Friday, 25 April 2014

An All-Girl Weekend – Part 2

Without Mike around we spent longer than usual getting ready to go out that night, including a fair amount of time putting up Lucy and Jen’s hair. None of us wore overly revealing outfits and as a result of this we convinced Lucy to go out without panties on. We went back to the lesbian bar we’d found and had a pleasant evening. Even though she was resolutely not on the market, Lucy enjoyed having a number of women trying to chat her up instead of the usual men. We danced with a few random people who tried to steal caresses to varying levels (as you can probably guess I didn’t stop anyone from touching me anywhere they tried to, but nobody was really that adventurous or assertive. Things were a bit different when we danced with each other and we did manage to get a bit on fondling in – this wasn’t entirely instigated by Jen and me either as we saw Lis and Lucy properly kissing with hands roaming over each other during a dance near the end of the evening.

By the time we got home I was ready to burst and dived on Lis. I could hear that Jen was ravishing Lucy but didn’t pay any attention to them as I was concentrating on kissing, humping and eating my little Lis. I don’t know if we’d had a more intense session or Jen and Lucy were taking their time, but they were still going when Lis and I finished. Jen was 69ing with Lucy and even though I’d just cum I wanted more so I crawled up behind Lucy and tried to hump against the back of her head while I lay along her back and lapped away at her ass (I couldn’t do this while Jen was eating her pussy, but we took turns). Once Lucy came I left her to finish off Jen and pounced on Lis once more. As I’d just given Lucy some anal attention I felt I should do the same for Lis and rolled her on to her side. I pushed a thumb in to her pussy and started to fuck her with it while I sucked my other thumb and then pressed it against her ass. As my thumb slipped in to Lis’ ass, I told her that this used to be one of my favourite ways to be fingered and how Mike used to do it to me all the time (and how I needed to make sure he did it to me again). Lis pushed back against me until both thumbs were buried fully in her and I moved in and out of both of her holes while rubbing her clit with the skin between my thumb and index finger. Lis said that in Mike’s absence she would do it to me, which sounded really nice, but I wanted to make her cum before she got to reciprocate.

Lucy got Jen off before I finished with Lis so they got to watch as I pumped away at her ass and cunt. Jen reached over to play with Lis’ breasts and as Lis came I pushed both thumbs as hard in to her as I could and wiggled them around. Lis seemed to enjoy her orgasm quite a bit but was keep to try the position out on me and pushed me on to my back. I rolled on to my side and offered myself to her and felt my ass and cunt rapidly invaded by her thumbs. She copied what I’d done and while it didn’t feel quite as good as when Mike did it (he is more practiced at this position and his thumbs are larger), it was still more than enough to make me cum. Once she withdrew from me I kissed her a few times and asked if everyone was satisfied. I could have probably cum again quite easily but as everyone else said they had enough fun for one evening I snuggled up with Lucy (it was my turn to have her that night) and we chatted a bit more while dozing off to sleep. I told Lis that she could have helped me out with the pizza guy – either by helping me suck him off or letting him fuck her. Jen, wanting to keep Lis on her side of the fence as much as possible, countered by teasing her a bit more about wanting to have a threesome with Sue and me. Lis said that this sounded like a really nice idea so I upgraded our agreement that I would try to get Sue along to a promise to do my best to do so. I whispered to Lucy that if she wanted, we would give her a threesome as well, but didn’t push the point.

I ground my crotch against Lucy’s ass while we talked and she asked me if I wanted to cum again. I told her that ideally I should cum three times and then had to point out that this number was only for weekends – in the week we generally only cum once in the morning and once at night – although over the past few months it has usually been the case that at least one of us will cum twice in the evening session as the three of us now all play together. By this point I really wanted to cum again but still held back and told Lucy that I could wait until morning as long as I knew I would get to fuck her. She told me that I’d probably pounce on her no matter what she said and I reminded her that even though she had an utterly irresistible body (which I caressed as we talked), I wasn’t going to do anything to her if she didn’t want me to. I carried on caressing her and got my fingers between her legs and then on to her clit, continuing until she was squirming back against me as I frigged her. I then pulled my hand away, sucked my fingers clean and told her that she could have the night to consider whether she wanted me to ravish her in the morning or not. Lucy complained that I was being mean but I just snuggled up against her back and said that it would be mean to do things to her when she didn’t want me to. I half hoped that she would give in and say she wanted me to continue, but she was just as stubborn as I was so we chatted some more and went to sleep with us both feeling unfulfilled.

On the plus side, this led so some nice dreams on my part – nothing too memorable, but by morning time I felt even hornier and I slowly caressed Lucy’s body as she slept. Lis watched me as I did this and quietly crawled over to help out. We had Lucy on her back with our mouths on her nipples and hands caressing her thighs and pussy. When Lucy finally woke up I asked her if I was allowed to fuck her and she panted ‘yessss’ to me so I sent Lis back to Jen (who wasn’t likely to refuse her advances) and I climbed over Lucy’s body. She thrust her pussy against my thigh as soon as I pressed it against her and we ground against each other for a while. Lucy held me quite tightly and I whispered to her if she was sure she wanted me to make her cum. Lucy asked me what I thought and I started to tease her and say that I wasn’t sure after her comment the previous night but she pulled my mouth to hers and kissed me deeply. I’d had enough of teasing her (and I probably wanted to cum even more than she did) so I just kissed her back and we ground against each other.

We broke the kiss but continued humping against each other and I hissed into Lucy’s ear that I wanted to eat her beautiful little cunt, to slide my tongue inside her and lick her out and fill my mouth with her juices. Lucy just responded with a ‘please’ so I pulled away from her, planted myself over her in a 69 position, lowered my pussy to her mouth, pulled her legs apart and buried my face in her cunt. We worked on each other and I did everything to her that I’d said I would. I lapped deep inside her cunt and sucked her juices out. I sucked on her clit and flicked my tongue back and forth across it as I caressed her ass and used my fingers to spread her pussy. I didn’t break contact with her crotch once during the session, but did moan in to her pussy quite a bit to let her know that I was enjoying what she was doing to me. I think this was the first time that Lucy and I played in such a way that I didn’t know when she had cum due to the fact that she kept eating me throughout the whole session (or rather that I didn’t notice any difference in the way she was eating me when she came). I was fairly certain that I’d made her cum as I had worked quite energetically on her (and not wishing to blow my own trumpet, but I think I’m now quite practiced at eating pussy – coupled with the fact that I’ve had a fair bit of practice making Lucy cum), but it was only when she had moved on to kitty kissing me (and I’d done the same to her) that I realised I wasn’t sure *when* she had cum.

I certainly didn’t want to leave her unfulfilled (especially as she’d given me such a nice orgasm) so when I pulled away I did ask to confirm that she had cum. She seemed surprised that I hadn’t been able to tell so I teased her a bit about how she’s now become such a slut that her cumming is now such an ordinary event that I didn’t even notice it. I know I talk about teasing Lucy a lot, but we do this in a nice way and aren’t actually mean to her – fortunately she knows and appreciates this so she just gave me a slap in response to my words and I told her I was going to kiss her so she could taste her juices off of my face. She acted disgusted at this and tried to hold me back, but only half-heartedly and we ended up kissing and tasting our own juices from each other’s mouth and face.

Jen and Lis had started off with a fairly gentle session, but having witnessed the way that Lucy and I worked on each other, they intensified their own session. They still hadn’t quite finished by the time Lucy and I had cum so we curled up and watched as our partners humped against each other, grinding their cunts together and approached their own orgasms. It’s always fun to tease Lucy so I nibbled on her earlobe and asked her if she liked watching Jen fuck her girlfriend and described how their cunts were rubbing back and forth, spreading their juices and stimulating their clits. Lucy told me to stop teasing her but I pointed out that she came back every month for more so she must love it as much as we do. I did actually stop teasing her so we could enjoy the sight of Lis and Jen cumming – Jen uttered her usual series of mewing noises and as they came I asked Lucy if she wanted to help me clean them up once they had finished (to which Lucy agreed).

When Lis and Jen fell back on to the bed, we pulled them apart and set about kitty kissing them clean (I took Lis and Lucy took Jen as you would expect). Jen must have been quite wet as her taste overpowered that of Lis for the first few minutes of kissing. I managed to clean Lis off though and get to her own taste though and then proceeded to clean her out thoroughly. Lucy was still working on Jen when I pulled away from Lis (which I took as a further good sign that she had come over to the dark side of lust) so I just made out with Lis for a while until Lucy finally surfaced and we headed off to get some breakfast.

It was a little chilly so we wore robes while we ate and Jen asked Lis to describe what she wanted to do with Sue and me on their next visit (it was now a given that Sue would be joining us, even though we hadn’t actually asked her – not that I imagined she would say no given her recent behaviour, and failing all else I was still sure that we could always get Mike to ‘convince’ her). We got Lis sufficiently worked up that she agreed to let us play with her some more and we decided to use a number of different items to fuck and pleasure her with so headed up to the bedroom where we could be more comfortable (and it was a little warmer).

‘A number of items’ has a slightly different meaning in our house when it comes to things to fuck with and we opened up the toy cupboard to start the selection. We used a few of the standard items first: our nice silicone vibe, a double ended vibe (at first shared between Lis and Lucy and then both ends in Lis), our body wand, a couple of vibrating eggs (one inside her and one on her clit)… We concentrated on Lis a little more to begin with, but the rest of us still sampled various items and things became more equal as the session progressed. It wasn’t just toys we used as I demonstrated fucking my favourite hairbrush and then compared it to ones that Lis and Lucy had brought with them (in the process admitting that we may have used their brushes a number of times before). I let everyone have a go with a travel hairspray bottle (this is particularly nice as it has a raised pattern and picture which feels really nice rubbing against your insides). We obviously couldn’t leave out using a banana (and used a nice bendy one that pressed up against the roof of our cunts as it was pumped in and out) and also tried a couple of the candles that we had lit earlier in the weekend. I described how candles could be really nice as if you left them inside you for long enough to let the wax soften slightly, then they were quite comfortable and could be ‘worn’ for an extended period (with panties to ensure that the candle stays inside).

By this point we were all ready to cum so we added a little tingle gel to the mix (nipples, pussy and clit) and lay in a circle to finish each other off. Lucy wanted to play with Jen, which meant Jen played with Lis, who played with me and I played with Lucy. We agreed to just use fingers (no eating) to keep up the spirit of the session, but I wasn’t content with just frigging and fingering Lucy’s pussy so I pushed the end of my thumb in to her ass and told her to pass it on. Ten seconds later I felt Lis’ thumb press in to my ass and we continued playing with each other. We had the usual rules of not breaking away until everyone had cum and I considered being mean and trying to hold out for as long as possible so we could try to get Lis and Lucy to cum twice, but decided to just enjoy myself and cum whenever Lis made me cum. I actually ended up cumming before Lucy (but after Lis) and as Lis continued to play with me it did feel quite intense so I moved things up a notch and fully inserted my thumb in to Lucy’s ass so I could give her the same two thumb fuck I’d given Lis the previous day. It wasn’t really the best angle to use this position, but it seemed to work well enough (although Jen still came before Lucy) as I felt Lucy’s body noticeably shudder as she came (it’s always nice to know that someone had that strong a physical reaction to what you are doing to them).

I couldn’t resist having a few licks of Lucy once we’d finished, but only very briefly and we lay relaxing as we recovered. We had already told them a little about the private show we’d put on the previous weekend but Jen encouraged me to go in to much more explicit detail (basically to the level I wrote about). Lucy was shocked that I had allowed Jen to pee over me in front of everyone and I pointed out that I hadn’t been expecting her to join in at all so it was a complete surprise (Jen explained that she had done it to humiliate Julia and me but I wasn’t going to let her get away with claiming that as we all knew how much she had enjoyed it). Lis was very curious as to what the horse dildo had felt like and I told her that while it looked really big, it was sufficiently soft that it didn’t stretch me in a painful way (although I had felt quite full with it in me). Jen convinced me to demonstrate how I had finished off the session and I lay on the bed with my legs up by my chest, fucking myself with an imaginary horse cock. Jen then described how I peed everywhere as I came and I just countered by saying that by that point I just wanted to put on a good show and enjoy myself as much as possible.

I showered with Lis and washed her pussy thoroughly with the pulse spray, but didn’t make her cum. Jen then showered with Lucy and I told her to take her time and make sure Lucy enjoyed herself, which gave me the opportunity to make out with Lis, share a dildo with her, eat her and scissor with her. I told her I wanted to cum in the same way she had done with Jen that morning and we humped against each other, pulling our pussies together tighter as we got closer to cumming. I told Lis that I wanted her to fuck me with her clit and imagined what it would be like to be with a girl whose clit was actually large enough to have an effect on me. This is the one area where I think guys are definitely better (sorry Jen) – having Mike buried the whole way inside me feels so good. It doesn’t mean that I love him any more than I do Jen, or even that I enjoy doing things with him more, I just wish I could either have Jen inside me in the same way or I could be inside her sometimes (fisting doesn’t count!).

Jen kept Lucy in the shower for long enough that Lis and I had finished off and were even mostly dressed by the time they returned. I later found out (as I had suspected) that they’d had their own fun in the shower with Jen even convincing Lucy to pee as Jen fingered her. As we had nothing to do until lunchtime, we took a while to finish getting ready and Lis and I lay on the bed chatting with Jen and Lucy. Lis gently stroked my neck and I told her that it felt really nice, then stretched out to make it easier for her to continue. Lis and Lucy both know about my strange neck fetish (or sensitivity) and have pleasured me this way before so Lis knew just what I wanted her to do. She simply continued gently stroking up and down the front of my neck and I felt the pleasure slowly building. I was fully clothed which further helped to resist the temptation to touch myself and help things along, but as I got closer and closer to cumming I couldn’t resist from spreading my legs (remembering that ‘fully clothed’ doesn’t include panties in my case) to let the air at my cunt. It always takes a long time for me to cum this way and while I know I’m going to love the orgasm, the sensation becomes almost unbearable when I’m on the brink of cumming but can’t quite get there. I gently humped the air and repeatedly panted at Lis to keep going until I was finally rewarded with a deep, whole body orgasm. I openly moaned as the waves pulsed through my body and after what felt like ages I relaxed back into Lis’ lap and thanked her.

Lucy (and to some extent Lis) is still surprised that I can cum just from my neck being caressed – it’s not something I can explain, I just know that it works and gives me really good orgasms almost every time. I actually imagine that if I’m ever going to squirt properly that it will be during a neck stroking session – Jen always tells me that I should at least pee while cumming in this way (but she usually points it out afterwards) and we have added this to the list of things to do once the weather is warm enough to play outside again. As I lay recovering I told Lis that I’d do anything she wanted to repay her but she opted to keep that promise for a later date instead of cashing it in straight away.

We headed out for lunch and stayed in town until it was time for Lis and Lucy to leave. As we hugged goodbye I promised Lis again that I would try my best to get Sue to join us for their next visit and loved the look of anticipation on Lis’ face. Jen and I then headed home and had got most of the chores done by the time Mike returned – but he was made to give us massages that evening to make up for this. We had told each other the outlines of our weekends over dinner, but saved the explicit descriptions for while he was massaging us and as expected, he was rather torn about having missed the pussy juice salad. Initially he wasn’t allowed to fuck us, but as the massages progressed (Jen and I lay beside each other so Mike could switch between us), he started to rub his cock against our asses and then slide in to us. Having conceded that we were now fucking, he wasn’t allowed to cum until we had both cum, but this took longer than we had anticipated as he tried to fuck us both to orgasm at (or close to) the same time by switching between us every now and then. He knows full well that interrupting the rhythm like this means that we aren’t likely to cum and I didn’t realise for quite a while that he was doing it on purpose to just drive us nuts. I eventually got him to remain in me and continue until I came, after which he took care of Jen and came in her pretty much as she came.

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