Thursday, 3 April 2014

Mike’s Birthday – Part 4

Mike was still recovering so Sue and I were tasked with getting Jen started and we set about doing this. Sue went down on Jen first and ate her quite rapidly for a few minutes before I took over. We soon had Jen mewing away as her orgasm approached and Mike asked to take my place so he could be the one to make her cum. I moved out of the way and he took my place, followed soon after by Jen starting to cum. Mike carried on eating her while Sue and I held Jen’s arms (so she couldn’t push him away) and we watched as Jen squirmed and panted. Mike quickly swapped places with Sue and Jen’s protests became louder as Sue continued the assault on Jen’s clit. When I tried to switch places with Sue, we had to pull Jen’s legs open, but I got my mouth to her pussy and resumed eating her as Jen moaned and panted her protests even louder. I was getting close to stopping when Jen cried out that she was cumming again – I ate her through her orgasm and then eased off before finally pulling away and asking her to describe what she had felt.

She wasn’t ready to tell us at first as she was breathing heavily and pressing her thighs together. Once she had recovered she described how the feeling had steadily become more and more intense. As was the case with Mike, she said that it wasn’t really that nice a feeling and when she had cum it had been a very sharp, piercing orgasm. She said that the actual orgasm has sort of felt nice, but was a bit too intense to enjoy properly (and this is from the girl who can cum from being spanked, slapped and pinched). After a fair bit of reassurance that he would be gentle, Jen agreed to let Mike try and kitty kiss her and even though she was clearly apprehensive when he started, she said that it actually felt quite nice.

We threatened Sue with the same treatment that Jen had received but she managed to convince us that if she made as much noise as Jen had then someone would probably complain and we would be discovered (we weren’t worried about anyone finding out that we were having a group session, just that we might be charged more for having four of us in the room). Mike said that if Sue wasn’t going to cum, then he should at least get to use her to spoon. He carefully pushed in to her and said that now he’d had a chance to calm down and for his glans to recover it felt nice being inside her. He certainly wasn’t in a fit state to fuck her but he did enjoy moving very gently inside her while we chatted.

The next morning Mike took another turn at licking us all and having his cock inside each of us before Jen and I were asked to put on a show. Mike gently played with Sue as they watched Jen and I finger, hump and eat each other and once we’d cum we showered and left Mike and Sue to have breakfast in bed together. This followed a similar pattern to the previous day – they ordered breakfast and while they waited, Sue followed instructions and lay out her Japanese schoolgirl costume at the end of the bed (so it would be easily visible). She was given the negligee she had worn while we’d been playing in the library, but this time she wasn’t even given a bra to wear under it. Mike waited in the bathroom with the shower running and when breakfast arrived, Sue answered the door. From her description of the guy, we think it was the same person who had delivered breakfast on the Saturday. We’re even more convinced this was the case as he looked at Sue and asked her to confirm the name the breakfast had been ordered under. Sue did this and told him that she wasn’t the same girl who had been there the day before (although this would have been quite obvious to him if it was indeed the same guy as Jen and Sue look nothing alike). As he brought the breakfast in, she explained about how it was Mike’s birthday and she was his wife’s sister that he had been given a night with for a present. He asked if the girl he’d seen the previous day (Jen) was Mike’s wife and Sue explained that Jen was a friend of his wife’s who he had also been given as a present (to which the room service guy said that he was quite jealous of Mike having such a generous wife).

As the guy left, Sue asked him if he thought that she should keep on the outfit she was wearing (as she partially lifted the hem) or if he thought she should change in to the schoolgirl outfit. The guy said that the negligee looked very sexy but Sue pushed a bit further and asked if she could at least show him the uniform to see if he thought she should wear it. He told her that as long as she was quick he could have a look and she quickly stripped off and stepped in to the skirt. She sat on the bed to pull the socks on, making sure he could see her pussy as she did this and she then slipped on the top (without a bra as she was trying to be quick). She then posed in one of Mike’s favourite positions – sitting on the bed with legs partially spread and one foot up on the bed, hugging her knee. The guy also thought that this was a very sexy look and said he wished he could have stayed longer, but that he really had to go. As soon as he was out of the door, Mike emerged from the bathroom and told Sue that she really was getting as bad as me (she had only been told to flirt with him a little while wearing the revealing nightwear).

They ate breakfast and Sue was fucked with a banana (he’d done it to Jen so didn’t want Sue to feel left out). Instead of then using grapes in her, he went for the yoghurt and after pouring a decent volume in to her pussy, he ate her out and they then went to the shower (with Sue holding a hand over her pussy to keep the remaining yoghurt inside her). Once in the shower (but before they turned the water on) Sue removed her hand and as the remaining yoghurt began to leak out of her pussy, Mike pushed his cock in to her and fucked her while holding one of her legs up against his hip. They both ended up with messy crotches and Sue ended up adding her own cream to the mix as Mike made sure she came before he knelt and licked her clean (or at least cleaner) and they then used the shower to clean up properly.

When Sue went to get dressed, she discovered that the bag we had left her didn’t have any useful clothes in it so she had the choice of wearing my dress from the previous evening, the Japanese outfit or the negligee. Sue opted for the Japanese outfit but we hadn’t even left her a bra and Mike thought that she should at least wear the negligee as a top (with her jacket over it). As she got dressed, Mike stopped her a number of times and caressed her (given she hardly had anything to put on, he spent longer caressing her than she did getting dressed). As you would expect, he played with her legs a fair bit once she had put the white socks on and kissed around her inner thighs as well as her pussy. Between each session they packed up a little more and got ready to leave, but before Sue was allowed to put her top on, Mike finished things off by fucking her.

He started off by flipping her skirt up and sliding in to her as she was bent over, but they then fucked with Sue sitting on the desk, up against the window, with her bent over a chair and finishing off on the bed with Sue’s legs wrapped around Mike. This took a little time as Mike was determined to make Sue cum without any clitoral stimulation (in the final position anyway, he had frigged her at various times in the earlier positions). As they humped away against each other, Mike told Sue that she should really move up and be with us all the time so he could fuck her daily. Sue liked the sound of this idea and as they continued to explore the fantasy Mike told Sue that if she was with us then he could be trying to get her pregnant as well. It’s not the first time that Mike has said things like this to Sue and he knows that she likes the idea (at least as much as a fantasy). He wasn’t Sue’s first love, but she did imagine doing things with him for quite a while before we actually got her join watch and then join in our games, so he still holds a special place in her heart and mind. Sue came while telling Mike that she wanted him to make her pregnant and as Mike had been holding back for quite a while he was able to cum in her fairly easily once she started to cum around him (it wasn’t a porn movie simultaneous orgasm, but was close enough together).

Sue’s final challenge was to get up from the bed without letting any of Mike’s cum dribble out on to her skirt, but without wiping any of it away. Once she was upright, she wasn’t allowed to wipe the cum away as it dribbled out of her pussy. I remember that Sue used to not like the feeling of having cum running down her legs and she was still a bit concerned about how visible it was, but she did at least play along (she sort of cheated and rubbed her thighs together a little, but this just meant that a larger area was damp. Mike quickly dressed as Sue put her revealing top and jacket on and they checked out. Mike had hoped that they would run in to the guy who had delivered their breakfast so Sue could show off her outfit (discreetly, without Mike knowing of course), but they managed to leave the hotel without further incident and met us back at the house (Sue had arranged to get the late train back so she could spend more of the Sunday with us).

We had lunch at home (we needed to save some money after the expense of the weekend) and as we ate Mike and Sue filled Jen and I in on what they had done after we’d left. Jen also liked the idea of Sue moving up to live with us and it was decided that Sue could be with Mike or Jen in the morning while I had the other one and we would swap for the evening session (occasionally swapping round as we have more time in the evening so it wouldn’t be fair for one set of pairings to always be quickies). Jen pointed out the flaw in Mike’s plan to get Sue pregnant as well (other than the obvious fact that our parents would find out that Sue has been fucking Mike and Jen). If Sue was living with us and Mike managed to get all three of us pregnant at the same time, his life would be a living hell (we are aware there is a risk that both Jen and I might get pregnant but have decided to take that chance).

Mike asked Sue and Jen to put on a show after lunch (along the lines of the one Jen and I had done earlier in the day). This was partially for his amusement but also so that Jen could enjoy Sue a bit more before Sue had to leave (as I’ve said before, Jen loves playing with Sue as much as Mike does, and Mike knows this). Jen eagerly took advantage of the situation and fingered, kissed, humped and ate Sue (it wasn’t entirely one way - Sue seemed to be giving as good as she got and enjoying herself as well). Mike gently teased me while we watched and I wasn’t too surprised when he asked me to take Jen’s place once she had finished with Sue.

Up to a point, Sue and I are now quite used to making out and we put on (I think) a fairly good show of kissing, playing with each other’s breasts and grinding against each other’s thighs. Mike (and Jen) wanted us to cum but instead of expecting us to make each other cum, they decided to help us out. We started off by sharing one of our shorter double ended dildos so our pussies could touch (and Mike and Jen could take turns licking us both at the same time) and we then were instructed to move on to a longer dildo so they could pump it back and forth between us. Mike said he wanted to take it up another level and I thought he was going to get Jen involved so we could form another dildo ring, but instead he asked Sue and I to kneel on all fours with our asses facing together. He reinserted the dildo between our pussies and then worked a second dildo in to our asses. Jen sat on the other side of us from Mike and between them they moved both dildos back and forth with one hand each and played with our clits with their free hands.

When they moved the dildos in opposing directions, Sue and I remained still and concentrated on the sensation of the dildos rubbing against each other inside us. When they thrust both dildos in and out of us in sync, we pushed ourselves back against the intruding toys and could feel our holes being simultaneously filled. Mike and Jen switched over from time to time so they both had multiple turns of working each of the dildos and frigging each of our clits. It felt like such a lewd thing to be doing that I could feel myself getting very turned on (separately to what the physical stimulation was doing for me) and I asked them to fuck us harder and faster. They partially fulfilled my request and we had a few bursts of the dildos being thrust back and forth between us, but mostly continued using steady, deliberate strokes. The random thrusts felt really good though as they didn’t keep their movements in sync so we had a mix of both, one and none of the dildos fully inside us (at least the ends were always in us). Sue was the first of us to say that she thought she would cum soon and she was warned that the usual rules would apply and she would have to keep being fucked until I came. I told her that I wouldn’t try to hold back so instead of Sue trying to delay her orgasm, she let go and just enjoyed it. Jen told me that Sue’s whole back was flushed a deep pink and Sue told Jen to shut up as it was embarrassing but Jen told her that it couldn’t be much more embarrassing than knowing that she was sharing two dildos with me and both she and Mike were watching us both cum. Sue continued to let out little whines as the dildos were repeatedly plunged in to her ass and cunt but she hung on until I came (as promise, I didn’t try to delay my own orgasm). As I started to cum, Mike and Jen gave us another burst of rapid dildo pumping, which felt really good for me but caused Sue to yelp and let out a series of ‘oh fucks’.

Sue and I felt that we’d done a pretty good job of giving Mike his birthday wishes and he certainly seemed appreciative (as did Jen, even though she was meant to be part of the gift as well). Before Sue went back home (a little while after our double dildo session), she was asked for one last present – to lick Mike and Jen while they fucked. She did this and easily got Jen off – Mike had  been considering cumming inside Jen so Sue could eat his cum out of her and spit it in to me, but he decided that as he probably wouldn’t produce too much, he may as well finish off in Sue. Jen felt it was only fair that she lick Sue in the same way that Sue had done for her, but where Mike and Jen had fucked sitting in a chair with Sue kneeling in front of them, Mike took Sue from behind with Jen lying under her. We’ve gotten quite good at this position now (the three of us have had quite a bit of practice since Mike and Jen started fucking) so Sue also came quite easily and Mike wasn’t too far behind her.

Sue was convinced to wear the Japanese schoolgirl skirt on the way home with some black opaque thigh-high stockings (but she was allowed a normal top). As usual she was asked to forgo panties and given the challenge of letting guys see that she was naked under her skirt. At the station she was briefly fingered by Mike and Jen and as a final present, Sue and I had our fingers in each other and then sucked them clean (I was the one who god the reward for this as Mike played with me on the way back to the house and I was then eaten). Mike and Sue arranged to meet in York for the sex party in a couple of weeks and promised Jen that she would return soon for further lesbian indoctrination (although we don’t actually think there is much left for Sue to learn – not that this will stop Jen from trying!).

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