Monday, 28 April 2014

Opaque options

During the week at the beginning of October I took advantage of the colder weather to make my journeys to (and from) work a little more interesting. Instead of going out without panties on and having my pussy exposed under my skirt, I wore opaque tights, but without a skirt. For the first couple of days I wore a jacket that was long enough to cover my ass, but as the week progressed I wore a shorter jacket that left my ass exposed. Now the tights I was wearing are ‘proper’ opaque seamless tights so when the material isn’t stretched they look similar to leggings – of course I took a couple of opportunities to bend over and ensure that the material was stretched to give people a view of my ass (and possibly pussy), but acted innocent as if I didn’t realise. (I always went to the bathroom and slipped a skirt on when I arrived at work – I couldn’t have got through a day in close proximity with people without someone realising how exposed I was and I keep that part of my life separate from work).

Jen wasn’t feeling too good at the weekend so we decided to stay at home. As I’d been enjoying playing with tights during the week, we decided to take it to another level at the weekend. We planned to head in to town and as we would be in public with lots of people around, I paired the tights with a very short skirt (much shorter than I would usually wear so I was technically decent, but it would be incredibly easy to let my crotch or ass be visible). As we wandered around the shops I would crouch down, bend over or reach up to look at things whenever I found a suitable place with just one or two guys who could see me. This felt nice, but wasn’t doing enough for me so I arranged to meet up with Mike and Jen later on while I went to find a better ‘target’.

I already knew what I wanted to try and got a train ticket for somewhere about 30 minutes away. I desperately hoped that the train would be busy enough to make what I had planned exciting, but not so busy that it would stop me from having fun. I popped in to the bathroom and put on a pair of white panties under my tights (knowing how well they would show through). When I looked for somewhere to sit I was in luck – while the first carriage didn’t have anywhere suitable for me to sit, I found a guy sitting by himself in a set of four seats in the second carriage and sat opposite him. As I didn’t have too long, I didn’t waste any time and took out my iPad. I kicked my shoes off and sat with my feet up on the seat in front of me and my knees in the air to rest the iPad on. I started to play a game and slowly edged my feet apart so he would have a direct view to my crotch. In this position, I know exactly how much is visible (I may have practiced in a mirror) and I could feel my pussy tingling as I pretended to play my game or gazed out the window (actually looking at the reflection of the guy to see if he noticed what I was offering him). He took the bait and I pretended to play the game some more while gently squirming around on the seat to occasionally stretch the crotch of my tights even more. I could feel myself getting quite turned on and started imaging one of my old fantasies from when I used to have to get the train to York on a regular basis – having multiple people notice what I was doing and lining up to fuck me.

Unfortunately 30 minutes isn’t that long and I got off at my stop to wait for the return train. I wanted a bit more excitement on the return journey so popped in to the bathroom, removed my panties and inserted a remote controlled vibrating egg in to my pussy. I left it turned off, but did spend a couple of minutes playing with my clit and spreading my juices over my pussy before pulling my tights firmly up against my crotch and heading off to catch the train back to town.

This time I sat opposite two younger guys (probably early 20’s) and repeated my display. After just a couple of minutes I reached in to my coat pocket and turned the egg on to a pulsating pattern of vibrations, then started writing up a blog entry to add to my horniness (I didn’t actually do much writing and mostly just concentrated on recalling events while making notes). I pretended to be oblivious to the fact that they were whispering to each other about the view and leant back a little to push my pussy forwards. My tights felt as if they were pulled quite tight against my cunt so I imagined they were more than sufficiently transparent to let the guys see a fair bit and I wondered if I should try to push the egg out of me (or at least sufficiently far down that the pink plastic would be visible between my lips). I once again fantasised about stroking myself with them watching, then letting them fuck me and then opening myself up for anyone else on the train and could feel myself getting very wet. I imagined a patch of dampness spreading out from my pussy and soaking my tights and as we approached the end of the journey I was so aroused that I nearly actually reached down to play with myself (which wouldn’t have been wise as the carriage was too busy to get away with doing that).

I gave the guys one last view when I got up to leave as I bent over to pack things in to my bag and presented them with a view of my ass. As I left the train I called Mike and Jen and told them to meet me at the sex shop (I didn’t need to tell them that I wanted to cum). I arrived first and greeted Alistair. There was one customer, but I didn’t care (or maybe I did and preferred it that way). I went straight to the selection of dildos and started fondling them, testing them for size, texture and firmness. As I did this, I slid a hand under my skirt and rubbed my crotch, then went a step further and pushed a hand in to my tights so I could play with myself properly. As my fingers ran over my pussy and dipped between my lips I couldn’t resist letting out a little moan. The horse dildo was present (at that point I didn’t know if it was the same one I’d used in the private show) and while I knew I had enjoyed using it, it was rather unwieldy and looked significantly larger than I remembered so instead I picked up a dildo that looked like a fairly realistic black cock and pushed it between my legs. I quite liked the idea of just ripping my tights so I could plunge the dildo in to my waiting cunt, but we can’t afford to keep destroying perfectly good items of clothing so I just pulled my tights down to my knees and thrust the dildo in to myself (I knew I was more than wet enough to take it).   I leant against the wall with one hand, leaning slightly forwards and pumped the dildo in and out of myself, muttering about how good it felt and how much I wanted to cum. I worked the dildo as deep into myself as I could comfortably get it and then wrapped my hand around the shaft so I could fuck myself with it hard. I once again pictured being group fucked on the train, taking two or three guys at once while others stood around us and came over me. I remember wanting to be completely naked so that Alistair and the customer could see everything I was doing to myself, but I was in no mood to stop and undress so I just turned around and leant with my back to the wall. In this position I could play with my clit or slide a hand under my top to play with my breasts so I alternated between the two, but ended up concentrating on my clit as my orgasm approached. As I came I imagined my clothes being torn from my body, cock after cock invading my cunt, ass and mouth and load after load of cum filling and covering my body.

I slid down the wall and sat with the dildo still half inside me as I caught my breath. My orgasm had felt really intense but I don’t know if that was due to having teased and exposed myself on the train, my fantasy or the fact I was putting myself on display again. I didn’t really care what the reason was though and just sat basking in the afterglow for a little while before pulling myself up and fixing my clothes. By the time Mike and Jen finally arrived, I had purchased the dildo (along with a couple of other items) and had a conversation with Alistair (who had asked if Julia and I wanted to put on another show sometime). I described by brief session in the shop to Mike and Jen over coffee and after shopping for dinner we headed home.

Later that afternoon I decided to give Jen a taste of black cock (seeing as she wasn’t likely to get a real one). The dildo wasn’t actually anything special and I had only bought it as I had used it – I didn’t even intend to keep it but thought that Jen should get to enjoy it first before we gave it away (as a pre-tested present). The grass was a little wet, but Jen was game so we went out and she stripped off and knelt on all fours. I worked the dildo in to her pussy and started to fuck her with it at which point Mike asked if he could join in. He straddled Jen’s ass and positioned his cock against it, then pushed the head in to her and with her help, worked a fair length more of his cock in to her ass. I resumed fucking her cunt with the dildo and we arrived at a good rhythm. As the session progressed I reached under her to fondle her breasts and told her to cum as hard as she could (she obviously can’t actually control how strong her orgasm is, but she knew full well what I meant). Mike wrapped Jen’s hair around his hand and pulled on it as he pumped in to her ass. He told her that he wanted to feel her squeeze him as she came and he certainly got what he asked for. As Jen’s orgasm hit her, she bore down and peed as hard as she could. Mike told us that her ass clamped down around his cock and he couldn’t move as much (but he loved the way it felt so tight). Jen emptied her bladder over the dildo and my hand and Mike carried on pumping away in her for just a short time before he unloaded and emptied his cum in to her ass.

We had a quiet afternoon and headed out to the cinema that evening. I had been originally planning on keeping my tights on but decided at the last minute to change in to some hold-ups. These showed off a nice expanse of skin at the top of my legs (I still had my slightly too-short skirt on) and had the obvious advantage of leaving my pussy properly exposed when I sat down. I didn’t start to play with myself immediately and waited until about 10 minutes in to the film before I spread my legs slightly and pressed a hand down between them. The cinema was pretty packed so I had a stranger on one side of me (with Mike on the other and Jen beside him). I didn’t let this deter me though and after enjoying the feeling of my hand just pressed against my pussy for a while I adjusted my position and pressed a couple of fingers against my lips. I just teased myself for a while, sliding my fingertips up and down, spreading my juices around my pussy but not penetrating it. As I became more aroused I spent longer spreading my juices over my clit and circling around it. I was still trying to just tease myself so moved away from my clit and pushed my fingers between my lips and in to my warm pussy. I couldn’t get them in too deep due to the way I was sitting, but I got up to the second knuckle in and wiggled my fingers around. I enjoyed the sensation for a little while and even dipped down a little lower to press my fingers against my ass (not actually penetrating it, just applying pressure). As I got closer to cumming I leant my head against Mike’s shoulder and tried to keep my breathing fairly steady (I assumed the sound of the movie would mask most things but I was just making sure). I didn’t have any trouble being quiet as I came, but did have to concentrate quite hard to prevent myself from wriggling around (which took a bit of fun out of the orgasm, although it still felt nice).

I stayed leaning against Mike for a while and continued to gently stroke myself. I noticed that my skirt had ridden up a little but decided to keep it that way for the rest of the movie and enjoyed the idea that the guy on the other side of me might be looking at my pussy (in truth I don’t think he would have been able to see anything, but the idea was still nice). After dinner we went out for a drink and I enjoyed the opportunity to flash myself at a number of guys, but as I couldn’t fuck them I didn’t go any further with any of them and we headed back home. On the way I asked if I could get toyed with by both Mike and Jen at the same time and they agreed to this (Jen had been double fucked that afternoon after all). Mike agreed to this on the condition that I changed in to my school skirt (which I did on arriving home) and we fucked with me kneeling up on all fours, Mike taking me from behind and Jen eating me from below (lying with her body under Mike). He came in me and I lay on my back with a couple of pillows under my ass to keep any of his cum inside me while Mike went down on Jen – after which she spread her pussy and I crouched over her to let Jen’s share of Mike’s cum drip in to her pussy.

The next morning Jen woke up first and played with me until I was properly awake. Our movements woke Mike up who crawled over and joined in by offering his cock to my mouth and then sliding in to Jen’s waiting (and always wet) pussy. I told Mike that I had something planned so he might want to wait before he came (which is no big deal for him) and he just enjoyed moving between Jen’s cunt and my mouth, transferring Jen’s juices to me in the process. He was going to make Jen cum but I explained that the surprise was primarily for her, so Mike just teased her with his cock and mouth as she ate me. I had a quick play with her before we went for breakfast, but I didn’t let her cum either.

Once breakfast was finished and we had freshened up (it can be nice to carry on a session while still covered in the juices from the previous day but I wanted to start anew) we returned to the bedroom and I presented Jen with the other item I had purchased at the sex shop – some bondage candles. We’ve used these before a number of times (which was part of the reason we didn’t have any left) and Jen was quite keen to experience them once again. Of course we had to get her properly aroused again so set about doing this with a combination of spanking, fingering, eating, fucking and slapping. We tried positioning Jen at the edge of the bed so Mike could stand with his cock in her and enjoy her writhing as I twisted and pinched her nipples and then tried with Mike on his back and Jen lying on top of him facing upwards. He said that both felt nice, but he could feel more from the first position.

It was finally time to move on to the candles – we could have taken one each, but decided to just light one and use it between us. I started off by letting the wax drip on to Jen’s thighs and traced a path up each thigh to the very top, but avoiding her labia (for now). Mike then had a go on her breasts and dripped wax in a (sort of) spiral around each of her breasts, gradually getting closer to her nipples before finally letting a few drops fall on each nipple. Mike then moved back around to Jen’s pussy and slid in to her while I once again pinched her nipples. She writhed around a lot more than she had done before and Mike was really enjoying the way she moved so we went to the next stage. Mike lifted her legs up and spread them apart so I could again lay a trial of wax down her thighs – only this time I allowed a few drops to fall on to her pussy lips. I was careful to avoid Mike’s cock as he doesn’t enjoy and painful sensations in this area, but Jen definitely loved what I was doing to her. Unfortunately my original plan of getting Jen to move around so much that she fucked Mike to orgasm didn’t work (it would have if not for me having to ensure the wax didn’t land on him, but Jen moved too much for me to be able to only target her pussy).

Mike pulled out of her and we rolled her over on to her front to drip some wax on to her ass and then rolled her back over so finish things off. Mike spread her lips and I dripped some wax directly on to her clit (from a greater height so it was a bit cooler). This pushed Jen very close to the edge but didn’t quite make her cum so we finished her off with some fingering and as she came I flicked a number of drops of wax over her breasts. As hoped, her orgasm was quite strong and she lay there panting once it finished. Even though I knew she had really enjoyed it and that we hadn’t really hurt her, I still feel a little guilty after sessions like this (she is my little baby after all) so I set about kitty kissing her while Mike peeled off the drops of wax stuck to her breasts and thighs. Feeling guilty didn’t stop me from carrying on eating her until she came again and as soon as I finished with her, Mike took over. While I can cum three times in a row, Jen still usually finds it too intense an experience, but that was sort of what we were going for (she usually admits after the fact that it was enjoyable, just not actually during her third cum). Mike alternated between eating her, pulling the bits of wax off of her pussy and fucking her and she was soon on the way to cumming again (and complaining about it bitterly). Ideally Mike would have liked to eat her to orgasm and then fucked her to another one, but we didn’t think Jen would appreciate that (she enjoys pain and being pushed, but only so far). When she started mewing (loudly) he switched from eating her to just fucking and frigging her. Jen held her legs up against her body and Mike pumped away hard in her. I slapped her inner thighs a few times and roughly groped her ass and her cried became more desperate the closer she got to cumming. Mike knows how to read Jen quite well now and he held back until she started to cum, at which point he thrust in to her as hard as he could and emptied his cum in to her while she was still panting and moaning her way through her own orgasm. He gave a few more hard thrusts in to her (hard enough to push her whole body back on the bed) and then pulled out. He must have cumin her a fair bit as she started to leak pretty much as soon as his cock left her pussy but Mike knelt down and lapped at her for a bit before moving over to me and depositing my share of his cum in to my cunt.

We stayed in bed for a while longer and picked the remaining bits of wax off of Jen’s body while we talked. We debated whether Jen would enjoy the pain of childbirth and Mike was teased for being such a wuss – to be fair, I don’t really enjoy pain during sex (beyond a little spanking) so I didn’t tease him too much myself. Mike retaliated by giving Jen’s ass a couple of decent slaps and told her that if she wasn’t careful he would eat her and make her cum again so she backed down. I pointed out that I wouldn’t object to him doing the same to me and made myself comfortable as he busied himself between my legs. He actually spent a fair amount of time down there and gave me a thorough licking. I chatted to Jen through most of it, although she nuzzled my breasts for the latter part of the session so the conversation was a bit slower. I put a hand on the back of each of their heads and held them against me as I came. It was nice to be able to spend time with just the three of us (as much as I enjoy our other games) so we curled up and chatted for a while longer before finally getting up properly to take care of the weekly chores.


  1. I'm not quite so sure you fully realize the sheer pain that accompanies childbirth. It is the most excruciating pain I have ever experienced and that includes when my arm was shot off in the middle east.

    The region on your body dedicated to hypersensitivity is going to have a human being pass through it and will (if you're lucky) stretch it so far the skin will literally separate from itself and tear the labia apart. I know there are anecdotal stories of people having an orgasm during it but I wouldn't bank on that fact...

    1. We've had enough people explain just how painful childbirth is - it was just meant as a flippant comment (and to tease Jen!)

    2. I had meant to ask about the arm, but was in a hurry last time - I assume you are (or were) military?

  2. Is this Mike's first time in Jen's ass, or has this been going on for a while?

    1. No, he'd been in her before (but I don't know if it was written about on here as it was during the week)