage to make her cum easily enough. Miyako thanked him for the orgasm and he told her that she could repay him later on if she wanted, but for the meantime he went to see what Sue had been up to (he may be a perverted onii-chan, but he was still looking out for his imouto).

Sue had actually been quite busy and after finishing off with Brett, she had fucked Paul in the kitchen (it’s good to see the family tradition was being upheld) and had then made out with Hannah (nothing too heavy, just kissing and a little breast play). They chatted with people for a while and when Laura appeared Mike asked her if he could have a turn with her. She said that she wanted a drink first, but this didn’t pan out quite the way she had intended as she ended up with a bottle in her pussy as well. As a veteran of the parties she took this quite well and allowed Mike and a few others to fuck her with the bottle-dildo. People were (mostly) just playing with her when doing this and not actually trying to get her off – that honour fell to Mike who fucked her over one of the arms of the sofa while fingering her clit. He gave her his second load of the evening and as he hadn’t eaten her beforehand, he took care of this afterwards (Mike usually says that the one advantage of wearing a condom is that he can eat a girl after cumming in her without her taste being spoiled – unfortunately for him he had to use a dental dam again so he couldn’t taste her anyway).

Sue stepped up her game a bit and was fucked by Corey and Neil in fairly quick succession and Neil then convinced Melissa to go down on Sue ‘to help sooth her pussy’. Mel is still quite new to doing things with girls so this was a big thing and a number of people watched (which caused Mel great embarrassment but she went through with it anyway and got a round of applause when she got Sue off. Mike was getting tired of not being able to taste pussy and as Emily was otherwise engaged (he thinks she was with Craig, but isn’t entirely sure) he settled for Sue. As she’d just cum three times she wasn’t really ready to cum again but Mike assured her that he just wanted a little taste of her juices. Stupidly, Sue fell for this and after about 10 minutes she came quite hard as Mike’s tongue swirled around and over her clit. Sue was quite out of breath by the time he pulled away and went off to get another drink while Mike watched Corey nail Caroline and Emily play with Clare.

Kiyomi was also watching Corey and Caroline and Mike was quite tempted to ask for a session with her, but as Miyako had promised him he could fuck her (and he wasn’t sure he could go four sessions), he saved himself. This wasn’t an entirely noble self-sacrifice on his part (if you can call fucking a cute Japanese girl noble) as he had a plan. It was getting near to the end of the party anyway and Mike fetched Sue (assuring her that she didn’t have to cum again – unless she wanted to of course) and told Miyako that it was time for the second (and third) parts of the session they had started earlier. Miyako still seemed to be a little nervous, but had drunk enough that she did as asked and removed her skirt before lying on the bed with her legs spread. Sue clambered up between Miyako’s legs and gently fingered her, then started eating her. Whether she was really used to doing things with girls or not, Miyako certainly seemed to enjoy what Sue was doing to her and Mike got Gareth to help remove Miyako’s top so people could play with her breasts while Sue ate her. Mike didn’t completely keep his promise to Sue about her not having to cum as he caressed her ass and pussy as she worked away – he was technically right as he didn’t make her cum, but he  gave her a good fingering as Miyako got closer to cumming.

With Miyako’s first orgasm finished, Mike asked her if she would be willing to eat Kiyomi. She hid behind her hands but said that she would and Kiyomi was quickly summoned and pulled in to the room. Kiyomi was also sufficiently drunk that she agreed to do along with things and lay on the bed where Miyako had been while Miyako took Sue’s place. This was the part of the evening that really made Mike doubt what he’d been told about Kiyomi and Miyako only being bi at the parties as Miyako quickly buried her face between Kiyomi’s legs and didn’t even use protection. Mike (and everyone else present) thought this was incredibly hot, but Mike had the advantage of it being his turn to fuck Miyako (which he eagerly did). Kiyomi’s outfit proved a bit more difficult to remove, but there were enough people watching to help out and by the time she was halfway to cumming, she was as naked as Miyako. Mike reached around to play with Miyako’s clit and breasts as he fucked her and used a mix of long slow strokes and rapid hard ones. As much as he enjoyed being in her tight pussy, he paced himself so that Miyako made Kiyomi cum a good couple of minutes before he came and asked Miyako to keep working on Kiyomi. Miyako did as he asked and  was still busy lapping away at Kiyomi’s cunt when Mike came, which set things up for the next part of his plan.

Mike pulled out of Miyako and suggested that she should be the one to receive the cluster-fuck (this is what the ‘someone gets fucked or made to cum by almost everyone else’ section of the party that we had introduced in to the proceedings). Now when I say ‘made’ to cum, the usual rules applied that if anyone didn’t want to do something they were never forced to do it, but as Sue, Vicky and I had set the precedent of the end of part cluster-fuck it was now deemed bad etiquette to not take whatever you were given. Most (if not all) of the guys (and a number of the girls) at the party think that Kiyomi and Miyako are sexy so Mike had no trouble convincing them to join in and Scott quickly took Mike’s place and fucked Miyako. This lasted long enough for Miyako to make Kiyomi cum again, at which point Kiyomi pulled away as she said it felt too intense. As Scott finished off, Mike whispered to Kiyomi and convinced her that she should get ‘revenge’ on Miyako, so when Scott finally finished, Kiyomi planted her face between Miyako’s legs and gave her a good (and thorough) licking. She didn’t actually make her cum, but wasn’t exactly shy about eating her friend and this helped to spur everyone else on so once Kiyomi pulled away, people were more than happy to continue the cluster-fuck.

Pretty much every guy had a go in Miyako’s cunt or mouth – not all of them came of course as it was near the end of the party and many of the guys probably didn’t have it in them but still wanted a chance to at least have a turn in Miyako (or another turn for the lucky few who had played with her already that evening). She wasn’t restricted to just having guys play with her either as Emily, Sara, Laura, Clare, Hannah and Sue took turns sitting over her face and having her eat (or at least lick) them. All of these apart from Hannah and Sue had a turn reciprocating and eating Miyako – once again not always to orgasm, but Laura and Emily went all the way. Miyako was left in a sweaty, sticky mess, breathing heavily and apparently oblivious to the people standing around her spread, naked body. Miyako was given a round of applause and Kiyomi fetched her a drink as the rest of the group filed out of the room to leave her to rest. Mike suggested that as she’d been such a good little plaything that she be a bit more daring and go home without getting dressed (other than wearing her coat). We found out later that she hadn’t been quite this adventurous, but people had at least withheld her underwear from her.

A few people headed off straight away but Mike and Sue stayed a while longer. They chatted with Neil and Melissa and Mike started to fondle Mel. He told her that he didn’t think he could cum again, but got her to sit on his cock and Sue was given the chance to repay Mel for having licked her earlier. Melissa hadn’t been sure that she could cum again either but with Mike moving gently in her and playing with her breasts while Sue lapped at her clit, she said that she might be able to manage it after all. Her legs were spread wide and everyone in the room could see everything whenever Sue pulled her head back. Once Melissa had cum, Mike pumped in and out of her for a while and considered trying to fuck her until he came, but he had one more thing he wanted to do that night so he held back.

Mike and Sue left a little while after they had finished with Mel and Sue was confused as to why they hadn’t waited for Emily and Sara. Mike led her to the hotel we usually stay in and told her that we had thought she would enjoy an evening with just him (I told you I’ve been getting better at being less jealous). Admittedly it wasn’t quite the same as her having a ‘proper’ evening with him as they were both quite satiated, but once they had checked in and got to their room, Mike went down on Sue and then fucked her as she stood pressed up against the window (this is what he had been holding back for when he’d been in Melissa).

The next morning he ate Sue awake and they then ordered breakfast in bed. As they had no clean clothes with them, Sue had to answer the door wrapped in just a towel. They then gently played for a while (mostly Mike gently eating Sue, although he did spend a bit of time with his cock inside her). We had decided to tell Sue everything that we’d gotten up to – she knew a fair amount already anyway but it had got to the point where there were a few things that we couldn’t remember if she knew and we felt it would be easier to just be completely open with her. We even planned on telling her about the blog and were fairly sure that she wouldn’t mind too much, but to make sure, Mike was given the job of easing her in to the more tawdry details of what we’d gotten up to before she was fully involved in our games. She didn’t mind that we had tainted food with our juices (given she’s tasted us all now many times we didn’t expect this to be an issue) and had no problem with us having fucked on her bed or used her toys.

 Mid to late morning, Sara and Emily showed up with Mike and Sue’s belongings and a final goodbye session. Unfortunately for Mike, Sara didn’t want him to fuck her as she had let three guys take her that evening (Mike had seen Brett inside her and Sue had seen Sara with Paul but neither of them had seen Gareth fuck her. Of course this had all been down to Emily encouraging Sara to play with more guys – the sessions that Sara had chosen herself had all been with girls (she fingered Clare, went down on Hannah and was eaten by Laura). She did let him go down on her so he wasn’t entirely disappointed (actually for Mike that is pretty much as good as fucking someone) and Mike also got to have a turn at eating Emily while Sara played with Sue. They had a big session with Emily on her back eating Sue, Sara lying over Emily and lapping away at Sue’s ass and Mike fucking Emily (and maybe caressing Sara just a little). It all worked out quite well and Sue confirmed that as much as she loves having one girl lick her, she enjoys having two of them do it even more.

Mike felt bad that Sara was the only one who hadn’t got to cum in the session. She said that she was fine with it but Mike convinced her to lie on the bed and let him and Sue take turns eating her from behind. This was mostly anal play, but they both lapped down across her pussy a number of times – although they had agreed to avoid any direct clitoral stimulation. It only took a few minutes for Sara’s protests that she didn’t need to cum again to die down as she started to revel in her fetish of having her ass licked. Mike really wanted to be the one to make her cum like this, but he thought it would be more interesting to give Sue the chance to make someone cum just from ass licking. As Sara’s moans grew more intense Mike encouraged Sue to keep going and to flick her tongue back and forth over Sara’s little rosebud. Sue knew that Mike wanted her to make Sara cum and carried on until Sara pushed her ass back against Sue’s face and let out a series of small whimpers.

Sara described how it felt quite different cumming like that (without any proper vaginal or clitoral stimulation) and from her description (even though it was second hand) it sounds a little to me like when I cum from having just my neck stroked – a much deeper and fuller orgasm that throbs through her whole body. It is a little different in that I can feel the sensation radiating out from my neck and joining up with the throbbing in my pussy, whereas Sara’s feelings all pulse out from roughly the same area. Mike promised her that he would happily give her another orgasm like that the next time they met as long as she let him eat her pussy as well and Sara agreed. Emily complained (jokingly) that she felt left out so Mike pulled her legs apart and buried his face between them. She squealed at this and tried to squirm away, but quickly realised that he wasn’t planning on just giving her a few licks. Her squirms became weaker and she pushed his head against her pussy as he buried his tongue between her lips and ate her. She did say a few more times that she had just been joking, but her breathing was getting more ragged and she humped her pussy against his face again and again so he guessed that she didn’t really want him to stop. Mike licked at her and enjoyed the taste of her juices (he hadn’t cum much in her so her flavour was mostly her own). Despite her earlier protests, Emily came for Mike and he moved away while she lay there panting. He offered her pussy to Sue and Emily closed her legs and said that she couldn’t take any more but he convinced her to just let Sue kitty kiss her (as part of Sue’s ongoing lesbian training) . So she didn’t feel left out, Mike briefly did the same to Sara before kissing and caressing her body.

Mike then left Sue with Sara while he went to shower with Emily – neither couple really did anything more than kissing and caressing and once Mike and Emily returned from the bathroom, Sue took Sara to the shower. They all then headed out for lunch together and discussed the party and who their favourite sessions had been with. Sara said that she had missed having Jen around as another girl to ‘properly’ play with as a number of the girls at the parties are only really experimenting, as far as properly bi or gay girls go there was only Laura, Emily and Sue (and Emily didn’t do anything with Sara). Mike told them that they were more than welcome to come and visit us anytime they wanted, or as an alternative he would let them have Sue for a weekend. Sue complained about the fact he was giving her away to people but admitted that the thought of spending the weekend being pleasured by Sara and Emily wasn’t an unpleasant one (although I still think that despite her acclimatisation to bisexuality, she would have preferred being with Mike, or at least a guy).

They said goodbye and Mike and Sue spent a few more hours together chatting (they didn’t have the hotel room any more so couldn’t do too much to play). Mike decided that as Sue had taken all the secrets he’d told her earlier so well that we may as well go for broke and told her about the blog. He assured her that we hadn’t posted any information that would identify her and once she had gotten over the initial surprise she didn’t seem to mind too much that I’d told the world so much about her sex life. She read a couple of the early entries and then a couple of the ones that concerned her on her phone and Mike said that she turned quite pink as she read them. Mike whispered to her and told her to imagine how many guys (and possibly girls) had cum while imagining her fucking, fingering and cumming. Sue definitely isn’t as much of an exhibitionist as I am, but the idea still seemed to appeal to her and she promised to read through everything I had written (there is quite a lot now). In return, Mike promised her that we would answer any questions she had about anything in the blog and if she decided that she didn’t want to be in any future entries then I would leave her out (although we hoped that wouldn’t be the case as it could rather limit what I could write about some weekends).

Sue stuck to her word and read more entries on her journey home (she doesn’t live far from York so this didn’t take too long) and read the remained of the blog over the following week. I knew that once she read it she would find out how much I’ve enjoyed having done things with her and when I had pushed things a little further, but we had decided that this was a worthwhile sacrifice for being able to be completely honest with her. It turned out that it wasn’t these sections that she was most inquisitive about or had embarrassed her the most – it was the full graphic descriptions of the various things she had done with Mike, Jen, random strangers and at the parties. She did object to a few of the comments I had made about her, but once we discussed them she understood why I thought various things at different times. As it was six months ago that she found out about the blog (from the time I’m actually writing this entry), she has been finding out more things and I’ve tried to stick to my aim of writing about things in the way I thought of them at the time (and trying to ignore anything that has happened since the time I’m writing about – you’ll see how this is relevant over the next few months entries).

Thursday, 17 April 2014

September 2014 Sex Party – Part 1

Oops - two days late -I'll schedule the next post for Sat to make up for it...

The September sex party coincided with our monthly visits from Lis and Lucy. Seeing as I still wasn’t able to fuck guys, we had decided that Jen and I would stay home and let Mike go to the party with Sue (even though Sue gets to play with him quite often, I know that she still prefers it when she gets him to herself so I thought I would give her a treat for joining in our games so well previously. Without Mike there, the timing of Lis and Lucy’s visit was rather meaningless (they time them to coincide with Lis’ safe period so she can fuck Mike without using protection). Not that Lis only visits to play with Mike (at least I hope she doesn’t) as Jen and I enjoy playing with her (and Lucy).

As much as I’ve been complaining about missing cock (and I really was missing it), it was nice to have some girl time. Jen and I were being fucked by Mike once a day (either morning or evening) every day as a part of our quest to get pregnant (and to cum lots) so to go for three days without him was going to be a change to our routine. We’ll get on to that in a bit though as the first part of the story was what Mike and Sue got up to at the party…

Mike met up with Sue in York on the Friday evening. As there was just the two of them they had arranged to stay with Sara and Emily at Sara’s new accommodation. Sue had arrived first and was waiting in a pub with their hosts, which is where Mike found them. As Mike hadn’t cum since the previous evening, he was eager to get back to Sara’s place to sample the selection of pussy, but they insisted on having a couple of drinks first and teasing him a little. This turned out to be a mistake on Sue’s part as Mike dared her to change her outfit and produced a bag with things for her to wear. She disappeared in to the bathroom and returned with her new outfit on – there wasn’t really much to it as it just consisted of one of Mike’s shirts and a wide belt. Sue handed Mike the bag with the clothes she had been wearing in it and he adjusted her outfit a little by undoing the top three buttons – opening the shirt far enough that her cleavage was fully exposed (along with the central part of her bra). Emily really liked the look and Sara was impressed with Sue’s daringness, but it wasn’t any more revealing than other outfits she (or I) have worn. They didn’t stay out too long as the lure of a decent cum-fest was sufficiently strong for all of them so after just one more drink they headed back to Sara’s place.

Sara only had a twin bed so Emily had brought her duvet over to help make a floor bed (blankets, duvets and pillows on the floor) so they could all sleep together. These are all well and good (and we’ve used them lots), but beds are still better places to actually fuck, so this is where they started. To begin with, they 69ed in pairs, staring off with Mike and Emily & Sue and Sara but swapping around halfway through (as much as Mike loves the way Emily tastes, he wanted to be the first to make Sara cum in the hope he would get to fuck her – it was pretty much a given he’d get to fuck Emily). Sara knew that Mike wasn’t going to cum in her mouth so she sucked away quite vigorously at his cock – to the extent that he congratulated her afterwards for having done a sufficiently good job that he’d really had to concentrate on holding back. (She didn’t say anything at the time, but this irked Sue a little as she is quite accomplished at cock sucking while Sara is still quite inexperienced at it.)

Even though he didn’t know he was doing so, Mike appeased Sue a little by saying that he wanted to fuck her next. They used the missionary position to do this and Mike naturally invited Sara to sit over Sue’s face to be doubly eaten (Sue on her pussy and Mike on her ass). Sara loves this position but even when they have involved other people from the sex parties, not everyone is willing to do it to her (which I understand, it sounds rather gross, but there is no scat play involved). As you would expect, Sara came quite easily and Mike asked Sue if they could roll over and then give the same treatment to Emily. While she doesn’t do it often, Sue is no stranger to anal play and agreed (it’s a little unfair as Mike can get her to do pretty much anything due to the way she feels about him). Emily mounted Mike’s face and he got to eat her, properly enjoying her taste and making her cum (although Sue obviously helped out with this. Emily then dismounted and Mike gave Sue a good hard fucking until she came and he then empties his load in to her cunt (I was surprised to find out that he came in Sue for the first cum of the night as I would have imagines he would want to do it in Sara or Emily as we see them much less frequently, but then again Sue’s feelings aren’t entirely unrequited and Mike had a soft spot - or rather a very hard spot - for her too).

They moved on to the duvets on the floor to relax and chat for a while. Mike wasn’t able to keep his hands off of Emily’s pussy, and his hands were soon replaced by his mouth. Sara had a play with Sue’s ample breasts and ended up grinding a leg against Sue’s pussy while humping one of Sue’s legs. Nobody came during the playing, but it was clear that they were up for at least one more proper round that night. Mike had noticed the bedposts on Sara’s bed were potentially suitable for playing with and he suggested that Sue could try to fuck herself on one of them. Sue was a little reticent about this at first, but Mike described how we’ve seen a number of videos online of girls doing this so she was talked in to giving it a try.

They gave one of the posts a wipe clean and Sue straddled it and slowly lowered herself on to it. It was either coincidence or the bed had been made specifically as a masturbation device as the post was at almost the perfect height for Sue to fuck herself on (it was actually ever so slightly too high, but Sue and I are both an inch or so smaller than average, so for most people it would be suitable). She wasn’t left to just fend for herself and Mike, Sara and Emily all had a turn lapping away at Sue’s clit but it was Sara who was working there when Sue came. When she pulled herself off of the post, it was coated with a thick mixture of her juices and Mike’s cum which Sue (unprompted) sucked off.

Sara wasn’t willing to fuck the post (she was worried it would hurt( but Emily briefly impaled herself on it before saying that she didn’t have the energy to bounce up and down until she came. They once again returned to the duvets and Sue went down on Sara to repay her for the bed-post licking while Mike finished off what he’d started with Emily earlier. Once the girls had all cum, Mike asked Sara if he could spoon inside her and promised that he wouldn’t cum. Sara snuggled back on to his cock and told him that she didn’t mind if he fucked her so he moved gently inside her for a while but told her that he would wait until the morning to cum. Sara seemed almost disappointed and he told her that he could make her cum straight away if she wanted but she said that she was happy to wait until the morning too, but she did wiggle back and forth on his cock a fair bit. Mike pushed as far in to her as he could, which she really seemed to enjoy and he repeated his offer to fuck her in a whisper but she told him that she was enjoying what they were doing and that the morning would be fine.

He kept his promise (although he first woke her by going down on her and eating her to an orgasm). While Mike fucked Sara, Sue and Emily had their own little session, but Mike got a brief lick of each of them afterwards and they then freshened up, had breakfast and headed out for the day. As per our custom on the day of the sex parties, nobody came during the day so that they would all be primed and ready for the evening’s activities. That didn’t mean that they didn’t tease each other and do whatever they could to keep the levels of horniness up. Sara got to take Sue into a changing room and they played with each other and Mike gave Emily a brief semi-fuck around the back of one of the ruins in the Museum Gardens (having multiple look-outs made this quite easy). Mike then purchased a new set of underwear for Sara, which she modelled for him when they returned home (she sometimes looks so cute that it’s difficult even for Mike to not want to play dressing up games with her).

They rested for the remainder of the afternoon (with minimal playing) and after a light dinner they prepared to head off. Mike had taken along a second (and nicer) new outfit for Sue – a black top, burgundy skirt, black panties and thigh-high stockings with a burgundy ribbon and little bow that matched the skirt. Following the previous weeks miscalculation on Jen’s part, we had ensured (using me as a model) that the outfit provided the required zettai ryokai look (leaving an inch or so of skin exposed between the skirt and the stockings). Mike really liked the way the outfit looked on Sue and while Sara and Emily finished dressing, he missed and caressed Sue’s inner thighs from the top of her stockings up to the crotch of her panties. He made sure not to touch Sue’s pussy (not even through her panties), but the teasing still got her very aroused and Mike offered Sue up for both Sara and Emily to have a quick finger of her.

Sara wore her new underwear and a white shift dress (which was a bit too summery for the actual weather, but then again she wasn’t likely to keep it on for long) while Emily accentuated Sara’s cute look by going in the opposite direction and wearing a tight leather skirt, fish net stockings and a tight white top. Mike went with trousers and a t-shirt, ensuring that the trousers were easy to get off and on so he could quickly be ready to play. Mike packed a few things in to a bag for later use and they headed out.They stopped off for a drink on the way to the party and Mike pretended to be with Sara while he let guys hit on Sue and Emily. They did quite well and could have easily got free drinks all night, but after teasing the guys they headed off with Mike and Sara to the location of the party.

It was in a new place with three bedrooms but a slightly smaller living room. People liked the idea of having more beds to use, but I was a bit disappointed to find out that the public space was smaller as I love fucking and cumming with everyone able to watch me. They said hello to people (as it was the start of term even Sara and Emily hadn’t seen everyone since they returned and as they chatted Mike started to fondle Sue under her skirt. Sue acted a little embarrassed at first but soon got back in to the spirit of the party and let Mike get his hand in to her panties to play with her properly. He rubbed away at her clit and she leant back against him to support herself. Brett asked if he could play with Sue’s breasts and once given the go ahead, he pulled Sue’s top up, freed her breasts from her bra and started to caress them. Mike considered giving Sue to Brett for him to finish off but he was enjoying making her squirm as his fingers played with her clit and he felt how wet she was getting. Sue wasn’t the first person to cum at the party (there were already people upstairs in the bedrooms) but she was the only one in the living room and Mike whispered to her how everyone was about to see her cum. Sue told him that she didn’t care so Mike pulled the front of her skirt up fully and asked Brett to slide Sue’s panties down (which he did). Mike continued to fondle Sue until she let out a short cry and he felt her shudder in his arms. He then lifted his fingers from her pussy and got her to suck them clean before asking Brett if he wanted to play with her properly.

Brett asked Sue to suck him off so they moved over to the sofa and Sue knelt in front of him to provide the requested service. Mike left her to it and went upstairs to see what was happening, but later found out that Sue had also used her breasts on Brett (but finished him off with her mouth). Mike meanwhile hooked up with Clare who allowed him to eat her. At first he did this under her skirt, but she didn’t stop him when he flipped it up. Clare removed her skirt to ride Mike and as they fucked he first pushed her top and bra up to reveal her breasts, then got her to pull them off completely so he could fuck her naked. Giles watched as Clare’s cunt repeatedly swallowed Mike’s cock and as Clare came Mike asked her if she liked putting on a show for her boyfriend. She said that she did and that he would relive it when he fucked her in the coming weeks so Mike said that he should make it good and pumped in to Clare with long hard strokes for a few minutes more before he came. He asked Clare to suck him clean and once she had climbed off of his cock she moved down the bed, held the condom in place and gave his cock a good suck. While she was doing this, Gareth asked Giles if he could have a go with her and Giles told him to feel free so he moved around behind Clare and pushed his cock in to her waiting cunt. Clare had been busy sucking Mike and hadn’t realised that she had been offered up, but was persuaded to let Gareth use her. As she’d just cum twice with Mike, she wasn’t ready to cum again but this didn’t bother Gareth who happily pumped away in her.

Saturday, 12 April 2014

Private Show - Part 3

Once they had gone, Alistair returned and thanked us, saying we’d done a wonderful job. He once again offered to pay us but we refused so he offered us the horse dildo instead. This was a lot more tempting as I had really enjoyed using it but I still didn’t like the idea of taking something in return for cumming so we reluctantly refused, agreeing instead that as ‘payment’ we would have the rights to use the dildo again at a future date. Alistair was all for this and wanted to sign us up for another show straight away, but now I had calmed down a bit I was being more careful and thought about what would happen if someone in the audience had recognised me (which at that point in time was still a possibility). I told him that I was surprised he hadn’t taken the opportunity to enjoy himself with us, but of course all of the audience members knew who he was. Mel suggested that Julia and I could still thank him properly for the opportunity he’d given us and he asked if we’d be prepared to do that.

The answer was obviously yes and we gave him the choice of mouth or pussy. He opted for pussy so we got him to sit on the edge of the bed to allow Julia to sit over him and for me to lick them both. He enjoyed this but wanted to cum in Julia while she was riding him properly so to finish off he moved back a bit and lay on the bed (he picked out a dry spot) and Julia turned around to face him. Mel said that as I’d cum an extra time that Julia would have to cum as well so I knelt over Alistair’s legs, behind Jules and reached around to play with her clit and nipples. I asked him to try and hold back until Julia had cum and he managed this – once she came I let her just hump him until he came and when she climbed off of his cock we both caressed it as it softened and the condom finally fell off.

Julia and I fixed our blouses again and brushed our hair to neaten ourselves up. We said our goodbyes to Alistair and headed back upstairs and out of the bar. My head still felt like it was buzzing and I said that I didn’t want to go home straight away. Julia pointed out that we had slightly damp clothes on but I told her I didn’t care and quite liked the look of our tied blouses that barely hid our bras. I said that neither Jen nor I would be drinking much anyway and Julia agreed to go for a drink before we returned to the house (not that she had much choice as Mel told her we were going for a drink). As we drank I made sure to stand with a foot up on a beam so my pussy was partially showing and I discussed with Jen how I would have loved to get up on the bar and repeat my display with the dildo and vibe for everyone to watch before letting every guy in the place fuck me in turn (I went through a number of phases of *really* missing cock during our attempt to get pregnant). We also discussed Mike and Jen’s involvement in the session, which had been a real surprise to me. Mike had been the first to suggest he play a part and he had then helped convince Jen to really let go and enjoy herself.

On the way home, Jen was quizzed some more by Mel about her watersports fetish. Mel and Julia knew about this from the holiday, but the display Jen (and then I) had just put on was probably even more of a surprise to them than it had been to me. Jen had really enjoyed herself and I told her that she could have just joined us on the bed for the whole session but she reminded us that it was Julia and I who were meant to have been displaying ourselves (and she added that she couldn’t hold enough liquid to spray like that every time she came). Mel didn’t let up and wanted more details (which we mostly told her) and it culminated in us stopping off in an alleyway for Mel to play with Jen. At least Mel did most of the work of fingering Jen, but as Jen got close to cumming, Julia was told to stand against the wall and take over fingering Jen. Jen had to raise a leg to make this easier for Jules and as she came Jen was instructed to push out as much pee as she had left in her. She’d had a drink since the previous time so she managed to produce enough to soak the bottom of Julia’s skirt and one of her legs, along with the leg that she (Jen) was standing on.

On arriving home, Jen, Julia and I all had a shower (which was a bit cramped but it seemed appropriate) and then we retired to bed to relive the evening’s events. Mike spent a little time with his cock inside Julia’s and my pussies to see how they were recovering (favourably) but spent most of his time making Mel and Jen cum by eating them (even he said that he didn’t like the way Mel tasted that weekend – although he waited until they had left to say this). Mel was chastised for not having taken part in the display and we told her that one of us could have fucked her with the horse dildo while she ate the other one of us, but this didn’t appeal to her (as long time readers will know, Mel is much more of a voyeur and masochist than an exhibitionist). As we ay dozing off, I recounted my fantasies of the evening - of having everyone at the show fuck me and then repeating my display in the bar and taking everyone there. I could feel my pussy twinging as I described this but did nothing about it in the hope I would have horny dreams (which I did). Mike didn’t cum again that night either, but fell asleep inside Julia while getting her to elaborate on my fantasy and describe how she would have taken care of all of the girls by eating them and having them eat her.

I definitely had horny dreams – I don’t remember much of them but I woke up a few times in the night feeling horny. As far as I recall I didn’t dream about my pub group-fuck, but there was one point where I was in the pub and I was up on the counter, fucking myself on the beer pump handles with everyone watching. (I really like the idea of doing this, but I can’t imagine health and safety would approve.)

I woke up feeling incredibly horny in the morning and while it would have been the easy option to get Mike to fuck me I felt that I should service our guests so I crawled under the covers and ate Julia. Once she was awake we moved round to a 69 position and as we lapped at each other’s pussies I once again relived our exploits from the previous night. As we did this Mike briefly went down on Mel and then spooned with her (she tasted sufficiently bad that he even went without eating her to orgasm before he fucked her). As Jen was the last to wake up (or at least the last to move in to a position), she was left with Mel to lick while Mike fucked her. Jen and Mel ended up 69ing while Mike moved in her – at first they did this on their sides, but it was an awkward position so Jen lay on the bottom with Mel over her and Mike taking Mel doggystyle.

Mel took Jen off to shower and Mike had a turn eating Julia (and in her case he did eat her to orgasm). When Mel and Jen returned from the shower we found out that Mel had an ulterior motive in taking Jen there. She had asked Jen to masturbate and put on a pee display and had then told Jen that it was so hot that she wanted Jen to eat her. As Mel came she had peed all over Jen’s face and in her mouth. Now Jen didn’t object to this (she rather likes it) but I wasn’t as keen on the idea of Mel doing this to my little girl so I asked Mike to help ‘punish’ Mel. We did this later on in the morning once we’d had breakfast under the guise of Mike having a threesome with Mel and Julia. Mike lay on his back with Julia sitting over his face and Mel riding his cock – as she fucked him, Jen and I used tingle gel and various vibes on her clit and nipples, but to finish off we used our body wand (very strong vibe) and held it against her clit as she came. We didn’t let her move away from the wand until a few minutes after she had finished cumming and it was quite clear to see from her response just how intense the sensation had been. I wasn’t surprised when she subjected me to a similar treatment as retribution and while it was too intense to be really pleasurable, I’ve had far more experience at intense stimulation than Mel has (with a fair proportion of it coming from her) so I coped a lot better with it than she had.

We decided that we couldn’t be bothered to go out anywhere so spent the rest of the morning lazing around the house and chatting. We got Julia to tell us some more stories of when she was younger (and if they are all true, she was probably even more of a horny slut then than she is now). As I often do when she is relating these tales, I imagined what things would have been like if I’d had a group of friends like that and had let myself be passed around and used by them while at school (although that makes it sound like Julia was entirely passive whereas she was often the one to instigate sessions with people). She described how she would sometimes sneak off to the bathroom at school and meet up with people to fuck, then how she loved the feeling of sitting for the rest of the day in panties that were damp from the cum that leaked out of her. We all enjoyed her descriptions so much that we ended up fetching a school outfit for her and had her dress up to re-enact some of the stories, culminating with us all having a turn eating, fingering or fucking her.

We went for lunch and played our usual games to see who could gently finger or frig themselves the most. None of us managed to cum, but Mel did at least join in and touch herself (which is more than she usually does). I then challenged the girls to cum by the river and they accepted so we headed off to a spot we’ve used before to do this. We sat right on the edge of the bank with our ankles crossed in front of us and knees up and spread. We could then easily reach down and play with our clits in a discreet enough way that people walking behind us couldn’t tell. We nonchalantly chatted as we frigged away at our clits and Mike told us that he wished he could cum over us all (although it would have been difficult to do that without people noticing). We all (excluding Mike) managed to cum, although my orgasm didn’t feel that satisfying (unfortunately not every orgasm is an earth-shattering, body-rocking pulsating, throbbing one.

We didn’t have much time before Mel and Julia’s train left so just went for a coffee. I whispered a plan to Mike and we both got large frappachinos, but this was just in preparation for later. We saw our guests off with the customary under-skirt fondle for both of them. Jen and I receiving payment in kind in return and Julia gave Mike’s cock a good run through his jeans. They debated trying to smuggle him in to the ladies bathroom so he could give her a goodbye fuck (and knowing Mike that would be preceded by a goodbye eat) but it was too busy. He did make Julia promise to cum on the train (a promise which she kept) and once they had left, the three of us headed home.

We stopped off to do our weekly shopping and once back indoors, it was time to put my frappachino plan in to play. We really needed to do the rest of the chores, but nature can only wait so long so we stripped Jen (and ourselves) off and double teamed her for a while until she was close to cumming. We then dragged her in to the shower and provided her with her favourite silicone coated vibe. Jen was told to make herself cum and pee as much as she wanted while we provided additional liquid. My aim was to ‘clean’ Jen of Mel’s pee (she had cleaned herself off in the shower after Mel had peed on her, this was more of a symbolic cleaning). Jen was more than happy about this so I leant back against the wall and pushed my pussy out for her to eat while Mike stood beside us trying to keep his cock from getting too hard.

Jen was a fair way ahead of me so she just gently played with herself as she ate me until I had caught up and the then pumped the vibe in and out of her pussy while frigging her clit. She pretty much kept herself upright with the pressure of her mouth on my cunt. I told her as I got closer to cumming and she said that she wanted me to cum first (what I say ‘said’ I mean mumbled in to my pussy, but we got the idea). I held her head in place and told her that I was nearly there and as I came I let go and peed as hard as I could over her. Jen didn’t miss a beat and carried on eating me while frigging herself and trying to cum as soon after me as she could. I had pretty much emptied myself over her by the time she came, but that was what Mike was there for and when Jen started to cum he aimed and let rip with his own stream of pee. I watched as this splashed over Jen’s face, head and body. I knew that Jen would be emptying her bladder too but I couldn’t see this from my position (although Mike could). Once Mike stopped peeing, Jen turned and took him in her mouth and he got hard very quickly. She sat back and waited while he rapidly pumped away at his cock and then placed it against her forehead as he came. As he’d cum already that day he didn’t produce much, but there was just enough to drip down over Jen’s face and we told her that she wasn’t allowed to wipe it off.

As Jen’s punishment (or reward, it’s difficult to tell) she wasn’t allowed to shower herself clean and just had to tie her hair back in a ponytail. She was given a light t-shirt to wear for the remainder of the day while we cleaned and did the chores (including her handing the laundry out in the garden). She was of course allowed to shower and clean up before coming to bed and we christened the nice clean sheets with a night-time three way (me eating Jen and Mike fucking me). I tried again to have erotic dreams that night but wasn’t as successful (or at least I didn’t have any dreams that I remember).