Tuesday, 22 April 2014

An All-Girl Weekend – Part 1

While Mike and Sue were down in York enjoying the sex party, Jen and I were having a weekend with Lis and Lucy. As I said in the previous entry, while I had been missing cock while I wasn’t on the pill, it was nice having a few days with just girls (Jen sees this as an admission that she is winning me over to her side – although her side has moved somewhat to the bi side since she started fucking Mike). The fact that Mike hadn’t fucked us since the Thursday night (and we had carefully showered ourselves out) also meant that we could play with Lucy properly without having to worry about contaminating her with Mike’s cum and risk getting her pregnant ).

Lucy and Lis arrived on the Friday evening and we went out for a drink before heading back to the house. As there was just the four of us we had decided to make up a bed on the floor in the living room so we could all sleep together. We paired off, but instead of taking our usual (and preferred) partners, I went with Lucy first (not that Jen doesn’t like Lis or I don’t like Lucy – I think Lucy is incredibly sexy and Jen loves the little licks that Lis uses on her pussy). Lucy and I started off on the sofa and Lis and Jen used a chair. We kissed and caressed each other while gradually undressing. Jen discovered that Lis had travelled to visit us without any panties on and I promised her that she would be rewarded for that. Lucy unfortunately had worn panties so we told her that she would have to be punished at some point over the weekend – but they both knew that the reward and punishment would probably be quite similar and involve them and someone else cumming.

As hosts, Jen and I set about making Lis and Lucy cum in a gentle session involving just fingers and tongues. About half way through we stopped and left them sitting on the sofa and chair while we lit some candles and turned off the lights, but we weren’t away from them for long and quickly picked up where we had left off. Lucy was a little nervous about me eating her as she had only just finished her period but I assured her that it was fine. She did taste a little different, but it wasn’t bad and I later told her that Jen and I eat each other every (as does Mike) day so we’re used to such things.

We retired to the mass of blankets, pillows and duvets on the floor and switched partners. This time each pair played with each other so Jen and I got to cum as well and once we had finished we tossed a coin to determine how we would spoon. I ended up behind Lis and Lucy behind Jen, meaning it was up to me to grind my pussy again Lis’ ass while gently playing with her pussy and up to Lucy to do the same to Jen. We did this facing each other and our eyes had become sufficiently accustomed to the candlelight that we could see each other quite clearly.

In line with our decision to tell Sue everything, we had also decided to be (almost) completely honest with Lis and Lucy. In their case we had decided not to tell them about the blog as there was a fair bit about Lis and Vicky (Lis’ previous girlfriend) as well as how Jen and I had played with Vicky. Lucy sort of knew about this, but we weren’t sure how she would take having the opportunity to read about it in explicit detail. We did intend to tell them pretty much everything else though and once I felt Lis’ pussy beginning to juice up I asked Jen if she was ready to go. Lucy thought that we were talking about a new sexual challenge and asked what we had dreamt up now, but we quickly disabused her of this and explained that we wanted to tell them about some things they didn’t know about. We started off gently and described how we had heard Lucy playing with herself from time to time and fantasised about her while we had fucked, then moved on to having done things in her room when she was out and having used her vibe from time to time. We described how we had used her food to play with, either fucking each other with it, or in the case of things like yoghurt, having it inside ourselves and then putting it back for her to eat. As we’d now done all of these things with Lis and Lucy, she took it fairly well, but we did manage to shock them a little when we described a dinner in York. It technically wasn’t any different that we’d done with Lucy’s food, but in this cased Jen and I had inserted various bits of the salad in to ourselves before adding them to the bowl and Mike had added an extra dose of ‘salad cream’. I also told Lis how we had lusted after her and how often Mike, Jen and I had all fantasised about fucking her (before we actually got to do things with her).

In the vein of full disclosure, Lis and Lucy admitted that they too had done things in Jen’s room (when we hadn’t been there) and had even used some of Jen’s toys. It seemed like this was a big admission for them even though they must have known that we wouldn’t mind in the slightest (especially given what we’d just told them). Jen and I described (not in explicit detail, but enough) when we had first fantasised about Lis and Lucy respectively and this led us back to a conversation about how things would have been different if I had ended up paired with Lis and Lucy with Jen. I had continued to play with Lis during our whole discussion and I describe to her how if we’d gotten together before I met Jen how she would have ended up fucking Mike sooner and how it might now be her who was trying to get pregnant. Jen pushed Lucy’s hand against her pussy and told Lucy how if they had hooked up at Uni how Lucy could have spent her student years with Jen making her cum on a daily basis and how Lucy’s sexual appetite would have been trained to be significantly higher. Fortunately they played along with our games (they know that while we love them, we love each other more and don’t actually want to swap partners – although we do want to keep sharing them). Lucy frigged away at Jen’s clit and told her that she would have turned Jen in to a honourable, upstanding woman (although her comments were somewhat undermined by the fact she had her hand between Jen’s legs and was well on the way to making her cum). I was still doing my best to grind against Lis’ ass and it felt nice but I knew I wouldn’t be able to cum like that – even so I concentrated on finishing Lis off and as she was in the final build-up to her orgasm I described how I wanted her to eat me awake the following morning. Lis panted through her orgasm that she would do this and I nibbled on her earlobe as she came. Her pussy felt quite wet and I had my other arm under her cupping one of her breasts, fondling her hard little nipple.

Jen was still a little way off cumming as Lucy hadn’t been as consistent with her fondling during our conversation. Once Lis caught her breath we decided to help out and I lay in front of Jen so I could suck on her nipples while I played with my pussy. Meanwhile Lis crouched behind Lucy and played with Lucy’s pussy from between her ass cheeks. Jen was the next one of us to cum and as Lucy and I were left we ended up 69ing. I assumed that I was probably further along than Lucy so I was quite forceful with her (although it was also nice to just let go and give Lucy everything I could). She didn’t seem to be holding out on me either and I could feel her spreading my lips and pushing her tongue deep in to me. I couldn’t help myself from humping against her face a little and moaned in to her pussy about how good what she was doing felt. I didn’t manage to catch her up with me and I came first, but I carried on eating her vigorously through my orgasm. When she started to pant and said that she was getting close I spread her ass cheeks and lips as far as I could and alternated between flicking my tongue over her clit and burying my mouth in her pussy while rubbing my chin against her clit and my nose against her ass. I was pleased when I felt her body arch slightly under me as she came and after a few more firm licks I slowed down and kitty kissed her while she caught her breath.

I returned to snuggling up with Lis and leaving Lucy to Jen. We chatted a little more and discussed what Mike was probably up to with Sue, Emily and Sara. We discussed how Sue now seemed to be quite accepting of her attraction to women and added that we could always arrange for one of Sue’s visit to coincide with one of theirs. Lis was very keen on this idea (as she had been during any previous discussion around this idea) and Lucy didn’t even raise her usual objections about it being strange (I actually knew a little more about this from Lis, but I’ll wait to reveal that information). As we dozed off I asked Lis if she would mind eating me awake in the morning (assuming she woke up first) and she told me that she would be happy to do this.

I sort of cheated and gave Lis a few licks in the middle of the night on the way back from the bathroom, but didn’t do anything more than that. Lis kept her word and went down on me properly in the morning – I’m quite used to being eaten awake like this but it was nice having Lis do it to me and I just relaxed and concentrated on the rapid licks as her tongue probed my pussy and flicked repeatedly over my clit. I could have cum quite a bit quicker, but I held back so I could enjoy myself for longer. As my session progressed, Jen fetched a vibe to use on Lucy and fucked her with this while caressing Lis’ ass with her other hand. I was a fair way ahead of Lucy so I came first and then suggested to Lis that I make up for Mike’s absence and use our strap on to fuck her. Lis was up for that (it doesn’t really feel the same as being fucked by a cock, but is still nice) and helped me attach it while Jen carried on playing with Lucy. Lucy had offered to do things to Jen at the same time but Jen wanted to pleasure Lucy and allow her to just enjoy it (and then do something in return).

I fucked Lis in a number of positions – we started off with missionary so we could kiss, I then spooned with her (not quite as easy with a strap on, but it mostly worked), then let her ride me and then fucked her from behind. We returned to the missionary position and I pushed deep in to Lis with her legs wrapped around me as she said that she could feel the vibrations of the vibe on her clit like this. It took a little while for her to cum, but I gently fucked her and we kissed deeply so neither of us minded. By the time Lis came, Jen had finished off with Lucy and Lucy was using the same vibe in and on Jen. I convinced Lucy to go down on Jen for a bit (it didn’t take much to convince her) and Lucy only realised why I had suggested this when I positioned the head of the strap on at her pussy and slid in to her. I assured her that as she’d just cum, I wasn’t going to do anything too strenuous and she allowed me to gently fuck her as she ate Jen. Keeping to my word, I pulled out after a while and let Lucy finish Jen off with the vibe before sliding in to Jen’s sensitive pussy and giving her a quick fuck. I didn’t take the strap-on off for breakfast and took whatever opportunity I had to slide in to each of them a number of times.

We didn’t go out anywhere in the morning and after showering just spent the time lazing around and chatting (there was a little caressing and kissing, but no proper sex). We continued our discussions based around things that Lis and Lucy may not have known and told them a few more of our exploits (some of which they did already know) and also described some of the sessions with my sister in more detail. When it got to lunchtime we offered Lucy the chance to get revenge for us having polluted her food with our juices – initially she said that this wasn’t necessary but soon got the idea that we wanted her to do this. She agreed (but said that she still thought it was a little strange) so we led her to the kitchen and sat her up on the counter. We started off with the easy things – cherry tomatoes and pushed them in to her one at a time, then let them slide out in to a bowl. I had no trouble convincing Lis that she should contribute something to the dressing and we got four of them in to her at once before she crouched over a bowl and let them plop out of her. This led to a competition and we all tried to get a number of them in to our own cunts before letting them slide out (we weren’t trying to cram them in as nobody really wanted an embarrassing trip to casualty to have anything removed).

While I halved the seasoned tomatoes, Jen slid some spring onions in to Lucy, Lis, herself and me and I chopped these and added them to the mix. Peppers were a bit more of a challenge and we couldn’t do much more than get the end in to our pussies and we decided that croutons would be too painful (nobody wants crumbs in their cunt). We had left the best until last and Jen pulled a cucumber out of the fridge and told Lucy that it was now time for the big one (it wasn’t that large a cucumber, but was equivalent to a reasonable sized dildo). I had expected Lucy to at least hesitate at this, but she sat up on the counter again and after Jen had rubbed the cucumber over her own pussy a few times (to get some extra lubrication), she handed it to Lis and asked her to do the honours. Lis worked an inch or so of the cucumber in to Lucy and then pumped it in and out, getting a little deeper with each stroke until she was fucking Lucy with a good length of the vegetable. Lis let Jen have a go and Jen then took Lucy’s place on the counter and had the cucumber inserted in to her cunt. I was next and we finished off with Lis, but before it was chopped up, I got Lis to rub the length of the cucumber up and down each of our cunts to give it a final coating of juices. (We didn’t just have salad for lunch, but didn’t think it would be a good idea to stick bits of meat up inside us so I’m leaving that out of the preparation).

As we ate, Jen pointed out that if Mike had been there, he would have added a final dose of dressing and I said that I doubted Lucy would have eaten any if he’d done that. She replied by asking how much of his cum we thought she had eaten out of us all over the months and said that she would have still had her share of salad even with his cum on it. We joked about just how much Mike would have loved to see Lucy eating his cum and how disappointed he would be to have missed the opportunity. Lis asked if I thought he would prefer to be fucking Sue (and everyone else at the party) or to participate in our lunch and after a bit of consideration I had to admit that I wasn’t sure. As he can’t have her (or really do anything much with her), he is obsessed with Lucy so I guessed that he would have wanted the chance to eat a good covering of her juices (as well as see her eat his cum). Now that I’ve had a chance to ask him he said that he probably preferred being with Sue and people at the party, but if he would have had the option of eating something directly out of Lucy then that would have won out.

For dessert we continued the theme of eating each other and went with the much simpler option of yoghurt. This was mostly eaten off of each other (rather than ‘out of’), but was still sufficient to ensure another round of orgasms (one each). We cleaned up and headed out for a walk, during which we told Lis and Lucy a few more of our secrets. I embarrassed Jen by telling them about the time Mike and I had peed on her in the forest and Jen retaliated by going over the details of the time Sue and I fingered each other outside in York. (They actually knew about both of these stories anyway so it wasn’t really new information.) We didn’t do anything more than talk and I possibly exposed myself a little to a couple of people who wandered past when we were sitting talking. We did get Lis and Lucy to agree to join in with a pizza dare later that night (to different extents) but assured them that they would probably enjoy the excitement.

We rested when we got home and then prepared for dinner (by which I mean we got changed in to appropriate attire to seduce the delivery guy. I went with my usual slightly-too-short-to-cover-me-properly towel and Lis wore a set of Jen’s more revealing underwear (we can’t remember if it was the same set that Sara has used a few weeks before or not, but was probably just as revealing). Lucy and Jen wore baby-doll nightdresses, but Lucy insisted on having panties on underneath her one. We had warned them that the delivery guy may have seen Jen and I naked before so it might not be a ‘true’ pizza dare and when he approached the front door I told them that it was indeed the same guy we had displayed ourselves to the last time we’d done this. Lis was still up for going ahead with the dare so she followed me to the front door and we opened it to let the guy in. I acted coy and said that he’d caught me on the way to the shower and then Lis pulled at the top of my towel so it unravelled and fell to the floor. I asked the guy if I should get revenge on Lis for having done that and he told me to go ahead so I pushed her up against the wall and knelt to eat her thought her panties. I had her panties down around her knees when we heard spanking coming from the living room and we knew that Jen had convinced Lucy to take part fully so we asked the guy if he could take the pizza through.

Lucy was sitting on the sofa with Jen over her knee and was spanking Jen’s bare ass. The guy let out a ‘fuck’ when he saw this and I suggested to Lis that she help Lucy out. Lis knelt in front of Lucy and they took turns spanking Jen, whose ass was already turning a nice pink shade. I asked the guy if I could do anything for him and reached over to caress his crotch. He said that he could spare a couple of minutes (so it’s just as well I didn’t want him to do anything for me really!) and he let me undo his trousers and then push him back on to a chair. I handed him a condom and whispered a suggestion to Lis as he applied it before kneeling in front of him and taking his cock in to my mouth. Lis stopped spanking Jen and used a couple of fingers to fuck her in an exaggerated way. I could hear Jen moaning and mewing with each slap that Lucy gave her and I did my best to suck the cock in my mouth, alternating between bobbing up and down and swirling my tongue around the head in the way Mike loves. Now if it had been Mike I was sucking I’m sure he would have held back until Jen came before he did – this guy didn’t and it took hardly any time before he pushed my head down on is cock and I felt the condom fill with warm liquid. (Okay, I know I said it was a weekend without cock, but as least I didn’t fuck him.) I gave his cock a few more kisses and then went to fetch some tissue so he could clean catch his cum when he pulled the condom off and himself up. I told the girls to hurry things up and was pleased to see when I returned that Lis had also reached under Jen’s nightdress to play with her breasts. I asked Lis to spread Jen’s legs and we watched as they continued to slap and finger her until Jen moaned and said that she was cumming. I then paid for the pizza and showed the guy to the door (still naked). He thanked me for his ‘tip’ as he said goodbye and that he hoped we would order from them again.

Jen was still quite flushed when I returned to the living room and her ass was now bright pink. Lucy’s face also went quite pink as we discussed what we’d just done and we congratulated her and Lis for joining in so well. As we ate, we tried to convince Lucy that she should be the one who came next time, but I think she still has a way to go before she will do that. As thanks for making Jen cum, Lucy was pinned down and given a few revenge spanks – they were only playful ones as Lucy doesn’t enjoy pain the way Jen does, but she did seem to enjoy the partial fingering and frigging that came with the spanking.

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